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May 8, 2016|

Just Don't Lose the Money is devoted entirely to the financial needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement.

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Now we just don't lose the money radio shows with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam left. For over twenty years Rick and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston here on how you can protect your money both legally and financially. Rick since there highly regard sought after guy has been featured on Fox Business news and both fortune and money and Agassi. Now your hosts that just don't lose. As the money guy. Richard reveal and sailed away just don't lose the money Sam line I'm Richard Rubino welcome to our show it's another Sunday hope everyone salmon a fantastic. We can so far and we welcome you to our show. It wasn't there a song just another Sunday just another son does easier usually it's like 510 minutes before he's such attempting to say about my like I could now be softly my brain works like Frank Sinatra's I think that her. That's our area actually in which a disarmed so that's. But anyhow. It's a wonderful. Day and it's a pleasure to have you join us for the rest of the hour. Where we're gonna talk a little bit about retirement planning to talk about legacy planning we'll talk about pass protection against like probate nursing home cost. And we do it all. By following. The tool simple rules that we've adhered to for the last 25 years rule number one. Just don't lose the money and no moment to don't forget we'll Mobil one you know. I know it's Sunday social traffic river he original. During the week of the marathon. There was less traffic general ascetic so far to see you Monday mom Marathon Monday Marathon Monday with the greens getting to work. You know I got caught in and some of that marathon traffic moving around my. Since student I'd sister in law my daughter in law sister ran in the marathon. But other than that day Sam it was very light traffic so I figured out why yeah why you know to us and I'm not that Smart but even though I actually figured out why Kazuo school. Vacation right everybody was out of town you know and they plan a vacation around their kids being. At a school but you know what many times rich we're talking about playing on vacations people plan for vacations. And they take. Hours and hours to do that but when it comes to retirement plan which might last 2030 years they take like two seconds she's growing fresh so today. We're gonna talk about the thirty year plane vacation and how much you need to. How much effort you need to put in to make sure that you'll be okay during those years so we talk about. What you should do what you should avoid some of the potential potholes along on the way that a few. Know how to stay clear of those potholes. Well more American again before tires so stay right here and we'll talk more about that. Our web site is a wonderful place to start if you've never heard of us if you. Heard of us but Roy we don't know a ton about us. If you log on to just don't lose the money dot com. Obviously has some company profile information but. More importantly there's useful. Interactive. Who say you can look at. To see if you are prepared for retirement right on the home page there are two things that you can. You can click on to you can click on to there's a picture of Susan warning. More you have more reasonable in Boston no no little bit about Susan make consumer advocate for a long long time 35 years at issue is a Emmy award winning. Reporter with channel five. And she's part of the ruby norm Wang team. It should talk to you about one thing that's very important what we called. Women into well. If you are a women. Maybe the head of household about a guy one guy to have but this hypocrite particular video was geared towards women but if you're a guy you can watch it too. And I talks about a few may be single or divorced some of the pitfalls and some of the solutions that you should think about. During retirement. Also Wright and and that there's a click this link that you can click on that says. Are you ready for retirement and everybody should take advantage of that free be right here to show you. The things that you should be thinking about. And make sure that they are in place. Before you retire. We have before we get started speaking about women. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there are good Cha know you can't you can't you know you got the card to get the little president you know. And and they work hard that we do stamp you know I still I still have to work hard on my mistake is my mom is 94. So we take some time. You with her in our shop for her and then for some reason you know ice a shot from my kids because they're a little. But now they're not little anymore so shuffle my wife saw him I guess you got to do both. And how happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there hope you have a wonderful day again our website address is just don't lose the money. Dot com are let's take our first question of dawn and Gloria rights and dear rich and see him we just got back from Disneyland. We took our daughter and three grandchildren they're full week. Between the affairs the park tickets complaining that we what ride we will go on first it took us over a month deployment for this trip. I'm getting headache already rich you know. It made us realize that we haven't done any retirement planning. Never mind taking it a month to plan where do we start because funny like they declared a month