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Gun Talk 4-10-16

Apr 10, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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Loved blow. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom grisham's gun talk then doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here. This is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics so grab your phone and call him right now. 8668255486. Sport just dial one top dog gone. Now here's stop. Today I'm Tom grisham's undock. Plus special guest cohost joined dumb in the studio. For us confusion with the New York State saved back. A new program for injured veterans and more golds are now at 8668255486. That's 866 start to go there. Now appears to. Where we're we're all he. To begin June gun talk on congressional your host rubio a bunch of fun for the next few hours talk about. Well. What we talk about this pregnant stuff you talk about if you call in here we'll talk about a course guns and ammo and strokes off Dixon. Treating you fun stuff and things you wanna buy him. No we don't allow you Shelly guns I'm sorry that's just not allowed around here. But having a lot of fun we have are a good part of our who has joined me on the show as guest many times about. Today we're putting her to work because you can't take advantage of your friends who can you take advantage of Germany right now is June Shimizu pro gun side academy how aria. I am Craig Thomas is so wonderful to be there. What Jane in July or what you do your show and no you don't get to do that you have to work I love it yeah a killer I for those who don't know to what our guns ideas. And ten academy is the world's oldest and largest firearms training facility we are in our fortieth year this year we're celebrating forty years. And we've run year round and called an Arizona gun site academy was founded by Jeff Cooper back in 1976. Is being called harbored a gun fighting schools. And I know retarded you people say wow you know that's like they've been around long time there's new stuff out there. When you talk to people are actually really know the stuff for sure you know. There know the basics you guys teach the basics and then you go from there but we talk your instructor here to a world class instructors you'll tell your. You really just teaching the basics better as you get to better and more things in and you learn to face more challenges. And just Cooper's set the doctor inferred training firearms. Two civilians and we have taking it to the next level everything has to evolve. And from the from the stance to the drive to everything there is to know about handling firearms. We have. Learned from Jeff Cooper any follow through guns I can. Absolutely in love polar bears Uma. About who are not true about two hour drive north of Phoenix he depending on traffic I've met and known to make it an hour and a half you're gonna see you drive the yeah I do believe that. It's an easy drive it's a beautiful drive you can see everything from southern Arizona all the way up to the pine trees and mountains there. Exactly right aren't they look like a quick break your your like George O'Leary its execs talk gonna get you in there 8668255. 486. Also of course you don't associate me an email from a gun talk dot com. Lot of ways to make that happen let's see it over on Twitter I am at gun talk. He and that she we have FaceBook Goer in me and you're a difference but to argue I did it again Mike he's been gone so we adjourn this guns like. It's got that academy girls like me if you want to take a look at all right here we come back let's talk about what's going on New York State you know he'll believe. With the anti gun politicians yet you will believe what you're anti gun politicians are doing there but there are some people who are taking action they are. Pushing back will be right back with more gun talk. Yeah Tom pressure man mind guest cohost. For right now for this week because. And make your work today Jane mentioned you're from gun site. Here I'm glad I'm here kid this is fun there are really I guess coming in to bring us up today with. So that's going on a New York State that like a war people don't understand it actually has application across the country because. Your new York and California are kind of worm the Bjorn being industry and politicians they roll out. They're processes or procedures there frankly their secret little things they do. And if they get away with a there then it just kind of from used out. Two other states were during right now my point lower come pundit or do I get that right below. All right we have to be though you're an attorney for dark storm industries but the real. And extra ministries are you couldn't look it up on the web site when I hear and it's a dark bad storm dot com. X what's going all I knew in New York. The search for those of us who were not there it's kinda hard to comprehend. Hard to comprehend when you art in New York. And then if you will land far away from what most federal firearms licensee. Have in their relationship was DA yes. And VA care like or not. Actually when we need is you know dialogue or technical services division they'll evaluate firearm during and research and development costs are hired more. And whatnot. In New York where my feet. I think their parent doing an excellent plan. In New York 2013. Governor Cuomo camp or something called the safe act. In the dead of night on American business are certainly none of the legislator having weather. As part about that and flew over it in New York State Police. The concept that they could implement. Certain provisions. Including a provision which we occurred to New York as we all weapon and a your listeners are done off our dedicated and you know there's no such thing with an assault weapon that I would go fiction created by the like anger. What we've been doing with this January 20 there long it and here they calling with no real sinking in power. That is trying to turn itself into a regulatory agency. They opened an 800 number hot line is supposed to be able to call the answers to questions. The that it could call it the same question twice in the same thing get through different operators you get through different answers and they were able to put in right. They have a web site but it has technical errors they have pamphlets that are supposed to show you which firearms certainly go on which are not. But it doesn't cover all known universe fire. Most recently embarked on industries. Caught a conversation with troop Al in New York State Police force and gun investigation. Of all violent. And no orders and we thought. That's true of so we're providing. Them information of value in our community. So they shared that on FaceBook and a couple of the other form forgot owner. And the next thing we know invasion helpful and in New York State Colin. Decided they weren't gonna and the country as well as a well you know it's safe says that they said that but we don't racial advisory opinion. Oh and we're not gonna put that in writing I. When oil and let me make sure we're understanding your so. Dark storm industries is trying to get Sloan. Clarification in some direction from the state police and look what can we do Harry go about this what's the procedure. What's covered work not can you release let us know. Of course the whole idea as we would like to comply with the law just lovers know reduce. It. Actually and then to get this information from troop fell on the state police and say you're OK that sounds good and everybody's asked consumers share this information this is what they say this is how to go about this. And no shot move the state police headquarters as well all of them know about right and oh by the way. We're not actually gonna tell you. What the law are those your your reminds bit O'Neal off. Just deuce open and won't let you know it's legal room we come to arrest you are fine. Correct. Rather there spoke in condition. Is. We're not going to invite you to anything in writing well respected judges figure out if and one of district attorney's office how reliable. We've cricket variations from one county to another Oak Park are at a point that they're doing a pace we might help you out. Now what makes our current industry conversation with troop so when he. And what I hear from waiting for an a lawyer for the past three years trying to put the other. A good civil rights hanging. If they engaged in little. We have. Don't know who. Met her have the record. And I knew it was the first and until we actually had some light it. And certainly appears from everything I understand that