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Should Budweiser change its name to America? 5/11/16

May 11, 2016|

Jeff says no. Brittany says yes.

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137. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. It's no longer going to be this Bud's for you know it's going to be this America is for you. Budweiser has won an application. To now change its name I kid you not to America. So from now on it's no longer going to be Budweiser. If you're at the Red Sox game or whatever you wanna have a Bruschi wanna have a beer it's not going to be give me an America. Don't give me a bug Guinea and America. And they say they're very proud of this that they sense now there's an upsurge in patriotism. They wanna get this ready for the Olympics which are going to be held in Brazil. There are big sponsor of the US Olympic team. And so now they feared that they figure let's have a new moniker. And they're gonna start rolling out now America instead of Budweiser Beers they re changed the name. Beginning later this month rolling out in there this summer. Now many people on Alvis. Yes Anheuser-Busch. Originally started in the United States yes. But now it's headquartered in Brazil and Belgium. I don't think people even know that. I even really an American company anymore but let that. Goal. So at the annual look there I'm looking at it right now as I can of Budweiser is no longer going to be Budweiser is gonna be America. And underneath it it's gonna say heap for a bus unum out of many one. They're also gonna have other slogans like liberty and justice for all. In the visible since seventeenth 76. This land was made for you so they gonna have some catchy patriotic slogans. On their twelve ounce beer tents. Now I gotta be honest with you I mean I don't really I don't drink maybe brutally honest I'm I'm a basically people are at a few sips champagne. On my wedding night when we had the baptism for rushed in and gave but basically the corner man doesn't. Now my dad. Who was from Eastern Europe he drinks. Like many eastern Europeans is he's a big drinker he likes to drink. When it comes to all things alcohol I always defer to my dad he's my lead to me like the world's leading expert on boats. He makes his own mind he makes his own plum brandy he likes to drink beer in the summer. He's a beer guy in this summary says you don't drink beer in the wind turbine site. Beer is a summer drank a anyway so he's got all of these rituals when it comes to drinking. As you know we still lives in Montreal to just north of Montreal is basically retired now. He loves Canadian beer. Let me put that out there he thinks Canada Canadians make great beer. Not that Americans make a bad beer. Sir what that would Brittany said beer are the C beer keg. Where is what we regularly applying my dad's an alcoholic her that well your data as a beer keg always. All can write song you're upset that he said that Canada makes better beard and that angers you Britain. I had an injury could be year from now I decide okay all right anyway so Britney seems to be upset that my dad likes Canadian beer but I'd never had Canadian Beers like can't judge according to my dad you know which are missing. Or right but. My dad I gotta clean up the language. Is not a fan of either Budweiser. Or Miller. Especially. Bud Light and Miller Lite. He says they'll light Beers. They hammer like I got to clean it up a little bit he calls MP water. Don't like beer is more water than. Now he does say however that Americans don't make very good beer. He says that's not that Americans don't make good beer he says Sam Adams is a very very good year. It's well brood it's got a lot of craftsmanship it has a lot of faced a lot of flavor a lot of bodies. He says that men if Sam Adams is a very good quality beer. He thinks it could rival any Canadian beer he loves Czech beer German beer. He loves a good. He loves a good Heineken he thinks Heineken especially what you get in Amsterdam and he says his phenomenal. And of course she likes Guinness if you like morbid dark beer. Brittany says Grossman he says that the Irish make very good beer if you like dark beer but. But the the point about Budweiser is look according to my dad you can call it whatever you want. It's still not gonna make a paste and so I was having this conversation with my daddy said look you can call it anything you want America US have a whatever you wanna call it doesn't matter. He says in the end it's puck and and make it taste any better. Look I think this is a marketing gimmick I'll be honest with you to mean Budweiser. As a nice name it's got a legacy it's got pedigree here in the United States. I remember all the commercials I've seen and I see the horses on TV and this Bud's for you win. Of the water splashing in the screens the Colorado Rockies to reams and the tradition of Anheuser Porsche Anheuser-Busch. And so can I mean I think what this is just capitalizing on patriotism I think it's a