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May 1, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You might radio which. Reform holds the crazy thing where. The greens. Actually go to Ohio that's all of the day on we get bites rating this is wicked bites radio and W are killed a voice a Boston. Yeah we take calls on just about anything you know that mosque ads. Great restaurants. Not so great restaurants and it's all up to you. This program by the way they brought you by Regina pizza world famous since 1927. With many locations. One near Fenway Park on books is street Boston. And did Foxwoods Resort Casino. In led duke Connecticut. And by bill Curry's restaurants and lubricants out. And today's rescue by sugar down a dietary supplement supporting healthy sugar levels by blocking car for more information. Got to shoot it down dot com also available on Amazon and it. These are giveaways to the hell out of things. We're gonna give away a lot of restaurant gets serious. About it properly we have folks. Not one but two whole cases. Of harmony bay gourmet coffee. Delivered to your front door. If you participate. In the show it's that simple. You can call please call about anything but today we're looking at you know we're right around the corner from sick go to mail and it would like to have that. Great. Mess met mentioned they live view them Mexican restaurants. Massacre and met met again. They say that the couple mockery this edits the that mean Cancun and know exactly yet anyway. In line I hate to say this but I said. I looked very unsophisticated users those stolen. I said that if you go to China which. Picking debt is nowhere near as good. As are making a move enactment. Now I went to really fancy resort one of those all inclusive view those phone. Via for the drinks and foods their. On you with the wrong place to win on what to was her illness related. It was called Eldorado suites responses about thirty minutes south Cancun amity presented. Ten days worth it is it started 10 AM and ended about 1 AM in and multiple app attendance and it here center in which he didn't get there I actually didn't it was a what it was the weirdest thing I sunburn. But when when I walked out like a daily today but in Mexico yet cloudy and rain and oil I'll be burned tomorrow morning. We saw me that one time that we I would go outside I Camilla a sunburned you're dedicated right and but in Mexico I don't know maybe it was. Different type maybe I don't know I was challenging the silencing and for finally I won that fight it's been a lifelong battle we've been struggling he's been beating me most of time but I finally won the fight but yeah I thought the food at the resort was really good I mean very. The finding was what I realized about these resorts when I went was. There's very little Mexican food that we would consider Mexican food. You know there was a great Japanese restaurant great Italian restaurant and it really nice Cuban restaurant I love that humorous or actually. My have Q and via yeah but it's but very like. Do them the Mexican restaurants I guess because that's the local fair and is very downplayed but when you get a you know it's good. It was a case it's over now but it was beautiful the weather was absolutely fantastic. But 8586. Every day answer is. And no rain did you see is storm. So that that part of Israeli grads actually had a great time to sit there relaxing. Drink if you margaritas opens licking it does seem to read it is that they don't act out of said they surely occasion was a good cut line that's. And do a great show for you today. That's depended on new course accords that do my part would bet that gets it it gets to China blossomed in North Andover. Believe pose in the north and captain Parker's. And pockets gas at Jerry Manning's restaurant that I west Yorman. About the Food Network selected captain Parker's pup as having the best clam chowder. Not indicate what actually you wanna locate loop he won best in viewing the best in Boston best and you may invest in Newport. And finally you won best clam chowder. In the United States but even more important than the Food Network. He was on with it bites you in the first episode of with a bites with his clinch a sudden I mean that's you more prestigious than the Food Network say it then we said. As a result of that. He decided to go into. Franchising his actions at franchising but marketing. Two independent markets. Like. Stop & Shop. The staff jobs a good example. The mole is a market basket rather. And you can buy it and it took over a year ago to get the formula just right to mass mart produce it like that and I have to tell you it. It is is good if you buy it in the market as it is there Lou OK so I usually get good stories to camp to market pub. We have just giving it to shareholders that was out sure fall when tavern in Hampton New Hampshire we got a ton of things and here's today's. Subject matter fair France. We are asking you to share with that us speaking of Mexico and we're asking you to tell us where you think the best Mexican restaurant would be. To celebrate cinco denial how many days. How many days till the fifth of may well it's may first rate now so. 23 or oppose it may force today go here and as I did not know that oil outcome is that Saudi at war. But look what. It's doing and give it twenty minutes while this but you listing out Wednesday. Yet there's an old saying in doing that has two seasons winner in the fourth of July or if they say in Maine. Winner and two months of bad sledding we're I think I hit it in the and that's kind of like pass right now it's. Nip PS that is up to fifty cent thing happening 53 today that down the forties and some parts thirty shifting in a lot of rain that few whites. The NFL game the the draft yesterday. From the National Football League in court. They were sort about that though glassed in short of that weather in Chicago with you could even see the buildings whose ratings like this moving here. Yeah but it just like to note Rory associates their rating at twelve noon today I was saying that they in the office I get every day and leave the house address for all four seasons he hit it tripping numbering a ski a ski Parker and you know summer shorts with a I had to tell you ice all by the way. Wicked bites television tomorrow tomorrow one full hour. A full hour to answer and you get enough now well that we have more important this Saturday Sunday and Monday. There are six wicked bite television shows. On the Bruins and red sex television network that of course is NASA and tomorrow two to 3 PM on this. Two to three tomorrow on this still a DVR they should absolutely always T. It's up that series dvi you never miss it that's great I come home and do ripped they've ran to me a new episode. Yet the first and a cities which if it. Beautiful blue shirt you're wearing when you were at Lou with we're. Get a few more specifically because that's what they. Like I got home Thursday and I realized that that they had run the bacon amber urban forest again it's well that was a fumble surprised at home cracked couple Beers are what was off on TV with the which simulate the seat which yes in the North Shore of the U wanna BBC which image in nine pound lobster you and I mean but now I'm. Announces some people might not seem like a lot but. The pitcher like this on six victory this lobster was the entire size of my horse. And it was actually you held it up for the camera long actually included data that was not a heavy but. I don't get paid to work out you put that down and they eat him after he's done right correct. A great seafood yet it phenomenal seafood interesting story the shift there was. Used to be the page Schiff attitude Jimmy's yeah. Note that yes I do now that you know so any low it we're gonna feature today. George Cary says famous fence restaurant another great place for seafood yet that's at 76 wore street. Bickering war from the with city and also he's got it that you place ruled by the sea level right now he level oyster bar yet none before wharf street. I just happen to notice something here what's. They have at that this is since then they go what they called the tower as an appetizer. All the Robert Thomas yeah boy it's a beauty six oysters. Six a little Max and buy shrimp cocktails. One chicken and lobster. And a colossal crab that I was uses here colossal criminal and Tiffany's since then but it's colossal. And realize a bagel currently or there's an appetizer that's a meal of the song well. Some speaking of that I see they have a fish and seafood buying things and just in time for cinco abdomen chest and seafood shellfish over Stephon sweet peas and charities over rice Chris become a money lemon garlic the only. Great place to go today been 76 were street. Degree morph and say amateur featured restaurant of today over ten mile more about them as legal law right now we're asking you to participate in the following them please remember that Scott would take your name and address of the year. This program only works with you. You can call to praise or zing from pizza to gore made does that matter to me. It's my friend helping friend. To we're asking now for the best Mexican restaurants. In doing anyplace in the doing. I telephone number one triple 84346464. Scott take your name and address of the year. That's how we send that many gissin do you teach our. And today in this hour will give you it's about is that only case of harmony bay gourmet coffee in in the next hour they also win delivered to your door books. Delivered to your dual core. I telephone never as we ask you where you think the best Mexican restaurant is in all of new and might you have what. While siesta when. Are you did at feature on the and that. I did they did and I live to Windsor for a few years I was lucky enough to have them the street from La siesta and then. Well we moved away we still will take the forty minute drive back to Winthrop just to go there it's like a no matter how many Mexican restaurants we go to. Every time we go to woman like we should have just gondola cius. You know something I remember that feature that you did for one reason was that it was a guy at the into the bar with his debut that he is on camera. Craft an editor at epcot and every should daddy could get it they did or did he was guy or in the Blackhawks Jersey that's right at I think we filmed around the time that the the Bruins play in the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup hat and yeah I do remember that now. But Jeffrey nominal food and actually phenomenal food and great great history that restaurants really are your favorite thing you. Com ice here's what I say about mex restaurants you can tell immediately and I mean immediately when you sit down and in. By the homemade chips insults while you know that's that's it. That's phenomenal and it's a very good at that is a staple of it's going to be a good night if you know it's nice and warm you up you