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Sound Off 4-17-16

Apr 17, 2016|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome sound old farmhouse okay. I'm sure bring Mike Sweeney so passionate profession perspective on use current events and politics. The reason we do this is Chris Lofton point 5% of the United States population is currently serving in the military. So we like to give our perspective after having served in the military ourselves. I served in Afghanistan. And I am working on a non political factions of oh orders and John is a Vietnam are veteran served with the Marines. He is The American Legion post 440 commander O and new and and he's involved with the nonprofit home of the brave and Mike is is. Like myself in Afghanistan veteran and currently serves and me. And that nest National Guard. So Joan C how you doing today except for the show. I don't it's great it's usually the people are quote control always enjoyed look forward to with both. I'll tell you you don't fool consumers view of its. Over the weekend go Bruins could not come through four X. Really you know we have got on the table if things are tough votes on you know I'm pretty set myself to. Mike I feel over the I'm into won't do well I think he's been on Michelle. So yeah John let's get into this the Bruins for the second hero ever have a major meltdown tendencies and they had the worst record of any National Hockey League team the last twelve games of the season which. Resulted in them being one point short of the playoffs after having a ten point advantage going into the month of march. Down Mallard talking about firing coach Claude Julien tunnels major shake ups throughout the team. You know really really said the most important game of the season was the last game that put Ottawa Senators wanted a playoff team. And then I got blown out 61 on mice he and so you know last week we did The Who would you wanna consume from the Red Sox are one up Obama. Is there anyone you possibly take from the Boston Bruins roster currently. Currently made up right now on your to John. Actually east room. Women come back to. Political component in a bit more and if if this is not understandable. So it's gonna go to new you know what I'd like to do was the only way you can remove the front office spokeswoman unobtrusive a natural you know it's really tough I mean Cam Neely the president was a great player you know the Bruins in parliament Koppen. Are off tough days over that cigar and then. But Booth with the news what do you do want from the way we don't know we've got a report for a short so I do good stuff from home socialist town via. And I think some at some point or another maybe you can be the best coach in the world people just. Maybe it's time to move on people's homes who won't go people mostly coaches in the same place for ever heard them talking about in the right. Terry Francona he knew you didn't ever done it quotes a minute 04 when they won and he knew you know this isn't gonna and while never really does. And coaches a temporary higher even if it's a long period of time we're we're I think a little sport here could you personally Bill Belichick who's been around her. Fifteen years you know and that's not the north that would continued success similar slows them room to room. Shall yield agreement would talk accountable Oakland and a basketball. In ho. Do stock though there was different you know I also say solo home William spoke slowly brought a culture and what brought him up close like electric 5131. When we market and stuff happen to fertilize and now. Brought them public because those individuals like him. Private sector you can get sold for a in the field. That's what you and maximize your ability and we need to someone tells them that actually could Chileans brought the Bruins who sleep could go. That I graduate my Jack someone else and that's and Stanley Cup is nothing that. Enough to to two. Forget about but just end of the day it's been five years and I have to move. Yet they want it's a result oriented business as a result oriented his friend colds module with the roads Clarkson went so you know is it gonna have grown stand. I only get I think sometimes Bruin fan Bruins fans especially it's even before you leave children. Bruins fans by the Jacobs Stanley of rove used bridge generation and how was one of them you know what we sit down we. In an all they care about was how many hot dogs people bought the seat you know him and now we have a situation where. We've we've got a taste is a success and we don't want to go back to you know. The joke about you know I don't know I was ambitions championships you won and now we can write the playoffs an albatross of them and anyway group a buffalo people go home. But I think I could to be honest we get to the concessions and Harry sinden was their chief. Water carrier you know when he was an only do great things for the Bruins put it at some point in other ways I'm married to take a backseat and I think you begin. Look at someone like Harry sinden who was around on the big bad Bruins and say hey it's time for her perch for change I think we you know doesn't I don't think anyone is. Given a lifetime membership and any job had a. The only out drones on taken right now my platoon there Brad marsh lands and by Patrice Bergeron. I really don't think any of them all but also I really want certainly not a goalie Tuukka Rask who and most important here as Susan was was couldn't put sickened couldn't play. And villas and anyone else. Encouraging Pallet into portable bloom the bird good news room tomorrow you are known to all. No he's he's he's he's he's so good defensemen but last night did you all gonna say what you might be diluted twelve. Couldn't give me get something format and company is still in good bullet the job. He's in the twilight of his career and I think Eddie eagle hole and I and I don't really believe if he did change coaches that he would fit you know. A whole new system that we made into movies we simulate different players but I think depending on who the coaches and to see what kind of and norsk expecting in the fired everybody I think at this point I mean by the time the Sears could actually it's gonna happen but I I think we have to you know what kind of what kind of system they're gonna bring in you know. What is swinging I can't really important job of the mobile team doctor coupon Coca. Helping him by an appearance depends occur Vietnam. But. If you're exposed. To since since we're not really we can't talk hockey beard anymore. You guys hear this story that the the army has okayed. Beards and turbans for a couple of seeks. That sued the the army. The one who is currently serving. And was an Whalen was forced to shave them and in the hours curve and so. Filed for a lawsuit against the part of France. Got an exemption in October from the army but just recently. That the army is allowed slowed him a couple