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Cruz forms unholy alliance with Kasich to stop Trump. 4/25/16

Apr 25, 2016|

What do you make of this alliance?

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Huge story developing from last night. Regarding an alliance that has now been formed are calling a partnership where it really is an alliance. To me an unholy alliance. Between senator Ted Cruz and Jauron changed the channel Kasich. And with now trump on the verge. Of a wipe out landslide victory in tomorrow's Super Tuesday the last Super Tuesday so. Primary. Which will be tomorrow I will be on by the way special edition of the corner report. From seven to 10 PM tomorrow so I will have election coverage for you with the results coming in analysis taking your calls. Tomorrow between seven and then I hope all of you can join me. But the latest polls now show trump clearly dominating. The last 26. In Pennsylvania. 26. Connecticut 34. Plus 34. Rhode Island plus 38. He's leading beach in Delaware he's leading in Maryland. Now he looks poised to white as a clean sweep. To wipe the floor with cruising Kasich in all five states. And then the next big one will be Indiana delegate rich Indiana. We're trump is currently leading cruise depending on the polls by five or six percentage points. So if trump wins Pennsylvania tomorrow and the other four states. Paroles and the Indiana wins delegate rich Indiana it's pretty much over except for the fat lady sing. I mean Dan it's the crews and Kasich might might as well just pack up and call it quits. And so in an act of cleared desperation. And that's what this is now clear desperation. Last night both the crews and the Kasich camp paints. Released concurrent statements. Concurrently. Saying that now they were essentially forming a partnership and alliance to block the nomination to prevent trump from winning. And what they're gonna do is this starting today Kasich will no longer be campaigning in Indiana. He's gonna pull this team out of Indiana the market to spend a penny a shackle or Ruble. All of their resource is out he says if his supporters still wanna support I am going head. But he's no longer going to be campaigning in Indiana to give crews a clear off a clear shot to beat trump in Indiana. Cruise's now gonna return the favor. By telling telling his campaign. To pull out completely from Oregon and New Mexico. So he will not be campaigning anymore and or again or New Mexico. Nor spending a penny or any resource is whatsoever. To give Kasich. Just like Tom Brady. It's rigged. It's rigged. And in this case instead of the NFL elites. Trying to punish Brady and punish the patriots. For aid being so successful and beat because of their political allegiances or at least. Brady's political allegiance to trump. Now you have Ted Cruz I want you to think about this okay. He's supposed to be mr. anti establishment. He's supposed to be the constitutional as conservative and now you're getting in bed with the embodiment of establishment. The establishment sky. The last hope of the Republican establishment and and the rhinos in the chamber of commerce in the donor class. Drawn change the channel Kasich. Mr. ram amnesty Kasich. Mr. expanding Medicaid Kasich. Mr. Big government case such. All of a sudden now you're getting in bed with him. This guy. Who should be a part of the the problem within the Republican Party. And to do what it. Because you can't win a three person race against trump or because Kasich can't win a three person race against romp. So now you're playing all of these games it's collusion. Dirk coal loading. And they're doing it to try to stop them block trump if he's so bad why can't you just make your case against him. Why all of these games won it all of these shenanigans. And sold the crews campaign. Released their statement as did the Kasich campaign. And it's said this according to Cruz campaign manager Jeff Rowe. Having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket in November would be assured disaster for Republicans. Not only would trump did blown out by Clinton are senders. But having him as our nominee would set the party back a generation. Let me stop right there. Latest polls are now. Chomping and Hillary are now in an absolute dead heat. How does this guarantee Hillary victory numero one O but number two base. The Republican voters are speaking. They know full well quit that Hillary's gonna be the nominee. They know full well or most likely going to be the nominee if she's not indicted you know perfectly well. Your job is to convince them you're the better candidate. And instead what is cruise done. All he does now is focus on getting delegates for the second or third ballot at the convention if he spent as much time campaigning. And sharpening their message against trump. Maybe he'd be competitive in Pennsylvania. May be be competitive in Rhode Island maybe he'd be weaning him in Indiana he would meet to form this unholy alliance with fact change the channel Kasich. Instead he's yeah he's too cute by half. He's too much to chess player. And he may not even get to the convention because I'll tell you this if trump blows them out