to four weeks vacation. And the week it down and that the Atlanta probably felt like six months of nevertheless they will do just that's why I say this Jameer cringed thinking about you know so far much. My youngest is now fifteen but. Back in the day we will go to Disney and in the mid over in the middle of the week would like honey we're never come back here ahead. Next time we go like how about buying a time share my wife we like are you crazy. For eight dollars a bottle water would you wanna come back here again. So yeah you're right people go there and they take. A month to play in their motivation and you know they don't take any time to plan for a thirty year retirement you know it's amazing isn't. So what are what they do and what we're should be picked people be thinking about well I think the other first step you need a paycheck progressed to life. Right that's probably the easiest thing to figure out in fact. We are we were fortunate enough to meet some really nice people. Just last week they came in innocent looking the first thing in orders that we wanna make sure we help our. Parents these people in the mid fifties. Their parents were in the mid seventies. Off the boat from Italy the guy was a plumber. Worked his tail off. And he was fortunate enough to receive an inheritance from his brother so we got a few bucks. And you don't disguise on a sophisticated. Money you as a hardworking guy and you know everything that he had was in the bank and it was very simple he said now. With this extra money you know it's a fortune on lost my brother I got this money by. This will give us a little bit of a briefing room and we all we need is an action 2000 almost a month. So what should we give. So we looked at that we looked at what they were doing. Obviously wasn't enough to give them 2000 dollars a month. And with the added inheritance we talk about a third of that inheritance was ushered pretty big inheritance and we set it aside and they fixed annuity. And I fixed annuities main job the only job. Is to produce 2000 dollars a month. That they can take for the rest of their lives and no never run out but what if what if they die after they get the first checks well one of a balance is there goes to the beneficiaries socialists like it's almost like flattering a CD is something I don't like it back in the old day but you know today ladder and see these just look what mark is only one run. There's there's like only one wrong that no 1% mourned her warm if you're lucky you get 1% so you know on that note if people are thinking about retirement. If they're thinking about keeping their money safe how to weigh generating income which I think rich is absolutely correct. Which most important ingredient. You have some choices in fact we have big quake giveaways so help you. Think about more choices and help you guide to the right choice and that giveaways entitled managing your money and retirement. And it's Ashley published by the center for retirement research right here at Boston College is a wonderful tool. It's about sixteen pages it's easy to read easier follow easy to understand. We have a lot to give away so take advantage of our offer today. Our phone number for your own free copy of managing your money in retirement is 877630. 8787. That number again is 877630. 87. 87. And ask for your free copy of managing your money in retirement you can also get a normal online. I just don't lose the money. Dot com on this tons of information on the you can actually click on the icon for your free copy of main engine your money and retirement but you can also. Tool around to look at some of the things that we have we rich and I've been very fortunate we've written for fortune dot com money dot com. We've are reaper and our Fox News Fox Business so there's lots of useful things. It interactive tools for you to explore again that website is. Just don't lose the money dot com. Are you implying we've been around for a long time San. I was in a town of our way we have a torn by the here's my 25 years amazing and amazing and we've been every day we follow our own two rules rule number one. Just don't lose and when rule number two don't forget rule number one you know in planning now for retirement money cannot forget. Some hazards such as your health. Next we're gonna talk on how to combine long term care coverage with your retirement accounts. Hi somebody office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with Richardson and call me now. 8776308787. That's 877. 63087887. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't they use some money. And rule number two and don't forget number one. Just don't lose the money on same way I'm Richard Rubino happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and even if you're not among you can listen to us as well. I'm rich and I've very nice mommy had a mom or you're not among them. For your quick to I am I to Hoffa pulled everybody Obama yourself so we're here for the rest of the hour sharing some ideas with you in terms of how to enjoy retirement you know it's all really. Although. Just just doing it without worries you know we say how many times have we said the church over and over again that. We are not all things all people we're not always the right folks to help you with your retirement. I'm if you're looking to grow your money very quickly at W money or denied a look and earn you know double digit returns every single year. When are you right guys where we we don't know how to do that. You know senate could live with the further away you are it's like looking Anna Faris from a distance to a that a