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Rappers call for Trump to be murdered. 4/19/16

Apr 19, 2016|

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. The latest delegate count so far from 758. Delegates. That crews 553. Delegates. John Kasich 149. Delegates. Tonight 95. Almost a hundred. Delegates are at stake in New York if trump gets over 50% of the vote. And does very well in these congressional districts he may get all 95. Delegates in clean sweep. 6172666868. Special edition of the coroner report tonight 7 PM told 10 PM on WRKO. We're gonna have election results as they comment will be taking your calls. Going to these speeches when the candidates either concession speeches victory speeches. Believe me don't go anywhere we've got you covered. So I hope to see and hear from all of you tonight starting at 7 PM special the double dose release of the corner man. Special. Edition of the corner report okay. Remember right told news was gonna come. I said it was inevitable. When you have so many people. Calling a man in white supremacist kkk. Hitler fascists sexist racist. Another Mussolini. When you keep injecting that into the political bloodstream that kind of poison. Someone is now gonna start calling for trump to be killed and assassinated. I said it was only a matter of time. There is a major music festival. It is each U coach out in California it's in the desert in Indio California. It is the Coachella music festival. This year Guns 'N Roses are gonna be playing but there's also some hip pop artists and rappers. Well one of them is YEG. And nick CA docile I think may have seen. Is in fact a gang banger my kid and I think he's a member of the crips I think. But anyway why GM Gypsy docile. Performed a song in front of 20000. People. At the Coachella music festival this past weekend. Where they threaten riots. If trump should be elected president they are threatening an outright assassination. Of trop. And not only did the audience go crazy. This song is going viral. And media critics music critics. The music and media is openly celebrating and Liam rising this song I swear do you. As brilliant performance art and brilliant dissident music. This this song is entitled forgive me we we had to spend a long time cleaning this song up there are so many F bombs. And the use of the word and word. Regarding blacks it's it's disgusting it's disgusting. But anyway. This song is entitled F Donald Trump. And bill lyrics of the song openly invoke death threats against Strom. And they vowed to stage mass riots and violence. Should he ever take the Oval Office. Here are just a few of the excerpt I'm gonna read them and then we're gonna play him. Yeah I wanna warn all of you mean this is some pretty nasty stuff just so that you know. Okay all of the ends. See they can sing it. And they can sit in front of an audience no problem. It's on songs my problem it's on YouTube no problem. I used the N word on the air I'm gone I'm on my purse finished gone. Just I'm just look at the double standards but let that go. All of the ends in the hood wanna fight you. Surprised. Al chapel member of the Mexican drug cartel guy surprised Al chapel ain't tried this might view. Surprised the nation of Islam. Being tried to find you. However rally out in LA. When we go on blanket the F bomb we gone blank get up. Home of the Rodney King riot we don't give a blank. The F bomb you build walls. We gong probably dig holes. And if you're I gotta clean this up rear end do we win you've gone pro he gets smoked so they're gonna kill him. Blank and blank you. So I don't know are we suddenly NN but anyways and I am so F and F Yahoo!. When median net link that's bloods and scripts where you see there gang bangers. Where you're LA rally. We gun crash your its excrement I can't say the word on the air. The song by the way also encourages criminals or cajun not to explicitly commit voter fraud. But hey what the hell if the illegals are going to be voting. Let the murderers and rapists vote as well Bellini trumps not jerk guy either on that front. OK if you're an illegal he's mature guys and it's he's a criminal he's not sure guys. So quote and if you Benton. And if you've been to jail you can parolees still vote. Are they continuing to sign and he got me appreciating Obama way more. Well you see why GM Mitch see. They're big fans of the dear leader. You see there like the dear leader. They they did bill of the dear leader you see a little like this guy. Now jury the production of the video. And it's a very graphic video apparently caught set to shut down filming because literally be fairly awry it would break out. Now the music media is hailing deal lyrics during hailing this track I'm not kidding as one of the greatest I songs of our time. This song billboard dot com to source MTV other and our