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Charlie Baker will not support Trump. 5/4//16

May 4, 2016|

What do you make of the Never Trump movement?

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106 here on the great WRK. All the voice of Boston's. Jeff we'll. The winner Boston's bulldozer in full pull those remote. Cleaning up all liberal bulls okay my friends type 206 trust me you don't wanna mrs. Hillary Clinton confronts an unemployed coal miner. You won't be arrogance. The phony yes. But lives. She just kiss the way West Virginia. We've got that story so much more believe me you don't want to miss but first. Then never trump movement. Now look my prediction is this I think. Many people who are part or were part of the never trumpet movement. Are gonna start to change their mind maybe not today not tomorrow not even next week but throughout the summer and especially in the fall. When they see Hillary on the campaign trail and remember. She was a leftist before. Now Bernie as even pushed her further to the left. And when it begins to be fully digest it when they begin to fully understand and comprehend. What an Obama third term would be like. What a Hillary presidency would be like. Not just for this Supreme Court. I talked about that the last hour much just talking about abortion or marriage. Or transgender bathrooms. Or basic religious freedoms or the gun rights Second Amendment Obama care. Freedom of speech freedom of expression. What this will do to our economy. How this will she wants to spend trillions of dollars more. Were already staring red nineteen trillion because of that ridiculous budget. That they pass the establishment Republicans. Along with the dear leader were going to be hitting 21 trillion dollars in debt. She's gonna put us at 25 trillion if for lucky. If we're lucky. They could even be higher. Gonna be broke. If we're not already broke we're gonna be broke. Twenty million illegals full amnesty. The country will be ruled by executive order. Our system of checks and balances gone separation of powers gone. The constitution. A worthless piece of paper. That's what's at stake. Do you think it was the wait till ice is now you'd then have a female progressive president. Ice this is gonna run wild in the Middle East. There's going to be more attacks on the homeland. Our military is gonna continue to hole out. I mean I could I could literate acted to disasters of Hillary presidency I could do this all day. So I think the more they realize the more it begins to marinate in their brain. What a Hillary presidency would be like I honestly think. Many of these never trump Burres are gonna wake up to their senses and say you know I may not like that Donald. But. A you want a protege of salt Lewinsky. Another one. After Obama. The country can't take another they just can't I'm telling you can't. There's a certain point we left stage four cancer. And we've got it now and after and if you keep in mind the doctor and you keep denying the chemotherapy. Eventually this stage four cancer is gonna kill you you know what she is she stage four cancer. But guess worked. There are some are trying all of us. Who are such progressives. Course such notices. Who are showing bed with the democratic establishment. That it doesn't matter what the kind of damage shall do because deep down they like Kerr. Deep down they admire her. Deep down if it's a choice between Hillary rotten crooked Hillary. And Donald Trump they actually prefer Hillary Clinton even though they have an. And if you thought I was done with this guy before. This point burying him. Bury him and I am talking obviously about chicken Charlie. I'm talking about Boston baker you see he wants to purge conservatives out of the state GOP. For him the enemy is you for him the enemy are hard working taxpayers like you know but and Donald Trump and their clothes. But AA madam now. And name Kim Jong hill. Normal man. Home when it comes to her but may as he loves her so listen to it and it's OK listen to this. Charlie chicken Charlie. Has now come out and said. This morning at Jamaica pond he told reporters. That no matter what to quote I am not going to vote for mr. trump. He goes on bad I sincerely doubt I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton either now think about this he claims that I don't know what. I about it but you never know all. But Donald Mawae. Not bottle trump Norway all the way absolutely not. You phoned me you fraud view. You pathetic excuse of a governor and of a Republican. Trump received nearly 50% of the vote in Massachusetts. During the primary. 