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Stabbing rampage in Taunton. 5/11/16

May 11, 2016|

Jeff breaks down what we know so far in the stabbing attack at a Taunton mall. Also, Shaunna O'Connell joins Jeff to talk about the crime.

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Began to physically assault and beat. Several of the employees and the customers at Macy's. Derosa. Then winched to a nearby Bertolucci star restaurant. Great Time Warner were to cheese I wouldn't say you know. Every week but we go there once or twice some once a month once every too much on about one but we labor to achieves very good pizza. And he went into a virtual chase. He grabbed a mother night. And began indiscriminately. Stabbing. The customers October 2 chiefs. One of them was a teacher by the name of George chief. He hacked George chief. And killed him. Other customers were stopped. By the grace of god according to witnesses on the scene. Had there not been an off duty police officer whiff. I gun. It would not have just been told dead. Many wounded. It would have been 34567. Dead. By the grace of god and off duty police officer was there having some Italian food. He pulled out his gun. He shot our third Derosa and kill them. He's a hero. Saving god knows how many lives. Now. A couple of points me to be said. At around 4 AM on Tuesday. After our third Derosa admitted himself. To the hospital. I Morton hospital he was put in a psychiatric ward. He was claiming to have suicidal thoughts maybe with some homicidal thoughts. Derosa sister and father knowing as the history of mental illness. They then went at about 4 AM on Tuesday to see other son slash brother was doing. To their horror. He had been released from the hospital. Why would you release a mentally ill man. Why would you release a mentally ill man. Who was openly telling you he has violent thoughts. Both what he wants to do himself. And potentially wants to do to others. Now. Last night. After Britain gave me the heads up and she knew this was a big story from the beginning. CNN picked up. Other cable news networks picked it up. The international media picked it up and the reason why they picked it up was because the initial reports were knives stabbing and gunshots. And so the liberal media thought immediately or. Ooh we've got another not eight knife stabbing Rampage but they shooting Rampage. And already. There were getting the narrative ready they were getting everything done narrative was already being formed ha look at this guns guns guns guns are the problem comes another mashed another murderous Rampage. Another potential mass shooting. Well then they found that when there were gunshots. But it was the off duty police officer. Who is the only one who had begun and it was the only one who did any shooting and had he not only shooting there would have been many more people that. And suddenly. This story still important but it was longer as important. Had Arthur Derosa. Not killed that poor eighty year old lady. Patricia Slaton. Had he not killed a 56 year old teacher who boy who it was adored by students but let that go a good decent man. What was a sin. Probably some pizza. Having a little past them. Going down to over to a cheeks sitting down. Our meal. Had they been gunned down. And not hacked to death. This would have been all over the news. This would have been on the front page of the Boston Globe old. Channel four channel five channel seven channel 25 it would be saturation. Coverage wall to wall coverage CNN would be leading with the fox should be leading with that MSNBC believing what that they've reworked I'm could be blowing this thing up everywhere. But because it was a knife incident a knife stabbing spree. And not a gun. You see if you get killed by your guns. It's. Create new troops get killed by a knife. You know we can't use it to go after the Second Amendment. They're still good. Patricia Slavin is dead. George chief is dead. The daughter Patricia Slavin is still fighting for her very life. She may not make it I hope she does I'll be praying for which you may not make it. This is why you need an armed citizenry. Because. How they're not been a person at that virtual cheese with a gun. Believe me there would have been many more George peaks. Many more teachers dead many others dead and here's what I don't get from all the liberals I I to this day I don't understand it. Why are you hopes just what the weapon. Look what a sweet and where's the call not want to brand steak knives. How come you're not banning. A sharp kitchen knives. Because this guy did a lot of damage what is steak knife and a kitchen knife. A lot of damage. Huckabee don't call for the banning of that. How come you don't seem to be obsessed with garments. And in this case. This is why our founding fathers I have more respect for them as they grow older by the day. This is why the Second Amendment is so crucial to a free people. You need a gun to be able to defend yourself and your family. That's the point of having the Second Amendment. And most people that were not able to defend themselves look at him. He broke into their house and he hacked them. He broke into Macy's luckily can have a weapon when he broke it when he smashed car into Macy's. And many ran into over to cheese and he grabbed a knife and started stopping people. How dare not been are responsible law abiding citizen in this case over an off duty police officer. A deputy sheriff to be specific. Who would have been an absolute bloodbath. Shoe better believe that we need