wind up eating a whole new ball over we go there and and will ask for two or three bowls of salsa before even look at the menu. Absolutely. But a surprise that what surprised me actually because I never had a never thought to have it there but we did the feature. Was a chicken wings. And so the best chicken wings I've ever had in lake you walk into a Mexican restaurant you know I think and we give some wings and beer know it but. You were phenomenal. It wasn't like overpowering hot analogous sweep some of the of the Mexican spices and stuff in there it I can't explain it you just have to go in order. Atlas instant and Winthrop. The item via last siesta when groups that are okay yeah I telephone number again from all of you get on the get on the phone. But he can be done Ireland people you know and triple 84346460. Forward looking for your suggestion. As to where. You could find. A great restaurant New England there was a time in the existence of this show will move that Mexican food here was just microwave stuff. You know years years ago there just weren't any good Mexican restaurant here now I think we have quite a few. Let god times have changed man and we get some good food. One triple 84346464. Linda is calling for women so hey happy Cinco De Mayo soon Linda. How are we. The BC nightly seed seemed to started Nike until about and I got I get movie and I was gonna say movie events and but it could you shocked me didn't go live. You have as we show off he had a lovely guy I am an axis of a but a bandage on my mile or there and it guys that you speaks Spanish is that the Tito. But she's is that what revenues have little bits that's act. He did think you do you happen. Taylor Harry led alleged to have forests. I have a rap. OK average healthy Howard and and the eighties you. She came from Mexico and Hewitt look at our restaurant one year. And she would attack they hit state in which you she said it struck out name. Quit I'd it was an issue rebirth many app. Where you're right absolutely issued early try to get to donate breast stride yet. This story. Topic quick. He came back fish give up next idol chat and not knowing. Issue I'd give it would be held back in the eighties. She brought her own. Chase Chile. So we get or how you're tied at issue is picking Joliet. Reveal what people are better enjoyed it. Oliver man I love chili oil well I don't think it. Yeah well maybe today mr. very briefly to OK but I got you on the phone. In the the history of the show there's one call that there's several close remember forever but there was one in particular about 1520 years ago. Lady called me and wanted to know if I knew good Mexican restaurant. And I say yes and that she says whoa she had to take. I she and her husband had to take your boss and his wife out to a dinner and the guy loves Mexican food. And he says it she says and we can't stand it it's awful it's going to be just a terrible night baba baba baba. I haven't got a call back from her after I suggested that suffice it Amir. Happened to that lady that wanted to know where they should take the Boston a Mexican restaurant. In issue as it should never called back. She said well as she called back in and she said well mr. Woodley. Is what happen. When Baghdad in our car the first thing the man said to me was. You know listens at that what they restaurant show. It's so as soon as its newest raptor could just give it that. Island that they Q so much for the cuddyer added in a pricing anyway okay. Ticket when that army eBay thing Warren of books that route New Hampshire is next in line. Worry about it but she do after. All that's at New Hampshire aren't yet. It out Arafat. I appreciate it I don't believe. All girls treat it. Did say bump up. Restaurant and they're illegal Mexico. Yeah Google swooped low we. Talked to our. Orchards or so I. And the Serbs back and it's clearly dignity throughout chip right there at restaurants we become more risk. More. Along with they have. Bullet which is something you know order bought it they did take. A lot of people think and answer me this question that Mexican food is hot. You know very spicy but that's not necessarily the case ago. No no way to much and restaurants that we know what it. Opposed to sleep but so so what sentence in our way. Eric sickness so. Oh this labor as cute cute cute then you Bernard tears but you can't please enjoy it a lot of did you not a lot of spill out water. That they'll. Out of club. Jake sewer debt hot in here miles. Of water no it doesn't. Here we ought to be built. Yeah that well well. That's that's very true Mike however drinks beer. Doesn't look as cool. Margarito isn't gonna hurt hurt anybody that would have been a couple of one of the best Mexican restaurants taste was stairway to. My game day in Warren. My at a sent Alaska the bias and tied with colleges the university. San Diego shore and so I went out there in the with the united coach gentry getting eaten really cheap places right run with it you took me to a police officer stationed in a gas station right. The food and you assume could and couldn't do it is like 59 cents to a huge burritos for the and actually get hooked. Because he got you hooked yet but values and down facilities could come up to visit the first thing they say to us don't take this to another Mexican restaurant and I'm sure is one or two down yes yet that it tired. All right thank you for the call I appreciate it warrantless go to Steve in Weymouth Steve your next NW RK. Well. I've been out a lot warmer and not when you. That's great which is much of the crucial you'll. Got the best of been made in our certain. I figured you'd be so much for the full of food don't reward here on trip rather covered good there. Which I think I don't know if you Ervin we we did a feature on them on TV show recently we did we are we growing Quincy and we stopped by a La Paloma and had. Some phenomenal food the steak fajitas with just. One real I don't know what they season those little the steak fajitas and button. The of course the the Margarita Belmondo which is pretty much that it his its its primitive fish tank with with tequila and have just phenomenal from made. It. You have created. I had just another restaurant let the optimum. They had one in Kingston but close politics it close it close and after I must not be. Many Mexican food and drinks that I guess that mess that they now listen to what what's your favorite dish would you go there. I get a combination everytime I go or get some sort of more thruster have a great moral or social throw. All right it's like I always. Lap Paloma and North Quincy thank you sir appreciate it Michael Leavitt you mentioned that during. Scott I was told by his wife you know that I know this you know he's always talk about them my ties shorts kind of blossom here. They use it shadow blot and sitting at the bar. Waiting to eat and drinking in my time as duke and yes and and some guy came sit next to Vanessa. Has Savard and that Palestine collective might guys here they are they that good it's got bulletin that was me. So Scott what was she happy at the end. OK was OK good pitch to me. Did you not me I thought the monetize it that there and they're phenomenal I had let's go to Lonnie is coming from him by lining. I'd bet good money you going to do well it it is. Good good I'm just trip the tail end of the conversations somebody beat me to recommending more output alone and our. I didn't mention the first he didn't they know I don't think so. Well I'm gonna talk about the perceived as I am but that's not my favorite cuisine Mexican food that I will go to La Paloma. It's fun without sure North Quincy as few as they column mentions. But I will ordered but he just because they think they have the best thing he does there. And give every accommodating if you needed a substitution. I I've spent many people the epic battle out there chip. It tortilla chips and their homemade salsa is a very different but I've tasted. And the Arab. Different heated you can choose different. Main courses you can have chipped in shrimp steak cooked veggies aren't you could even have a combo of both. And it comes with a wonderful platter. Optical optimal way we re like being. Right. And a lot of and it's it's it just dumped a perception that rarely. You know I have to tell you that there can't I have to admit I have a favorite food and that western you do. Yes they do I'd let the court. And it's it's not so very glad restaurants very small restaurant and just the right side and make. And I'm only at this boot because they have a very nice car on the wall. There is lovely picture. Some Mexican get quote painting and that's a warm men. With a wonderful gently in the air we do you go to the pool and every. At. A Canada. And I when I sit down the right idea here's what you for the big guys you go. At that meeting guys means in a generic way okay. I go to La Paloma. Go get that move and sit under. Ruled well let's got a lot of these picture house yet okay. I know that but that we don't yet know people think it is that's why suggests that. But it is a great restaurant and the two are rarely nice job I'd highly recommended. Larry thank you have a great day today okay. Right now I promised you a few moments ago that one of the featured restaurants and today showed defense. At 76 or street recruit more from Salem it's surrounded on three sides by a windows overlooking Salem harbor. Vince offers guests reliably waterfront scenery and a cop and a vote open concept interior. Copper top bar Florida ceiling glass walls fireside lounge and sofas seating. And the built in raw bar I met George period aired. Three weeks ago maybe four always go up and that's who we set that. Those beautiful lounge sofas. And actually take a man. Appetizers at toady about the tower they have defense buffalo how Amani signature spicy side. They have the Krispy Brussels sprouts as tussle hand. Ale mustard Naeole. Then of course Chrebet mushrooms case at the end. As it sounds though to just appetizers. For the entrees it's been seafood playable he's gonna Mexican team here has been. Been seafood type area the fillet mignon. North Atlantic salmon. This is one of the classic restaurants and the nor sure that's been their for some time and everybody knows about it if Europe. If you're traveling this Salem to see on the sites of the which city. But this address. In your GPS. 76. Wore street Pickering wharf Salem mass Vince F by. NC nephew what you can visit their restaurant next door at 941 street or street in Salem mass policy level. And that that great market need to eat phenomenal. Just have entrees might perceive them. Fresh seafood seared. Salem sound them lobster bay so much more that's at sea level next door I'd say at a George Carey for me would you please. That's fans. And that sea level and Pickering warmth and Salem Massachusetts. I'm pat what Lleyton. Welcoming Casey just join us telephone number one triple 8434. Or 6464. Pope what to get serious giveaways got to take your name and address of the air and that's how we giveaway begins at Tiffany gets that call me now where is your favorite Mexican restaurant. One triple. 