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Maura Healey tells you to "hold it." 4/28/16

Apr 28, 2016|

Do you agree with Maura Healey?

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Oh boy it's a plus then yeah. In the great WRKO. LOK airports that. Oral find out songs great job guys. In the ladies' room. I saw that sets up our next story but before I get about. Getting awful lot of taxing calls from people OK so what a lot of best audience in the business compelling book I mean each week. How well informed us audience is incredible OK but anyway here's what all of you are saying. Distributed. Does it is not the same thing as being made. So just because something is distributed let's say from New Jersey or whatever doesn't mean it's made in New Jersey. Hershey according to many of the techsters they're the ones moving to Mexico. As far as Snickers. A lot of the techsters are saying actually have to call home. And yes they have their headquarters in New Jersey accent era but if you actually column much of it is actually made in Mexico. So we kept what you can't even make our Hershey's bar or Snickers bar anymore in America. This is really this is sure yet. Now she we only outside of that dole commercial that I do I think outside of bill's. Okay that's up. And current. Poke our press is our Brady said could you do it right now could you miss the read in but I didn't mister reed okay. I did mystery. Okay. Our Carol do it later okay I'm sorry so apparently I missed the reefs which he's Matta OK but let that ago. So we make they'll lawless I think that's about it now we don't make anything else so we can you make chocolate bars anymore see that's too much. Because of what the globalism gone to this country okay. And belt you what we do it outside or else. We make sick mourn about loss. Rule. When it comes to transgender laws bathroom laws. There's nobody better than the good old USA today this we've got down to what. Everything you boy at RJ nothing is made in America but I'll tell you what is made in America. Rankin was always from Oprah right beside young girls my problem warming can use a restaurant restroom a men's room a problem. Think that that's all made in the USA. OK so listen to this this is unbelievable. Hi all there is not a massive public outcry. In the people's republic of march to choose its in maps. Is Timmy beyond it's beyond me. Especially. From the woman and from women out there from. All of the women out there I I can't believe that. Our state attorney general. Mora he'll. Apparently she's very proud of this. The first. Lesbian. Long. A political figure that has been come out openly as gay openly as a lesbian. They Moret Healy. Was asked recently. Before a state house panel. About the so called transgender. Rights bill. That she in particular and many other Democrats up on Beacon Hill have been vigorously. Portion I mean she and partake killer. Has been riding this issue now for over a year. She has been pushing Charlie Baker she has been pushing lawmakers on the hill this bill she says it's a civil rights issue of our time. Tripod gay marriage was a civil rights issue of our time noticed whenever they want a porch something is the civil rights issue of our time while this apparently. Allowing grown man to go on the ladies' restroom. That's it their way into women's rooms and and public lockers and public show hours and public schools. Not about throws bats that civil rights issue of our time. And so I wanna give a hat tip how we car. Because I was listening to how we yesterday. And how we played this clip. Of Maurice Healy. Our own state attorney general. Who was asked point blank well what an awful lot of women feel uncomfortable. They see a strange adult male. Dressed completely as a man. Walking around in a ladies' room. Young girls. Teenagers women and what if they feel really uncomfortable and hence they won't go into the bathroom. Listened. Tour unbelievably. Arrogant condescending answer roll it Britain. I get into it deeply troubled over the last year with what we've seen. With some of their rhetoric it people's at ten seats teacher really distract the public. By discussing this is a bathroom bill. And it and I say if you got that much of a problem hold it. Who the hell does she think she is telling me to hold. Who she think she is. She's a bully. And honestly ever should call her. And tell her disgusting she is with what she just sat it's disgusting. I Britney was a red hot about this all morning. I mean honestly she's redhawks. She is she's been pushing for me to do this I mean I think you want the lead with finishing could we got a real trump crew was obviously but I mean. She's completely right. Here OK as a joke I was joking around with her okay. The beginning of the show she comes in she sets