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Jerry Chow (IBM, Quantum Computer)

May 9, 2016|

Jerry Chow (IBM, Quantum Computer) by The Financial Exchange

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There's a new form of technology being introduced by IBM. And one of the computer scientists working on this technology is a gentleman by the name of Jerry Chal. He joins us now on the financial exchange hi Gerri Dario. So can you explain to us this new type of computing I think it's called quantum computing. Yes sure. And but I haven't been at this not a quantum not a computer scientist. And you know the other obvious lie and you wonder what they describe what this whole system about okay. But basically the idea is we're trying to build a quantum computer. And is essentially a computer that that function. Following the laws of quantum physics. Quantum mechanics. And it it entirely different type of computer. And it has. And had applications basically in the realms of breaking encryption and simulating chemistry. Whole whole bit different problems that are actually very very difficult and challenging to ever saw with a regular computers. That was a part I didn't understand they give it is supposed to be much faster. So how does it solve problems faster and in use one of the applications as I understand it would be in drug testing. Right. The reason why it is not particularly insist they edit. Overall bastard and regular computers but it's different. And is different and always that is more patient at all being particular problem okay and it all comes down to the fact that. With the regular computers we work in this are very base of zeros and ones right information. Is either on or off these weird beast which is in these transistors that are in our. Processors today in quantum computing the element in Asia is caught a quantum bits or QB it. Indicate particular bit that information doesn't happen because Euro or one he can actually being caught a super position. Or zero and one of the same time. So then what happens is that because you get these two positions. When he had many of these units altogether. Processing information you can actually start to make. Information data in this type of what's called an entangled space. It differently like you have a whole access. To this round which you'd otherwise don't have access to that just simply nearly one. And by exploiting this entanglements. You can basically Taylor computation. To process information in a way that more efficient or faster than you could do with the regular computer. Jerry you mention that one of the potential uses for this is breaking encryption now obviously encryption has been in the news quite a bit over the last. A year or two and in particular I think a lot of people don't realize that a lot of our. E-commerce functions as a result of strong encryption today does this potentially change what is necessary in order to be able. To transact the same way that we do today in the future. So I think it. The actual tasking of of of encryption no reason why. Being corruption work today because. When you actually. Having encryption key. Is based over the fact that it takes computers are really really long time to Specter large numbers and to their prime component. Okay. And at that thing at that there's this other than note developed back in the ninety's mid nineties by. A computer professor of computer science professor named Peter short. That is visually. Actors poverty using a quantum computers so the theory behind it has been around for quite some time. Now. That being that you actually get to a reasonable size system to form. If short Auburn and break encryption. Still bear the way. It's a very typical problem it requires scaling in processors up to that they've probably tens of thousands or even more numbers numbers of give it. Just to put that in perspective last week that have a device that we're we're we're good pundit out of these bite you could device. And so do it is I think that you're. E-commerce pistol state for now with regards to breaking encryption by Mike on Peters. Now I'm told that you have a fairly significant lead for headstart over Google is that correct. There's an there's certainly a lot of competition in this deal it's become my very very particular race become competitive battles been fun. Yeah it since that. If exited the realms of simply within academia. Yeah I did something which is about not just in in the university research that has really entered into industry. And still I'd say that. We we have a person put on the clouded by yup but there's still a lot of ongoing competition in terms of skilling at the divisive and making them better and better. Jerry we're we're do you see it over the next five years as are their place that this is going to start impacting people on a daily basis. I would say that under on on a daily basis what we wanted he is essentially. You are actually ought to over the next few years look for applications. That might influence industry. So. Quite Allred I give it within five years we believe that we can get to the realm of around fifty to 100 cubic. What's really interesting about that number is that I did each unit. You're not gonna be there to build any classical computers any regular computer ever they'll simulated. So in that sense we don't quite know yet what you could do with a particular system. What we like to do it actually explorer well what applications would that do. And we plan to build it and we've let this be. Different industries were productive and try to gauge what actually it is movie. Why do these computers have to be kept so cold. Yes so. The that particular order opposite you work with are made out of superconducting. Materials so the protectors are essentially these metal that. I have no resistance when you pull them down to really low temperatures. The other reason why we want these that these Circuit City is process to be really called and asked where you have very very little noise. He signaled that that that transmits. The device or in the range of you gigahertz so around forty urged Jews seven years old microwave frequencies. And there are those signals they beat Justine and and and noise noise this we especially in accord on this has been very very old pampered. Will be darn soon you have basically these computers are going to be held inside of freezers or refrigerators at some sort. Right so we have these are preparation system that has delusion refrigerators. They're commercially available turnkey systems. But they really do a lot for us in the sense that they you could be key in the army Norris street. And they aid they've really allow us door experiment and and do our research. Jerry words the bulk of this research being conducted. Parking we're based in. In the CJ Watson research center in Europe and New York. Very good when Jerry thank you very much I know your busy man we appreciate your time and day thanks for joining us. Jerry chow he is a physicist for IBM. And chuck this is you firm firm vault. I'm not sure I understood everything he was talking about from but when you talk to people that are in this industry. They tell me this is dean changing technology. Yeah I ate it has the potential in terms of its uses. To be pretty revolutionary as Jerry said though that prayers and actually for drug manufacturing the drug Reese or will they don't quite know what they're going to be able to use it for just because they've never had access to things of this power and so they're they're sitting there saying well. In the week news for this but we may find uses that we never thought of where they find that we can't do what we wanted. So it's it's fascinating to us think of where this technology could go. Over the next decade of development.