force that's great you're one of these days I'm gonna go down. And cut some trees down. And is a million trees in the forest and you get. Closer to the treason film which won my gonna cut down one why do. So the closer you get to retirement the harder it is to make some. Decisions as to what to do well you know as coaching you get to retirement the important thing the most important ingredient in and I was seen everything. This is simply follow up to rules were number one. Just don't lose the money boomer but don't forget rule number one just our retirement what you need is a good foundation. To generate most people pay one extra income. And you can't have that foundation have cracks or. You know sometimes we see people film foundation a quick scene just doesn't work. CNET nation you mean like a money every month money every month and on that note let's talk a little bit about so what we do what we do is a little bit different. While we deal with a lot of money. How corporate structure has to do with. Helping people protect there stuff duo retirement right. I mean they just don't lose the money is so sort of the two related. The latter you know the one leg is a financial stuff that Sam talks about the Italy is a legal stuff avoiding probate avoiding estate taxes protecting. Your house your money god forbid he go into a nursing home making sure your assets get to your loved ones. Without being held up without costing you money that's on the legal side that's sort of what I do. Ten and under one roof I think one of the appeal or attractions the people coming to CS is that. Hey I can get everything done under one roof by two guys that have been doing for over 25 years. That you know run a company like a small family and that's exactly how we would describe our company. So on that note. Rich that analogy about the tool leg latter. Mayor imagine only having one way the latter what temple looked pretty quick it's called the pogo stick it to post an update make there was an employee when you're seven years old you don't wanna be and get a lot of Liotta pogo start let's take our next question Bob and Susan writes dear salmon rich. We have started planning for a retirement. Which will happen in about four years. Bob has an option of taking pension or lump sum of money and I have before when Kate. We have about the same amount of money. One of our main concerns is long term care insurance. We have both both of our parents have had experiences. With nursing home and there was a disaster. How shall we budget this for how Shui budget. Our money to afford long term care insurance well if that's really hard to do but you know one thing kudos to you that you're planning you know. And went and won't turn Karen insurance is really hard. The budget for because. You can live thirty years in retirement and premiums could go up in those thirty late to stop its its just ultra expensive and are already had to do in this. The saying I feel like him get jet. I got the Cadillac Californians I'm only 63. In the insurance company came back and more 6000 dollars a year. That's a well you can just that's how much it costs in which is it's just. If you want the Cadillac of poignancy it's it's 5000 also mourn the older you get though the more expensive it is so. I don't know there are different there are different solutions and by. An insurance company recognized and stated that their pricing themselves out of that. At of their business sort of speaks at eight sort of created different products will without a donor about ten years ago I think some of these sort of insurance companies that on the ball they they get it they only wanna produce. It create products. That people want so quick analogy imagine for a second. You were a car manufacturer and you took a survey in the most popular color. Is white. Say it but it set to make a white car juppe toy cars green. What exactly common fractures and someone any contract so you wanna make sure that you give the consumer. What the consumers are looking for so this guy asked the question Sammy as a he has a dilemma. Pension or lump sum now if he takes a pension and there's no long term care Kenny combined. The long term care dilemma where if you know we're taking a lump sum. Easy easy I need dual GP easy all right he's just an easy PG so. Part of the in and by the way anybody and that's that's listening to burnish insurance executive we're not who poor long term care insurance we will go up and we think and in the right situations it's a great fit. This is for most people is very very costly so one thing that dispersant can consider. And again there's you look at all your options but at least consider this you can do what we call we sort of made this term peak into a combo product. Whereby its first step is you roll over and sort of taken a pension from the company you roll over your mom some which you control. You'll overturn IRA rollover torn IRA tech tree. Are completely tax rate. And then you take that money that's in the IRA and set of Sarah quarter quote investing in you put it where is an insurance company. And you buy a product called the fixed annuity. The fixed annuities essentially a pension. It can create. Growth for you don't need it right away it because it's fixed. Our growth has done on a guaranteed basis and today you can get somewhere between six and 7% of them. Now you can't take the money out as a lump sum. But it wasn't designed for that bodes designed to give you income polite RA you know looking for that sort of looking for is an income for life. So let's say you rolled over 500000 dollars and does that make some make