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URGOM. 93778. Until. How old boys of Boston. Welcome to sound off on par total warmth from my cohosts on the field very Nintendo's got a special guest Marine Corps really warm for offend. Sound off as the Charlotte is a veteran perspective on news current events and politics and the reason why we do this is so what's the point 5% of the United States population served in the military. So we try to give our perspective after having served in the military ourselves. Johnson Vietnam War era veteran. He was he's a marine he sir he served as. But you service officer native canoe in he's involved little nonprofit called home of the brave in his The American Legion post 440 commander O'Neill and and I served in the army in Afghanistan and I'm involved with the nonprofit called pensions without orders. So John I don't tonight. I'm told Greg Carr only slow whose usual accord to be built our Q where if you win could tickle your own police supervisor if we lose sleep conference they would tie and then there. This time in original words if you become a load more roll. We sure. You don't happen to stay home and watched the Euro saint Patrick's good pork for a storm TV the men fall Lou up what do you parade you know. Sloan but you know what I was along those fountains of watching the porridge and I know we probably dwindles so polluted but. Truly a bow tie and Vietnam vets that much or don't porridge I can tell us that this guy who would have thought we would have had more slope. It would put ourselves and we'll talk to a warmer the bulk we don't know. But I have warm welcome to the show on the dual degree work with the Marine Corps league you know we're so proud to have you on on the show hop. Are you and I don't want that fake account John it's always a pleasure show a pervert every are careless. Director Charles. Avoid doing well prime. What do they just are passed from Marblehead. And a couple of weeks Garden City. Midwinter compression down Virginia. And I want to bring us up just quickly. It Burbank we're at the end we had been in general. Whitman. Burke Whitman was the guest speaker. And general Whitman's from the famous what Whitman sampler chart looks. But he pointed out that it. We all know Merrill because it's been publicized Krewell pretty apparent tragedy of the torn through suicide today. Well now the Department of Defense. He is funding research. To find. What perhaps is to root cause of these are charges suicides. And they're funny this. Through the Department of Defense in conjunction with the work that the VA has done. And that may sound very simple no a cool course to do in this but this hasn't been done before the department to protest and I really had. Funding for research with this problem so this is new. They the department defense he's recognizing now that. The reserves are problem they asked me dealt with these are the people. And the even though these. Military people so many of them are far. Tradition over the military. This still part of your family. Department to France for him so word here Irish is pleased to hear that they are going to start. Researching this storm with every day. It's the financial stint then others and some research and it's only just brought up more questions. I'll let him a lot of the general public opinion I was even paying off fault. Kind of thought it was so it related to the stress of deployments and you know everything that people through combat the I know if you look at the numbers there are a lot of veterans that that and deploy urgency combat. They're killing themselves as well also and it's it's not. It's not supposed to sell their entourage Afghans themselves and that's often pull themselves back you know obviously we're what we're looking outlaw more than just Iraq and Afghanistan but I think. Does that include general narrative has has has kind of been involved. You know it's on silicone related so she scooped. You would do want to hum. Run and employs for its wanted to sort of missiles every waited so. As I would get a chart but she wrote orders from world water day and this past Tuesday on the 22. Guys trying to terrorism awareness and saw what we do know all of actions about orders is on. We going so. Humanitarian. And we're announce it so it's water projects overseas. Phone book for every one that we do we. We memorialize. It was veteran that was killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and and you know socialist views and all veterans groups as a way for veterans are together under some stuff the other. You know we can do a little part done you know study group. We've let me ask him if someone to find go poor information Pope or Kyle probably do would because like conventional standard tortured to return well he envision all the folks want to join. You know absolutely and we we just started it's only about a year old what we do avoid a slave and inspections of all voters thought dot org. And don't you know how to play on Doctors Without Borders but its veterans without orders to Oregon a lot of good stuff on there. On people can also donate if they want to. But quick got changed and talk a little little votes on some things going on in the news. This announcement we've talked about a little purple. It's going on Paltrow while the field the movie patriots day Mark Wahlberg is involved with a John Goodman's going to be an actor and it. And it gets it's got Ohio let everything happen in the Boston Marathon bombing. And very different kind of film won't solve it and moved to Watertown neighborhood. You know will vote for younger brother was apprehended. With the float I mean a NASA had. They had it. They tiring thing further fractures an off and 1000 people showed up some phone form those lines. But I heard some some complaints people are saying it's too soon. You know whose distinctive it kind of profiting off a tragedy. But you know my my quick take honors. That this is this is a new from Hollywood. Hollywood's been doing whatever attendant into tomorrow won't movies. You know for for me for Iraq and Afghanistan versions but there's plenty of Vietnam movies planet or to movies. You know it's taken Regis is hard for her professional watch those movies and it could be too soon for them. You know. Iraq and Afghanistan or even other officially over the past oh going on. We have a problem making making those movies and I feel like you would also say the noticed that the told the story John wanna be your your quick take on NASA professional Walpole local stores. No