a Second Amendment you better believe it people should be armed and protect themselves. And that you know look. I tease Brittany a little bit we are some fun on the show you have to because it's a depressing problem lookalike the you know you do finished a job like this every day every day every day. You know it's it's bad news a lot of the news out there is bad so you have a sense of humor you got to try and allow for little bit just did it take to get by in the world okay. But in all seriousness Britney and I were talking in the car. On the way and we always talk she drives I drive and we talked on the phone. And we're talking about the story and Imus say Britney maybe gonna get mad at me but intimacy. Britain says you know I'm planning today to gore my local mall with my mom. My mom and I once a week or whatever electrical shopping a little bit you know just the girls into gravel little bite to eat that the you know at a at a restaurant in the mall or wherever. And at the food court and I'm seriously thinking she says to me whether I wanna go to the. Because I read about stories like this and as a woman I don't feel safe. And I said listen Brittany your feelings are perfectly normal but what I'm trying to tell you now it's a different world. It's a different world. And I'll tell you what happened. And it was primarily only in this country. In the late 1960s. And the early seventies. The liberals. Especially the liberal elites. Began to argue. That people who were mentally ill. How a quote unquote big six civil rights. That in titled them to no longer be institutionalized. Against their will. That in fact they were to real victims. Of doctors of psychiatrists. Of bourgeois society. That they were being oppressed. That. They're they're fundamental freedoms are being taken away from them in fact they were glamorized in movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which may Jack Nicholson's career. And through book a novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which was a big best seller. And it portrayed mentally ill people as they're really normal once. The ones who really understood how deep formed an ugly and conformist American culture and society once. And so they were addiction to be truly liberated they must be freed from the mental institutions. And so they basically cleaned out the mental institutions. They opened them up. And this is why for the last forty years. You have seriously mentally ill people whether they be schizophrenic I mean severely schizophrenic. People suffer from severe depression. Mild moderate to severe depression. All kinds of mental illness or walking our streets. If you look at most of the shootings. Or most of the knife stabbing rampages. It's either done by two groups of people it's either done by Islamic terrorists. For the stunt might mentally ills like this psychologically ill psychiatric real people. People with serious psychological issues. The liberals created this problem. And then rather than dealing with this problem. And realizing they made a big mistake is what leftists do then they create another bigger problem an attempt to solve the problem that they made so then they go after guns. Disarm us after they've unleashed many of these mentally ill people into society. Well a knife stabbing doesn't shoot the agenda of gun control. So we don't wanna play it up to big. Because they don't they start going after the steak knives in the kitchen knives it won't work but what I told Britney was this. I said Brittany. You have to understand you living in you world. He did master this world. Which you are now living in this world. You need to carry a gun. I know was unthinkable even four years ago five years ago ten years ago and I'm telling all the women out there. You need to be able to defend yourself you have to. Because we can rant and rail against liberal policies till the cows come home in here and if she you your children your spouse your family. You have to be able to protect what's most closest. And an an important to you. That's why you need to be able to have the means to defend yourself. That's why Jeff corner is a big supporter of the Second Amendment. And that's why Jeff chorus calling on everybody but especially the women out there. I'm not asking you to carry campaign. I'm not saying get a 45 Magnum I get it. But in my sleep he's done a little something you putting your purse. So the next time and our third Derosa or whoever. Smashes that car into a Macy's or tries to break into your house. Or tries to stab you letter virtual cheeks. You can pull out your money who are your 38 or whatever. And you put one right between his night's 61720666868. Let me ask you this. That haunt him murderous Rampage. Hey is it time for knife control. And be. Do we gonna start institutionalizing. The mentally ill. I wanna hear from you 61720666868. Your calls next. Tension co owner countries. We all heard a loud. Noise and a bunch of people running and Saddam state police assessed lark the kids in the store and lock down a late today. Be an off duty sheriff. Who was a big hits his heroic actions we could have been more loss of life. Unbelievable story. In ponting out last night yesterday. It's gone national international. Our third Derosa. Father of two. Father of two. Five year old girl three year old boy. Went on a murderous Rampage with a knife. So far two people are dead. One is seriously injured many others have been stabbed had it not been furry sheriff's deputy off duty Jimmy Crete. Who's now being hailed as a hero. One