tomorrow. And then blows them out in Indiana it's pretty much over. And you can try to steal delegates on the second third fourth Ballard doesn't matter it'll be over on the first ballot. And so when asked point blank. John changed the channel Kasich. Said what's the big deal. So what I'm gonna colluding with the guy so what we're doing everything to steal the nomination from Donald Trump what's the big deal. Roll it Britain. I feel that it's very clear. For me to be able to ought to go to areas where I spend my resources most effectively. And as and the same is true for senator cruise what's the big deal. Well I'll tell you what the big deal it's. The big deal is you're trying to thwart the will of the people. You guys are now playing games to get this to a second or third ballot so trump doesn't win and on the first ballot. Well let me be clear exactly what they're doing is legal perfectly legal question about its legal. It's not illegal it's illegal. But it's rotten. It's dirty. It's corrupt. Just because something is legal. Doesn't mean it's Kosher. You're seating organic New Mexico to a guy who only won once state. The guys the biggest political loser on the Plavix. He's a lunatic. Kordell goes what is it now one for 35. He's got one for 56 when everything is said and done. And he spoke I dreamed that somehow he's going to be the man that emerges victorious at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Trump keep saying about Tom Brady leave Tom Brady alone. I'm beginning to say leave Donald Trump all alone. Listen now to Donald Trump just a few seconds ago in Rhode Island. Say you know want to stop picking on Tom Brady and stop picking on me. Roll it Britain. I want to thank you. Prez so let's start by saying leave Tom Brady a. Did not it did not. Enough you better believe it it's enough. And the more trump supports him in public I'm telling you talking before game that could be six games. Any figure make a big game it's okay but let that go so as Mark Halperin rightly put it. This deal now between cruising Kasich is smacks of desperation. Dirk completely desperate. If you're viable candidate you stand on your own two feet you'll make these kind of deals. And you'd just look at the poll numbers the bottom has come out. Cruz won big in Wisconsin he did. He won you tall fair and square he did. Then the shenanigans started in Colorado and then Wyoming and in our north the North Dakota and they start to play for the delegates. And people realize this is unfair. Just like it's unfair with the Brady. And people began to rally to try to say look come out of the 'cause gonna win it fair and square little one a fair and square. But don't try to rig it don't try to steal it from the guy. Well crews kept doubling now and tripling down and cords rope pulling down. And so the Maurice doubled down and the more you each try to steal it from if you noticed the more trumps popularity so worse. To the point now he's killing them by thirty plus points at some of these states thirty plus points. They're now desperate. Because they can't stop the runaway trump trained listened to Mark Halperin roll it Britain. It's not mathematically too late deadline they seem of this shock deal. Others have called an ideal of desperation. If trump wins Indiana or wins it big hits over. And it's a cure for awhile and and this is really bad Indiana this is about one step at a time having made the deal if crews can't be trumpet Indiana. It's over. It's over and and it's over and and it's really over I mean technically Knoll trump still hostile win to get the 1237. But pretty much it's over arming crews will be a broken man a broken candidate. Having made this now to me this unholy alliance. With Kasich so Kasich then basically pulls out of Indiana. Give god trop now man oh man all. And if you can't take on trumping Indiana. It's over but I got to tell you book. All be on the air as I said tomorrow between seven and ten OK we'll have a special edition of the corner report it's going to be a big night tomorrow Pennsylvania is a key state. It's a big state it's a key states. Trump is poised to win that are nearly thirty points. It looks like he's gonna blow everybody out of the other four states Maryland Delaware Connecticut Rhode Island. The guy now starting to come across like a juggernaut. It is getting so bad I want you listen to this. That now there's talk. That even if trump wins Pennsylvania. By 25. Percentage points I don't mean like pool percentage points or point five. Zero point one I'm talking 25 percentage points in a three person race. I mean if that's not a crushing victory I don't know what that is. Many of the delegates in in the Pennsylvania delegation. Are gonna be embalmed. By the way they've cooked up the rules in Pennsylvania. They're not they're technically not bound many of them some will be but many of them will not be bound. What does that mean that means that technically trump can win this state by 25 points. And he may lose the delegates to cruiser Kasich. In fact trump is gonna have to try to awarded delegates I swear to you. Court the delegates. Courtroom. Please I won your state a 125. Points I have the most votes