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Ted Cruz not welcome in the Bronx. 4/7/16

Apr 7, 2016|

What do you make of the protesters in the Bronx?

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Constitution. Is under attack. Predawn Bunker Hill yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed. And boss yeah. This seemed to the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's all those are at cleaning up the liberal bull. And taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Come rope puller. On Ted crew. Always is all on me. Stunning to stop us you know after his big victory in Wisconsin. Cruz is now going into major headwinds. Fuzzy heads into New York. And there were waiting form I mean they were waiting forum. And that beds if you're not in Wisconsin. Any longer believe me. And my friends a lot to talk about today in fact in the second hour at 106. Ole boy does Bernie Sanders. Now on all old on Hillary Clinton. Forget our Republican contested convention. Burning now always driving towards a democratic contested convention and dean now comes out and finally says it. Hillary is not qualified. That's going to be a 106. At 206. We've got a story for you. What is going on in our classrooms today believe me you have to hear it to believe it. But first. Though liberal war on Ted Cruz. My friends I gotta tell you remember have been saying this now for a long time. That both trump and crews are the two big outsiders in this race I understand the two camps are bitter enemies. But when you compare them to Kasich to Jim beat fellow de Marco Rubio. To the GOP establishment and especially pay Hillary or burning or Obama or the entire democratic establishment. Believe me. They are despised. Both of them. The only reason why trump has gotten more hate so far is because he's been the front runner. Well now that cruise won in Wisconsin he's still behind him by I think 200 torn African delegates. But now that there's the possibility of a contested convention. And may be now he popped for Ted Cruz to win on a second ballot. That he may now become the Republican nominee there's a possibility. Now full liberals are showing their teeth. And they wanted to die of our him. So Ted Cruz. Went into new York New York City in particular. He went into the Bronx. He's got about two weeks actually less than two weeks April 19. To try to pull off a stunning upset victory against Donald Trump. The polls so far now show trump may win this inning massive landslide. Latest polls now have trump 52%. Listen to this. Kasich. I mean what people like my guess is a lot of insomnia and new Yorker whatever they like somebody will put him to bed without medication. He's at 25%. Cruise's trailing badly at 17%. And clearly one of the thinks that the liberals and many more bad New Yorkers are upset about. Is cruise's infamous line about New York values. That he said fundamentally. New Donald Trump and the difference between Donald and nine assists that put it I make conservative Texas Republican. Annie embodies New York values. These are New York liberal idea score. All I ya ya I hate gay haven't forgotten that shot. They haven't forgotten that comment. And so west Ted Cruz. Starts the campaign he went into the Bronx. And it first began with that she is no Iran where the channel program. So patty charter school listen to this. Add Bronx light house college repertory academy. A group of students see this is the tolerance in New York. These are the New York values that they're so proud of look at the tolerance. A group of students. Said that because cruises quote misogyny is stick homophobic. And racist. That they were gonna staged a massive walkout. That they can't stand his positions on the same sex marriage. They can't stand his opposition to we legal immigration. They can't stand the fact that he supports the securing the border with a huge wall like Donald Trump. They can't stand the fact that he wants to enforce the immigration laws of this country. They can't stand the fact that he believes manmade climate change is a complete myth. That global warming is completely false and a fraud. And so they said if you don't dis invite him we're gonna completely. Walk out. And this is exactly what this school principal it was the opening she was waiting for. And sold the school principal listen to this another moan about. Wrote a letter. Saying that well you know why because historians are so upset. And because they find cruises ideas and frankly his very presence. Offensive. And that this is working to is real it's just ideas they're gonna harm us they're gonna armor community. And the people that we love. As an act of Civil Disobedience. This scheduled cruise appearance had to be canceled. And so all the prefer the ad the principal Alex dual in its. Told the students. I would not have been able to get the visit cancel without your actions. Meaning that you guys not threatened Civil Disobedience I couldn't have done it but you gave me the way out. The New York Daily News. A liberal rag if I ever read one. This is now the level of journalism. The level of hate. But the American liberal media is now willing to go first it was Donald now we it's dead. When he first came out with his comments about New York values the New York Daily News ran a infamous back cover. Where they had the statue of liberty essentially flipping the bird. Gay flipping the bird did that groups. Now they have a cover I kid you not saying F Yule dead. That was their cover today F Yule dad. These people I swear to you. Are starting to make. The national inquirer. The National Enquirer. Look like I don't know what that the times of London. Dubbed the London times the Wall Street Journal. But they got even worse. So Ted Cruz. Met with some supporters and community leaders. Wednesday afternoon. At eight trying all lip penal restaurant. It's in a community in the Bronx. It's a working class neighborhood made up essentially largely of blacks and let the analysts. And he met with black ministers he met with let down ministers. Who in fact openly said. That is right that the New York values are killing us. She's completely right. You've got their try to build a block CEO is trying to destroy charter