some round numbers up. Let's say these people are 65 years old they don't need the money for five years are actually you know what let let's say that 61 years old. I'm in America are retired for four years so their roll over that money. And the 500000 now becomes 600000 dollars. By the time they've retired they're gonna sock taken out and withdrawing. As pension let's say three grand a month. Guaranteed for the rest that'll just like their pension were just like that pension worth the difference would be if they ever needed home health care. Or even worse nursing home care and the improved our insurance company. They cannot performed two of the six activities of daily living. Many of those insurance companies that these fixed annuities that 3000 dollars a month for now doubled to 6000 dollars a month. Which would give you extra money to. For a home Hubble also you know on the legal side and got the bid they had gone to a nursing home. You could stop those payments turn it back into a lump sum with whatever is left. Pay the taxes on it transferred to your wife from protected four for the family and it took it you know it's. The 32 answer. For a long problem but there are solutions legally and financially we're original say sounds complicated the rest assured we've done in many instances where people go into nursing home. And we been able to protect. Literally every penny of their liquid money by using that strategy so here's one thing I know it gets a little difficult to focus on the radio. The fact of the matter is this if you are approaching retirement. Or you are retired. In you know 100% certain. You can. Do it without any worries and you've got all of us all the costs are cracks filled. You owe it to yourself to see if there's anything that you can be doing that's different. They'll improve your overall situation so here's my offer aside from our. I spoke with that we have from Boston College how often you anybody that calls in the next twenty minutes. Point give you an hour of my time free of charge there's no strings there are no strings attached in a gonna get a hard sell. You're gonna have an hour more time where you can ask me all your questions regarding. Your retirement how you should do it how to protect we have potter creator guaranteed stream of income on auto power for the rest of your life. And vote hopefully come up with some good ideas in an options for you to consider so. On that note if you give a call to this number 877630. 8787. Operators is standing by you can tell them you would like you free consultation with me Sam Lang. And it exactly that free no obligation. That number again is 877. 630. 8787. Again 8776308787. Now here's a there's a little tidbit in the next twenty to thirty years. Is anything like the last twenty or thirty years there will be changes in technology and everything that. That we can't even begin to think of how it would change so for one thing will remain part consistent. Which I'm gonna tell you when we come back. You're taking the first steps to sound financial retirement this it's just don't use the money radio. Feel free to visit us at just don't lose the money dot com. Hi I'm Susan Warren if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio and I'm new Q. But prince Richard Rubino is Elena Rubino and blame the firm that specializes in protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot. Just almost no money on sampling I'm Richard Rubino welcome back to our show it's happy. I it's not happy it's Mother's Day so happy mother's happy Mother's Day as happy Mother's Day every Sunday is happy. I'm happy you know I'm happy I mean I missed my mom I think about her today she passed away in 2014. It fell almost 99 years old amazing isn't it's amazing that she's lived so long and she's been she was saying. From what she was 59 I don't think I'll live this long you know parents don't hear your Myanmar's 94 she turned 94 few months back. A march 16. And she is super healthy. She came more from my son's confirmation. Few weeks back. And in Russia tomorrow beef well like my army to army gone pour me a little bit more wind and so it's it's it's a it's a pleasure to see. Lot of people living longer so the good news is it's a pleasure to see a lot of people living longer the bad news is. People living longer now people are living on an hour bus Susan's mother you know 101 years old. And she ran out of money which was 75 you know without a doubt and so. You know one of the things I was reading the other day and I to a tremendous amount of research. Just just give you some personal. You know information about me you know I'm I'm fifty years old this is sort of my business what we do rich and I hope people. I wake up every morning or my early riser I have some coffee and our first hour in the morning sort of my time you know read the sports. I do my thing and then. I'm doing research and one of the articles I came across which is pretty interest thing was that. They said most retirees just had no idea as they approach retirement. No idea how difficult to skimpy it's not like the old days you work for the same company for forty years you retire you have a pension and if you went. Today. Sort of the what running against the wind it's and it's more twenty Mon thirty mile an hour winds the first things that our country. Hasn't learned anything since the Great Recession. We now have more debt than we had prior to the Great Recession. Sooner or later parents have to pass the ketchup right so that's number one number two is. What we just talked about people are living longer and longer well you know once you re too. You