up the month harsh to music the comment she says Jeff I gotta make a quick feel pit stop I got to go to the restaurant. And I'm joking I'm playing off for more Healey right and I OK hold that hold lipped. Now imagine if I wasn't kidding imagine if I was serious. I should come on the whole bit. I would be embarrassed. I would be embarrassed. To tell a female coworker are calling. What nation. I mean but I'm forgive me wish all of. And not on all day rocky. Not a hey wait we says we're gonna go outside so I'll take you for a walk easier to your business. Easy will hold our. I'm not finished yet we spoke although I'm when I'm gone animal go. She's gonna tell a grown woman a hole lipped. I shouldn't have to hold that I shouldn't be uncomfortable in a bathroom I shouldn't but he. I shouldn't have to hold it and I shouldn't have to go home to go to the bathroom Mara. Oh lush enough phone call from you later Alia. I mean if this is incredible. And she stands there with this sanctimonious. Arrogance smirk on her face. And funeral lecturing. The women of Massachusetts. That at the girls of Massachusetts our daughters our wives or girlfriends. Well you know if there is. A male a male adult just you know walked around the ladies room who thinks in his mind the identifies as a woman. Bad day for that moment. And you don't wanna go win about just get a hold it just squeeze an old baby just squeeze at all. She's the state attorney general's. Purge all. Purge wrong. Is to protect the citizens of all of Massachusetts. Months. And she's now telling. The women. Our mothers and daughters of the states. Well you know you don't wanna show our with the guy besides you'll admit kid that led to a bad Coleman shower. Man. You don't what you got to go to the bathroom under some guy walking around looked forgive me is a generation long just hang out there. Too bad hold it turn around look wait. Waits. And hopefully you don't you don't you don't soiled your pants. Are you freaking kidding me. And what's incredible is according to the liberals in the box. I'm extremist. And she's a bar enforcement special Angel she's Smart are you kidding me this is unbelievable. So listen to. This okay and sold the Massachusetts family institute. Which by the way they do phenomenal work well their president Andrew backward if came out I think frankly he was too classy OK he's spot on don't get me wrong but maybe even a bit too diplomatic. Quote I think it's hypocritical. Yes thank. People like myself organizations like the Massachusetts family institute that are concerned about the privacy and safety of all women and children. If we made a suggestion about transgender people if we said you know just hold it. We would have been called bigots and haters and trans phobic. Here is the attorney general who is supposed to be the chief attorney for every one in the commonwealth. And she's telling people like my six year old daughter that she asked the quote hold. And of course I Hugh Lee's office is now being I'm being bombarded. With phone calls. Bombarded with phone calls. And now she's dismissing the listener she's dismissing the criticism. And she's firing back marchers at the Massachusetts family institute but basically almost everybody in Massachusetts. Slapping using a boogie man is scared can't peaks. It came into lead only a transgender individuals. Should be treated differently than anyone else. So let me get this straight I'm really. If I put on a New England Patriots official. New England Patriots football Jersey with the number twelfth and it says Brady on the back. I Delphi with Tom Brady I'm serious. And I think I'm Tom Brady and I claimed to be Tom Brady did does does Robert Kraft cut me a check. Dwight get whatever it is Tom Brady makes whatever it is and is gonna make up a number whatever. Whatever from 500000 dollars a week whatever gets paid. Dwight get a 500000 dollar check every week. Because I want suddenly I think Tom Tom Brady. This is insulting. This is the meaning frankly this is in knots. Now I don't know how to say this with live I don't know how are our foot I'm in the Twilight Zone. Like you're a lunatic who I don't really I feel like the inmates are running the asylum I don't know how to argue with the crazy person because this is insanity. Now look. It's really simple it really is simple. If you're a man. And you got the. Bombing of a man you go to amends or. And you shower and a man and a male locker room and a male were an NN and a shower that's where you go if year old woman and you got the plumbing novel woman. Then you go to a ladies' room. Or you shower and a women's rumor women's shower room or any change in a women's locker room. Now if you think you're a man that's your problem. If you think you're a woman that's your problem then get a sex change