shocked people to put the knife down at number two chiefs Derosa refused once shocked and he took him out. Dead. Had it not been for Jimmy creed sheriff creed. God knows how many more would be dead today William Europe next go ahead William. Did you collect. I I actually looked a minor street court side is level you that the only son years that Roche and he's torn into Berkeley where people live action occur which direction. An absolute shock chinoy because. Geno in that area those families are all colonial English and it all not guns you can hear you every week at all we all weekend long. So he was actually looking to get arms. Italy you know in Italy I can't say lucky lucky eating at arms you know. But I mean. What are justices and her notice until my broad assortment news agency is still the guy actually has the ears. Boris and in this area a lot of people are schools say I'd Iranian incest street Porsche A ancestry. Right this all these Islam. And it around in the new military. Upbeat attitude tortured it's a in this area is like a lot starter really law. More Iraq bill. Then they the United States of America with this horrible happened to that woman and her it is or bullets ankle huge opens at oaks. William I got to ask you this because neighbors are describing Patricia Slavin that's the woman that was killed eighty years of age. This issue is a really nice woman really nice neighbor never gave you a problem always had a smile. I mean to me I just find it incredible. That I mean it's Timmy my understanding is content is a pretty safe area that's streets are pretty safe street and my wrongly. Well that's not taught and that's actually discreet so wait so Berkeley lying to work in every inch. Start Odyssey placed on this change in the last fifteen or used aren't as hell hole. I needed to become and as bad as new that's good or bad area. In Berkeley in that area they east Tallinn towards you know the political side bets really nice to people that it had been hit for generations they are. It has a lot of new homes in that area. But you know being between you betcha all remote tall and you know we keep order run into the script stop but this guy that did this tactic to any money he started read the Koran. Reach I think it'll become like racist Limbaugh he's too I guarantee we had a year if we get pictures of them you'll find out. On or got a beard no question about it I saw the picture on our dot on William your 100% right the arrest I can't corroborate I mean I just can't. Okay coming up next more of your calls and state representative Sean O'Connell she in fact represents content. Shall hopefully give us some more information. Let me ask you this. Michael Dukakis released many of these and the mentally ill from the institutions. Is do caucus still blame. For all of these mentally ill people now walking our streets. And should we have a might control opt for the liberals up there you want guns and control why not knives. That discussion your call. 1238 here on the great WR KOO voice of Boston. Okay my friends joining me now is state representative Sean O'Connell. In fact she represents tonton. Represented of O'Connell thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Representative O'Connell I have to ask you what is there anything further you can in terms of our third Derosa. What were his motives for stopping these people. Why was he turned away and he went to the hospital but why was he released from Morton hospital shall quickly. Even though Helio we claimed he had suicidal thoughts homicidal thoughts could you give us some more information. Source though it's I'm not sure what information you already have and I'm not sure I have much more information than you by you know we're still in the early stages of trying to figure. Really this senseless tragedy. It's just awful for our town and draw these cameras involved. You know apparently this element has some serious mental health issues. And was checked into the hospital on Monday and released yesterday. And you know the first thing that is that's that's that's why did they release and so so we're trying to find that out I I do not have the entity that question at this point but I hope that soon we do have to answer to that question. And I think just hit it really highlights the need for us to concentrate on providing people with quality. Mental health. Treatments. I'm just curious I mean Michael duke caucus you know how we car's been really brilliant on this. You know Michael Dukakis governor do caucus really released many of the mentally ill from the institutions. The big reason why the role on the streets now is because of what do caucus pushed through when he was governor. Is it time now for us to follow other countries Canada. And England France Germany Japan you can name mom. Where we don't just let people who wore I don't mean slight depression and I'm not talking you know PT SD or I means people or seriously schizophrenics. People with eye on severe mental illness should we have to start putting in more safeguards. Whereby for example if the parents think got 2128. Or 25 year old man and is a threat to them to his kids to the community maybe he should be involuntarily institutionalized. Well you know it that's that's a good question I mean it did DF it's consolidation. You know it was it was good for some people. We know that it it's not good for everyone and it's not right for everyone some people. Need to be in the long term treatment where date cannot leave on their own accord. And I'm determined you