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May 15, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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A phone call now. That's right. You aren't the and we're talking. Which divides radio rock you by two guys smoke shop. With three locations all it tax free New Hampshire Nashua Salem and in Seabrook. Two guys smoke shop you're listening to wicked bites WORK noble voice of Boston. As well commander Scott quickly today sitting in for pat and we are going to be taking your phone calls today. It will be fun. It just open up the phone lines of people phrases things from pizza to gourmet and I have some ideas. Have you talk about on today's show including barbecue because it is barbecue season. That's right I know yes it absolutely gorgeous and today. And cold breezes coming in but don't worry about it because. Folks out there were smokers. Folks out there that just like the grill. Your season is here it is finally here it just seems like every spring it takes a long time Britain warm up and get those nice days that really spoil sport. Yeah yesterday. But today we kind of get jolted back into reality yet this is new England and this is doing men's premier show on food. Which it by its radio known for many many many years has had with the restaurant program with. 37 years now and going strong. Letting you do. Be the food critic and that is so important was still the only show that I know. Even in the country. That allows you to be the food critic what happens is. People like. Anybody say anything bad about restaurants. Or in in general on radio. That I I think that's you know shook his most restaurants wanna do not most. I really put him in the all restaurants. What on a great performance they want to make you happy they want you to come back over and over again but sometimes in all things slip up things go bad. And I always say so because up with this thing does it really mean that much is this their experience at that moment. And what they like and dislike and you know it it could've been corrected shortly afterwards. You know there are having a bad day. So it again it's it's. It's what you like and what I like they could be two different things and that's that's a big problem that's why I am. Always said who critics are no throughout there listening right now. I'm not be fair there's. Because. They grow up and you know they go to school. And you have a vote these big collar colleges whatever they wanted to do maybe they're they're frustrated shafts. Right. And they go into restaurants you know. Experience. It's far as this dish was could be used to little more it sent a little more that two released and play. You know and I am like oh my I'm grant. Mike. Is there's good. In my Sims is pulled different I mean what. With a lot of them sell liquor trying to do is recreate that this that the shift just made for you know somebody brings up a burger to me and it's of our our wanna know is if it's a good burger or. Amber are you a good which which you know ornament so and it ends there's the occasion. Where some things are right. And you go back to collect kind of tasted. Off Benoit. You know the presenters and missile on the flaring used the wrong style of meat to click amok on an errant ownership how to cook I'm gonna go in if it tastes good to me. That's all I need that gets my two thumbs up if they taste good in the beer is cold. And you know on this show. You'll hear people praise that the bathrooms aquae how food critic walk into the bow commencing. Bathrooms clean clothes that bathroom we were in this I went to in. The seat that seaport district we did feature there I think it was with mile. In this. It was sort of like Greek committee committee and in their bathroom that I know is that we don't. Most incredible about above average same because the floor and had pennies now. They were put into the floor and and CO coated over linger perfectly smooth and there had to be dolls and the pennies. That were in the men's room to cover the entire floor it was the most unique thing. So dispenses rejecting a bottles. A list it was just. Again you you don't your lovely boiling to freezing or even commenting on bathrooms but you know sometimes you get it's that added little touch it's like OK great dinner great drinks great atmosphere. But they took the time put the added function there. In on him in it and has always said you know throughout these years Heidi tell a great restaurant. You know if they're true true it is a restaurant owner there because they're like 99% right time and bathrooms. And if you work from those two. Everything seems to filter down and get everybody wants to do a great job but those on the most unique bathrooms I've ever seen in my life as a group and who thought. That on this show on this day that committee would get a praise for their rap hits it. When we started relentless pluggable barbecue today and now we're taught him a bathrooms at Chanel. Legal hand in hand is not digress a little bit. That's what the show's all about beacon or that everybody has a slightly different opinion and everybody else and again I go in there and I now since it is about fruit. And and you know I think they are they or their point of view is just as valid as mine and yours or are. Listeners because there is a snapshot in time with dateline with a satellite. But any kind of go in to all these places and say. In my in my in my hand and a bad date personally. And to that make everything that I'm receiving there. Just not fewer write to me too as well always you know also depends on the mood the company you'll. I mean he just because of food critics opinion is no it is no less credible than yours or mine it just also shouldn't be taken as gospel. Correct I mean it's it's retaken just the same just because. They have the food hungrier whatever it is you know they shouldn't be taken any differently than you or hire anybody who calls into the show. You know or anybody who posts on face I mean at now especially now with the Internet everybody has a voice and everybody's a critic. And it stays. Well let's interest forever you know and it's it's it's a really set things to win when you see it. Now I've I've noticed like. Restaurant towards that you sell their restaurants or your personal grudges that puts up up there too long you know I've seen that. Personally when where they are personal grudge and that comeback in the mock. A restaurant and you know and that stays open those Internet sites where there wasn't I am assuming it's there. At one point the the president of the mass restaurant association Tony's news Peter Crist he's not there anymore run. About this web site. That. Was really trashy website. That anybody can come and under the seal of darkness and say anything they want about the rest for a long so what was happening is people posting who was having an affair with who. Who owed money to latch closed their restaurant industry says all those national. Hum national. And and I might want some of the things up there were alert while you can make a great TV series and you know and and but it stays there forever so when you run a search for that restaurant. Again that's gonna crappy because what does that have to do with how they make a pizza. And you know if we don't hostess is sleep with a waiter who cares about the articles of pizzas you know I mean edit and you don't even know it's true right is that so it could be somebody that we of any its Internet I think. I know of 1% again I can't take everybody's tells me with their size or right thought he said she says. I heard somebody. One mistress and so there's probably talk about it. That. They had a manager for like decades to them and they ran into some problem on our room what the problem was and had the lingo. Because it was a recurring problem it started like 1015 years into his or a format that lumped him. And Lowell gets on the website and bang bang bang bang bang bang just. Yeah drove them and you put on the nothing there's nothing they. It can do. About it it's again and that and that that broad stroke of the and his is pretty it is is pretty tough to. You know to overcome. I think that's what we're gonna be talking about it appraiser zinc for pizza to warm AM open has some great guests pop in today including. Pictures. Milford New Hampshire. Open that they stop on by as it is barbecue season and I love barbecue and I got my smoker I got I give it its kicked it up yep but I am. Planning on doing so. Now a smoker and I don't have one. I know it's it's it's a as we've talked about on the show becomes almost like a lifestyle thing is once you get when you're trying to smoke everything under the sun. But what I'm curious about is because it's coming to smoker season is it something you clean. And I don't mean just like sanitary I mean like. You know that they talk about your old pizza oven has the flavors of 900 years stuff is that something you're likely to you know to a little to correct what you wanna leave some of that flavor in there its docket there you have it. Basically smokes at about 222. Dollars. Cracked ribs. May take between four and six hours sure you know typical low and slow or pork and a you mine as close plan on spending along and that's why become the list because it's it's almost a full time job when you start getting into full time hobby. Works rise to pull work it takes twelve hours. You won the pole port when you put and who took a when it's ready and clocks or work the sides along with the street sure but what I promised. Him to juggle this dries out twelve hours to find out. It's our. Patience if it is when he when he's mastered the art. And you discover like you know like I have a problem now. When I go in to. Restaurants are your restaurant yeah I can hear their rigs in their work to mine. And 99% of the time I think mine's better. You've mentioned that a few times off camera it's and you don't want to I won't mention the places but we've been in that we've been places filming or or did you talk about this and Skelton to bite us some then you know once there nobody can only use the take us there wouldn't mind a better yet I know but let's look at it let's. But you know you know I think the problem is so. Then I make mine the way I like us is to add again that goes back to what I like and India and and I have I have more sweet tooth so when I do. The ribs some on using you know a lot of things that bring out his social sweetness of like like. Apple cider you know you know and and and spraying them keeping Morse or even put like. Brown sugar on top balloon you know and butter and you know I make my own barbecue sauce don't just sit. Reasons combined if you get if you haven't spent twelve hours not just an open up a bottle asleep vagaries in port on their conduct you know Euro. The Euro thing and I also discover things along the way to I. Avocados I don't know if you are fan of that column I. At discovered my own recipe it kind of made this up. The years and years I'm time decades ago I was in Washington DC. And I was that chain rest are remembering the chain restaurant. But they had as a special that night smoked up a cop. And how's the first comment today were tried and Africa. Annie and Heidi you you know because it comes up like yeah let's cactus and not normally I haven't guacamole. I know but but you know what it looks a little