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Mar 27, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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Coming up today. On this special Easter Sunday edition of wicked bites radio. With pat would they were taking your phone calls. Where you're going out for Easter Sunday and who knows. Maybe you could win a whole case of Harvey bay gourmet coffee. Delivered directly to your home splicing the weekend up. You're listening to awaken by its radio the only place that lets you beat of food critic Sunday's tentative on WRK elbow boys of Boston. This is which invites on the radio everybody hears God's ears Michael are you he darted just want to make sure I'm here. CN sealing it. There's taxation is anything of them dressed in black to. Right we welcome you this is that would invites on the radio and dad of course as we get right to mess and television and I have. A restaurant might go free you. I don't know exactly how to explain this restaurant. But I'm gonna try my best. Very small place. It's not. In the best of neighborhoods. OK and I'd say that it went about getting an echo you just have loads of truth about him. But. It is one of the better places you'll find anyplace anytime anywhere so what I'd love for you to do. Is to be on the adventurous side and try. This place it's in rocked it's called JJ's cafe. Look at nab a chef of this Russia used to be the executive shipment that is a Ritz Carlton. Right. In his son he and his son. Are only run the restaurant exactly Schiff is JJ Fernandez. Is that general managers Nelson Fernandez so it's a family affair right. Here's something right act when it picked up the menu I said Mike will love this. Was well there eggs Benedict is it to post X Canadian bacon crispy English muffin grain mustard cream. 850 is the price okay and it Hume it's humongous and here's the one I had field McKay. It's a hangover Benedict. OK now I how's that different it's sirloin steak. And and so we'll open it for Benedict sirloin steak. So today's Spanish or roasted red peppers three post date red line that divot delays and shabbat a role. Then there are that would be good when we aren't. We don't look overly impressed I thought that I went out what all laid out of Brockton this search his place at for Mike and he's not impressed. Will you show me a menu not the actual meal you know what impressed me bring a mile you're brought the built on regular and ice cold pies under with Michael it's. I'm up to answer that it. They have video that's a little green my cousin my visit this they would debts is that it it crab lobster peppers onions to poached eggs whole grain mustard cream. For twelve books they also says they are from the Caribbean. And the Caribbean whichever you prefer the Cuba well. Which is one of my favorite sandwiches incidentally. Maple honey ham. Roasted pork sliced pickles pro alone yellow mustard. House made mode show. Them that I think it's a mode just vote July 5. House made emotional yes it's made Mo Jo I like that. I have let my own mode and since it is. In Brockton the city of champions. They have a champion burger Angus beef Christ Iranians bacon cheddar chipotle Mayo and embryos bun. This C 101 other thing here oh couple things the hour labor. Angus beef caramelized onions mushrooms some bacon fried egg as American cheese in embryos bunt and finally JJ's big mouth of burger. Deal. How home. The veal. And Angus beef. Grilled. Yuriko. Over on pronouncing that ranked American cheddar and both said make onion jam and embryos well. But that bum a button that. I place code JJ is cafe. It did to Tim north main street in Brockton. If you get an opportunity. Going to try to is that that ecology executive shift they go to Boston for years and now as burgers or we're smelly thing insanity but it is his own sandwiches and I. And I understand you go and there's many times the evening it's really crowded. They at a place like that up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In that if they executive chef opened up his own shop and just to be specially sandwiches in it. The only problem was you know at ports of New Hampshire where that is State Street toward street. You know everywhere everybody kind of funnels on there he was just off of that and when I don't know that it's you know you just. Aren't accurate remember the name of the posted something. No I don't have to pay something the disease at. But but it got a lot of great great calls on the show a lot of great emails that we did see an unfortunate they're not around anymore. And every but it went in really enjoyed those for us to sandwiches. Similarly at Forrester I guess is heaviest we're going to be giving away today is the common man. These gives it to Vegas our earth and good for all of their restaurants. Yes all of their restaurants there in and spot and I think they just open up something else I that you just set me something last night and looked at it. The common man is okay well one of New Hampshire whether restaurants go log those misses an Italian restaurant up and make one of the sake. Did very and they may nano how tender and then everything but. The common man open up in 1971 and I think it was and actually was the first one. That was a very personal matter fact I'm going to be a judge it's their fault at this spring where are you back to spring now. Competition their Iron Chef competition that's coming up at the end of April we were supposed O Leo oh yes that's what we were supposed to say yesterday yes and I are doing the judge in the next and that's that's coming up we needed those fancy Shymanski pleasures to state what your opinion absolutely gorgeous it's the Plymouth