know. Sounds like he was one of them so I think that's something we need to take a serious look at because we're not helping anyone. If we're sending them out on the street when they can't care for themselves they can't deal with life and they have some. You know Prius serious issues that need to be dealt with. Not represented at the O'Connell. EU obviously you were present content. A lot of my listeners through tax a couple of calls but it's partially through text machine. Are saying that content has changed over the last 1520 years I've been there are several times frankly one of them was for an event for you. People I met were wonderful working middle class people look the area I was in or at least the establishment I was in seem very nice to meet. But they're saying that the area has changed. There's a lot more illegal immigrants pouring and there's a lot more crying there's a lot more violence. It's not the taunt them that they remember growing up in. Does Staunton. Eight criminal crime problem. Well you know I mean certainly we receive crime increasing it in different areas and Anton has has problems just like everyone out. I was born and raised in China Britain marked him there and I love my community. I think they're great place to live work grow up play and do all sorts of wonderful things in our community. We have very active community where people come together for good causes. All the time. So yeah there there's a crime it is a little bit of a largest city in that area. I think it doesn't help us like to point out that we have this issue with illegal immigration and not just in time but all of our state. And you know as you know I am someone who is constantly trying to fight against illegal immigration to try and stopped Massachusetts from being in a magnet to illegal immigrants. I'm here. But it would it would all the generous benefits and everything else that reject out. And this is scary you know it's it's if it's someone with a mental health problem and and that's why this happened. And they'd they'd get to help that they needed and we're not sure why yet we need to find out that this is just not defined time at all. I'm just curious the medical professionals that Morton hospital. The ones who made a decision. To let him go so quickly after he told them he was having suicidal thoughts crazy thoughts should somebody there be held accountable. Well you know I certainly want to hear what they have to thank and will will have an answer to that question but we get we need to know what happened and why Beck I was released. And I don't have any of the any of the facts on that at at this point. But but I am very interesting getting them just as everyone else's. That's it's in our community and certainly family this arm or hand man. Represented of O'Connell one final question before that your going to hear very very busy. One of the points side of me is that I mean just stand back objectively. He takes a car. He slams it into the driveway of this poor woman and her daughter breaks into their house kills Patricia Slavin. Badly stabs the daughter she's now fighting for very life and he then steals a car apparently drives erratically of course go right through the parking lot. Slams the car into a Macy's. Starts beating up customers and employees. Goes into warp or two chiefs grabs a knife. Starts stabbing other people their early for people were stopped one of them he kills George she finally. But one person and off duty deputy chair the one person who is carrying a gun. Is the one that ends up being the hero wind up saving countless people's lives. I got to ask you this if more people were armed. If more people can have conceal and carry. If we could make it easier for law abiding citizens. To have guns. May be. It wouldn't stop he would. Earlier maybe they would have stopped them at Macy's maybe George he would be alive today baby Patricia Slavin would be able or daughter. Would be able to have shot him right there and god knows this this travesty could have been a nip in the bud what do you say to that argument. Yet now I I agree and I am all for ten people being armed Indian response responsible about rich thank goodness. That there was somebody there that had a firearm on him and carrying it. On because that was you know without him without the deputies from OnStar from and that. We could have had many more lives lost in this incidence. So for those people that try to I don't care down our Second Amendment Rights that tried to scare people with you know top stories about shooting. You know an armed citizens to reinstate polite citizen rights. And you know right I think. The more people that carry an irresponsible about it the more tragedies that we could avoid you know. We see things happen like in a movie theater no one carrying a Condit they go where people. They'd Wear they know people are sitting ducks. That would indicate an in this particular instance but you know we we can't see that happen. We have been talking with state representative Sean O'Connell she represents Staunton she's Aponte and Republican. I know you're very busy represented of O'Connell thank you so much for coming on the corner report I really appreciated thank you to take care. 6172666868. Okay. My friends were starting to get. Even more details now. Well this is heart wrenching stuff I gotta tell you okay. One of the people who was killed George chief 56 year old teacher. When. Derosa when this animal. Ran into a river to cheese and grabbed a knife and started stabbing people one of the people