cactus shall flower basically. And when I do is that I borrowed from like 20/20 five minutes and that I are to cut it down the middle and take out with that that. It's not really appear it's more about the fly out or you hit it. It's more of you know the dandy lions you know that that that that powdery white stuff comes off for the Daniel lines in the grass and well that is part of flower that's in the middle down towards the stem. I have to carve that out. And then you know. Then I've Carter already in half sure that part out or with a torn torn about minutes that I smoker for two hours. Mine just bite into it did he take the leaves for Kamal one at a time. And that's a little bit at the bottom is a little bit of your not talking at people what people almost what the hell is he talking artichoke all arms are so. Obviously Colorado is and luckily the guys as Pitt aren't in my heart it's. Artichoke already smoke guard that's a come that's a horse of a different color. Not an election being suture like we have those that Finley did little time but it's not so it's not smoked yeah and the return of the cool. It's it's really it's really good and you know and the best part about its knees after smoking for hours upon hours is like a little snack. Did he get back and only time it takes two hours most of twelve Jeff and kind of you pop a couple of those in you know killing your meal at BM is the I mean he's healthy and have a few of those well I'm waiting. You know that pulled pork does to slowly fall when he's couple. And that neither of the way it. And I'm the pork to come out and the other thing too when you probably that's the pilot gets your temperature of like 195 era. You know now you got to wrap it. And keep it in a cooler for like an hour. Yeah so breaks down for more so after your twelve hours a smoking it. It got another hour or so away. In a before you can pull apart but again patients so much patience yesterday you have to you gotta be a little bit crazy and you know we got to see that we do opera's part cute show. About two years ago and you see these guys that that do it all night long so it's ready for the morning you know and then we start to do it it's just like. While. Yen and that was for me those were competition wasn't even just for fun so they were like they were review into the whole science of the thing and you know it needs to be done this way and that way and the other thing just to get it right and what I found about the competition that was so. I opening August was the garnish part of it but they were taking so much time to decision we pull each leaf of you know that they laid the bed of meat on. And do you like. Throwing away like these the bad leave some of them watched him in the things seem throwing like apple is Lance and curiosity Mike why you throw in Mosul to win proposals they look at that as it was on that one has different. Curve to it's a bad one the judges Ehrlich real. And I'm 02 entities which is just kind of tossed it. Yeah it has the funny thing about it. I was gonna compete the following year the grand am I I don't do a lot of smoking at that time you know we kind of always want to do what they're really did it. Prior to that Brooke always wanted but that's what got you into. Kind of got me like in the fever started again and I said it is it is the places that runs the event next year I'm gonna compete on him. May they would menace to peace. Yeah you know and I said I think as a badge of honor I was just too good for them is what it turns out the big guests. They thought I knew learned all the secrets from all the guys as we interviewed him on Nightline. But we really. Didn't do any and we just went in there we just had fun I was just today they thought we were really being very inquisitive and being real journalist discipline to simulate him in a single barrel Rome broke out. I cigar wrecked behind attacks this I think tax. From Texas is done quite a bit of smoke and barbecuing and it's time right a lot of bitter grow and probably wanted to are going to be talking a lot right. I he owns a place Mike and you know I've been up there and talk about pure gold in the freezers and people in those revised and cook and we're going to be talking with Texan happy butchers in Milford New Hampshire coming up in about ten minutes from right now. But you know. So as we got a lot going on today isn't it a lot going on today and more over details on your phone calls the rays using from pizza to gourmet. And again I mean them. And potter can start on a bad note places with nice bathrooms but you know what as anybody ever done that on the radio or for special on a restaurant program. They would find some more appraisers and from pizza the bathrooms there we go into the veterans I'd this portion of wicket by trade is Roger Biron. Gina pizzeria world famous since 1926 to their home they brick oven pizza they able static pizzas I mean they used refreshes of ingredients. And about four. Cohen for all of us are generations now. And they've been making pizza from their original location on that street in Boston they have grown and grown and grown. To find a location near you just visit their website Regina pizza dot com. And I highly highly recommend if you're newbie to Regina pizzeria you gotta try their cheese pizza first and then go on from there because if they. Any restaurant. Or any pizzeria. If they can master the art may. And cheese pizza and they have. You get to chased all that flavoring from the cheese pizza from the doe from us sauce. To the cheese at the age. When they are this soft they actually get these tomatoes. Grown in California just for them. And they cam. Once a year for all their locations of the very very consistent Regina pizzeria again world famous since 1926 that are. On blow leave global unbelievable brick oven pizzas that are to finish its delicious if. Or one tavern is look at route one and Hampton New Hampshire. That's a unifying Desi and they have. One of the most unbelievable. I've never its session this before early bird specials like this I've never seen anything like this. 41 tavern for one Lafayette row which is route one Hampton New Hampshire here's early bird specials Monday through Friday. From two to 5 PM and it just thirteen 59. His least are often here's where things get a little a little interesting start off with pay. Super salad. War. A glass of wine he that this is party are we were special you're second courses your entrees are watching get items like. They're baked native had a Kurdish state trips or their. They can wrap stocks that are delicious hand those that even the 41 Mac and cheese now the third course. And this is what I'll always love his desserts. You have a choice the high of the day ice cream sundae or war. The 401. Happy endings and what is that. What is that what is that freshly brewed American coffee served with that taster of cola Bailey's or send Boca. All part of that early bird special with thirteen 59. It is nothing like it when you go NEC the quality of the food the way their presentation at the food is. You're going to be hooked on this restaurant it's a great place. Say united daisy when you go in for one tavern for one Lafayette road in Hampton. New Hampshire. And things restaurant fans located. Mike and you're there the other day I was let's give one day should you highly recommend at at a friend's list fins this George Kerry's place and everybody knows them for their of their. Oysters offenses defenses from a I mean it it's the best seafood you can find plain and simple and you can't. On top of that I mean the whole atmosphere the viewed the drinks and they just do everything a plus there. But I would have to say that was the first time but this time for the first time I went defends. I decided I was gonna try something and ever and I never had swordfish before. And you Democrats or personal note and it'll back years ago when I first went defense but it was their I was looking at their menu and you know. I'm for back then that was afford to the show I was kind of very safe Peter you know you go entire restaurant and chicken Harman this sort of thing but I went to fans and I was looking at their menu and it was so. I guess like a better term impressive. That I want to try something different so I never had sort first tried. And it's one of my predictions the swordfish there is absolutely. Unbelievable. Nice thick cut of swordfish it is it's just. It's great and I said the drinks are phenomenal there they do a great presentation and of course. Days like yesterday or the warm weather coming up so now have greater on the water watch the boats dock. I mean you you just you can't beat it then if you're anywhere near that nor shall war. You have to go blends of lets the. Only choice that parents seven to six more stricter or more in Salem. United George Carey Anjelica has a look at Rupp won fourteen in Middleton that's Christa courses place. Monday and Tuesday they have a king kept primary produced 1859. That's right 1859. For their prime rib on Monday and Tuesday. Angelica is the place that ego winning your dining on your eating before you merely even comes they passed around from meatballs he can pop overs. And Ngo workers and a separate function room to in the back or talked about 350. People I think. Angelic guys. Rupp won fourteen in Middleton. Head and forgo any further let me say this portion of wicket by its radio has brought you by two guys smoke shop it stowed it haven't. Is America's largest selection and highest volume actually. The highest volume. Independent owned. Cigar shop in and world in the right in New Hampshire three locations open seven days a week. They are worth the trip because there's always like a million cigars on hand. And that day the owner. Says you know you could also order online. Two guys cigars dot com they ship next day service to most of New England free shipping over 150 dollars. Or if you want free shipping and coupon code just type in week did. And you can also order online to give them a call at 1888. To use a guard to. But again just go online order today again a million cigars on hand at all times too guys cigars dot com. And they have an expert cigar stepping up be picked up perfect cigar to guys smoke shop it's okay haven't Salem nationally and in Seabrook. I'd like us we've folk let's go to a lower rain and Dorchester good morning Lorraine how are you. That money yes but you're asking about places let's do. Grilling and barbecuing things like that and I used to go to break through my 'cause there was a lot of a widow slowly he didn't drive to the ability of right now but it is a place where they do grilling edits but say choke and. The fact that places does that say and that is. And good as they did they have meat chicken and official of the fake nick called a flaming. Grill. And there on 31. For a long drive. In Revere in this phone number is 7812. A bang 88. Eight states. There. And it was the day have. Try to think it's Jeanne and I need in which the which is good for both say we need that we issued chicken. So that's that's what I wanted to. It was sad that could somebody Kyle wouldn't tell me if there was this one close up. There's been let's take Quincy is good I heard somebody would say that was like Quincy I could take its CD get to that. I'll see you we could find out where you mature recommending. Flaming grill and supreme buff Fay and they are located at 31 furlong drive in Revere thank your much worrying for your phone call. The gala that wicket by trade this is Scott with that today sitting in for pat this portion structure by the China awesome restaurant. 