I have no crime more but I don't think it's too soon move all of a neutral sort of know what trickled from movie won't you won't reward. Did turn to move will look at your net a true freedom among real sure what turtles movie put. Certainly on all flown the country if not all the world rules for no we don't want to assume I don't put could slow. I'm waters weren't true for Rome all would true and Travolta moves your ball. Now on outside is just lone survivor fan you know you know I was about Afghanistan and American sniper may have a Chris Carlin you know. Expect to be too soon for a lot of Iraq and Afghanistan emotions I think it was too isn't watching as always what I did. You ultimately think you know they didn't get it is walls there's flaws as well represented an accurate. You know it's important untold stories and I think the biggest fear of a lot of losses. You know these things we forgot I mean you know but it's tragic is that there was. You know the way of the lessons we learned it was sir I don't wanna cover forget the victims. Interactive look at the movie who hold the movie's supposed what is it culture or you might argue we heard. Whose trip we're gonna pull you own story is fair don't need some soul and so forth football was stunned them some of whom would gone well so and and what your spot wouldn't you polled are consumed food. Who put children Sloan. Mobile C supplement problems soon are you are you have no problem with this movie. Why are relatively stable this essential I don't think it's. Two sooner or ethically it is sure if it's done accurately and portrays everything correctly. It's good to be creates an awareness that all of us have to be aware of what is going knowing. Within the world today. We saw this past week then terrorist bombings over in no Brussels. We've seen a couple months ago we are terrorists. Attack in Paris France. Who would those events be able to reoccur either here in Boston are generally in America I would say yes so go. To make people aware of the world that we live and through the media or of a movie. Hi yes it is good it is ongoing he didn't stop it's not like World War II was over now and no word from fort bear what happened. We're living with this today and people should be oh we are. Jeff I don't know. Could you just don't put them once or controller whose womb stardom. The larger group women's arms to them how Bo. Up and told that it can to to a rogue front. You still see a lot of the military regards from Guidant reason reverse. Come from below 26 point two models like blue blue or the marathon. But both big and tried to stop because they can no longer carrying backpacks or Amerigroup freedom for security in recent slowing neutral small thing but it's had gone. Or worked when the facts funerals. Instead the word the world we live in today. But it's a reality no. The people in Israel I guess of Lou for this for a decade took very good move acceptances. Part of they are our new lifestyle you and that is now come to a Mercury no. Years back in norm in which they were very similar problem we'll be. To bombings by the IRA. That they were acutely aware of our activities such as us and for a sweep dismissed it is. Over the air and into the effects of another world. Well over the and I was right here so we have to be aware. Not supposed to present an allegory about a Michelle and the only person left Afghanistan veterans see that the terrorist acts and just to see what. Exactly what they did Afghanistan come back here is it is it is so certainly certainly troubling and you know I I don't put the actual just so gamblers lose we've been saying this this sort of terrorist attacks we're going to be up to them before they did some. We you know what hopefully this movies but what works and more of the modern sort of boos and our pro who assumed direct what brought them to but I know hopefuls to endlessly importance will be good for overrun just cause I don't core final yards are always shown to Reuters notes is and that doesn't then why don't China told story and then and mortgage and score firemen. Com you know how many how many losers. That vote their own song cover anthologies. This could be my way of being famous. You know it's it's that's kind of a sad state of affairs but no components or listen to reduce it. But it's worth starting for sure what they're from. But I guess with the quick break and wanted to set I was got some good stuff fond of you know more coming up blend of action employment. You Ellison and a sound off from WRKO am six million. Welcome back to sound off from Cotto all on such on Phil Gramm Warren Griffin. And done John. Don't know if you noticed with the fiftieth anniversary of those in Rome total war. And I know you guys that that they parade of fun last year from the littlest trucks where she had no but this coming week this Tuesday. The Providence VA is going to be holding an event and now we have had the oberg from the director's office. On the line to talk to us a little bit more bulk. With the province we will be going. Other welcome to the show. Choose who can you give me. Yes thank Dan all right Kyle civil control globally which is probably good for all of us have been slaughtered for her warmer than I've angels could go well we'll show. So I took a high had a Margaret there. I know I am overwrought or your new will resume shouldn't smuggle phone with good car sales doom who will come over insular cone. All my way John slow. Hold on 12 how William always good job them we overcome. A separate. And different from June. Didn't do well soul not looks all tolls or go to Pope was below the videos put Milan bound and. Well I'm. Can I am actually I think I'm from 93 we are putting on a welcome home Vietnam better and I'm. And then. They then open that crop where people can come in just sharing and look around we'll have all these different posters in different facts about Vietnam and and then from ten to twelve. We'll have a poll found morning where we will have. It's. In terms of speakers we're having up to you know Vietnam veteran to figure by the name of Wayne Smith. And I made it we anticipate going to be an Ashley fantastic gay. Well at least started the process that we really want to ensure that we did exactly what the Vietnam veteran sort of want to do. So we enlisted aside Vietnam veteran can be on our steering committee and they've really kind of guided us. How they want our. And then Stephanie and they've been so instrumental and you know. Educating us and making us understand that what it was like to