of them mostly as a to to keep you turban and and their beards. As evidently this represents a commitment to service and justice. And that they've had this since nineteenth. Knows I'm sorry 1699. To suspend. Custom in the street culture. And then that the captain that sooty set as a kid you were told. You can be anything in the US and and this just rings through every. Even more now he's saying because he's able to to keep the beard turban. John what's your what's your reaction to it is seen and you know what we're worries some military clean shaven and kind Tate's. Noon you think what does. Well my first reaction moves. Model while we're you know over and should leave the do belong here reverend bring him. In fact that the Pope would quote seek and destroy swim or hop soul. Has very PC there's probably month front. But on the other hand we're goose should all included that. If you were in in a Barack. Environment public country you've we wobbled but how broad those certain. I don't home. Open loose on the proud of you what's Malone torrid. But against treats him from the military resemble what bill YQ why would you go in believing in about ten years and Dell Dell is a West Point or two and so on minister regardless hear reports points. Our money impression that the answers yes yes that's what I pixel now what's the big deal you know they're both of those. You don't. So I mean that's just. Certain things that if you own standards that you have to abide by it and I would think that would be wonderful then a little special forces. Well in Okinawa Navy SEALs and fluent what's your thought I you know the religious part it's always complicated I guess but there's a reason it's called uniform enough. Affect him or otherwise you just social when you don't know where we supposed to where we want where I really do believe that. Maybe if you're if for people who have that who. I think clergy might be different exception you can make. Nelson was a chaplain but I think for a line soldier and especially for a leader soldiers were capped a housing and tell anyone who abide by harassing and in the army ARC seven that's one you know. Become too political I don't my hair has become political in the army everything's in and his good reasons that I mean some people talked about over the years the standard it was a wade too much based on. On hand that didn't. What you offer that African Americans for example some of the hair was indeed the older those legitimate things you can look at as this this as a military it's okay are we not being fair because it's. Standard that's been passed down a little bit you know or maybe it was based on care that. You know my hair as opposed to another soldier but this is a little different this is and isn't that much what does and who's to say you religious would have my religious beliefs. Saying that I can't. Where uniform mean technically we're is a line and I think with the may be there's and it. That it doesn't it hinders his work it. This things in the military that they make you do for the for the for the good order and discipline that wouldn't in the real world. Impact your job in this movie and real world is it isn't often a civilian sector I think uniformity is important I think. Having a standard especially as a leader I don't understand how that's gonna work and I really don't go home contract to move the troops them and when you have to would view the boots aren't we cute world do it's we Q2 football. Yeah I haven't gotten our sustainment for forgiveness and a mother and evidently he has to keep. Keep the beard. Don't yell well groomed and maintained determine Assam remain tiny. Ball. And now I know I'll call. Mean obviously the pitchers it looks. Kinda clean I guess I mean it's not super bush anybody in I just go under Armenian and in reality to what are we gonna. And what's next up I mean even when someone to whom do you boot drawing troops over there I think when you go over to different countries and you know maybe that's stuff we get that's special forces saying it's an operational environment thing were we doing. But I don't I. I just don't I don't I don't think we should mean and what went for the government community that this religious faith. Which I know which is a legitimate what's legitimate phase of your faith that your faith is legitimate. But if he had healed he truly believes and that means he mean it you my religious faith. Might and there are many religious base that are there conscientious objectors and I think I think all of able non B cartridge objectors in the military not fight I mean that's what. Of course there that there are your faith bombs into the into the mission. No one it won't be you and sumo two. You know if you room. Considered true final boom of that prohibits them from serving in the votes or I'd but I've seen me on the 'cause spinoff when I was in the army. Are there Delphi John occurs but not one not put up a beer when these guys on there do yeah if they had many might sewage treatments and Smart religions but we've for a bite of the war and renewed my new Democrat slow Arnold. The numbers and not that excellent disparage no of course not argue it's a legitimate question open at 21 you're gonna open up. All out and animal people all the times anyway you know you can't make a slippery slope argument would look on a slippery slope every decision impacts the next one. It's just I think. Sometimes it even seem to new units now where everyone has a different teacher on some relatively reduced natural father bright in an age when leagues it's it's it's supposed be uniform. Disposed into the their idea behind it is it's post all look the same at least roughly I just don't understand what I guess the question now have and it's rhetorically gets. We're with the neck what's the next. Religious. Exception we're gonna make long hair in a best case. We don't have a military standard which I guess people want in the military maybe this is the point of the show that beat me in an understand of the none in the military why we. Most veterans I would talk to would would respond this way almost. Viscerally what are you kidding me that's crazy death panels and I think it is in this image he people who sit in a courtroom people sit you know frankly. On the ivory tower have never served had no idea. Not to go soundly Jack Nicholson in them. A few good and the truth hurts but there is something be said enough not enough to this this officer but there is some it is he he gas in my my problem isn't that he passed. My properties that it was a while out my back in an and I think he had the question should be you know. I understand and in the story I read on talk about how for years he he had he was torn between state in the service and I respect that well you know that not every. Answer to those that that kind of question leads to staying in the service. What is your faith has led you to a good faith they've had a good