schools. That is gonna hurt the education. Of some of the poorest African Americans and Latinos because they need a good education. And that is trying to stand up to them. Yes illegal immigration is leading to a lot of crime we're feeling it here in the Bronx and all across the org he's completely right. We need to start deporting some and we need depth wall. And most importantly we need jobs we need tax cuts we need the economy to roll again. We need to start putting America's house in order. It's good for the Bronx it's good for New York it's good for America. No no no home. He wasn't meant. By a group of protesters. And hecklers. Walking in to the place. Jay walking into this restaurant. And look at their tolerance. Roll it Brittany. I'm thrilled to be here. God bless you. Thanks. I had to run. I mean I haven't. You hanging and yeah. So the one that's saying we love you like he's a black Christian. Okay he's a black conservative. He's pumping his fist like don't let them intimidate you but Danny surrounded by other people and clearly we're sure Bronx of these. That's a one of them a shock wears your Bronx visa. You know welcome there. Are those are democratic governor play all of air. Even though his father is an immigrant from Cuba who fret oppression and tyranny but let that go even built that himself. Is they let you know he's an Hispanic. And a proud Hispanic and a brilliant Hispanic and a principled Hispanic and a great conservative and frankly at great American. And there they worked taunting him listen this. About his birthplace. Then he's not really a true American. Because he happened to be born in Calgary Alberta. Yeah I mean. And. So you sheet head is not a real American. But the illegal immigrants' all across the Bronx stalls are real gold derby on undocumented. Workers. That's the fabric of America. Dan their real Americans. Not dead crows. But wait believe me there's a hell of a lot more. Roll it Britain's car. So they apparently they're the porous congressional district in the country. They deal with climate climate change every day every day they're doing climate change and to accept this right wing bigot is an insult the community's sense. Okay now a couple points me to be made OK I mean did did just so obvious but they need to be made. Yes you do deal with climate change everyday Euro dipped departure changes the genius. Did temperature changes and every day you see yesterday it was coal. There today and here in Boston it's a bit warmer. Is CN on Saturday it was warm and Sunday we got a little bit small easy that's the temperature goes up temperature goes down that's cold. It's called life OK secondly. Have you ever asked yourself why you are one of the poorest districts and communities and all of the United States. If you keep voting for the same Democrats. You keep voting for the same policies you keep voting for the same liberals. All work and all over and over again what I got news for you. OK with your little New York Yankees cap. And your little New York Yankees quality. Or welfare is not a decade this success. Government handouts are not gonna make you rich. I hit the brakes and huge fuel. And so here's dead crows saying hey you wanna when leash businesses. You want on the Sean intra partnership. He won a 10% flat tax a 16% business backs are not. You wanna start creating jobs here on what do you think about maybe we start balancing the books. Are so we can actually start start stop blowing all these governments all the money that that we've been racking up in debt and deficit spending on. And maybe just maybe if you didn't have so many illegal wages would be higher when you don't you have jobs for Americans. Are. Maybe just maybe. And this is to me. What I find the most stunning level. In the name of tolerance their intolerant. In the name of openness. They're completely closed. What do you sort free enough what this is arm so you'll have to tell me. That you claim to be so Paul aren't and compress. Ash and it and I have respect for diverse. City. That you are willing to welcome in. Into your community. But you can't allow conservatives to come in and campaign. Where he's been invited to show up. Are you so afraid of his ideas. Are you so afraid of his policies. Are you so afraid of what he's advocating you can't even stand there and listen to lump or might even listen to more than ask you to listen to them. That now you're trying to hack Cologne and shout him down and disrupt his events like you try to do Donald Trump. In the name of your own so called tolerance look how intolerant you are look how fearful you war. This is our great company on that they know it's an American community I got news for you LF AA. This is an American community and he's got every right to be there and he's got every right to express himself. He's got every right to advocate for his ideas. These people are nothing more than left wing thugs. And frankly they should be embarrassed of themselves not you know why honest to god because I you know you might come from Montreal okay. I can't tell you how many times I've done Montreal through ups that through New York State. I always avoid the Bronx. I've gone through New York City many times. You want to drove up by you the truth it's a bump. If no one else has the guts the value while I'm gonna tell you it's a bump. And you know why it's a bump up you white to bump. Because you guys did to the Bronx. And frankly don't large parts of New York with the liberals the Democrats did to Detroit and Chicago and other cities. Your rent and into the ground. It's overrun with criminals it's overrun with the gang bangers it's overrun with illegal immigrants it's over one with welfare deadbeats. And the one guy marketers to Dyson and trump but let that go the one guy. That's coming in their until someone a clean all this up. I'm gonna camera they gang bangers and one aback the cops unlike big bird the blahs it was not a target on their back. Not at all he's gonna side with the cops against the rioters and looters meany decide against you. Ark a marathon run emigrant community. I have buddy relax take it easy okay relaxed no one's taken away your welfare chapters yet. Easy. My friends. It's time for Ted Cruz to take