started stabbing was a waitress. He caught up to try to save the waitress. He got out of his boot to try to rescue the rate worse and by trying to rescue the waitress. That's when Derosa then turned his fury on him. And knifed him and hacked him to death. He essentially gave up his life. To save out of the waitress. The waitress by the way is in very serious condition. So she may not make it as the daughter Patricia Slavin may not make it their literally fighting for their very lives. And so everybody out there please if you can say a prayer for them I want all of the victims to know that they earn our thoughts they are in our prayers. This is just I mean this is an abomination. This is truly disgusting this is despicable. But I mean this man is a hero. Did they had it's not just looked at deputy sheriff. Jimmy creed chair of create a lovely guy okay if sheriff creed if you're listening I'm not getting I'll buy you a beer on mock all but you. I'll I'll buy you one America okay I'll buy that America what I'll buy you whatever you want I'm serious I'll buy you toolbar your three Beers whatever you want compelling Yuri hero. But George chief is a hero as well and we need to not forget that we need to remember that 6172666868. Imagine if he was carrying. I mean just think about it just logically. Imagine if he was carrying. The waitress. May not have been stabbed a severely and he'd be alive today with his wife and with his family. Jonathan in Europe next go ahead John. And how different. Column out there. Here and the whole story a bit to the previous caller and you guys all on our dealer from you I mean you nailed it. The woman I don't showed today she nailed it. Especially by picking up but the fact that we all need to be carrying or at least a good amount of the population needs to carry. So that the United States doesn't become like all these other countries you're here in Europe or just being massacred. You know by a lot of these guys I would not rule out terrorism gut had a big big here. Right now in this stated dumb luck with the way. From my government to tell me what terrorism is what terrorism as I know that as a Christian man. My statement under attack my country under attack Elena take whatever steps necessary to defend my country. Myself. My family my kids and I'm sure you do the same job you'll talk about your kids you love your country. Now we need to be patriotic or American. We see what's going on we're not stupid we're not gonna listen to a lot of people talk about what is what is and we're just gonna help the net and our noses go to the source of the problem. And eliminate it I mean. In my job that's what I do like it to the source of the problem I eliminate things that'll beat around the bush. Jonathan if you money asking when you do it. My best exterminators and a masters of area. Mean you can exterminate you mean likely blogs and cockroaches and rats and stuff right. I want you borrowed bucks okay well all right both. I swear I saw mafia movies go for the week and that he called himself an exterminator come like Stan Johnston not not a contract killer and not a mob guys on. Supported both wearing when you called me to come here. As equivalent of calling Arnold Schwarzenegger to come in and take care whatever you need to take care. Jonathan look I want you to know something we are feverishly trying to find out more information about this current art for Derosa. Brittany is trying to look at his FaceBook page we're trying to look at he had a Twitter account. Look that beard to me I'm not gonna lie to you like them in the confessional it's suspicious. I'm not gonna say anything I don't know. But it's suspicious. And I wanna find out a little bit more. About this guy because I can't believe how quickly everybody just wants to turn to bench. And if you see now that he didn't use a gun Jonathan. And they can't push for gun control they want this thing wrapped up now awfully fast. And I wanted to kind of look into this a little bit more item in a mom I wanna know why Morton hospital released this guy. Dot quickly when he was basically saying he's gonna do some serious damage either to himself or other people. I don't go to particular. Jonathan thank you for that call I appreciate it as mark thank you god bless you Jonathan Brenda Europe next go ahead Brenda. Jack this is close and I hat I mentioned it before why are on the earlier addition of the corner well you know I'm in the mornings. I would have conversations with you because I had. The only numbers that have mental illness and what we've got to do it that's the only and a how we've gone they'll as a family each now. Why he would let out. And they had done that. Is that how they operate app and you act the audience the question about Chile institutionalize. These people I had act right out. What do I really think about that. I could say yes that ban on that not again. I think that you know what the lip. Running the mantle and situations in Spain are running. The asylum OK so it sounds like a good proposition and a good solution and I think that it would get even more Iraq. At this point. I feel bad for his children and that he has the white prominent in the act in the white. Because I don't know whether this does that strike behind him that he had been going to a hospital but they do that. They make you bright and and there aren't quite that I don't know what he went on it all the other being remembered were able to get adding yet and they act. And then they get there you know. Okay say they're glad they say that you haven't met and then all of a sudden that put for the that I like you're not saying. And then next thing you know let out. And that they act again dilemma and that. We have tragedy. I Yunel that Brenda you nailed a great call no look I got to ask you this I know I'm up against that Britney but. If the killer is Caucasian if the killer is white. Dim media mentions this all the time now Derosa is obviously an Hispanic last name but I'm looking at a picture of the guy and yeah I mean he's black. Now look I don't care much trying to play that the race card here but why is the media not telling us this skin color of this guy. When it's it's a white killer or white stopper or white shorter Caucasian is right there and believed. I mean enough is enough what this political correctness. 