I have the most states I am the most delegates. Believes can you vote for me at the convention pretty please please please please please I'm begging you please. You wanna jump Blaine what can I give you. A three day. A three day all inclusive voucher at the Mara Largo is what would you like me what you want. It is sold out. Even morning Joseph Joseph Scarborough. Says that if Donald Trump. House to woo and court did delegates. After he wins Pennsylvania by 25 points because the way they've rigged the system. But he may not even get those delegates. If you should become the nominee and the president. He'll should burn the Pennsylvania. Republican Party to the ground. To the ground. And I agree with them roll it Brittany. And if anybody out there in the Republican establishment saying that they gain any points by a mocking trop broke par believing that if he wins his statement when he when he vibe points easier when the delegates and not that happy go negotiate. But they ought to be raising holy hell if I guess what I I would I would he raise hell due for a let every day I've been saying this is a good act in this sport if I won this state by 25 points and they tried to take it away from me. It's all would be talking about I would murder their place in his bid around politically moma and I would not solve the earth meek. Political so nothing would ever grows there again politically and every I was go back no I would not I would say I'm gonna come back and you ought. I'm gonna win the nomination of the circle back around if I don't get all these elegance and I deserve proportionally. And I'm gonna work the next four years to destroy your political career there that's all I'm gonna do me. And it is so unfair there is an additional four delegates it's the same thing on the democratic side it is a scale. Said total scam. I know that people talking about Bernie Sanders not doing well right now. Bernie Sanders was screwed by the establishment front that they're get ago they screwed him in Iowa they screw him and super delegates. From the get go I'm telling you these parties are gonna turn in the country clubs. Irrelevant country clubs pretty soon you know if they don't clean this info. I'm telling you I'm not a big fan of Joseph Scarborough but on this one email that to a tee. They're gonna become utterly irrelevant. They're shopping Bernie I'm they've stolen this from Bernie. And the difference between burning in trump in all honesty. Bernie doesn't take it on the chin sorry trump doesn't take it on the chin Bernie takes it on the chin. Bernie just takes it and takes it and takes it Donald doesn't take it. He fights about he fights back twice as art. So if and we'll see what happens tomorrow okay. But if trump wins as the polls say he should win in a massive landslide. And they don't give him the delegates or he's got to go there and beg them to get the delegates. Every party insider. Every party boss involved. I would say I wanna do everything I can't destroy your political career this is how are you guys wanna play. You phony you fraud you. 61720666868. The crews Kasich alliance. Is it desperation. Or just good politics. Your reaction your calls back. 118 here on the no reports 6172666868. Jeff Cohen our Boston's bulldozer cleaning up Ville liberal bull. OK in my French trump now is rocketed in Rhode Island. Man I gotta tell you I huge crowds he has now denounced the crews Kasich partnership. As quote unquote pathetic. Ice says it reeks of desperation he's completely right on both counts. And just you wanna get it takes to. Of how energized and enthusiastic. The trump camp and his supporters are listen to them demanded that he billed about wall roll it Brittany. The. Okay. It. Don't even think about it it will be built don't even think. No they bid will be built that'd go out fast it'd be bigoted of the high. I had strong. But it's got to help stop the drugs from boring at the Rhode Island where he had a big problem. And he went on about that heroin epidemic and and then he went on about John changed the channel Kasich. And I got to tell you. I was listening to this a little bit longer during the break we're off fair. And he had me in stitches. He's calling him mister one for 41. Roll it Brit. I've only been doing this for ten months I have. But even they don't get very. Yeah. So I want to talk about what I think that would get back to the other would get back dude I loved it when I heard it I heard it last night at 1130. I was called and they sits there. Jason. We call 141. I'd go to a 38. He's won one race. In 41 states what god how can state said islands. So I tell him now I have a new nickname for him 141. Very soon it's gonna be one of 46 or seven. So he's going nowhere and he keeps up to about how it does what Hillary Clinton hasn't had one negative yet. When they put in the first negative ad about him he's gonna collapse like a rock you what why is it at home. Bomb videos and you are saying hi I loved me Hillary Clinton to look at Hillary I mean her self. So. I can't wait until he starts to open up on Hillary. And just can't curb big fat rear end from one corner of the country to another but no I gotta tell you. One negative. And Kasich collapses like a house of cards. And this guy mr. why they're one for 41 soon to be by the way one for 46. This guy. Who couldn't win a Republican primary or caucus of his life depend on this guy right. Does so you gotta deal with fed my god. Think about what you're doing think about your future for God's sakes. 