come home from Vietnam and this struggle that they had and so we have you know try to amazing men on this committee on and it's such an honor and a pleasure to work with them. And who they want and I asked them before. I came on for the immediately what do you want me to say what is it debt down you want me trying to home to everybody in that it's that. We want to welcome home our Vietnam veteran of Vietnam Arab veterans and that this. And that is open to all letter individually they don't necessarily have to be Vietnam veterans. Men you can he decides Providence Boston the Boston BA will be having their ceremony. On the 20% Monday from one to three and Jamaica Plain. In addition to. Are six hour would open how far province will also have battled Kyle it's one of our representatives. They're hoping he'll be able to support the veterans as they want to. For the first time on you Olivier health care most Vietnam veterans are unaware that they are eligible for VA healthcare. We'll also have I'm an information. From our state which has Peter Rhode Island we've just adopted new partnerships. With the state so that we work hand in hand together at our outreach event. To ensure that if the VA cannot ask mr. veteran that we are able to get. But has since had them through that stage so where around we're gonna try to start showcase he had alum that partnership that we can start on on. The around the time when he the 29 when we have our a formal event intent Simeon who is the new director. A veteran affairs for the state of Rhode Island will also be speaking and I think eventually. You know how to get a little understanding what he's doing for it veterans actually. We'll. But then that's great turnaround that karma my memory at the radio operators to fix my my headphones theirselves on that with a little program here you could console game with a few good for our country Gary I think John okay if the plug on my my headphones. I don't what to do veterans have Darcy peer anything from it while he said that before but you know what with a special to do it's it's it's it's it attend the event. They don't they do not have to aren't BP if they want to they can call up didn't speak says. Perry getting a lot of crews Orr Kathy Boyle Kathleen water boil works the TBA regional office in Providence and Terry king about quirks. The director of the office in Providence that the VA hospital. They can call them if they have questions. But no they can just show up again that's it starts at 9 o'clock with these formal ceremony starting at ten. And what will be doing at 10 o'clock decide their speakers is also giving out these special Vietnam more commemorative pins. There were commissioned by the DOT. I'm just gave me so we were allowed. Beginning know that in addition to that we have the Providence VA one that gives something special for that every person who came got to. You know participate really support Vietnam veterans and we made a special. The ribbon pin actually dad. And represented Vietnam. For handling the cocaine pain ready and so we will be let it will be giving them such people as well you can and so that we all can show. And narrow way of support from Vietnam veterans the support that they didn't inherit don't they came back home. Fifty years ago. That's great is there website right tenant that there's people's real look at that to any other commissioner Sharon on FaceBook or Twitter. Our FaceBook page. So if anybody goes says FaceBook and look at the province PA ill see. MySpace page bearing it has all the information there. And I'm assuming you aren't the pace of pages of the other. DA. Interview as well attend a national thing NBA is chilling accident that sent Aaron. Providence and Portland as well as doing there and and they're doing it on the austerity itself. Or do were all doing an event in some way shape performance are gonna be a little different different tone. Well I. I think what's unique about crowded as we weren't we shored that we got our Vietnam veteran part two partners with dust and need to prevent their own make it be exactly what they would want to welcome home. He'll look two quick things on number one I think the programs do you do as an outstanding job and you've served much you'll slow road Ireland but a lot of sold piece the Massachusetts. So we give feedback from a lot of our votes to almost awkward sort of slow you have. Second thing I notice it just spoke with a unified slump yet none principal with they'd want to have this sold you government you and large broad up those. I am Margaret. To pummel into your shoes so you choose to do bulls who was sold shall spare them. Yeah. I am I'm trying to think what I know the name that I choose the movies remove civil unfortunately she will not be the only hubby there and I'm not erect not a replacement for half but I'd be happy that they can't do anything with Turkey even thank you think they really want to meet you. Didn't. Arctic now another thing thinks welfare for all of size or anything else that we should noble person and then from Vietnam veterans well. No I didn't I hope they'll come again on the if they need kids that Tibetan autonomous car for the Providence VA its fourth 01. He's 737100. Extension. 2573. Or he need to call the BBA regional office speech Kathleen with the numbers fourth 01 QG three. Three big hero to and I encourage everybody to come. And attend we will have we've heard of it what you valet parking so that they ensure that they get. Parking lot and no more really looking forward to having absolutely fabulous event and we want to welcome everybody to come and we look forward to seeing everyone next. All right thank you so much Heather it's held over from the director's office at the Providence VA medical center. So a lot of what do you guys think about that I wore an old you served in the in the Vietnam War. You know foam from well I seem to hear maybe in Afghanistan bachelor we were taken better Tim mobile better care of only returned home. And so Heidi how you feel when you see that the VA's. Nationwide is gonna be I have an open houses in the ceremonies are for Vietnam veterans. What is it is outstanding that they do in this I think there were there was there you. Rejection of the veterans against the PA when we first came home. To almost mirror the rejection that the veterans art. By the general populace when we first came home. I think those barriers are coming down now. More more veterans so Vietnam will become. Enrollees in the VA healthcare system which I know John just did mention two