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Gun Talk 4-3-16

Apr 3, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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You are get O. It's time to load a bunch of intellectual ammunition with Tom Griffin Dunne talks big doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with the Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here and this is the original national talk show about guns. And Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics so grab your phone and call him right now. 66682554864. Just dial one atomic dog gone. Now here's stopped. Today Tom grisham's guns off building community ranges we've been very great. For us an idea of where intensely local gun shows Harman herself was gunned blacks and more. Called up now at 8668255486. X 866 dog got. Now here's job. I had very good afternoon. Do how many more and have been the winner of the few of those rare Tom Gretchen glad you could be weird because they were going to talk about guns because we're role. Joe's call. Gun talk we're just make. A big deal how how the world can you talk about guns for three. We're doing three hours. I talk about guns from gun like you'd have to tell go to bed at just what we do just this part too easy we just get together with the board to reference I would be you. And being our birds here. The guys and gals who like guns used Gomes own guns stored and chew guns responsibly and safety because we're the good guys. We're the good else. Where the words you don't hear much about. On TV. Because we're kind of invisible ones who do it right doped. Make the news which of course gives Kenya and at least give the general public. A bit of a skewed. Perspective. Ongoing ownership and gun owners because if they're not into gardens. That all they tend to hear about. This people who are doing it wrong. We're and they hear gun men they think. Crime because that's all the news is gonna double. Like you don't sure Oprah partying walker and tell everybody hey man all four tires my car stayed up this time. Now are you lose your flatten talk about that there's a report about what went right. Human nature started good it's not bad justice. We have to understand that part of our job. All of us responsible gun owners are more of course to be responsible and tune. Let people know how likely older. Definition of public relations. Which is doing good. And getting credit for it. We're pretty good the first a not so good that the circuit. Part of that will be talking a bit about that. We go along we have a great many things to talk about training and ammunition and then gear and a clever they were we talked about. Fact that you can use tell you build up your arsenal of intellectual ammunition. Where you go when you need just or homeowner isn't really true. The states that have stricter gun control laws have lower crime rates could I keep hearing that. Organ or somebody who's gonna tell you how you can find out where that the truth lies Walton talk about. New shooting ranges what's going knowledge that I have a barbecue I'm gonna enlist your help. All bad in terms of how he changed insure you Rangers. Probably. It is going to affect. This year's presidential. The election by the way closer under inflation news for our listeners we of course we do these giveaways. Usually one month. And Dwayne be insult go to he won. His choice to consider carrier shooters Ulster park. From prospered holsters and includes holster made holster and gun built very cruel stuff are all bobbled a what you hold this thought for a second to regard guest in here because there is turning out an email came and Lester this sort of bring in a good friend of ours. Pro student of the gun video in podcaster. Paul Markel says marine for a former police officer. And top one trailer with respect to congress Paul gruesome video port you shook upon our area. I'm just great out on great. Our our starters were told to sell guns and just got this email and I thought this is perfect for you okay guy should ask you think of the show. This question has a holster question. Says he carries both Glock nineteen but also an XTS 3.3 45. Says he's used the sticky holsters. Revolted me relaxant. This will be more people say they're not real good holster urge you to not having some Patrick will hold it in place. He's trying to holsters really like to stick your first prior to Augusta Q holster you brought in order this is special pocket hole through trust security decided sure. It's a full picture you're opera undergo an if you will. Can you tell I'm not a real fan person. Here's my take our and I think you ought to have a holster that you can in most cases. Where you can read holster without having to reach around with your other hand and hold the mouth of an open where you. Oh absolutely no wind when it comes to the would you sit fold handkerchief to Europe Oregon. So most of time we refer to oldest pocket whole church or pop got hurt or whatever you say and they have a place oh the worst thing that you could do you as a deep concealment person it's just take a gun naked and organ to a pocket or Kosher jacket pocket or what have we. If you're you're just bedding. That something not gonna solve the trigger or get caught on the trigger. Oh always protect the trigger and that the B eight number one job a little pocket bolster. Is too well they support you. Protect the white Errol your pants pocket because it is not designed to have a powder and happy just below it. But also to protect the trigger shall that nothing gets in there. I'll put this from when it comes to securing a gun to your body on the outside and a waste or what W you're absolutely right I you have all the time people buy these. Collapse of bore hole urge early soft roll terse and there are on the range in the draw other gun then they go to put it back in the cap to reach your world with their opposite support and then and pull him in the middle. Poll what hole stroke on it took four well it's it's that's bad juju that an accident waiting to happen. Gerald. F there are upset him as a whole in the hole stroke from its suite that most right pass or hand write. Oh yeah then deporting their begun at their support and manned a point in the gun that there here or that their bye. And you know generally a bad idea at all index of Mosul I. There's no so bad but I bet by the federal portable then too but. It and now they know the detractors might say well. Big deal all know the the only time I'm ever gonna get back gonna have a whole Kirk. It could be one or use in the I'm not worried about putting it away and say OK and let's that's cool to Richard like little like to want to but. The fact the matter is is it it's not. Secured in some fashion. You're always playing that guessing game this is gonna shift is that gonna move. India yen and a plea and then the code king and Borger targeted ship then it just so that's a great thing about that. The super truck is what you give it placed in you find the sweet spot. We belong and don't touch or twelve or and it's good to go. One of the things is the and we talked about this who we were to get the last Tuesday spent the day together. And we were talk about this left Akron MI came up with in talking I never thought of that which is and that's why you that's why you go to Paul Marco like twice go to our trainer because. That's all you do all day long as you think of this stuff with what if this is what if that using your experience as a marine as a police officer New York. Okay at this you have poured your gonna help you either shot or you didn't whatever. You have to hold on to somebody to get them out of harm's way you need to re holster your gun. You only have warned him now what are you going to do with this fire. One ever thought of that oil that's sport Georgia August Paul. And then waited that thing is when you when you do full time SI out you don't read I never realized there's so many ways to put a gun back together long. And joy that I suppose there were but these young eighteen year old like I didn't put them sick being back together that way but. It it it looks it looks relatively correct me if I'm not Jon Lester did that weren't. Pull him and it doesn't have extra parts. If there's a there's all part on the table when you're done you're not done. The