operation. Period full stop. What Timmy is even worse and I'm gonna play this audio coming up next as well okay. The blow back against target park Shay is a late call it. Is now I mean they're gonna lose a lot of money the eighties furious. And I'm looking at this outplay the audio now men are openly asking can I going to the ladies are having a short one and they don't have weeks they don't have scored the latest Philip look at me I'm a big guy I'm 4550. Years of age. Can Michael straight into the ladies' room yeah. Williams stopped me know if women complain we've got a literary they're going Kutcher about them or the complaint. You've got a family restroom. How liberals can be defendant. That offense it. How they can be offended all the time but I can't be offended by this I can't be if I am a big. Why why is not that concerned about my safety or my niece is it in my daughter's safety or anything like that I'm concerned about app but I am a big hit you break. Off. I mean it's incredible. The normal people cannot be offended have you noticed that. Every fringe group every move bad group and I've got to say this OK I've got to say look I've gone to target. A guy I used to why not now on board my wife isn't but I'm boycotting so you know my weight may have to go but I'm not going. I know I have to change Davis sometimes I used to change Washington. I know this for a fact there is a men's room and there's a women's room and there's a family restroom and let me tell you what's inside the family restaurant okay. It's a unisex. Single stalled bathroom you coming you closed door is very nice assert very roomy there's a toilet. There's a Euro renal. There's a little place to change for the baby you know for the kids there's a sink which opened Powell's. If you wanna use a toilet because I don't know your man what you think you're a woman or whatever and you can use the toilet. If you wanna use the urinal and I don't care year old woman you think German you wanna try it that way it would be urinal that's up to you'll. What's the problem. Well really what's the problem. And I've got to say this I've really got to say this. Because Maurice Healy makes a big thing about that she's a lesbian and she's out of the closet and she's so proud to be a lesbian and she's part of the LG BT movement and on and on. And Charlie Baker is got a brother was gay and we had to change the marriage laws because his brother wanted to marry is gay lover another OK so you've got same sex marriage okay Charlie. Your brother now Scott marital bliss okay. Now. I get honestly really OK I get no GB. I get it. I can wrap my mind around OK you're lesbian okay year old woman. And you're attracted to other women you wanna sex what other women you want a partner with other women run up OK again. I'm a man. But I feel attracted to other men and the and on my own web when a sex with him wanna marry a one up all okay I guess. I'm bisexual I'm I can go both weights I'm a switch hitter. OK I can. I can go with Amanda. I think what a woman depends on how I feel I can go both ways OK even though OK I can wrap my mind around that. Honey you go from LGD. To teach. That's the part that I don't get. From the beginning it was always LG BT I'm like OK the lesbian part again and it's. Big game part again it the right organize a different story but I get it. I'm the bisexual part okay you wanna go both ways okay. Dot I get. But how do you get the transgender. Honey seriously how do you get to I'm a man. But I think come want them today Mao. I'm more momentum. But I think I'm mom and I don't normally be literate the public know it depends. I'm highly suddenly get to transgender. Because they're argument is more important to each I'm just gay porn get I'm born lesbian it's just I can't change when am OK I get to. I'm born bisexual Jeff I don't know what is she a woman wants the butter a similar don't wanna sleep what limits do go both ways. OK I get attention to why am Jeff okay I get. But how do you get to that deep part. Where ally mom I. Brittany you know what I feel like a woman. I home on Hawaii. After a just Modano flying is a woman now I want to go to the woman's restroom. How does this have anything to do how does the T have anything to do with the Belgian G and the B. And this this is our attorney general. What she told let some mince words what she COLT. The mothers and daughters for women of Massachusetts. You got to go to a bathroom. Under some creep under some male stranger they're. Blank golf. He told us that she doesn't care about us so much being an attorney general blank off exactly what you said McKnight no not that I don't care what she said it was Britney I'm not trying to I'm not on Iran has been. Which she said to you was this. Blank you. Outlaws if she gets my vote next and stress