1259. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. I think is the press conference now over Britain yours is still going on OK it is a press conference are still going on. I gotta tell you they're not releasing very much information clearly this man was mentally ill he had serious like you psychological. Psychiatric issues. I he had a history of mental health issues. That's about it. They're not telling us much more than about I gotta tell you I'm being very honest with you there's something suspicious. Even britney's time something's fishy. They seemed to really want a wrap this thing up very quickly I think too quickly. My question to you is this. What do you make of the knife stabbing Rampage and talked in your calls next. 107 here on the great WRK. Fold though voice of Boston OK my friends. Later this hour Budweiser. It's now going to be America. Is it a good changes it a bad change. Did cheerleader you've got to hear this speech. Obama rips on successful people and says that criminals have been victimized our press. Five this system this system is the blame Martha criminals. And next hour is Hillary Clinton unraveling. And Paul Ryan Orion. Sure he endorsed trump tomorrow after their meeting all of that don't touch that dial but first my friends. Look this is a story that. To meet cuts to the very heart. Of the community here not just in punt and obviously but across Massachusetts. We've got a little bit more information. Britney now is managed to locate his FaceBook page we're really looking out at the team's been looking at a he's got a five year old girl Derosa. He has that the killer he's got a three year old boy. There are pictures of his family got a girlfriend all over FaceBook. We have not been able to find any thing menacing or threatening or. Terrorism. Or Islamist related so far correct Britney. Yeah hearing it it seems like keys or Norah mall guy in other looks like Eric Disney World and a lot of pictures of his children and his family so. You know it's just. Weird. Well apparently the police are saying in their press conference one of the reasons why they're claiming. That there's so little information so far below what happened yesterday in that murderous Rampage so far two people dead. Several more in very critical condition. The that the killer the murderer. Arthur Derosa shot dead one bullet. By an off duty deputy sheriff Jimmy Corey be told to put his knife down. He refused to put his knife down and then at the officer shot him one shot took him out. Is they say that all the witnesses. Are either dead. Or in the hospital in critical condition. And that's one of the reasons why the so far the information has been sold scant. In terms of what motivated this man why did he do this oh why did the hospital led him out so quickly. After he complained to them idiots suicidal thoughts. His family said this many very long history. Psychiatric problems of mental illness it was severely mentally ill. You know I gotta say this Spokane and wanna go to the phone lines. One of the reasons why. And the liberal media will not touch this with a ten foot pole because it blows up their entire narrative of gun control. If you want to know why. We have more mass killings in this country. Then most other countries around the world and whether it be bombs whether it be guns or in this case knives. It's not because we had a Second Amendment. Here I was born and raised in Canada you'll get more liberal than Canada. But when it comes to the violently. Mentally Il. I don't mean you know moderate depression and or whatever may look I have a family member okay. I love her to death but she suffers from depression it's okay up crime is wanna send us a stigma. It's a biochemical imbalance and she takes medication in which he's on medication she's perfectly fine. I don't mean act. I mean the violently mentally yield the severely. Mentally ill you know people were severely for example schizophrenic. Canada dale lucky up. They are locking up. In France get lucky up. To quote you the institutionalized. OK to use that the formal term. Germany Kiwaukee up Japan and then lock you up. Well let me give you an example OK this was it really affected my family Gary Hart and open my eyes. We had a very close family friend. From the old country like my father and my mother. And in fact they were from Slovenia where Donald Trump's third wife is from Milan okay we're from Croatia won not we but my father my mother. Where from Croatia which neighbors Slovenia. They were from Slovenia very similar but the language the culture very similar. We were very good friends with them. We went to each other's homes they had dinner at our place we had dinner at their place I can tell family picnics. You couldn't I can't tell you