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Bill Clinton confronts Black Lives Matter. 4/8/16

Apr 8, 2016|

Do you think Bill Clinton was right to confront Black Lives Matter?

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Constitution. Is under attack. We don't help curtail. Our founding principles. Are being destroyed. In Boston this seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's bull dose a liberal bulls and taking our country. Back this is a America's voice of the resistance the Conroe core. 1207. In the air on the great. WRK. Although voice of Voss then okay my friends. Coming up at 106 we've got ambassador John Bolton. News maker interview you're not gonna believe the latest. On the raw and deal so why don't we just build them the ball well around it. You got to hear it do ball leave it. Also coming up later in the show. Is dead cruise an anti semite. First saying New York values. Geraldo Rivera and summit Fox News say yes. Furthermore. It a Muslim cemetery. Do you want one any community near you a growing backlash here in Massachusetts. Over a plan for an Islamic cemetery. And the Armenian Genocide. Now the Muslims are saying it never happened. All of that so much more trust you like tiger is Paul Ryan. Is this his first presidential campaign ad we're gonna have a lot to talk about today. I can't believe I'm about to say this. You know even a stopped clock is right twice today I can't honestly I can't believe I'm gonna say that's. If if my words seem Angola as they say this it's my lips. And Mike pong rebelling against my mind. Bill and I mean we try to get this out here. Bill. Clinton. Is. A all right. Cool school just couldn't get that well my god. Cool okay. Paul my god as my mouth hurt OK I'm on my friends I cannot believe all I'm saying this but. Bill Clinton Bob but yes that Bill Clinton. Was any campaign event refer madame Hillary Hillary rotten in Philadelphia. And as been as is now been happening too frequently in this country. Black coli as a matter protesters. Are essentially confronted him and tried to shut him down. And what they're particularly upset at that upset that that factor furious sat. Is that 1994. Crime bill that was passed with congressional Republicans and Bill Clinton signed into law. Which began to start throwing a lot of criminals in prison. Why now the liberals call quote mass incarceration. On quote. Now when nobody wants that value is it worked. See if you have a lot of criminals. And you start throwing a lot of them especially the gang bangers. And the murderers and the rapists. And the drug dealers once you start throwing them in prison. Guess what happens the crime overall. The goal is bound. And but they're very angry at him for having passed that. 1994. Crime bill and Hillary Clinton. Previously years ago. When talking about the massive crime spree. That was going on in this country sure remember in the early ninety's I mean I know things are bad now for example in Chicago it's horrible. But in the early ninety's if you remember the record murder rates in New York the record murder rates in Los Angeles. Then we stove and have a massive problem with the illegal immigration as we do now. There was a lot of black gang on black gang crime in the inner cities remember the blood in the crips. And soldiering a question and a Q&A Hillary Clinton said hey look. What we have now are not just predators. But there are sure upper predators meaning. Young socio pops young black command sociopath than gang bangers who just kill. Almost without any conscience any feeling nothing whatsoever. And so they are now going after Hillary for the comment that she made about quote unquote super predators years ago. And Bill Clinton for passing the crime bill. And so yesterday. A group of black lives matter protesters showed up at his event in Philadelphia. And they were chanting racist. Day him and if Hillary. Roll it written. Cities understand this is what's the matter I don't know how you would characterize. The gang leaders. Who got thirteen year old kid popped up on track and sent them. On the news story. My marker other. African American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens. Plame matter. Tell the truth. You are defending a papal. Because young people to go out and may god there was a thirteen year old girl and Washington DC who was planning year old told how would you do it. Now look at this other. Don't go there and that's not true. Now let's talk about the other nice I don't welfare reform bill or grace hopper. Then why do we have the largest drawn up an African American poverty and history. Well I gotta say he's he's right. I mean act template are never gonna say in this but no it's true. And more than that. He's one of the few who leaked in fact the only major democratic figure mall scratch that scratch that. I