a problem and Obey your faith is legitimate question. Carrying a weapon. Clearly there mission did the military does not allow everyone to exercise their faith in all matters in the job. Dem primary would it would U. Say the other side John now go though let's that this guy. As captain. Simply Paul saying I guess his name is. You can't became from India at the age of nine became United States citizen. You know worked hard went to high school. You know did home school them Newton became a West Point which is. Very very difficult for it to be accepted so to West Point rural finest academic institutes in the country music is living the American dream. But yeah he wants to have this this one piece from his culture. What do you what do you think will touch on. Well I applaud him I think could do them whose sincerity. Is to portion tunes reward German coach Roy didn't applaud. But or it's been two months haft who. Make a difference to forge unity between the renewed devotion to the military and what required consume what you wanna Karen Joseph who's slump. Secretly could lose his. Soul. I think if you wants to do more than enough to conceal we've from the military. Do you know him again are you applaud him for words don't want Google put I don't think it should be your world in the little coverage double. And we know what about the time you'll find nicest who are complete ideologues. You know they wanna kill any non believer. You know someone doesn't believe Mohammed. But on the other hand we're being acceptance accepting of different cultures and and and lifestyles. You know obviously we'll have that the food gay and lesbian community and as well and it went when that's arisen about our country and I was so inclusive. Do you know miniseries something polled how were going queens of the Orioles opened control and sort of burden to supported them through within you which ColdFusion and slow footprint. Who went to swept the who never had to think when we would albums and you do your overrode. What Obama. Good good. What took out here and of sudden okay will move in the head with a swimming. When we are monitoring is probably you won't do not to forward and shooting singled to center eastward you know what though. We have you won't from when someone's Wacom with the do the Truman had a but it is still don't know what could slow bomb. And I just think this is a political decision and I do again that this this that this that this officer is an Afghanistan veteran Munis and I really don't want it to someone would be not on him at all but when you have it a situation with the army secretary or assistant secretary to the army. In some memorandum on this says said. That he can Wear his beard while he's assigned to non hazardous duties it just seems like a political decision that they're trying to make fit into the military. Tell me how workable that is for the moment he gets is orders to go overseas yes to shave his beard. It just seems to me one because it is fair crowd estimated at and in my schedule around a little more room house payments and I would in an essay if this were chaplain. I would I mean I've seen chaplin's. I can see it is that the word Chaplin I really could I could make that at least in my mind and everyone draws their line somewhere Agassi who was chaplain. Mean they do good work they have to get out there and that's it you know beach rooted faith. But at the at the same time this on here just seems to me it smacks of a political decision that is left in the military to decide and just in the military. There are. Mentally you mentioned I. People being allowed to serve openly. In the military is being bulldozed a societal issues it says that may be the military now that the military now does have to address and deal with and to using couldn't. This is I think this isn't one of them I think this is a political. Answer to a question that really requires a lot more thought and people from those from the DDR I just thought they would know better we knew what I. I think when the smear him and to the military and been one to West Point he was a warrior roof certain requirements. Minimum over which words you repeal don't you know should leave. Collective due to wall maintain a corporal. And I'm pretty sure when he went through what's point you can go through would put duke and why aren't you. The sole covering pentagon took out blowing wind and knowing where you and throwing it into that. And now changing. Whose pilot reboot so is altered a conceive how someone would ball easy ball wouldn't you'll prayer of spiritual and cultural and when. You know in Iceland FairPlay to whom I admire him for format but I don't think good shoes. Needs. News. Emergency individual should Serb. My own troops were past goals of one of the union of the military's sole agreed to just amicable solution at least that's how I would feel. And I don't want to stay under would slow them we would shall sling and a storm we applaud them forwards who have strong sensible week's end whose service tools comfort. But I just don't know where the line is I don't think that this. The article in Chile for your free can be viewed and cut more certainly knowing where the line is now that you know we do that this is the standard. The army. Has a job you know. And sometimes that is and I go back to people who do their religious faith in every way shape or form believe strongly that they're conscientious objectors. They are there it's it's who they are. We make it very clear that that's not compatible with military service so. They DOD is now saying when this this and art department army is now saying that this is compatible military service just not in high style environments which. I just don't I do I don't understand the I'd like to do we should have better explanation from them how they why they think he should be in a non. The military standards apply a in the rear end in the. And in the front so I don't know where they why they were drug of cataclysmic or some cement is a matter of fact when I was Afghanistan and we had a doctor that was seek commit he was able to where everything. I don't know how I based offering a story as most of them he must have had an exemption. We didn't really care because I mean. He goes on as you know I don't question the medics and nurses and doctors because. You've had it yet that you need down I don't like him he's and again immunity edges and maybe I mean maybe that's an argument that it doesn't matter but. You know and maybe it's generational may be because we've been in for a little while we receive a certain way but I I know what. It just seems to me to be off it seems that it should be a way to accommodate people's religious faith making. Without sending one person aside. And I I do get actually I think it would it speaks more to United States immortal our culture. That we would have a unit where you wouldn't you look at our military and not be able to tell. Now