ahead of that the what structure of the Providence VA. Facilities very very good our parent a lot of feedback from other veterans who are no who've gone there and to convert part of our province. We're fortunate up here in Boston to have. Both fly to right complain are far from being worse for our spree and veteran. Working with the possible scenario area we have the best medical facilities are in the world. And there's medical facilities in the Syria feed off and contribute to the VA's here so we're blessed with. Health care that we have. I know other parts of the country or their health care is not up to where the standards that they should be. Up for the prominence is really code of conduct their facilities on trucks phone evidence what's. Pretty close cut to 95 to get there aren't on the other patriot veterans from Rhode Rhode Island. Actual overt eastern Connecticut bombed an indicator and announcer insults these masks and that they've got clinics and New Bedford in Hyannis to a they oversee. Soldiers at a facility in Mike. Another side you know they did they do of the valet parking and saw that today has a dozen nice a nice little benefit that they have. Tempo up get out front door into the Priscilla no some guys were packing can be difficult period and darkened is typical for all hospitals in the via external. Different anything else. Yeah and it's a busy hustle down in Providence in the partnered with brown university and you know it's seven fours and and then to individual whole lot of treatment of veterans. You know with the facility. I know Massachusetts. Vietnam veterans day is march 29 which is a week from. What's on the Tuesday that they brought from his BA scoring error. Event found or nationwide drive Vietnam veterans day varies throughout the country so what order might also be march trying to. Depp film you know how do you think. The Vietnam veterans of feel about us I mean. It took awhile first from the get the recognition. You know listen to too little too later is that there's just something that that they truly do appreciate at this point. I think now there's there are grudging appreciation for no apparent charm I put on the parade back in October are from the West Roxbury VA. And some of the participants. In that parade through Vietnam veterans. Have not taken part in any. And event like that. In those forty years since the Vietnam War ended. They came and joined in with this and having. The reception was just very very great and appreciated by the Europeans have records. My thing has always been that Vietnam veterans sport appreciate. Until the parsed shoes and I ran and were released. Compare when Reagan became was sworn in as president. That there are so this is great they are sisters are being released and it was great that they were being released. But people then begin to reflect fair concern you know we never really appreciate the sacrifices made by the Vietnam veterans and mistreatment of the veterans when we came home from Vietnam. And people's consciousness became. Heightened at that time. And since then. We have been much more appreciate. That since I've never actually heard very it makes a lot of sense some. Com global before my time to time it goes Reagan subtle pulled up the military. You know and then went in the Cold War so maybe you know that whole. Dynamic kind of kind of sort of took too soon. To bring their appreciation back. Well I noticed you know from Vietnam veterans is this because of their work. You know and I've seen a stickers I'm sure you guys have put their. They said. Never again America should veterans not be thanked and treated well and on because of the Vietnam motions I think the Afghanistan or expressions like myself for. We're treated so well you know because I think there's been no questions were were a little let down by some of the veterans of foreign and that and stick up Foreman I think they're selling stock up for us. Genesis of that story are there really respect is shown to the Iraq Afghanistan veterans it's so well deserved. I. One of the things that everybody all veterans benefit from now is the recognition of PT EST you know being a problem when veterans come home from war. And anymore that they ran they've lost part of this whole and they come home. And that recognition just wasn't I given until Vietnam veterans are kept pushing pushing say there's a problem here. And the same with the Agent Orange and other. I was going for him state college and was a small preference group parent. We're saying that there's a problem with those chemicals that they were using the Vietnam thing. Asian arms there was an agent ring patiently and other colors but variation around became mere. Keystone of the research is being done. But of the government and and the camera sort of from Dow Chemical itself most complete denial that. There are any problems being Carson there's. And the victories and had to really push hard for that recognition to arm. There and scientific research come through they're trying to they had to admit that you're so OK there's a problem. That's amount oh win veterans voiced their concerns about what has gone on. In the war zone. Their voices and listen to a now. Yeah well I think the other thing and the courage and if I'm wrong you guys vote on. I think put Iraq and Afghanistan. We saw so much of counterinsurgency. In guerrilla tactics. You know one and I'll warn you brought up post traumatic stress and you know how that makes war fighting different wind. The enemy is hiding within the civilian population when they're using women and children is you know has barriers and things like that. I'll I get the feeling that. And I I think we have a long way can't go as a society took to realize what counterinsurgency is and you know we're seeing the terrorism and to throughout Europe right now. I I I think because of the connoisseurs who that we see in Iraq and Afghanistan and actually made us think about what you guys are Vietnam I think a lot a lot of book. Narrative on Vietnam was that yours is fighting fighting Charlie in North Korean news. And there was a conventional war. But you just had a conventional war and unconventional war the same exact time when all approve each arsenal's very very I don't. So it allied. Kind of developing opinion in my but I think. You know RC doesn't have ideas of what we did but. It's it's become more mainstream for people realize that there are suicide bombers and and roadside bombs and and things of that nature. In and similar but you know a lot of the tactics of Taliban and