other outlets listened to MTV's Adam Fleischer to Skype calls himself I'm a music journalist. Quote the black and white visuals. Servers that the fact though at the trop rally. As YGM met. Are joined by hundreds. Marching in the street and you remaining across genders ages races and sets. YG a blood and also he's what the blood off and mixing console. The bloods but they call it a blood YGO blood and nips C hustle a crypt so you see the gang bangers. Are unified I swear. Are you wanna fight against Strom. The blood Democrats are saying brother and then. We don't need no trouble between us and whole bigger trouble would trump. So they're joining together for a singular cause. And furthermore. The RM TV critic is obviously very comfortable with the murder of a potential presidents and that's a very worthy cause. That's a very good to talk about murdering a president there like that. Here is this song. That electrified people at the Coachella music festival and is now going viral everywhere roll it Britain. She yeah yeah yeah and now just. DJ yeah it got so yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. JJ and now she yeah you can light white balls bounce IQ. And blue won a spot isn't surprised that job doing jobs that you fascination is nominee John Barnes and Bob ratting out an illegal. All letters. Still he's descended from Iraq as well ready to go right now residency years and months. Locked arms. Don't let out shot win. Scares me. She got answers he can make serious drug legal principles that we know Jerry BS late form he got me appreciate Obama playing more oil. Hey Donald I wanna bottles to do so. It. It's rare it's all looks to me like a skit on Saturday night lock eighth but this is real. And did you mention we're not gonna be your slave did you hear that they mention that the they've got the slavery and there. I mean this look at the talent are. And look how articulate they are not look at bets I mean it's almost Shakespearean. You see the public school systems is an education. Our look at is still getting by tigers and their and their crew little old people that I know that's the future of America. Now you seek goals are the people that voted for Obama. Know about is base. I Yahya. Al look just flip. Can you imagine if there was a song calling for the assassination of the dear leader. Or the assassination of Hillary Clinton. Or Bernie Sanders or take off. I ya ya right are you by Yani. I mean Dave would be banned. Gay would be ostracized. That video would never go viral it would be shot down. Oh my god no Boston Globe I think that get added into a heart attack and telling their plan is would be in a while at the Boston they're another fit cover story. Hate in America. Hates America. Law New York Times the Washington Post CNN dot lamb and I think literally Don lemon. Would would would would would would would be he would wet his pants he wet his pants on CNN. Anderson Cooper to get guys to celebrate our gay guy I think he'd be right into the he'd run around with a check out ahead. Callable on even Megyn Kelly they would all get in on this everybody saw a ball unsolved. Al Sharpton up low Phillip black lives matter. It would be one probe best one riot after another. As a comma. We're just calling for gang bang are coming to put a bullet in his head. It's all. 61720666868. Is the number and I swear. To the moon bats. I'm extremist. Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. Our. Hi I'm Mike. You know get out of Pro Bowl last hours. Sucker urban rate in the fourth hours ten minutes simply that in a better site. I spoke to wrap but what the Republican. Destiny. And extortion. It's going to be in doubles truck and any well. A political science major would tell you that crude. Intellectual. This following the rules. Well there are pro trump likes it it doesn't matter the rather is playing great rule are correct yes. Now but don't try out. Going into the area convention. See continue or rhetoric. Appreciate it. It's are corrupt process. And so and so forth. And alienates people like Brenda. And they have a what does that say. You know they're not true vote because of the I did Eddie they're treated. Much to bet the fact of the matter as a political science major would tell you. It's as a dark or whether it would tell you this procedures. That were forward. And tool I reach a final conclusion. Bullish is following the procedure. And there is a second ballot he will get the nomination. Will be completely illegal. Trump may not like it's so. But the fact of the matter is he doing something that's illegal. Are corrupt it'll hurt that. Mike look. If you're let's just say it's those two OK they don't parachute somebody in from the outside so it's crews and trump. And they deserve to be there at by the rules they deserve to be there and get crews ends up