think maybe the outside of trumping groups gay which is always an exception but those two aside let that go. He's the only major. Political finger in this country. That is actually been willing now to stand up the block like manner. Jet. Little Marco wouldn't do it Ryan's previous won't do whipped. Paul Ryan all Ryan who now he's clearly. Got presidential ambitions but I'll get about a little bit later let that go he won't do it. Charlie that the boss baker chicken Charlie he won't do it big bird billboard was you know he won't do it. Bernie Sanders certainly won't do it Hillary won't do it the dear leader won't do it. In fact they actively encourage it. And he's a 110%. Right. These these thugs. Pretending to be protesters. When they're not blocking traffic. I wonder not blocking bridges and whether or not blocking roads. And whether or not openly cheering and calling and chanting for cops to be killed. Or with some other members aren't actively going out there and gunning down and killing cops or burning down Ferguson. Or in south Dallas dressed as paramilitary groups. Getting ready to shoot are a bunch of anti Islamic protesters. Or if they're not calling for Sarah Palin or Donald Trump to be gang raped. Or for quote Y eighty QB killed. Error it when they're not doing that. When you actually listen to their message she's a 1000% right. They are defending. The very drug dealers. Did get members of their own community and it breaks my heart to see it to school Dorchester for God's sakes. To crack houses. They heroin. The drugs on the street. How many port 10111213. Year old young African American kids. And I've talked about the heroin epidemic among white rural communities so as not to Jeff corner showing only blocks are on drugs that's a complete line immense. But we are talking about quote black lives matter we're talking about black lights. Not quite lives up a penalized. OK not Asia wide apart all black lights. His completely neat they're defending. The very drug dealers the very gang bangers. Who worked ticking away the lives. Of the people they pretend to care about. And I'll be honest with you. We thought you know what. Maybe he's saying deep down what many liberals and progressives are really thinking but they don't have the guts to say. And. Instead. To got to see this on social media. Writers that ebony magazine. Chris Hayes at MS left BC they're dubbed big talking guy that they have at 8 o'clock. The nation magazine which is the flagship magazine of the liberal progressive movement. They are now denouncing Bill Clinton as an absolute trader now there are saying the only reason why listen to this they voted for him. In the 1990s and Hillary was quote because they were quote decent white folks quote unquote. Who they thought could get over their quote unquote privilege unquote. And they're saying we were wrong. Know he's a racist and Hillary's are racist. And how dare they criticized black lives matter. And why are they blaming the victim. And I'm listening to this and I'm watching this. And I should have these people comment. Do you not see the streets of West Roxbury. Do you not see the streets of Dorchester. Do you not walk the streets of Detroit or Chicago. Or large parts of New York. The vote black on black violence is sickening. In Chicago literally. Black gang bangers. Drug dealers criminals. Or shorting down other fellow blacks many of them law abiding decent people young kids. They're killing them every four to six or worse. By the end of the show. One more African American will be shot in Chicago. By another fellow African American usually a gang banger or drug dealer. And you're telling me you care about blacks. You care about their communities you care about their neighborhoods. In fact it is getting so bad to listen to this now okay to listen to this. You now have black lives matter activists and spoke people. Champion now by the left in this country. And I mean academia I mean the New York Times I mean the Boston Globe and I mean MSNBC. Listen to this because it's coming now it's. It's it was sort of underground but now it's percolating to the top. That quote unquote black on black crime doesn't exist. It's a mess. That the idea of blacks killing other blacks it just it's a myth perpetrated listen to this by a racist white society. Don't take my word for OK listen to this black lives matter DC. Yesterday told CNN's Carol Costello. That in fact. To talk about black on black crime well it's just. It's it's nonsense. Roll it Brittany. Well it's it's important to talk about that myth black on black crime it's just that. A myth in due to assert that term can come up with a lot of different articles lately let's rock. I think Ray Lewis is talking about a lot of missed and he can and misconceptions about. What the movement is and is talking about an argument about