al-Qaeda took reps from from Vietnam. What noted. New Year's bear watching now programs like sixty minutes they would focus on the school so the terrorist. Over in the Middle East and and they were showing garner kicks 67 years old. I've been indoctrinated in the site hero for the sacrificing yourself for the ridiculously. And basically schools are in place well that was ten years ago so. Ten or fifteen years ago so now these two little boys and girls that we're going to school for. Now ten or fifteen years and that is just part of their culture we have our culture we have our we've stood we strongly believe it. Well unfortunately this suicide bombing there's some part of this. Terrorists culture it's just in dark fraternity and so by the time and it's funny. They're just becomes. Apartment there. Lifestyle that yes I will circle for Microsoft. For the greeting current and you know they'll post where we saw it done in Brussels. With the terrorist attack prepared to sweep. My and so it I'm a writer was read some books on Vietnam iris had the success. Perception out there you know scuttle Forrest Gump response perception out it was more of a conventional. Warfare enemies and dom. I was reading books about how they're they were Reagan. Landing zones and in and all that sort of stall phone. You know would would land mines and you walk into those go to rice paddies and and getting Natalie you know that one nice pop part to stop then. And our eyes are if I feel it to. Does the public in general missiles understand. The counterinsurgency and indeed to guerrilla tactics. You know our soldiers and our our veterans is certainly from there was a. But. On up when we had all military quick break he'll listen to sound off from the U. Welcome back. Who sees the world according to John Henry segment. Would discuss conferencing services for veterans and their freedom slump. Today you wanna take them when mood true to discuss slot. Medical benefits that are available on blue moon provisions of Massachusetts. General was trumped the 115. Put com wolf tells a program to help pulled out some premier road for him wince if you're in so new global financial difficulty. This is particularly good football swarmed fix then come sober which can help. Veterans slow spot Olson safari for expulsion so veterans. To obtain medical benefits but typically we can hope boom. Would do were. I hope the insurance premiums. Toward prescriptions. Coal payments to dorktones. Health insurance so. And myriad of different benefits. And if you are unemployed and move up work removes sort of William and you wanted to put some medical needs whose sore and we some hope that would be your drool bowl we're. I would see just what you go to Europe. Local suited your home call and call on terror of the veterans service offers sober up. That is the word according to John talked to next week. Welcome back to sound off from Kyle total alongside John ago Dover in Warren Griffin. If you wanna reach out to the show please let us know we'll learn. The email sound off from the viewer bill that you Miller com and on FaceBook and Twitter sound off and W our tail. So that's where switch gears a little bit deserted segment about Vietnam and some of the things that the views to America as you know veterans. Wanna switch gears talk about such an employment over. On the on the line we have brought art from a recruit military and they have. They six fair so let's state and have a couple times a year big big veteran hiring share. The next few times you know it's pretty good excuse to us in the field. Home the patriots and you know I guess the revolution to Obama pollute more concerned with the patient perspective. But so we have we have rob on the line rod welcome to the show. You very much help he's more street. Morn solo. What were when you when you as the windows this. Employment there. Yeah so that's what I gonna be going April 7 so that we'll be BS seventeenth event that we tell the Gillette Stadium and it's definitely got exponentially growing for us so. It got April 7 from 11 o'clock at 3 o'clock in open to anyone who served any battery city current service members transitioning and also lock the doors are open to our prisons. Well not a credible what what sort of employers are there all by live look at how people on the spot what what what could eventually expect. Yeah so so there are a lot of employers are going to be tiring on the spot with dust would recruit military we. We. We refer to aren't that opportunity exposing but it just the typical career fairs so literally thought pattern of looking to start their own business or opportunities to do that. There's opportunity to work with small local companies are up opportunity to work with fortune 200 to continue their education and it happened to resource is such that BAA. Vocal rehab programs other he ought for an oral type programs are literally a little bit everything for every one. It's great so you know sometimes you see a lot of like you call or just all. You know not police and law enforcement I chose is so we expect all sort of blue collar and white collar jobs. Oh absolutely it's. Blake that a little bit everything for everyone I mean we have companies are hiring entry level hands on type position and we also have those are looking for hiring executives. They know the different intangibles skill sets and what not to come from folks did that separate from the military and are looking to cap and the those leadership qualities and he. You know that the that this skill sets saying hey didn't he soft skills that better in certain what do you all want to bring to the table. That's great all you have to have you guys seen you know what he said it was the seventeenth time going to be up to that sort of brought the Massachusetts. Yet this you lead seventeen to baton has definitely been growing more moral force we're expecting about post 200 exhibitors for this event coming up here a couple weeks. Aside consume Mario won it in the past sixteen times as their man of don't know a lot of opportunities for veterans and in. Have you heard some some good good stories eruptions have been hired Bo because of the cement. Yep but this event specifically so were averaging a little over a 120 high airs per bag and so decisions we're we're doing serving one not only employers is what was the bet that attend. I after the fact that the smoke clears and finding out how many did win didn't win and opportunities. Also how many Hamid. Opening bit that these employers tend to fill from from the position and so