125. In North Andover be heading there just a few minutes after the show because we have Kevin calling our psychic medium you'll be there doing the show. I think we have a couple six left you like to show up like it does bring a photograph that's what our dollars to get in won't eat your lunch at the China blossom. That unbelievable I can eat Chinese buffet is bigger group of friends and I think that is blossoms humble that's one of my favorite just see me there now for the book neighbor for the markets which is that. Trust us we're right in the town of us number 125 in North Andover yeah ready. Get ready taxes in the waiting room he's got to come on here are some are great steaks and maybe give us open tips on. Real this. Catch a whole new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is we did by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. Welcome back to what divides radio this is Scott Wittman today that he ever had and this is my favorite part. My favorite time maybe. Because it's really seizing an hour that for me my smoker has been cleaned up and it's all set to go and that's what I plan on doing next. I plan on kicking that that's what grabbed my guy that you have to view every expert subbing guys. And you can. But at Texas right now I'm happy which is in Milford New Hampshire and guiding you wanna go to coach Jamie. Yeah not only with I think got a lot of products like wood chips flavored wood chips and stuff like that rubs and so forth. But what really makes your job I think perfect for any person out there that's a ruler like myself we're smoker. Is equality of the meats that you. Unbelievable. Yeah the media is just fantastic. We have customers come in and buyer or revise or strips or oratorio ol' fashioned porterhouse steak and and they come back to me just say only to watch this meat tastes like it when I was a kid you know like my mum and dad used to buy it really tastes like beef. Yeah and so will motor filming up there about three months ago with league yet. You gave us Austin stakes get up and leak had a couple of big states might stick out that it was ripped by and had to be what mansion two which is good two inches so much or how. I get a quote this in the middle winner right and I threw it. All I did today yeah. A little bit of salt and pepper on each side and I had one of those little electric reason art grill here yeah yeah yeah. Five minutes later that thing. You think that talking off Mike dog now are a lot at stake it's got what we never got Mike Weir and it's like wow. It just melts in your mouth it's just incredible because of the quality that 1855. Blacking his beast that we get from JW swift on call rattle. Is consistently. Tender. Every single piece and that's. One unique thing about us is we don't buy from a lot of different people we buy from them saying farmers every single week. Throughout the whole year so people come in to listen by either station and we say. We know it's going to be good we had these revised last week we had revives a month ago and every time we buy stakes for me do they come out wonderful. So yeah that that's that's our plan we're just gonna stay when what we got keep it simple and buy from one individual person. Now we'll be behind the scenes where I came home like that day in Galilee my state. And then Mike was with us yesterday. Attacks in Mike is that Mike if you cook the steak yet you know we're about to do it. Gloria and I said well let me know if like a little salt little hopper in just put on the fire that was all you need and oh yeah yeah. Its bottom line best six about. Better than most restaurants have been two and here I'm I'm I'm cooking mama on my little 100 dollar electric little thing in the kitchen there comic will I ever through this on the grill. And and new listing it as pan frying pan frying those two wins stakes in a black and skilling I don't know on top of us know. We'll salt pepper garlic you know we will all boil. And then put butter on it ran at the end and nose guard Florio and the Iowa of the butter on the states could be tasteless though. Infinitely and a big item that's come around right now for the grueling season. Is trite chips. What now what does try tries ships in new ruling like I steak tips in California. I said that backwards but. Out in California. It's all about trying chips and up here in New England it's all about steak tips so it's it's like to help arrow staked. That you cult holed like the state. Then slice it and service and that's becoming very popular in my story. The it was described what what what's the flavoring like of this as it's like gay. It's really really flavorful. Like a pot roast is you know you popped posted eight pot roast hype because you cook it on the grill. And and it's like a London world. We cook at first and then you slice it in serving instead have an individual steak tips. That's a big item that and it's moving really well before I tips trite tips yeah actually stop Barry. And asked for a tri tip there a few dollars less in state kept and they eat just is it just is it. The hole made stormy paddies are selling really well at distort. You know we have overnight can variety is all homey caddies. Sirloin patties and were shares of ours a big seller is the baking chatter sirloin patties. And then we have the everything is sort of like in the middle yeah yeah we take you know ten pounds of freshly ground short warning. And then when Meche or bacon bits and are shredded cheddar cheese. And then we formed a pet so those are really good the newest one is a sweet pickle paddy. So if you like pickle and if you like pickles and you know imagine a bunch of chopped up pickles in your burger before you grill it. Blue cheese pepper corn Sharaud Joba birders. And just go on and on and on so. That's that's a big part of our stores making those fresh hamburger patties every day for you. We're noticing a lot of people were stocking their freezers up like I mentioned to work. Because you have when he stock is up I mean we talk a little bit shop talk here there. You use that wrapping paper so. I had a stake that I had I froze for like a month or so airlift like brand new race like it was like I just got to that day could use that. It's a wax paper my correct it just seven apply wax paper and what is a seven flywheel. It means is like for pressing seven sheets of of wax paper together to make it is unbelievable wrap that keeps that means very fresh. Actually a lot of our customers come in and they biased side of beef from a sorted by 200 pounds of meat from us. The nose at the bottom the receipt there's a guarantee either for eighteen months against freezer burned in the freezer. So. Is somewhere at my father did down Texas and I use the same product and we have were able to. Ensure that customer when they're buying two were 300000 me that that meets cretaceous is fresh not angle months from today. Dana was taken home cooking. And that's so important because men and all run out to the supermarket and I have leftover steak. I'll throat in the freezer and Ronald cook that within like three weeks it BI particles are already on top of it and it just. You know it doesn't look. It's a bad experience so and that's one of the best positive things that we do in our stores. When a personal coach and and they want to take advantage of stocking up and get net reduced price on any. It'll have to worry about if it's going to be in the freezer for four months or nine months because it's fully guarantee. And that's so important when it comes out. Your hearts that you eat your heart is just intent on having that stake as you know how could. Good that unwise all. And then you see come out of freezer and thought out and looks just like the first one off. And reported on it and it just melts and you about just the right amount of marvelous that revived. You know. Hundred forest that. I think we're coming back in two or three weeks of our three days as or are going to be growing up so special for you so I can't let the cat out yet. But we have a surprise for you and about three week that the Father's Day is around the courts the only time when it's his day. Mothers we take out they all go out there all yeah fathers they all they all want that to winch. Cowboy each day leave that bone in that rebound in ladies if your listening right now you could run out the Milford New Hampshire to happy butchers. And did the stake now and is no need to wait to get it now owning a freezer that and you don't have to worry about trying to get that special cut. You know the day before Father's Day come out and visit us and the best about us. If you come and you look up on the chart dared to protect any kind of neat that the cal give. And one of our meat cutters will be glad to cut it wrapped in package why you watch it to decides that the old fashioned way. Two to the size that you actually now right you know you're only a certain course and they could cut into those individuals sizes and we do have a lot of people that come and ask for. Eight sales remind you are ten ounce filet either and so force and you could also give them cooking and oh yeah we have a lot of about recipe cards at distort. We always have you know Food Network channels on the TV's and air. And and discuss what we've done in the passable we will wanna try in the future. And via via what. I think it's. You I see a list of products that you have and yet you I mean you have everything from lamb seafood never. But weren't we haven't talked about yet and something that I thought was really good I picked up a pound. The cherry cherry hockey cherry chips steak tips. All delicious yeah those are true and I'm really really really tender. Those mayors you know cherry cherry on top you grow that right on in just with sectarian hockey that little bit of flavor on the needs yet. Kids love it and the Chinese state tips is a real sweet one I've tried them all it is like king and he you know when it comes off that grill. The newest one that we just invented. You know we're always taken around the shop why can't we do different you know we got to come with a new one. And I'm the New Hampshire maple local maple. With our suite barbecue. So we have a sweet maple bar BQ speak it. And it's it is. Headed right to the top is very good people are a lot and it you know a lot of positive. Feedback from it and is so. If you stop by the store in Milford you might wanna try those new. Maple barbecued steak tips. That sounds sensational. I mean I. I'm gonna for Chinese intercept and now I really answer today is coming out will fire up the grill at the happy butchers. It's so important go up there get a great steak and again when he happened one time to replace the stakes there's tick I can testify for the revised yet. I mean you have it once you can't go anywhere else and I people as they want to have a butchered on the street from me. Bombs are there is nothing like your place because it's hi years. All be the highest and now we're caring. Crying yeah. Beef to them so for a year but he you know the the mean Moody's of the world out there. If you ought actually the very very very best quality in me you combine. We're caring it. The prime beef at the happy butcher's I hold out for rights and wanna tell everybody a look at on elm street. 