off the gloves. And my question to you and he's a gentleman. He's walking in there he's trying to wave his hand he's trying to have a rational discussion and these thugs are trying to show them room. Ted you've got to put you gotta put big bird the Bellagio on the spot you ought to put Governor Cuomo on the spot this is your values. This. This intolerance and hatred you guys like this in New York. The corner country poll question of the day. Do you think these liberal attacks on pit crews will help or hurt him. If you think they will help him text eight to 68680. If you think they will hurt him. Text beat this 68680. You can also join us on WRKO. And vote online. The poll is up on the Internet wrko.com. Your reaction your calls next. We feel like. 1228. Here on the great WRK. Oh well they gave him my New York values reception. In the Bronx yesterday. New York Daily News cover today. Big picture of Ted Cruz and his says fake teeth after. You train says. Very classy guys. I mean I gotta say it's a huge New York liberals. You've got class written all over you and Apollo rents my college presidential Paula aren't. 61720666868. Now you know why. I avoid New York City and especially the Bronx. Like the plague Jeff Europe next go ahead Jeff. Thank you Jeff now as far as we are both of them either read that are familiar feeling news and here's what one guys said. That pit crews as a Hispanic name but a white mind. This is very dangerous. Where because because of that as side. Throughout the country we've become South Africa. We have met lately in the town square which is what impacted by Winnie Mandela. By the way communism is dangerous to the insight class warfare it's you have more money that your neighbor's neighbor it didn't go to the house. And take that money. These people don't want their race between the peace stopped it's not a political competition does that financial ones but I'll look at our people that that I have. Child and and the welfare and other observers doubt and in their minds well here is the key to success because then they can deal drugs under the table. I can meet in Jeff you nailed it. Thank you for that call Jeff look I got to the New York Daily News piece right in front communicates the third there is the third paragraph in this story. So they're bragging or openly bragging. How they basically shut discard them or they tried to shut them down. And so the value this. Data about the New York value they think they're like a nice a nice twister play on words. Ted Cruz got the Bronx cheer Wednesday from angering New Yorkers. Upset over the Republican presidential candidates cattle is really important values crack. And is hard stance on immigration. You know these New Yorkers. They can spit on the rest of the country have you known as a they joke about flyover country and they. Mock southerners and people in the midwest and they mock this year a new England and they mock him a mock us here in Boston and you know they're somehow more sophisticated. And cosmopolitan. Than we are and on and on. But they can dish it out but they can't take it. Now I thought you pleasure proud of being such leftists and liberals. I thought you guys load your mayor big bird the blahs. I thought you guys love Chucky Chuck Schumer that you guys look at Andrew Cuomo a bunch of us loved Hillary Clinton. So one close call you guys vote on it what's the problem. It's mean it's incredible. So and just the point which you're saying. Care look look and by the way this passes for a this is supposed to be an objective reporting piece. Crucial was crucified during a stop in the Bronx where residents and elected leaders derided him. For insulting the city and the bore role. And the and the borrow just only to become. Crawling back begging for money and votes. Well no. There's a lot of conservatives also win New York there are persecuted minority yes the call the taxpayers we'll take dead the makers not the papers. Ed speaks to them. That's why they like dead OK there's still a few decent patriots. Here is his. Manic hair stylist that now for rare 57. Showed that goes as this my gloves and name spelled out Manny does when act she went on to say. This in mind is why. Mom. I guess all he's the white Hispanic like George Zimmerman. Blank off. Call me. It's very. URKO. 6172666868. Is the number. Do we have any more of that very very highly educated crowd. I mean and it just didn't stop. And as has kept going not feel that climate change. Okay. I deal with climate change but every single bit no it. Does not aware of their jacket that I am in his letter that. I ya ya. I yeah I yeah IE. This is from 617. Jeff. Crews insulted New Yorkers how the blank did you expect them to react well any number one. Went a little bit more clots OK that's number one. Number two is an insult New Yorkers. He insulted New York liberals. Big difference. Big difference. And these New York liberals are very proud of their so called liberalism. And progressive ism and moon baptism. They Wear it on her sleeve. And sold to that is coming and that is completely right. This is coming in 50 wait Jeff president native New York conservative nobody here takes the New York Daily News seriously. No I hear you 508 look I know there are a lot of good conservatives in New York electoral lot of good conservatives here in Boston and Massachusetts. But just like in New York were persecuted minority I mean or we can't think. Where that look we're the makers there that they acres. And they don't like it if we get a little up and they don't like that. They're they're afraid they're gonna lose their handouts. This guy in particular can you Plame again does genius this guy worried about his welfare check. There's already. You that the kids are gonna get the welfare checks the BT cards will keep coming and no one's touching your section eight easy. Most gut that your public housing OK big cities. Kirk Europe next coed Kirk. What's going on Jaffa I just wanted to make a point out. I think didn't hit any intelligent person I hate to say it like this but if you just think about this in your intelligent. When Ted Cruz attacks trump on deck he might he'd that he is somehow the liberal. Specifically when he got to get man I mean it's