we settlement of strip out. We're you know victory engaged in dialogue again but they're they're. The dealer. Remain in compliance with a law that there. And I thought that this is not uncommon. Is not uncommon where the police officers. Other watchers say okay Leo we we wanna help you god your work with this let's make this all work. And then there's a column bureaucrats we've badges which is basically a politician. We've got. Elect not elected but actually reported. Actually makes it more difficult for the officers do their jobs. I have ghoulish and weird we're learning iron men and women in New York State Police certainly helped the letter counsel on sheriff's office there's. And at the local laws and court reliable well. And I engage in conversation with them all of my job is seven there's a weak Second Amendment and this is what I do. There's a lot of pressure there are a lot of confusion evenly and the law enforcement. Community. I'm wanting everything I think interest thing and the listeners informed September 23 when. Eric they've police release and other written. Called little guys. When you're going forward included term not included in the statute. So some Havoc with all go the shooters when young political education and the faster but it includes your New York. We cut on freedom of information requests about the ill gotten that hey. What the policy or procedure you're going to see in the current oracle is determined that something as a so called win them. Western and you call it in your book. When you saying you're going to destroy it firearms and when did you bring you that inventory. And what can we get back in right well as purse. We got back to back up blood actually you're basically saying we have no such written policy. And then when we noticed the first it would trigger there. Lo and behold right now this minute there are more than 458. Years. And other judges step in Albany County. I've got a weird state police and not one to really to under the freedom of information request. So where where an immature understands her this for you know that there are 450 pages of documents. Mitt essentially are. Regulations but you're not allowed to know what the regulations or how they're gonna implement them more than policies are. A wow are so nothing broke so were you don't know where we would just now. Well we rewarded with a very memorable block that you might imagine kite and cook put an awful lot of them in the art of which I think you gesture we can document that we're waiting right now on that decision. It is tonight we absolutely. Will appeal. One thing that me nor does have going forward and if we can better way street the way out what power letter should be High Court in the states of north. It does have a very proud history of standing up again. The governor and the executive branch here it'll work and force and learn about. So you know all of a lawyer offense and their cult or at some point no we cracker oh. And we see just how it is for actual operating behind me. What do you need to know where your help me I know that there are a lot of people in New York State proved. I think than the noncompliance. Is that an all time record level. There in terms of fun mostly fact. What can people do to help you with this effort. Oh sure thanks for bringing that up IE it was the attorney representing still up and when and we did in fact windows. Figures. On Crete and the information in case. How many New Yorkers pattern has not complied with the registration of these so called alt welcome. Yeah little. Well we estimated that no less than workers are compliant. OJ percent. My guess I thought it would be a good thing your more than you thought have been. On. My heart goes on what I thought that decision of course my car my car economic effect will there be so excited look when you're being Governor Cuomo mr. earth shattering. I mean. Okay. I don't think I'll actually get all excited he said the same thing you do that Boehner because they're well I thought it would be lower. A. Two or pursue that would comply with what is best and some illegal law. Well we we blame it on that throughout the campaign found they sell it high population. And higher that what that number but there. But you know there are very important point and went running right now that anyone can jump in you know it's called up the creek. The other part of what New York State it was just think back. Which is the subject of federal litigation like well not lost since called Montgomery's first it's Cuomo. In what it brought in the provisional and then Ohio law section nine point court there. Well this State of New York contributed you're stuck there in your hospital your record you know without telling you that you are being reported. To record knew we offer their medical help with their record or the department criminal justice services which spent on the court we are fiscally. So there are reports that since Santa Clara but it's so light and zero judges local law enforcement so of course it. So that it can pick up your guns. Yeah and little fast forward on that what that means is that people will now I'm not cheap medical help. For fear they will be routed out my their doctors. That is correct and that's exactly the opposite. Of what we want to have happen. Trapped in the patient and the medical and especially the mental health provider. Critical. Absolutely critical people seeking out final treatment collider and we're following through with treatment recommendation. And this has really let the entire. System and goal from good public policy on the hard. What what we've been in addition to filing a federal law is what is the parent 0021 decision from the judge. Is there much of public campaign calls about increasing. And there are more than 3500 people a sense when freedom of information request to New York State Police. And what I wanna know what we think you have without me. In New York fire. Who want him how month in New York State Police have finally started responding to people. And Eric commute into the I didn't could function in fact the weather says we're not even going so well. Because it would violate. All moon. That's so lovely little blanket term for them to wrap around themselves. Well except that it really illegally on the car as well because they're in the Montgomery Burke but overall in the senate work its spending. That what they're doing and current England medical provider to report them is not a violation of corporate but it cannot actually asking for your medical charts. OK we're just about out of time here eleven let me just ask you where where can people go to find more information Gilmore on some of this. Sure my web site is law that policy. Dot com. And another organization the chance I would be so. Then why not or. Yes GOP each stroke in Y dot org. And in your website is logged as policy dot com and there's for drug there. Hello thank you so much I appreciate what you're doing keep fighting replied this is so critical to be this back so that. Mean right now they're getting away where that then the only thing stops them whose sheer mash. It just takes power. In terms of dollars time. Effort. And as much as you can shine the light of media attention onto it. Thank you come and that's what makes the spotlight is. So important and while it works people on the ground were listening to you and we want to Thelma a couple of well. Well thank you for what you're doing all right take care jail and amazing stuff and their Afghan civil rights I mean it's you and a that's an PL let here's your doctor. And enforcement arm of the government. Not because you've done anything wrong bird because. You may have said well you know sometimes I'm a little depressed and all the sudden I guess circled back and I'm not kidding we had numerous reports of there's like. Knock on the door. And the police are there and there's here's the list of guns you own. And we have this piece of paper and you must turn them over now so that's what you're doing it. He can pull off later Jamie we're gonna take a quick break your you'd like to join us 866 doggone. Had entered doctor askew. If you own guns. What do you know that that's an ongoing thing. Also if you are more about trading got a question about there. Are your range report will certainly take that 866. Talking gone on to congress should realistically go and talk will be. Right back. Sign up for our guns our newsletter enjoy the truth squad at www. Gun talk dot com. Now back to go and talk with the Washington insiders opinion page regular contributor to our aggression. Oh yeah. Talk about guns and. Having fun after we