84. 346464. We're not just for gourmet ice. Wicked slice radio from pizza did go warm day this is weakened by its radio on WRKO. They'll boys of Boston. Countdown is on the 2016 election happens here at WRK you know old boys of Boston. Bad that I. If you have just joined us your list into which invites and six say the AM WRK out. I would like to remind you that we have on Saturday Sunday and Monday six wicket by its television show. Coming up this week on the Bruins and Red Sox television network. And we have one hour a wicket by television to the 3 PM. On NASA and tomorrow's who do not forget all of those that it's okay one hour on listen to three old. Half an awful beautiful flowers. Yeah right now Warren called in that admit to I am I am I am my mind is awaited them via okay. I'm thinking about Warren would to wave back admit to do and to give Warren a gives a tipping it to 41 tavern. I think used car from Nashua if not in a journal area okay general area Julia Hudson maybe yes that's right that's it and close enough to hold went average. And I wanna treating. To dinner on us our lunch on us okay at 401 tavern. Rule 141. Lafayette road him Hampton New Hampshire it's the name pool one if leave you remember level. I ate today I don't know if there is supposed to rain around newness of this phase of this but they've got to back. Porch and that's what it is sports to just a huge sports and boys that think top news so when the weather finally yes. Good we're good there okay. I if you get an opportunity what period there. Born those say hello to Desi easy owner Paula. And of course that's favored bartenders deal. But I wanna just Teddy says about lunch in the early bird before we go any further. Is sex sitting in an old English style bar. It gives it gives you the illusion of going back in time. But others say they feel that traditional Irish or English pubs parts of the building date back to 1687. How old 1687. Many of old themes in floorboards this is a place where everybody does know your name. I enjoyed they have actual pictures. The seacoast area that can take you back to when. The camera was first created. And you can see some of the massive snowstorms that we had back then they head back. And probably worse than that well lately could remove the slow lately and today but it always nice to go back at eighteen that in 1911910. And it it to see. What Hampton New Hampshire blackened beaches there. But let's talk about the early birds and the lunch menu field field line. The had their three different sections first or you should now that you visas the old tavern. If the sports bars and then there's the wind Loughner the one left is a small section upstairs. With over 850. Bottles empty. Of wine that decorate their room walls and ceiling there's nothing like it matter of fact note two bottles of the same. They're open for lunch and dinner with Sunday brunch menu so if you're riding around wanting to know where to go for a Sunday brunch. Go to the 401 tavern that threw one at 4010. Lafayette road in Hampton New Hampshire. Now near record specials Monday through Friday to 5 PM just thirteen 591 course. Okay. Soup. Salad or wine that's empty second course entree choice debate native had a steak tips bacon wrapped scouts crab cake shrimp scampi chicken farm. 401 Mac and cheese the third course mr. Joys of I have a day as cream Sunday with a 401 happy endings freshly brewed American coffee. Sir would it taste of who have Bailey's are symbol Luka. Now for the lunch specials Monday doubt that don't forget negative where it's going on now for the lunch menu Monday through Friday 11 AM to 4 PM. Guaranteed in an out and under 55 minutes you get smothered revised eight cents. This is one ahead of French dip sandwich to you know that that was created by a cop I don't know if you know that after that and at Philadelphia someplace. Where did you know he. He ordered the prime rib. And and the guy in the you know that you're the juices that are left over will always notice. The cook accidentally. Drop. There's the prime rib in the jesus' had been here earlier not prepared to throw away from it. And a guy cities this and so it's an ugly Saddam I don't know I'll take it like that isn't and that's. Slept two pieces of bread on this side of it Uga is so the delicious sales in the case here you gotta smothered to revise stinks. I don't know I'm sorry a French dip Sam although I hit in the French dip. With a bulky mom and aunt are just assume go Jesus I'm Killen myself here okay. That's 401 tavern or 1401 Lafayette road in Hampton New Hampshire in case you've just joined us. Here's what we're talking about today Canadian combat aids thing you want to. But. I thought that since Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner you should be calling inlet in the snow with a best Mexican restaurants are. I mean it could be some bad ones. Now if you could be that's why we allow you to praise or exiting we Kabila now why she's there is she's never seen Pete cheap and limit where one. But some bread and sought seven common basis those who advocate. Palin. We would love to have your input here where are the best Mexican restaurants in Ewing has so far at La Paloma is doing right yeah. It's a good spot those down in North Quincy don't forget to go look for it related nude painting of this. I with the rest is gonna come that was were not the food none of the parades and do they have some natively in the wall. Don't look at. One again led sentences ago when it wants your vote eight. 43464. Is 64 where's your favorite master terrorist trap. Give us a Costco take your name and address off the air guys and the reason we do that. That's how we give out our restaurant get it did a gift certificates as we just gave one to Warren for recommending alive come Mina. In on broad street in Nashua, New Hampshire. But we still in this segment that a giveaway that only rest I guess it is but a whole case of harmony based coffee delivered to your door. That a Beagle and perhaps your way in about twenty minutes so somebody that cause in this that would will be eligible for that. The number to call to tell us where your favorite. Mexican restaurant. Is when Tripoli for dining. Or one triple 84346464. Bit if he's got to be raining today. You know it elderly. To warm up the innards. Going to good Mexican restaurant. There's one restaurant that has always been mentioned on the issue. I'm not gonna tell you it's a very small independent restaurant. In a town you don't expect. That over the years has become probably the most recommended. Restaurants and franchise. Restaurant areas in human resource Mexican restaurant tickets are we actually featured them to. I'm with you about it long me. I'll tell you Alan back in the kitchen in the places those volume a certificate in Gates's shaft dia I mean it's. Very create edit and we mid July. And as a result of the mentions over the years they had to by the place next door and expand. But you can it's still not so much now but you can still to this day on a twenty degree day if people lined up the inside. To any degree day aren't. Angeles outset let you know that about a cause that tells me the name of the restaurant. One triple 8434. Or 6464. Netbooks before I go back to the phones I wanna sit out of my buddy nick the have a at Teresa's crime you know they are a lot of races where you ought to be calling Teresa Brian. One of them if you're getting will marry. Know somebody getting married. You can debate that facility function rooms and they just purchased did another old country club which they've renovated. About a million dollars renovating it. And I think it's inaugurated and I'm not really sure to talk to nick about it ma'am that bin there and they they can go back three to 500 people this. But of course she's dead. Function facilities it Teresa's crime. Which is one of the fancy fancy restaurants not just in the on the no sure but in all of New England. Base here that the famous brands prime beef and the freshest seafood you can sign but they also have that deal for. Teresa's primary is a 35 dollar prefix menu. Every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday for a sixty in the first course French onion soup or house salad the entree. Banco crusted chicken breasts with a Rugova. Tri colored cherry tomatoes citrus they only. And shaved parmesan cheese Angus steaks management say this this very ST geez for a and seared scouts breaded fried months of Allah. That's enough I mean immunity it users to choose different ones there OK as to reach his prime minute deal now. This is. This is that going to pass salute them at Wal-Mart prices. At this is as is is they've fancier restaurant man O war oh. But as Saturday golf course. Outside to get the flames and the waterfalls going and there you have three at 35 dollar prefix. You tip. We gave chip Morton list it under again. Of more illness. I don't know over the life in exits. I don't like math. He had no mystery surprised at the is it twenty elm street in north through rating man tested to route 62 is but the card bill passed a processor do the math yet and I'll be surprised when I get when I get my statement that the yeah I don't believe that you bearish sentiment had you know we do that. As Asia and this what 52 degree I don't use and sure enough they always break up the calculator it's like I I didn't wanna be the one to use a calculator in a restaurant. With the each I I I I thought you were smarter than me that's why pass to the crusty. And habit do you tip on to go. Depends. Washes you and what depends on when nobody what do they do they hand you Vista. I mean it depends on where I am and what I'm doing August that it it all depends on the situation like if I go let's say for example sometimes I go to Regina repeats of ago and also at the bar for role. Hello mr. Armey always quick gifts so in note those situations ought to now because or the pizza from the bartender but also have a couple Beers at however if I go to. McDonald's a lucrative exiting at the bar yeah okay it's not to go it's maybe I'll go. Yeah I mean you go in with a plan. You know I'm gonna get a pizza to go when that comes and what you gotta finish your beer and you have a slice pizza in the evident would be there and it's yeah I switches and but. Basically I think ultimate ago if I sit down. You know even if I wait at the bar for the pizza or some like or whatever and getting to go from you know all tip that way. But if I just pull up what you know curbside thing as paid for the pizza and go I'm. I guess that's that's my rule of the best well. Best Mexican restaurant where it is Persico the mail yesterday one triple 84346464. Of that which called show before police do. We'd love to hear from these very simple. Is let us know your favorite Mexican restaurant it. 