it doesn't take a lot of intelligence to figure that out. Everything that Donald Trump is stating. Don't know what I'm hearing again maybe you can educate beat Jeff maybe I'm missing something. It sounds it very very conservative to me he put on a hot hopefully the Second Amendment. Why he wants to build a wall to as to you know secure the border. Which I believe it's a national security issue I don't know why the liberals. You know it's supposed to believe they've paid a lot that he wanted everything. If they want everything to be clear the way that they think it's to me which is logically flawed it doesn't make any sense. Because they don't have any compassion for innocent citizens in the United States. There are being killed senselessly. Biden Mexicans that are coming over the brighter the better criminals I mean how was that fair. And I do think it's a national security issue and it needs to be a collapsed also when Ted Cruz. Man and that he is gonna but overall I thought that was sort laying them you know to meet each is copying trumpet mean else that is that. I'm Billy sat out with politicians and I've got to grow comp I do you know you're big picture that you're going to be asking me to believe that Ted. Robbins stopped. When all the politicians continuously. Grab sole power arms he brought out golden trump. Kirk look look a lot of people in my audience support trump I'm a look like trump law I completely agree with his position on the wall. On immigration on trade on foreign policy on guns on taxes. On obamacare. I think on some of those issues frankly like obamacare not the trump is bad I think cruises better. I think on the tax plan honestly I think cruises packs his flat tax. I mean even. Arthur Laffer who is the economic architect of reaganomics have Reagan's economic boom. Came out and said if Ted Cruz gets to implement his tax plan. We will literally become the wealthiest country in the history of the world people unleash an economic boom. To meet either one wins we wind not a question of who you prefer I understand that now with heads argument is. Is that. He doesn't believe Donald Trump's conversion to conservatism essentially a police thing. He's saying look for many years she gave money to Democrats. He espouse positions that were clearly liberal whether it be abortion whether it be gay marriage frankly whether it be on immigration and illegals. Whether it be on guns and says he's kind of a Johnny come lately to the party. And sold this is cruises argument OK so we try to distinguish himself from trump so we saying look I'm a real conservative. And trump really isn't now. I think trumpet sincere on the wall I do. I think he's very sincere on trade I think he's very sincere on guns I think he's very sincere on taxes. I think much of his conversion is sincere. But that's ten's argument. It's got a right to make that argument. And when he does trump does have a record out he'll say and trust and saying this not a politician I was a businessman. I didn't think things that clearly. I had to give money to both parties that's how it is I live in New York it's a very liberal state it's run by the Democrats like Massachusetts democratic mafia. So if you're not greasing palms as a businessman your finished. So I understand his counter argument but I mean look leave that aside for a second okay. Ted Cruz has a real shot a look trump is the front runner but cruise does have a very plausible shot. To be the next Republican nominee. He's running a presidential campaign. He doesn't have the right to go into the Bronx. He doesn't have the right to hold a campaign really. He doesn't have the right to criticize the myth of climate changing global warming. He doesn't have the right to call for immigration laws to be enforced. And to build a wall. As the son of an immigrant they're calling him a racist. Now you're saying because he's an Hispanic is quote his mind his white. Now you're claiming quote a right wing big it is not allowed in New York that's exactly what Andrew Cuomo sent. The governor I couldn't believe this. Saying that conservatives who oppose illegal immigration or pro life are not welcome in the State of New York. And that that's quote New York values well that's who you guys wanna play it no problem you don't want will all leave New York. You don't want us conservatives does discrimination. You don't want conservatives believe. And then we'll see because believe me worry the makers where the taxpayers. Not you'll. You're the takers shall you need us we don't need you I'm I'm I'm gonna be very candid little these New York liberals we don't need Jew. You need us because you need our money. Alex Europe next go ahead Alex. Yeah mom I'm Omar little simple as to recruit I Hispanic. But I'm considered why you know among Hispanics. And I have the will the New York. And I'm conservative. Tilt for me it's it's. It's it's a tight spot you know I have family in the Bronx. And they'll have all the government. So if I understand where it's recruit is. And I understand and who won't vote for him because of his last name. But I mean I'm conservative. And I struggle back here in Boston. And the moon in New York or add them all there for work. And MEI I complete understand. Why. All this side negativity coming toward check cruised. Because the community award would never seen him at an insider even though he has an insider I mean the community. Alex I'm just curious. Look you sound to me honestly very articulate very Smart. Obviously in on American and it's. Orman and our old warrior spirit and an American I mean I mean a Truman and a true real American you know in terms of your values in your police in your world view. And where I'm saying is this Alex how I don't understand this among some some in the Latino immigrant community. If you love the constitution. And you love the bill of rights and you love the American dream and you believe in equal opportunity for all. And you believe in protecting our country. How does that make you somehow a traitor. To your ethnicity or two year race how does that somehow I'm Hispanic I don't understand that Alex. Well I mean they call these people high educators are educated voters. But technically real educated