61720666868. Your calls them. Now you get sick. I don't think he knows what you know do you see him he has a news conference all the time what he's eating I have never seen. My human being beaten in such a disgusting fashion. I'm always down might get. Aaron I'm sick and I always when my kids all of them I'd say in children small little bikes for both. This guy takes a bad Jake getting shot a million is bad news. It's this guy's big. 137. Here on the great WRKO. That was Donald Trump. Live right now in Rhode Island he is rocking the place. Lashing out at cruising Kasich for now their alliance. To try to stop trump at all costs will it work. And do you think it's good politics or like me do you think it smacks of desperation. And double dealing Russ syrup next go ahead run us. So. It is desperation there is no question. If you consider that there is an element stroke when he called Y eight at. Not getting back to the original issue. First of all get our story has destroyed in the hands. Because we're you a great cities in the last quite nervous career. And there's a lot of football since but like this hey what he can deal with his ability so screw on the freedom. Now what the French girl and a long day. Is that dusty attic inside. The beginning of the game and at the end of each quarter patient our speech and think they've been there sucks because the question that he does suck. But I play you've been somewhat at all in any and the one thing as far as I'm concerned. There's no evidence it's only speculation. Echostar. Russ can you can you repeat that. That wasn't that the only evidence. It's purely speculation. And based on that it's carried a story this is ridiculous it's. You know why don't we are just got dealt a solid football tickets for cash and not get a job. And not play that song that so we wanted it and it's not all records. Just say what he saw all the tickets I'm not a batch. All of a rush bingo I you nailed it you'd think he'd ever Hal I hand over his cellphone absolutely not. Now and look again look at the mean look at trump led with the thing in Rhode Island witness does he knows what's going on here is not a stupid man. He knows why they're persecuting Tom Brady. And he's gonna you know what say what you want about trump but at least he stands behind his friends. I don't know what and thank you. Press so let's start by saying leave Tom Brady alone. Not that not all gone. And Europe next go ahead and. Hi Def I got to playa. But he don't don't cut me up quickly I have a question via guest but first dot fake you very much. Every single thing that came out of your mouth today is exactly how I feel you put it. Light out via just I got them up but I Antalya. At the beginning. When this campaign started I felt the Q what they are. Every candidate that was out there some days I get a little bit ticked off topic they know jet that stop right Bob Bob Black. But you have been on it to you then a Bob Boyd. You've shown the American people exactly what is going on infant that I want to thank you. Thank you very much and thank you very much. Do you find the hot I truly mean that Jeff the other thing yes I wish that we could get Q in every single state so while the country. Because it would really help the American people think he'll be on his speech that comes out of Europe mount. And I'm proud of that and empower the trick here in Boston and thank you for that. You'll rockets hit the things that gap. I feel as an American. Born here and discounts for. I look at Donald Trump as the individual that definitely have to be spotted doing what he's doing he could be out on the yacht enjoyed himself. But he felt yet he's campaigning. He's doing good job as far as I'm concerned he's opening up. On the evil. That it did that affected all of us in our own country okay. And what hasn't seen the establishment. Is saying in my say. Screw he'll. He'll pinnacle you'll. We have got to do what we wanted jail we have the establishment. We are the ones that image. What the you've felt for eight B or C doesn't matter. If Donald Trump gets CN. As the nominee. Is gold in a mate that's how I feel because the collection has then and Condit. And the only thing that happened now with that he will put up country back on track and they get the greatest country in the world as far as I'm concerned. The wind held that I call them concerned. Because all of the evil the cult option that back room deal that everything that's going to be a covet. He has another question foliage up if you can get to this but make. You got Cruz and cage at right now but it joined together. We know that Soros is backing case that. With money I don't know yet that the establishment backing group. What they going to crack the whip. When it comes to Hillary Clinton. If one of them to become the nominee or on the court they gonna bring on this