location and which you know Easter is is here and I always tell the story Easter is everybody's looking for restaurants for Easter. Or that French restaurant believe it or not they're not open anymore. They want us to advertise their Easter special. And there Easter special. Was rapid. Simply you have moving at a miss assess their effort there are no longer open. Heck that Emily Miller and perfect fix that could spiral lately. I have places does that actually. That's kind of funny yet pass and theft or we call a constant effort Udoka rabbit they call it rather yet. Anyway. We're giving away a lot of guests giving us today because we know of course it's at Easter and Delhi though we treat a lot of you people we have. Guess it's hideous to de Janeiro is owner Jerry is quite sure yours are not touch those places near Lindsay about Marriott Boston Burlington a fifty dollar gift certificate. This is a fancy Shymanski place okay. A fifty analogous to leave for steaks chops seafood American bar and grow. There are only problem I have with chops in metro to and Mary. They make this burger. And a guy that I wasn't able to strike is Mikey the whole thing I did make a burqa like that around me you know expect me the whole thing is gone UH oh they are not even like hey would you like to try the specialty burger that they make. No was gone. Now discard the I'm like it but that's I had a suburb with a revised steak yeah exactly it is tough tough tough life there with a revised started talking about is that is that shoot it they had recently. It's an added if it's been shown on TV at that and it on their success it has been really good actually see it on our YouTube channel. Some money you've just chilled it's called chops. Chops American bar and grill you know we also biggest giving you here to get away to Mount Vernon restaurant pub. In Somerville at fourteen Broadway the home of the twin lobsters. Now Brad Henry. And today your nice guy had analyzed together about a month or so ago I find that they're gonna rip. They they start there likes what is it the eightieth senate version that he's your business there and everybody knows that location is driving it around for a loss and you can't miss it. Today on the show. My karma let you do the superlative here the OK we're gonna giveaway to gift certificates to trim as so. Which is located in Wilmington citizen moment on I think it's too too little. In the future for him and yet to Lowell street Wilmington that helps route. It's ever won 29 off of Adidas and have a Michael my. Michael answers guy couldn't get through it and 29 offer route 93. It's this it's it's literally right it's like rate in the middle if you come from one direction its rate of 93 if we come from another its radar for 128 and so it's it's really it's. They're great location. It's a beautiful restaurant you really wide open lots and lots a white the bar was really cool. And James the of the of the head chef phenomenal cook and in. Capsule is phenomenal cook make some amazing amazing Italian food and he would he made when he when he made when I was there it was. It was or wasn't like. Not a tortellini but. A ravioli ravioli Teva dish and with was some really delicious sauces and Lee helped help to make aid. Dessert pizza there was a deserter brunch pizza with a bunch of it for me and chocolate and all I didn't fund stuff on it but. Really really great place it's it's definitely. They've liberals for what a few months maybe eight to two months yet that so so definitely definitely see this place on Wilmington these guys are newbies. No no James is bend it around the block a few times yeah restaurant but deals. Deputy was the guiding light of paparazzi. David Luiz. A lot of other restaurants in in Boston and this is this is one he own seat these co owner of he's an older shows yeah and if you get an opportunity for goodness sakes that's what that we seek out and let us at. It's got a great location because what you're coming off of 93 or from 128 it's. Almost like two miles off of each one race in the middle be a great place you take your family for Easter Sunday you know they're going to be doing some special shore. Okay one. Assists a game thanks best guys I was just looking at Marky Mark. FaceBook shopping at this city market. This morning if you undermines him who is when you know popular don't don't know Mark Wahlberg is. By any of inane remark over but it it. I we digress let's talk about something that you enjoy talking about that's going out to eat. If you're wondering where to go. On a day like this tribe that China blossom on route 125 a lot of the restaurants are booked out we're gonna talk about that just a few minutes. We also have numbers of restaurants that do have openings here on Easter Sunday. China blossom wouldn't be aligned with got a big shows that come in at the China blasts him when is there joy of. It says he's coming up on the seventeenth of April and now is just Jolie voices we have debris so who won the Boston comedian festival again so we got. Mega talent and on April 17 a Sunday afternoon and evening mega banks see yes the prime rib on the buff Fay for that show audit committee. Well argued in these folks primary of king crab legs shrimp sushi. Plus. Peking duck or Beijing whichever you prefer. That place are the buffet trays and tables. You can you eat you can't miss this show. China blossom now is on route 125. In North Andover. Do not pass this up you'll never get a deal like this but of a thing. All right. Two out of blossom or 125 and north pandora by Richard and it kind of eat this it's this or telephone costs of its okay with you guys. Here on 680 WRKO Jonathan is calling from southeast and Jonathan. 