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Gun Talk 5-15-16

May 15, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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Who are good well. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom cousins doesn't talk it doesn't matter if you learn to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call him right now. 66682554864. Just dial one top dog go. Now here's stop. Today on Tom Gretchen go and talk. From a set of guns and hears sees and age it's the latest and greatest products from some of your favorite gumbo. Guns ammo optics pollsters silent serves and more than we've got at all and I tell you all about it here's John. All right here on the gun thing here yeah they probably would never do in this thing for this long in the the don't know what. What we're doing. Think Jesus thank you. Yeah there you go I've gathered together parts of our friends here were actually literally on the set your bill but I know you hear in the summary of your we have watched his computer the video. They'll all be on our YouTube channel where the guy talked YouTube channel. And we gathered all these companies you're commander do the guns and you show are we to pay us what we get to make you work even more so we have. Jessica Brooks Stevens from Barnes John Foster from stood and Gary Hollingsworth from groceries. All right. Ravitch upon and you guys brought show and tell. We can't we got all we got silence her and pistol lasers lasers lasers. Yeah. Sure the real soul. Now let's say Jessica Gary already been. Heaped or video road for the show Jon is yet to come here several. You might just. People a taste of thwarted as we actually do here. And how hard we work. Counties it's hail. Her record on how long you work work work work we've been doing this long time together area it is crazy insane. Fun and gabbana yeah my favorite part of justice that it would she punches you. You could take you are hiding there or not I feel proud about having that while I'm kind of touched on TV lineup favorite part look on her face when she realize she punched you. And that they want an edited out or not and it was just a natural reaction when he wasn't. I'm just. You know I just felt anger your happy moment like this you're violent woman we you know that you know why not. Not usually just at that moment all right I was like oh that over the four legged things usually. If nothing except writer Archos. Pros who don't know just as a serious blunder however even honey would you start to shooting deer hunting so I took my first big game animal when I was seven. Ruth Ann and me up my of my mom and dad took its panel opening answered this young but I went on my first time when I was four it was in our country in meeker Colorado with my dad. Marry yeah zucker started us out you know we're artwork. The stuff you're gonna talk about because our work and don't talk about we don't have it actually sitting out here but. It was funny last night we were having a conversation. We're talking about the 300 block out and goes you guys hear Jon Tester are big fans of the block out absolutely. And I got terrier. You don't know this job just told me some months ago since aria are hundreds and grain bullet you can kill lug your stuff out 300 yards and the complete. What a load of who didn't know I had absolutely yeah I only speak the truth it's dead either. So but you know what no one actually believe it went when John told. What about it are excellent and a TSX you can get to the performance of a sixteen inch barrel up to 300 meters and you can do the same exact thing with a nine inch putt right it's amazing yeah it's crazy so for her coming cartridge. That the Barnes pull it really is the optimal bullet in the black out. Quarters about the black out that so cruel and obviously you can suppress it and make it and you know quiet that way. But this seems to be an attraction to it beyond that what what's going on well three and a blackout while the biggest trends right now is short battle rifles and and pistol caliber dealers and that sort of thing right but when you give up barreling you give up energy. And so you've got mass times velocity squared equals energy if you start out with low mass and then you'd decrease the barreling which decreases the velocity usually call your masters or your energy suffers from that. So. A CE where three and a black that was developed it was developed for short barreled ARM sixteen type platforms. So that you could get the energy of 556. In a short barreled gun and by that what we started with was. Raising that mass like in the one and wind and rain are at the 55 grain or 62 grain. And kept velocity which give us gave us energy so through our blackout we'll give you about 23% more energy on target. The 556 and any compatible barreling so a nine inch 300 blackout energy untargeted equivalent to a 55616. Inch gun. That's the popularity OK get our well and then you combine that with the bigger diameter Paula it's a thirty caliber bullet you know heavier weight went when you're talking about hunting vs computer viruses write what you know wouldn't you look at it like early talks about nine verses 45 we have 45 guys only shoot 459 guys a little bit. But if you take a look at the percentage difference between nine and 45 its listeners between five foot six and thirty can run whose failure usually a much bigger bowlers ways to say. You know employees. It's a symbol. They go exactly right now are your targets of the earlier about just how quiet. These oppressed black out is I mean it's like. Crazy it is it is it when you're talking about through a black and you also have to. People have to try to grasp the concept that I can use two different kinds and ammunition I can use subsonic which is typically in the area of 220 green bullet doing about 900 feet per second and it's not gonna have the sonic crack because it's not going over the speed of sound 105011100. Feet per second depending on your route to an opportunity to hear exactly so. But we also can use supersonic ammunition for hunting or defense or anything else we get 23% more energy on target. Than 556. So what we start talking about using subsonic where our priority at that point is not energy on target as much as it is. Sound reduction right I can get like RM CX rifle a nine inch barrel when our is yesterday's sixty tight Judy seltzer. Eight titanium thirty caliber three and what meg rated seltzer. I can get it down into the 119 decimals. To give you kind of an idea what that sounds like a world class 22 cans out there about a 114. Doubles. You know the black just about where the Torre to rim fires yeah I nominate Purdue in this video for YouTube losing a video that I did years ago it is ultimately fun with three in a blackout. And it took a nine inch gun with a style charm subsonic ammunition and shouted against an air soft. And the yourself gun was louder than the three. But I always tell everybody in all fairness there was not a sound from the yourself. Welcome America in all there with probably did make one port now there's a market power to set a day ago. I dare you gotta a cool thing over there you guys are keep doing more laser light stuff but he got the Lisa guard. Pro laser probes are right it is light and laser built together right it is right because they have a channel I had on radio here. That if you vote if you soldier hit really close your radio you can see this light being shined here. Or you could actually I've been watching you do about her channel via our what do you do it. I'm activating it. Instinctive Activision so similar to what you know what's commonly found in or 1911 laser grips jailer and laser grips. Rabbit threaded ago we you grab the gun it turns on your light and laser together yet or you can have just polite or just the laser or he could have little strobe mode. Disco mode Disco mode oh let me see. Well or I'm Jessica Watson who Disco mowed down one dollar you know that's right liquid that's just the laser now there's personalize it. And here comes have a don't like that they have a skull yeah the favor of a red green I Woodley read on this don't mode all the time all the of course ever taken a course you will remember what mode you left it on now and other appropriately what appeals court. Smith & Wesson MP shield. Spree filler reacts kids and Glock 4243. Break the obvious question mr. price is great that's not gonna fit my holster right. We're gonna do about that word. We're actually pre packaging them with played tech instead it was minerals and you can specify which Dustin you're getting before you get closer you done so call now that's pretty cool in the box very ago. Are you guys don't order Rebecca Quick break here we come back we're talking a bit more about bullets. MO cannon's. Baby machine guns spare room although that sounds fine we'll be right back and were gunned talks. Expedia and three point eight comfort. Springfield armory is Jim Jones the more. Concealed carry and give with the Compaq. Yours be extended magazine for home defense and Gary thirteen. The entire family of Springfield armory XTT. Go to Springfield armory doctor. At Springfield armory dot com and. Us. This brought to you could have a good time if they don't know if you missed this on regularity do this on video TV. We're shooting the film's other guns and your it's in your way with gamers. You could watch you go to our YouTube channels and talk check out their podium by the way for first thing's first your we like your voice star power here. Sort of special giveaway here if you go to guy and talk dot com slash win that's W high income talk dot com slash win and where are sure fire toward first four. First prize winners of four of the first try to urged. Are going to get assure