the other thing we're doing onsite at taking it step past the typical career fair at its. Had like you know awkward. Middle school dance scenario almost what you did okay and employers on opposite sides of the table and I have an awkward setup there. Or we knew we are actually working on site is matchmaker so we'll bet walks to the door and have a background in. HR IP security were making sure that they meet with the right folks that day on top of that we're sitting down with the employers. Finding out what they're looking to fill what they're hoping walks in the door and then making you don't know what connections throughout the effects soldier it's really exciting targeted to take that opportunity to a network with other veterans ourselves. And into our nature that were changed in many lives as possible that one day. That's great song should Russians are showing up to this Lou what suits on whether if withdraws amazing Carl letters are. How should how should a voucher approach they won't. Yet the Soviet employers we we do great job on educating them pain in showing them why veterans are are the best. To help pull out there to fish farms so what we recommend doing it. If you go to recruit military dot com forward slash Boston. It's going to give you a list of all the exhibitors that are there are so you're applying for Java me dressed to impress or that it's going to be very competitive as you know you know military post while competing against each other or more and it's kind of the same setting where you gear tried to dress to impress or recommend wearing two. Bring about forty copies of your resume on top of that this year checking out the exhibitors that are big that are are registered to be at the event. Do your research can't find a different position that. Bit they're match what you're trying to do career wise also I recommend focusing on each. Finding out you know who. Getting into a career path that you want to expand on not just finding a job that you're gonna be happy and for three months contain the bill and then you're up to something else finds something didn't bid is really the cap you wanna walk down a noble noble do all we can on our side to help you. Can connect the dots we do shall the event. Oh German Gilbert a one I don't know who also tuna on the commercials have sold we have old student in November the seventeenth time he'd done it what a quarter of four dorm that. But I was wondering do you want to know everything in between the fears that we would chew over. And futile to look career counseling would throw drones or help them pro for rim to view slings Leclerc. We still go up one of the things I do I'm I'm the only member of Duluth recruit military stately get here in the local area. So what I do is we do a lot of awkward boot camps and things like that I know that the the one stop career centers are putting more monsoon to lobby conducting a class there on how to effectively work career fair. Also have a lot of local partners to work with the EH ER a lot of for a weekend so any opportunity that I have to get in front of that's been. You'll hopefully be resource and how many more were more than happy to do so for this event I mean it isn't often a ban a word here twice a year. Excellent meeting we typically do one and September in one in April but in between there were doing all we can't. Got to make that local impacts. On top of that we had become career safe it's the largest most effective military career page out there on the net rate now so at ease any. And he veterans or spouses or those transition and they're looking for clear days you don't maybe they missed the event. Or don't wanna wait until the next 1 September we have about 300000 jobs that are specifically for bats aren't recruit military dot com. All of our services are 100% free to anyone who has served as well they're they're husbands and wives. So no it's just walk Aung literally create a profile and in their captain to that employment portal immediately. Although American don't tilts the Eritrean rebels in droves for road cuts let's reason. Get him we work with about we've had yet to keep working what about companies nationwide so whether they're looking for small vocal position and work with a another small business order you know getting to fortune 200 powerhouse look at literally everyone. That's us and Warren Griffin here rod thank you so much for coming on America. The latest no but this event. It is a former retired middle school teacher our industry and your analogy to the have to dance programs. Don't have. What we have found with the Marine Corps leaves them with the Marines have from a program called marine for life. And we work closely with the Marine Corps itself. And we found now that we're used to be going to be starting an executive. Detachment. Because some of the officers who are going to be transition now. Now don't know what to do points they've completed their military times service and would target vote term colonels and generals. They've they've done a great job in the military. But now they're about 45. And their life isn't over and they wanna make this treacherous in transition into the public sector. Other private sector. And we're trying to set up a program passed so they would their skills from. Made available to the I guess your fortune 200 companies so I'm glad to see that you are looking for. Transition. Of all levels of military. Yes definitely it indexes to one of the one that we do appear in this of 103 events that we do we over the next twelve months so even if they're separating out not necessarily come back to New England. Or they're going anywhere else in the country and our resources are there available for them as well we work with a lot of companies are looking for those that you know hiring deputy executive and field grade officers that are out there as well also. You know literally it's only a few mouse clicks and if you typed words well away from number one in the next our great opportunity when they transition out in in this is also. There are a lot of services out there indicator to to the officers that it's. Specifically a lot of those Jimoh contingency recruitment firms. But without and we literally opened our doorstep every one that they get for years when he enlisted side and got out or 25 years sit on on the top or side got out and everyone in between. Decks are. To listen one thing I have become more aware or from the bars than you were her great Abbas and your resume. Lenovo. You launch a number roomful of veterans of 200 colleges