stage to help them battle Hillary Clinton when they can't even take on Donald Trump. I mean look here are some very good questions and I want to thank you for the call look. Here is what's going on okay this is why to me you don't touch Kasich peace talks like he's radioactive. He's funded by Soros. All the jab boys the bush people. The Marco Rubio people. Ranks previous everybody knows their bracken Kasich. He's just losing. And so why would somebody like Ted Cruz won't have anything to do with things somebody like they would John Kasich to meet you avoid this kind of like the play OK that's point number one. Point number two let me tell you what the next line of attack is because now see they realize that trying to steal the nomination. It just doesn't fly we expose that one OK we exposed it. So they're trying but it's not gonna work I'm telling you it's not gonna work. So now this is their next play well we can't steal it. From them at the convention we just can't do that this people is support they're gonna go dessert the American people won't go forth so what's the next plan. Let's go third party. So remember these are all the same establishment Republicans all of these beltway types these rhinos. Who for years all the worst thing ever third party candidate you have to sign the plan. Edge when they put up John McCain all swallow what you have to vote form conservatives Mitt Romney so all you have the vote form conservatives. Bob Dole swallow what you have to vote form conservatives. Now when we put our real nationalist are real populist a real patriot up there all of a sudden now they wanna go third party. Listen to Bill Kristol. Okay editor of the weekly standard. Are part of the Republican establishment. He's in bell you know along with Charles Krauthammer of the whole gang. I via part of the never trump movement these are the neo cons the neo conservatives. Who were hoping itching for Jeb bit tall. Jeb press two for English bush or preferably even rubio. To combat the power. Because then they would have power so now they see everything slipping away. Now before a setup this clip I got asked Eunice and honest broker to the audience. When I say the word Jim Mathis. MH TTI yes Jim Mathis. What do you think. This honestly what do you think. The draw blank. You're not alone. Everybody draws a blank. So there's a general general Jim Mattis I kid you not I think he's the only guy they were able to find. To say hey will Google third party. And soul listen now to Bill Kristol. Yesterday on Steffi Stephanopoulos. Okay on ABC's this week telling Steffi and the panel OK okay Trump's gonna win it OK okay. But you know. We don't have to accept a choice between trump and hit. Re. Normal mom all. We can all go third party. And we'll put him on the back. Well it may be not a North Carolina are accessed but in the other 48 states 'cause in terms of timing. They've already it's hard to get almost ballot I'm on the presidential ballot in. Texas in North Carolina because of the dates for filing. But outside of those two states and you know what maybe we'll all go for Jim Mattis even though he's a social liberal. On national security. All on war all on on the debt all. Keys organ. Roll it. Britain and I think a lot of us. The patriotic Americans are gonna look at this choice at this reverend ranging from activists and donors to possible candidates. They say the country deserves better than a Clinton trump towards. Indian market well I feel like you haven't moved beyond denial stage of grief she had but so yeah. I'm sticking with. If it went psychic health. And Apple's back to work out while he wouldn't matter because they have little thumbnails so it's well let's take a direction that this is happens to these social liberal or liberal that I am. He's very concerned about the death he's strong nationals. Security hawk. Why wouldn't someone like him. Bonaparte he's yeah participating in Nevada and you know have I mean he he thought yeah. They love this enormous advantage of being there will be on the Italian lens and will no longer have a very good football hard and I hadn't heard the facts that I have anything. He had trouble with your opponent nominees the laws permit independent candidates to petition to get on the ballot it has happened across the crowd got like I. Oh million votes. Jim Mattis for John Kelly or many other people decide. Denial that this gets that question is that is the base of the party that can come behind Donald track and gets. The nomination. And it goes on and on but. Quit Helen gym and it's. I mean I swear I follow this stuff for a living. And I barely know that I barely know the guy that you is any what is he some kind of a general or something yeah. Who the hell is Jim thanks. I noticed by the way he's pro choice he's pro abortion. He's pro same sex marriage you run down. All whole list. He's a socially liberal as they com but he's a war guy. He's a big war hawk he's part of the war party. What trump is not conservative on the depth guy wants to pay it down as quickly as possible. What he's not gonna hammer crisis are you kidding me. Of course she's gonna hammer racists. What he's not gonna secure the