person designed the guy and actually had a purpose that in mind when he we are that in the go in the first place. During your you're reaching for a mallet generally it's a bad idea stoppers. Yes exactly or at federal government insists. We don't be a graduate of the bigger hammer school and gun Smith. And all else fails get a bigger hammer. Well one of the things we're doing is we were doing some drills off there but. I wanted to touch on the idea that we talked about did some video on. This you teach you teach this course called beyond the band aid which is it's not like full scale emergency medicine but it is trauma medicine to try to save a life. Whether it's in the shooting or car accident or whatever it is. Go through what this this idea and without the thinking is behind. Woolley impetus is to be on the band aid program came from the military's program that they call feature policy or tactical combat casually here. And though during the global war on terror for our from 20072010. I would work and directly from the military as a contractor. Teaching. The each school expeditionary combat skills are more than we talked. Yeah of the young school full marsh was gotta say themselves and their bodies while they're waiting for the professional to rapids. And it hurt and yes you know I'm teaching and teaching nineteen year old kid that bike if you can teach an eighteen year old you want to eat too. By the military how those how to stabilize his body and how to keep them alive until the corps medal for the medics are ordered to look here's the pro shore up what all the fancy here. Why in the world. Can't win are we not teaching that to every person who's the responsible adult in Europe you've got to guard replacement in the concealed carry permit. Here are certainly capable say even someone like. Both are screaming things picking QU. For a vehicle has a time to show up. And that the loss of the fairway and and that's a major hemorrhage she got an open murdering. And then you can have thinks it's his attention more or were you got your built up in the chest cavity it pushes against hurt hurt like that. To. But did beyond the bad request is essentially. It Suu Kyi triple C program without field sanitation inspired snake bites in opening like that that they teach you military cute. 22 day class and in essentially that it's centered around what can I view. All I'm waiting tripping ambulance arrived to keep this person back. And we we get all wrapped up his gun peers around Calais Campbell we have counter culture will kind of colonel kind of this token that. This we will bureau roll over car crash. You're go to use weight. You can't stop the bleeding to death book but they're just all right. Yeah ours are trying to show the direction magazine in that hold someone who agenda but also our reality your quick break welcome back we're gonna talk about just about more. This is an occasion people hadn't figured out I think it's an essential skill when you think of yourself as being prepared person you have. Just like here go and gotten training all about it. This is an extension. I'll bet this little deal what are you prepared to do our number 866 talking gun 866. Talk. We can. I welcome back Tom Richardson talked with a friend Paul Martin who sometimes sits in formula QL. As they guest host he also portion of the stupid gun radio. You go to student of the gun dot com you can find out all about that we talk about the the idea Paul of. Expanding your concept person's concept of what it means to be prepared. Person talk about that person. Well you know we'd like you to refer so older sheep dog and we to weaken kicker oracle. So whole you know I don't and dial 911 mentality. And that mind and fantastic vote went off and we wheat wheat. Each of stumbling block people say. All we need a leader in medical stuff to the professional and I chicken hang outside. RG more neutral agree that you carry gun because you understand that sometimes you have to take care of the problem for the police Iraq's what you're going to be a weak armed citizen naturally wouldn't call I was completely armed citizen action. You need to be older girl can go to take hero. Not just shooting situations but any situation. You know you're far more likely to need actual state get her dramatic Madison hit and schedule. And you work you each come at you still carry gun culture. Oh and. You've you can look what this game he's got a big kick you carry out a big kit with junior girls range in Auburn came up with a little kid you got to put in the big. Pocket. And it's lead shrink wrapped its Altria are good that under Bob final two. For the people my staff and family members and all that dispute I was that impressed with that. If you were explained first what's in it but also you have to tell the story what happen when you gave those cute kids. Actually get yet on each cheek couples Buick so eight years ago while ago. And what I do let NATO. Chips small kit for. My oldest shoulder at the time I'm my son was in my daughter was fifteen year. And within six months certainly giving them peace may need proper dramatic as it's all put them and it used them. I'll be in both of them turned out it was you were the only people present that had any kind of minute cool you're available. Though it was amazing and I goes out of her car probable. What would happen in the I had kind of company. I always carry it around some sort of a medical kit to our viewers what few core of what am I cried my golf are having a serious medal coconut in my buyback can and I can't my soul ancient. Someone was injured and Marc hack was ordered her way blocking our cash and the person who's leading trigger. I should wrestle all you should know better. But it was horrible deal where you'd keep talking social part of that because you don't you go well you know over a bit. What can we do and that's why I cannot put the pocket like shape. And its socket executed its shopping there's some picture or that article so bush. This is that thing into cup which you can't PGA trying rural little pocket flashlight or Turkish this sort of you. Actually have on you when you needed a host on this blocked and missed a couple. The this. Talk to a receiver basically has all Richard you would need cash to certain dealing with a life threatening injury. To include the tourniquet. So you got to turn the guns in their you've got cause you've got to we're. When I think and you crook. Who works. In General Electric what are you Ehrlich let's call it you've also got an in no way. Guys in there. Nasal Sergio airway and until you work. End the what many roll of duct tape and and some extra cup or put our co worker globe certainly in the basic kit and and everything you need to get started now. Is that all you want won't know but that you're far better have something leading may be in your pocket then you're Turkish culture around. And improvising. It is somewhat and open the artery in your in you start improvising. You know every time you're improvising is a time they're spending bleeding is harder to the ground. Yeah a little volcano squirting out of their armor their leg you need to get that tourniquet on right now in this and you show me amend that you can put just trying to get on him. Or would you figure of fifteen car territory's second. F fifteen twice a particular term. Yep doing so consider real meticulous. The black neighborhood people so well you know I don't Obama ever gonna need that yeah well you know work. Car wrecks your hunting gear but guys got to hatchet most dangers I don't know honey can by the way and I actually hatchet. I eagle eagle on and on legal stuff happens now people fall down break Malone's. They go pollster right through and now he got a compound fracture within artery it just you never know. He you don't end. You have put this thing is probably the most gratifying to me is it is about oddly you know opposite side of a mile and just scream in the the good news for. You years and years Howard finally. Were certain to give panel. There's certain to get that message as retro here commercial Bartlett here Mississippi. He'd just gonna get my outlook orca an executive order resolution and watch every. Well law enforcement officer in the state of Mississippi VP train to have. That mature a little birdie and signature oh available to them