our het T shirt a pair of EP four sonic defenders. Let's see some other stuff there grand prize winners gonna give a huge packed with. The X 300 Ellie the handgun lie or. And am 600. He XP two X fury that it's like. She should an hour to an analogue in one pack it and go you're aware rewarded there these flights have got to be so powerful now. You're texts to her room and turn it on center report that there will be frying pan brutal Papa could connect. Yeah every good boy you know it's everybody's gonna spoiled now because they get these million candle power -- woman lights and everything else and you know back in the day we used to have sixty gloom and flesh and hours and we're rocket where would we would go into this these. The haunted forest with a sixty loom in late because it was late all the late in the world and now you look at them it's amazing where we like colder candle out there and exactly that's an ugly. Our order for across the pressures during the break you start talking about hunting with the pressures of we have another state that's legalized yet so. Very recently the last couple weeks yet she added Iowa on for both possession in for hunting which brings us to. 42 states that you can on a suppressor and 38 Stacey you can humbled them. The obvious question and you get it all the time he was there. Why what I want to hunt with a suppressed a first time guy asked me I was just they're kind of dumbfounded I couldn't believe that he couldn't see the benefits evidently a suppressor or silence or give you all of the benefits Huntingdon if you with a range. Reduce recoil increase in accuracy slight increase in velocity. There's really no downside of the then the government process to get one but what you get it you haven't forever and it it works great whether you're at the range or for home defense storefront he said reaped huge record it does with a supposed to pressure sponsor yeah how'd that work. So basically. When the bullet breaches the end of the barrel we get that jet exhaust is coming at the end of it right and by putting this out from under a cell cultures slows pulls redirect those gases and only releases them. After the drop in velocity and also they're not burning anymore. And it takes it jet effect away from the gun show similar concept of Montgomery Christ and same thing history that you ask asked exactly and in this case is just holding on to a mentally drop in pressure. So equal and opposite reaction is that we have a reduction in Rico so. It also make sure better shooter because you don't have anticipation of record as it turns out in millions of years of evolution of the explosion ripped from the fees make you flinch. And the bigger egg and everybody is the I don't pledge yes yes yes yes you do what you and I mean I do I color. Here and by reducing all of that it reduces recoil makes them more accurate. It just makes the overall. You know package of shooting even better. I'm looking Jakarta ways characters there and I guess my first take away from that is. Unlike or block people say this is not like a muffler on any you know one more this is actually high tech. Device it is it is in at the same guy that developed. And invented the firearms oppressors announcers the same guy that did it mufflers on cars he was working for the Pope automobile company and a it's actually easier to make one for the car. Because what firearm actually projectile the passes through the night he saw bouncer. And we don't want to disrupt that projectiles and then we've got that. Gas which is pushing them bullets supersonic download the barrel. Matters into the sci ouster and it expands inside there in the baffles easy here control that gas and on the release it after it drops in pressure. So with a car actually relatives several different ways in which I have to have that path to rate through. And is that gas is expanding we've NC that we have some asymmetry of the baffles here which you draws it offline actually yes just isn't possible down the don't. OK so they wouldn't we you know we called science. I have to have a Welsh speaking of science carrier got to at least let you tell people about only if that's like the coolest little putting that little thing. It looks small but another block technology in this thing it's up. All the due to wireless you got a wireless is wireless yeah that's a link is a it's as. Honestly the world's first wireless. Laser and Elliott the wetlands system. I actually got your placed the group or here they are you know regardless of factory grip and how that's got the wireless under and then you put the light laser. Really anywhere. On the picked him right exactly. Yeah durable are running out noted junior's neck hazards you know no snag hazards if frees up the rail. The real benefit is instinctive Activision. So similar to. See honor was fully gripped like to Christopher Hughes grabbed the grip turn on the system exactly. And I got his 300 Lou almost 300 lemon run game. Broadly speaking of real let up for a missed on spotlight currently out there if you don't want overpower. Laser well okay. Garment OK the obvious questions that nobody ask your. Let's see can I use it to all my garage door for continental. Totally do it isn't Bluetooth and you could user they are to open your garage yeah. I hold different that area but the link system will it it's. Impenetrable. Is it Camby inner geared up and phones Arco bothered over and over and other signals were ceased to talk to each other. That's yet it's a closed Cingular connection. A all with the NSA knows. So big. He just turned on this is a flash and hit here clearly you know we don't they they're I think that that old joke or try to contact the FBI pick up any bonus there was no yeah yeah yeah it's that. Well this is very cool so is this available now. It will be available. Early August compared though it's only it's all high in Q now lying in Q. Good week goes on NE AR yeah. Like yours relies just got to do what I asked you we were talking about some of your bullets in them or you've got Ray-J. This is you hi Claudia but let's mr. practice MOR. Corps ignore our. But you have some new loads in your hunting line which is very core vortex. Yeah and what I think are some of the best I think Albert Spurrier away. 300 William mag. And then the one that I think is totally under appreciated. Harris I have Cuellar I winners are very coordinated rate however Alia I mean. You do anything in North America you're declared Whelan and expected effectively there sort boasted to put it through so that's really when Chester that's a 130 green electrical shock. This triggered when mag is a one tiny grain Eller acts or long range gap for hunting long skinny pointed bullet and a higher BC. Great performance expansion. Week which had. We had one out taken at a 300 yards with guns that was just round one nice you know OK and then at 35 Whelan that 200 crank. At triple shock a cricket who never was a room when I am ever won 81 radio America so for people walk inevitable yeah he only had some requests and and that the money is that kind of a short most of people. Don't you guys find that it doesn't matter what you introduce. We've got a brand new super duper hotter in great yet but of one point six exactly right you know we've we've got and I'm sure you know what the forty. What we're just brought it out way you know we're we're gonna give us a minute I got. Let me have lots first. Bringing out just Peru's huge proliferation we get it and it would get over the entire book. So many platforms so many options you know I mean I guess. Pick up freeloading if we don't have the weight. That you want in the ammo they are earlier outings. OK your first euphoria act and are people getting out of Wheeler or the whole reload and art we are our component sales are is. Bowman is ever. I reply or all the great loaded them on now there'd be less interest in and I am I name we haven't found that. Yeah or someone worse on a whole lot of well and if they're buying your books are not just by and for economy here shoot a lot of great. Because you're orchard rate for Harper's precision Foreman for us formats or whether it's hunting or target shooting or whatever yeah it's not about caught it's it's not about cost anymore I think it's I you know. Actually I Christine as a hobby I think people are just wanting to. You'll get in the past performance other platforms that I think. Canada also see if you get kind of two guys that the guys put up high amount of ammo these practicing for history and really no help that's about exactly that's about cost surely it the people they're gonna buy the the ammunition that they one of the projectiles from Barnes to. It's a performance they're they're tailoring it for their gun for their elk exactly there's personal satisfaction. Practice. What did you exactly you know our stories are what you begin to rewarding you're not going to save money. Now just gonna shoot more yeah yeah that's Oca in essence they're gonna become a better shot but then. The real secret that we. Try not to better as you're also going to. Given to a new addictive power absolutely I mean it's true Alan. And you know I mean I remember spending great time with my cat in the reloading I'm sure you know when I was little and what. I thought I was doing that but then I realized my dad was just engaged in child labor ready. I don't even yeah are at on the child labor I'm making them all these their general and wait later on figured it. Got taken advantage of PS also what you'll learn something new got to shoot that's right don't cry out Etsy you're involved in it from early start to look where you are today that Chrysler you know agreed to good deed goes unpunished. You girl. Get the same thing to Ryan on educate him involved early as kittens no we