222 elm street Milford New Hampshire and what are your hours 96. On Sunday. 97 Monday through Saturday. And and if you have a party coming up we are doing backyard barbecues. So we can open up to teetering part of the business to. And I'm we've got a few weddings and birthday parties in and we come right at your house and Brit get to grills and draw up to ten and we put up awfully outlined for you so you can entertain with your friends. And don't worry about burning and may we got a four yet give us a call. May we can help you when you're next barbecue I would give you the phone number just a second and you go back to this or later today shows we leave here were racing back. We sold over a thousand pounds a freezer me yesterday and I got you back to stores are cut meet up argue. Hold on because I want talk to you about that package is just a few more OK and you know if you're listening to me right now when you go win today to go into the happy bush okay. They're going to be able to recognize you for at least he looks just like and sounds on the radio. Picture tax write what is Texas tech's gonna look like what he's gonna Wear that are yet to Brown's stats don't mean you know some car there. What will final shot in the war will cut it up for you hold on we'll talk about that the meat plant that people can do just a few moments the village restaurant is located charts as a group 133 and 22 and six masters spot. 4045 minutes from downtown Boston it is worth the trip. Kevin Ricky in the whole entire Ricky Tammy you'll find them there when that restaurant opened up back in 1956. Believe it or not. About seven councils that was it. They used to leave the doors unlocked. Yeah they usually the doors are locked will. Yeah I don't know if he would do it now read a scary that you imagined him to butcher shop just unlocked my comeback next day and I am they like here's what happened. The fisherman in that area back in 1956 they get up you know to get out early right. They're go to the village restaurant and Essex. They would walk into the door there were turned on that that that that the grills and everything and make themselves Reppas and then leave money in the jar and they would take off for the day. The good old days are good old days that other restaurant group. From Matt from that little bit. Seven counter stools today it is probably like 300 seats is even a beautifully true. Even die outside now to news or is it like it's it's it's an Essex met at Essex mass about 45 minutes from downtown Boston. Oh and what has made so unique is their fried clams up. I don't know your big steak guy. When I questioned like fish to fry claims the best fried clams have ever had in my life for the village restaurant Essex. You have these write programs. And you know if you have Franklin specially. And certainly yes well sometimes you get that guilt and regret afterwards or martian days they were so it. You can't that village restaurant you don't get it to go to restaurant just. They're just incredible matter fact mark Pittman. He he wrote a at a magazine wrote a book. And he said they saw best soft shells in the universe. You should have a matter for it right down the street. At woodlands that's with a fried clams were granted. And he also wrote you know would men's may have invented the fried clams but it says that the village restaurant has six perfected. People grow Diego four miles. For mile I'm going yeah right and don't think about him as the justice summer shop I mean. During the summer season that I tell you what though who went for lunch and don't want for dinner awakening go ahead. Finally planet in afternoon but right now you can get into the those restaurant and Essex the closed up Monday's other than that open six days a week. Going to try their fried clams EU non. Be unhappy that promises that the village restaurant the jugs are 133. And 22 at Essex mass chutes and chains. Is located in PD that's gonna find sue. It's the Chinese restaurant that has items like Hong Kong's stake. That's me and how about grow the rack oh I am okay they have that. See Chang's 373 old street and that is located in he beauty. And see which restaurant and oyster bar. That's a grip messages when I go to the marketplace. And you could pick up there's fresh seafood bring it on home they do that you don't feel like you bringing home and make in the seafood. Where you go right into their restaurant that prepare right for you. I would recommend. Not tax you likes things bass right yeah well Mike will contested this in just a second. Mike. Certainly active this month. And Mike wanted to lobster right. It was a lot that you picked up a bit those are good about what 440%. Of the size only a a elements enormous. Nine pounds I'm downloads are dying and I'm loves about the size of my my torso schools homes it's 30 yeah did you hit eight. But we made some a lot via. I don't know that only being cooked up when I just rode home how do you cook it up yet but that's about it. I was gonna put a number on racism that the ultra right. I think I'm maybe they grow mapping in Texas. But I don't. I know what a pound and half an optional. And I don't know it's only. The plot was bigger than mics live and his big tarred with this horse could get a fight than my philosophy of milk but I'd say which restaurant and always to barn is Margaret one northbound and the that he. If anybody over there and heard around with it bites radio. People continue for the best buy a ticket home. When we were thinking it's designed we wanted people to come in and feel comfortable here like they were eating in the room dining. Our lives are slow smoked over apple went through the meets falls off the phone. I'm doing enough family for some real home style cooking up a chicken connection here. Two guys smoke shop was founded in 1985. The night here are two guys will drop was due to a great experience in the past election that's the God's. In the world. Highest volume reached Yeltsin got shoppers who got smoked off in the is the reason it's a great experience wait for you see us election. And I cigar experts. And a perfect Saddam Iraq private rolled to a U. Two guys smoke shop it's bogey happen. A neighborly today as the is the chef and owner of the coliseum or strap. Route 28 that is in the Breckenridge shopping plaza. In Salem New Hampshire. They usually just about every award that there is best Italian chef and restaurant in the world. As back in 1987. And then let's see anywhere from 1995 to 2013 best restaurant in Salem. 2011. Best Italian restaurant best of surveys he's got a platinum award he's dead. Golden plates you name it and he's that OK if you wanna follow another again. Try and Neapolitan cuisine that's what you get at the coliseum restaurant and debt accord should get the stake out up adequately. Appears very spicy. So good to best state money can buy prime New York sirloin steaks in a cut with broccoli rob. I'd the coliseum are strapped. Route 28. Breckenridge shopping centers save a New Hampshire the number 6038981190. This is 680 WRKO. And when you go to the no name racetrack there's a general matter lefty intimate. His name is Jimmie condos that we talk about consistency and restaurants look at it is it known they were restaurants that offense is meant to seafood restaurant. What it is is insisted it is very fresh everything is very fresh straight from the ocean the ocean you can the crap the window and see. The no name restaurants also historic it has been owned by the same family. Since World War I 1917. No name restaurant. It's a restaurant without a name just remember that no name restaurant and when you get inside they had it Jimmy content would you please and you must try. You have to try their famous seafood. Chowder. Four cup 375 for a bowl which is a dinner in itself fort 95. Or you can get it to go as I do all the time. Jimmy condos and his entire family known name restaurant fifteen fish pier. Boston's historical waterfront you can call 6173387539. At the all American tavern food escape king sides. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. Did you leave hungry. Catch of all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on an ES and the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems we did by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. Welcome back. Which provides radio Scott Whitley today sitting in for pat and my guess with me right now is text from the happy Jersey Milford New Hampshire. Heidi Athens streets and Milford New Hampshire. And before we talk about this big meat Packers that people can get. I I forgot I mean you can go win certain days of the week right and you can have barbecue. Right in the butcher show radio got tables outside. Oh yeah we've got tables and chairs and umbrellas out for a restore and we had installed some. Some state of the art indoor smokers in the kitchen. And we start on Wednesday morning. And we start rubber nose Christians in the sport much down. Wednesday night they going a smoker come Thursday morning 11 o'clock we got Barbeque for everybody. And have we have we'll Barbie you real combination platters yup my have my daughter and make some homemade performed Brandon. And and the brownies and we got to beat beings and we got pulled pork and ribs and brisket. And fifteen dollars would follow nice plate of barbecue and Bernie. And you do need insider go outside and enjoy that and then orders from stage to be cut out quite eerie. And full fearless person told me the other day. That we have became a destination for the veil so on the weekend yet to take small drive out to Milford. Have a nice barbecue. Have if they come on Saturday or Sunday were always out front of the store grilling in and and and giving out taste test of different items. And then you get your barbecue order of a meat package you know in the good guys who put that together why you're having lunch. And so you get to have Barbie killed. Pickups and me for the months and then I have a nice day with your family. To happy butcher in Milford well I don't. Europe like meat plants. That that I think are sensation on no one else that I know over him hurt has ever done what you do no one in New England. Does food plans like we do where the only meat market. That will put a brand new freezer in your house. 23400. Pounds of meat items at your family and have set down and told me these are the things that we use. Well this is what we want. And then we customize a neat package and we they'll let you pay paid out over twelve monthly payments and so you know you come out on my side of the euphoric howl and paid. You know you're looking at a major purchase or so while. I do want my dad used to do you know you've been a failure frees you up to flashy year. Pay it forward over the year makes it easy on yourself. Shall we have orders to go from. Eighty dollars a month up to 23400 dollars a month to pay one what you wanna through your freezer up with. Every failing is different. And that is bearing down. I driving because I mean now like pork has marches are like maybe more Shane Aurora. You may like a lot of marinated meats in your order and homemade sausages are losing you marinated meats all week we do everything. Beef pork chicken. Marinated meats holy sausages. And frozen vegetables. Plus we have teamed up with a local appliance store in town and done now we show you the freezers at wholesale price. Because without a Frazier I can't you know shake your money. And I'll get there on the other is a package and divided by twelve monthly pay it. And they needed to take your they don't get yourself on a budget you know kind kind of control your expenses will outweigh all over the restaurant quality. Meats and most families spend 2030 dollars a week after grocery store. But if you ask him how did you have a revised last week or Tebow. Most of the time nation we can't afford those aren't things but at the happy butcher my brain bowl. You can eat those good. Cuts she. I text let's give your phone number so you'll like more information only drop by the shot to 22 elm street in Milford New Hampshire. Happy with your phone number is it that. Ready six till three. 