what people are going to come from with the I think that that speaks morrow who we are as a nation and then. Funny when the next accommodations going to be and what what's what form it's gonna take his don't think this is alas. There's a there's a number of barracks lawyers out there right now. We don't know it spins and people are gonna I gonna test that you know Christians or whatever just gonna grow beard just to say. I won't let me that we Portland right now gotta take a break John hold that thought until quarterback fuel windows side of these commercials. He'll listen to sound off from the New York KL AM succeeded bush Abbas. Flesh on the children's Mike Sweeney. You can sound off to us via email has its own books. On WR Cano at gmail.com on FaceBook and Twitter sound off the URKO. John before the break we're talking a little bit about this this army seek who has been. Granted. The U greater ability from the firm moved the army and the power of the army to. Where they turned then and have a beard on the new Buick Open so before we took off. Yeah account alone what was the victim as the don't of the interior I was reading an article Pope 442. The whistle on. You have. One of the most I would start a word of and you'll notes in fact 11 level possible Ottawa. Of water Tribune's. Japanese some organs and I think. Well wolf we're slow them files and warrants slew former cart would Kerkorian Jeannette says so and so it would have made me think cove was a home. It was you were comprised of chills Japanese some or consumer you a little bit student of the civil war all we had a row on the 5450. Felt the gore reported. And I was wondering. If slumping Monica would be possible for others it's probably you'll win gold you know boot someone like this sickle offers some. But sick put seat. Awfully slow. My youth. Would be you'd been flying into a full sleek slim I have the mall wouldn't sue Rubin the same you'll note that could trigger a wave of some real sort of in the country you know. You maintain the mere traditions and keeping numerous ColdFusion and how many. I'm all for it Imus I think that's a great type psychological warfare because of the seeks a more radical Muslims elected to not get along either sell. I think that they were able to going to some lose some of these villages and you know as an infantry company to be pretty good in. You want the Kurds in Afghanistan have all female units. The fight nicest right now and psychologically. You know they hate women so much and don't think you know I think that go to better than women who and then they get wiped out by a a female infantry do Gator battalion whenever I mean I think that's that's great mental warfare. I don't think the the PC police here in the states or in congress would never allow anything like dot com because you know they wanna they wanna wars but they don't wanna I wanna get hurt you know which mimics silence. No. Don't want to slow drones over time partly you know they want a war can and I think that's what people think you can do. And I did think it was too many video games movies. But I've been some other stuff on the table that I. Did you see member member when Donald Trump did. He he he skipped out on a debate in Iowa we hadn't done. Don't talk us through the yeah that's fund raiser for veterans what. Some of the backlash is certainly come out on NAND this group when he to kill which is one of the one of the nonprofits that accept that money. They did so well on Garnett night but the website crashed. In and they've been able to raise a ton of money from it. So you know great things on they do a lot for veterans' suicides since it was the Iraq and Afghanistan crowd and into the 22. Suicides a day as well you know where that went to kill comes from. So you know I think there'd be that something great thing but. There's been a lot of backlash because now on a lot of people are saying in a position taken money from trump you know trumps about a guy global law you know this is their picked dirty money. Charlie what do you think. I should take the money we can approach spoon Posner wrote a computer room everything they can do to help veterans who a mall for a on the actual hole. The money is dirty. There have to explain it to me. Who produced through to them than whom I'll reflect appropriate now. So moguls veterans organizations. Over in small groups too are going. To do appear room information admission though. Too scared when I put to a movie and as you point to go. Influx of money but even more important when. Oh win that's who done. Isn't he wants an awareness there website hits increased by 191000%. 191000%. And they were big group from an average of ten to twelve hits per second. To 2400. Hits per second wa nine minutes after that that little debater press conference that he held. And the you know the so there's a woman locally Ferris who's very active and where to go. Just an incredibly they wouldn't manually beach really sincere they do good work they did the issue is important. I just think this time and they deserve all the credit now would take the money to do and I see nonprofit groups taking money all the time from people who. Frankly made money off the war's total dirty is that. I guarantee you go to go to affiliate W big nonprofits EL take money from. From companies it in and don't be wrong I mean I would take money to would be the glitz to this is about politics it's a vote it's about. Politicizing veterans is about and in this case and maybe he was doing that played making a big production about a bag and I would take the money file them. I think it's just an extension defective Wii and we talked about it before. People think veterans are monolithic group we're not some people like Bernie Sanders someone Donald Trump. Some like Hillary Clinton and when we get that through our heads. It's gonna we realize we knew people would dress veterans' needs a little more clearly because I think that went in the makes me laugh every election season. We all have friends who were in the military way. Who will be live in the same area that they don't have the same political beliefs and I think these days we all assume everyone who we like agrees that's part of you know conservatives watch Fox News liberals watch MSNBC or none of us get confronted with things we don't agree. So what happens when you informed quipped that's what type of some who don't like. Assange is on FaceBook. And and befriending him with these broad pronouncements and if you believe in this guy you're racist and I will never be your friend again or do you think he's a good college he has won a vote for him. And I will never ever ever talked to again which is. Just the antithesis. Of what not a free speech in the first Americas as a government action in the the government is that the person and as but the government. But it's about tolerance who trouble making huge. And I think that we all have a a background. As veterans. I