it I can flat out front you're saying you're saying that black on black crime is not a problem. No I'm saying that into community crime happens in all communities across the country. Is a problem that the movement of black rice is focusing on the movement of black rises also focusing on state sanctioned violence which is a different thing. It's not just a few white cops killing a few unarmed black man. Affecting the State's systematically creating at systems that are killing black people or black women black children Biden and Biden here backhand and bartender not conforming folks. Did you get all that black lesbian bi transgendered black non conforming folks blah blah blah blah blah blah. I mean this is Aaron Gould Guinness by the way he's a spokesman for black lives matter. And he was referring to the former our all star linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens ray Lois. Alvis is an African American. And Ray Lewis just ripped and the block lives matter saying they'd go to Baltimore Coca gore right plate. I mean the crime rate in these black inner city neighborhoods is through the roof. And it's a black criminals. Black gangs black gang bangers drug dealers. Gord gunning down innocent black citizens. Who just want a clean neighborhood they want law and order they want their kids to go to school they might have a few businesses show up maybe up some jobs come back. And take this streets back from these animals. And now other denouncing him. Because apparently black on black crime is a myth. The sad fact is this and it breaks my heart and I have to say this in 2016. In the United States of America okay. Because I'm a big believer in Martin Luther Kent I love the guy I do I love the guy. And I love these I I I have a dream speech. To calling for a colorblind society. We're one day a black man and a black. And a white man and a black woman and a white woman can sit on top of the hill. And not notice the color of one another skin because they're Americans first and foremost. Ice it was beautiful dream. When was beautiful visions I've ever heard in my life it's truly a Christian vision. Young African American males today. The biggest threat that they face. Spot cancer. It's not aids. It's not any other disease. It is fellow young African American males. Killing them for pocket change. And peace people who claim to care about black lights. Are deliberately ignoring this. And what does it say about us in all honesty. That one of the few people now actually has the guts. To call it what it is. Is Bubba. Bill Clinton and corner country poll question there's more as the French would say of the day. Is Bill Clinton right to stand up to black lives matter. If you believe the answer is yes this is a long time overdue. Text eight to 68680. I dated may hurt you to actually do it because of Bill Clinton but you know. To give the devil is too is he right. Or if you believe he made a big mistake he should not have stood up the block lives matter text beat the 68680. Your calls poll results next. This is like the man I don't know how you would characterize. The gang leaders. Who got thirteen year old kids popped up on blood and senate and the ministry. However other. African American children. Maybe you thought I would good citizens. A matter. About referred. Well one. Seven here on the great WRK. No I Agnes and so on themselves off from Hollywood. I'm shell shocked. I actually agree with the Oakland. Don't you know and the clintons are right. Mechanical Bill Clinton. Israel. Is I don't doubt it's taken out of my mouth it's incredible. You can text us at 68680. This is from 803. Jeff I'm 42 year old black man. And I'd never. Only caps just for emphasis live in an all black neighborhood. Ever. The crime rate is outrageous and of black lives mattered so much then stop killing each other. You know that's pretty much what Bubba was saying yesterday. I mean torture wanna protect the lives who supposedly Clinton matter. Tug Europe next go ahead talk. And two quick points street. Jeff one of them is one ambassador Bolton as a widget please ask him. What the relationship is between our giveaway program Korean. An effective Valerie Jarrett. Bombs. Number one advisor and almost done Omaha Mateen. I'm Hillary's number one advisor bull ring informed. We'll ask him as a very good question second thing is hypocrisy in the black community we have here. Ministers who supposedly stands for morality. And they never seen anything about the promiscuity in the minority community which results in 72%. Of bursting out of wedlock in the young men. As they grow up they look for any strong male presence in their lives and their fathers says it's on its. And who's here to provide that strong go presence but the game liters. Tug have you also you're dead on by the way your 100% dead on the Tug have you ever