do we we did not did not target Ryan started in handling your. Honesty by that time aren't doing enough writing for magazines and such that are great people like just were sending us ammo they don't lose hope Wii remote servers act at a time issue when I worked for the area in DC I loaded all the I actually loaded more than I shot so they almost like get going and going to ruin. Are bigger nice. Excuse me. Are there going to be guys we take a quick break you're gonna kick you guys that we're gonna bring him. Another team of people all so I'll I'll miss you resort where you go from here. I'm quoting you talk they're gonna go back to work at Barnes. Florida carbon. From here I go to Q a South Carolina into training we'll work. Beautiful Portland Oregon you know. All right. We are I'm probably crazy over here but you're going to be back is definitely more gut thought. From the threat of here it's a. We're talking optics ammo guns and more from the seventh and he hears sees and aids once again here's stop. We're about his downtown where the nearest gun talk of course you can call us right now because rectitude of from the setup. But got to hear often is unbelievable and we yesterday that she which means we kicked out well Leo the people we brought him team's fate. They were. All right mommy and reinsert the theory at least they were brilliant sick of them that pistols girl okay great remembers where where you're sick does that make pistols and rifles. And then Ralitsa let's pregnancy because. You don't have gone crazy with what you're doing here are we have there and evict us. But beanie and where they're about the right very good partner got going to be all right good deal. Yours are all making different stuff but it's all sick. Question is how big is this company's gonna get. In dollars. I don't know if there's anything to hurt our great guns and pistols rifles right MO MO. Spoke optics. Air to air gardens some browsers. And today. Art Lester right here because you have the gun and I want to talk about this your first or worse late. For people who don't know. You're not like new into Erica and you've got two decades. That was professionals don't hear me that he could not go to. The hardest thing you know orchard or you're an expert here so. I sit for years look you know today's adult or go to or not your grandfather's. BB gun or any of that kind of know that now. But I think they still don't understand what you're actually do and whether this is like the best example second ago we have this is. The 226 or replica of our prior earned 226 the navy seal version here. And what we've done is we've matched the weight. The feel. It's a double action single action. That does very similar trick or polls so it can be used as a trainer. It can be used to bring people into. The shooting sports rights that are afraid to hold a real tick to six. So you get used to it with this turn they get that comfort level. And then they're not scared to go on rent strokes and pretty much to say it does it's got a lot of the same features we were. Real detailed and keeping us. Features in the same positions Smoot so that your hand hold. Is the same. It does have eighty talking safety just like that she too is does go chronic is blowback. So you do have that action yet. Here reciprocating action going on in there correct and so getting holster and a fit your pollster it's it's a great. Basement backyard trainer when he can't get up to their range and oh you would imagine it's sure a lot of fun it is there's tons of what we are doing is. Unlike. What we think of as there'll be because these are accurate to. These are accurate he's actually pellet guns they're not beating him right exactly they do you run off of the CO2 cartridge is certainly a rifle barrel should ballots yet. I sit for years in here with your Baghran air guns. Are. In the Olympics the air guns are action the most accurate gun there is that correct that is correct. In the Olympics you're shooting a. I used to sell the fine art house right so. He can get ten shots in the same hall at ten meters. And could you don't have the variability and ammunition you correct that using extremely high precision. What cutter Palance. There only shooting at about 510 feet per second. Ten meters so they're slow they're. Extremely precise it's it's really an amazing. But you guys have particular that you also have replicas if you will or cobra equipment. You're going versions of some to sick long gun salute your sister's like you took the whole. Single line of firearms and made their guns out of her. And for the same thing with the EMC expand PX that they are. Functioned very similarly. They actually have a thirty round clip then and so you know seeking to the semi Otto and it there are a lot of fun. It's over well. That in its bigger miss work slug of that is just so cool if this feels great. R&R when are not talking about shooting pellets but. You're ammo guy from way back Hitler's say how many decades and no doubt are an American progress well are we going earlier Karbala. I guess but. Fit. Didn't exactly dip its toe into ammunition. They just ran off the end of the diving board jump in the deepen the pool in our I think you can say that about anything that your gonna talk about here today in this ounces in the previous show it's yeah that's how we do we we want to be innovative. And bring new creative ideas. To existing vertical line products. That we feel belong as part of a sick family. And and we're we're not doing anything it's in the two week we want to bring something Newt took that each. New business we we have bring out and he's a big in the company get well you know vertically integrating the complexity. Still leaves a lot of room for growth and good. So what do you do it in them what what's happened here SC three boxes here aren't present looks like different lines you know we sat here are or a year ago and you know we only had five or six. Part six rounds now with expanded we've expanded in rifles we've expanded into into our revolver looks as well so we got that affect the 38. 38 special and 44 mag. Those kind of things 350 seven's. As well as we had the the same pistol rounds that we obviously bright start with what war. That our guns. Better than anything else first and so yes we have reform of rocket and the whole point line with the six hour. Oh good so got a complete line of signal and you made an announcement of a new plant. Yes I can talk that'll that Erica we have we. We've we've he always used our own equipment everything was with six. But we didn't have a permanent home because we wanted to prove our theory wanted to prove that we could make the commission's order pattern on the market today and now it was time to find a home because the business has grown just exponentially in the year and a half we've been in business it's just been that wild so. Yes we are concluded an agreement with the state of Arkansas and go to Jacksonville Arkansas which is terrible little right outside of work a Little Rock before rural America are in Little Rock close to the airport and richest port 47 acres there are well within existing building that were offering to become our car factory and warehouse shipping went well when do you think your remake an animal rather well San prayer. It will be in 2016. Really that are making him sixty yes while. We thought we dropped our capacity by four X with the new machines coming in here everything we do is new Feingold equipment for a new equipment all laser that. Highly accurate to loading and you know it's one thing to talk about a Hugo. Either from full metal jacket to a two whole points it doesn't matter the experience you're gonna feels the same accuracy and few American the our. It's very bullish with a range of bullets with all the loads that are chief same here shoot the same you can see it's the same field port really is in same accuracy. So you're not just. Practicing with one hoping right other does the same or vice Versa but I really wanted to. He wore the same performance or time are held all got to take a quick break you come back we're talking earlier about the Phillies. Very cool looking Torre he's got out in the table over here here's wait alright but we write that was. We're gonna talk. But that revered god he on the got to hear that that is. Looked around here we're gonna kick panel to look back on got to keeps speaking with us we're actually here in TV show so we're shooting video. Most of the radio show which you go watch on YouTube so. You guys look pretty on the radio here this you can you know most of the time I get to do radio. And nobody knows what I'm doing what I look like order my arm weary or anything like that I got to dress up your businesses so different. Eric. I was look Richard towards appear on the table down there and I. I'm coming off XP I like cool topics stuffed and once again perceived as not babble we've. We certainly don't apple when I was down last year and we were just getting started in the optics side and this year we had a really busy year a lot of new developments we've been shipping product analysis before Christmas. All of the wind is very wide you know we do everything from rifle Scopes binoculars range finders to. Julio optics that are geared more or CA or platforms of red dot slates that everything. Pop up brought three examples of some different items that we do they give you an idea of sort of a threat to the ones and these are all very exciting development so now the market today. So the first is the Hewitt 2000 which is always a range finder. There's a lot of laser range on her general growth market her this was priced at about the 0499 price point retail. What makes this the side really unique users refresh rate so most range finders anywhere from one to scans