how many times we interacted together. And they had a son let me just call a mat for the sake of argument. And I grew up with Matt. Well there was something wrong with meant he could just tell he was. A bit thought he would say certain odd things that it is inappropriately at the wrong Heinemann. He would just fade out in disappear for. I don't know weekender where's map weighs in his room won't come out of his room while wanna come out of his room. But as he got older. It got worse. And when he hit about 25 years of H. He suffered from severe schizophrenia. And he began lashing out. First it was the death threats. What he would do to others to family to friends to my mother to my father to meet to himself he would kill himself. It got so bad. He's 25. Suisse more than an adult. His father and mother broke her heart. They took came to a hospital with a psychiatric ward. Now he can wanna get locked up given wanna get institutionalized. But they obviously evaluated him they could clearly see this guy was a threat both to himself and potentially to others. And institutionalize the guy. Now he still had phone privileges. And it was very sad we felt very bad honestly it broke my heart my sister's heart my parents is heart. We never blamed him we really didn't we felt very bad for the parents but he would often call our house and it got so bad sometimes he would call a puck like a hundred times we just wouldn't pick up the phone or would take the form off the hook. It is in the eighties right we now cellphones that. But the few times when he initially began calling he's gonna kill mean. He's gonna chop me up. He's gonna kill my sister. He's in Italy now filming a movie and all the cameras are on M which you can't tell the cameras where they markers are all hidden but after he does his movie's gonna come and kill us. You can blame the guy. But you couldn't let him out on the street. That's what the parents were saying were afraid for ourselves nevermind what he'll do himself. And so you voluntarily he was institutionalized. Now they gave him treatment. They gave him medication. They began to slowly rain in May and and as he got better and better and better date tried to let him know that he does suffer first is a friend he's got to stay on the medication that. I think it was about a good six months then they finally let them out under constant supervision. And this is what 25 I forget now 2530 years ago he's now lives were his parents he has for many many years. He's under a steady regiment of drugs medication but he's fine he's functioning. But the point was he was institutionalized. Until he got the help that he needed. Now that parents. With a consent obviously of a doctor. You have the right to say no I don't care whether you wanna go out or not whether you wanna leave this hospital you are a danger to yourself and to everybody around you. You're gonna stay until you get better you cannot do that in this country. You can't. It's one of the few countries in the world. Where these so called civil rights of the severely violently mentally ill trumpet blows. Of the general public. Well I'll tell you this. If Matt. Was just released the next day. He would have packed his parents up. His father was a hunter. You went hunting with my dad there was a gun and that hosts. Chances are you would've killed his family were killed me or killed us search weather been with the gone or with a knife or with a car or with some kind of a homemade. Pipe bomber what ever. Because this severely mentally you fool. The problem is not the way captain. The problem is the person and how to deal with the person. And what I don't understand because it somehow politically incorrect to save this somehow your stigma arising. You know people with psychiatric or psychological issues mall. But with the violently. Mentally you know to severely schizophrenic. Uga yeah got to treat him whether they want to be treated or Marat. Because it puts all of us in danger. That's what the liberals did. They empty out the mental institutions Michael Dukakis did this in this state in particular. And you wanna know why. I was at now what's going on in America the last thirty years welcome all these mass shootings and he's killing each other because you want in the streets. That's why genius. It's really that simple. So if you really wanna solve the problem. You have to start involuntarily. Reinstate nationalize and some people. Because if they if it's gonna continue. I'm getting text and text flooded with texts. These are doctors and nurses saying Jeff I can't believe it doesn't happen more often. You got to see the people that come to our hospitals. And they just give him some medication they say leads you've been wanting a proper treatment I'm sorry Arab I'm bound like I keep you. I can institutionalize you so they get my clock on a pin or whatever. And that's sit third Don and believe. And that's what I was mentioning to Britney when we're talking on the phone this morning I said Brittany might big surprises tepid on the map and more often. Whether society does this. So you want an hour right stand on this storm blamed guns. In fact look very quickly. The most armed country in the world sunamerica. Per capita it Switzerland. Everybody in Switzerland has to serve one year in the army. Man or woman it doesn't matter every man and and and they give you a gun and you keep your gun. Practically every Swiss citizen male or female has gone. Now I'd into Switzerland I'd I have recommended beautiful country Bellini personal crime. I mean