and cops nationwide Irsay even people lives. We tourniquet as they should be because police officers always get that according ambulance I was a cup and always on the same before every. I've been on our and they can know that they get more about this for a new website student of the gun dot. Oh absolutely that's that is in that spoke country find stuff. Then you already defied all the other there's a Paul is doing with his radio is videos. Different ways of distributing them all the information is their student of the gun dot com Paul I want to thank you for us spend some time here we've received Paul by the way aren't TV show. Our most plug and pitcher and guns and your no no we're gonna show up. But I sort of thank you for springtime weather says nice helping me get started on this and I wish you nothing but luck with this whole project. Thank you some really appreciate the opportunity. All right you take care Paul Markel student of the gun dot com question for you. I'm. Hadn't thought through this. What should I ask people so. Do you have a fire extinguisher or you know why is that well. Though you've you've you shouldn't have to have parched and you'd always called part of Bernard what did you do to get there. Yeah. And they would tell you if you every store balked and choke on a first aid kit. You probably have an open it up if you have earned it he sure Oprah that she was tumor cutie. Does never tourniquet is not good enough because that's the thing we're not come on blue bruises healed bug bites and into some of the stuff that. If somebody's daughter and five minutes it depends on where. 866 talk a good future and here we come back. Your intellectual in munitions on gun rights were being together. Sign up for our guns our newsletter and Jordan the truth squad at www. Gun talk dot com. Now back to guns are with The Washington Times opinion page regular contributor to our aggression. I'm not quit yet Tom Gresham who like joyously. 66 talk gun gets really are just not want calm talk gun it's very easy. I talk a lot about intellectual. Ammunition that is the fax the information the data if you will that you need when your discussing debating arguing call which you were all. Presenting. If you are probably better way to look at presenting information about guns gun ownership gun safety gun rights. But accidents death rates go on and on and on. You know that. Almost all the information is in our favor. The challenge is to harness it to gather it to get it in a form where you can grab the handle. And present it at the right time. That's a lot of what I do and I'll tell you. One of the best sources for this was put together by our next guest guy Smith joins us now from gun facts hello guys how you doing man. I am just great Tom always a pleasure to be with care and and I wanna say one thing real quick you know everyone who listens to your show recognize that you are just. They wonderful nice gentleman. What they don't know is that you're also on the most generous people I have ever run across you have given me more of your time and time in the most valuable commodities. I just want sing your praises and let people know that you are just what are the most helpful human beings I've ever run across. Looked awfully kind of you thank you sir but I'll tell you what your doing is so. Useful. So valuable. And I can even urgent help time consuming it must be. For you to go out and run down this rundown data is like trying to catch cockroaches are running around and that they're hard to get a hold of and now you got to put them all together here and and his so we knew but you do this does but the web site by the arsenal to follow us. It's gun facts dot info I NFL go and fax dot info. In new. Beauty reports huge news. And I know you have a media. Background somewhere in your vast experience. But you put it together and they died just stumble way that people can look at ago. I'll. Again I understand that I can actually show that to somebody that doesn't look good exits are going down the last fifty. Whatever years and they're lawless. Either started doing this in the first place. Well I got started because like so also my and television saying a blatant lie about statistics behind gun control and gun safety and ended in my eight chased I want them a letter and Teddy Geiger information all you need to clean up your act in a year later they were on television again spouting the same misinformation. My goal and I got a little bit of marketing background is just to distilled information do some election or researchers well. And presented in such great not only that's instantly understandable but that anyone can copy and pay us. In music as they're getting into on line discussions. Everything on the web site is sure bulk. And I actively encourage people Teixeira in the copyright is so limber that it. Well for everything but outright plagiarism. I consider looking at that music got data on a look at the category availability of guns accidental deaths government laws micro stamping. Ballistic fingerprinting. Our guns and crime prevention concealed carry group it's every topic that's under discussion. And rather than saying while he said she Sybil what your source on that. Silicon Goran actually copy one of these graphs that you put together paste it somewhere and you're. Here here's information. And no other way guy what you also do here is you include a source of your information. And that's so important because when you burrow down through some of the action crop which is coming out from saint Michael Bloomberg's organizations. Yet they ever cite their sources which is pretty rare you'll end up finding that they are often composed of say internal polls conducted by another Michael Bloomberg organization. Comes you know rather shady organizations. I found one that was so fascinating when you finally got down to it it was done by a polling organization whose only other clients for EMILY's List which is hard left. The organization. And the Democrat senatorial reelection committee met you know and we're not let the survey instrument it was obvious that. They were calling people who they knew because they were dressing them by name. In the Serb. It was oh it was a step. Just fascinating look these people try to get away list. And they'll they'll quote a study bigger courtroom study Horry white paper done for instance by the violent Violence Policy Center. Which is worse than group formed in dedicated to. Gun ban can show me all the way not not up to but including grand millions and then that's listed as these source of the information about gun. Accidental murder rates are going to want to. Why should go to the source like the FBI. Or there recruits CDC. Or the National Safety Council people actually keep these records over decades. And that's what you do. That's what I do and and that's kind of dovetailed in the my latest I mean which are thrown out into the future. Because a lot of places especially here in California they're coming up with this. Bit of me has Salinas. Saying that there needs to be more research on guns. And gun violence. Quite frankly this is one of the most ridiculously. Over study topics and criminology. And so that's my challenge to those people and I hope everyone continues street because that's. Go to the Bureau of Justice Statistics web site key in the term firearm violence you've come up with over a thousand hits. Our studies and data tables that they percent. Then you go to Google scholar and you Keyon criminology firearm violence and a page count is nearly in. This is such a well understood topic that the people who are saying we need to think government money to do more research. Are simply trying to manufacture research and they're very. Well of course they won't tell you the reason that the CDC's. Budget we're restricted fourth quarter quote research own guns were because. More of the heads of CDC queue up and said look the goal of our researchers to make guns like cigarettes. Dirty and beta and we are researchers design into the end up where they come back. Right and sense that the deadlock in Washington DC out here in California they're trying to take state money now and give it to use he gave us. Which gets us Stu Garrard went to music is if research is that. So preposterous that the researchers who I kept conversations that