noticed something else. These black lives a matter of fox okay and what they really are is. They are separate us socialists they are black separatist. Socialists both and they really are to war. During the hairs of the Black Panther Party. And that's why they're against mass incarceration. Because they believe that every black is ultimately a political prisoner in a white apartheid system. And so every black should be released from prison all of but have you noticed noticed this big hypocrisy talk. When they can criticize Clarence Thomas why I think is a magnificent man and incredible Supreme Court justice. They can call one an uncle Tom. They didn't call him a puppet. They can denounce Allen west as an Oreo Cookies that their words not mine. They can stand there and denounce you name it every prominent black conservative out there no problem home. But if you ever criticize them suddenly. It's racist. Are you ever notice that hypocrisy talk. Yeah that part they have put thinking about political terms and being here stepped. Socialists I never thought about it that way at all I didn't think they were organized enough to a coherent. Well albeit totally. Maloney won't normally load like an hour if you follow them I've been studying them on social media. And there's our if you want there's one professor of your interest in this her name is Michelle Alexander. She's a block feminist socialist black power nationalist. And she's written this book on mass incarceration. And the black lives matter people it's like she sort of like their grew and she directly goes back to the new Black Panther Party. And that's why they they believe that America is fundamentally evil. Hence all of its institutions are evil the police evil military evil constitution. Evil capitalism. Evil. And they believe that blacks. Are basically in a completely oppressed and so they're part of the black liberation movement so there can never be a true black criminal. You can never have a black person in jail because every black person as a quote unquote political prisoner. That's why they must all be released from prison. That's that's basically the core of their agenda. And fundamentally. Underlying it is a profound vitriolic. Anti white racism. So now after telling us for member talk during the 1990s. They kept saying all Bill Clinton the first black president. So he was the first black president. Now he's a racist. Well he was a racist background when he had his sister soldier moment. At least for a little while it's considered Charissa. Talk thank you very much for that call 61720666868. Will have the poll results. The poll question of the day. Is Bill Clinton right have stood up the black lives matter. If you believe the answer is yes text data six or 8680. If you believe the answer is no nyet big mistake. Text beat the 68680. Your calls poll results next. 1238. Here on the great WRK. OK my friends black lives matter. While they basically bull rush an event. They completely disrupted yesterday was Bill Clinton's stern permanent took the microphone away from Bernie Sanders. Member they've been shouting down Hillary Clinton they've been disrupting trumps events like the shot one down completely. That me going after that cruise well yesterday was bill's turn. And they're upset that Hillary Clinton years ago referred to. Young black male. A killers murderers gang bangers are social social bouts as quote super predators. They say calling black children super predators that's of the humanizing blacks that's racism. So they're they're very very angry about that they're very angry about his 1994. Crime bill. And now they're calling Bubba are racist and are calling Hillary a racist. Now he wanna note to mean for the real super predators. Them. And they're they're super predators have you noticed a speech. I mean they will shut down anybody who has a different point of view or has that point self fox or statistics. When it comes to their anti free speech tactics I mean there's no better super predator and a black lives matter. Bill you're up next go ahead bill. Quite yet. But the that he Clinton that the troops Kamal what Clinton's now. It worked extra charity going to be bought a functional brains but I'm in the trucking business and I oh yeah really I'm working black guys and I asked him about. I asked about the black light out in the community they had in common that is a columnist can say that. But drugs unemployable. In troublemakers who I'd destroyed enable its. And might I say to myself what are the black people wake up a bit opposite has destroyed enables its package yes. Thank you very much bill look have you noticed. Were black lives matter Katie super predators. No thought. No fact. No statistic. They are not willing to silence or shut down. If stay in any way shape performed disagree with it. I mean gay and what scares