border is not gonna build a wall what are you talking about. Now but what's the real story is this here's the real story. They wanna run a third party guy. Not because they know Jim Mattis is going to be another Ross Perot get 19% of the vote he's lucky begets 34% of the vote. Enough establishment Republicans but it's they give the Election Day Hillary. That's what this is about don't be fooled by this now ask yourself this. How come look conservatives didn't say the country deserves a better choice than just Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. How committed to save the country deserves a better choice than the dear leader Barack Obama and John Mick maniac. Or between Obama and meet and Mitt Romney mutants. Or to even suggest that that was treason according to the Republican establishment. It's getting so bad just follow the money you wanna what happens in like always fall all the money. The Coke Brothers. Charles Scott Hoch. Has now come out the big money men in the establishment Republican Party that Boehner of the donor class. Has now come out handsets. You know on. Donald threatens to many interests. You know all gone all I this Muslim band this temporary moratorium I swear this smacks of registering jewel is under Nazi Germany. This is nazism just as fascism. This ought opposition to open borders and free trade almighty god it's gonna damage rollover economic interest alone on Marmol and. I may be better off. Backing. Hillary read. They're now gonna go for Hillary against Strom. You wanna talk about them revealing their true global list colors. Don't take my word Fort Pierce cold himself. Better Hillary and trump. Better dead. Than the Donald Soss a. Possible and other Clinton could be better than another Republican this classroom it's possible. You can see yourself supporting Hillary Clinton created. Well. That hurt her. We would have to believe her actions will be quite different than a rhetoric we've put it that way. Outlined some of them Republican candidates we would do before we can support them with have to believe their actions will be quite different from the rhetoric we've heard so far. I yeah yeah I. I ya ya yeah. So they are willing to destroy the Republican Party. There are willing to hand the country over to Hillary and a third Obama tore a term and essentially. Kiss away America. All to preserve their power. 6172666868. All of your calls now. Dona in Arlington in Europe next go ahead dawn. I guess I'm not be highly articulate intelligent on uncle always calls and which she makes the name proud. But I only have a high school education that's why I like trump card. Anyway I actually think this morning on the news. And I pray that they he would knocking nasty. And he was like these B port is where and bullying him. And he was in a diner and it was so bad that the reported surrounded him and waited and waited whoever was trying to even his access which was endless. They would handing it to be reported to him to him. Anyway I don't have limitless fun I have to be I have to choose to pick where I'm going to campaign. What kind of baloney that. Lying. Pets if you think anybody's stupid. Yes. Angry at. It's really. Stupid and I can't stand listening to him and I love you I changed the channel gave the name beloved. Can't let analysts think slumped his lips make me wanna start screaming because they twitch all the time even when they're not moving. I I just can't stand him everything he says is nonsense. But I had to get that off my chest. And I know he's lying. And it just made me laugh my head up because he didn't even want I'll admit that he is joining up with cruise. But he spoke and me and he China pocket between eating that was disgusting. I mean I was I. That's all I'm telling you gone and he's an absolute slot and I seem to eat pizza you shovels it and there. I've trump is right to eat pancakes and eats eggs I mean because a pick. Any had a big problem that people aren't feral on old mile thumping with Scott Reed come a top of it. That was different guests the next stage with a big dish full of eggs and toast. I think you kidding me and that was they reported that we're handing atomic. And. I'd kill to have his metabolism dominant. No kidding I swear I I just look at thank you excellent put on five pounds I talk about admit I'm right and I. Where can people listening to my pleasure don't be a stranger called back again Donna Tokyo. Oh I keep hearing this you know carry our Bill Kristol is making this argument yesterday ad nauseam America needs a fresh legs. They're sick of Hillary in trump and I'm like they've had nothing but fresh faces the seventeen fresh races. Joseph bit tall little mark coal Jauron changed the channel Kasich however let me comes on the get a chance that change the channel. Carly Fiorina. Lindsay I love amnesty Graham. They put up one a star published Matt Ryan O after another and they keep falling again and again and again. So long now they're hanging an everything on a general Jim Mattis for most people have never heard. Yeah I yanked. Okay my friends more with your calls and short convicted murderers and rapists get the right to vote. Liberals now say yes.