won't even speak his name without smearing them. Mean. Then you have your people like Coca load where researchers I love it they they should word approve that this number of two million self defense gun users are year is not true now we're gonna use the same methodology and we'll study it and welcome up their own study. And they did and they did they could not come up with two million that you came up with. Three million a year and then there's the next or pages of their report describing why they are researchers walk. Well there's an old rule that does that the Baxter not chipped the propaganda attacks must be disposed Eddie. Down talking your own very surgeons one way or try to dispose look at. Obama and then go what I wanted to do this the gun fact dot info is a fabulous resource use all the time are -- your money go there. I know that you base in Delaware you are able to do this as we donations is I'm gonna throw this out you're doing your 2016 fund raiser. If anybody would like to go there take a look at that see what you do. Also money in the kitty that would be very much appreciate because I just think Richard during his wonderful it's a great resource for all of my friend. I appreciate that plug we have one more week to go in the fund raiser and we don't take money from any of the national organizations we don't take money from NRA we don't take your mask sale. We certainly don't take it from Michael Bloomberg the choice foundation. So everything that we do is financed by people who copy and paced story information and yes. Some Bible drift. Buy a gun trackside info today you'll get a unity of underage or pitch right on your landing page. And I'd drop a dime a tube but more importantly get on your email lists your social media lists and let everyone else know about the bunkers. There you go free throw loved the quote of the box and Amylin there you'll get gifts of intellectual ammunition by a box of intellectual camel that'll work. A guy carry a man I love what you do I appreciate any time we can go blue snow okay. I will thank you sir. All right you take your check it out go to gun faction dot hi in an Afro. All right now open lines waiting for you you got a range of ports and Nortel lost 866. Paul yeah. I'm under the age 6612. Good and yours called in from Anchorage. Joseph how are you. I do all the bills flying night got a question for you got mr. X art. I've gotten newspaper clippings to pull a lot of peaks and out of Denver. And you're talking about a gun rights group Chris Carlin NRA soft. They claim goes ahead Paula I have remaining grants and contributions. According to the 2014. Tax filing. The cold blood from Denver it was written by a couple people from Bloomberg News. Severe hearing about this group other effect is probably Bloomberg. You have little group is. Yeah. Unless they win their base rocky mountain gun ownership. Now part of the national association gun rights yes. They make money. My saying they are more purer. And then our pressure in the RA assault we are. The no compromise group where have I heard it before where the no compromise. We also knew anything done with our money. My claiming that work tougher. And the earth. Dude thing we're tougher. I cannot express my contempt. Quite enough. This group. Hope Israel is you know about it and thanks electrical Jules Y one Curtis is in Winfield can use this. Hey how you go about this so I'm first time caller what do you guys all the time and pop the question that I had had to deal with that rifle with a 25 odxa X which has gotten that I love them and I noticed that. Most people these are twenty to 52 week treaty that end all the other. Rifles that very rarely do I hear anything about the 25 architecture not just kind of wondering why. They're probably about three good reasons why. None of them were actually sufficient because I think that we fumbled six say it's a great caliber I love the Q for just Evan Roberts. That you toward double six years your another two or 300 feet per second which is fabulous. One of the original reasons may have been rumors gonna say may have been. That there were not as many really good bullets and 45 caliber because there weren't some other caliber that certainly not true anymore. Those who know north Torrey by about six is. Editorial section neck down between drug caliber urge you prefer to yourself to be roughly not exactly but roughly neck down to 25 caliber. It is they re. Cartridge I would you to tweet by about six to hide anything on the North American continent. With the possible exception a grizzly slash brown bear. But elk moose. And you have globe tears she doesn't merit point five or six can do at all. In the media but this. It doesn't kick like a big 300 or seven million Magnum. It exactly what I well one of the other things I would that's questioning is. Flat trajectory of the 25 not six over all the rest of them. It's probably didn't really know flatter than the rest of them are you'll find him. We talk about this this Carter's flat this gorgeous flat whatever. Yeah but surely done by an inch or two out of 33 earned fifty yards not a big deal. The beauty of between five sixes and ushers flat but you can get good bulletin that good 120 grain bullet between Obama such as phenomenal. But because it doesn't kick quite this much. You have a tendency to shoot it better. And that means your with a bullet in the right place. When you put a bullet in the right place irrespective of all what. The cartridges. That quarter. Terms to seize these shifts and ceases to exist. Which is what the whole idea now you can get a tonight and reduces benefits for Obama six Big Three dollar merger a lot of break out which door. You have that you wonder why and there's a bit more popular than it shoot 3866. Talk. Sorry about where there's going to be there for someone who had just ordered to remove a pocket lifesaver tips from students gun dot com. Where you're going to can be happy with that let's go into Dan's miceli Tulsa Oklahoma with some news from there. Dave and what happened. Well it dead you have tornado came through tolls earlier the other day Wednesday. It lit bit but it come back down and editor art I'll go so. You know. You're just like most local club you know we run a tight budget no. Just you know Traficant may we have some insurance. Let's say William and I'm a member after on the on the border and thank them but a member of their longtime host the OY. SSA which is area. Oklahoma used ordering quarter. Shooting association. Wouldn't you know there's the kids in school you know and in high school they actually credits or. At very economical for fuel air. What are short duration and we're we're. We're talking about the Tulsa gun club but I would just look at pictures on line I mean you've got torn up tornado went right through that place. It got it landed right on top of that doctor at all yet work and there's deserve based chip and try to help. You know it's. It's got its showdown awhile by actually hurt. There to go on me OK out to somebody else couple boxes. Just look at where your roots somewhere you know I'm sure they appreciate it but yeah hurt so. It is argued in court on on their cruel. Some hurt him. Now dollar but it just slept. Paula about thirty minutes report came in about thirty minutes after close. Well lucky deal look. I appreciate a heads up anybody in the Tulsa area. This or you're probably as much and you're looking for a few global funding Lugo funding go phoned me campaign. But also how about just physical help healthcare community of some bodies. Yeah other news so mom I didn't make it up dirt days. A phone crashed out in Apple's story you know that takes about wherever but it booted. Any idea of geniuses. But they were heavily that we got their big you know it worked her tail off Friday I can get after Friday are still you have a job and they worked her tail off Friday we will. Although yesterday and then I'm sure there back out there today so. We know I would say everybody in Tulsa area or even if you're within driving distance you wanna help amount trying to find out what's going on. Get yourself over and offered to help the Tulsa gun club and they really don't look at the pictures on line they really got hammered her building got torn up. There they need some help over there so then I appreciate I was not aware