them. Is that the American people really handle the truth about what's going on in this country regarding. Race relations regarding crime scene regarding the African American community. And so to me when I look at them anything that doesn't fit their black separatist socialist agenda. They will destroy you. Russ Europe next go ahead Roth's. I'll label we got. Oh yes. To. Discriminate and on the clintons. Cult. All how wonderful would be if Britney can only beat the which York. You know Jeff what really gets me. But since you know consent based on ignorance has no bag. You know government subsidized democratic plantations have kept people down. And he has given fueled the violence and despair let's face it. In many people that in the democratic plantations and Nazis who keeps on the air in who put them there in their constantly dependent. No more than Russians and concentration camps when many of them one Lennon died they cried. Because they would too ignorant to know that he was the one put them there. And the last thing I'm gonna say is this one Obama leaves office he will be the only radical Muslim with Secret Service protection. It's the all coal routes around and I don't. On how is the beauty my friend six drug 72666868. Is the number. This is from a 781. Jeff. I would like to see the honorable colored people repudiate the dogma of black lives matter black lives of matter is in my opinion. A white socialist. Anarchist organization. Using Vick black people to further their corrupt cause. Interest thing you know I'm you know it's funny should mention that. Because their face is obviously you know very much there was block to block spokespeople black activists. On the ground. But when you look at them in the media. It's all of these guilt ridden hard left wing white liberals. In always Chris days from MSNBC. Rachel madcow. Softball softball Chris Matthews. Whenever I look at these people who are defending them on television. It's these guilt ridden whites. Who are obviously just trying to use them to tear down America I mean we know what their objective it's. Nick Europe. Next go ahead. I do except I'm good power unit. And do well known relations 67. God has not marked for whatever. I mean and so then he shelves so. Well that we have been taken on line with the but it did it the black eyes people. What to look back. LBJ. Adapter but just before signing the Civil Rights Act. It is such sitting down there on an airplane goes Edwards but it will be voting Democrat for the next few tiny yes. So that you needed you read the history books on Detroit. New York Los Angeles. Oh yeah and proud city you well the more NC what's been reached a case so. The Democrats in the prison on. Clinton clearly deserves that as well liked it when he disappeared as well. It's one of the things up right nobody may uncle yes I think it's a bit. But it that you sit attack. He just does what he's told. If you go back to that. It was a good counsel on the senate judiciary you know why would he came up well and has been in basically said that. What do Britney and Ethiopia fraud concealment instruction here as along with their copy the sitting will be indecency cars toppled president. Slick Willie. An indictment is essential. It. Feels so. Between New York. Attorney general's offices and work it is essential we work his way out of that investigated dec Marc Rich. If you read we call him. At a time and councilman commodities has set its epicenter. He good on the boat was but yet but we go to Beijing take that's what would never came back. But he took up but is. When the clintons and in charge and Clinton pardons. And so Colby says it. I'm shocked shocked that happened so caught up with someone yeah it's 2000 to put some on investigation. Rich and in light of Clinton's pardon well just Japanese even million dollars from Rich's wife. Forward and dictate to them might Clinton library foundation. A 100000 dollars to the fledgling senate campaign. And the rest I don't know like time. Supply depends I have no idea. When I went to their pockets and yet writes that that went into their pockets. And it came out of the opposite conclusion nothing to see it yet. You guys that are that we sent to Salazar. You to thank you so much neck and look I'm. You're you're bringing me back now to the Clinton years and all the crime in the corruption and that. The the scandals. Let me just throw another log on the fire okay. Because I'm looking at Bob and now what is he 7273. Years of age honestly looks white is a ghost and the guy's gonna keel over any moment. On the where's the coffin through this guy's got fallen to one. And now he's being confronted by all of these angry young socialist. Black lives matter fox. And he's trying to like you know hey come on what's the matter with you guys you know you Ronald JC was going on Ural communities