shoes and then to read chilled to bottom toward stumble both these job through this week. Only do so one of the things that I do personally vocal lot a lot of these colleges or work with DS student veterans association agent can't and whatnot but come on talk with the student that's very you know. In the campuses specifically because a lot of them are attending school first time there are full time in in utilizing a GI bill and their benefits to do so. But they're looking only connect her afterwards so what what what are usually target with Dennis finding we work a lot of great companies are looking for. Peter evening sir that you don't wait makeshift type worker second shift work. Where they can gain that. Hands on experience and a field Wallace still going to school and then transition and that that schooling in that. And their hands on experience into their core papadore looking to do so. We were a lot of employers are targeting he spoke specifically because. They need great people working in those different ships are the regular nine to five since. As that mean myself being a fourteen year marine I mean there's been some sort of different ships but I've worked and I I've been more than happy to work them so. And you know that vets before any company looking for a good workers. The veteran population especially the I Iraq Afghanistan veterans of today. Yard picking the cream of the crop to our common work for you. The experienced impaired for the military is outstanding but before without getting into the military now is so selective that it the people were eligible to join the military today. Is a very small percentage tree taken the cream of the crop of the younger generation. Then you are trained them within the military. I've been there I transition out so what you have this just in outstanding candidate for any kind Charles it's coming out of these. People basically have already been vetted in life. That you're getting the cream of the crop. Not I agree 100% on that India the thing is with these folks they you know we we don't have a draft turn it it's not. In ball Terry military service future or spoke to step up to the plate especially in a wartime environment when a lot of other folks were were afraid to do so. They're gonna gonna still have that thing mentality and it's not have to have grown their personal traits. Inner harmony in the military or whatever pressure they Serb and so. A lot of employers who work with our just things simple things like I think he's somebody to show to work on time but tough as veterans we. That that's the simple concept slopes and we're talking marks UA air you know we're we're going to be there and we need to be tightened that seems to be. So those common courtesies and what not to work in the workplace years and years ago or are still very prevalent in the military but not so much without general society from what we've we've noticed public employers as well what we've seen first hand. And he you know here and in a time out and recruit military. Sure transport point. Well rob what should if there's an employer listening right now or someone our expert services. Then and they wanna didn't tapped into this what what are they need to do is just a touch them again at the fair. You know how can make happen to salute the blue that you lose. Great question we we we still have space available like you give all the heat till spore are acting out. If you wanna contact me directly you know we have two different Promos keep things that are going on right now for the Expos specifically. Also do believe that they're listening well I have a complete open door policy and always would help out another bet you do all like today you know how to make an X. Connects career transition there and help them anyway that I can and so if anyone wants to get all the meat specifically I can be reached via email idiots are aren't just. It's. R&D. TV. Recruit military has dot com. Or can be reached via phone at 6178418000. In what has that they wanted to eat till water just see which. Which exhibitors and whatnot are actually out there or defense or even the companies that they wanna see if their competitors were you know any of there. You know partner companies are out there as well they can just go to recruit military dot com forward slash off and to get albeit. To get all the details on the event. That is Greer of as everything else that the situation noble. No literally mean that the doors are open have specifically yet certain doors are opening our chart at 11 o'clock we'll do kick off speech and everything in the word there till 3 o'clock but that's there's still exhibitors there it still. Candidates walking around and we're not going to be one to stand in the way of that so I would recommend registry beforehand also. I'm there's a lot of changes out there in the unemployment rate now treating your PCP in the Department of Labor didn't have anyone who's a contractor or a certain eight government contractor needs to apply online. So I would recommend thinking that every company out there is if they government contractor just being in that mindset. And applying for the job someone a pre up that confirmation page that we were in the that's sure what they can have a meaningful conversation with a recruiter rather than just being deflected to web site because that is what it's going to happen a lot of decent time because of the way that employment law is now. But they can sidestep this by applying online doing your due diligence in. And in doing their homework in the recall before they actually shot pretty bad sore highly encourage everyone to register beforehand and yeah and you know set themselves up for success. That that's great piece of advice rove really appreciate. Everything that they are Jon and you just upload that date and you know obviously the locations of torque stadium but this upon implode right. Correct its rate beyond doubt Toby Keith and everything merit without teacher plays. Free parking. Shortly exit doors open up the middle middle up caught sharper fall the the veterans coming through all be there are excited about 7 o'clock in the morning just make sure all the bidders are set up and and talk with the employers and finding out what they're going to be looking for that date that we VG you'll make it very successful for everyone as possible. Gloria and that's Thursday. April 7 coming up on. So lots you know thank you so much rougher for being on the show owner cannot vote on speaker military's don't want you to get our first child abductions jobs