think if we can't listen to each other if we disagreed and who the heck can't. I just I I find this stuff it's it's it's it's. Tony to kill should've taken the money could if you can use that money to do good work like you know had a doesn't that led him to an inning and I think anyone who says it has never. So many people saying that have never lifted a hand to help veterans. But I mean this is such as a non story tell me and in first and foremost on Twitter kills a 501 C three. So by law they can't support his candidate they they can't they can't be able career involved in the political. Process as it is so obviously this is assisting anti trump crowd. You know getting upset. I mean do I think that you put it pulled up publicity stunt on not that my arms on January 20. Yeah maybe but. We would just read the of the numbers that there to 22 kills website hits one up 191000%. In this is to go to prevent veterans suicide so. You know to to the Bernie Sanders supporters of Hillary Clinton and her portrait cruise or whoever that. That that data wine and about this. You know what so what you don't want the money don't have to the sort of cause I mean is is that is that the alternative that you want and it was into the reputable nonprofit. Nothing trumped them. You know donor to the money to work we are but it was a call and Witten rich who have the money. It was words as a result of loosen them afloat through the vets sold was from outside source of those people right railways unless you're acquitted in the mold looks like W six of those who. But but what all trumped it on that night. Thought it was on cable news run you know life and then it was picked up by all the other outlets and all the major outlets. Pick up files and the Internet papers and and and and traditional. Print papers. That that's millions of dollars in advertising learned that these nonprofits never would have enabled. And I just as a nation we just trafficking indignation there. Every day we have be offended by something else could caught on the offensive part is it. Veterans are committing suicide. That's the that's the that's the point that people out there trying to do good work to make sure that veterans don't feel long. I just think it into tomorrow and you know at the saint Pete and I say medium broad to broad but the same people who are indignant about this will be indignant about something else tomorrow and they beat donate and help the people there who need help so something tells those people compliant and they're not factions themselves. Exactly and an Indian offered in that. Look veterans we use for political purposes that happens. Not great but it the end of the day for one non profit to be singled out late this is against it's dirty it's street is doing good work and what. I hope doesn't happen is that people who would. Reach out to an organization. Duke. Would veterans who need help wouldn't do it because they hear bad things. And again going back to you know the salt put up big boy in big girl pants on and understand it maybe just maybe someone disagrees that you political. It it's a novel concept of the United States of America but maybe just maybe you're not the only person with a political view and in the world yet. So according to today help but comment the story. They were they received over 200000 dollars a direct result of column from the book from that evening. So I mean it's 200000 dollars and I can't quite put a price sonong. How many suicides that prevents them and obviously that's that's very impossible for to measure blood. Even if were it inventions you know we're being used is as pawns and you know for some publicity stunt. If he gets they've if it gets veterans who 1000 dollars prevent some suicides. A mall Pall mall for its a lot better industry news and some commercial and having no benefit from a. Me community and I think you'll put that amount was for re. And small salute you know we do you have administrative costs one to him that's the doughnuts and then wonder where are they have a lot of other problems but one of the main reasons that people are mad at them is that. If you looked at. How much. How much money actually went to a veteran from every dollar that was raised it was only science. Part of that's because they had such a broad. National media campaign and included. Super Bowl commercials and infomercials during your national commercials during some of the biggest shows. Which is money that's going to advertising which just brings in more money and then help solve more veterans. But it wasn't going directly to production support from this policy sump I don't shop. Tony to kill. Didn't have to spend a dime and raising awareness. You know an advertising but we're able to get over 200000 dollars you know that went directly. To their programs. And in 22 communion again a reputable nonprofit. Being taiba and its its politics and it's it's about Kansas Sampras like it's a fired up except part of politics ridiculous you know John I know today I remember as a kid testing and thing that newspapers are in. Editorial cartoon I kept it sent it to people who agree and everything one of them is an asks. I'm you know there's no need for everyone in your life. You know in the end babies is a bigger societal issues and everyone gets offended everyone feels it somehow that you know we in the arm who call me I have to file for her hurt feelings report to pick it up. He's a sick if you're you know say geez what it. Grow up putting a big what he's in the politics are nasty now go back 5060 years mother god you know me politics is never politics is it is is his rough and tumble. People gonna say things you don't like him as a reason why it's competitive and it's about the future of the country so would you disagree completely with the candidate. It. More speeches when beats that not shouting people down not not attacking people who have signed I think we've gone and we're kind of boycott crazy in America or innocence. Then there is is ridiculous. But you don't and times of you know other nonprofits doing things you see that there's Salem. There's this venture capitalists named Steve Cohen. He's gonna put 275. Million dollars on to this group called point 72. Asset management and that's going to be under coin veterans network. Can open 125 clinics across the country. To provide free mental health care for veterans and their families. He's gonna even. Provide the services. Two veterans I had bad papers which is something we talked about last week. So tiny dishonorable discharges. There entry in any of priorities. 