5541339. Give us a call glacier order over the faux have a ready for you when you get there. Or and we'll answer any of your questions I don't get the number out with a quick break we're right that. You're locked until we get fights radio we're not just for gourmet it's sad days tended noon on WRKO. The voice of Boston's. Late. Updates get traffic and weather whenever. On the W work. Hartwig invites radio it's up to you we're taking your phone calls to braves were saying. Ned somebody's gonna put a whole case. Harmony gate gourmet coffee. Your home we get by its radio brought to you by two guys both shot with three locations all tax treatment. Zebra Nashua and in San. You're listening to wicked bite WRKO. The boys of Boston. Again it's got Whitley today sitting in for pat. Taking your phone calls this hour that swear it's nothing you'd raise oozing from pizzas to. Day you are the food critic is what I quickly remind you have to butchers are just here text just you few minutes ago. Their location and phone number 222 elm street in Milford New Hampshire. Their phone number 603. 55413. Ninety I'm sorry thirteen 39. At 603. 55413. 39 happy butchers I would recommend it you know do war. He's going to get that customized and and that way it's all done preview ahead of time. And I got to do is walk over to the freezer and a lot of great meal. High quality states. Happy butch was again and Milford New Hampshire. That's for sure which it fight radios brought you by an Olof restaurant group one point five in north and over the extreme heat place. I've ever baby back ribs or my new favorite dish it's chicken parmesan redefine. What is that fans. What's lightly seasoned then grilled chicken breasts. And it's finished. In the oven. When mozzarella cheese. And serve with this zucchini spaghetti. Yes cooking spaghetti. So I want to picture this redefined. Chicken parmesan. You know you put the chicken parmesan and put it in the fry and put all the cheese on top of and in this unit in melt all the cheese right installations right. Whether redefine. Chicken parmesan. Estate owned deep fry it. The season and then they put the cheese on top of it and that no conceivable that deep trying. And it's like a flirt calories. And they use this. To Kimi spaghetti. That is delicious so took just all the flavor of the ditch. And it's something he should try it's called again the chicken parmesan redefined its aloft restaurant in North Andover. Our group one point five in North Andover. The great wall restaurant Alice's place on. Root for Bedford Massachusetts. It's going to have an only can Chinese buffet lunch and dinner prevails have a great venues including the shredded chicken with string beans that's my favorite dish just go win their escort. Can't remember the shredded chicken western mean just as for the let us wrap because they have the they shredded chicken and they serve it where you make like little pancakes out of in the give you like iceberg lettuce and roll it on up. And into fractious crimes that oh it's delicious. Again it's got shredded chicken string beans that he can't remember that people just go in and ask them. Though lettuce this year though lettuce wrap and everybody knows what is the great wall restaurant. 304 great road route four in Bedford mass hi Alice. Two races prior and that's Nick Evans place. Of a prefix menu that goes on every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from four to 6 PM. It's your choice of your maybe an onion soup for house out that you could have items like there. Play Coke crusted chicken brasserie hanger steak or their parents cheered stop and get dessert. And it's 35 dollars per person. And very fancy high end steakhouse. Teresa's prior located Neil Thomson country club when TCU. All the renovations that he put into this place including like that waterfall with the fires and we are almost like Las Vegas story by dollars for the pretext many. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday four to 6 PM to Reese's prime Karl sausage kitchen. That's very get a fine and neither am Bob Cokie. They are located in net Peabody it's also marketplace. If you're looking for those hard to fine. You know German products in European. Items there to place the go you wanna see sausage being made. You enjoy that at this stuff you can actually watch that. They go through hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of pounds of sausage they make fresh there every week. They just bring homegrown wanna. We can eat in the element of the capping their you have some sausages and maybe a breakfast over there. About it Venus it's a sandwich. And maybe with the guys German beer you do their guard right in the market Karl sausage kitchen and European market one Bergen street. In dvd ever is asking us about German restaurants that's the place the ego aren't remembered Carl's sausage kitchen all right. I'm not talking. Now it's time for you if you are a person that likes to go out TD if you don't like to go but deep which like the go to certain places you at a restaurant and to. Shout out and you know just to congrats for great job they're doing. Whether to a large restaurant or a little tiny little tiny shop. I love those little tiny shops. In particular. Storefront restaurants maybe you like ten tables at that true love those places you know. Hear about them. That often they can't afford appetizer just to small. That the food critics there all right about they're too small. But listeners out there you go to those places and you love some of those places. And we would like to hear what those places are here's the number call 888. 4346464. Mike is gonna take your name and address off air because this hour will be awarding some of their biggest idiots I know we have. Whole case of harmony big gore make coffee that was medicine down to somebody this hour on this show. So you can help us out. Looking for those little tiny small places. And I could be faster it could be take out of could be a pizza shop. It could be a little. Italian restruct crawl that matters but in a little small location. I love to hear about those places and you know our listeners keep it going and try them and discover new places. And again these folks that that that all the little shops that these just can't afford to get their message out is a great way to help them out particularly do you think they're good. 888. 4346464888434. 6464. Again this is Scott quickly taking your phone calls appraisers saying from pizza to warm day. You know I'm hoping. The next half hour so we get the folks from the chicken connection and able to stop on by. They closed on our on Sundays. Is they have some great barbecue there and again great fried chicken. NEC and I think gave them like top fried chicken. In New England were not that long ago. And set sort of an house and hero. And it's casual just go in there in the Hamels was suppliers you have to fried chicken is delicious. It just may with that extra chairs sat back. He goes chain restaurants in the get fried chicken it's not like it's better it's just better trust me. Hopefully they'll be dropping by and about fifteen minutes or so 888. 4346464. To get help us out we're looking for some small restaurants out there was talk about barbecue restaurants. Is now people wanna go out and try them. When the weather starts to get better again you know if you like yes and if you will be outside dining Eric. And there's a couple of places we'll talk about a little bit later on but you can help us out for Barbeque restaurants 888. 4346464. Let's get to the folks got the shell Hampshire and Roger your first this hour with sky with the good morning Roger. Good morning Scott Edelman a very good. I think we're gonna see if mr. tax. You should I mean it's easy it is it being personal is a great guy. And it product I am not kidding you get one of those those revised states in his place. And bring it home and I don't care how you prepare and I mean I I did it as simple as possible salt and pepper. If you're gonna compare every state that you get at every butcher to his. Guarantee. What gave him more credibility. To me was that try to restated on Mother's Day. Well my son Isaiah position or any smoked a couple of and and we quote on the grow just to give it some are some marks. On my god what use would set up. And it's it's happen yeah I budgeted revenue being important that we learned along Beale. Yeah. I that's up and I'm gonna have to try. I get behind me of I think I I didn't have it once before but you know what it was. It is in court it's lean so what itself tour it will launch whoa. Because I want to talk at all like if you wish it was heaven not a way. Now with potato salad and like I so he's he is right on the money with. Yeah and it is weighted disk on the West Coast big muddy or my daughter's option for Cisco chief Asian markets all the time. Oh take awhile for to catch arm but we know where we can get it here took that people watched the butchers in Milford New Hampshire and I director. I recommend to their steak tips that they have marinated. It is it you do any other grilling they they they have all the products will. Oh my goodness some ripples of those good. Yet that it was a welcome Vermont maple barbecue sauce staked it all well and we. All. Right Roger thank you very much for colony again going in there and say united tax will go up to happy butchers in Milford New Hampshire. You rule guarantees love their their products there it's gonna Jeff of Austin good morning Jeff. Yes good morning Scott. Couple weeks ago I had an opportunity to visit a place called thunder rolls to its current Somerville avenue in Somerville. It describes itself as a rock and roll these stroll. I guess it's really kind of a bar. We've given tickets to a Beatles concert there. And the first thing you should know is that the place is allow to. Tactical reader actually stands outside on the sidewalk committed themselves to be inside. And when I gave in my day to pick up the tickets he could even hear me. So what that point I was ready to leave because it lost my hearing damage but they told me to have a balance stay as far and it might be quieter. So we went downstairs we sat at a table about five feet from the bar and it was jest as loud. In the basement. What Mike is. Week we couldn't carry on a conversation pit windows servers in the basement levels why would corrupt the bar placed the order. Carrie good food myself we went back to the bar paid the bill. That gators selection