because they don't all politics site content these people and they have a permit at all what they're talking about an audio well mean those. I'll I'll give an example. The Hispanic. The station that the radio stations and that telemundo and Univision. They only show you the liberal I mentality bill initially as a little side emotionally the conservative side. They don't show you a different point of view they'll actually open that you end. Mean they make up their mind believe they realize. That Hispanics or Latinos. So I think that turned away. There drones. But but I notice. Alex let me ask Q&A few fish is getting too personal please let me know 'cause the last thing I wanna do is make you uncomfortable but I got to ask you this Alex as the eyes and Hispanic. Many African Americans told me even though they didn't like a lot of Obama's policies. They voted form the first time I don't think the second time where they said the first time they voted for him. Out of sense of racial or ethnic pride here's one of our Rome. Who descended to the highest office in the world we've made it Weaver raw life. What among some among the Latino Hispanic community people you deal with a potentially had groups. Could be the first Hispanic president of the United States I mean say what you want that's the ultimate glass ceiling. Don't let Pete knows how derived if Cruz wins. Does that have any bearing on the way they think is there any sense that hey this is one of our own whose father was an immigrant. Who fled oppression. And this is the American dream is the embodiment of the American dream. Rags to yell from the log cabin to the White House. Is there anything to of that in the Latino community. Well I mean it is very negative. Come from the Hispanic community. Wind east who liked. More than four Hispanics. Here. To either Republican. Conservative. Three I I felt we have the thorough and oh even he's got a proposal to get a given ample comic early Dominican. I I cut badly at all because they sell drugs. I got my own brother opportunities so drugs. So my family they the kind of shun mean poop side because I'm I'm conservative Catholics. And it's Obama it's a weird it's. I'm so religious they say even though I am I don't really go to church that much. But my values are tired crisscrossed with the way that there they view the world you know be a lot of people that I know blew up the government. Eight L it's. It's normal. I think it's disgusting because I'll public actually delineated. And they're taking up space of people actually needed. Alex thank you very much for your honest for your honesty and your courage in calling the show. God bless you my friend or make an errant ball a stranger okay take care buddy it's 6172666868. More with your call. Liberal New Yorkers. Like up Flacco jock goals now turn on Ted Cruz. Do you think it'll help or hurt him here is the coroner country poll question of the day. After the liberal I've talks on Ted Cruz will it hurt or help him if you think it's gonna help them. The next day the 68680. If you think it's gone are heard them. Text be this 68680. You can also go on wrko.com. If you wanna vote online to pull questions up there as well. Britney what are the poll results thus far. Floating sorry. 56%. Say it will hurt Ted Cruz. Yeah and 44. To help. I'm Brittany I'm just curious where you stand on this when you read these stories you hear the audio you she always being received and treated. The New York Daily News cover a few annual bit. You think it's gonna galvanize conservatives around the Republicans are you think it's gonna term off I've. Ain't that Atlanta have conservatives you know gather around ten by. I think it might hurt him. I'm I'm just surprised that it would hurt him. I was really surprised. Watching the hecklers and everything. You know I'm with our checklist that the event that we had there was a global warming I mean really gonna attack and global warming battle life you know. What losers I swear and when I saw them at the brunch yesterday both pro and no one's even that interrupted that's down although we held right. What will lose. Are right so I think is gonna help them personally I think it's I could be wrong but I hope helps him. I think that might hurt all right so Britney thinks it's gonna hurt him I think in the end is gonna help them it's up to you to decide to her country. Just been in Weymouth Europe next go ahead just. I'm I'm good how are you just. Good good good I would follow us for quite some time not accomplish in my forty's but so. You know make a long story short. What do you know about jobs and education in this country do you think it's going in the right or wrong direction right now direction. Yeah I I agree I agree I've been out of work for almost ten years I'm trying to get back in my college I'm this close to graduating. The right solutions. And Obama's saints school you know long and quite a good fight in or not and neither voted Republican. Voted democratic awhile but I have to say you've been absolutely saying the troops. You really have thank you and I have been listening and I really been putting tutor soared to a together and figuring out we really need a Republican and then cover. It's gonna get the job done and on and I loved Ronald Reagan it was a great president and George HW or George W. Bush were great presidents. Justin what do you make of crews are being nasty reception now he's getting in. Among liberal New Yorkers what you are. I disagree with a I'm very surprised a New Yorkers I've been to New York many times and economists give me when you played that clip back color barrier you know scream and rain and of course not screen to buy rating and employees. You know yelling at him and urged give me a little bit and and where actually Europe. The way I've been hearing from Hillary Clinton and then I like Hillary Clinton appreciation is a little bit I had and I'm Barry Sanders. Not so much from version but I do like that crews and all trump and I did dope Donald Trump on the primary there. Justin thank you very much for that call and it is graduate my friend and hopefully we'll get back on your feet okay my friends I'll take more your calls. Also coming up next that's below. Sanders sending Hillary trust me. Vol war. Is on. Secretary Clinton thinks the largest golf from the small state of Vermont went argues that this. Well we will get loose with facts I'm not gonna get beaten up on market lied about. But we will fight back. I don't know why he's saying that's what I would take Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump know where Ted Cruz anytime so it's got it let's keep our eye and what's really at stake in this election. 