9/11 veterans on any of the post an eleven. Veterans that are seeking. Mental health and a big deal goes through to go to these clinics the initial ones are going to be in New York Dallas. San Antonio Los Angeles. So one get what you guys think and I mean this is this is some some guy out don't seem to have much of a military background but. You know he hears things from from. You know could be twenty to kill you Rhode whatever. And this is strategies and to win his own money. Maybe he's doing a furs on publicity I don't know. I don't think to Arizona from doing photos and go that far quite frankly. But it's better than often that's for sure John Wood or what's your initial reaction tunnels into the. I don't know a wives and indeed to local groups put a from what are doing all coal and is worth where do we go from point slump when boo him below the soul and you know toward Britain Sullivan and five rule him mobile a lot of money was used model wanna I wanna go home. And it's truth and two wood four Wheeler would that includes a good reason. I think in the past. You may have been investigated. For a month contract and garden on some soldier and a group or Google did conservatives investments. I don't think you Lou was compared to move everything but would think it was walked into slow partly. You don't know what's his small vision and do we explain what my tax write off for only the could be. And it could be just want whom do you own pure iron to give Kubel for whom and stuff like that who malls but the point news. He's gonna be useless than some veterans who ruling Al. Journal in the mental and he's focusing on mental health expert over slow. I don't know. Are you are the Williams had to work through that is Google hopelessly slow and the mental health start but among ruin. Drew still on the west of slower it was true data would you move signaled that more may be next week we ends Barca well it's the momentum I was on the details that are found on their arm or on and a notebook and I'm always. A little mean but let's face no rich people were trying to by the way and haven't since we're rich people. That doesn't mean that the result is bad you but it could just say I hope. The motives are one thing that is really the implementation you can really. Mass with. Someone's life if you don't do this way to that tells them that details and a Coach Williams slam and I mean you applaud on what I mean it seems like you're going to look see what's happening again and not close to mobile you always gonna be immunity one veterans to start. Turn and in their little veterans many clinics like this to the test for her guy that I think there's it's it's him it's a bigger picture if they. What will garner and with the VA get peed on assist in the system to collect more people there are a lot of nonprofits and again to a very good job. Don't know reaching NPR and one assist my renewable wants them home I mean we have home race partnership between. Red Sox and may just jump melodies Mass. General Logan's you have about this a major hospital behind it I'm not worried Hume we know. You know and I'm I don't know him Elway who's he gonna have a major hospital on clay yeah I mean unknown. I don't think I like this evolved I mean you look at. What we have through the VA is is is probably the best mental optical possibly get from doctors that. Deal would veterans unaudited basis that actually can understand involved you know some of the of the combat roles and things like that and you know opposite every doctor Padilla is a veteran by. I think you know I think the we're seeing is ill veterans I understand and you know like I get a little nervous you get you know. This guy's gonna and you know this you just think that all veterans a ticking time bombs and he's he's kind of you know help I don't know on. We don't like it and I think we talked about and show that. Some of those some of the problems are our transportation for veterans who you know I mean you shouldn't you know positive VI I mean maybe. Used to insert for a million dollars in its vehicles or go to some drivers ought to get people have to their appointments and I think that may be better well served. We know what phone who's you mentioned. Normal home when you start to support drug consuming about the view that we don't know how many of the articles of veterans but Brussels at the yesterday. A singer and veterans. All book an old book and over when they're becoming familiar with. Do you physical mental and what it's like training and public trigger you know out. So you have to give them one accord with the would have begun on truck once and is honored Angela. Problems what people. Even accessing the system more or falling through the cracks a little bit Newton and and whether that's transportation know whether that's education. I. Like I'd like to see. It's not my money. But I'd like to see people. Try to figure out what the problems before they start trying to throw it yeah I. But I mean don't reinvent the wheel there right and you're not traditional home of the brave is a lot of good work in terms transportation job and I think that that's like when when I hear my job is envious or land. Especially from people who are a you know the elderly. And only veterans but especially sometimes defeat him. Who care you know the guy the guy or the the award to veteran group more veteran now more often. He used to be Vietnam veterans have a hard time getting into it to an appointment. Well that sometimes. Will fall on the failing to try to get that squared away so we find that that's. A connection that we make it that else. But it's it's it's not anecdotal on this and the VA. People who need help getting to the VA and I don't see any real. In and house Ozzy up this would fix it but I think they get concerned about the connection like he's at Mass. General here but just a connection to the VA getting these people. If you get treated somewhere. I'd like them have the ability to turn that in turn that into the VA if they choose to work no more connected to be even if just for disability rating. I Korea and I don't have. Shown on plug to the VA. The only veteran arsenal VA health care's vote for bus phone numbers when he fought for BA cares. And I think it they can also go on and so on what the Internet and look up funneling about PA does come back fresh outreach. Are we had to take a quick break with the word corn and Sean coming up he'll listen to sound off from the URKO and succeed the voice of Boston. Whole welcome back. This is the word according to Truman and in the segment we discussed them for some sort of assumes full spectrum through nude dependence. Today and ruined it shall we discuss the possibilities. Of veterans million Sloan who mental hell flown a whole different things of that nature ruined. All that's sort of a difficult thing for Rome and you want to deal with the trick we dropped from. And I'm gonna suggest that. If you'll want the veteran oil boat if you have the loved one who's a veteran and you think may need some help. Contact you local veterans. Of foods medical. Sonar. One. Of the new and old roots on and you can get good information by you calling movie itself. Yup open you condone the score on to our two local club for a considerable swap for so. I use local city your town