was made catfish. CN which which would what would which could actually OK it was it was suddenly spiked to Christiane the outside very voice on the inside. Serb with the French Fries coleslaw and French Fries were OK but rather ordinary. The bill came to. A a rather bit of a sticker shock to fail which is and a glass of soda. Course these 32 dollars which actually cost more than that tickets for the show. So I went to the ball I paid the bill place to get involved to win or was serving I have to leave a tip that was one of the few times in my life. I did not leave a tip couldn't nobody nobody but beaded did all the work. I would say that if you want to go to fund a road please bring your ring protection it really is that important. Prepared to pay pay pay pay a little bit more then. You expected. Unfortunately they have a whole lot of information about the place before I went there. After I came home by actually looked up on the menu on their web sites that short which saw actually that correct price. Fourteen dollars for a C which at a bar I think it's a little bit much. I I can't I can't say can be about the quality of the food. But if you look at for if you if you if you want policies he and ACC. A show. Quarter with Peter on a bar if you want dinner go to a restaurant. Not a bar you really have to know what you're looking for prior pickle when they are. Eyes but basically is is it is. They do music all the time richest music certain days of the way. I don't I don't actually know while my I would imagine it's mostly the music and it's a rotating schedule and that the conscious that we went to was only there for that 1 evening. And there aren't so noted so that's a kind of a zinc for. In. The loudness. And the fact that you have to do all your work we have thunder road which is located in union square Somerville. I just quickly go look them up on the website that I checked at their apartment you can you talking about their bar menu. And dead apartment you. Only history Exxon. That was on the web site if you go it's the C thunder road club dot com. There are two lanes of the food and beer menus I'm guessing you're looking at the beer menu. You have but it says it says a dollar menu and I would expect to see some bar item may only be able but I am looking at their rate of fried pickles yeah crispy wings so they they have what I would consider on the regular menu. Yeah they live or looks the way it's described. Sounds almost like this is exactly how we describe as how to describe themselves. Indy bands and DJ's. All weeklong accompanied by an American pub menu and wacky burger. It's so that seems like. Is exactly how he described it. Is how they describe themselves so it's like he said at the end you have to know what you're looking for before you love type of thing. You know you can go to a rock club with a lot of loud noise though probably the place for you. I'd I little surprise it carries on through that's. That's a no that's a Nolan but I actually actually improvements level is about tipping it's like to bite him do work I I'm gonna keep my money. Yeah I and everybody asked me about that the buffets woody woody took a phase in the if they bring you drinks in the immigrants are no attempt that the regular. You know even though I'm going up there are also cleaning your plate and stuff they're actually. At your table probably. A lot more yeah then then you know which is you take your shortly you'll order in the come back to three times they got to come back. You go up five times there were five times going to play. And then they get to drinks are back more mortal. He said he was buying soda salaam so I mean if I went to the bar and I got a couple Beers I'd leave a couple dollars for the beer's been Atlantic Paramount food it's like and there's nobody is the way to the tip anyway so who widgets at the point you know it yourself exactly I think if it. Which it was a little bare but that the 5% and. I that thank you very much Jeff for your phone call 8884346464. Again we're looking for these little tiny. This little bit bigger but little small restaurants. And places that you think people should know about or maybe it's your favorite restaurant Andrew how much are in. That's that's why I think this shows really scientists were able to. Get into all these communities like in my town of north and riots several restaurants I'll frequent. I will do that. If I go to the town over to me I know less of those restaurants even though you know he rules are down the street there's a ton of different choices in April. But I only go to two or three of those restaurants I don't know home all that well but if you live in those towns. You've been to a lot of those restaurants and you know what's good what's bad what's not you know million mediocre. If you could tell us about restaurants in new York community. What you think we should try I'd like to know that on today's program because I am putting you in charge of helping us out 888. 4346464. And again result we always Mike is gonna take your name and address. Because every hour we're gonna award dinner guests and gets the call NN. Tell us about your for your release favorite place in. Who knows you may go to dinner on us. He had dinner for two on it's 8884346464. In addition to that someone this hour's normal case. Of harmony day gore make coffee delivered directly to their home. It's 100% pure rapper to coffee beans. You finding a lot of supermarkets. I think Wal-Mart me in stock. Coffee you can order online but we're gonna send you a whole case at harmony day or make coffee. 888. 4346464. That is the number to call come help us out on a robot places. In new York community that you think people should just come in and try. I'm one of those. Places. 8884346464. Now he talked a few moments about suitable sea level restaurant. Pickering war itself much George Carey's new place everybody knows George Carey from fans which is also located on paper wharf. He just kind of purchased another restaurant as the old caps waterfront and put his own twist on to it now calls the sea level. Has a great view of the Salem harbor. And yet items like steamers or break to boosters. Or pizza us. About three ways Pete says there was shaved steak barbecue sauce. Pepper Jack cheese roasted. He only has hampered or it owns four top of the crispy onions. With a Margarita pizza that's when my favorite it's. The Margarita pizza tomato fresh appraisal. Some cheese disarm it all goes together and also fight items like they are Salem sound lobster bake. Which of course is lobster a little neck clams and mussels. Or growth seafood items stakes they have it all ending. Including a unbelievable gorges you Salem harbor where you're dining at her dining outside that is the place to go a picker or seal level. 94 wore street in sales excited George Carey for us and congratulate him on his on his new restaurant opened up about six. But here is bad years at about a year yeah Baltimore resident on fifteen years offense yet now fifteen years when he refers to open up. It was a lot of restaurants in that area and and he showed that that grew more ferry can not only. Put in restaurants but can't sustain restaurants for a long long time fifteen years. Get this portion of what can I trade has brought you by Suu Kyi ends in dvds I'd assume they have some great luncheon specials. Over two Chang's from 11:33 PM. It's your choice apartments our support a drop soup before lunch specials range in prices from. From 575 to 650 suit chain's 373 Lowell street in PB. I'd go to pro at a barbecue about Patton please place the horseshoe grill route twenty at north Redding. He has some great pulled pork award winning pool pork. But I guess I go in there for one thing. In particular every single time. And it ruins my meal because that's really where I go in their four that's all I really want because it's so delicious. He has these. Pulled pork any merit it's like twenty hours in some little smokes for twenty hours. No actions. Loaded with cheese piled high plate. Of this smoke flavoring. And they are incredible. And cool rattle my wife and I will go there once in awhile and LB art and we'll just let those who set the bar. You know get a couple of drinks and those. Piled. Smoked. Pork. Actions. I'm hearing about right now. The horseshoe grill route 28 in north ratings at a patently. And don't forget to look at repeats at Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926 or homemade brick oven pizza to find a location near you that's so easy to do just visit the website Regina pizza dot com. I did it get back to the phone calls let's go to pat of Drake at good morning pat. Bonnie I am very good. And I'm calling from Drake hit and cream how it would do little but shopping at the age of big building and down that we've gotten much bigger. And it's been that you can get it. Check and they wanted fresh date adage that it chi who woke up everybody who woke up well. They have they have credible Pete. I have to say that they out sudden now. I just small little place right that it is it strictly a pizza shoppers a little bit bigger than that. I don't know it used to be a little mop up shop. It's not him its streets and write that they've built a brand new here building which is now. A breath dry out they'll bring the well would you water would walk in but they aren't you add not like it's that they cap. Very big guy and they have all made the GO and all of that I'm looking around like fresh. They sit in critical subjected they. And get right that there are being so hard that you didn't Drake that we we now have some great great to doubt. Him that's so important find these little places and you know places that keep growing Primoz pizza and restaurant. Thank you very much into rake it. Let's go down to South Shore and home of the Plymouth Rock. Where to go out there and see the Plymouth Rock leaders say is that all there is good morning Sophia. Good morning. I. Up. Pretty well. Okay the name of the article. Or huge hurry. Nor. 42 degrees north employment. I am why are they so special. Certainly we're out. You. You know or all of this though there aren't. Always. And are they on the other located on the water. Don't they're not there number three out a date broad. I got back pretty. And distances check in the not so like it passed on the information. It's 42 degrees north. Ought 690s. State road employment. It's all part of the but the the Hines group of restaurants what do through the they own stockholders and thing and they club. But these are not aware that they aren't sure. I'll see Greg if find that on I mean Iowa's the good as they are great restaurant tourism themselves sure that the ransom for nominal restaurants. And I have a feeling it is. Okay it is it is on by and the only the debate it in Quincy and stockholders. So yeah. But great restaurant go 42 degrees north. It's located at six mighty state road. Yeah and thank you very much for that phone call tar out of us and restaurant in north and there was critics' choice of the best Chinese cruising north of Boston in order to 1960. The other three model many times have always kept up with the Clinton. American culture had has grown. Fifty years plus now almost sixty years Jones for. You know local town China blossoms. And as for their own TV times and try to blossom. Route 125. In North Andover and don't forget about it guys smoke