can't get a raise that you can't switch jobs. You can hear you can't take any you'd need. Dead what to do and really get your money that's a major piece that's taken out could beef won't be retirement that was taking care of it was figure you're aware garish. Friday in our next question sort of surrounds all of that in the in addition to that. You use this phrase a lot rich someday we will all. Be any robo biased side tracked so this person's window Solomon to score and we discretion Joan right Cynthia Ritchie Sam. My husband passed away about some fifteen years ago after the shark was over and it took awhile. I got myself back into workforce. In between what he left me his life insurance in my retirement accounts I think I'm now pretty well set. But after one big loss I want to make sure I prepare for my retirement which could last easily twenty to thirty years. What should I be doing to take care of myself as well as my children. Well I think that and ER and on the legal side you know life changes is. It is traumatic you know one night we said before now you're in the rowboat loaned my mother in law's going to dissenting Maria father won't great great mourn the super. Most super guys I've ever met in my life. Past where about a month ago my mom my mother in law is you know sort of you're not at the beginning stages of what's the remainder of her life's gonna be she's very healthy she's in the mid seventies. She'll be here for about 1029 years but she's left because she has his pension. My jazz is pension Jessica's family nucleus with the very supportive and everybody's close look at them as close yeah but a fortune on everybody has that has those ingredients right. There but but you know the first thing you would probably do legally is. Put a new will together put some trust together if you care about leaving a legacy T children in grade Joseph Lieberman assuming you have grandchildren. You wanna put some of that legal stuff together. Health care proxy and then. You know again your the robot alone we talked last segment Sam about long term care insurance she should probably look into something like absolutely. But does Glasser is a person's gonna want is hey you know I'm into retirement. While things didn't work on I got sick. And let me become a burden to my children right punished who says that nobody so yeah you avenue in addition to probably the first thing being. In my going to be OK financially. The second thing with me. If I got sick in my gonna be okay right right so what can they do. Well what they do I mean I think that done. There's one thing that's constant you know he asked that question. What's constant and in retirement PR technology this phones these cars there's no cars that get parked themselves cars that can drive themselves you know who would think. That is the powers to be would allow a car. To drive themselves what is somebody says to Toledo they get a text all the time as a car tried to talk to be more. Tokyo right now but twenty years ago nobody would ever believe that so what I think the analogy which was leading up to is that over time. Things get better but not all mama in all cases there's a constant him and what's the constant. Which is the constant the constant is making sure that you have a great foundation. And that you can get monthly income. On auto pilot. For the rest of you let's try to consummate Constance A union paycheck you've got over the that is April is on that note here's what people should think about you gotta use the right tool. For the right job I nobody's gonna. Go it's summertime I'm planting rose no reason to go and they showed today. And grab a snow shovel that square to try to dig a hole in the mulch. So you gotta use the right tool for the right job and what we see are often I gotta tell you people come to us and so you know we got all his money. Now would we want China made roll over the money from our old 401K. Oh which is go while we know we pick these choices thirty years ago and and it grew more pretty happy. Well that's probably not gonna work is now you need to have that not an accumulation tool. But you need an income tool. I. Yet so you're gonna Webster's dictionary mignon I don't mind you know what's the ocean and so are on that note if you use the right tool and I we can show you how to use the right tool and combine all efforts. To protect yourself from retirement very simply put. Today in the world in the insurance world. They have what they call fixed index annuities geared for income may have these writers and they kind of somewhat complicated and difficult to understand it. Let me digest says few people money and you get bonuses right up front. Downsize that you can take our money out as a lump sum up my office as long as you don't need all your money once it's okay. But who would refuse. A bonus of say 10% to put in the half a million bucks your account value and come downs 550000 dollars for anyway. I don't think most it was a noted that. So that it grows and grows at a constant give and take somewhere around 67%. Let's see you later it's worth 600000 dollars you start taking some may come out. Amish are 65 years old give or taking probably take out a boat on 600000 dollars a boat. 30000 all of its 30000 also sensing a month not that there's about 30000 dollars a year and that will be constant for the rest of your life. Well I think that the you know to put it really simply. To get one thing out of the way to get lifetime income. Out of the way that's one of the guaranteed ways that you could do it with god forbid if you pass away after the first checked arrest the money goes