per second so as you come off targets there's a lag there is a lot of people off. This updates about four times per second so it's got to be probably one of the fastest production range fighters out there are so very important she sweep off target. The range changes weekly salute for a dollar Coca all about the size of a deck of cards and it really is it's doesn't weigh anything else very late magnesium housing it's who we desire for one hand operation menu system on this on this very simple you know so many. Devices today with electronics you have to you're down three or four levels don't change settings. Does it reflect menu system there's only few options you can go form it is ranged from meters yards you can do it a qualified reins to street ranged. Are open to its class could pick up that you can look at things in there this. Costs of this this is a thermal weapons sight but it could be used on a weapon or can be used his hand held now it's a one to one relationship on the does have a Leo is two X now that the digital zoom. But this allows shooters are really designed for the orbit predator crown that allows you to see it might. Without the restrictions have it be a white vote for like a Hawkeye machine to well it does help they'll pass that down DC can take a look at that so. You know at a flu apaches in the military in the in the sensors on this or almost all borrowers whose careers they really do allow you to see. Targets based on heat with our restrictions have moved Wyatt Arabia points or girls system so that is the echo one as a normal reflex sight made here in the US it has a street price of about 2499. Which is relatively low prices early cutting its normal. Horrible signal that is outstanding. The better that that should be shipment of folks here problem the next 3040 thought to cart. There on the postal costs of the most exciting thing we have two versions here this is the Romeo one site. Which is earlier what in the slate this optimize for handgun used so it's designed to absorb the recoil throughout the entire range. On and it's really designed to help people. Acquire the target quickly and get multiple shots off without having a hunt for that front sight because it's very similar to a red dot only rifle right when you point. You look through birth lies you instinctively picked up that first Dodd we found that a lot of top tier units have been transitioning to red dot slates because it's very quick and her part question for sir. Now I'm wondering if you're seeing people started to use that part of sight for concealed carry. I'm good I'm started to pick up on people wanted to do I think you will I think you will you know the site technology today is it as electronics is that proof always believed he's print circuit boards. While there a lot more durable a lot more robustly would be in seat fifteen or twenty years ago you see the same thing in the automotive sector journal electronics course are very reliable today. This is designed to be a little bit wider one of the downsized red dots like a firearm is being able to pick it up and go quick route so we have a little bit more whip but I would imagine this would be ideal solution for two carriers will always range Houston duties. Of course. The reality is a lot of as you get holders are particularly handgun to her seafront site rare sight did everything you know in focus bureau. We're Mumbai over for a try focal for a good six. This takes care of all the it doesn't really doesn't do because this is. Carol ex threes really want to wants to the nice thing is we viewpoint it on the dot you know with the traditional rifle scope. You need pianist street line you'll senator Roy went with the red dot slate with a handgun rifle sight one of the great features that is you can be slightly off senator your daughters look at his report is that god is you know the doctor in the corner of the window if the dots on the target that promotes good ago. Absolutely. Really aids in speed but also as you say to buy a viewing and citing. Use come up insurgency that doubt on the target pull the trigger to Wear red in the notes salute there you know if you follow the US military series they've been now operations now offer for a long time when I was in the service and early eighties and nobody use red dots you call by the virus sites they the people all we use red dot sites often look at. Rivals that it just it shows it works. What it does him well you take any beginner or take the range. That have a start with a red dot you don't have to go through sidelined with all the rest or not they know you put the red dot on it to pull the trigger if that's what you do is certainly you can as an outpatient yes exactly. And then they'll get a few more go back and teach him how to use our sites Albert first and you make it fun. So they enjoy the shooter experience right absolutely rigor which kind of pictures back to rest of the air guns and all that yeah I told our second it will come back where a lot of talk a bit more about work. Six been doing and what you are going to do because I know there are some other plans in the works. Reveal all the secrets here and then nobody else we'll have a job one of the first half. Our dog with from this we'll be right back to cut off we are on the set gunplay here. Check it out on our youth do here. Are about we're here. We were the other teams they would have little hot swap their during the break brought him up go. Straighter now you're fairly lewis' right I am OK but certainly not new to shoot. Champion shooter you could shoot them competitively for decades twenty years okay yeah being peca. The World Cup. From multiple countries multiple continents yes UST SA ID EPA still challenge. Are amazed are you you Richard budge so now you are the product manager for him go oops I'm the product manager currently for the pollen on handguns outcome. But. In a very shortly I will be adopting all the column all of pistol while they're. It's it's going to be a big jump only three months and that that that's that's quite a lot to handle because there are such a via a legacy. Seek handguns there is tremendous stories just go you talk about all the agencies around the world have used him in new use them. Not to mention you're older you're it's your period protection is. Military units bright indeed several. That's a lot to live up to you you've got the got to feel like you're you're swimming in the deep into the pool and a lot of pressure at all and overwork or our of course north York yours what was yours you can pay the deficit look. Your job simple. Don't screw this up right but I just it's it's go great don't screwed up all right but seriously where do you go from here you got this great name would do. More model toward work ethic I think him. Six reputation wool wool ensure that I can only screw up so much. I think the 32 when he has. It's definitely taking us down a road that. It's gonna open up a lot of new opportunities good I think it offers. Everything that six known force Forester ability accuracy reliability. And it puts in a package that many people and many law enforcement agencies are very comfortable which is a striker Fargo. But it it's a duty gun you're covering it's a super record there to write your it's your target cute it is extremely accurate. And with some of the new models and I'm. Developing now it's corny evening it better target versions. Yeah we're working on a a standard target version right now that should be or on the rare sight to make shirts. Where away and they have survived liking in right will be pretty standard it has been adjustable site model but. Further down the road mom we're looking to get into a much more involved. Target slash competitions last operating type of using the core of the three toward yes that's that's the great thing about the system as we can literally gives us any direction we can move that we can move this this small little wanna go or as. Competitive as we wanna time so it's it's one trigger group for. And endless and offered grouping has begun that your group is the actual car that's the great par value Camilla will be frame around this thing. And it's the same guts right he can literally change you could literally have your concealed carry permit partner concealed carry firearms on you. And take it to the range and right there on arranged it that sure about an exchange a few parts and you could go shoot. Any competition which remains all the rest of your grip Borough and everything else is not a farm correct which those are. Become accessories you don't have to go through the processed like you to buy a far right you can you can literally owned. Five or six different handguns and have won for group one FF felt transfer one point 470s at that revolutionary. It is it is truly don't hear you hear that allotment and an issue right now you do and they're real good jaded to right and and when I saw the first one I saw the first constantly as a six to fifty house of the first people actually get put my eyes on it and I thought then that first question was do you make this strike version and and in the second was in this is innovate and this is this is game changer and now you know were were working hard to ensure the 320 continues that. Tradition and I think I think. That that is terrific group. Six. If you look at this thick and that's what program but this movement here. And are we are exactly exactly right so there's a whole lot more sick I got to go to where a place to start a figured out there. Erica and skillful hand low this island third in the order played great distance provider there a year ago. Thanks for. You are given no. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom cousins go and talk and it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and power. So grab your phone and call in right now 6668255. Or 86 forges dial one Domtar gonna. Now here's stop. This week I'm talking is on location. From a set of guns and your season eight once again here's. I'll run with a history of doing you guys talk exactly how easy shot some guns and use season they television. We sit here and if you're watching right now you take away whatever those guys were on before where we swap them out we got you guys here. Here are your people talk about going to gonna be having some fun today it's probably our guns and gear. If you don't know runs on sportsman channel also available on our YouTube. Channel. And what we're doing right now through radio and shooting video orbit should be able to go back after your this or even while you're hearing it. They're watching us on YouTube which is a frightening thing gentlemen. Who's there ago we have probably divorced very pro armory met Wilson from Ruger thank you guys for being here. Think I have an explosion compared art we're done with you can leave now Arctic shelf I think that fear that. Rooster is still with Roger and public speeches in the studio and met your victim or this afternoon. From good roots they're not your first time in years or use you know. Or what's in store for you I'd have a good idea yeah affect. He ever he goes in with a plan doesn't necessarily follow that wanted to win over the planet and your plan survives to the first show don't tell you say at all. Think it's about an action that's when the planning that exactly now an order form the funny part about all this is Scott talked about this for a run on his. We you guys have been guys. And so we're what we're doing the show. You're like yeah here we got three for guns and got the recruiter guns. It and then you are actually look at each other's guns and sit on that score like that let you know because that's what we do it. That is what we do you know right yeah we work for gun companies in years in the it industry to promote what ever products were working on a given time it. The reality we all probably got here. From the same. From the same starting point you're probably like guns black parents like dispute telling stories that are rumor we don't teach our governor to national self a couple of errors and you in New York hope as the enemy fire -- or not I actually have guns that aren't produced by spring alarm you actually. Originally. You'll recover revolver guys well and point by force might my dad did not like auto pistols when I was a kid growing up. We have revolvers that's all we had that's what he liked. I think he had a Lugar. In this old man Booth that we still have no Putin handles of Elian was never shot him because you're like. George you. Smith & Wesson model 27. Who I was the first on every shot full size three pitchers who advise him success the original. Nintendo my first gun was. While 34 which is this small. The first guy on the first shot the first countdown tonight. After that. Are you a little competition and he traded some family cancer somebody else for 45 in. It's your job provide the pixel and again not been affected not like honestly there's great vigor that you get started just nervousness. Saw I came to root beer just kind of I have to say I was ornery should know in central New York. And that's so great luck to land in the gun industry but pure and what a great place to be and and even as a customer and I'll. You like guns and why silly like everything we offer but it's great when it was Arnold's got to steal yeah we are good opportunity. We see our stuff every day it's kind of kind of treaty that interview other routes are a bit here's what the first thing. You walking and editors you guys that like. Thirty seconds later robbed in so. Then they're revolver to Rebecca and make shots. You're you're you're actually helping redesigned to Ruger revolver over your guys are younger and our department who haven't self serving because I won't get out flip how I'll have my expertise on the technical side to all you do Joseph tomorrow what daddy love held six plus till the very girlie cry in his sounds easy enough for it there's a lot of room look at any harder on the architect. Of that that would be fun though it's been a champion he shots that sounds good doesn't really have to go home you're -- why are all have I don't I want I don't want the first one but I want one thing with the fact. You you guys and our Ruger your turn out new guidance Oprah it's unbelievable you must have a shopping list of things not only in the works and execute even like to get in the work. X and it's a long list so the short answer any time he says that anyone asks are you working on something well you know what. Probably chances are yeah. Whether it's over topless bottomless. Or even an analyst radar right we're knows her but ultimately thought of shirt there. So somebody assume we ought to do something like well and others viewer rob where anyone in our voice of the customer programs that's how we make new guns that's how we make the guns at people want about it. You fire what do people want to buy because nobody ever made money making products. That are what people should have. Aren't you bake products for people want to head or something to help solve the build sometimes the two go together you know but but but not always so community go. But the important part of them to think about this and realizing. Both companies make a lot of my two elevenths and I mean your finger to mechanized boats were longtime. Rumors to make him for a while actually all that we think now focus where we are said well you know Ruger kind of knew his nine elevenths were. Not really so much medal while. Of course the question that and we just did a piece of love for you to talk about business. Whatever grown up with polymer structure fire guns now probably anybody thirty and under a good chance he or she is never. Fired. The 1911. Right there's it's it's highly probable to the degree that. The average person looks at it. Average guy who is that guy bit. Yeah community of people here and I hit I entered a Google Earth that I going to reinvent the there might be susceptible for advertising programs might I know there isn't actually up. Bum they think the modern pistol by definition is an auto pistol magazine fed polymer frame structure fire right. And in reality. I would not disagree that that is aimed more recent development sure it nothing you know. And do it and yeah he started digging back in the record euphoria that's been done before him he really dig that there's there's really nothing new. But we just try to the felt something that the that is Manson. Consumers asking for him on their lots number's gone out of business over the years. Building that they wanted to build that nobody else wanted to Biden so that the church is to figure out. What. Because of what the consumer wants and how to build the best thing for him to good news is like method there's hon device. I think Arnold's meetings in what they always are. Our org we're going to put on the back burner. Mean you're gonna work on first means for us you know they'll be a list of how old meanie hinging project can beat anybody with an idea that becomes a project. At that point it becomes okay what are the easy ones they hit you know has it changed at framed color on the gunners at. To add something will hold 1911 thing the way it cycles into this is that again has been involved in that program. Since a literally 1911. He not gonna find I've seen in new development. Our manufacturing capabilities allows us to build them in ways. That we couldn't. What are your question for Lucas you guys do yard currencies do you work and all of that. Our guns are fractional both of you are guns today. Made with high tech's using machinery can you make them better. Then they average not a handmade gun average guy made 304050 years ago. So we certainly believe so. You know in the last decade Krueger's has changed how we make guns and how we make the parts for guns and more importantly. Kirk and so it's a lean production process we make each part wanted to times. So. You know every so many seconds and a gun it will come awful lot. Merck and it's not accustomed bill and that you know somebody would other extreme high level skill has been building a 1911 for thirty years right. Can do but we know each part is good going into the gun. We know the guns function and and you heard this guaranteed a certain quality level. By the way we manufactured it and part of that's with Cianci in part it's intelligent gauging and spending the appropriate money on the process where it makes that. Those who can't see robbed over just nod don't know that I Sarah and everything you're seeing is correct you know when when you look at. That to the scope of the questions actually even bigger than that Tom is that the equipment that we had to build guns foreign when in 1911 as. Introduce. He could not make it that way because we're really see him as leader receives well the concept was to make a part that was close and then somebody puts the gun together and fit fit because that tolerance is that we can hold. For mass production or so far off from the begun didn't end up being. Put together well enough. Now we can control parts is so much better I mean from the standpoint of whether your molding or maiming or Kathleen or machining. Or broaching. There it doesn't matter however you're doing that we can now build them in a manner. That we could have built an XT. A fifty years ago. We didn't have the technology to do that burning the molds involved. I hope for the frame on when he's polymer pistols are so complex that technology didn't exist. Or you ordered the measures of this is. In the old days you have 9011 couldn't just order a part in and