do around here Tom aggression we're glad you could join us here from they would go and talk Kim and welcome. Glad you could be here if you don't like guns you just fell below the swollen river below. Yeah it could be educational could be fun if you do you really don't like guns they give me a call and tell me why. Under the floor hallway to talk a mugger in erupt or you're not gonna help through. Half an hour monologue. But we'll talk about were we go to the front line just call me at 866 talk gun produced actually easier to style worn and then Tom talk. Go on them Goodyear of course I enjoy by my at least for this week's guest cohost Jamie and Shimizu from gun like tiny. So what you will go inside you guys got this like monster class thing going on this week as well as other classes. Google we've had monster class is going on for the last month things are really jumping around on site starting today they're dealing. Especially now come gun site forty with bubbling femme Chris YE and Steve turning in Holland different ranges and they're teaching competition shooting. I ST two Ronnie is teaching hands free had a fight without a weapon and Chris White I think he's just teaching basic down and dirty tactics. Yeah just because these guys know with the new you know there's been they notified that Steve and Krista ratified Rob Blake and knows how to teach you how to shoot faster and better. It faster and better than Rob Blake and yeah I mean the but here's rob will actually work where you don't like you warned groups he walks in says look guys. I don't know tactics to I can't teach you that I don't know what you guys do just brighten features you'd fast and accurate that's why do. And he's pretty and it hit it to make you think you are really of these these huge growth. Let's throw the ball here John majority you don't three out of about Belmont PA hello John what happened at your chiropractor office. Well thought I would pick up darker warmups they're good judgment of them pour all the Bud Black. And being Bobby Muller but at what it means. You would impersonate an island selective in our third Kim asked her questions and what I want him. He saw her as Camille at least question you know are bailing him you know aren't good you're. You know this. Different question that I can the one that can question plate sit down. This is kind of approach or to have all my you know privacy and he that it does the government to make it him. They're Curtis you can literally mean you're here because I have to comply. So yes if you're question generic this you know well call me out don't really you know just a little bit extra things here they're. But it you know. It's it's brought this to -- currently more people whether or orchard the contractor bill that there are limits based the government actually forcing him to candidates. And I leadership ought. And let me. You know and that their computer Shillue. Well I'm at work I try to catch a book club and it worked in the final scheduled for the podcasts and I just caught the last few minutes away from New York City and what we're going where and I just had to call him. John Jamie and got a question for. John how old are you. I'm fifty probably Turkish security and evercore. Well I don't think. I asked you that because I went to the doctor about a month ago and they gave me a form to fill out. That asked me how I was feel marine asked me if I ever had bouts of depression he asked me if I was on any medication not prescribed by the doctor. And when I asked them about the four and they said they give it to people over sixty. And they had to do it because the government wanted to do it I actually to the farm and put it in my purse and fill it out to the dreaded Hitler and I and I know they can't make you feel now. Well that's the other you know you know while I'm on this don't you John says he'll always tell the truth. Beyond that way you don't have to remember what you said both but on the other hand it's not a sin. To tell a lie for someone who's not entitled to know the truth. I. Yeah there you go ya I would be gifted to. Rather they get into a confrontation with the doctor Bruce he's not really the enemy here. They should you know for him rebounds and oppression our privacy purple. Changing tell just what whatever you are actually had to say. And I think it's fine to just lying through your teeth on the stuff and I know there are doctors out there or no no we reward help you know I don't actually know that your dad gum business. You're that's what the real embargo do you. And your chiropractor. And I got a bad back. My mental state is none of your business then you can tell me all day long on the government requires us. When they require you basket but and they don't require me to answer that I. Hello Jane intakes that mr. Hugh takes a piece of paper takes over shreds. They thank you gotta appreciate that Libya should. And usually I don't ask people there are two found themselves but obviously you work had been gunfire and you have to know how a lot of classes and you. Kerry we talk about that before. I'm guessing you're in the doctor's office. You probably haven't gotten phone yes Ollie can my purple orange well in fact I've been known to look into the doctor's office wearing it and then asked to leave because I forgot I had time. And they asked me a leave it in my car. You're 45. Yeah 1911 you're going to love on him yet if all four foot eleven do. Scared and which makes you go to a bigger you know and maturity your the bigger the gun box yes so so relative thing. Let them to grow and according skull then he's in our racial and Louisiana. Cory what's coral Olivier that you hear. Oh yeah Abu Abu BA patients are feed via the server condemned as you know a couple of to a car wreck. And of the BA have a web site that they compile your. Medical records in June and every time you go or appointment. You can go back to air and they click on the loop but they are they provide and you concede he tailed that your last visit. No question the doctor ask you apart knows that and Bo only four stops in this so I don't double. Could be jailed bonded or are or where they have a basic goes but. Or Guatemala through the app are with clicked the end of look at Mario appointment. There was a section there it sits safety and they behind state be it guns and the doctor had. Good no been no but our. So I don't know who they share that information with if they share with bidding war. If there are shared you know why they're from filing of the the order. Core I can I can tell you their shared it worth it if you. Caroline VA that you are having trouble manager and your financial. Well for years. They will report used to the FBI who does the Nick's background checks. And you will be flagged as forever for the rest of your life never be able to Oregon. We are that's yeah that we have more to being we have not fumes of thousands probably hundreds of thousand times that's happened investment. OK so they tell her that. They are definitely shared that there recently accused the FBI and if you tell more. I need help progress somebody else you have my financial affairs that's a trigger goes to the FBI and then when you go to buy a gun. You will be kicked back here's rejected because that is. I mean you've never been adjudicated. As being mentally incompetent but in their eyes they call that being mentally incompetent so. Yes that's another thing that if we had a different presidents. We might be able to give something like that that. Don't go far we'll be right back with more gung talk. Are backward yeah restaurant here where our guest cohost unions and their Jane then. Yeah you probably hears me stories about guns and gun owners as anybody. How many people. You guys put through that place I mean that's the good is enormous. Assumed the guns I academy it's an enormous facility but where really picky about a client he has. I have a background check you. Have to. Show proof of no criminal history we put it about 3000 to 5000 people doing here wow. And that's set higher facility and other facilities forest region because furrier forever has been in Arizona only been Dario new facility. I'm in Virginia we have a new facility in Richmond Virginia we have done for 250 pistol class and I believe it's for now. And they're awful and now we are almost filled up to November and we're getting ready to open buzz mills is a great business development. And we're getting ready to open another facility and Kansas Kansas. Wichita outside a Wichita all right and these are beautiful in insight into. Pretty column. In two billion dollar range this noise descend