20000. Democrats. Switched their registration. To vote for trump. Many of them blue collar workers and the hard hats. Union guy ace union families. Who just want food on the table and they wanna stop having illegal immigrants either stealing their jobs or driving down their wages. Asked whether all Bakken trump. He's an America first error. But because this guy is beholden to deal weeks. He's bought and paid for we know I thought chicken Charlie rolls. The global lists only him big business owns him. Do unions own him the public sector unions I mean not a private unions. And he gets his marching orders from the moon about globe. With his wife probably telling him on Johnny come on mount went one Angolan wells Meehan Brookline. And. The cocktail sent the gonna rampant Chinese. I mean it can't be voting for Donald Charlene. The sole goal moved some political incorrect Olympics are and joining me don't need that okay. We don't need the blog attacking zone game and that's apparently. It's time to primary this guy. It's trying to teach him a lesson honestly really if you wanna be a progressive and to be a liberal. What is a Democrat. Really what's the problem but you know wine I'll tell you why can't tell you why. Because he wouldn't win a democratic primary. So what that loser did. That's funny that's fraud that jurists. He pretends to be a Republican he's a rhino he's a Republican in name only. And he lied to the conservatives. Just like Judas. With a kiss on the cheek to Jesus. But first thirty pieces of silver. He shells hit down the river. Okay chicken Charlie. That's the game you want to play okay. That's how you won a creature base okay that's how you wanna treat your voters OK well I'll tell you this. Don't come to mean because I'm never gonna put you want a you want to debate me come on but if you're coming in your grass corner country for their votes get the hell out. Because you're never getting you're never getting a swap on my radio station again. Arts are on my radio show my Basil my station my show on my radio show again into any other shall you want put up to them. But on my show no way. No way I am done with few. Now it's not just chicken Charlie. You have Nebraska Republican senator Ben SaaS. Who last night said never trump means never never never never never. And he's openly saying if that means Hillary wins will let her win fumbled just fight again in four years. It's like George to pay well I'm telling I think that to pray is starting to affect his brain nice birdie. And so don't they said good to roll of conservatives listen to this should be either mobbed vote in November for. In critical swing states vote for Hillary. Just did good night from. And then conservatives can. All wrong all wrong political. Well to play it's moving a little cold barren old. And we couldn't restrain and one half truths he urged. Political life. X Smart. Mobile. Charles Crocker timer has now come out and said never trump. Because they'd rather be respected I know where they live I played across hammers house chest many times. It's Beth says that its Chevy Chase these are. A liberal areas very wealthy very high and again sort of like our Brookline in Wellesley okay. Where all the right thinking as the French called AB upon solve the right thinking the politically fashionable crowd the politically correct cocktail set live. The limousine liberals. So he doesn't wanna be very bulletin. Around his neighbors. Shall we can't look bad in the Georgetown. That the Georgetown cocktail set. And so in always trumps a grubby populist is a man of the people come and now he wants the renegotiate trade deals. He wants them to renegotiate the relationship which made all he wants to renegotiate NAFTA he wants the pearl the wall he wants to put working and middle class Americans first the come. And you still and globalism like does America as a concept America has just administrative lines of a man who talks about language culture and borders anymore it's so nineteenth century come. Just gonna be no country after Hilary term. I don't care it's one termer two terms. But you see a much hitting to pay makes millions of dollars a year he's fine crop glamour makes millions of dollars a year he's fine. They have dark illegal immigrant needs taking care of them you don't care. What I find remarkable is this in all honesty god as my witness okay. That all of these elites are shocked that trump wouldn't. Do any of them live or goal outside Manhattan. Or Georgetown. Ever. They don't I'm not all of them I used to work at The Washington Times for ten years I knew all of them. They don't I'm telling you. They either vacation down in Key Biscayne. You only part of America they see is either Hawaii on vacation I'm not getting the Virgin Islands or Key Biscayne itself Florida that's it. That's it. Or they travel overseas. Because if they actually did go to this country and did visit this country there. Brittany and I ripping New Hampshire. We walk through Manchester. And then we met some either trump or crew supporters it doesn't matter it was a very heated primary as you know. And they were lifelong people of the New Hampshire. They should just look look at these abandoned buildings what kind of was used to be factories. The