'cause not everybody knows we're good Mexican restaurants. And they would ask you for some advice and that's exactly what I'm doing right now asking you for advice. If he can't remember one triple 8434. Or 6464. We make it easy for use. One triple aid for dining called that number right now. Right now motto about a Quincy just to say in my I just wanna ask you one other question. One of the a lot of people ask me how do we get the subject matter for our television which is that the same question really. I was just answering that same question and no kidding is ESP here camera that era. The in and I know so wanted to tell everybody how we get is that just it would go to PR firms do we go bear cells we depend on you who. And it's always it's mostly questions it's gonna like wager favorite blanket. I have to ask you to when he questions the right answer your one we get our content because content for the show. A number of different ways whether it's us going out whether it's beginning pitched from the restaurants weather but the big one the most the most important one is you. The people listening right now or watching the show and we have. Big big social media falling so FaceBook dot com slash with the bites TV is a great way to contact doesn't tell us about a restaurant you went to. And if you like the pasta featured on the show whether it's on the radio or TV. And we Twitter and on both or both or both both as always nice. Twitter means to Graham YouTube although the socially basically the hub of socially easiest way. Is quick bites dot TV that's the web sites all over a social media filters through there with which the byte dot TV. Is the best way to get in touch with us and tell us about a place you've gone too and would like to feature. We don't mind restaurant owners calling us to let us know about their place nobody consult your plays better and you absent so perhaps we encourage like Unix death because most of the time wrestler I was gonna end up being on the show anyways and muzzled its analysts yet Mitchell and to know our weirdness if you if you get to know is you'll you'll you'll. I let's go to Bob in Quincy Bob thank you for waiting so long you're NW RKO. Party just. Norm being redundant but while former is here down the best. Mexican destroy as well including Napier it's optional. Growl. Boy you RB BR being redundant but that's great you know they were Erick Carly can't wait that they just you know a lot of people agree with defected it's the best series. Where is it in north who into what he is street address you know. We know who poured out or not Quincy god is a there's a lot of business. This incident. Little further down don't know what else let's. Coming up expressway if you get up from marina bay expressway. It's great that they exist. State of the right that it will order up it runs parallel to an art street. Few of them it's just sits on the right about a mile oval. You know. That's a about. We got junk food at your name and address right. If you know I was a senior whole case of harmony bay gourmet coffee delivered to your front door you do have a front door right. Always hear sort through all (%expletive) that you where much. And harmony vague or makes good chunk of the author's answers. I've Bob thank you very much as Bob Quincy once triple A Ford dining that is itself a number of Margaret of the would you adjust to said. How do Arnold reported capture. The last 37 years I've been an experiment where cornfield and I hope someday meet you and help you with your rare coins gold silver or any forms of bullying or paper money. I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news out of publication. So let my expertise comes to help youth. For the largest variety of high entry through the New England it's the iffy in the corner in the heart of downtown Lowell and daily election specials and now flooding dinner entrees at the corner offers live tree in the Middle Eastern music and enchanting delegates at level captivate your heart. The theme according to a seven market street Lowell. And this is Scott with the Euro listened to wicket bites radio with with Lee today taking your phone calls at 888. 4346464. That's told 3888. 434. 6464. Coliseum restaurant brokerage shoppers that are seldom have stretching and find any related destiny and find so many awards. That just kind of go back over the last decade including one award. That you'll see right when you walk into the restaurant and this award is the only time it's ever left Italy. And beaten and even they went over there he competed and he won the honor of the top chef and you'll see that award. Right it is restaurant. I recommend several dishes from gill coliseum the chicken coliseum Pat's favorite dishes stake ala pat Whitley. It's a little bit spicy but it's the best take the money can buy its New York prime sirloin steak and center cut its server broccoli rob. The coliseum restaurant route 28 record ridge shopping center in Salem New Hampshire. Dom sausage company ten Riverside. Park in Malden that's a place you go in there for them credible steak tips you go in the upper subs in wraps and pick up meets the grill or. The about a backyard barbecue they do cater. Dom has all the equipment they have their own trucks they have their own grilled they have their own grill masters. You know you're up you're about to mess they'll come in they'll set it up with tables and everything that you need in the they'll clean it all up Oreo. And they'll serve their famous marinated meats to all your guests to enjoy. For more information call dom saws it 78132413. Ten. Dom sausage company ten Riverside park and more than 781. Three to 413. Ten put people restaurant is located at gateway to Boston's historic north and that's gonna find believe both literally. And located to enter causeway street in Boston. Did you go upstairs plea post has a incredible function room that can accommodate groups and 2235. People it may be the largest sponsor in the entire north then. To the going to for lunch or dinner or you're having a function thankfully bowl restaurant today two or three causeway street. Right there at Boston's historic north then. Gentle bright knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest to light in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where and I've got X Perry about export the data and complete cosmetic in general dentistry teeth dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. Splicing the weekend up. You're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Here we go hey you know finally got to. Kevin Cullen coming up it is so short do you pass on the time I know it's a town of last night and it is it's. Back by popular demand and then solely so that New Orleans and we can mention now but it's probably are missile. But no Kevin told it's like media release Sunday may fifteenth that's two weeks at the China blossom it's going to be a twelve noon. Great buffet. Primary and sushi. We've talked about the months. But if you wanna get tickets go through with it by its. You can get them on the phone number is. 8667451167866745. 1167. Bingo bingo. Night if you wanna go any unit know about him you read the wanna seeing. And it does look at all times here it's gone it's gone Margaret of Medford is gonna be next on the show him our event. Very good you know moved from Mexican. I get it it's a shame you don't have some points doesn't like bush because I happen to love on the border. We go to Rio won it won't rip. And it's it's just very good for a chain of very good food they make their own ships there are so there are always fresh. At a bonded but it's just it's supposed to keep pleasures that I just love. Now mad men and my wife says so ways reminded me we've got to go to on the border venture fee whenever favorite restaurant. Alia but the other thing but did you know that. They just opened the Chestnut Hill mall of pizza people come New Haven. I and you they were going to I didn't know they were open. That is. New Haven slow would you say never won most recommended restaurant pizza restaurant and the world's already outlined down there always a line. Yeah when I was in sales that I had. Connecticut is much Erica going to be coming back from. Being there for about 45 days I don't it get a pizza guy who the tabloids B I would have to wait but it was well worth the wait to get one to take home. I've I've witnessed in thank you so much for the telephone call it an on the board thing it's a good recommendation here saw results a couple of bank. On the border Alec on the border actually added two I mean I've gone there more than a few times especially America. But before I got my refined pilots you know the only problem the only problem it is attempted really party and it's so outside of its popular there yet and they've been around for quite awhile and there's a lot of on the moral locations opened his quip there's a few but just. That's the one I know overdose once when did I and here's what amounted to a monetary and you and I get some like TP sounds Boston at least over. Luncheon specials. All luncheon specials sixer weekdays from 11:30 AM to 3 PM with his choice of pot or sour soup or egg drop soup. Luncheon special prices range from 575 to 650. Where's that extra in the head. That is a restaurant that there's one. Now once the two best Chinese restaurant in all of New England. Sue Chang 373 little street and Peabody diagonally behind that that they across and behind the North Shore mall. I its attachments replaced its beautiful restaurant. So Chang's. 3730 street to city try to grew actively Amylin in this room my fear now I wanna go to I'm in the mood for tie here. Cameron's of Thailand. One Newton placed 280 sevens industry due in court I wish I could go there right now CC Sam managing seminal while. 