being a better deal maker than trump. Because he can bring indicates kitchen rubio delegates then he'll have one by the rules there's no question about it. They can't claim that he stole it because he didn't steal it it's the rules are the roles he's playing by the rules Mike I think the bigger issue though is this okay. The bigger issue is that it's obvious from the beginning. That the Republican establishment didn't want trump to win. And so you're gonna have how many of his voters. Essentially become disenfranchised. Now you have the man this is why I'm saying look you gotta use common sense. If he's fit and even Giuliani said this now he's come out and said this if trump is close to 1237. You win the most votes you win the most states you win the most delegates. Of course he should be the nominee. Of course he should be the nominee. Now what he's called stats. In all you require some common sense. Well look if trumpet short a couple of hundred delegates that's a different story. You know a fee if he comes up let's say a thousand or 1050. Or whatever is a couple of hundred short. All of them nobody you don't nobody got within a convincing number of 1237. That it goes to the convention floor and and really. It's up to the Imus has been done in the past. Then you got to you don't trump says he's a great deal maker now is a time for you to make a deal. Kim meanwhile I always a pole post was for them to parachute in our rhino. Somebody who hadn't run or somebody like Kasich has run was only one once staked. So this is why am telling you I'm just giving you the what's going on behind the scenes. Trump's people know that they either have to get 1237. Or really colts really quarks. To win it. Cruises convinced. That he can win this on the second ballot. And that's essentially now you see because my hope always once. That crows if you would fall second. Would then be trumps VP because I think the two of them together would be honest unstoppable. And you know that some detectors or Chris as a young man which is 45. I think you make an incredible VP and I think you make an incredible president especially eight years after trop. I think that's now gone. So cruises playing for the second ballot trump is essentially playing for the first ballot. Natalie Europe next go ahead Natalie. And gap I wanted to respectfully addressed spread those comments previously. I have to point out as you just did. That's not to health and won anything yet she's petite one parent or no he hasn't yet. I might point out that the Red Sox were leading the ball game wanted nothing in the seventh inning Wednesday. And worked out so well. I'll try it and actually bought that yesterday at trump get 50% plus. The young vote today he's gonna get 1990 but a 100% but look at how would that there should be only get proportional to what it. Both the rules. And you know you think you pick in the but it kind of is you know I'm food we might mean a lot don't ballot check. People need a lot they think he's computer. And the Czech. My opinion is that. Yet separately from possibly dig in and suffer over every little detail don't get everything else is researching just all over Britain's. I think for and I'm my recruit the very much the same weight propped all the weaknesses these Landau scenario that they set up a battle plan. It could take a look at sports analogy the NHL they have a real change if you your belt I don't like get. If a hockey game is tied after what three period it goes into an overtime period. Well tide didn't like the one thing that the highly what they shoot out. That's quite ending a bit bad game in the tenth inning with a home run derby I don't. Yet but both are the real world but Whitman Carly could conceivably. Have three times as many say during the course of the game. Still lose the game but told our approval. So. I do think for the time people that. If you don't go to the second ballot and a little bit more laid up but all of them like Belichick holding an ally the last play of our Lilly both football game. I am more I don't think the country because we can't indoor. Ford here it at Hillary or god forbid Bernie we just can't we got to be other people what country is too precious to throw it away. Natalie I don't want to go anywhere because I'm telling you Brittany is pumping. And I hang up on the era collection everything here is anxious about this and a Asia. They love the Bill Belichick and Alan I love you and then not sexual way Natalie. Oh. Rebecca all Natalie. Six oneself that the ball is going crazy over Natalie on this 16172666868. More of your calls and I swear to you. Story that's local in Wellesley. Over Donald Trump now goes national. They're banning the dancing Donald's. I swear to you. Christopher you're next thanks for holding and welcome. Hey Jeff thank you by the way your