107 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Lines are blazing I'll get back to the phone lines but this. You think the war between trumping cruise is a red hot cool coal. It's getting really nasty now with Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton. In fact now there is also a very good possibility that Bernie. Is gonna push Hillary all the way into a contested. Brokered convention. Unless. She's indicted OK but let that go so here is now the absolute latest. Hillary Clinton. Having now lost I believe seven out of the gate last races. And I mean she got Scholl lacked. Destroyed in Alaska destroyed in Washington. Destroyed in Hawaii. Really beaten soundly by Bernie Arthur was at thirteen fourteen points in Wisconsin. As the presumptive nominee and front runner. She is hemorrhaging support. And so now the Clinton camp is an absolute panic. Because if you take away the super delegates the so called party bosses and insiders. Who have pledged their support that that there're but missed the madam Hillary. It's practically neck and neck between her and Bernie. And as you know. Hillary Clinton was a senator from New York for one term. And burn me although everybody thinks about him as a Vermont socialist in which she is but Bernie was born and raised in Brooklyn. And Bernie in fact still has in many ways the Brooklyn accent. So Bernie and Hillary are now in a dog fight in New York. She once had a big lead he's now cut her lead substantially. And I'll tell you this. If Bernie in what is it thirteen twelve days whatever on April 19. If Bernie beats Hillary. Hillary will not recover. If he'd take server in New York. It will be a devastating psychological. And political body blow. From which I think madame Hillary could never recover. And so it is getting very intense. And so Hillary Clinton now has been doing interview after interview is the classic Clinton away. Where she's starting now to smear Bernie. And the way she smearing. Ernie. Is saying well. He's not really a Democrat. Anyway as an independent all those years and he does know he's been caucusing with the Democrats and he's re with you recently become a Democrat. To run for the presidency but. His luck re easily one of arts. Well one Abbas. Spoke really did Democrat can you really trust them. Can you really trust them. He's really a carpetbagger. He's an independent socialist now is trying to muscle in on our turf. So basically calling him a Democrat in name only. She's been trying to undermine them. The other thing now that's really heated up and if you wanna see just literally. How radical and out of mainstream out of the mainstream. The Democratic Party has become listen to this. In the wake of sandy hook. Mania on the radical left. Wanted to go after a gun manufacturers in fact CNN. Is literally putting out it's now one sandy hook parent after another. Saying they wanna shoot the gun manufacturers. And they're putting out their faces one after another. And so the Democrats. Want it to go have to serve the people make guns. Because they figure well the companies that make guns they should be held responsible. For what people what those guns. And this way you'll basically bankrupt the a gun manufacturers. And it's so (%expletive) all of nobody's making guns and nobody's making ammunition you can have the Second Amendment to the cows come home. If there's no if there's no guns the by people won't have guns. And so this has been their plan of attack now to me it's absolutely insane that's like blaming car manufacturers the auto makers. If you get into a car accident. Or. Suing airlines if for whatever reason if an airplane VOA visit crash in the air or something were sucked you know that's like blaming the airlines further 9/11 hijacking. Our week to blame Al could you blame us for these Islamic terrorists using our planes hijacking them. And and and and you see them as weapons to kill 3000 people it's the same launch. But let that go OK we're dealing with movements. Bernie. Because he comes from a gun state it's a rural state Vermont I know would very well used to drive I've driven through it many many times. There's a lot of hunters in Vermont. By the way the crowd raked in Vermont is extremely low but they have this thing hell of a long life hell of a lot lower than in the Bronx but let that go. Let that go. And soul burning voted. Against stripping away immunity for these gun manufacturers. Base usually guys that socialists. Is the guy with common sense the Democratic Party civil when he does crazy gonna you gonna blame the gun manufacturers for people do with currents. Way they'll kill me and Vermont my career is finished. But be. Calm and people are responsible for their own actions. Don't blame the guns opened the gun manufacturers. Wind criminals. She is now going after Bernie Sanders as well as the New York Daily News both of them are tied teaming Bernie. Saying that he chose that Bernie just isn't presidential timber. Dead Bernie is in bed with a gun manufacturers. Dead Bernie and thought it was that is always an apology. Did the families of the victims of sandy hook. Because he won't go after the gun manufacturers like somehow now Bernie is the blame for what happened that sandy hook and not that. Disgusting killer Adam wins. So Bernie. Says you know what if you wanna be visit 39 you're basically saying I'm complicit in the mass murder of children. Because I don't wanna target the gun manufacturers well Bernie says you know if you condition now I can certainly dish it out. And so Bernie now is saying OK you wanna play that game let's play that game. You're implying that I'm not qualified to be president of the United States shall at a speech in Philadelphia court. Cool. Bernie says you know what Hillary. Is not