for God's sakes. And I look at him and I go you know the quote reverend Jeremiah Wright dead chickens have come home to roast. Because who are the great admirers of Saul Lynn ski Bubba and Hillary. Who were the big 1960s. Radicals. Bubba and Hillary. Who brought in all of these far left wing socialist moon about activists. It to the highest echelons of power. Bubba and Hillary featuring the 1990 east. But man home. Vick shouldering that you spawn. Or too impatient with few. In fact what they're on social media if you read them they are denouncing bill and Hillary escort occasional quote incremental lists. It's too gradual with them they want us to wait we don't want a way we want the revolution and we want it now. There is an old saying. The revolution. Dove hours its own children. The 1960s. Revolution. That bill and Hillary were so. Old. Big game too were such a big part of is now starting to devour. These two flower children. Now there are offspring. Like cannibals. Are starting to eat them. Frank Europe next go ahead frank. I Jeff alliance on you for. My bag sir I have a little bit of a different take on it now. Referred EU because yours student ministry I'll refer you back to be and of the Clinton administration. That's about the time that the strike three Euro bill control and he all of a sudden became a an FBI or Jeanne. Jury in that time if you recall. He was setting up the legacy what are the points of his legacy lies that he was Gumbel is opposite certainly got. And in you're corroborated what end and there was presidential papers out. You remember where what people don't. Who Harlem wasn't for no obvious sign of I got the call we gave you. Rock. Out of our opinion laws well Prague. Muted due. It wouldn't be an acute. Attack right you'd child and one odd dollars. Now. People obvious panic. Out there like that but I'd say go at all. He has been a creek that is a victory. As is always lived there is an area of all. In any gains Breton island animate and do it every one on any give me that anyway why. But it's built things. That. Crap like that. Apps I. I got that belly up. I think we're black lives matter now turning on Bubba and Hillary. I don't think bill is quite one bit in Harlem anymore. I hope he's as popular in Harlem caught a Fuzzy was fifty years ago we moved desires offices there Tom you're up next go ahead at all. Hello Tom Libby miss Tom. Okay are British we got to go to break anyway right OK let's see if we hear re get Tom. 6172666868. Mort your call so. Okay my friends we got him back. Com Europe next go ahead Tom. Jeff gunners CPR. Hale thanks for hanging in there with Peabody. Could you are right I gotta have my red white blue dot might be out I go ahead Tom the floor is yours my friend. Published just what got three points second ripped through them and about a minute number one. Do not trust Bill Clinton that's a very obvious statement (%expletive) I believe this is a little campaign conservatism. A little lurch to the right. Don't trust that point too windy days. Spoke at the University of Notre Dame on the scene that the enunciated in the trick Dane. And on you do see that hole or poor. Abortion supporter. Pete if you were gonna do purposeful. We step pro life message it's a disgrace GAAP. I opted donations. Don't stand four point three. The holy father. Pope parried a heretic. Guess I know this goes back to Good Friday it's still very relevant. Love will conquer crisis. No it won't. Destroy and conquer ID sit Jeff people who did the gospel. Christ never kissed anybody's seen in one state of the holy apostles. The only Matt Dillon kiss the thing that can describe it. After washing his feet which are two years to write his feet with her hair. He corrupted the gospel. Christ did not wash the speed of the world and so soldiers he did not kiss your seat. It's the corruption gap that we got called out on what we do not have the power and we had bad popes in the past. And he's fast tracking to become a dead pull the god bless Egypt. Are you very much Tom look my fear is now I think he start to become the Obama. Of the Vatican honestly the Obama of the Roman Catholic Church but that's another discussion for another time. OK some very good Tex coming in. This is from 781. Jeff. Can't you just visualize. Hillary slapping Willie around in the back room I can. Altai you have I was her a pig he really teed off. Because now she's gonna black lives matter. Anthony's far left wing activists. They're gonna be pounding her. From campaign stop the campaigns. Four hole it's not going to be a good couple days now for Hillary believe me. Okay my friends coming up next. Newsmaker interview with former ambassador John Bolton incredible developments on the wrong deal and after him. Paul Ryan for president. Have the Ryan hall's already begun their campaign. Those stories Max.