calls between Israel based. Yeah I wonder you know personally I have all of on this was trumpet in cruise or whatever awaits action in late summer. That we you know we choose and we don't live and give us an interest came in the attic is close cruise and Cruz is so like way in the shadows and we'll go credit trumpet just rising and rising and rising and it was so great to see dad Billy could just socket too warm. So I tend to go the wind is going to go with Donald Trump actually amber it's Donald Trump. I myself a lever as before developed you know I can goal was trump or cruise because I don't wanna go with Hillary. The rest of them I couldn't grow they couldn't go to the go all the rest of them because I don't so that was. Crude central. So that await yet we had today is done. And I do believe that Donald Trump but to believe he knew. The way this system went because it once before he floated going for president socially and he knew how the system was picking up delegates. I think he did choose the way he's going to go which is with the popular vote and in this delicate set you know. Toward them. I don't think it'll probably as long as we don't old pit crew is doing the things that he knows to do best which is golf with these delegates on a second vote. I think the media the TV is is not explaining it properly. All or recruit to accept delegates it's for a second vote should trump not yet. The delegates that he wants to get so people like almost like why are what's going to college you wouldn't they don't think that's cool idea so just. I'm looking down the line to the general election that's what I'm focused that so. That's what I wanna win. So if you warm of them. Kim Kim Kim wanted to beat Hillary. That person. And you'll right now Jeff I really believe deep down inside me or I'd love to see Donald Trump throws that's suffered Hillary that would be fun to watch and he may even you know look a little bit that wouldn't be so good. I don't think crews say to remember now I'm Trump's first. I don't think cruise. Which grew up in the debate when Hillary in fact I I don't think he would blow. Doors and not in the way that we would be entertained by it. I think he would blow the doors in the self. I would have to go with 100 have a the only way I had jets is yes. I hope trump does get a because if he doesn't in crude strides into the delicate thing. Is a chance that they may throw in a rhino there's a little pot hole it and the rhino could. Get the 1237 because they hate term I've crews are. Christopher look guys I think you know that on many issues I really do look Christopher honestly Cape Cod as my witness. When compared to Hillary. Just look at yesterday the Supreme Court picking up the case on Obama's executive amnesty. Each sharply divided. If Hillary gets to put in that Scalia replacement. They're gonna will allow Obama not just to give amnesty by Dick thought its total abolish congress essentially. Congress will be what's the point having congress the president can just do whatever he wants to bill. So to me I'm looking at the Specter of a Hillary presidency. And what it would do little more republic tort country to our constitution. And then I look at either Donald Trump protect groups whatever their differences. To me they're adults I mean it. Infinitely better than Hillary Clinton I mean vicious to me all comparison. Fed dabhol. Is better than Hillary Clinton my friends Mort your calls next and I kid you not. That dance sing Donald its effect your kids' elementary school. Three kids did 8888. Dancing routine with a head or face or mask of Donald Trump. Would you run to the principal and complain. That's story your calls. Next. 140 here on the great WRK. Although voice of Boston OK my friends another reminder. Tonight I will be on lies between 7 PM 10 PM. Iran WRKO. AM 680 special election night coverage. Very important New York primary. Will be taking your calls having analysis will be going to speeches. We'll have this thing covered every way possible so please tune in tonight a double though so the corner man beginning right after how we show starting. 