erratic and you know what you know let the voters SA the exact same thing that she sent glass like Q2 oh. Blank to me Marmol blank you manage Europe next go ahead Max. Oh my god yeah I was fortunate Ali last night and I was like I couldn't believe. When I haven't heard the results of that you know that more people are OK with math that you aren't. And then what I heard why. I am a woman and that the Cuban born and you know what I'm not. A lot debate it action. I would about it not slowed it apps. We have got to do something happened to that I feel like in in a private matter is I don't sometimes that. I agree with your Macs but I mean is it just me or is getting worse. I think it's getting large check and I'm Kia when I heard that last and I Ali I want well Alia oil is just not that. But when I was last night I know you will app but no I don't. Is so funny a guy like Howie but but let that go. I buddy ill and that there are my god my opinion on. It like there. You know I would have a state badly up LT BP command and you know communities. Like that that's not. And I cap I'm you know lesbian and I have a broader. Whatever they do they do I didn't know that they were and and and wind OK what is people that I identity crisis. I didn't I didn't realize that I thought the LPG was dated half a crisis because they knew. Look at part of it is that I actually they do all of my. Spot op and I I was at a lot of but Hamlet Saudi dump in all of this transgender and it all of bunch of TV just like the white people are needed Allen country okay is you know why. You know it's basically what Britain that there are allowed out a cat. It's OK. Anybody else is there anything about and it acts but it I would say and and against anybody. I've tried it. You know that played a lot of that you know you don't let you know what arrogant everything. Well that's why I'm for everything and I put this country and I say god bless America and get back online on all let. Amen. Amen Max. 6172666868. OK my friends more que es office phone number please. Take it down give her a call really. Especially the women out there. Please for you for your daughters for us okay for. For your mother for everybody I know how you feel 617727220617. 727. Want the 200. OK now apparently. There's their. That there wanna put a lot of you want voicemail. So call 61772078406177278400. And say you know one. Mora I don't know you hold it and I don't hold it and you'll. I have been to deeply troubled over the last year with what we seen. With some of their rhetoric in people's it tests each teacher really distract the public. By discussing this is a bathroom bill. And it and I say if you got that much of a problem holding it alone. That of course was our own state attorney general Moret Healy. Big defender of the transgender rights bill and she's saying damn you know if you're a woman or. Whatever a teenager. Female and you're in about thrown. And there is a man there and you feel uncomfortable well just leave and hold it go bad. 6172. 666868. Is the number OK my friends. There's a breaking story right now I'm I'm working looking into it but there is a man with a possible bomb. Strapped to his chest. Patty TV a local TV station in Baltimore. According to a security guard who was there this man allegedly two weeks it's still hasn't been pinned down we don't know this for certain yet. But he said he wants to blow up the building. And sources in Baltimore to local TV station. Hopefully this is not a terrorist act hopefully this person doesn't have a bomb. Strapped to his chest but we'll find out shortly so I just want you know were on top of that story. Natalie Europe next go ahead Natalie. Kinda doubt tilt into my point shelf. What percentage of the population is transgender do we know. It's kind of be less than 1% it's got to be like point 001. Or something. What percentage of the the population are sex offenders. Yeah I'll go to your post office at least in my count the count all the library. Every bulletin board has pictures of sex offenders in the area at a court and it didn't quite read or can't do anything about these people just be aware that there there. OK I have been a small town gap. Or five of these guys in the Al. So. How do you know if you're safe shopping at a town that isn't yours and then the guy in there how do you know a Smart woman and that the reality. Smart women profiled. At I'm at an intersection and then the guy walking across the intersection I make sure I locked my door has nothing to do with race. Smart women have to be aware that she's vulnerable. You don't know what any man might do. It could really hit it crap in the street how going out and Smart and make sure those doors are locked. And I believe belt wrapped try our only Hispanic kids and put down. People with like you