of that but when I saw the no pop up on the screen went online and look at that. That's not a bad hip thank you sir appreciate you got enormous hurt. Man's life. Bad deal. Call him. Our camera gonna get do you Brodeur Taniguchi before the brakes are no going to we're gonna get cute. Ross don't have time to get everybody else in here if you gives hollering execs talk got an idea. Or about a small. What a comeback or flesh this out little bit and here's my thinking. I'll have more details on this. I think the American gun owner. The picture who is an American gun owners changed. So much. In the last ten years. That old thinking about who is American gun owner. Doesn't apply anymore. Thanks for shouldn't be thinking about. Hillary Clinton. How she's made a part of every speech she makes now to return gun ownership and gun owners and the fury. Like it's a dirty words like. It's now or an amount which he says in our race like you say it KKK. And in her mind her advisors. Are telling her that's okay because that just this group they have this picture no mine. I want her when they picture American gunners depletion of the 24 year old woman. And her husband. And their two children. After rage. Are they aware of the American brutal reviews. Today would love to hear your thoughts on that then come back 866. Feet tall. Go uncontrolled aggression we'll be right back where more guns fall. Loved it oh. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with some questions gun talk it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call him right now is 8668255. Or 86 sport just dial one top dog gone. Now here's stop. This is Tom Christians go into shock now available on iTunes and other podcast clients and on the free Gundy Helio Smartphone app for iPhone and android feel free to call Tom now at one Tom dart gun and 48668255486. Or emailed comment doesn't talk dot com now once again here's job. You realize. Much more comfortable. Him when I'm weary. A firearm and said the gunman is necessarily comfortable but I am comfortable. I'd go inside baseball this year or Paris over years ago we're doing the radio show here. Jim you know through the after show or is loosening these are producer. Whose future employers that squeaking sound. Or bring them on her desk we can check from your. I know. We ran it down and diagnosed you to where I was hoping caring. While under on the radio show. And the polymer pistol or worried at the time when it would rub up against you full leather and all the high IE cheap vinyl seat lounge sleeping you're a parent would rub up against it and squeaky shoes. Then you got your doctor Gunn later in the show well no I think it would it would split shared all over. There are world report about and draped it over them covered up and I'm a better that way but I just pay. I don't know I. After all why all that you carry especially if you're trading carrying you do feel confident. That you are at least somewhat competent. You feel more comfortable. When you're curious because you know you have a tool. One it. Put another way we flip it around. It means you are less apprehensive. That you were more aware and alert which is okay. Which you are less apprehension because you have options and options are always. Good are just district bought it about to answer. Our numbers 866 talked and we're gonna be open lines with you for the next half hour you'd like to join us give us a Holler each execs talk go and get you in here. We're going to be talking about will graves reports guns that you were talk about cartridges that you're wondering why are people using them more why's this got car just more popular. Pretty much anything else that you like to chat about if you're new to guns Wyoming's called Q you don't know anything about guns too curious. Caller asked a question where are best Hamlet. 866. Talk guideline for Tim's with a shout Charleston, West Virginia HM. Yeah we aren't. Eddie what can range report saying that you may combat castration the American and got her hair and not get an American not a hundred. Park district yesterday and watched awarding. And that was gonna give her greater quarterback kept it on animal especially. A component date for a two dollar after adjusting trash her in an era sanctions don't work. Eight everything in my first at one pistol. Very high expert constable. Her usual great appetite leader wrench in that chamber group optical chip. In that millimeter. My people and obviously com Lebanon some batteries are not done will a little sketchy got a good deal. Home. A brilliant question here and let me ask you. Explain to people how delightful it is to shoot 81911. Pistol chamber to nine millimeter. And it wouldn't were more or less. Easy. I don't like actual. Always on target on target hopes are being. Each. Woman on. I agree and the real personality command because not my eighty Sheila block nineteen. Oh yeah. Right and so Lou I went with the commander stream a credible candidate change trash. And that look I love and actually not and great great great great yeah. OKQ are not your thoughts about the changing face of American gunners compares my thought my thought is that. Hillary Clinton and her advisors are seeing the gun owners as being. Old white men who belong to the NRA and they have a building in these country clubs around the country. And seen the families and the young people and people are actually young people are actually using these. Really cool shooting ranges f.'s date night options these days I'm thinking. She complete he doesn't understand us. No problem this thank you need Americans aren't center concert arena Marine Corps veteran. I'm federal job. Why starting in opera fashioned cheap generics. Arm and the power of tedious. Thanks. The last is trying to push and control and other than the need not to have done Owen. Children and Kenny young age my daughters eleven and she got in it very articulate. Discussion which are teacher which are teacher actually talk to me about it and didn't like the attention was more impressed not. Which attracted my daughter stood at her gun rights but true and accurate my daughter was able to discuss what the mission matter. Because she hears from her father and her step up. This this year leisure tango. They're trying to shoot encrypt took one all the way slowly and they all. Oh but we as a response gunners like yourself and national opt in a much. We have to continually fight it to continually fight for our rights toward the ability to go out and then. Are right stay. Which are saying and try to get a lot about my election shipping machines that sell this morning about district we can. That's going to be our date. Well that's gonna need that we like you do begin to compare that this year saw like an active Jenna. Sure but that's just from our point is that. It is a natural normal part young Americans lives and they're doing it more than people realized. And as you say they're bringing their kids in and appreciate the call this is not the first tomorrow hurt somebody's child standing up. In class and saying wait a minute. You're simply wrong and he'll let me tell you catch a lot of guts. A lot of guts for eleven year old. Instead I'm site you have your facts wrong. Let me explain this to I know more young lady who did that have high school there were shipped to the principal's office. Because she disagreed with the teacher who said based you know why should Oregon and under used for crime no less just happened to this young lady. Brewers in high school also was the manager of local shooting range. And by the time it was all done the teacher had to. Apologize to this young student. And approachable. We weren't talking guns will occur and where their father. So there you go. Amazing stuff where you're young you're raising your resume right library Lewis is with a fellow Pasadena Texas. Lures what are known Rachel did you get. Oh yeah. I really bought it's cool. And yeah sales. Then I'll cook dinner at a basic school like New York. And you just keeps sending its. Alexander Kevin let. So where are you. Yeah you middle something is Lindsay what's going oh yeah. Want to do I don't know don't have. Yeah. Yeah. Are allowed until about the consistent forward Magnum. And the 264 and Magnum is a great cartridge. He came along and add roughly the same time as sub millimeter