and higher. Not my my great pleasure gentlemen of tiger ever beer resource to you don't please I think ignition how valuable my contact info into. You know worn as charms her talk with people are. Great erotic pleasure guys with simple fired several part wrote amplified Democrat critic I think she's so. So you know to John Warren Moon. You know bit based off for you guys do for fuse and run until our veterans looking for employment. You know what will we see out there. Well you don't. I always find people wore what control employment you know when you put a lot of times when people come soon and either real William. Tough situation sooner or lose lose some veterans oil for children won't come for help financially. Trying to keep their homes through some national water of that. Is predicated upon them covered country of soul. You are are you into one common ground. Don't and I'm deferred time there was Dutch arm porno was hired guns and fruit loops moment unemployment rates of over there Russell the society. We're kind of changed a little bit there's been a lot of programs important to them you Warren meter could pull into both how one trillion it's want to draft the spoon. For him people wanna look good being recruited him they have to pass of the bet a better review bricks Williams together and I mean you'll have to be eat. An educator of the individual poster from the military today in them once they get someone would good and controlling them open. They demonstrated to support them do owe them issued to the member countries should be coma. Fareed portable. Tool for any company. I like rob said. 9% of success is showing up to new. And is a lot of very. Feeling today is well I'll work Monday to submit to imitate Wednesday. Or right commanded our eighty Parker says some thirty were supposed to Kindle store and but if two people book coming out of the military that's not their Richmond if they're supposed to be there at 730. Bill metre core I seven. They will show up all fired gays are all six days whatever. Our way through the employment has hired in you do have this real cream of the crop could. First it's been allowed to join the military. Because there's a number of people who weren't wood and tried to join the military power and you don't measure are when they don't measure up certain charm thanks for trying but. You don't make reference cheats these and so these veterans that are Cabrera today. I just outstanding individuals that they are any company would be fortunate to be able to our. Warren rebuke of sway their whole mood in Foxboro because fuel bill would chuck slowed can all learn what my book she wants Joba do you go to beautiful garden party for him and the reason for the success that they've had over the yes. But I don't five minutes I'm a few times and that data below fold like over 500 veterans don't just and it's it's it's amazing mention job throwing care. Home but he only retired mobile folks on the other veterans. The deterrent to book tens of if not hundreds of thousands dollars and both the department offense put some to train our soldiers and nominee people conservative voters think about what basic training is like. You know Romney people gone away from nine to twelve week you don't job training seminar if you could call it. But I'll be all right I talked a plan of action thing you know. On this say that if there infantry yourself and Alcoa that doesn't translate to lots of civilian sector analysts here in all I was a sharpshooter. But I you know I yachts hopeful matter to us for employees and and other people's but yet you you've. You've done small unit training or large unit training you've been in charge of vocal tone. Italian cop whoever you you've been responsible for how many tens or hundreds of thousands those with the equipment and and completely accountable for it. And all sort of things are completely transferable for the civilians election but just ecological apple don't put too into the other sometimes. What the military puts it trusts in all of its military personnel and or if you served with the equipment. With are trained in discipline both large numbers of people. And so when they transition and other military. They have those ghost of the big commercial for work you can trust them and are going to be. Putting all your equipment disrepair so any company that has speed but again it perhaps an entry level position. I feel foreign if these people will accept the entry level position. And then move up very quickly throw your systems and there's a friend of mine that stars have big chart with Hewlett-Packard's New Hampshire. His son graduated from Providence college and went into the military. He's with the tenth mountain division right now but he says some of the people that. Hewlett-Packard. So at all how's our works just from doing so it's always in the army music capital of mountains. Or bush to vet. And that reaction just is a disgrace that are sick. Well that's the salute was beyond you feel silly pass in the Marines who have limited which you hire any of the other people who always working with the sit in a heartbeat said these people so well trained to secure Packwood benefit. Enormously by having them in this. Complete a 101 opened Sloan carrion Warren that our new control while backwards through. You have to beautiful would translate military jargon in two civilians speed sold blueprint concede. Good Peter Russo relationship. Between more to do in the military to what do good and suppose you want to slow car also drew William bud. Part of it was translating that language soul someone whispered come on Putin's church aware of what can walk out of concern you always see what. But Iraqi program style available to our computer program was available to make cut down low in transition for a year of people coming up towards. Don't hustle and because we are up and up sort of social tonight. Are you kidding me you can measure your. Shoes you know let's switch on stories or Q don't worry if are able you know thanks for earlier worked on you know Warren thanks for permanent felon and really really good show I was appreciative and yeah I you know outside it's only been on our Marines fallen you know. We have to remember what we were quote the few pro let's stroke. I don't say if I have to act fact. As always all of us here at WRKO am six city would like to say to those of you listening who are veterans as well as fellow members. Thank you for your service to our great country. OK also on you to listen to sound off from the viewer KOA am sixty.