into nothing malls well you know huge fund dealer part about that is monetary conditions which we like a lot. But you just up I had not thought of. Hey you can do moonlight trading any time polite chaining anytime of the day you know I have to come in ninety get it occurred to cool and they're beautiful facilities there's sort of the new. Scott field gun club is one of the country Colombia country club via. So Marcus Richmond Virginia ensued Wichita Kansas area yet. Good and all that information on the web site good way to test analysts and I just found out about it this morning appears that this is breaking news our best break I mean if so what we're to reflect programs like Debbie Debbie Debbie yet and say that come and then you can look at the gun fight academy now for historical information there. There is called news from Shreveport Louisiana line three billion your own gun talk. I dumb I rarely this great review but I tell people when they're asked question they're not entitled to know the answer. Is Peter you're a cult dumpster there a war smile hourly the answer blank. OK keep medical please seek medical attention from a doctor. That statement that you make to medical practitioners. Is given a really high level of credibility. Under evidentiary rules. And it if they ever decide that these people are federal agents that were altered but he can't he can't make false statements initially people I think it's much better state. I don't care to answer that because it's not your best sticky around that point. I'm I'm OK I would tell people is not your business and show where we have to ask you sir we're good you do what you had to do and think you're concerned let's move on. How would that work. Great. Who got worse for millionaire I appreciate that from golf. Steve is gong to have a monetary Mississippi hasty. Icon how are ya are well out. Yeah it's up on this same subject you know when you're dealing with the position. If you can you can just. L position and yelled as she walked through the hallway and jury saw what you're saying usher dead or get chiefs are white and the practiced. You have not seen it sure can't forget I'm NRA. As a certified or arms straight instructor. He probably doesn't have war. If he is requesting. Information from Dayton medical are. Out side in the field of expertise and out why is trying. That's grounds for malpractice. First things he does say look. Idea I'd like to cut your copy of the certification or your specific trigger firearms safety. Yeah and and inform him that you ought you don't have a you are practicing how side. Your special or out. Yeah our eyes and on and are usually don't you know. That the and they'd like I got a lot of good friends who were doctors they'll. But every once while you do run into wondered just basically says that you didn't go to Mets you'll idea and so I'm I know everything you're going to hear no rule on there. Good it's a good point Steve thank you for the call there. While Jen. This is a hot topic and I think it's getting worse because of Obama here. And and do what's happened is the federal government is looking for every avenue you can get to get more information on who owns guns. And piece by piece by piece slice away. And then making it against a lot and not an insurance to not go to the doctor and that's how they're finding. All of their facts out I. Right no knowledge there's not a writer okay you don't wanna fluff federally mandate in obamacare then you have to pay a fine man. Yup for not have that and weirdly enough the courts about the hell that I don't understand it. Although do you have an idea for a way around at least some of this and we'll get to that we come back because it's. It's a pretty cool idea out. It's to trim the second place all over the country right yes it is okay we're gonna talk about that if you'd like to Jordan's age execs talk gone. If your rage report regarding your shots of the U wanna mind. You're viewed as more. Dispensation. From me the permission to myself than. You know I'm undersized. Junior golf rules bill we'll say yes of course you should buy 866 talking gun. You're hearing more and more of these. Reports of people being asked by their doctor for help players about their gun ownership. And also even if they're not being asked about it if they ask about depression generally like there. That thing gets reported. And gets back doors pressure from the VA back to the FBI. And I'm I'm more people understand this Damian that that. Once you get placed on that list. As having been judged mentally defective you can never own a gun you don't like well we he was depressed and are he's not. It's it's don't don't be all and you could not own a gun the rest your life. Well I think that's what four is forcing people to go to concierge medicine you knew there are doctors out there operating out of their homes it's totally legal. They have a license on the wall and they charge you 2500 or 3500 dollars a year moved to be your doctor they don't take insurance they don't take Medicare. They can prescribe medication for you if you need it and here you're given thirteen visits. And I know this because side looked into it because you're given thirteen maximum visits a year which. I don't go to the doctor thirteen times mirror and if you need a prescription for something you can call them and say hey I need us. I've got a virus I've got a cold I need a prescription and and now Colin entry. So I think that's the smartest way to go now is to get get a doctor you can trust just doesn't. No they're not required. Buy insurance or Medicare or anybody to ask these questions because they don't participate in this program. That's right it's like what he did to get a low level insurance program. For catastrophic right and you just keep that to make the government happy right and then and corporate you to take your your committed. If he gets a bit of stir more you need to insured for that that's right but you know you wanna back you can trust and these doctors that are in the system now. They haven government's making amass these questions but I believe. That. People are gonna start moving towards concierge medicine. Anybody who could afford it will be looking for that and now what have yet another split. Of those who kin of those who cannot afford it. And error and the government's forcing it down at an area of very large gotta gotta hear this and got a email. But actually no this was off from our FaceBook page of gun talk media. FaceBook page says the suit chisel while discus somebody has a Mittal steel while just the dimension data and says. The birdie on 161743762. By 39 QQ 3600. Tourists that are. But you just linger at a 150 yards and they all just hit it described his play since but. My twin can do fifty goes right through it. Why is that. I know I know I know are coming in there. It's all about the velocity that's why when you're shooting your targets with two to three you don't shoot them at ten yards can you were to Europe the target. If you've got to get the Boston boy oh about. 3000 B perspective. We had we left your target out of our range now and the fellow who owns the property they're nice guy he just didn't know. Are we came out a week or two later there's this beautiful little small hole right through our secure part I mean we're talking you know. Real still target from action target is the good stuff right. And we asked what happens is home and I couldn't limits on at a shot punched a hole. And pick and we shot this thing we're not sixers what to do threes. Who would you Schuettler. 257 Wetherbee oh yes. That'll do it it's all about the velocity is no different problems history fascinate will go through studio where they've bigger slower projector will. So maybe you saw the bird and our bureau in what Richard Steele be careful and got hair of that impact velocity somewhere below 3000 feet per second. Or where does this is almost like a ghost of plasma and goes right through but don't punch a hole right initially. So if you wanna know what's happening to your plow disk that you have to go with its more lower Milosevic. We're we're going to be talking about Shlomo Amar wounded warriors people who have served through or injured and OJ units up would you guys do a lot of. What we have done some wounded lawyer classic but not for the wounded warriors know nothing we were project differently yes we we take. We had our entire class Philip disabled vets. Outstanding here we'll talk about that there was like your call 866 tall guy on his junior John John Grisham. And this is done talk. Loved blow. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with John grisham's gun talk it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call him right now. 8668255486. Sport just dial one top dog gone. Now here's stop. This is Tom questions go and talk now available on iTunes and other podcast clients and on the free gun dealing a Smartphone app for iPhone and android feel free to call Tom now at one Tom dart gun and 48668255486. Or email Tom at gun talk does come. Now once again here's stuff. I'm not flip yeah calm person you're live in fact gun talking to talk gun issue here you don't want calm talk John. Of course well enough FaceBook. Good luck media and their word and we have our guest cohost joy knew what happens when summer comes to visit you. And just forced to hang out. Owner and you're good to hang out you have to work work work work work so jaded here was there from gunfire gather news here with eight pain we come out hard fun. Hard fought gunfire by the way is GUNFIATU. Neitzel play on words because you knew he'd be looking at these slight. When you were shooting got a gun site dot com the harbored a gun fighting schools it's been called yes how many acres you got to the place. We have 2800 acres now Jose home we've got 22 purpose built rained his legal out to 2000 meters. We're below former ensure we have a lot of precision rifle interest all of a sudden in the last two years that is a huge competitive thing going on in this country. You sit in the sending your bio says you lots and lots more people warning to get training and you can you're curious. Tactics true hero like us. But for the first time in in the history of mean Latino web site grow I am actually having to put classes a sold out. Warm on April made dinner almost all sold out there's there's no room so if you wanna come against say. Call right away because it's getting more and more packed. I should do so great times and people hire a period and yet occasion some columns that come honestly say this for years I went to go on site. I finally get there here's my line from that who's really simple. There really is nothing else I know lol I can tell you this is me talking is nudging him. A classic gun site won't change your life. For ever you roll after five days there you will not be the same person and never in your life again. Would you be the same person how many times have people come and told Canada. It it's like drinking from a water spout when you get there we throw things that you for five solid days. It's Immersion teaching and once you're done on Friday you know wanna go home anymore you wanna take your next classic and site. That could change in my life was phenomenal because I was confident for the first time. Having a firearm in my house around my children you can go inside before he stirred worker weighed before I started working more and how it got the job want to go there. My boyfriend at the times that I wanna give yet classic guns I fear vacation and I was an upcoming technician and I said lock my wanna go to Hawaii. Meeting and I'll tell you what if he take his classic and I'm not taking a Hawaii and Columbia home. Graduation day at cant say I no longer wanted to go to Hawaii I wanted to take the next. I took so many classes when the new owner bud and tried in 99 he hired me. Troop surge going to be easier just to hire you keep you around that way exactly because I had no other classes like you take. You tell you know I almost well I'll now you guys have all these other class war obviously got precision rifle you've got. Yeah I mean you can take it clear from the duplicate last previewed it last semester repair techniques tactics you've got. On clothes quarters quarters and advanced tactical shotgun. And and now we're dealing specialty classes on Honda fans were doing specially crescent active shooter when he didn't. Played a camera that you're you're an active shooter now well we've we've got until of the class is now on their they're popular because. What would you do if you are in Amman and there was an active shooter and we have set up scenarios on the ranges and giving you something to take home with you that's a tool that you will have. If heaven forbid something did happen. And daddy active shooter classes I am I going on her bed. Well what we find with this first person defender series who in Europe soldiers at. If people have not had any training. They simply locked up it's like running around in circles as they have no idea what to do. Once they've been through some training now they have something. In the drawer they can pull out go OK mentally. I know what to do with this I've no. Idea what I can do here. I've been there I've done that learned under and in our 250 class three days on the square range we teach you everything you really need to know about upgrading your hand an and then only taking in the simulators. Indoor and outdoor simulators truce in the nation's sheeting mono shooting live fire line fire life fire in nuts and then didn't get any. 2000 yeah and why he hasn't occurred and and Cooper believed if you've trained it something that you would truly remember it. If you put it into real life practice into a real life scenario occurred so we did that we might create a home invasion scenario we might. He might be just going on high weekend and somebody's playing their nine help me help me. Well you don't necessarily want to help when you might want to call 911 because my good track yet. Now and in India and if you have been exposed to this and this like this multiple branched truly. This can happen it's gonna happen it's gonna happen and you got a medal explored all of those as well as physically gone there what do I do we have. Then when something happens at least you have something to go to who's that than just running around in circles trying to figure out what to do yes it's an epiphany. In disrepair through the gun like epiphany it is call they were or B you are or take a quick break we come back we've got I guess you were talking about. Are injured veterans wounded warriors if you were all. A little bit different trades on getting them back involved with dodger shooting. But also are some. I guess do and if you really column a type of therapy and advances there are recovery process and I know you guys have done a fair amount of that again solid council and we had some great London lawyer clashes all right bill be right back with more gun talk. You can't work him in jail and should resume his story to us from gun site economy. Whether hey you're here it's fun yeah. His son hardware are I guess right now is Rick Cicero and mortar. There are road let me tell you he's worked with who are wounded warriors but let me bring you hey Rick how are you sure. I'm. Excellent. Tell tell everybody your story what happened to you how did you get into this whole thing. Well Iowa walking central control back in August 2000 pan am and I'd be detection doubt go to work and I'm working with a more true and unfortunately. I'm wonder about cooler that it was one of those Bono between you and I and I actually straddling the pressure late at that moment. And afford Avery my hand stop the troll that turned it riveted I I actually. Detonate it. Showed that resulted in a lot of my right arm and right leg. And you know who were the key thing for me was always getting back I got my data and firearms instructors out a little boy the list. And I now have been firearms instructor for twenty years. And one of the best things in my rehab one is getting back in the wording sure again and be quite on actually I words they're top student I've ever had. And you know from my daddy would always about let's get back out let's get back on that pony ride. So. That was one of the first things I did I mean treatment after. Joke meter range and Leo captured and there was some of the extra if they ever could make. Show in my don't recover had been working in what other guy is now and that's what why should it. Again and it that a lot or like impeach. And would some of my fellow combat injured guy that was working on it. You know they've got to push a point where they shoot well an out but every instructor school and you are required you're. He'll stay in prone roll you know everything that EE had to do to be a nobody got to get. And a four guys tormenting and are more in a wheelchair whatever they don't have the capability. And Iowa were fortunate enough and merger should breach came out there at the creators breaks actually I don't mind. And I AM see first what Q what are god ever out and I have been shooting at you after the instruction. From the labor those who don't know where to let the Shia embrace love for six