27 gross street was issued in Wellesley. We tell you about parking because that's important. Day as Sam has taken care of and in some areas. The limit describe first of all the restaurant very traditional cloth covered tables without panic and town. That's recent on the floor. Their play any of the men not everybody festive air plea of windows and allowed to send the bill in the restaurant and the new location hours validated parking. When you there Cameron's or Thailand police say hello to Sam RA. And don't forget if you looking for a free parking in the seaport area. There's one place it has it to you gotta know about. Called a no name restaurant. Would you place they have. To my friend Jimmy volume there okay that's a no name or restaurants throughout around today. Free parking a Pargo question most places Boston more than your Andres and that is free. All right. That said no name restaurant that's in a speech here in Boston. This program rather always be brought to you today WRK. Oh by Regina pizza. With locations throughout viewing world famous since 1927. You're locked until we get fights radio. We're not just for gourmet it's seven days tend to do it on WR KA go go boys of Boston us. Today on weakened by its radio which. The Braves losing ground game. As for the sake of Ohio that's home today on we get night's radio. This wicket by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. All right the next half hour medieval yet and another case that are pretty may or may not be. Delivered to your front dark. This in the last half hour here if you went that way. Howard could give it out here worry it delivers it to you hope case of harmony faith for me. This program today about a way it is for a few by Regina pizzas were famous 1927. And by harmony they gourmet coffee. Term debate. Gourmet cup member of that order in the their coffee I had it before I was at the very interest in calls on best. Best Mexican restaurants and would. We're looking forward to your restaurant with cinco de Vaio coming out now is we don't want triple 84346464. We have Michael. We're going for yet I don't know you don't like it at them lewis'. Let's just one thinks he's if I got my face I can't inning with a it's contrived years ago this well that till the end just by keeping in trouble had an. This anyway it's definitely wasn't me. I add this program is also part you by Dave the raffle always a good friend wolf I've known David tour. 25 years maybe longer oval since they opened at two guys vote for years ago Austin include New Hampshire as the taxes. And daddy as one of the and like a million cigars so willing. Is of course if you it's like the when it independently on the largest award I mean I know it's a slow him but you walked through that that indoor human door and it really is still haven't a minute related legislation. It's that you opened the door as the all. The cigar smokers or adamant in Nashville mansion you know. He's got him instead of New Hampshire ended Seabrook Seabrook. And David's going to be here a few minutes to go about it himself all right. But I AGCO and my favorite cigar there you know I didn't notice. But my favorite cigar it was his personal choice and he actually named in that regard to the maintenance and look at them if he's got a great deal of time Cuba. Oh yes it when the Cuban cigars they're becoming available. Now Hillary on the other they counterfeits. Of money. William the every time you go to Miami Beach you'd think you'd miss some of the tourists yet you these the Cuban cigar compliment Tuesday charitable or two over arts Cuban course here in math tests Cuban knew if I think David story been to Cuba our enemy that they several. I I was Zuma cigar guy has yet. And anyway if you're looking you know quarterly part crackers to go watch TV talk politics crop or sports. Mills a serious blow to those. Anyways go to guys Coca Nashua Salem and Seabrook New Hampshire Joseph fish. Brings you this segment organs active politics and desist from the but he Jimmy. They have so many creative ideas it is for extra. It's a restaurant and his bar and a bar. One of the things that they have in both those two rating and and north and they have the you know that at all of fishes and Catan is extremely fresh but did you know about their account of GO. Countering Joseph I thought as a coffee. Snob. Aren't the kind of Joseph is a selection and you and all of the items up for 99 calories or less. Boy is that popular. Wow it's amazing. They have offered things they Jumbo shrimp scampi for Jumbo shrimp sauteed in scampi sauce with mushrooms scallions and tomatoes tosses it he spaghetti. Okay now the way Natalie that the the angels lobster disk. I don't want a act I am starving today didn't have breakfast I don't describe this because. Doing that damage to massive of the cancer tuna. Macadamia and crested cod. In great ideas all kinds of things going on all of trivia night you name it again. Jo fish seafood restaurant and bar for 1251120. Osgood street North Andover and route 2860 main street in a rating. When you're there tell him that at least into I certainly would appreciate right now we get some foam cause so let's take up. I Kathleen has gone from vendors hi Kathleen. You know wonderful thank you what you got for me is Ford's Mexican restaurants are concerned. Add I don't know what caught on about how pops you out and rally map you know they have none. Are great but who were both as part all of her why I'm an out that thing I love about it is that. Well a bit nervous but one of the problem are a lot but a little more job. I like it never apparent pick that I completely they're all made rep saying yeah it was and Lynn has though kind of threat and that. Good enough latent are being that he. And I'd like well I'm always if there is home. Everything big league eight we thank all of these are a lot of a lot of restaurant you can say that a homemade. Eggnog. A lot more and though they take a lot of that they'd pick the right time and you can see it's an effort but then he teach little decaf. And I really appreciate that. It well great good that we have all content we didn't we had and now we have a bit disappointed. Spiritual it's huge price in the gray. I mean they're up big plays that they give you I'd rather vote. I know there's all this Goler let's go for everything OK I know it's our rally one node the old the old roof wind. They give me the name. One more time please. Well actually yeah. GAT eight GIR approach here is Barry. And now stimulus in the UK. And it bounced back. Debt that Estrada best and I have neither one of us out at thanks for just a fanatically. Via. Where are. In the regular guys that my dad is you know what Mike is doing right now I can tell because I know that look in his. He's Lincoln I used to think that Michael had no these things in this did. I did you know that and bad goes Bentley told it would Google was the thought that was a tough act. What gave you eight. It stays if yes our enough though it. This battle this is battling these were adults you'd just say hi Matt that he haven't. Now I it has may have activity we can't say it one more time minutes and rally route one north the old rule one. Yes out to cut you out and you'll be very happy he won't leave hungry. You don't mind they don't mind if you don't if you've been all mine ain't know probably every chemical that they can achieve like I say. And I guess black in them at every track how long enough. Is England remember everything and yet I go on the black rice I really did I love that if this done properly but. Yeah they'd they'd really I don't know cracked because you're looking for a while it. I'm very happy retirement we've been happy. Yeah I know that price and you can't you know very right now. Can't claim that man's that is how would you feel. We add that your name and address aren't won't and that I would love to see you whole case of harmony eBay coffee delivered to your front. You know a lot and what it. That and a half an. This referred tears step gasoline as the wired one from now that we had wired port that I can act. I have an apartment in bay gourmet coffee is cavity or friend or soon so they were the police was that L to populism -- okay it's a deliberate one okay 300 new report term like enrolling for the GPS. So 300 new report turnpike Rowley mass of phone numbers 978432. 13 36. Nice issued a nice nice prize to throw the treble yes indeed. And one of Crisco clueless is on his way to work right now. As he shows also that. Coming up and Angelica is great food great prices I want to tell you about them. Position I'm bargain shop and here. You don't let me first of all explain to you that I would go to Angelica is full wineries and only. And I and that's a Koppel. There arrest to me is dog addressing. They have pop over I know that probably suspect a forties but I do love them. They come out typing. In what you do each ticked about it he's gonna open Emma. Picked about it but it in there and watch the border just seep into the creases. Apple's. Cautions it couldn't they also passed around fresh meat but this is all before. But you'll even order. Right. Now. I'm just still thinking that I am so art there specials Monday through Tuesday king got primer for 1895. Today. They have a cup of soup salad choice of four different entrees with potatoes and vegetables. Database will show up today for only 1850 now directory elected deals. There is something you should know and I'd like to take credit for making this one of the more populated issues that David ahead there. I. Boston club sterling. There was a time. That only I mentioned it it was never on the menu. Aaron it but I say if you go and ask for the Boston club Cyril line. You'll get a full pound stake. It is so. Damn choice. That I hold strip. Who would yield only one such cut. It listed cream of the crop so's. And now it became so pop it go and although ordered dreading it copy if you know to get more now it is on the menu. It's called Boston club sirloin. And if so you need to know. They have early separate specials to complete that are Boyle sees seventeen that if I Abbas described. Roasted Turkey dinners sirloin steak and cut choice eight ounce chips they're sure went for 1720. I. Don't Hugo and they get their Boston closer in line. Nelson had a onion rings oh shoot with it. Angelica is. 49 south main street are 114 in Middleton say hello to my friend Chris court clueless. Act Chris court coolest I certainly would appreciate. That would leave them. This program also being brought to buy it. Offense is 76. Wore street pit crew wharf in Salem Massachusetts and by sea level at 94 wore street. Right there on the water and Sims who had a George Carey while you're there I certainly would appreciate Scott coming to us talk about. China blossom or what's coming up there out of appreciate everybody knows about that the village restaurant. We got a Michael you've got to tells guy I want him to build an address for a what's on them they have been advertising on this program for 20/20 years at least at least. And as I said to them when we first started when Newt wanted wanted to open up in January and February and that it probably a bad idea for. You know resort area restaurant open is it would like to try to amortize Asia CO. While I was slightly to a five years ago is okay they're still here I would say so yeah. But theories as I say look I can guarantee to advertise on the show people come to your restaurant when I can't guarantees that are welcome back. We'll get him in the door the rest is a TO that's absolutely. And obviously they have been doing something right they won all kinds of crimes they have been reviewed. And national magazines in the golden arrow. Seven warm magazine recently did and you another one about them the New England favorite seafood shacks. It's a place it to cape man's best seafood restaurant according to their reduced choice they won every year since 2000. Can't the village restaurant Jackson's of 13322. In Essex mass. That's it 55 main street in Essex for your GPS okay. Death benefit that they about heart