Remington Magnum to 64 Winchester. Magnum. It's a six point five count back then we're talking forty years ago so. Export fires were not popular in the US thirty caliber for popular. So milliliters were starting to be popular. But six fives just didn't do it for people in the 264 never caught on. They said that it burned out barrels well yeah and had burned more harder than other cartridges perhaps. But it just you know basic got beat mother seven mag now of course there six point five jewel really popular in the shoes were part part cream horror. The 260 rim and turned on and on. If you could find a good 264 win mad and you can a lot of times combined for almost nothing. You're getting a heck of a good rifle if it's been taking care of cling to barrel are given good pleading. You're gonna have a real shooter and I think you're going to be in for a lot of fun you're really enjoy that so. Where ago congratulations and I think you've done you you scored big on Alan I can tell you that. All right 866 strong gun when you're here and there 866 taught your part to perform just dial one Palmer talk. God what's on your mind works in your gun silly let's talk guns. I've got 5866 talking gun that you know I'm one Roberts told us from. Grafton North Dakota. Robert you're talk about how books leave the Merle and flat shoot let's go. Yes sir thank you I mean huge bet your show mr. Gretchen and I appreciate they might call that you might explain this right. This conception Curtis terminology or rather this Jalabert shoots flattered that other caliber. And yeah person might got to take that that it off bullet rises in its cap before drops and really in reality in I hope he can explain this site typically look better what it has that's where the site pixel line of sight between your scope where your dots where that. Intersects with the path of the bullet so ready you're citing it it hits it 400 yards or 200 yards or fifty yards vs a 160. That it's it's worked the last site. Intersect with the post that the you know Paula most don't really riotous. You know they'll gain energy force feed it where he's smuggled or traveling all the way to get right circuit tickets. Good let me sit back and take a pay a set of bug or explain good you're you're exactly on the right sub track here. Here's the FA Beryl is lined up in the barrel as an option horizontal its level or song. When you fire the gun bullet never rises above. The barrel you'll start dropping immediately. The sooners that just put our. It's or just the pathway would be straight then it would just arc downward downward armored armored hit the ground. What we do though I imagine to rifle we have a scope or. We don't want to bullet to go start going down immediately. So we do is we have the line of shall I eat the scoping if you will. Is straight line toward the target. But the barrel is inclined shall lightly relative to the Scopes so that the bullet path actually begins opera but only because the barrels pointed upward. It actually comes up and pastors drew the line of sight going up roughly at about 25 yards. Goes above the line of sight slightly in an inch or two or three depending on where incited and and then as the star to come back down to strutting Arctic evolved for a baseball. Scribe just Arkansas there. It passes back room. The line of sight somewhere and that would be where we had I did it yet that could be. 203040500. Yard where we decided then and the bullet passes back through the line of sight so that now the scope. And the board impact of the same place at that specific distance. All make something to shoot corn quote flatter. Generally. It is the bullet is going. Trashed her. India re teams its velocity by virtue of being a more pointed boot on the post or flat nosed around those moments. So that it goes forward third down range before it passes back room. The liners like Robert how to do it. Got chi a perfect pocket so I can visually prejudice have I have books by laser beam pointing out of the Beryl and it's a laser you know it's. Do you did hypothetically. The line of sight is a later yeah so you're gonna get the ark of the Pulitzer rises above that line of sight. Lying and then there is a less of an arc between the top of that light and the actual bullet art. That we're come we're crisscross the act out against what actually crosses your vita site twice so that won't be art. Above that line is is there are worse or a perfectly perfectly exploit thank you sir appreciate it. Absolutely percent below the hole realism and the reason we understand that. Aren't all there you go on canal work for like two pennies where this fire commanders in South Carolina hey Betty. I how are you. Well you wanna know what the crap out of American person carrying a gun I don't think I am normal person. I am a sixteen year old grandmother. And I curious he special. And I'd and the white woman I don't think. Unusual. I grew up to West Virginia you're running rifle. Shot many beer metal you know will and won't. So I have been around that my whole life I won't stop me put them until I think I'm current crop up perks and look like that Kerry got. How and why did you come to the decision that you want to carry a gun for protection. Well I had an intranet one time here and they understand my daughter at the top coach and ample time wolf and I haven't gotten grew one night about converting on the clock. In the area Dracula and little shady. I don't really think about it. Not strapping true candidate to stop each and I didn't get longer and that and I hand out like on and I knew I had to record. So I reported that though I didn't and that track he stopped me and want to know what I was doing and I felt I was up in our meaning and not go home. What a short short he stopped when he could have written all tactics techniques can be the back to a car into mister court. County in Oakland and not get caught. So I trample about unlocking how packed into the roll area apple. Had a pistol which you know next time and I am not stopping until I took quite in crap like them. Company so I decided not gonna carry enough return. Democrat than and we all Greek and Kyrgyzstan so into treatment option and I had no problem all went. You got to carry permit. At. Duke blasted the permanent thing. I don't. Look quite stink. It's actually full. Idiot it's like to try it's it's everybody knowing that you could protect yourself when you're only carry in my in my glove box that the term locked. My crank it know it out the keeper Andres they bowed unknown it's captured twice or more capable of the next about a lot Glock in cash. So I am at 38 special people but me I don't carry. So make like if you pull go into school that think like that. But I'm but with me where I know readiness and my kids are derailed migrate to direct hand. Hand twelve. And hot months now that keeps all your everyday so look at top form out of warned that you know. Well don't be scared and they they know they've been around enough push that shot without it we don't shooting guard Teddy Internet. Army reserve. National art he cheats. To what we go to Capitol Hill. Steps they'd done in a handling their internal couple scary need to see me I'm 68 I'm white I'm a very good young. Grandmother and carrying the hopes he can reap rich. I agree with your bad luck thank you so much for sharing that idea. The changing face of the American gun owner. I in the Herbert talked about this. Point two weeks ago out of its into your gun club. Then Denver. And then I would before I was at Scottsdale gun club in Scottsdale Arizona just outside Phoenix. And these are abruptly called country clubs. As a new and just opened. And for worse there's a new him in the listened to him and then there's a new when there's nexus down in the Miami area and you're there all of the country. And I hit my. Aha moment. Two weeks ago. Actually two of them there's like back to back and read this collect a slower I get a plaque and the head twice before pay attention. And shouldn't there and watching these families go to listen to her gun club like eight hours and there. 