hall and I approve some won't refer you. To be appropriate. For sorghum and finally the call woke up Merrill's true success what we call will say fifteen. Still a wider effort too soon for veterans some parliament and video of more of them are pretty good hole bomb. For veterans who are rim some type of from the emotional crisis and they won't come oh and who's who would fuel when I hope you. A beautiful number rose 61 slocum 210574361. Someone who wants federal funds sold them for. Soul but I lose the war routed according to John talked to next week. Flew back to sound tough out. On site child feel free and Mike's. Just switch to a local topic here new balance of the shoe company. Right Boston. They it'll flip Matt the Obama administration and and evidently they. They felt they had a pretty good shoe contract with the Department of Defense to do you know shoes and boots. For further military. You know basic training things like that. But the Pacific rim trade deal with a lot of countries and in the Pacific. Seems to whom can be hijacking a little bit. And what what trade deals from there was so eventually gonna phase out tariffs on shoes from Vietnam. It's gonna make it pretty hard for new balance to compete you have a lot of American employees panel more money to home. You know is going to be able to produce shoes much lower costs so. The both the new belts looks appropriate says he'll bomb initiation. Joan what's your feeling national. Reaction to us tell those. While I don't. Who don't choose onward no way of the trickle blog full. Non I would like you keep those on your boot take those off their own Tom Lawrence with. Well keep everything on John yeah yeah athletic yeah. So sisters Patricia veterans I don't know if you are packed I don't know. That's a good plan open or closed back on a sound off aren't well. You know solidly composed mostly news and from Google it'll point four billion excellent moon on a bruised instant solution so. How's that. I don't how many shoes are made in America down there but not many men and in the interest of full disclosure I weigh in the balance myself but soon and they regularly this new. But I think the I I don't. Have any problem with thinking that the there should be some sort of preference. Given for American made like I did. By new browser is a good product till. Now fight to add those shoes for PT for free and now I don't have to have their boots that that puts a pretty good. No policy of the wider. Sure won gold. For those of those at all as the kids the right hand feed our media were done well Lou that's Fulham took an interest and others mean you know. Trade deals this post if this trade deal is. I just think youth who. We can't. Giveaway that we would there's only so again and maybe I'm wrong that new balances or another American issue them a note I'm wondering. Is there not a not a big time I mean men and Reebok has an X footprint in and can't and that is it Yemen government offices trying to make no I don't know I don't know I don't know I mean about about the penalty associated with cross for the other who's. Moon an online outage. As an eighteen months in Korea believe that someone should Reebok's over the I just think. You know I just don't and I I think it's. If we start. Having companies that are doing that then I think the it is it's a lessening the tariffs on places like Vietnam era and a and that thing on shoes. How much how much cheaper Kindle sneakers become bohea just. Have an off right I assume that the terror sorority on there and in general I think is a bit of a rush to the bottom. In that kind of regard you know it's nice to get people but when. You have these places that have low wages. Once. Those wages are what the people on those. Parts of the world start complaining for higher wages the company has moved to the place is low wages. But this doesn't rise I don't believe that that kind of seek economic and really written raises up. Those countries on does is destroy our businesses and as a race in the bottom and you know and again I think we've sort of in the interest of. In the it would be with the notion of of being competitive I think we've destroyed. Park are from manufacturing economy you know and I can tell what shoes on prominent issue see no shoes being made there and now forty years but. It's across the board whether it's that's manufacturing. What do we make an American anymore. You know it's it's it's it and I think if we had these companies to successfully make a good product. Why not why not give them an edge when it comes a government contracts I guarantee you Vietnam. Is not buying or another some of the country know much or some of the non these these farm page are not buying American products to get to their soldiers. Well what they sell them out and did the Yahoo! has given Israel through yes through the CIA yeah of Iowa. But John was or is this what you what what's what's the reaction of the Vietnam veteran assistant sheriff mean Vietnam and issues amid Vietnam. You know could have been against it because they are shooting that 4050 years ago. And and now we're just buying their stuff. You know once the same same government that. You know took over. It's. I don't know I mean a big pink. You know ruin your emotional which sparked a broad home and cute there's no one cookie. Cutter. Image of a veteran and mobile threats might support. Trump for roofs of the end who's sort of jewelry and went over. Same thing with the Vietnam cuts and I always feel a little weird don't wanna see my share its name from Vietnam you it well I mean it's for you since the war and in the mean you think the World War II votes fuel gold bar him. German. Who actually I don't miss any of our very own set that if oh yeah so I mean at some point in time a stunt. You would prefer that you buy an American and you buy in from your own country and or country who want to war but at some point in time I'd been to. You move slow to suck it up removed form and slow. But I'm I'm sure is there room many votes still would those storm field example its own. Well Mike I think you can grooming. And then 2030 years we will not be buying them in Afghanistan. Penicillin manufacturing coming out again and again maybe I'm badges and see that in the sound almost you don't know. Heroin or are we addiction you're not gonna ultimately we'll have a resurgence of club pro remarks. And rocks. So a solar blankets the Afghan blankets or late new drugs world. That's about it. Give us an aftermarket Dr. Dre stuff and the quality electronics you have the marks of the organisms the the period at I just think it's again I don't think we should not talking about. To be in an infant were protectionism is a big evil word. Would government contract talk and not talking about you know you and I don't know store in comparative shopping and that the US government. Why is it him why is it wrong to not. Episodes or preference for an American