qualified. To be president. And he says I'll take come down for you and I got to tell you for the moon bats this is red red. Red meat while they're all begins in vegetarians. So. This is told fool and more old fool and more hopeful. Don't make promises he can't keep. Know what you want I would cheap and then bring everybody together to get the results and that's what I'm going to do it. In New York across the country and if I'm so fortunate as president you wanna. Question my qualifications. Let me just this that may be the American people. The market wonder about your qualifications. Not secretary the Secretary Clinton thinks the largest golf from the small state of Vermont went argues that this. Well we will get this with fast I'm not gonna get beaten up on my credit lied about. But we will fight back. I think it is important to tell people what you're going to do for them and how you can get it done how you can produce results. So Bernie. And I think he's got a by the console on this one I'll be honest with you. As you know she's been giving up she gave. A lot of very lucrative speeches in front of Goldman Sachs. And other very powerful banks. And Wall Street. And she claims she was there a lecture them. They were paying her hundreds and hundreds of thousand dollars a pop over what is it 6700000. Dollars total. Mean because they wanted to hear from her how bad they're running their businesses. And that she was gonna lecture them on how they have to be all. A more prudent. And and they have to look after consumers and they can't be so irresponsible and reckless and so Bernie said show was the transcripts because I don't believe you. And of course many people or at these speeches say they come on she practically spoke which was a managing director. All she kept saying what you guys are great keep up the great job please name me I gotta go. You guys are doing a phenomenal job you couldn't do a better drop maybe I gotta go. So Bernie now says you wanna talk about me being unqualified and all Euro unqualified. You're the one now. That is taking in tens of millions of dollars in special interest money through your super pacs Europe one. That is been getting whining your pockets with fifteen million dollars in fees. And and and and other giveaways from Wall Street you're the one that's completely bought and paid for by a Wall Street. You weren't the one according to burning bed voted as he put it for the quote disastrous war in Iraq. You weren't the ones that sent our boys and girls to die in Iraq you voted for that war. And many said and furthermore. Now you've done a on the road to Damascus conversion. On the PPP. Who gave us NAFTA viewing your husband who gave us the WTO you when your husband who gave us preferential treatment with China in terms of trade you when your husband. Who gave his got you when your husband. You've supported every free trade deal for the last 25 years and you claim to be on the side of the workers. I mean he is starting to arm and low. On Hillary. And he says if you just look at Wall Street you'll look at the Iraq War and you look at to what she's done on free trade on trade. She's not qualified to be president of the United States. I personally I don't know why won't play the card could I think it's a devastating ace in the hole. You throw in band trying want to bend plain. You throw in Ben Ghazi and then you throw in the email server and then you throwing the Clinton foundation. Bernie it's game set match. I mean I don't know what Bernie amok and I got to run your own campaign. But it seems to mean if you've got aces up your sleeve now is a time to play am. She's a weak candidate. She's deeply flawed. She's extremely beatable. My friends I'm telling you. This is 2012. All over again. And the media is trying to make us believe that she's invincible. And that she's in the mainstream of the country and she isn't. On guns. You don't get more radical. On abortion. She doubled them home. In fact she was asked again about the quote unborn person having no constitutional rights which she then said was. Even until the due date. I'm talking now the baby is fully nine months. The baby is still coming out there it is coming out it doesn't matter you can still killed the baby according Hillary Clinton. On guns you don't get more extreme. On being in the armed corruption and being bought and paid for by special interest in Wall Street you don't get more extreme. On Libya. You don't get to more extreme. On on illegal immigration she's for complete and utter amnesty you don't get more extreme. On selling out the working and middle class you don't get more extreme. On abortion when you played the clip don't take my word fort forget Ted Cruz forget Donald Trump they were going after it Arnold. For that comment that he made for one hour and delete he changed it about punishing women. Look at this. If you do not to get more radical or cult of the mainstream than Hillary Clinton's position look at this roll it Britney. And and secretary asked give us some comments that she made it but that we cannot Meet the Press regarding abortion used that quote the unborn person. Doesn't have constitutional rights and my question is at what point does some what have a constitutional rights and are you saying that a child. On did you date just hours before delivery still has no constitutional rights. Under our laws that is the case Paula. I support Roe vs. Wade. Because I. Important statement about. The importance of a woman making this most difficult. Decision. With its consultation. By whom she chooses her doctor Faye and her family. And under the law and under certainly that decision that is the way. We structure it. Outside of China and North Korea. A Communist totalitarian state and I mean in North Korea's Stalinist poll. No other country on earth. Allows you to abort babies. Twelve minutes before it's born. That's infanticide act. Big east. I don't say Jeff Jeff I'm pro choice okay you on pro life but fine. But every country in the world has restrictions they do after three months after five months after seven months or whatever. Except for North Korea and China okayed the baby killers. You're gonna tell me that Hillary Clinton is not one of the most