shop it's okay heaven America's biggest action highest volume. Independently owned. Cigar shop in the world open seven days at least it is worth the trip with three locations. All on the exit one. Cigar tax and sales tax free sale Seaver and Nashua two guys smoke shell. Sports and fun we've got you covered. We did play its radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicked by its radio with pat Whitley young WR KE oval voice of Boston. Now you're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK elbow voice of Boston. Welcome back it's got Whitley. Sitting at the best we can by its radio taking your phone calls the top of the hour so. We could use your help we're looking forward for restaurants that I can little small locations. You know little corner corner shops will be great restaurants and strip malls that's another one I think is really start to take office and great restaurants in just these little strip malls. Around an England. And I I need some help force for restaurants and each and every community we've we've found a couple Mari Primeau isn't right here. Forty you're 42 degrees north and limit that as outstanding places. Jeff Paulson said you know thunder road and Somerville probably worth steering away from Felicia looking for loud music. Aunt and a lot of people do so you know again it has its own clients on the market they're going after. And then we also got a call about Fleming's real. He and every year we have a great all you can eat buffet for I think she's done. Like thirteen to go somewhere discipline them well and there's plenty of people of their their products. Please dial right to that we don't ever talk about its Brazilian steakhouse. We have a lot of us know what what's the it was a once or the rotisserie that come around as their name. Chris Chelios something along that line. I'm blanking and as this one it's August moon and all of that and is called Mediterranean grow its August and medic training grope and I would the shears at the the stakes in the sausage in the coming your plates and and there's a couple of other ones out there like your. I I like die that way I. I I always fun when it's an all I keep I actually less I know it. If anybody else out there like. It's like when he got when he can't be a lot of people. I get ten not to be I like it when I go to China blossoms I I have a system. You know I'm gonna put the food and I go in person the first thing I go up as I get the solution. In and just but nothing decision I go back to the armor. And that's all I have that I go back for a like some Chinese roots are kind of like Kevin organized thought. Born when I go to these these these resilience they cows that do those who sheared stakes in them on the you Carrick a little cards on the table. And if it if it's green they'll keep coming by right and flip it over you wanna take a break or you're done and and I I enjoy those. Those places and and a guy I know just a handful of them. I know there's another winning Cambridge I don't know. What is this charmer grow in North End and over and over which is good in their couple times they're pricey. Forgot I'm sure all of a minor Omar little pricey looks like oasis grilling lol there's another one. But I and another is I feel the name of one in Cambridge and executive thinking of so. Prominent figure the name of it and in your Mediterranean growing group wants August yet which I have missed there a couple of years and while. The problem I have there is. It's all hope but I don't really get a feel like I'm going there and Tony George enjoy the food's good though it just out of the atmosphere to me. I like a little more. Kicked up I don't know from described in the right authentic authentically trying to suitably yeah. But I mean. As or call it's been a couple of years it's been there the prices Benedict the key to come back for him out of stakes that you could have the crisis is really really good. But people out there know some places please let us know again and I. Really loved his little small restaurants that we talk about him on the program today and help them on trying to get people in 888. 4346464. 8884346464. If you're listening to us in the car or get charter right away okay. And day of your first time caller we really welcome you because. Again I've always said that your opinion is just as valid as mine or anybody else's including food critics out there. You'll like what you like it dislike what you dislike you go to certain restaurants for reasons that you like. And I'll often say that's a new restaurant you'd go there. A lot of times not for the food something get you to go in there for the first time but the food gets you to come back. So please first time callers. We like to hear from you today if you never call the show it's very easy to do you know Mike's is gonna take you name address author because. Every hour gonna award delegates delegates which is now about to you we don't use those names and addresses for any other reason. But justice and I guess to advocates are collars at random. 8884346464. Was it skewers is that the words you'll and you'll secures edit this or that look or an actual like name forward and I just keep coming up we'll meet skewers. Yeah that the first tally a point one was in. At a chain restaurant. Name anymore but. An obvious in the slowly popping appears like Mexican restaurants with a long as the times we did a lot of Mexican restaurants now there's one like. Teams like in every town. That it popped up everywhere. So that you know then we find little niche in the and they they gain in a lot of spices aren't are large but. If people you know what's really appreciate it 8884346464. Commode got open I waited for you. 8884346464. Modern monitors. And distorting at this reform Brazilian restaurant sort of war when there's one Kabul are already not Wilbon. Rodeo Brazilian state house. There's another one called to a black south and central coral and also the restaurant. I'm an awkward place there all lumped in with 38 within a couple of miles. And would you recommend one over the other. I am not a cure all quoted in a water and off or when rodeo that was very good but restaurant is like a cafeteria style. I'm but they got about but so are great play but they are Brazilian resilient shall be at. To go blasts across the street. On the stool across street actually are that there are no put I'd meet detective like resilient sort of up barbecue there are good but just moral right won't would. All right so notre it's I'm at supplies and they have to go out and check about and you said the restaurant also. The restaurant that's the name of the place it's the restaurant. Yeah that's a yes the restaurant debated just like applicants are you Greg Little fancier accommodate. They'd they'd just get everything but afford this fabulous to have the Brazilian spiral crowd or you know grow. All right Hank thank you very much for your phone call. Our. Thanks for calling in today Salvatore is has several locations put an end over large Medford South Boston and in Boston's their district broke for lunch and dinner. Make sure you check out there shafts playground section of their menu because every location. He would Andover Lawrence reports out boss or that their district has their own separate section called the chest playground. In which that ship gets to decide what he wants on the menu. May not be Italian. So that he likes maybe some this is famous in the area you'll find that itself tours restaurant they Lucci is located eleven Mount Vernon street in Winchester. Go in it for the pizza and for the food the food is like a work of art it's where the passion for the arts is paired with classic Italian food. At a restaurant they who Chia eleven Mount Vernon street in Winchester. In north read over this place to stop that it's called Joseph this restaurant and bar look cater route 125. Voted operated by good buddy of mine Jim Dietz is a section on his men. That's 499. Calories or alas and he got items like their Jumbo shrimp. For Jumbo shrimp sought to aid. Each ace can't be sauce with mushrooms scallions and tomatoes and its cost. But this Ekene spaghetti it's unbelievable and it's under 499. Calories. How about the yellow fin tuna it's grilled at eight ounces of fresh tuna lightly seasoned and grilled. And it's or with Chester rice and snap peas and that's just 36396. Calories. Jokers restaurant. Anbar. Two locations were once part of by the north and over and route 28 in North Reading that affect the north Redding location. We just featured a weakened by its TV is TV re airing of that show tomorrow at 2 PM on national and direct talks in Berlin station. Make sure you check that out which it bites TV it get right back to the phone calls its code to Patricia bad bird good morning Patricia. That mining Harriet today very good guy. I'm calling you can't let small restaurant I'd like to our recommend one at that very new restaurant here in Patrick. It's elementary is could she not. Bella Marie has Cuttino and so special about it. Well it's a very limited menu but very very generous portion. And everything is delicious yeah I recommend highly. So I think they're very new. That they do a wonderful job. If that is and it's been limited menu so everything is just and was just the greatest of care. All right I'm looking them up right now there are located on great road which I believe his route for Bedford mass. And I'm just. China quickly look at them so it's it's it's again as a small little place let's say they have a little bit of a bar. A couple of tables and how their prices. The prices our average it's not inexpensive. It's not inexpensive. I thought that the amount of food that you get the annual speech to two people it's 23 meals what they if you. Are right thank you very much richer your people call bell Maria has to cheer up a route four in Bedford mass. Let's go to the launch of Watertown good morning brunch. Good morning are you very good. Solid it's open and Sierra your show and all of this side effect of I don't know for anybody mentioned it before but. There's the restaurant called fourteen even want it now. Okay Portuguese water I don't know. Yeah. Are also put him about it. Florida the shadow demagogue but always will bring in Rodney. People proud that I made more amazing for you haven't been adamant diet restaurant. But then this rendition menu item all. Daily specials for appetizers salads. Pricing wise. Pretty average. It's not cheap cheap but also for a good food you order a cheap money and you're Dutch French. It's an open kitchen area and built some of you actually about they'll put up a phobia but it may include. Right and that's it you what you wanna go for great food it's where Cheney's. What you want and where they're located in Watertown you know you know whats are the rod. On school street are right crotch thank you very much for your phone call now let's go to chance for the Maxtor morning Max. Important. I think that that Brazilian steakhouse cities Cambridge is called the midwest Grail. The midwest might just guessed a little thumbs up signs and took. The midwest Ro. Yeah. And I we put our teenage son there and man they love that I wanted to. A vegetarian or not so much. You know I can never great and yeah because this is nothing but vegetables there right I don't at this many many other choices that. So that would out. They're atmosphere there. Well it was fun it was dark. And just crowded in the guys walk around there's there's viewers as stubborn as well. Yeah that's what makes it I think I think that's what makes it when the atmosphere is crook as crowded as like electricity that comes through the the whole restaurant in the coming by with this the skewers at the meet. And I added that that's what really makes the excitement of places like this. I great writer myself boat going. They have you can especially. Counts when you would be here's what I error probably this one let's it is one thing or really really like. And there might be like five to six times a four comes around again that same one maybe even longer than that. And you just waiting and waiting and waiting and them and I would like this okay on that now he can and what they're at it it just hard to pace yourself. But. I'm a special person I let it work. A. Yep it is good all right it's seven midwest growth which again isn't Brazilian restaurant. And it is located seen in Cambridge and just trying to get the the address here. I haven't we just 12. Oh it's part of the midwest grosso that this August and Cambridge Cambridge locations also there's I think that's the original location. Looking up there. Course there web site is. The website is a little slow they're located in Cambridge from a just tell you that. I'm not seeing like something weird it's 1124 Cambridge street Cambridge the midwest real resilient barbecue. Restaurant. 