758% of the people come through or couples and fruits. Young couples. Young fingers. Our interest. That after we do surely there I go toward the nearby mall and a walk into an Apple Store there. And it's full of people and corsets it's happened that you got your apple genius as you've got to people what's it's like hipster bill. And I've by a couple connection connector and you can talk this young lady and I mean young young lady and 2223. Then. Gets by email address gun talk what's that. That's where I would doubted it and saw just over too soon to your gun club is always natural great fortunes are you know. She's always her hair read numerous sister went there. For her anniversary. Party. They ripped to the shooting range. For their anniversary. Just as Europe has become very popular. Dating. Destination. Just put that in your mind. Your mental picture. In there. Young people young couple's young families. Mothers. Who women. Going there for Dayton going bare for anniversaries. Spending money taking kids there. It can be targeted can be Williams-Sonoma. This is not. What Hillary's thinking about her advisors. Are really doing her a disservice. I mean I'm not sure why I understand. That's when she starts beating all the RA she doesn't understand she's talked about that twenty year old. Woman who. You've talked about that 28 year old mother. He's talking about the new. Gun owner 2.0. Will be safe. From gun ownership while blue. In which he works to humanize them. They will not react well. Didn't grow older it's something completely. Already the application should talk gun gets you earlier we have a lot of calls then we may be a guest here willfully broke. Until then we're gonna take some calls 14 bills would miss liberty Mo. All you're actually are friends through or on the left side movie to your script that the doctor they. Yes Strom odd that we were being shocked at how how many guys and gals on the left that actually all right gun and shoot. Well I went blank more than one no thank the Hillary is not gonna try to trick cargo and and how do you get outta somebody like that. Well. You can shrine. Honestly I would not spear and a lot of effort on it if somebody just doesn't appeal to look at you reveal like Hillary. There's not a lot you can do that they're going to. Be okay. Although there's going to deny that I mean I think what you can do or say luck luck too let's recap here. Hillary says it's basically yet needs to thinks war in these are in a position papers. Hillary Clinton. Would like to rear and split reinstitute. The Clinton gun ban. That would be the billion Hong guns that look bad. They called the assault weapons ban but of course it was just semiautomatic rifles but not all of them just the ones that looked scary. And so she she'll say I want a more reinstitute these assault weapons ban which are separate semi automatic firearms. And so she wants to bay in this is the gun ban that's not that's all it is it's a ban on guns she want to go band and then number true. It is her position she says this ever punched into the mix speech. Supreme Court got it wrong when they decided the Heller case. And the Heller case said that we have an individual right to keep and bear arms. Seward and she says we must correct that we've got to get that fixed so Hillary Clinton her true. Wrong approach to farms ownership Warner's debate and guns that she doesn't like. The guns that we like and use them own responsibly and number true. It is to change the supreme courts or she got a ruling that you do not have a right to more gun. It's not my words that her words. If that doesn't work on your friends it's time to move on because your time is better spirit talker somebody who will listen to facts as opposed to the dog. The that's all I can do bill would appreciate that. All right let me get rid our guest here Jim ram in his with the architects gun owners association architectures in the Shreveport area. The north west part of Louisiana. Jermareo. I'm just fine thank you like for evidence argued that. Hi I am great now talk tell me how. Have this discussion because Oregon chose all over the country house hope that you can give us a little background on the architects gun collectors association and what you guys do and and and the gunships. Big lead to. Though the club was founded in 1960s. And they put onto a country of the year they're nonprofit group. And coming up this that we can. Will be our daughter and my god showed typical Bedell. And take take what little profit we make on it we give it back to the communities as far the leash or. Reduce the statue of liberty or whatever. In whatever we choose. And then we would put a lot of shows. And this year on the director. The thought he'd have to miss the men you name it may give the director. Bob the volunteer. That a little bit but it's been an interesting journey. I get to meet a lot of people get spoke in my radio. And though right now our major it was going to be held and closure that the voters should action there are major grandchildren is packed. We can't get him or cable and there actual. We have really good response. Great number of great number of vendors and great vendors is well. Come this is. Which you know and you know this will not do it from their body of listing and it got chosen to take some sort of negative if and news recently. On this show director and our club we decided to as some positive it's. Went back out. And so we've created. A companion event to it called our options that we expo. Out those gut show rubbish is basically retail sales. Borrowed a badly exposed is centered around family and it's something in the air for every member of the family to enjoy this gun related. Ransom. We have representatives from. Couple action shooters. And would have a civil war re an actor forthcoming real badly but this week and is. We don't show weekend as a reenactment for the the prevented it but it was not a list. We'll have a future we've got to lose savage shooting association to be there. We've gotten a place for people to sign up to join. NRA Gun Owners of America segment foundation losing out shooting associations and of our politics and collectors club. We've got national wild Turkey federation there they do. For members worked with. Environment and I didn't know this is it's open wounded that's going on. Yeah and Olympia double a lot of good things there under. They've they sure do. Trying to. We'll probably have a self defense. Demonstrations. And some folks said they put together of a clash or Jewish girl. A grandfather like myself that I won or something extra to keep me out troubled country. Go up while you were dark. We asked did you got a question for you do all of the good stuff harsh talk about you know. My favorite definition of public relations which is doing good and getting credit Fords or you're now you're doing good. Are you able to get this message out locally are of the media Coburn have is that you are you're getting this word out. Yes slow week we have big get because in budget and week like I guess from medicine help for get this and vendors that we have right now. But yes it is essential. Apparently a lot of excitement about that and other first year doing this parliament that would explode. It's a bit curiosity factor folks. But the specialist if you look this is all about and Ubisoft and their interest and for everybody and it's it's like there's some excitement about it. You know we were positive step. Reporting out. A noted a lot of areas there are like a gun show every two weeks or every month and had their commercial gun shows. Use is not that this is the architects gun collectors association. And he argued two of these a year and this is not like a regular commercial deal this is actually a gun collectors association right. Real work we're charity show and the membership and in our club. They're the workers and their volunteer. And we have a big staff then. And we try to show was much southern hospitality that we can't and we got vendors just incumbent our show for thirty years great. And customers do we have a lot of customers come up Arkansas this is show we'd like to competitive so that's what we're doing. Well I would. I wish you to console luck with tell everybody again where he doesn't win. There's going to be people aren't content composure city Louisiana Estes a civic center. Very good luck and I wish you luck with a congratulations on getting the word out. Doing the positive thing you know you can buy guns stuck their but also gonna have training available to your family activities bring the kids bring the family do the whole thing. That my friends. Is the push back and lets you show who we really are and don't let them. Describe to the media through the media and to the public who we are we have to whom are wounded. Message. 