cheap exploitation personally of patriotism. The Olympics. And now Donald Trump. Is actually claiming he's responsible. For Anheuser-Busch. Going red white mobile. According to O'Donnell it's because of the patriotic movement that he's unleashed their anticipating a trump presidency. And so what the hell it everyday if patriotism nationalism is going to be back him. They beat everybody to the punch by changing Budweiser. To America he's he's claiming credit roll it Britain. All right well you know somebody who's trying to make America great again is ultra pages on the line don't chuck do you think you got something to do it Budweiser change in the name of their beer for the summer they don't have money into American. I think so this so impressed with what our country will become that they decided to do this. Before the fact they get a get a taste of that final congratulations yet a couple of big wins last night. By 81 West Virginia Nebraska he's on a roll unlike Hillary let bad ego we'll get to that literature. So Britney now so look I believe your Cooper doing and patriotism giraffe. No just Budweiser using it that's all just did exploiting it. I think it's a. This country has and very anti America very unpatriotic. Lately. So I like the idea of Budweiser calling. That the air America. It's just nice to see a company finally. Be patriotic. And what you know what brings people together and ice bar. Some Pierre have a bud. And you know it's about time and America have an America. So you'll like the idea I think it's greats. OK so Britney strongly disagrees with me if I she kept yelling him. I might have a bud Arab whatever and I'm married and Erica I might I don't drink and be there. I just I I I mean that's not that's not troll yeah. Well I don't want to let a lot like to Judas like not a pilot might go for the public the Red Sox came at a beer but buying. Yeah for. Your ridiculous you know America's name and it. What you not a forebears did not up for okay shall have one. Who Korea may be one last one for the wrong. One last one for the wrong OK so Britney thinks this is a good positive thing. I think it's a chief marketing gimmick it's like gonna change the pace but let that go. The corner country poll question of the day. Do use so port Budweiser is name being changed to America. Is it a good thing or bad thing. The name change for the cans on the hands of Budweiser beer. If you believe it's a good thing like Britney it's a nice sign of patriotism. It's no longer let's have a but let's have an America that's a nice thing. That's the letter a the 68680. If like me you think this is just another cheap marketing gimmick. And it's not gonna improve the quality of the beer at all and demean you drink the beer for the year not for the name of the beer. Text be this 68680. Are you could also vote online at WRK. Old dot com so again the name change good or bad if you think it's a good thing. Text page 68680. If it's are you just think it's a bit cheap and a bit packed Ian you don't care for it like in the text beat the 68680. George who apparently used to work for Budweiser how are you George and how do you feel about the name change. And I just want to first say it's an honor and a pleasure to finally speak fuels thank you greatest boxer all. In the history of ought not just wanna get OK thank you George. So I don't regard employee yeah. Thirty years of service appearance southern New Hampshire. I retired a few years ago adapter. In depth to a coal company. And all it did you written on all it isn't that cheap. Otter like marketing ploy to Reebok employee and light shirt that has been I'm leaving for twenty plus years now. The Jorge and my look my understanding from what I've read I'm not a beer expert. But he's no longer really an American beer is I mean in my right George the they're headquartered in Brazil in bell I'm. At issue here jet fuel at a pocket sports in the elite still owned company. Doing that I can. But this company owned by. People from Belgium. All now app luckily. 60%. Of the world market sheer. I quarreled. One hole. That the people have to realize. I had a great job mama Mike Archie accompanied yard ornament pepper clear. The brand has been struggling now for twenty plus years you know when you'll sing it appeared. It or not at all to peculiar beaters right now domestically. Academically. But domestically. But why are strictly spotlight are now. Number one and number 20. Number or series are all out to the top REIT Q like glee shoot. It number one thing but light okay. Hole at number two little kids. Why were to go. Worst lie told by Ed are you serious and I didn't air yet you can go to researcher can only I thought your gonna say corona. I accurate and it's just been number one theater in America is and I'm Eric and beer it's corona I honestly thought your organization. Can I don't be surprised now I mean we lose everything the Mexico's went up the beer. That it's exactly. The number of war and stay. I think they