buildings are adult lap potato the windows are smashed. Bush used to employ hundreds if not thousands of people good paying jobs the parking lots used to be filled are all abandoned. Trump even mentioned it last night Eagles go to Syracuse quarter upstate New York quota to pepper epithet and rescue every call it and researchers. According Indiana. Go to Ohio here Saturday night caught as my witness could. I got a call from my sister. Take a caller urgent short for Jennifer she lives in Ohio with her husband they're not gonna leave Ohio. Her husband is. GP general physician and they're gonna moved to California in your Sacramento. And she say his name is mark McCoy column Marty she says Marty has never been this happy in his life to be leaving Ohio or so why. She goes you understand. We've been here for twelve years. My husband is not a doctor he said drug counts. Every second patient PC east. If somebody addicted to either opiates. Or heroin. She called chef and they're losing massive heroin epidemic in Ohio. People are talking about it in New Hampshire right here you won your show in Massachusetts and New England it's all over the midwest. Marty says he's never seen anything like this they're coming into his office the ice or in the back of their heads. They either want counseling or they wanna fix. She goes Jeff I don't understand how people in Ohio electorate and voted for clown like John Kasich. Maybe the economy's better she agrees he's better for business and jobs but she says in terms of the heroin epidemic it's been a disaster. And she says what shock Turk is how many towns and communities all across Ohio dirt like waste Lance. All of these industries gone factories gone manufacturing gone jobs gone. The goal it's a waste land. And she says what happens is you got massive unemployment. These are families that used to work for generations. They become completely depressed and so when they go they go wants practical one heroin. They become junkies. Are on unemployment and make and Iran heroin. She said Jeff. White America is the same week. That's why she was almost from the beginning she was a trump supporter. She said bill back wall and end NAFTA yesterday. She goes how could a country's elites make these kind of trade deals they're killing their own people. And these clowns in Washington DC. Or here in Massachusetts like jerk chicken Charlie. Now I'm never gonna vote for trump. I know the boating Hillary don't wink wink probably will. Quote good trump never wrote on. Well. Now. Richard Arnold role. When you go to Malden. Once you notice August. Want to go to Salem. Once you go to win. Why are true goal when seat. The working class towns and communities that have been devastated by illegal immigration and outsourcing and these are ridiculous free trade deals. Pat chicken Charlie. Why should go up to New Hampshire Marshall look at Manchester. Marshall look at concorde one assure look at some of these places. Or better yet if really you really want us once you go to the heartland or the Rust Belt. I go to Pennsylvania or Ohio go to Indiana or Wisconsin or Illinois. Or Michigan. And see what these people have been living through for the last 25 freaking years. And you guys are shocked at trump one. When you've been betraying the American people. Again and again and again and again and again. And he's the extremist. He's the bad guy. You're showing competent chicken Charlie. You can't even save Dade. Kids under DC. There are kids dying under DCF watch whose mother and father are harrowing chunky east. Who have been visited by DCF caseworkers a dozen tanks. And they murdered the baby and stuff it in a garbage back. And throw it out into the ocean. You're showing competent you can't even fire anybody ABC yes. No wonder a businessman like Donald Trump frightens you re fires people really fired or rent a player that he fire your ass. Now. When your own party spoken. And I don't just mean nationally locally state party. They want Donald Trump your own base Sharon folders. You are so full of arrogance and condescension. You're calling us the racists. Listen don't cut this Brittany do me a favor don't practice if I'm gonna go I wanna go like this. To the governor. Do you chicken Charlie from me to you blank off. No I swear Britain I would not higher chicken Charlie. To clean my point. Honest to god. We're back on again also. Okay 130 here on the great WR's. Day old all boys of Boston. 