to hear exactly precisely and on top of that. It will help you. Get doubled the income. If you needed for home health care. Or nursing home care. Now couple things that people can consider doing to learn more about this we actually have some seminars coming up in about three weeks. By by popular demand people bashed if we can do our summer escalated during the day so here is your chance on Tuesday. May 24 we're going to be in Burlington at the cafe Escude drill. In the seminar or SATA for Pierre registration will begin at 330. Seminar was such sharply at four O clock and then on Wednesday may 25. Will be at the Newton marry our and that's a little bit later at 630 summer such as 6:30 registration at 6 o'clock. You can get more information. But most importantly you need to reserve your spot so log onto our website just don't lose the money dot com. And get USC being reserved for a very special seminar to talk a lot about what we're talking about today. Susan Warner will be there to join us and won't make certain. We show you all of the tools to help. Follow all the tools who number one. Just don't lose the money and Mohammed dude off the hero number one again just don't lose the money dot com or you can call. If you don't wanna go online you can call 8776308787. For your free seating now in addition to that. One thing that you are I would like to share with you what to stay right here we'll come right back. Hi somebody office manager of the Illinois and I know regions and scheduled better than I know my own and their calendars getting ball. If you'd like to meet with rich and Sam caught me now how could you let the head of the line but promised not to tell. 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 7763087. Eighths up. Welcome back to you just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam I'm. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money. If you are as it all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now back did just don't lose the money with Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose the money on Sam line I'm Richard Rubino welcome back to our show welcome back chasing that cover song welcome back Kyle is like that share Saudia passer than welcome back that's it that's a that's only dollars and the only way you know. Us. You have no you're trying to tease everybody you understand that I everywhere and it was it's. For so anyhow I'm happy mothers think you know I have to monitor everyone's. It's a wonderful weekend and hope everybody's doing what is your view is doing on the weekends on what we do on the weekends are very simple. We are on the radio for an hour we've been doing for so much so long soft America forget how long but it's been about 25 years rich brown and on the radio. We just take sort of what we do every day. In our office right here in new in which would be no mind. On the airwaves to show you how to follow on tour rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and remember to don't think hero mobile one okay. We wanna talk about well we know it's springtime what does over you know this kid's play and in the streets and there's also something announced in the streets that I've noticed and I know uses a quiz some potholes talk all of us huddles OK health. Oh yeah I don't like Arnold I think growing like tulips in Boston I don't thought they sort of thought they would have. Fill the potholes Wheldon filling some that they they just. It takes awhile OF got a flat tire a month ago. Bring over a puddle bullies now who was sold in oh so jagged bat. It literally ripped guitar part but yeah okay so what's what's the point potholes well in retirement you think you might hit some bottles OK gotcha. Nice that was quick on your quick happen quick somebody call me Fred Astaire today united anyhow quirks are a couple. Quick things before we get into our last question I'll give away today is entitled managing your money in retirement. It's not something that we put together the fact it's better than that. It's put together by the center for retirement research right Europe Boston College you can go online at just don't lose the money dot com. Or you can call us in a meal fashion when people still make phone calls. That 8776308787. Against 8776308787. For your free copy of managing your money in retirement. OK let's stick on the last question dear Jeff from Paul writes and dear Richard Sam. We just turned sixty. And one stop playing for our retirement in seven years from now through for them. I'm 100 pick 67 I guess once of Social Security to run probably other questions we have all won when it takes a security okay. I'm too how much will we need. Three. How do we make sure we leave something for kids. And for. What do we do if one of us gets sick well this guy sounds like an engineer now what does I sounds a JH actually make a meeting with America is a lot of these questions. All of these four questions we we deal with head arm and our if you have a free consultation with me. But like how much will we need me we don't know anything about these right and. And strategic plan for and some of these are are potholes you know and I think that they thought of most of most of the side. You know one of the things you can do know is on the legal side this I put it trust together united. Yeah I'm assuming that you may know you probably have children. Maybe got grandchildren. And you wanna sort of avoid taxes avoid probate. So trusts on the way. To do this because don't you control your assets and revoke Opel trust would be appropriate you know which a lot of people so why do I need to trust as I