you reduce poppy Iran that we're gonna happen because notre guns were exactly alike. Yeah you could actually buy a part gives you can't it's gonna pop Friday because they're all made this guy that's got a precision editor and. Well that's that's that's the advance of suing saint. Do we make him better now know. I still think if you look back at. And our old classic 1930s COLT government model commercial right that those guys are put together really well but that gun the way it's built. Would be a 3000 dollar and to cut. That's deport you have to have somebody at the end of the year with a file an apology stone who knows how to do it and you don't have those people anymore and away. You know there may pay for a Browner will she or whatever this poll also charged with little quick break here we come back we'll talk about him he's got to get laid out for those who got plenty of closure polymer guns. Terry got a really cool rifle over here. We're drifting where that Wilson from Lugar rob like the first free for our real time aggression we'll be right back with more gun talk. How about we get a had to stop rather than ever talk about guns so we can go back on the air and talk about them he's. A normal range the owner and go pick up port right where you left out is that you don't. What we're talking about. Well my group you know we're talking about tolerances and manufacturing a lot of Karen's from now when I was a kid to what is now and and on the ninth eleven. Moment that was complain about much you want as a reason to like him is because. They were losing I was mil spec or there was a custom built right and the polymer pistol who has never had to deal with that same. Global customer because he's the guy new generation a guy. Doesn't care if the slightest little wobble arms loose this laterally and up and down a drop in the barrel on those things they don't care is it's it's a different piece that we're looking. As does not think pentagon sometimes on a buyer and I'm looking across hear what you guys who legislate out. Yeah I've got to get to talk about what I used may be the newest polymer pistol on the market to move the road America what does that area rugs and hit kind of glancing over their long. And I got there. Yes so we just sponsor American pistol respect in January so brand new Ruth how we launches in nine millimeter and a 45 in a full size pro model and Croat us means. Lacking in manual pump safety that. But like on the SR nine we we've done a pro we've we've that are standard right so right now we're looking at the site and nine millimeter in front of me. And it's not a seat plane version so it's they've regular consent in round nasty magazine. Korea meant to be the way it was protecting her record you know about about the size of the human hand. The so it's a fantastic stricker fired gun. As this just way too many great features but may be my single favorite. Is how easy it is to it to disassembled or so I am here already in pieces on just a put back together and its flight on flat rock. They don't let her back to 3 o'clock brutal and and this assembly is even more important so there's no pulling the trader there's no great mass manipulation if learn. It's ammunition source Al as slide blocked. Our lover goes from 3 o'clock on 6 o'clock. The whole thing comes often from there it's it's that don't reach clocking gun who very traditional letter respect. One of the things that makes this done agreed to issue is as a very low bore axis so you know. It is one of the things that we're able to do with polymer guns that we can't quite do with my two less insulin like eleven and there's only so far up the secrecy taking go because there's a hammer right. Right. And then the unlocking jam in Oregon has been highly engineered where maybe in the past. There have been less attention paid to. And goal here is that we keep the barrel locked the slides longer how well so now you have the mass of the barrel and the slide starting Enrico. And it ends up keeping everything together a little more mass helps control Mosul flipping them on the slide actually unlocks there's less momentum in the slide out battery. Who boasts a rock. After that that helps me understand first of a shot that gun in my millimeter literally first round I shot. As were role. That's different it's like to run a great so something's different here you can tell they impulse of a gun and you know we've used. He's OK something's changed here felt. And the word good is kingdom are soft. And I know that. Physics are that it can't record oil less really but you could change the time proponent or the impulse or something but it just felt that way. And and then. Unless you human interface side. And we we ship either tonight or the 45 wood what we call medium group month or so that they'll come that way but we also include this little torque wrench. And it's a quarter turn on the school in the back to the grip Frankfurt. And none group model comes off and it's marked will announce a medium. But I also have the large in front of me here and it pops straight back down blocks for it back in place they completely changes the feel the gun. There's a guy with smaller hands that's where the features that there and you guys have had that you know are you guys being able swap those out. That's worried about former guns that I really like is being able to customize. The size of your grip to your hand. Command and your big guy but you don't have tiny yes romance thing can't get flowers like small so the scripts that I found her ma'am answered your take on this. There when I get a chair just put them all out have people handle him. Probably 80% of the people no matter the size of the person likes small worst group you do good do you find that. Absolutely yeah. I'm if you if you do exact which say like we we have not on much you made on Acxiom. If you pull one there was a small to medium and large team which they feel just completely different. Every well and to everyone at nine out of ten people are gonna like the ones that feel smaller they won't know walk. Because that just changed many changes the profile the back a little bit flatter and and it's great news did you like it terribly different are looking. And the differences are so small I don't remember where you put your hand aren't Gloria record there of him and for you guys who have resigned that I don't envy. Apparently to make those kind. But the bigger end of it for the marketing sizes side of course is there is the way it looks. Because if he doesn't look at most people picker to begin life or whether there's there's there is a magic. Somewhere in the middle there where they're putting all that cigarettes soft demand delicate enough and fielded. So Matt regret what size are you make in the the American and Russian. So. As far as could. Panels are no just before the physical size ago your contacts your note no context so right now we're very full size only however the the actual fire control module within the gun right is completely modular so it's a matter of removing that takedown pain. Pulling the entire gun out of what is just a frame. And the potential exists for a lot of options. What are the words that that and I guess that's that's the politically playing. Good job and a very technical went corporate years that they'll say OK that's exactly how we need is there potential exists that I had a group and I gotta I gotta belt Sander and I saw in week out how we can make there's nothing in the frames on the Palmer guns so we can start to casals called guns off all hope for me. Short while you wait vigor of a drug that you just talk to him I got here hold it just only when you like it would just jump off the problem. So what are assert playing with on this got in particular is on a nine millimeter we have the small group module order and for me it's actually a little bit small but it it fits me perfectly a couple places. So I've actually been building some putty up one of the small modules and making exactly what ought to be room which is just some Clinton. I would never do that like. Might gun without the ability to change it Packard are right to make armament you're gonna fix that you could take. Yeah yeah it makes sense from Hendrickson in the fifth and hit it however there's been a few good you wish oh my god I have slow him I have improves. If so many guys that are wish I could have an improvement I wouldn't doubt that this conflict and that is smooth this is great this is going to be bad go I get done with this left that I do all the way actually and other royals. Yeah. Fortunately in most cases you don't really ruin ago but occasionally you actually can't Mariana I'm fresh craft few frames I I thought for some reason lose when it. When I did the first version ran that don't like being. And we want to make a short one. Are all sitting in this meeting that's what I'm getting in trouble for this they can still funny we're seeing in the meeting. Like what links should we make them like well. Headed off to the magazine holds ten or ounces of how long is that. I don't know and I'm Wachtel the media went back in the shop. And I kind of just the the rough yeses or from a to B is ten ounces this Veronica about that much offer it to the magazine and I band flawed. I just took the magazine advance our. Right about there minute folding edges up. Put the pieces back in and then I went on the bottom of the belt Sander that kept Shannon off the bottom of the XT frame until the magazine man and and then they came back in it I said how about this long look at the and there are look at like what does that is I just made that. Does it you know this is all the way of prototype you think they are ruined a frame and a magazine. Because there's no way to make it look like I had just done what