6172666868. Okay my friends chicken Charlie. Says that he will not be voting for Donald Trump no matter what he's I never trump birth vivienne. Do you think this will cost them his reelection. Will you vote for chicken Charlie again 61720666868. And coming up next your calls. And mark love then. And full. On olds. On the trump supporters. And on Fox News. Don't touch that dot. Six here on the great WRK. Oh okay. Corner country I really mean this OK honestly like him in the confession that from the bottom of my heart. If I ever loses. To the point. Where I'm slow behind one candidate and that candidate happens to lose. That I almost become utterly hysterical on the year I want you to tell me I mean it and I want you to let me know. Brittany that's the one thing I look while there are many things a little while Britain but one of the things I love butter is executive producer she would tell. Believe me. She if you want like about grounding Brittany browns believe. It edit Jack I mean she wouldn't allow me to get away with some of the stuff. I either Glenn Beck and I hate to say this but increasingly mark women. Are starting to get away. Okay so. You've got Glen back. Who now is still part of how stack never trump. He's now openly saying trump miked and trumpets Hitler. Our member recently put up a German rate that's him I think tonight I'm worried about Oakland back last night and this morning. I think he was about. One last night that's him flushing the toilet. Just trying to drown your sorrows away again. He's just hopefully this nightmare land was curled up in the bathroom right beside the toilet. And so when he is not. Putting his face rubbing his face in crashed geo is a bowl of crushed she goes to make his face look orange she says to look like Donald Trump. He's holding up German ballots from 1932. Saying yeah voting for trump was like voting for Hitler. OK so. You've got Glenn Beck saying he's never trump because we're gonna have a fascist dictatorship and about little six months okay November okay. And now you've got mark all of them. Who last night I mean he just he lost it. He says that the Fox News Channel Fox News you're all the ones who did they hit piece on him with Megyn Kelly and Brad bearing Chris Wallace and the ones we Charles crime or in George to pay well and many on the file even I could go on and on. Who have been going after trump now ridiculing him mocking him for months on end he says that now Fox News. Has become listen to this eight trump super pac. And that there are no longer range huge channel. They're just basically a a propaganda vehicle for Donald Trump's. Roll it Brittany. Our friends at the Fox News. New channel you're not a news channel anymore in the fox champ. The polls have not close throughout Indiana. They still voting in 12 counties on central time northwest and southwest Indiana he noted I know inside information none zero. The voters are voting so let them vote. In a one mile one way or another how Indiana decides to go. So voters in the northwest and southwest Indiana most volcanic keep voting. Keep voting the polls do not close until 7 PM. About 53 minutes isn't so key motives and line do you think according to fox the exit polls the only one that mattered to me that when I was watching them go go through it and you go through march the late decider is. Like insiders. Most of them were moving or more than I should ceremony for cruise but you know these early voting states that's part of the problem. This early voting stuff which had a real problem with the liberals take advantage of it all the time well marketed to people to vote has nothing to do that. People who are voting don't have all the information about the candidates candidates say things that are incredibly unbelievable he's still that. OK so he's just kind of getting warmed up. But now he's getting to watch this now because he says that after it tonight. With trump as now the presumptive nominee arts amendment after last might be used talking last night so for him after tonight but after last night. Trump is going to be the presumptive nominee. And because Fox News has abandoned all journalistic integrity and credibility and somehow becoming a star super pac. Which I haven't seen but let that go. They're gonna have their feces. All over their face. Roll it Britain. We want and well that's the question now trying to pass. The Republican leader for the nomination of the Republican. Presidential. Candidacy to run for president the United States. He wants to know why Rafael Cruz was hanging out will Lee Harvey Oswald before the shooting. He said it's horrible. And this source which he doesn't mention it was about nobody pulled back. Is of course The National Enquirer and I. According to my friend does that mean now about what was on the five. Bet similar that people on the five but this was hilarious as a matter of fact. They were defending the national question you know they got into the stories right you know I got the Edwards story in this story that's going well well. That's why it's not the Fox News Channel. It's on Fox Channel. And the Donald Trump super pac. This is insanity. They may be like today. Like they're gonna be rubbing their own faces and their own PC dot I got back into this general election. Hi yah yeah I. I think. I tell ya ya a young guy young lady I mean. Bread bear. Megyn Kelly's. I could run double whole list. This early notes at