I did my wealth ten years ago. We'll be incident. In ten years what happened the last ten years whatever no more what our last ten years in exile only great kids if you circumstances changed from Purcell will if you really thinks who will. Everything goes through probate. I had an exit exam has just to see tied up for two years to three years so just imagine for a second you know there was a little rift there with maybe yes I don't know. And in the law some point that in ten years later you have two sons in the wives don't like each other parent. And you die and leave money today if you're two sons you thought I was gonna be no problem. But now it could you know they're battling out who gets out there who gets a host on the cape. It could be a problem as old boy rob Kobe it is very important what you probably don't so you know people say well I'll wait until we have Greinke and they'll put in trust together. Well something you know a lot of times you can provide. Unborn children in who trust if we have a grandchild this is what I want so bottom line is that they should look at. If they don't have it. Updated distinct documents they should look at. What they should be doing today in importantly and recognize that take things happen may be a trust is in order. I think though. I don't once in a more important but the more immediate thing they should think about it sixty hopefully they don't die tomorrow but I sixty you might live. In almost thirty years forty years when most so be most important thing which will what will that be income. Get a paycheck boy a quick and you are quick to it you know we talked about technology age 2030 years ago there's one thing that's constant San. Everybody needs money every month to pay their bills and back in the day everybody had a pension most people have a pension today very few people retention. So part of what we do here would be you know Lang's help people create their own pension. As Celek we're reinventing the wheel we do it by true tried. Products. Insurance products that absolutely 100% have worked for hundreds and hundreds of years so one thing that these people can consider doing. If this sixty. Chances are they're in luck. There they might work for a company. As a form came up and they can take advantage of something that's called the in service distribution for sounds Nancy would do well most companies large companies for certain. If you over 59 and a half. They allow you roll over some of your current 401K plan money into an irate that way you can keep it safe from. You can leave some of that money is selling IRA you can still contribute every more month or every week. If you're getting national still match shoot there's no difference the difference would be. If you get 300000 dollars and he did an in service distribution of say 200000 also an irate. You have to 1000 malls and an IRA and it as a hundred grand in the in the 401K okay so there's no attacks as you just go from one. Retirement plan to the other it's her size and right but in that IRA now. What you can do is you can do you erupt. In use products like fixed annuities to give you maximum protection maximum guaranteed growth so it doesn't lose money and most importantly gives you the ability. To get a paycheck for life. So that is of interest to you. Here is my offer many people we see they're just not 100% certain. But they've done everything that they need to do so here's your opportunity. Operators are standing by my free offer is very simple my time. If you call in the next twenty minutes tell the operator you like a free consultation with me we'll give you an hour of my time. And a power. You will not get a hard sell we will get to know each other you can ask me every question that's on your list. And I do my best to help you not grow your money quickly not double it overnight but more importantly help you protect it. Guarantees. Help you use that money and help you get a paycheck for life so if you like down offer please. Take this number down 877. 6308787. If you call now you get. We can operate if you caught during the week one of my guys can need some new questions again that number is 877. 630. 8787. And don't forget we have some seminars coming up Tuesday may 24 will be in Burlington at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. And Wednesday may 25. Will be in Newton at 6:30 PM for more information please log onto a website. Just don't lose the money. Dot com which our say thank you for joining us to all the moms out there happy Mother's Day. We'll be right back. Just lose the money radio will be right back. 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Just don't lose the money and real number two don't forget we'll know more and I'll give away today is a wonderful tool for retirement it's entitled managing your money in retirement. It's published by the center for retirement research right here of Boston college for your free copy please call on number 877. 630878. Seven and always on the web at just don't lose the money dot com. Happy Mother's Day and I guess that's a wonderful day saying goodbye I'm semi bummer to movies again. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax to investment advice and is not intended to constitute an offer to sell or serve as solicitation in connection with the product security or surface this program is a servicer for Tino playing LLC of Newton Massachusetts not affiliates of world by any financial company revealing LLC Sam Wang and Richard Riordan on investment advisors or registered a side. For full disclosure please refer to your website just don't lose the money doggone.