hour. And it is they if you will of velcro strap all and device that lets you shoot an AAR pistol one handed is that fair enough love. Description. That is an excellent description and it gave me the motivation come to realize I'd be able stand ensure entry again. Who though. In now I've I've gotten out good relationship what some folks chicks sour. And one story short we're shut show I was shooting a demo out there. And wind. I approach some folks from ABBA. In iron to the folks at the an Iranian actually we incorporate some resources. And it says basically it's if your guy shooting is well you do can you say they're qualified be cart structure will put a school. NRA action and yet what model of church global we will get them. Credited for what they're capable of doing it actually now we've got. But penal Geiger tremble. That the prior are primarily combat injured strokes. In I've got I have to the next umpteen. Got one night in a wheelchair. Who is getting out of that chair and walk with a walker now and by the way whichever boat still I got three other guys on the team. Gore never vote up or wheelchairs and walk. That deal. Any arm he's the kind of people. Debt. We need help motivate our shuttle service members you know. I'm not sure I got to share with you Rick and dissect Jamie and you show me a picture really go the them last year and it had gone site describe just picture. I was wondering if you import may be one of the guys. They he has a prosthetic arm. And one prosthetic leg and he's shooting is just silly took his prosthetic leg and he turned it upside down and use it as a model putt. And he's resting is just on top of this upside down foot on his persona bled like it's a month apart. I'm thinking now newer approach and attitude drive there's nothing that you don't I'm going to do this. Well and added that track or the attitude that we want to enhance. No that's not me however. You know I've I've seen that picture quite often and ask for kinder. Instinct we want we hope you know I've been working and I'm looking at all of the things that made my shooting back at and then a level that I'm Trout and anywhere under anybody's ever shoot. And to use that motivate other folks that was actually just in Diego last weekend. Teaching out there and how that. And to deal was only other it peachy is Ed. Share with them or they're structured but Adam you're gonna say what you got more code or near schools or. Out a week at one hour wait so. The state of where were out this week than working within the firearms industry and it between the support from the NRA pop up and a lot of our. A corporation that donated several firearms store program. Because we need to make sure we out their sources. Did benefit everybody's a bill I don't I don't use the word disability within my school out. I don't believe we all got very ability compared to one another cannon. In Indy this thing goes to our advantage we can develop success so. Other well let me jump in America as you can you mentioned how much several time order tell people what that is it's ATV GA it's honored American veterans who feel the web site. Is honored veterans dot org. Are really good group I've been involved with a and they are on pace to save. The there are Jamie and a lot of really great groups we know about the problem to wounded warrior project and it's never been pro gun at all times. Girly anti gun but there are a lot of great programs and veteran. Yes there are about you the one way where twit was a road color. And it's interesting thing academy a provided all the guns for them for that class that's cool yeah and it was a great class. Rick where do you go from here we're just wondering how do you beat. You are due to build this program and make it a little more people. Well what we're looking to do right now and our very first class on Iran reached in June it's actually a little. Had it occur because. The folks at Iraq capital shouldn't complex. And there're better than that area or motivated chew you out first come out there on the course so we're gonna go out and. In the state goal is to be running course all over the country. Trauma that you are shall we can get. So that number one week at. These young men and women the opportunity to get out and shoot and should expect Italy at five day course. That weren't all that we'll break arms rifles and shot bargains. And I am. The bill went to complete the course so not only how we eat where get basic and Eric pistol a rifle. Our certification but they're also going to out. Eight basic operational functional knowledge with each of these firearms bill completed an actual qualification course. In each. Court to fire not just. Chew crush on and they'll all week ago a letter that give them the ability to get a permit in their home state they haven't been able working under that. Senator Spanish. Fabulous that is just terrific. Now do you have a web sire or someplace you can go to your mournful. Well actually we have not released it yeah Ahmad all the wet trite because. They. Wanna do some more coordination before we open it up and quoted out there because right now. We are out there resources to get off the ground but we want to make sure that we watch and watch well. And what were looking to do at this moment it gained more art are not only rhythm firearms industry within shooting community. Man well look at that. The best ways to get care available to our community you know right now we're looking at where I retire true which tend to be around the places they retire from. Such fourteen Fort Bragg. Are urging impeached the equation. Down here in Florida. In a bit late here if we can bring them our academic showed up. It's a couple of your client than to try to get them out and find their own way again. A principle no number leverage a pic of what we're gonna run out of time here Rick. For much so should people monitor of the hub or website four announcements. Well they can or they can. Reach out directly choose to complicated if they have inquiries. They can understand them a message your contract talks. Or they can reach meet directly. My email. Which Richard underscore this girl that they'll show dot net. And there are more resource that we out the better we can make it happen. And as we all know it's about getting guys belt and that they keep gonna wanna leave without that is that. When we look at some of these veterans organization unfortunately they've spent. Not misdirected but. A lot of the guys like me in the house shall significant injuries don't wanna record because they don't want anybody chill chart until they wanna get back to living. In this whole program and we could actually about that it's about getting back to living about independent. And it took out enjoying life and wording gilts. And on. Excellent or appreciation and their sir Richard hyphen Cicero CR CE RO. That BellSouth dot net. It's Richard underscores. Underscore after Richard underscores a stroke and BellSouth dot net and harm you can check out there we're just honored veterans not all great group. I would encourage you buy it get moment. I sure appreciate you specifying where this here this is greater congratulations on doing this man had such a huge got a mortgage thank you sir you take care. June it's the kind of thing that. I'm encouraged my own. I'm just proud of these London patterns that that they get out there and do it and it makes. Is meal warm and Fuzzy feeling knowing that they don't wanna be in a wheelchair they. They want to live life like a normal person. The new work every day with veterans mean or whether they're your structures and also. You have a torrent of military either active duty and veterans who come through gun sights on me. That's very much a part of your world. It is a part of fire well then if they call. Gun site there many times we can get them into a class and they'll give them a discount for being a veteran relic yes well that's pretty cool yeah. You could that mean. I know some of the instructor you have there. I mean you've got former. Actually got former everything former every heard of and you name it we don't start with you and you know are you actually a former everything from you know. Army navy sea submarines. Three letter agency. Earlier rallies had to say that our inspectors have been there done that yet. I mean Border Patrol. You know police departments yes. Are particularly you know the funniest ones are. The former beauty guys idea most older guys they're hilarious. Chris Blair heads yes yes I mean that they just. I don't know what this may be a thing gallows humor during your defusing bombs and all about. They're