know common sense. That they put it down as. You know we are different apathy it better than art because they are reality based how did that anyway based in reality. Natalie I have to ask it's okay if you're. Target that's private I understand this bill only deals with public facility look at your your local YOK. You finished your work out. Now you want to head off to the bathroom and take a shell in the in the in the run in the in the locker room and there you are trying to take a shower. And there's a man. He's got no hairy chest he's got there the anatomy of a man and he's completely make it. And he's your showering beside you. Leave aside the sexual predators. Leave aside already all of the incidents that have been now reported. Of men going into ladies' rooms with their little iphones. Taping women taping a little girls okay we've all at a site. He's claiming he thinks he's a woman. Very showering next to you or walking in front of you completely naked. As a woman how do you mean. How do you feel about that is true to be put in that situation. Well I must be bigoted and hateful because I would be alarmed by that in any differently but those might be racist. Although well except that whenever it makes me. But again. I profile and email that I don't know because if you want to avoid being attacked a Smart woman at the Wear purple brown ink. And recognizing potential that there are perfect and yeah I mean what am I gonna have to I have been completely insulated from now. Self defense in have to learn self defence and immediately and it. Bring a gun yeah I get to empower yourself. Getting stopped at that course that sponsored by the police department and that's what beat hot that keep your eyes open and appeared surrounding. Welcome to your car before you get a look in the backseat of the car but what you get and all of these things. Because and and they actually have a look like they did at both the people who attacked women approached them at. And you know what I thought walked out of my car. Because we didn't simply. Wish to help other people and let her know that and they take advantage of women good natured desire to help. And that makes them vulnerable to you have to beat that this year if you don't want you know I mean nothing every man has been attacking anybody. But I mean it's not how did not that we are in a cultural rape of women five women can't defend our way. A bit. That big a fact that you didn't want it. Brilliant I would have messed with Natalie that's a share Natalie I got it you know people have called the Ann Coulter of corner country. Floyd now I would want to meet in the dark Alley I gotta tell you this Natalie my money's on you the. And I even deeper that that all I'm protect well I don't think it like that very much a well at that at all. Natalie thank you so much god bless him at 6172666868. Is the number. Brittany look she made a very good point off the air and I wanted to say it again on the year she's as you know she's a millennial OK she's 26. We often meet with our operations manager Michael. Was he 3233. Brittany honestly I'm not sure in thickness thirties downs in his early thirty identifies the millennial as well. And so one of the discussions that we often have. Is that let's say we don't older Prius and I'm 46 I still think of a young man but let that go. That you know with compared to like older conservatives. Had their gay issued a lesbian issue of same sex marriage just. Doesn't strike a chord with them the way they say it does with their parents or people or a little bit older and so it's an interesting discussion that we have. And Britney was making the point she goes look I'm a millennial. I went to school with gays and lesbians. Gays and lesbians are my friends. I mean they're my friends. It's not just aligned to my France. But where's the respect for us. I am I'm. In my mistrial on this saying I mean it doesn't have anything to do with the d.s or lesbians or transgender. Is it what. I'm upset about is what more Healy said and the disrespect. You're an attorney general of ST. And you don't care you have no respect for others evidently. And you know we and money else some on else on liberal Mondale's. They are disrespectful towards other people's opinions and stuff and I tried to do is understand other people's opinions and respect what people believe and thanked. And I think that there needs to be more of that and to open and Dirk I haven't the conversation. 