I just do it right. But it but I got there but that's what you own and also what should be little bigger than that. So I agree. They're bigger and deeper breaths that Federer are homeowner guys or go to our road or break reversed and were probably them that will certainly got gun spread out all over the place. Here's your list to list on the radio you might wanna check it out of rescue video of this are putting up our YouTube channel to go to gun policy you're gonna talk reader you can find the third to overdo it. You got to see the gun here so. Lots of fun lots of cool stuff going on here we have rifle then we'll be right back. We're talking about days. Campbell guns and more. From the sale of fifties today once again here's job. You know all five say what you wish you good yes part of discussions that take place during the break we're back to value him because we're actually recording all of us that we all are our video. That will be on YouTube so we're sitting on the set here oh did you not know we were recording over I'm sorry your. Oh no it. Oh. Our hear her start working on that resonate a that it's always fun for me about where we got that Wilson firm Ruger here probably to push reform respond to get. People from two different gun companies together and doesn't take very long before the commonality. Here comes out of what you guys do and what's involved in designing and prototyping and making guns and we're Ryutaro three turning them. Frankly if we didn't have the technology the 3-D there would use this all works and all that we couldn't have a lot of these guys is that fair. Certainly want him quickly. Broke her and that that might be the biggest biggest change in manufacturing as a whole. You can you can model something on the screen and you think you have something you like that. And has great measurements. 95% of the population should find this group agreeable but then you actually if the touch it future. And three printing can turn that around and you know hours today needs right and then you have something real in your hand you can barely in the unity and you know is this what we think it. Would be and isn't everything we needed to be. It's amazing stuff all right now we're looking at the Ruger American pistol which is it a delightful new personal. Robby got a delightful old style pencil over here in the former our regular old. My humor or mold found 1911 here and are one of the things you're talking about earlier is just. The that features that auditors so good. For those of us who really like shooting. And you guys are the things that both these companies make my humans. There's nothing that shoes. Like a really good. If you look loser now. Offer for me and I have the fighters versions of practically every king you can imagine right amicus. Unlike you Tom I mean I might work for sprint alarming and I love our products but. I also have products from quite sure the military to dump immigrants from a young guy man. I'm uneasy over the years ago and the comes along the I love that or do you are McMahon just easier than I am again guy bit when he cut down to what. The elements that allow me to issue really well. Are going to be based on. A lot of ergonomics. Moved let me take away ailments and accuracy and reliability run threat struggles up here because let let's let's call at any equaling your recent product line Kirk says it doesn't matter. Also we'll just take that to get out of the equation the part that allow me to perform. The best. Are going to be based on. Human engineering and again. The triple loop. The recoil cycle how much begun kicks and things that are. Really good about the 1911. Are there factors that no one ever talks about the relationship where the trigger is the degree of safety that there are some elements involved that it. There are human engineering and whenever wants to know I don't like round he guns as much as I like flat weekends. But I heard that he turns around and flatly that the so I like to be able to have a tactile index trademark Robert and probably some crazy thing I'm I want begun to be. I can I won't be able to close my eyes and know exactly or against pointed writes why can't do that as well. As quickly as easily with around thing immediately blacklist sites weren't so I'm not looking for all the latest ergonomics I'm actually looking for. Surfaces that don't slip in my hand. Flat smooth all the things that we try so hard to get into the modern lineup this hole I mean the 1911 is just what I'm used to. Is it is as comfortable in my hand. As some of the newer designed to end. You have your work mumbling I'm looking at her mistress I am looking at what's on the table there. We got through her American beaten and we've got the XT mod to whom and your seniors there's an awful lot of clarity. And both of those guns and there's a reason for that I mean every time we go around Dion things. It always feels good in the in it in the gun shop. But when you get Q the shooting right where you're actually using against stuff we can't tell he can't cede any engineering meeting. And I explained of the guys that I can't point around thing. Rise that journal which trek on the port of port control right exactly exactly noticed there so we need some sort of surfaced. So I'd like the flat and square mean for the 1911 and I like the position of the church of the group's safety I like the short. In overtime mature as the source shortened clean so what you're saying that John Browning actually did no orders to write it did to me that's a product of I mean how many years I think they started that. We're Richard nice to know five like you know fiery there's a lot of life you know five. And then they work to work and then it was finally adopted by the military not to eleven because that goes back. That far so it took him to get that Gagnon the indicators that we now know it is a nineteen Lennon took at least five or six years right. Before they said okay this is this is the one we want. This we can do that with the can now much much quicker because a lot of manufacturing and apparently you you guys are maker polymer pistols that to me. Have a lot of the great features of a ninety Levitt. It's kind of an homage to John Browning that no matter how new the gun is. You can still see a lot of him in all of please Syria this low this there's there's so there's just a relation there when you put against. You start shooting cans on top of guns who is seeing more pieces go. When someone saying we're training get. Their relationship now they know maybe some of it isn't better. It simply what we know what you know what if there are you familiar with. Because they're gripping only these guys all have very very similar gripping Syria Lebanon was a little battery life on I don't have thirteen areas of elector there and that's a number of all become accustomed to here and there's there's a reason to decrypt angle that angle on the gun because of the magazines around the way the arouse or defeat the magazine. So that's them on a gripping Italy were will be getting into it cubic feet libraries are saying wait drives another present another dozen or so many ailments behind it that. That the over the years of the Canas just. They're benefited like a small watch having engine. A little push rod you know there motor like that there's nothing magical about it but that's been developed so well this. Just worthless why look at reaper America committee pickers missile up. It just pitcher here and go yeah. I mean what a happy coincidence that way cart to step in a magazine just fit so perfectly for you right there with the bills it's pretty fantastic. They're really if there were a total we're gonna put a quick break her comeback or talk about that right for you got sit over here because I've been eyeball and that's so well we're talk about the one of the newer things from Ruger we come back in our congressional and this is gone to. I'm about lithium you're in the break we decided that children only pray or fifteen injured and yet he. But I do have a little little love fest over here we're met we're looking at this this right for you got sitting over here. And it's and they are fifteen minutes of the Ruger but it's different because you've you don't open your. Well in in we have a couple different you know modern sporting Arthel. Platforms so now when we started back in early 2009 of their as Arafat that six of the piston rifle and this is just newest version of of the storm since that this hunger and also up there. But what really makes this different is that it's our putt that sixty death and it's it's a quick change call what you want. But the function is that as long as a possible open. I can pull out this barrel you do for the barrel out in like two seconds. So did who designed the set it's not quick change if you can't do wider running downhill. You're escaping enemy fired her. And you Richard you're coroner record Plano here handbook the next. So. I've tried I can't do running but I can pretty liberal talker like better for us but if you know it's it's a really great mechanism and it's fantastic return to zero. We ship has a 556 we have three in a blackout barrels well and clear black and testing done. Was a bit of a unicorn for a long time people thought he could really make more can work well with the Friday Gamal people chew your vote but we've. Cracked the nut and it's ruin it comes sound understanding your product and and I think everyone in the industry's 200 well. You said that your if you have certain. Type of ammo all certain frigid cold days. You might have trouble so it's really involve huge reach up and turn the little not own a gun and change the setting an hour run together. Yeah I tried to make it choke this winner upn and New Hampshire have a good cold stretch