got into a corner or another boy and I can't is light on your heels and take a little short spot. OK and I'll do well and another two years and a two year guarantee. And George are you look if you don't mind me asking are you a beer drinker Gillick a good beer or what's your favorite beer that you ever had. My favorite beer which apparently electorate is eighty European. Beer called. Gil or Kirk well. All my dad loves spills all he loves stills. I picked out all swears by your political maturity. That's what he says German or Czech beer he says nothing is better. All right here in America after they re not thinking are Herbert walker. Get off my dad calls it he water but yeah. You know he exhibit it's a bit more course than that but I can't sit on the air. George how is it like working at Budweiser I mean seriously what's the ingredients that they put men and everything I mean he's a good quality stuff or did it just whip up. Well I don't want it to my identity away right now but I like except I stop a war in Iraq or 1976. And when it what I hate when I start a war in Europe in nineteen you'll hit. We're told is being. Why certain people OK and the point process. And all the old beater or impeccable. It'll hurt a 33 days. An old because that would mean which made it very unique and our competitors. Which took the time. Now our. As a demon inside her. I don't have all put it but appear is not made. Beat apple used to be. Corners George. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. If you go if you wait thirty days. You are here every day. About eighty our competitor. Would only going 1516. Days but how much money you you'll. Look how much money you do losing. It's all about in the and it's all about the dollars it's always the almighty buck in the end. Sacrifice quality for a couple bucks. They took over the company 2002. Out and I think it is bureau. East lodging company. Okay they. It'll all it'll only narrow. Unbelievable unbelievable hey George don't Prius stranger great call re Europe next go ahead race. Glory. And I just wanted to add one thing you're going to be and promoting national and so. And and so about the money they want help him become the first beer company to have attention to cause there return. I got a I mean look let me ask all of you this OK I mean how do you feel about Budweiser now renaming itself to America. Brittany thinks this is a great thing it's part of the trump phenomenon in some ways it's almost political making bear agreement ahead. We heard great again you know that this is a sign that patriotism is back nationalism is back. Look I'll be honest if you if you game you cases stuff for free I win during. I mean I'm not a beer guy I don't drink anyway but really from what my dad tells me don't even bother. Now Britney which it Brittany if they gave you a case for free would you drink it. Probably in I'm just gonna be here per game yet have a key and share why not fair. For laughs and seeing me king America agree that banner something's making beer in Kenya that gap shirt or share I got. You're more of a vodka. Cocktail tequila kind of person. Shirt I'm gonna. Better idea highlight Alex rocker in line. Russian vodka elect this stuff from the old country the year doesn't match the expenses if I. Only got seven. Mike you're up next go ahead Mike. Yeah I don't care what they call it well fairly straight in a little bit. I would guess economic bush reiterated that idea that break in order to being level. What I call ordered it. What. Dark you're an order important brother. Yeah. Six foot 7666. BA 68. Budweiser has changed its name from blood to America under twelve all the beer cans. I think it's a cheap marketing gimmick. Brittany thinks it's a nice sign of patriotism. Where do you stand your calls poll results next. Oh boy so Boston. I'm just when there is I think Canadians be there is better than American beer. What she shaft that's how you feel of not going to be so each got about the Budweiser single fact you know with your dad happened comedian and that's why you don't. Eric get your traffic all of about five because. They wanted me in there. The effort the summertime and I'm Erica where my trainer is that. That there's I just thought about it you know American island. Me BM. Britney was aren't helpful results so far my friend. Right she's crunching the numbers right now. It's lonely right now is deserves excellent savage. Not to be out on Crisco it's changing its name that Hillary perfect for four out in the tan. 50 wait it's a good one. You'll jangled this Bud's for you now it's transformed to. This America it's for you a Colbert message too we eagles'. Interest. Interest paying. Brittany what the poll results 66%. Say no but by the ocean not names corner. Mitchell two thirds of corner country agrees with the Canadian with. Exco and equity. Should also he wanted to. You but now I am questioning. The patriots. Crushed an hour now. Okay my friends you've got so much more don't touch that dial.