company and to some sort of put although I have to say a look at some this it seems like this is sort of an insider deal. We knew balance and they say hey we'll back TBP if you. This is a trade the duke would pull back TVP if we get the if the Yeltsin does data and had to remain silent yes inside based most of same way you know different minutes late. It's too it's played but I so much is individual maybe media picked the wrong horse and had but I do think it's on to be seven and an eight unit witnessed it is a good sneakers. Why would we. Not give equality for a product from America. Some sort of preference over. Others and I think that we just do that to our own detriment because at some point or another not everyone in America is and we're gonna financial services industry learn more Wal-Mart women to have asthma or you don't hit it we. Won't succeed William want to only come become and India I was full swing vote on me on the radio mobile boost from the gold hole. You know so when you so much on full season's total him going true. A college put whoop there were a lot of good jobs that exist would go to college degree for instance could point remote road truly implement couldn't make up to one group I don't know that's the most powerful job yeah because you don't you know forced out of by suits are and then telling them I don't know if it's lovely to you have to do you darker route and become a sort call Jews the world over the news you've. You've got to period. But the thing is a lot of community of fracturing jobs have disappeared to and our normal for a we're gonna go number art books sort of where you. Military you know I think it would be wise to hell of American companies that would come to come upon months Mullen I don't know rapidly when I was a little want to know supply shuttle are funeral that that was far away doing any arm and we had stopped me from China we're not we actually thought about that China could be a threat to us and our always current and quality controls great one of tear when you're in the United States and that is. There's there's something and it's a quality control and you know how much. And this is an about this state is a Soviet ally shall say it is our speakers how many of us have seen. Those that come with the workers' standards you know how many kids need to be. In a factory working to make it's I can save five dollars on sneakers perhaps maybe as a nation. That's okay first of aluminum for sneakers and not be at the end of the supply chain making missiles some poor girl is sitting in it in in a factory. Haven't taken him you know on this is getting you know making sure that the the know they have to take birth control pills camp is really an evil there's a lot of evil in the world at the end of the other end of the supply chain we get our. And a bonus on top blown call and Bruce codes would album you love them but come on the arc. By housing you know now I if you look at the fine if fashion advice I am not in June and left. You know I think this is part of the disconnect between the civilian population in the military population pressure pollution because. You know Beckham who you'll billed as lower to even if you weren't in uniformed army. You restore hope in the war effort not an innocent people a victory gardens are source of but they're they're civilians are Rugova right they're civilian job was to support the war effort and maybe if we had more Americans that we're actually dealing with the you know the military equipment. They would have a little bit better idea you know how what the soldiers had to face him if they were making tourniquet in the states. People realize we enemy tourniquet is because again no legs blown off Afghanistan. I on me that's sort of disconnect. I'm here for that I don't. He's in you know what a missed some viewed conspiracy theories I good conspiracy and I don't know I haven't for the past few shoals and I don't look we've been -- note that in this Amanda Jones and you got to talk to Boca maestro and audio volume conspiracy theory to Pope cardinal law and you know muscles someplace that from them I think sometimes same conspiracy ideas are out in the open era. But I mean it doesn't take it doesn't it doesn't killer researcher realize that we're making money. And the people there's no manufacturing left the United States we just had a but I think was amounts to a ticker tape parade for G bring in 600 jobs go to the state city of Boston. Being from the city Elaine I'm sorry again I I remember these thirteen thousand that are gone since I've been in high school you know and I'm not there. Good jobs double people be implement those are good you know to trade jobs good jobs could mean jobs in many places but there is no. No chance and and and there's no way in any interpretation. Part of the problem in America crime with American workforce preppy I think you're very angry. Is because their wages haven't gone and reason they haven't gone up is because we all. We we've decided that everyone is gonna provide services and not and that's not in and you can work for Leo's Wi he be the most. Harder I don't know what world donating ten dollars just. Or just Muslim side. Everyone struggling to come when this. If fumbled it and so blossom room watching them construct and facility for the next few years my property is going to be. Heading down hill for a girl I mean they're going to be disruptive fumes can be good school or they're on an. Again I understand the idea of bringing in and maybe it's a right decision to the city of Boston for the overall economy and just talk about the the the savior kind aspect to it and I think that we kind of just my only point is that there is some. Responsibility for losses as a society to look each other and decide what we want our workforce to look like to want everyone who doesn't have a higher education. Two to make my fondest and about forty years in the G so you know there might find actresses who got to the boat from high on most of us have been in the G. And I just don't and and they a look at that as an example you'll run a country bloody manufacturing jobs are gone. And it's a big part of the election this year people don't know where those manufacturing jobs going and why they're not coming back. Now we are up and up those guys move this country for another show. Some of these guys are fired up about it I you know men and and so you say you every week we all go home Wii console war yeah until next week is a big she is so we'll we'll we'll continue this on the other side next Sunday. Well one I think well John Mica for being good hope cohost on today. It's always appreciated. And as always all of us here to your tail him success you would like to say thank you to those of you were listening or veterans. As wealthier family thank you again for your service we're very country. Compelled to vote on you to listen to sound off from the URKO and succeed a voice of Boston.