happy butchers in just a second and I want to tout was done. Yet another Kevin going coming up in this time. Heed our advice and book early. You have to book early. Because if you do not book now or over 50% sold out of that show do you have any and every test you know we haven't mentioned yet it's just a lot of people wanna I announces a new show this could be the last show. Of the season because we don't do a lot in the summer and so you wanna get your tickets now it's great for groups friends or whatever it. A table we get a table we can make tables of all different sizes. And tickets best of all just 45 dollars per person and that includes the all you can eat lunch they channel at the China bus and also concludes that. The gratuity and attacks on top of that. So really it doesn't include is the Mike does. Where if you have a few Mai Thais that I can do the readings yeah but he is sensational as this is the psychic medium. And he reads about. Fifteen to twenty people it during the show. And I guess I've never been read. But I love just watching the faces at the table because he used every single winning never miss. It's it is literally pay it it's the most amazing that's totally. I still doubly but I don't know I these editing tricks to some because he tells him things that are so. Off the waltzes to a UN RA than me I hate you racism in that but I hate telling you. Folks that again in case you resisters. Forgive him. The first time he came to my house because my wife wanted me to have it this show given Cohen. It just come back to the East Coast he's over the West Coast sells time. And he sit down and I was I was prepared to hear him Google. And out you know spew Stefan Google. Instead here's what he I swear this happen. I still don't believe it but it happened act he told me that when I was a small child like an infant. I lived across from a German Prisoner of War. And I had I did. Fort McClellan Alabama right across. From my house was a German prisoner award. I by the find out I don't know I never talked to it to anybody is that written anywhere. No I never knew that in this area. So it but it just system he's you know he he's he supposed to say names and number one time. That name was like you know they're not telling me there their first name which is a new but they said that last name. It used almost no that's my arm. I'm like wow I mean Kevin doesn't know who's going to those shows I I booked the tickets he's never asked even see the list now. If I have no he comes in there and uptight he does the readings and he leaves he so fatigued. He says it takes a lot of lot of he is exhausted he had a but he will be there at the China blossom on May fifteenth that's a Sunday afternoon tickets again at 45 dollars. You'd order to get up about face should be aware that lifted up usually more than four of our dollars worth of food right. The tickets are 45 dollars you could get them online by going to Kevin's web site if you like North Shore spirits dot com. That's North Shore spirits dot com. We goes caller office 8667451167. Extension number two. 8667451167. And I would not delay because. I have a few within the next week or so probably also 8667451167. Yankees got. I have a big announcement now. They're happy butcher. Is running a crazy special. Night you know this is for the public but if you'll restaurant owner. And you're complaining there's a lot of them do to me about the high cost. The vendor cost. Will be full of stakes. You got to listen to this okay and edit but this is for everybody it's not just for restaurant around. The happy butcher as I say it is running a crazy special ten pounds of steak tips for only a hundred dollars. Ten pounds. Steak tips for 100 out there we're gonna prices 1499. Pound. Now you can mix and match. Whichever flavors you want. And there's over a dozen to choose from including sweet urban. Cajun. Vermont maple. And there are special. Teriyaki of pronouncing that properly teriyaki. It's a bland. Teriyaki. And merry Sheen out there cherry well. And knees and began try Texas Texas when you come out of that idea at a track it. Nephew need more than ten pounds it's still only ten dollars a pound for anything over ten pounds. This guy ace from Texas he knows is made though he knows his me you can bring your family bank to the table because he does. They they have what they the 1855. By swift which is the top 18% of beef in the country. Other fine restaurant here this plea from having fine restaurants. Carry this week. Now they also have a and the planned for you get a customized. Meat plant. That'll start as low as 25 dollars a week they've handled the issue of freezer. First to meet with a butcher. And if you are part of a couple please both of you be there to be sure that you know and could you both matches for one but when he lied. You'll choose your cuts to me. I'm is around 25 different types of beef alone and chicken pork. And so many kinds of sauces such as English bangers lamb and apricot sauce is a shoot till probe alone pepper sausage as well as they. Classic sweet or hot sausage. Then you get to choose the Mac it's at the package sizes yourself to suit you're cooking preferences. Then. They cut and portion you orders for. You can even stay and help them label it then you're order is then flash frozen. And are ready for you to pick up the very next day. It is custom catering for parties and weddings to. To a U you can. Only issue that. The Frazier. And this is an amazing deal in a restaurant owners call this guy but it's for the general public immediately hear me. That's a happy butchers. Located at 222 alma a street in Milford New Hampshire the -- McAvoy had it sticks so how's the phone number is 603. 55413. 39 at 60355413. 39. Speaking guys are shortening. Let me just remind everybody. About my offering and Jimmy. And known name restaurant and Boston's north and blocks north and loan in the north and the seaport area it's only restaurant. In this seaport area offers free parking. Free parking. Paula the price tag me if you don't need to you'd ticket validated. Fifty bucks to park there. So make tree and it validated. At that that a guy who guided curious have a say had a Jimmy. I'm barely sit you by certainly would appreciate it great guy. This program as being by Cuba though laughter Estrada. Of Genovese and Jo fish fame. Laughter restaurant group 1251140. Osgood street in Boston's North End Michael Elliot time to go to. Car Michael O'Connor we can actually I was on FaceBook and I just so political and this woman Michael Carr actually. I saw this post come across it this sort of to a Mexican restaurants and felt it was fitting. Helping your o.s Mexican grill there in Walpole. At 960. Main street I know nothing about the food and nothing but the drinks we haven't been there how ever. Apparently they have a giant banner on the front of their restaurant now suspending Roger Goodell for life from the restaurant. That alone makes it worth it says making a trip to an all in front evidence and it doing yep absolutely commissioner Roger Goodell big pitcher of his base there suspended for life and how opinions Mexican grill you know always. Bothered me when they booed him it doesn't it is not anymore I'm sitting there about ninety people in the really about myself like you know what you do. If you CO fall through the draft there were in the Brady shirt oh yes although it's a set it on I've posted on FaceBook and Twitter it's like that the NFL has become one of the best comedy shows on TV via its whole areas but yes we do have Michael do that against it since the information one more time. Helping those Mexican grow they're in Walpole their address is 960. Main street in Walpole. Phone numbers 5086683900. And you won't piecing Roger Goodell there knowing. Badly or Michael Holland if there's a good news. Alison when I was leave in the Dominican government through customs yeah the guy element acts that the man and the Boston and a future big topic pick probably. Like the commercial. They thought it was. Lester Williams and now they refused you've been confused with I was gonna Michael and a car. Thank you appreciate its so probably about that the breakfast tomorrow. For structure like we got to you know French toast and a lot vote upheld the mop that Michael I don't make search good you saw the replay this. Ursula and I thought takes an in Brookline they're Coolidge corner or not. Earlier this sort of Sunday morning that they are still amazed you made light special oh Adam at age really brash and in other. Sherlock cream treat traditional stop. And got going I just ate lunch and that. Quote some kids like it like go out there that are either oh yeah will it help they are out this all of a stroke that bomb. You know they area of the third or finish I don't had a aggregate expert at the place of the Big Apple orchard my arm into alternate road. I'm not a Big Apple as a they delivered it at that. The other big for big efforts. They have breakfast they now do a lot of other things besides breakfast. And a lot of you thought that probably should just that was what they did best. Because when you think I would say now is to go big bridge as have. Eggs and Peter pancakes bacon things like that bid because they've. They were that way 1015 years ago and they decided to expand with a menu and have you know lunch and dinner menu that was not like their breakfast menu. And a lot of people. I think we're kind of thrown by that I don't think they did all that well whether it because some of closed down. They had to get up. Apple is this is but it's really got a bit and how much that the buttery finish this creative it's got. That tell me that name because it I didn't and the place in Brookline again. Stricter. How do you spell that. I. Baghdad OK listen I appreciate the Carmichael now outright without trial and those. Hey bill how aria. It's good morning how are you doing very good thank he's here. Before aside oh is illustrated studio you know my wife makes it didn't mention Nolan. Reservations yet. And very good close look at Europe's about a Brooke Burke was questioned. I think this is probably one of the best ways to on the coast Coke would go there Reagan Portsmouth. Avoided the what do you usually have when you go there. I have everything I usually have wake asparagus omelet. The you have along with what had it coming did you also create order. I don't know as that was specialty crop be not a fancy quakes and throw it up crew won eight straight up ruled on. You're paid to Newcastle those actuators that pretty fortunate. That. It's always standing by a normally you're aware of summits are just a great group are spores. You guys the copper doors located at near you in Bedford. That's pretty good restaurant. Yes let's do it puts that I did mention it before you do get a chance stride of backroom. You vote. The burden of people don't like Harry Miller are good you'll she regrets but via boat or five times higher I remember