they've got the best stories of anybody they knew they like. I tell you that our body. There goes our guest host before you it's an. I don't know that we are what are the so. We appreciate do what you like to join us who were reopened lines right now it is 866 talk gun no energy in here. I want talk orbit about. The grunge that. You'd like and the maybe the war in huge. Don't also we come back under. Holmstrom story. What that did not work out so well. You're laughing no no you don't do this they're Brenner bolster. No I did not work renewed American drawn more on that when he fix your car. What's your opinion to make it different log onto our web site and take big guns drugs pulled. Www. Donned dark gods go. Now once again an opinion great regular contributor for the Washington I've experienced John. Welcome back here one Noah you know from him for a major and JB Handley who uses. Brad Pitt kids to college that I wouldn't the doctor three weeks. Oh. And for some headaches. Chills listening to your sure they got me and my wife Ruthie. That made the doctor kept asking several times if I was depressed. And I keep saying now. So we order some blood work and then prescribe these approvals. Fair price not them I read the info and they were for depression. Rich just by then call them right away and told them I'm not going to take them. Jews and the side effects were worse than what I. So what you have lawyers and doctors. Not listening. Horror and not paying attention or. Deciding. Yeah you are saying you're not depressed I think probably your depressed. The front part of that is. You know you've said you're not and that's not what your therefore. But doctors now you've heard that into your records. And you bid prescribe medicine. For depression. And that could go on your record with the FBI and could. Conceivably be used to strip you of your second memorize. When he unity and Canada raised holy hill. Do not go to the doctor well that she is that's the problem that's what's hormones that. We're gonna get to a point where if you are at all concerned with your gun rights you're gonna go to a doctor. You're not gonna go to the hospital pressure bleeding out room. And you know you're about what you say you're gonna find a private Doctor Who doesn't take Medicare. Doesn't take insurance. And takes cash yet. And I think Ian C a a lot more of that in the future a lot of people are doing we'll of the columnists. Medical tourism. They actually go to another country. Once a year to get their check up on all their work done for like a quarter of Acosta word be here with the US doctors there. And really first rate medical care. Now go to Costa Rica go down there it's been a few days vitriol. By the time you pay the fair fair there and back in the fall rest you're still thousands of dollars ahead. So. Intensity we're sort going to be exporting our medical care. Because they're basically using. Your doctor. She and Egypt of a government now. Against you against Keith. Whoa. That's that's concerning military as early as let's see Jim Caldwell line worn out Nebraska got a question here about. What an AA witnessed your Marty don't do you have Marlins. No I don't I was looking to us. Well I have to. USP expert HK. And their they're big they're big. The big because. And I wanted to downsize. And age Kate doesn't have any thing. Oh with adjustable sights. You know there are smaller. Everything else is a fixed sites and I would want. Why would you want adjustable sights on a defensive guy. Well I'm not exactly using as a defensive good. I've. Yes just to go out shoot. You can't and his driver Oregon. Your should reverse mortgage you can range yeah. Okay. And I lot of wisdom or you know I've. Never seen CC. AA witnessed limited other than in pictures. And I know they're like to see Z. And I was just wondering if you guys have had any experience certainly something that. Is. Of value of value to I mean they're expensive. And they are and of course she's these are. It's pretty good numbers. So I don't have any experience rather than Jane I don't know how you have no not at all so we may have a good reputation CC is a good reputation I just. Cannot use that personal slight just don't know I've came up because there are groupies or poke around there are a number of guns that are not particularly large or do have adjustable sights. But you know once again. We are blessed with a whole lot of options these days. Well I wouldn't the other thing is. Here's where we're from now on this. If you're asking me about this coastal you have an interest in this system. Go find one put your hands on it try and if the range of care and or the very least just hold it in the gun store. And when you find it. Two things. If you feel as good in your hands by yet. And earlier when asked his if you go to a gun store and you ask them questions about it and you handle it. Don't go online and via from somebody else cheaper. You know if you. Take advantage of the gun stores. Stock and that your expertise Meyer food guns drugs if we don't do that nationally go to Oregon story there. Not when we talk with problems I've never thought Eddie got restore. Okay we're. Rim. I don't know I don't want to tell you I don't think he'll do here's what would it. If anybody has the experience. With the EA witness give us call us if we can get to some. The recent firsthand experience you people just there was you for good round them up for the McCaffery Hutu Karl. And then you guys she every go impossible. Coming from gunshot. Actually no no what they get to gun site week have them tell us what they're bringing and it not acceptable. If you can't shoot a thousand rounds out on the than a week without it breaking. Or if it's too small and it's gonna cause you pain right then we want you to know before you get there. If you get there and you can't handle her tiny little gun that you brat. When will put a bigger Allen in your hands and you fit it if the casino Guzman begun and more than read. My point oh yeah if it's like I know that you know there are times. We talked about this dressing. You pick a gun ships where your dressing your sometimes. Your carrier IQ eleven and some danger period NJ frames with the Russian small room are. There's much we love the small. And we shoot a 1015 rounds and actually could keep this the parts. Wow so you've got to be able to handle the weapon and you don't wanna leave with your hands all taped up and bandages and and bleeding so he should make sure you're gonna Steve Horne and and smooth explain the horn he Arnie get a gun out of the box and you go to wrecked the slider you go to Karachi slight opened. And it cuts you and your bleeding love that happened to luck with some of the pistol as you see. And he can take it here against Smith and tell me wanna deal orange and LA Conchita doesn't balance out of it without hurting. He already has basically taken all the sharp edges off that big gun makers are so proud of because it's. Takes a lot of engineering and find work to make the sharp edges on size needs and the for parts and then you go are actually the gun Smith takes a file or buffer we or wherever and smooth them out I heard described as. The gun ends up feeling like are used more so and it's nice we've just know who sharp edges anywhere. I again thank service pistols come out of the box like that wrote yes they're where they're made in the cold. Precision area and ten or whether it opened the box. They are perfect. So. What you agreement know that gun fight sells plus Q you have your own customs we have our own pencils we have the cult gun sites there was pistol for awhile we had dismissed the lesson you come officers model we don't have that anymore because they clip making him. We're gonna have a new fortieth anniversary pistol not quite sure he's gonna make that forest but it should be available in October. Because they'll all be available information on the web site yes gun site its GUNS I TE. Dot com. You're all right he'll go far we'll be right back we're looking for your range reports sporting news here is where you think about buying. Gloria I'll tell you the story about them pollster who know. It didn't work out so I didn't think through in this room. And and the thing is you never. Know it. By looking at all prescribe what happened to be right back. I promised that I would tell you about via the hole for soccer pavilion and everywhere. Do you witnessed this whole thing he'd hit the hit to him look funny to me when he did not find the period that this new. Whole surge that aren't kind execs accountable synthetic thing is not one of our sponsors like you're. Thing