6172666868. OK now listen to this okay I'm. This this you've got to listen to this so as you know target now the boycott target movement. Which I'm a proud member of my wife isn't she says she asked to pay the bills. Do the shopping take care of the kids so she thinks I have too many boycotts in my life but let that go okay. I'm I'm mad I'm part of the boycott RJ movement. And I am a proud member. It's going everywhere it's catching the country by fire. And so one guy. Dave dobbyn Meyer hope I'm pronouncing his name correctly. How as a YouTube account it's called coach Dave TV so he's a coach and my sky. Any uploaded this video a couple of days ago where he deliberately he went to a local target. Any approaches an employee I gotta say she's a very nice employees who were the very nice girl or woman I guess is a younger woman. And he just says look I'm a guy. And he comes and completely as an anomaly that like you but doesn't have a week on he has an out year reigning C doesn't have a skirt. You know he's like a man would jeans and a T shirt and a baseball cap and always coming and completely as a as a grown male. And he says what's your policy regarding men using women's Rome and Karl I just going right now and would you stop me. Listen to this. Role it Brittany. Can tremble and target store go talk to the manager or maybe she can give me answer that question about. Up to restrooms. How you doing good morning Dave Yana. He asked me to him I just been hearing things about your questions and I just wanted to get it from horses now and Steffi recently went what is the. That policy is slow the policy murders down lies whatever you like I am tired so. Is the. Reps that you are OK Susan is there. Is there any qualifications I mean for instance what would prevent me right now king often that won't. So the only thing to me sent to us lives honestly what you write their eyes hurt actor who is weary expression there's nothing. From odds that he doesn't show and I think we learned that no we don't have. Commanders. We understand as. That's got to. Why can some golf is that that's concerning to me and sure you understand. Yeah I mean I definitely understand your answer. Was moderately to get more information on enter you know like Gil is right on right now. That's okay cool so. Just to make sure I'm right I could in fact use one instrument if you identify yourself as a don't mind. It's this is this what the reporter for the person thinks that could change tomorrow night. And how much and put on the spot and try to. Then I understand I'm glad you bring me your concern on the other thing is we have a number I definitely. Everyone here. At the policy I like you know I understand pigeon. You're the one really matters is who the person on the ground assessment team didn't understand what holds yep but this is storewide partner. Company might not necessary you know that's yet this is average court at all and this is corporate there for the average. Your sweetheart it. They haven't met on her. I appreciate it. And. Okay bring media of all that. Or get us OK so because the best is yet to come up the best but there's more and so. A candidate or up against the break your arm to wanna play all of it for you but so it is just tell us about there's a number called the 1800 number that's a very polite way. You know what you're the audio old fashioned definition of diplomacy is right. Telling somebody the gold you know blank off. And having them enjoy it so when they start giving viewed the 1800 number. That's a very diplomatic with respect of global like call off guys out that the call yeah yeah. Yeah or should concern OK we value you as a customer blank off. So so this guy. So he says let me just sort of appealed to the restrooms. And aren't they at least putting signs up to warn women don't. There may be a man in here and noble people the alarm it'll be frightened under its company policy or whatever listen Dennis. Roll it Britain. So they heard folks and I'm gonna go for him to see something to restroom. No warning at all. Man. Please enough. Turning unpaid merchandise impressed. And over here when. No warning that commandment in the Clinton library campaign fashion. Understand from target. They see if I were him outrageous I would have gone in I swear. Others though what the help it keep gaping outlook gone and you hell all hell all. Hopefully there's nobody in America the minute data that. I even made it for the guys go ahead guys we'll. Local communities. So much cleaner Revere that in the men's room born women really are the more civilized sex out. Let me look bad at and then a woman comes in go to a measure that long ago. There's what like I've and he goes high. I identified as a warm. My name is not gay it's dead the car you can. I just filled as tying it around here I'm are you OK with this because how did I mean on transgender heard. A whole court you don't complain I have rights to like go right to be here. I thought well I ordered on a fire or him 6172666868. You know why you didn't. Because of the woman came in and saw him she pick her purse and clock him right over event and I wouldn't blame.