your call but it had to be over a year ago. Because I never got that. Beat that you call when you mention that our our views you're somebody asked me it's in the back group. There's a great push her and we got being you take big. Groups up there are small groups. Which stood grade there's certainly tradition is rejecting. Good area and there's this special sauce. Let let let Palin did he get media address what streets and on. Which we re talking about the. Bagram. But rode it through injury. In Bedford New Hampshire. Noted in an interest in Manchester Bedford just left of Manchester there. Destroyed. All right guys thank you very much I appreciate don't forget we got what it bites tomorrow television one hour beginning at 2 o'clock. Catchup all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is we get by its radio and W. You are GAO the voice of Boston. Hey guys Casey just joining us where you can. Like that. We've had a look at your reaction to our questions today about that Mexican restaurant perspective of male victim victim but they. Function the zone when it's better Mexico Belize as per usual. The senate veteran is that do we think so many of you for participating. I think I think some people that deserve you know an extra plug here especially the bulk of my moment. I don't know when you Newport avenue. Man we got a lot of response about that lop Obama. Newport avenue you you know when it appreciate the fact it's so many of you participated they don't forget. Featured on The Today Show Louis story carries. Famous fans restaurant at 76 worse street here pre war in which in the end. It sales Mozilla C level medical ward street and so okay. Now. Next week Saturday sentiment alias six wicket by its TV shows. On the Bruins and Red Sox television network one hour to march in the 3 PM. On Essen now if you. One less. Does feature your restaurant. Our restaurant that your favorites it's something Israeli unusual. Wyatt your favorite will make it really interesting. Send us the information to FaceBook dot com slash wicket bites TV. All right. That's FaceBook dot com slash wicked bites TV we certainly would appreciated. I'd today's program results of in Bur Dubai a gentleman there has assigned to barge going on right now serve your app. In the beach area. Wanted to go to 401 tavern this is on the North Shore for one tavern one. 401 Lafayette road in Hampton New Hampshire and visit banner Pala. The bartender a gay judge's order remind you while they have early bird specials Monday through Friday they have a Sunday brunch is going on right now. Can sassy is with me right now of Boston therapeutics weekend. I'm fine thanks and thank you very much for having me well you know it's been my pleasure to lecture down. Now I think what it what up product that is he doing a great job with it I am putting and we love your show well thank you and of course I'm the kind of person I'm perfectly do. Of the because I loved eat out. And share your dad is a product that is. Almost created for somebody exactly like me but before we get into the historians that. Let's talk about how this company that started it again. Sure well we started the company in 2000 hammock I'm a co-founder and I'm currently working as an advisor in marketing. And business development. The company started as a developer of a drugs in the diabetes. Field. In we happen to develop a non pharmaceutical product. Dietary supplement called sugar down. Via the chemistry that was involved in the in the founding of the company. Is in the area of carbohydrate. Chemistry and that was really kind of foundation of the company and we developed sure down on the basis of creating safe. Healthy products for customers. Now let me insert my thoughts here about something that you did your company that I liked and that only do you have can't okay. And that's what you take before we have a big carbohydrate meal what you also and a and I wanted to lie but I know I love the idea Choo doubled that. That's simply because we're working in a non systemic faction which means that we are not. Trying to get into the bloodstream to play around with the the various organs in the body and for blood sugar management but we're working in the mouth. First when you choose the tablet there enzymes in the saliva break down carbohydrates. And then there are also enzymes in the intestine. The user alpha glucose today's and Amelie seasons and such. By making it ritual tablet. We're blocking the enzymes. In the mouth. And then as the material you know makes its way through your digest of system were blocking the enzymes. You know further down in the digest assistant. Leaving smaller amount available shooter to be absorbed into your system. Now one thing that I. If you're over fifty I would think it. You know had to be over 52 to it most certainly not media but let's say if you are you more prone to. Right eye and an out you gotta what you share files you don't have a choice mother nature is to give you choice you've got to watch your sugar levels. Therefore mother nature you know fool with mother nature mode that commercial sure. She cells are created potato salad. And pastas and breads and there the carbohydrates and there partnership between something's gotta be can't take very seriously. And this is just one product that really really helps and has been extremely successful with people. I have to say I've got a lot of people that told me about right if you know actually capsules so tough. And and that that the capsule with a tool. Aversion have figured out in the capsule to take awesome because if you're planning on going out in the you know you're going to. We love Italian restaurants Aaron in NATO that a lot of costs a lot of great rates or don't go. OK it's just that simple here. Right ear taking capsule before. And you you're you're you're doing something that's safe for your body safe for you and you can still enjoy those products but. I had the most important question evidence he yes explain why the sugar now. It's a great question that ushered down. Is that you will tablet that you take before your meals snacks drinks anything that contains carbohydrates. Particularly. Foods that are hike like scenic index foods which means they make your blood sugar go fast. It's made with natural ingredients. And works. In your intestinal system your gastrointestinal tract not being absorbed in your bloodstream and the reason is. That we are blocking the enzymes. In your mouth and in year. Small intestine that chop the large carbohydrates are Polly sacker rides into simple sugars like glucose and the effect basically is reducing the amount of sugar that is absorbed. In your body. And right now. That's the key thing that's which are trying to do absorb the amount of sugar was introduced into your body. Now if you don't mind I have something that that I refer to all the time to make sure that I say that things right because this is what is important for people to understand. Shivered down actually as you said blocks a carb and sugar and it's clinically tested. Right that's right yes that's very very hate it it is clinically tested to reduce after meal sugar spikes. And that can help you. If this is that part of a crisis but it can have you wait too that's right. Yeah for for your listeners of their curious they can go to clinical trials dot gov and just do a search for sure down in the confined data about the product there. What we did addressing amply clinical trials dot got clinical trials that at the end. We have conducted small studies at Dartmouth university. Sydney university in Australia. And one is being completed now at China university in Hong Kong and so. For people standing by they can certainly looked at up on that site and just stay in touch you know with. You know with the latest news you gotta be cocky sure about this though because. You also offer. A sixty day money back guarantee it that and I know you're gonna take advantage of that prevented or obviously you've been a bit different quite awhile. So must be working. That's right pat and the reason that we offer that to our customers it is simply that we believe in the product. Well all of our hearts and and we want to give people the opportunity. To try to product for a period of time and it may not work for every one. You can't say this is gonna work for the whole world and in for you know right people from you know five years old at eighty years old. They're gonna be some people who would like to. Try to product and we like give them the opportunity in I think it's good fair business practice to offer that sort of guarantee you know. If you if you don't do it please do it for your loved ones. Because it would Tuesday Euro long long time that your. And if you wanna stay or Ireland on ten. You got to manage future. You don't have a choice I and you have presented the world with a great opportunity to do guess that. And you're so confident in it again I'll repeat there is a sixty day money back guarantee. That's out sure you guys are pictured out that'll work for you now what got to duke it is to tell everybody exactly how to get it. All right so you go to shoot down that come at upland cotton okay. Simply go to Lou sugar down that Cobb. Yet and simple enough sugar down dot com could do and most important telephone call if you have made to date. In your life. Are you gotta do is to call it on don't want to do (%expletive) about that come or you do both 80278. 4939. Net guys it that quickly because they wanna tell you that. That is a number that you can call and get all the information you need about sugar down and how it blocks carved in sugar. And again it daily details about the clinic in the clinically testing that they've done over the years so see for yourself 80278. 4939. Ventured out that comic and 80278493. Night do it today used to coat. Radio. And you get 10%. Off I wanted to figure this is it dietary. Supplement to do things about carb and sugar. And you but I answer okay. You can see for yourself again outs a sugar down dot com that number's 80278. 4939 do it right now use a code word adults and again radio get 10% op visit sugar down that com. Or call 80278. 