I'm not saying to us you know of course is a little bit a crime but there's practically no crying. Now how is that. What is it that you have every citizen in a country in the heart of Europe. If people are guns and guns are the problem they should be massacring each other in the wild west out there. Eight everybody known somebody's carrying gone. Through the most polite people you'll ever meet. You wouldn't believe how polite people are when they know somebody may be carried. But the other thing is like most other European countries and Canada and Australia and Japan and I could go on. The men the severely violent mentally ill can only animal on the street. Because they go you put a gun in this person's hands terse kind of be a bloodbath. I wanna no. I'd Morton hospital. Who was the genius. That window father and a sister said keep this guy in our third Derosa. He's a threat to his kids he's a threat to his girlfriend he's a threat to the community at large that they let this guy out within four hours that's what I wanna know. Great he's and by Monday night he's out by Tuesday at 4 AM. Now we've got two people dead because of a knife. To other people very critically wounded several others stopped. And obviously he's dead as well. And it had not been for that deputy sheriff I yeah yeah I I ya ya I. It could've been fight attendant. 6172666868. Lines are loaded Jerry Europe's first go ahead Jerry. Prominent on my friend how would you recommend center will be cut Bloomberg link. Up and I you know. Oh. Ranked public upfront and have all bought little nicknames for people. Would want for him for Hillary. He got caught our compete on the Hillary. With a almost a baby maybe people get continued. Warming. Up. We ignore it merely is an illegal alien. Do we know a piece of Muslim convert. We don't know if he deepened to quiet about this. The jet fuel point in the sixteenth and dumped the seventies they emptied out your Massachusetts. All the so called state hospitals which worked for the violently ill. Mentally ill people. That depth we're schizophrenic in in danger to others. He can't eat out all the hospitals. The Japanese medical industrial complex has a lot to do with this too which is psychotropic drugs and if he depressants. Is someone that mentally ill you can medicate him all you want they can still nap while it mitigated. I've seen cases where it happened Jeff I've read about them. In the mainstream media you know what they wanted they wanted it to be a white man with a gun. Yes. He. Did it. It all and that the honestly if you could have a confederate flag or. South South Africa are part fight flight or all all. Our Donald Trump make America great again cap all all of that would have been the cherry on the Sunday. All. All abyss would've been almighty god CNN would have been on this story 24/7. I've MSNBC 24/7. All the Boston Globe. They wanna do a fake cover story in the all over the front page trump what have to disown them conserve. Evident when after disown him why people would have to disown them were all the blame. But it turns out to be our third Derosa. Which are to me at that is Hispanic or Latino but some people are saying it's Portuguese and I don't know okay. But he's clearly coming in from white people or killers still but the only numbers to be black. I don't know why the media won't mention out. And that perished and just it's a stopped limited. They're almost acting like hey you know all in content people crashed our cars in malls all the time. And this stab people amber to achieve all the time and let's get a quick press conference in here and let's get out of here are eligible and come and we don't politicize this. This is not gonna help us against our enemies. 6172666868. Is the number. 781 you can text us 68680. Jeff Adam Lanza the killer of the new town school kids and teachers. Is a perfect example. Of why the mentally ill need to be locked up bingo. John Europe next go ahead John. The issue. It's going on here crime scenes. I think it let me scroll trying to make decisions for. Because we're not capable of deciding properly on our own. But somehow when it comes to the severely mentally ill. -- out to make the decision as to whether or not they will receive treatment. Rex and I think the reason why is that it would send against common sense. Common sense that the enemy of liberalism. When you shine your common sense the light of common sense on liberalism liberalism winters. And it is our common sense to allow person who are least able to make responsible decisions about a don't care. And allow that person to make a decision and let that person go in the find common sense in the restroom issue that's going on. To let people you know without being challenged men without being article later on for trying common sense if they can ignore common sense. Marginalize common sense. Even try to destroy people's sense of common sense and liberalism and you won't get any interference to be able to go out liberal arts. Very well said John a conducive to better myself 6172666868. Is the number. Okay best audience in the business I mean boy talk about you know you guys almost do my research forming OK here's 617 Jeff. Arthur Derosa is blocked Portuguese. Recently okay. Yak cape fur cape over the ever radian OK and that's Omar. Close families from Jamaica Omar says oh he's black Portuguese right came parading him. Yeah up okay thank you Omar so OK my bad Derek black Portuguese it wasn't Latino or Hispanic. My apologies to the Latino community. 6172666868. More your calls.