866 talking gun over lions I'm Tom aggression. This book. In the break up and puffed up clearly going to be your web. All my phone look at some deals where up to sixty dollars cash back home Barnes vortex Hammel. Gets a freebie. Laser training dvd from crimson Trace cut some deals from cross breed if I flipped her prepared go down a lot lower than list. Well Leo I'm we're talking about from. Or another slice. It is they who got deals here thirty dollars off Winchester animal goes on and on if we don't have a gun Dili on your phone what are you thinking it's for re how do you not. Dude it's. I just. At the App Store or Google play gunmen do you Euro. Or use go to guy and you Leo dot com and you can now are there for your Smartphone especially might not well okay will tell everybody receiving money. We know we're not spend money right. By more staffed the same amount of money broke loose were wider. I assume that lout who know. Why and three Mike Casper Wyoming where my favorite place is little time hey Mike. Grade com could you heard heavenly garden. Record day you're out Lugo though belting off pretty quick. And I just wanted to brag a little bit about. Under down garden. Combination. I got there they are fifteen and willing to refer to my. What did he got me a little receiver to build another. There are fifteen bet I've figured hey what better cavalry got you know computer three in let me aren't from Bedell. And I discovered graphics are incredible. Oh my god your point commit it my 800 yard. Range. Just like you're. It was right next to me so. Well. If the order they're the only one that I've been able to a party. You know factory wise. I heard you correctly no wonder there are okay. So YE six point five grand what was it about the made that attracted to you replay of the do. Well BR. The whole idea would not built New York but lower and I already had. You know older five point 56. Putrid three. 300 blackout we're trumping that I would look at their. That would interest me but it had about the free covered. You know the the regular AR that I got. I would try to encourage their without good researcher about a little short and upload it for pure armed we've ever tried until they stop the import your 4014. A different quarterback. Knowing that it could not there yet but I ever find one of those black and prepare them there. True and I couldn't resist them are. Yeah that registered. Yeah I discovered this expired. Rangel is scenario long grain. Shooter and so I'm really. Happy that I found that because you're you're does reach out there really well. Obama's terrific I love that range report I don't know the recovery my call and talk to us about the 65 grumble. Which is very cool junior you are shooting out an 800 yards and the other thing he has for people know. This does not record a much and all those. Are stiff like Albert nerd who they are that he's a leader. You're right there on the freight platform. And you know same same offense. Exactly so they Biel exactly are we look. Great range report I very much appreciate that Mike and I know. Out there where the wind never blows a Wyoming yeah our right. Avenue is good bullets makes a huge difference appreciate debt to go to line one Rogers with a shot at all so we'll pay you Roger what's going on there. Yeah I charm where I should challenge the leadership role I want attended that. We were saying no to your sponsor. Sports women as a great former the united of the Christian liturgical church on my web page PGA tour India. Probably mentioning them wouldn't episodes now so mr. Forbes obviously I'm on the critical on. Orkut I do I'm under Roger I've run up against a break here in my ask you to hold for a minute we run and then take this break us. Where we're getting it will were getting back here. Schedules talk about the local superintendent teachers. Doing conceal carry trading. Futures. Giving concealed carry trade. I don't have a problem with the 866. Talking god you're here and there are gonna graduate until they object I don't talk dot com video if you don't have your grandiose portfolio. Shame shame shame on your screen too much money and that's not on the lead it's homegrown. There were about if you talk when Roger out of Tulsa Oklahoma Rogers started talking about the. Trading the superintendent Tim durst against your character can teachers scary there. Are they can't carry on here in the schools a lot of little owning handguns in the schools we. Novel you'd try and walk on the most of them and their wives as well also concealed Jerry. Yeah this this is confirmed that he placed I moved here nineteen years ago on my birthday 26 February. 2 Oklahoma from California. And and I dug normally haven't. This is she's this isn't that could play a little let me tell you it's gonna differentiate. We have a really good. Self defense Jack law. Our. Part are represented Marcia session that Darche chat pastor who are its we've got to go open carry a couple years back. And it came and went without without a hitch. Until an Australian Open carrier. What difference are you seeing and attitudes and these people ours are different approach they have when they come in. Well we did I was a large group from our local Baptist Church a couple weeks ago we trained about a hundred people flashlight weeks. And my wife Suzanne and our additional short churn out. Reshape you have to show my show on his boat and my daughters and our traditional short so they helped me with my clashes in sort of the police on an art sound. But just the attitude is between you know you go into a school environment you're gonna have brought you the Democrats don't have Republicans. Now I can tell you that shouldn't shed more more Democrats should California be demolished or she would be the most conservative Republican. Business that. This thing. Well in all my friends from California say that's why you live there I guess that's probably one of the reasons but. Is the other joke. Sometimes you'll yet you are student it'll I have one. The other day that. I had more questions about the kids who didn't want her kids should know anything about. Firearms and you know on the Amman. A commissioner for these little history cheer him in which also the bush a boy scouts of America. I'm also lack of in the Republican Party a Mormon. Also almost. Just. Console for a executive could argue that it console in hand you know it eat your blog. EL I don't think it's it's a political question he had that you get questions from these people that are. Whether they know anything about firearms or whether they don't get treated urban explosion then they'll need to be a whole host of different questions. Now that the issue here and look our right to durable rubber guess our time here. I think what you find is there's an opportunity. No matter who it is they're gonna commune with their own preconceived set of notions our own biases sort. We're gonna frame of reference. And you can work off of that as a trainer as an amateur trainer you're talking to people you know. I think maybe. Where you need just start is find out where they are. Four huge start. Filling them full of information. Here's what you find out. What they're bringing to. Whether it's information or big hole where there's nothing there or misinformation. Did you can start from that place so probably. In many times whether it's too just to make Moshood. Or talk them about gun rights or safety or accidents on the issues. Find out where they are asked their homes some questions. And not yes or no questions to tell me what you know about gun safety turned to what you know about gun accidents how do you feel about such and such in the unfortunate that information said okay. Understand it and you know there are some places here where I think. Maybe you have been misinformed or you didn't quite understand and you can start the year. Its sole many times about how you approach it. If you are not trying to put somebody down on the they can get their long and sometimes it's even does an upside there's more good side to admit they're wrong. Not gonna happen and will lose.