trump super rock and notice now the absolute certainty among some of these never trump bursts. McDonald's gonna lose that Hillary. And so now their faces are gonna be covered in their own feces after the general election when supposedly Hillary destroys Donald Trump. Listen this is my big concern came my big concern is this. I think that some of these are so invested now are emotionally psychologically. In going after Donald Trump in portraying him as this you Hitler this neo Nazi this fascist. That they want him to Wilkes. Because they've been predicting for so many months that he will loops. And so I think secretly they'd rather have Hillary win you really claim to be conservatives. They would rather have Hillary win then see Donald win and prove them wrong because ultimately that's okay. There's an all burning of the reichstag. There's no ploy it there's no beer hall ploy each which gave the Nazis engaged in for a decade before Hitler seized power. Now there's all brown shirts there's gonna be no fascist dictatorship. Everybody calmed down and have a drain OK. Believe me there will be peace and prosperity for eight years okay. Take it easy. But I think some of these conservatives are now so invested in trump posing. That they want him to groups. Because then they can say man man man man man I told you so I polled people I polled fuel. 61720666868. Lines are loaded robes are Europe next go ahead Rosa. Finally cast a low. I have been a longtime listener first time caller actually I actually of the anti the first state you came on the app. And I said welcome finally somebody that the conservatives. Didn't message is it's. Thank you Rosa thank you so much. You're welcome. And as an Italian girls Leo wise congratulations. To her. Hello thank you so much. Hart and me not ever Trump's support their. OK but. Last night when I. Was blocking food they can get it in. And I had my cry and everything. This guy to do the. Be a wonderful. Supreme Court justice. And I'd always thought that I was him I'd been following him for years. And it. I'm in a baby an apology or get together and you would be great at trump did acted that would be different tack. Anything's possible I would love to see that crude these Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia place. That would be such a great thing for the Republicans. And the other thing I think that is. Very important is quote Donald would elect for a vice president who would be he would choose for vice president. And you people I don't want it in there because that would think it would be weak candidates. And definitely not John Kasich is I think he thought he is going to be one. And tried saying no way. Arab hail in no way. Nikki Haley asked all that well. Allen west for a lot of colors that have you called Barack. It's good idea but I got a better one OK got you ready. You. Condoleezza right. Her name I know always being mentioned a Rosie trump was asked about this this morning and here's the answer that he gave. He said it to both bright part and he said on several of the morning talkies. Say he's leaning political he wants to go on the political on the he wants to go through the political route and the reason why is he says he wants a VP. Who can work that hill who can work congress. Who can work legislation and get stuff passed in fact Rosa. Please stay on the line a wanna get your reaction here are strong in his own words roll it. Really before you go and they got a rundown but we confirmed last night and NBC news in your campaign is start to vet vice presidential candidates to a couple of the names that you are looking at. Rush to assume that we I just don't want to do it I think that you know a lot of people are talking about certain names and certainly those are the things that would make it definitely was one assumes but. But I think that's I will say that I probably will go the political route. I have to do is just. And let's callebs Khaled said I think I'll probably go to political grab somebody that can help me with the legislation. That somebody think it helped me get things passed and somebody that's been friends with the senators and the congressmen and all of so we don't have to go beat. So we don't have to go the executive order route as much as Obama did you know where he can't get anybody to prove so it just keeps citing executive orders well. I mean look I gotta tell you I think his reasoning and logic Rosa is very solid on this I think that means a couple of possibilities. Think it means senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama. With a principled conservative by the way a very close ally of cruise it shot that he endorsed romp over crew is but they'll. All right he's brilliant on trade brilliant on borders. Frankly. Chris Christie. Because he's been a governor or on. But I'll tell you whose name I thought honestly. It. I don't think well you know what yet. I don't want analytics and a