I had some ammo to always ran on our our regular setting too which is where I find the regular you're usually. Runs everything I but unep to get a cold day on stressed subsonic blacked out it wasn't doing a forming. But it changed to three in which regret it Rebecca ms. Clinton and all the sudden you know they go and drug which is why you have the pistons got it it is Andy and meeting goes as far as shutting the guests often running industry Poland for instance there's recurrence of breast subsonic. It's really cool and I into the steep required category that's just little smile maker. If it did this. Now I'm a person when you took that irritated the barrel and it's not like them I agree if I'm 45 it's gonna be like twenty degree turns out almost nothing here is in the right around thirty degrees as our parents are. Pretty good guess and remove the barrel there there's eleven excuse delivered yet to depressed but preinstalling it it's just dropping into position. It's now and bring it back up puppets on a well the idea of just pop that out drop dropping your black out. Maryland there that's pretty sweet and we keep the front site on the barrel. So if if you're running multiple barrels special Democrats like guys so I appreciate this may be more than most but reference as when did you innovation. Moves so well you can end up doing is during multiple barrels and equity trader black out or firefighter seriously it really doesn't matter. You find a common position from the rear sight with the wind gauge you get when did you all lesion on the front here who are religious. That's pretty sweet and that's that's a good idea I'm a boy like if you are tied. Or burn side. A little things we could see before we got these letters to the reader went ahead senator Lugar isn't repeated these damn kids in their eyes are quite. My front side stories but you guys at that dart gun site in their old curb gun writers write there's. New product being introduced I won't mention her company's name does not sitting here. In a shoot pistols and one of these organizers managed hey get no I can't see my front side anymore. New got a tour through its presence between your feet. You can hit well enough of a fallen off here but you restarted contract gets excited or so ago but they're they're a little bit of that glorious lahood and he would have gotten there there's there are yeah you August or trust me it's coming pretty good day's comments commented that I'm gonna enjoy hello Lafayette keep nobody can that's exactly right so. Well availability on this rival that it's out now it's now know sort of you're gonna have changed everything hour we're announce that it's out. If it's muddy and Elena. It's better that way the only good yourself thank you tell me we have it well you know because that's not the way it. He was in the distant past for a while I save tampering out of the group decision rifles still a hard undefined and even RE a 556. He was gonna promise you there out there. I actually saw went. So I solid usage you render story after they entered you know in Baton Rouge, Louisiana already in miniature by the time this thing years it'll rubicon soar to bet for you guys well look though have more bigger or hopefully more. That's right I like the potato chips right trying to keep Bynum we'll explore I'm only what is that makes people want this rifle so much. Man it's it's a great platform so. You know for not a lot of money here into a rifles capable of doing way more. Right out the box than than most rifles out there today. So if you're trying to get into long range and and both a hundred yards treated just poppy paper yeah we're getting in precision rifle. It's a platform you can put glass on social. And if you're already in that game and you have a magazines weekly news that is if you move. You don't want out of more inexpensive grow in on feeding that gun ships with two turnaround he legs and it takes that magazines just as well. So it's a platform that will fit you it's very ergonomically. Who but just pull through and user. Then the other is the root rescission rifle. He is running at roughly half the price. Or even a third the price of some of the other herald precision long range rifles and that by itself. Here's an incredible back. Well it and even if your goal is just to get started and that's a great place to be great we have some very experienced shooters out there running this gun that may have put their mark Spence come outside just to prove it. You can do it still amazing stuff. Well once again we go back to the whole idea of you can produce guns now get to market more quickly but also you can produce high quality guns. Without the hand workers at its hand work around the price up on all the things if we will resist. All our guys were low tech another breaker a carport mount Wilson for Ruger. Rob Lleyton beginning shooter coming into the competitive games here. You know everywhere which we really do wish you well fire yeah I'm marrying here Jessica Sierra times weren't pretty much everything used to win period. New Yorkers and a bit out that he owns that building ago. I don't go well we're right back will be sure to check yourself. The video of us doing this show has available on our youth you can check it out. What we're over here. Working here with the artist formerly known as Robert when. What good character I. Yes we arrive in line there now. Here Erica hello mikes are always on my liar or both I'll always loaded throw our guns Chrysler which you know one of the executives made a point and you commit the port one more time about gun as the hours ago. It is always got a little earlier or tumor safety stuff here. I'm and we just have to drive her video stuff can come from Springfield armory and the whole time I'm like I don't care figure imploded unload or not I mean it's never can be handled any differently. It's it's it's not that issue that every gun is always loaded that's not the point is you always treat it like what it is which is a care. Are trying to explain it to somebody trying to plan your had your turn on a different way to connect with people. And I said you know honestly for those of us who do this think of it. As though we are religious fanatics. If you were a safety fanatic when that is when I picked this gone up over here. If I need to reported over there and one come down random ground here in the table flag it prank when his guns unloaded right. But you expect me to not put this gonna Ukraine so our manners if it is better manner and it through its. It's something we do that defines who we are. Taking your money issues offering going your birdies yeah. It's not sure in the laser or your hand if she remains are you saw that we also have my gosh you're an OK you know. You know it's common and it's like it's. Brooke it is a self correcting problem yeah it is my hope it is what would hope I put forward hope. There is you don't put your hand for the Mosul period ever you don't torture gonna something you're not really your own willing to shoot. Richard you have to kind of become. A bit of a Mosul direction fanatical thing dungy. There and I find that. Shooters are you serious shooters could be pretty good about their out all the time. Although you ever I mean you you guys arranges all the time. That's. Tom that's the element to won't get you kicked out of club quicker than anything else except pointing guns yeah. Bad handling a guarantee we can all go shooting and I wouldn't worry at all about us but when I take unknown entities and I goes to a lot of people right. Mean you know the only thing I ever watch I don't care for its targets that care field again right our care here meaning good. But the all the dole gets you on that black was quicker than anything else ms. horror again Hanley. Yeah unsafe Koonunga just. Good as you say it's also hurts a matter manners is to better for. Defining who you are I expect we met pixel per gunning against me he's gonna opening act you know. Your right and when I get I'm gonna open it right everybody you know you're not to be fair there are you not want to that I opened actually you know you just exactly. It's almost like part of a handshake it's what I think we Jews and Catholics and high. Yeah you're really gonna Soyuz. It's Korean parents are just crazy about safety you know we are yes solve all died in on that one Tom and you know you're right I am crazy about safety tips I'd been shot exactly as many times I wanted to -- be help there you are none none so that's how they want to be like to keep it right there and I. There and you're not gonna tour stuff overall lot of years of the range. Truly inched and we kind of had that same approached. The belief system on this deal not try would probably get belongs because they're New York. Cook who's good stuff man. Loved both the companies are very critical look at you guys can creek about meat stuffed him. I know there's the list up there and know that we don't get to know about it but I can't wait to know what's on the list when it comes out so we usually get them from us before right you console while Kimi I am a little higher on the New York are less than just let you know you know work that there. Burris met it was about everything recourse. He's sworn secrecy torn or if I might think he's sworn everything is a big piece where there you go put our order reduced support TV and this is the guns figures there. If you have not checked the value of I'll musical on YouTube Kim you can see what we're doing and see your beautiful face and hear the yeah. Apple that's generous there ago I would go out and being careful we're not a public Rangers don't watch just yourself if you. He freeware to keep an eye out for the people left and right. Both sides right thanks guys appreciate. Think all right.