is people are so what do you carry in your world I carry different stuff all the time because after. How else would you know about this problem. Then this thing looked good right looked good. Okay clips like the post winter had screws if he needed to listen up try to fit better and is grateful for this phone and hardware experience or gun owner of the school is great. Nor sister belt. Then in a girl all alert because breaking news or won't try to sell out a group tried a few draws. I practically picked myself off off before. Trying to draw loosen gun. It would not come out of the holster and usually I felt I can malignant but you're right it would take it all. Then gun goes in no posters are not a problem. So we were we take the whole servers where she's at and it's. Soft and squishy they're there. I don't know it's kind excerpt injection Palmer rarity but basically. It's not still and so what was happening is being inside the we spin holster. And I like to have a belt tight. When I have a gun and I'm an upward move in a row I want to slide no warning no right word is flat since the meltdown basically just rush through this whole straw around the gun. Yeah I moved quite literally could not pull the gun and holster rooms where most. And I would never know. So goes back to what we talked about witches you have to try this stuff out. And don't just buy a gun or holster or loads or any thing and then depend upon it. When that going out and try and and make sure once you you've tried it you dried firewood it. Quite a few time I'm Russian trial and you go to the range and shoot it drive far and do stuff I mean because this sort of reward those music Bruce just a pollster. Mean god works behind him or spine just emotional cord and owned. And you go out there and if you need your gun you couldn't have gotten it out of Holmstrom. It just like half. Eye opener but you know you taught I never thought of that in. Jamie and like turn our acronym in dog you guys get their own time. In taught and by the way if you. If you have been to. Gun site would love to get. You're input on this sure tell us about your your trip out there just got an email from. Land shows. I never heard you mention France flight in about. Can you comment on this facility under remember that you have mentioned before. I can say things and training camp elections have your say on this regard my deal is if you had a schori scored drew guns like. There are a number of really good training facilities out there I've not been affronts I know her whole number of things about it. He would not be my first choice quite frankly. But having shed that gin and we agree on this I think. All of training is worthwhile. You need tee at training. After you leave gun sight when you graduate and Irish feel list. Go get training go experience training so while the runners up training. It might not be the experience you've had against site but if any training is good most training is the producer was like not all. And honor they never are they and you know if you go to. Another place to train and it's scary walk away. This is not worth it. But there are very good small town trainers out there that can do a fine job. Olivia and can return have poured. Trust your instincts if something's going on here and use the command. Paper tube carriage with their guns for their Revere our customers we're going to be like twice which is like you know. Twice too many times. It may be time for you to just pack up and go get the car driver weight and lose your money he exactly mean if you keep it to my back door about to leave right can't. Can and on the way is under several people who donuts and then I gave up a two day class left lunch. I know I just got tired of having people point to twelve gauge shotguns at my stomach. Yeah how that would do it for me definitely. Do we come back I want to talk about something you we know whoever is talking about more women are getting in the consume earn more review in the shooting. You've been kind of at the forefront of that you've been teaching classes tell them that. Get your take on that. Variation on the old story line what do women want. In this case I think maybe what they want something a little different from what limit price yet. I'm gonna definitely talk about that 866 talking going to risk him in jail there. Pro gun sites not congressional. I'm not revered due legitimacy whole load that bone thought about women get involved and you've got. The American been home for a little. It's full and not Kimmel line three out of Carson City, Nevada tell what you look for here. Feel tree look trillion I could I completely agree if you have a unity. Call your stock by the way I have one of them have migrate her insurance stocks from work I could never get old guy. A car market cap stock I call them. Couldn't get all black guy anytime any day of the week. You know right now yeah all of them. It's about development Albert a couple of mini game the way it yet. Also in my my question and it's. Are now Armond on mount all we're gonna vote switching over to block the block pop rock and a lot of people do crippling on their guns. And pray modifications. And I wonder about. That weakens the frame. You know it's worked hard at it in the first place and yet so Ku a draw upon to do what could chop if you have any recognition. I three questions there you know our group who can do or is it worth it doesn't we can frame. Any time you move something that we can do it that's just a done deal we're talking about actually grinding away you are reducing the grip. Diameter of a block those types of things. Here are good and who's out there who do very good job their experience with a rove are down in Phoenix there's a very nice job roam our guns dot com or OB ER. They do and I shot. Hi how will do it for you bush you're only gonna get half a gun back and I'll probably cut right through to grow while I'm doing it sort of being mean or go that way and just let them. I would never attempt to do that because I know me now from other man here's mentioning deal rather than cut things away. I know people who do still playing we have a soldering iron. And that up reopened just gonna keep square issued under the grip to make little white checkered things. But here's the thing do you have your block yet. Yes I do I've got reporting on an up thirty. That you flew him. Patient great and that's what Darfur wondering if it's a moral scarlet they create or its material improvement in performance Ottawa but I'm not. No if you shoot great for you don't mess with them right yes. An article gen farce have different palm sizes that can actually make the grip that your hand some eighty need a new glass. Yeah I got the gym four hours are much more amenable to different hand size is so wound bed nationally. But look if they shoot well for you don't monkey room rather spend the money on back spend money on ammo are on trading. And that's a much better return on investment. That that's where our own government and I appreciate you I'm Erica appreciate your patience you online to Europe and I know I am not a myth tonight in place. Well one thing we can do for help since there is. Like American ministries yet have you pastors sign a paper that says you get the church weekly. Answer he pretty personal questions. Or from me I would pay a 180 a month and the idea not have to pay the fines for not have an insurance. And then I did. So my doctor about. Questionnaires the front office and he actually moved offices it is the opposite he was list would not. Stopped asking those questions. Really you're actually left the practice he was where he went went off to some other place goes to the folks who ring in the practitioner wouldn't start doing it. I. Our original regardless turner appreciate that's your percent yes I got you know. It's a good point don't assume that your particular position is on board with us. He or she may be told to do this have a talk with their marker that's just wrong. That's just wrong that you asked this is a violation of my privacy. Its. Probably a border I boundary violation. Which is actionable by the state licensing board. Then I just don't think you'll be doing that and here she maybe say no you're right and coming business. Consumer there or just put. Normally we're not in an address that remove remove. No there isn't shortage of doctors out there making those tomorrow. There you go and work for you all right 866 talk good enough. What are you taking to the range these days straight to forge are welcome. This particular mind sampling. Or you you'd just myself the beautiful hollered he's 66 tall guy.