888. 4346464. Kebab we need some help restaurants up there we got some great ones adept port Cheney's in Watertown. And Deb Bellic. Maria can achieve that in Bedford. Those are some some nice little places that we just picked up just heard about the first time you have a place like that 888. 4346464. Let's continue on its go to Colleen. Meredith New Hampshire good morning Colleen. Good morning. I'm Carla about that this small restaurant and I've gotten to smaller than one not so ma. The first one is in the back bay and it is the best authentic Mexican. You'll ever eat. It is called cut that Romero. Costs are Romero why are they get so into it and in Europe day for you why are they the best around. Well mr. Romero. Is. He can't. He needs to be caught can he get under the cooking now but they're all hit recipes. And therefore he travels the old country end and that brings the rest back. Different family recipes. It is authentic hole and made woke up. The most delicious Mexican rest Mexicans who would you ever eat it in a back Alley. Between Newbury Street. And climate and and it's our. The corner of Gloucester street. It's a place that it year. Not from that area you do not reveal the find it. No hit it that you could you can find it easily just walked at Gloucester streets and you know it does that aside right there. I ended up and that's cast Romero is a Gloucester in Boston and calling he had one other place where is what is that place. What other places though I think we asked our. Let me street its Japanese Korean. It's hard that's in the bed is it that they an edited out of this world. Koreans Japanese. Owners are fabulous. Right Porsche and great food. And again where they're located. They're located in Lexington mass on Monday street. Rate by two great recommendations. Thank you very much for your phone call. Deb bins Korean restaurant again they're located she said I'm Ozzy street ten musty street in Lexington. Can't I see there on the take a quick break we'll be back with more of your phone calls this is quick bites radio with Scott what. Devils right knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest to flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where and avionics Perry have done export the data and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. If you have time today. If not today tomorrow or the next day. Please go to from the people literally restaurant. Is the gateway to Boston's North End there are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week if you step. Steps you walk right out and take a lefty erected the Boston Garden the lethal wrist that I anti. Now one of the things that great cuisines Nokia's misty from a brute see where he is from. But one of the things that perhaps I don't talk enough about. We have as a company a lot of functions at believe those upstairs. They have the largest. Functions facility in the north in. Now to debate that mind if you're planning any kind of function even far ahead is a Christmas party okay they have a beautiful. Function facility. Believe forest that I take. 283. Causeway street Boston's North End here's the telephone never if you wanna find out more 617. 7424143. This parking right next door by the way 617. 7424143. Ask for a fully follow. Where going to New Hampshire they've been presenting the panel Woodley restaurant program for about ten years now. And obviously people have been well they've been pleased dealing with Warren mills as I have over the years. Now what is rare coin to New Hampshire well it is run by as I said Warren mills here's a guy that travels internationally collecting calling. And by the way. Really on almost say you can use it as your banker. Because a lot of people go in there and they sell their records sealed by the that the best prices he would appraise your recordings and you would do it absolutely free. All war he just might buy you're going to right there on the spot. They've seen him on television. And now of course you can see him in person so please call him. F Europe as state planner or whatever and you would like to get Bob coincidence for his investment is concerned. He's a good man because he's a man you contrast a man of integrity. I mean after all he's been with us for ten years been in existence or allow longer than that okay over thirty as a matter of fact. So he has to be doing something right or in males Colin at this number 800. 2257264. That's 802. 257264. Ask for Warren mills where are going to New Hampshire. Heather's daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though it would although food that's famous and then not get the leopard Collins. Had friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's still at a restaurant and they broke the national. Well. I was belonged to cook. Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eateries in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did daddy is no better feeling. Traditional north and recipes Bradley portions at family prices. Come hungry leave happy turn arrows eatery twelve Blanchard road Quincy. Food sports and fun. Catch it all new episode of wicked bites TV this Saturday at 930 on any ascent. You're tuned to wake it bites radio on WRK. You know the voice of Boston. Again it's Scott quickly if you're looking for that that it can't tell seating or can't tell is that set. Well we will be sitting on the floor. And you die just like they would do. At a tie in Thailand and you can find that at an average of time and they have two locations one Newton place. In Newton corner that's great for people walked watching that if valet parking to the park or on the back and Wellesley Saturn Wellesley. That's we will find that it's a great time to please just the freshest ingredients. Emirates of Thailand and we're taking your phone calls looking for these little unique places restaurants after that maybe nobody has heard from. Let's go to am Amherst New Hampshire. And can't good morning get your next. Beta and they're very good chance because they haven't you're looking for small restaurants at a couple of small places of interest that are. But my right foot but certainly. That's not only I would yeah I. Are pushing would have offered interest publicist just kitchen it's so what a breakfast lunch place. Russian. Russian fairway on and they've made the world. Best Russian produced some answers at all number of other things should just really in my displaced really Keeney probably 88 probably eight tables total. While I that's out of that sounds sensational such a Russian cuisine. This Russian because they like should just breakfast and lunch that make whether they may draw or main jail torture device for. So in a few pitcher butch is just something like that they've got to make this standard Russian ever also makes standard breakfast very specific area. I cheated potato Castro rather that home prices substance. That once you have vision never gonna shop on president's. But I want I am I really nice but I wish my family and my sister's kids are okay again in my effort it's my sister Gretchen in Milford. But just just commission are to be felt street Rockford all right the next level. Where should public and I was a magistrates on elm street in Manchester. In the flawlessly Gary and pastry shop and restaurant again a very small fairway on restaurant. The the father was although people who escaped from hungry and left two people most parties did you make it across the border they got killed. Such and if so American success story of this to children and apart from the parents still run it. Really nice Hungarians who would care and not gourmet but really good comfort food dollar reasonably inexpensive. They'd not open as late as a lot of the restaurants and they quoted pocketed in the evenings but they are there really good food and really that's people. OK and again it's a while us and where is that located again. It's at 836 elm street in Manchester, New Hampshire. Just got it and your third place. There's enough you know audio weigh all your secrets that two's enough. I these are these some great recommendations can't thank you very much via phone call. Some of the place which. Check out one day on the TV should absolutely because you don't get them. That's why I like about our TV show we get in there. We get in there were everything is right. And we have fun and and particularly these small places you'd really have fallen short especially they have a story to tell and these two places have stories to tell just or do eyes so maybe we'll check them out on the day if liquor research trip. Yes and we'll just practicing we do for your benefits which it bites TV every Saturday morning at 930 on NASA and the Red Sox and Bruins TV station Boyer talks on agree terror right now yeah big poppy a couple of tickets yesterday three tickets yesterday the drive and you know not only home warily but the drive in the tying run in the bottom of the ninth triple you'll and then the win and an overtime with a extra innings with a double. Wow Seale was going to be it was he opera and who was picked him oddly vinyl is actually did you say the I don't believe so. Or you would have no beaten but with the you missed that armor an inning or two and and it was an early days for us I remember walking out of a game like in the middle sixties it was cold rainy and they were down virus excellence in which enough time to get to them correlate. 25 and clear it up they want to know it only getting worse with the. I think it all restaurant don't forget about Alice the great wall restaurant that for. Massachusetts that's great place to go in there and do some great Chinese for its food dot sausage company and Riverside park in Malden. Anything about an outdoor catering parties bombs sausage company recite part in multi next Sunday morning at ten. A year which criteria. We can place radio with pat Quigley is a presentation a blitz of media and.