lot of things and you know there's been a lot of flaws that sent. But if you want a guy who knows congress he's been there for years why I would all the bodies are buried. Their crews and you can do well a lot worse. I absolutely agree it was cute I guess. Eight. But you know I thought you know I'll decide at Indian such a wonderful constitution that would that you would do a big service for the Supreme Court. But I would be happy you would and being the vice president. But again dollars and gonna have to really make amends can send me. An awful we've said all the way and you know I mean I know what kind of big game I know with a gain. It got to got to get you gotta say bad things about your opponent to win but you know it did some level of pride you also have to get back to end. That the crude and I think that would be a great idea I would vote him in a minute. If he did that. As the Supreme Court justices he would be well served and I was thinking the only reason I did kind of Lisa lives. She would get its female votes in black vote. She is known. He's one person that I actually have followed for years as well and have all these one that he's going to be our first. Female president of beyond that getting that will go right out the window for Hillary. Rosa thank you very much for that call look let's throw another log on the fire or poor jewel like deceit. As Donald trumps of BP. They're they're already started to talk about it it's now over he's gonna be the nominee. And he says he wants somebody political mortal political root and work congress get legislation passed. To me senator Jeff Sessions. May be a governor Chris Christie. Obviously Ted Cruz may be better on the Supreme Court. But there's a couple names and I'm thinking that maybe Michael leaf from you talk I don't know all. But who would you like to see 61720666868. Is the number. Your calls next. Six here on the great WRKO. OK you can text us at 68680. OK a lot of viewers saying you don't want cruise for VP. You think he's got a better temperament for the Supreme Court hey look if trump announces crews to be his pick to replace Scalia. I think it would electrify the Republican Party but a lot of you I think are on to something I'm telling you best audience in the business. The overwhelming consensus seems to be trump is likely to go with Newt Gingrich. Former speaker of the hoax a Wheeler dealer. Somebody who knows how to deal with the Democrats and beat the Democrats and get legislation done. Many years saying Jeff Sessions like they could also be an excellent pick. But if trump is saying you want to go somebody political who knows the hill in north congress. You don't want my money could be on mute. John Europe next go ahead John. Hey let the show. Your life I think the meeting I'm in my life for going to Procter and Lal. A job where you from originally. John. Well what happened. But what tennis is like a conspiracy against Iranians within its I based Canadian could tell by his accent. So we congratulate my wife on getting naturalized yesterday at the moment I asked him worry you from the get us is that Obama might just cuts off. Okay Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. At common my friend how what you. I had my parents have been in Europe and Budapest so. What length. You'll be just did John write such a long phrase scary and it's like ketchup queen at the correspondents' dinner at this weekend secretly or I. It's like he was having up Bengal tiger. Or putting it and then I'd chop full of scorpions or sticking his hand one of those baskets full of gold price you know my. I believe your car and. You walk the track. Jerry let me ask you this what do you think will be a great view of life for. That Newt Gingrich. All of our bodies buried. He knows how to he knows the art of the deal in Washington Jeff better than anybody I think Jeff Sessions should be. Department of Homeland Security. And I think the next two Supreme Court justices have to be. Raphael Eduardo Cruz and Michael Lee of Utah goes out to be our next. Two Supreme Court justices Jeff. Now Jerry I'm just curious you say what mute is articulate Newt can go on TV. Knew it would be a pit bull in terms of debating. If he Owen in the in the debates in the general he knows where the bodies are buried he's a legislator. And he's got a lot of street cred with a lot of conservatives. He's been there done that what he sure garden home. He's done it our job he's done it went when people couldn't do that but look at look at some ripping people off. In the past. He's got a lot of good things. Get beyond that I think it's painting trump. You know they keeps saying that he's not conservative enough for the wall as a conservative so I. Dealing with it daily illegal aliens is is the conservative value trade deals that the conservative value. Tax cuts gun rights. Repealing obamacare. I mean I could go on and on OK my friends coming up next trust me.