radical extreme candidates we've never grant. And with her husband's history with women. This serial sexual predator. And everything she did with the Clinton foundation. And her record as secretary of state and the position she's now staked out. We run Mickey Mouse and will be here. And so this is why when they Republicans keep saying the establishment. Who cool Luke Donald Trump can be your pool for Ted Cruz can't Peter del wiped off floor with her. And I'm telling you mark my words. Don't count burning out. Her whole thing and well. I'm John. I don't I'm good. Good good outlook got a call yesterday about Pinochet to Washington DC. Yes yes John go ahead the floor is yours micro. Okay now shall close. That's what perfect chime in New York. And remove the liberal way of New York. Counteract. What prompted is saying. You've got what we need the Republicans need to fulfill also oil wells in it's a win an election. Now what I would say that the wolf if people look away you all these little looks little. Values that I thought they keep you dubious because. They need you well they have local want to do in their level. I'm me as president what I will do elaborate network that to seek a heart to people so they understand until comparable. I will never take blocks wayward. But what I will do. This create opportunities for you. To get a job and an education so you can watch itself welfare I'm hoping you'll make. The right decisions and trying to better itself few kids. And and it's I think that's what they want this so afraid of the Republicans taking everything away from them want to stay and are gonna take it. They'll they'll calm themselves down a normal working full value got a lot of parts of these people like you on a Bible you know on a second chance to say back. Doesn't that work for them and although I guess because also I mean rank it in the Ivy League schools. And all of the tall and just talking about the book that's what I. I talked about let's stop them right in the track. Access to them. Doubt that did you get the government that you walk or you think you walked. There will be a time in the future when you disagree with the government should help create. Now you're going to be deathly afraid to say anything because ultimately going to be comment for you. You're gonna have to keep quiet and lived in fear. It's stop the right and attract. Few days later this that Tampa is the right. Thank you. John absolutely. Mean you nailed it bingo. They don't realize the monster. That they are slowly creating. Mar lean in Waltham thanks for holding go ahead Marley. I don't and I just thank you let's say that. He's not even though they're not out Hispanic. Or blacks are questions so whatever patients are equal. Don't equal weight and Mandela's dead act greatest number percent me. That's 11%. Adamant Hispanic but he that the episode believe that I think a belief. Or it might value system. So I don't look I didn't understand that media gets you so much time to talk and this trash. And then I didn't say if I think. Should have. You. But some kind of a strategy. To you know people like him but maybe say okay let's have a. Marley let me ask you something because you mentioned at UTE they are you are you fully Hispanic or partly as. I don't think Cuba could your warning when it. OK god bless god I love honestly I love Americans of Cubans alum a law. Molina got to ask it is no obvious reason you know how Cuban descent raised other opposite an Irish but I would say let ago. Marley and I'm just curious in the Hispanic community or at least Hispanics that you speak to. I mentioned this earlier is there any sense of pride. That here's one of our Rome. Who is now so close. To maybe becoming the president of the United States. Even if you don't agree with them politically or philosophically. On every issue. But this isn't at his father was Cuban immigrant. This is the ultimate American dream the American success story and if he does win I mean his last name for no say what you want it is cruise. And barrel one I think its first then actually is Rafael. He goes by Canada's second name but I mean also Rafael. Cruz. President crows. You know for a for Latinos. Would it not signify like is signify for them hey Weaver rise if we wake Kennedy dated for the Irish. You know like today it says lecture on. We've now made our mark is there any of that currently. Then think about that firm. But not that much not much I think at that. Well acted the black. I I really don't know I. The people that I speak to the don't let trump and I and I allege the firm true person that crews have done if they that in they had seventeen. Admitted that there. But I don't buy it what's happening now currently in the United States. And how I feel we'll probably the biggest difference. I want my family a lot Atlanta I'm Hispanic you name it Democrats. I have a hundred I'm not the kind of a lot of that the at I like GAAP. I mean by you and you but when you talk with them when you have when your discussions with them what are the reasons why are these especially Hillary I know many of them are for Hillary. Why so many of them in the tank for Hillary in the Democrats what is every dollar. Like Alex that it the pregnant scholar Alex that it. There are a lot of them had brainwashed. A lot of them don't wanna take that that previous ballots that they don't that they don't want to have there. Money taken away from them the government money that they can't even if it's just go to whatever it is that the one that can get away and and mr. Because I want the good luck. The Republicans not to panic money and that the Republicans went against western security. Says security I could never understand that I don't even like politics. Understood how. Then they have taken aback somewhat I. Don't think I'm not a man. You know look I understand it going on. Marley thank you very much for that call call again okay I. Don't lesser Marley and thank you know I would say it is ma'am. Like I say or might some might call me relatives in Croatia you know they'll they'll love being on the bull in the old country as well. And they all the government may take this away and chipped it made it that way and I say it guys. How about getting a.