7 PM. Okay. Local story. It's now going national and big. And I gotta tell you. I'll deal. What ever happened to freedom of expression. And freedom of speech now in schools. Timmy it's just. It is incredible what is happening now in our public school systems so listen to this current. This is out of Wellesley. Fox is all over this CNN is all over this so. Students and faculty at this elementary school in Wellesley Massachusetts. Are we have up a bit of a national audience as well people listen all over so Wellesley is a very well to do area a year in the Greater Boston area. And it's quite liberal. You know it's where the beautiful people live. There are some conservatives for example how we car lives there but for the most part that's are where the beautiful people live and it's quite believe it is then it's quite liberal. So if this elementary school. Is there any how to Pelletreau a grade school cultural. And there were three students. All of them eleven years of H. And I kid you not they called themselves that dancing bomblets. And I kid and and by the way so they they did this routine these gyrating trio of eleven year old it's. And what they do is they put on a giant Donald Trump mask. Jarring a great school talent show. And I mean there must serve big and they're very big. And their first performance and there's no words it's just a minute routine. And there wearing masks apparently they purchased it online from a company called thought it. So the Massa quite big but quite an oversized. Now I'm telling you. I've looked at the audio a sore at the video we have audio with it but let's look at the video. Britney is look at the video Lauro was looked at the video honest to god. I don't know if they're honoring him. Or if their mocking him. And moral thinks that they're honoring him. Brittany says I think their mark in home literally you can't tell. Now this storage and saw the first not the first performance and the faculty world laughing. They don't even know whether he's they're making fun of Donald winter of her honoring dawn. Either way it clearly wasn't political. The parents said it wasn't political. Yet guess swiped. At their first performance everybody's having a good time everybody's laugh laying. That's either quite cute I'll be on you look it up yourself at the video is everywhere now. And you know Brittany thinks their Q Laura thinks they're Q I think they're cute but it's a wonderful little it's so wonderful little act OK no harm no foul. But guess what. He has swept. This being moon bats central. Some unnamed parent was offended. Was offended. This is was believed it coal. And we shouldn't be talking politics during a great school. A talent sure role. And this was maybe unfairly promoting Donald Trump and his campaign. So I kid you not one parent. Went to the superintendent. And they said I'm deeply offended and so what do you think the superintendent added. This superintendent shaped. And this superintendent came out I can't Janata said the act has now been canceled it's been banned. According to the mother of one of the sons who participates in the routine quote. It's pop culture to them not politics. They were not making a political statement they just wanted to dance with a fine meathead that's sol. But. Apparently. The mother Lori Madeleine nano said quote I got a call from the principle that afternoon through on April 13. And she said there had been a negative apparent reaction one. And they had decided to edit out all political references. It seems so silly. So I literally the three boys were given an ultimatum. Either remove that trump heads. Or be banned from that evening's performance. They decided. Have bow out. And god bless them. God bless them. And their own eleven year old way they've basically said blank off. If we can't do the show our way there we're not gonna do it at all. And according to the mother Lori mapped Madeleine nano. What bothered me is another parent could get that charged up over the innocence of eleven year old it's. This was not a political statement. I'm sure my son has heard the words Republican and Democrat but I'm pretty sure he doesn't even understand what it means. This school listen to this also removed a ban soft. Between kids pretending to be trump and Marco Rubio. So here's the moon bats superintendent David Loescher listen as well strict the globe of course the Boston Globe's is a scandal of the century whom or Michael a better truck. Mask on wall Michael called the promoting it like to promote. It's all about. Quote we wanted to make sure that nothing we are going would be perceived as a ball is gonna sound when you according to superintendent David Mosher. You're not seeing democratic candidates certainly. I think it's so important for us to be seen as nonpartisan. Image highly charged election environment. Know what you mean is highly charged politically correct environment that's what you really mean you phony you fraud you. All AA and they superintendent Loescher ball. A lefty Loescher off all hey your really drawn the line with the eleven year old is not up all all caught forbids. They have a trump mastering a two minute routine low. All the unfairness of it all well. All my god to keep but it fair and balanced stock. You know what this really shows. I'm telling you it's the death of common sense. But it's more than that. A commutes almost the death of human decency. We have become. So self Forbes who worked we really have as a country. And so overly sensitive. That one EB it. Who's offended. By eleven year