493 nabbed by the way it's also available on Amazon can thank you so much for visiting us today thank you very much that pleasure of the year. Archie got all that information demo buzz out like that. That you ovals. It did and that's I'm here for enemy it says mixed Berry flavor but anyway here's an armored car. And if he would say if you go any use though the cold radios that 10% off. A visit sugar down dot com. Or call 802784939. If he does help you wait a case just made on doctor I don't even play one on TV. I had some book I had so we'll follow it tourist amounted to achieve this truth okay. Because wrists or not they routine especially. As for those of you that know me know that there is a ship that is one of my favorite shifts in all of doing subpoena. He is this shift at at the restaurant in Winchester now. The cheers of course is in the north and then it very difficult to get into that. This one is is better I think I'm sorry this might upset some do but I think it's better. In the one of the north and is planning a parking right there. Eleven Mount Vernon street Winchester rested on the loot she yeah I. And of course everybody there about there about six it was to have them try that must have been let in cutter rose. And borrowers and OK missed about these notes the right now I understand it Joseph. And I hate them. It wants to clarify something that I said a few moments ago GO. It's all yours. Yes good good morning Dario did you do. Not too bad not too bad no I just remember I hit it on the Food Network along time ago when they were doing like history and origins of where things they affirm. And one of the things was that they had brought up was the French GAAP and said that what happened was there was a police officer who your audience to get some lunch it was in kind of a wash. And what happened was the person that was cooking making a meal for him. Accidentally had dropped. One of the pieces of the roll into the gosh you and when that had happened he had offered him make him another one and that no that he had to couple. And that was just one of the I guess we yardages origins of where they thought it came from. Is actually true places. That claim to have done it and one of them is. Police say the original and the other 1 is cold Pacific electric update. Which both claim that they had come up with a sandwich and I'm not trying to correct you're not trying to step on anyone's toes but. I guess it's still seeing what this could really be a mystery. Didn't that sort of is a couple of restaurants in Boston and argue that which one is the oldest. Right right a guy who ended a union oyster house of Rick Rick. We goblet I think that the C. Product became moderate to absolutely fantastic. Yeah I absolutely and that's what made me think minister when I had a the other day when I was there for whatever so it was the it was the bread that went in not the meat that's weird. Your confusion was open but you know either way comes out to be a great sale actually edit that part I just missed Bo yeah exactly yeah. A salute that now we know Michael and knowing that the model but I demos or wrong yeah. Back in 1959 and I product from an injury right yet the air out of the you know you know whatever ideas they took you might Stephen king's first jobless. I have no idea you'll never again want to use it in he worked in an industrial laundromat. And on that note and that. And they have from from Gideon the play gave him from their notes. That bit of concede we closed the play I don't listen guys thank you so much for listen don't go to where I got a lot of faith coming up here aren't. You list into which invites and 680 AN WRKO. And it is bright to you in part by ship it out don't forget you can go to 802 and 78. 4939. In order your eyes or go to Amazon. Heather's daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though with all the food that's famous and then run them that leopard Collins. I'd friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurant and paper and Nashua. At the all American tavern food escape king sides. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib feet all American tavern Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. The area. Leave hungry. And get back to more with it by trading with pat with Lee in just a secondly tell you about. A rare coins do that I think you need to write his name down because maybe you have a where corn collection they even sitting on for years and you just won again and appraise what you wanna honest appraisal. Well worn those of rare point of New Hampshire travels the country looking for rare going to the guy that we use right here on with it by trade in the that would be restaurant program. To guide that you could trust like we do. His number is 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Whether you're looking to buy rare coins maybe buy gold or silver. Or sell he's they got a call Warren males rare coins of New Hampshire 800. 2257264. Salvatore said several locations including Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's their district open for lunch and dinner. But did you know that each of their locations as a separate section on their menu. Call the sheriff's playground and on that section the chef from that location decides what he wants to make. So it may be his favorite dish or maybe it dish that's just kind of suited for that area. Go in tried for yourself Salvatore is Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's Peter disaster. Get it was a wicket by its radio don't forget to go on our FaceBook and like us wicket bites TV on FaceBook makes you do that comments we watch or videos that go up there keep updated on the shows and everything. The Banesha restaurant. Route 11012 output streak in Haiti role brings in this portion of the restaurant program that's a got to find a Saddam you're also gonna fine. They're famous three pound baked stuffed lobster with at the nation's famous walnut stuffing it's so popular. And there are times that just run out of the Venetian restaurant and you can also go and enjoy their great prize that they have. Or their prime rib king or queen cut its hand cut and slow roasted to perfection. Now they're only open for dinner. There opened today at 2 PM for dinner they're closed on Monday as the open Tuesday through Saturday at 4 PM to 930 and again on Sundays starting at 2 PM the Cindy Sheehan restaurant route 11012. Alpha street right there. On the due in April line just opera for 95. Two guys smoke shop was founded in 1985. And I hear you guys will drop was Q what great experience in the past election that's the God's. In the world. Highest volume retail forgot shoppers who got smoked off in the is a reason it's a great experience weight you see us election. A lot cigar experts that. A perfect that got Iraq private home to a U. Two guys smokes off its stogie have a hockey. The sassy and wicked fights radio. We're all about the food babies your life did you know wicket by its radio on WRK oh no voice of Boston's. Big. I don't know guy's body of Baghdad. Was holocaust day having good Mexican restaurants out get to La Paloma just have a number of about it. There are some other wonderful restaurants that were recommended on the program and we certainly thank you. We're doing just that next week. Well next week that's a week before Mother's Day right. So we're going to be Kenneth descended from a statement meant it was up. The the show next week is that he had this Saturday for Mother's Day sure. You'd you'd you don't know a sounds great some nine elevenths terrorism mission but I'm not again you have an excellent I think. I'm a slave to my Google calendar but I know it's in there. Yet incidents I it wasn't Richard showed you this. Your talent the first thing has fangs were invaded and created. The hamburger and I've told the story if Russia really serve wrought one time went to Hamburg Germany. They start. And then it will exported there into the United States but she does look that up no picnic. Everybody thought you know whatever whatever whatever looked at by guys hit good. Later that yet amber waves created here. At louis' lunch in New Haven, Connecticut and guess who was there scotsman you know wicket by Stevie and now I in the it has to be that it should back in 19100 about the given look that would do that that's righted. One day in 19100 a Russian businessman asked Louis lesson percent think quick. That he could either on the run less and could tip of beef patty. Put it between some bread. And sit command on his way. And it pretty modest beginnings but they kept there and more and more and more and more of those. They are cooked in ancient against Joseph which of referring to its ancient gas goes. And just like it is absolutely no ketchup allowed by the way. No mix and don't Cohen is at but some onions did do it the way they tag it to do it but now this said they're known as the inventor of the hamburger. And that Library of Congress says itself. Amazing you know and it must be in it must be an older generational thing how much of a lake traditional. Foods and comfort food like burgers and hot dogs and stuff. Really hate catch up. And like it's really one of those condiments that I think's. Really come to popular or my generation like the eighties most of because every like traditional classic play should go louis' lunch or for instance last night though I was in Rhode Island went only bill for the cup winners and coffee milk. But there are signs on the wall sing at the US for ketchup you can go to hell you know I mean that there is like a re you'll catch up like. Discrimination and don't know what the older places that something you don't realize until you go to one of these. Classic traditionally prepared places now and it could also be geographical thing. I don't I don't know my life I you know I'm from the south Everett yes okay. People still can't just don't want the kitchen appliance family. That's the sounds insane to me. That's what it and that's within. Little bit of Frank's red bottom on there I'm OK none of them can that is if kids are free hash Bruno that everything was cooked in lard it was spicy president elect. Actually of course and laugh. Now heart attack away that way and yet that's though that actually no I'm joking of course I don't mind that quite so much because when you have breakfast if aspirants in the ketchup there and you mix it into the where is accurate ceremony of congress of course of course. Of that's out of places that I care remembered answered the phenomenal grants you know. Was a traitor that's tease for next list of eat grits you know no economic shoes you know. I'm kind of at army where it was moved. Where was it was in Mexico things are. Actually go at it this Fister certificates knowing who in the name of an art. Very. Biased for three Seve says that it sure okay that don't overcoat come. All right. Immigrants. And in the butter on top of the ports in that order and make it and and toast. And and you cut the oak. You know and let it seep into the grid. And the butter. And bacon. Breakfast that isn't that it is so. Rates. And that is the struggle of the show now I'm starving that's what I said earlier today ahead no breakfast today I am. Diane now. I can't wait to get out of here Marco no reflection on you and salute the same way right and data suggest. I guess that means we edit data. Tried music gets a senator Chris that the big is awful and behind them talking among. OK let's move on to thank you for listening look into and don't forget that we can bites TV two shows tomorrow and our. 2 until 3 o'clock on lesson of the a whole bunch of them during the course of next week. On nests and television ad panel and he's my bag guys. Good advice radio with pat Quigley is a press.