old kids obviously having fun it's a great school challenge. Cocaine they put on masks of all kinds of soap so called famous people. Stroke not famous courses famous. And there have been a little fun everybody's laughing distorted its rollout in the buckle is laughing. But everybody now is a victim. Everybody we take ourselves so seriously. So we can even laugh at ourselves and more let me tell you the thing that struck me the most caught as my witness. Whenever my parents would bring me back behind the iron curtain. Okay when they would visit family and friends then Communist Yugoslavia. Communist Eastern Europe. There was never any humor. Everything was so drab and dreary and so bloody serious. And everything was a potential political offense. You moved to tell me the principal of that school. Can't tell that parent they lock the kids are having fun. It's no big deal you're offended hey look I'm sorry okay that. Let the kids be kids. We're a nation of 330 million people somebody's gonna be offended at something somewhere. Welcome I'm relaxed. Private during and enjoy the show okay. There are spite of that good the bad that the for the fruit punch the punch bowl I spike that a little bit okay I've had the rain lacks. What's gonna get ones dying here I was getting killed the year blacks. Here he can't see the video honestly they're adorable. Here is the audio. Here of army Brittany. It's on our on the corner country FaceBook page. And and the RKO FaceBook page so you can go to our caicos FaceBook page you can actually see the video yourself. Add this great political act. Off campaigning. Done by these 311 year old it's. Here is the audio role at laurel. Mike got a visit from big rally. Look good. Here are calling for the ball they're going for the ball. All of that they're in the morning the illegals you're the ones. There's fares and make it but I'm Megyn Kelly he kept us. Because that's. I mean if so. This green he's laughing laurels laughing and if you do. Evil aliens. But that was good sense of exactly what the trump masks but think about it. They paid seventy homes. Hi guys tonight. I young guy. So they got ripped off a cover ripped off on top of everything else they've made 78 bucks attended every team. Well that board review brilliant point. You see here stop stop stop really Laura my garden on fire today this. This. Think. Eleven year old little munchkin it's okay. Which everybody distort its laughing and clapping the faculty laughing and clapping to having a great time with the trauma this is offensive to someone doubts this. Very bought them. It is for a bit better about them. But this this is performance art present and wraps off this this is lighting them up in Coachella. This is going viral baby are much getting this MTV is praising. Billboard dot com says this or other great dissident songs of our times. This this river. She can't win and hey get out so I says yeah brother day. Now she. All my hands. Him. Boy FDA and she yeah and you can live life revolves around IQ. In this stuff doesn't go. There's been under the bus and this the Boston all within an icy and pick up their pennies and one. This backlog was upset Wellesley so upset Vista elementary school kids say the more bats are sad days. There's not gonna get a it was this. Dennis you'll kids are gonna learn a lesson. Here here here the government's tonight. Do we worship at their leader who. 617266686. BA. We're doomed. I'm Kelly. 158 here on the great WRKO. This is from 508 Jeff Holm my god. The video is not only cute and funny it's completely harmless I know. I hope people call this apparent now I'm with you 50 wait Ronnie the floor is yours go. There is always particular call Jeff running. And you know it didn't happen trumpet there's simply took a billion songs from Beverly Hills cop so that we shut them down provincial pro at least. Chuck I just want to back up real quick Guy Carbonneau usually to comment on your last segment. I am definitely going to vote no matter who gets the nomination. I'm I wouldn't feel comfortable talking you're ever calling me and had to admit that I didn't vote. You know I mean I just couldn't get comfortable doing that I don't I don't get a conservative principles we need to vote I think the problem is well. You don't let central finishes and 11150. Delegates (%expletive) and crews bishop is what like 11100. You know and and that you know why don't want a few states more than any other debt that brokered convention makes cents. And the crews can do this went to the domination people understand that. But at this primary ends and some type 11150. And cruise only got 800. Or an underwritten with gates and trumpet what a dozen forced. I'm with you running I mean the country offer up against it no they're I'm with you if if trump is not close. He should get it you know.