8 Orlando at good morning news out there aren't very night. Italian pressure on an Randolph often ninety street would discourage our. It is super it's related to via. I can't think of the name all of a sudden they have original restaurant was in the north and a Boston mom something or other foods embarrassing. And it mother and I he had made to and still sell the sauce their. That you can buy when you go to evade their location random. Yes two truck we are out a chance several but had a go at it quickly and by some Barrett err I mean dude but yeah I'd love. Fairly. All hundred it's very hospitable very attempt air. Bingo on their person it's. Probably able to Jewish groups so be big get a credit and they are taking up there. The we. He's very note see. It's here to Egypt good Camry. Well cooked meal and six and a bit. Via I I remember when they pick a cancer when they first open level have first became familiar with a they were so they were in something of a controversy because they did not take credit cards. And and lot of that would deny that because obviously monthly for obvious reasons. But what they brought on later on was an ATM would solve the whole problem with they still don't take credit cards. You're correct you know. You know and we are bitter is probably a cut costs that are bloody huge credit card data that's not now. Yeah are now and we look at where is this guy in Randolph again. Are twenty probably about a mile off or not he street the epic its. All right thank you very much let's go next to Walter of Andover he won't there. I don't know what I'm doing good. I would like to recommend the horseshoe restaurant in North Reading mass. They have been excellent menu. Such stakes situation. They got the dining room. Apple lounge area. Excellent mark Cheney's book believer now one of our favorites the shame we like this failed pulled pork not Cilic that are excellent. I got that now that's at the horseshoe cafe that's our route 28 in north through Redding. And that apparently was on TV series there recently met affect you like when's the next NASA TV show. We your on. Eye tomorrow tomorrow at 2 PM there aren't kept and then I just got the scheduled for April 'cause baseball season's schedule. Will be on always Saturday morning at 930 that's when we're always on NASA NASA gave me aren't DVR it and then they re broadcast the show on net. Tuesdays. In April. At 2 PM the Red Sox require a lot of Mondays but it's going to be okay now I Tomei should kind of preempt the Red Sox were honest adding they go. We do have tried I tried years I tried. Now one of the things that or at least take a break and like the seventh inning despite the show. What do they do it like for people do today if you look owner restaurant and if you if you have openings give us call 21 happy to put enough. At 21 triple 84346464. That's one triple 842. Dining. Back to the cause we go lease lol is next NW RKO. Six AD AM and double the guy FM 93 point seven hasty to. I I there you're on the air. Our eye on the ballot upper right now where it got a marrow. 85. And what oil yeah I believe the bulk pop over all its imagine. They have Bob like got water ball and doc about copper bridge. I doubt. It around for years and years my grandfather used to go. Years ago. And they have an Easter dinner special. And all our. But lesion like just one last Sunday I had a huge salad and I asked urged them and make grilled huge chunks of salmon importer and on top that was unbelievable all. And that it was crowded the usual. I always yeah always. And Bristow Brando and a lull for a dull at lose. That used to be around for ages and Lauren. And now they just opened up on main street. And all bound county and they have like incredible French Fries and you know since. It is yeah its booted from incredible. Now is not a fast food place over two restaurant. Yes restaurant and got. Bristol and lol on main street thank you very much Lee CEO of one racetrack yesterday it was entity in the mail. Bill of Bedford New Hampshire is next say bill. And it. Pat how are you a good thank you Syria and I would I think gradually through pretty broad use radio so would that I'm going. Yeah you. I ever remember warrants are marrow and sort out is. You know you I had him in a car seats at at that. Other personnel other city you mentioned two businesses. You were just we have torture I was gonna say Roy attending a service for from the mine's mother. Brush up on the way back if that information. That there are too early but the general was kind enough to give me an auto that I could they call one million. And they did it was just great in fact they get so much what oral evidence or lunch. And yet operation which will man that ought to. We used to do fund raisers in the Merrimack Valley area and it was so kind to us. Why must we Apple's recent group who best. I grew up in beautiful downtown Lawrence now who have opened that the New Hampshire. Well the rest throws that are commented that is is the pac grew up in Manchester. I don't know cook you know have been their buttons and so there's a it's just a great place and there's accommodation for people who have big families. Small parties. And that special food group that. This thing into bishop there's a chicken tenders what are special sauce and well. He grew up there you won't be disappointed operated just the great organizational. No matter of fact if you walk into the backroom up and mentions that reminds me of the old cedar crest and are actually out of that well yeah answered that. Yeah and that's what everybody whether it's much bigger than this your question was he's. Did you do in Japan it's right up 93. Because 93 they. 99. As well you know Obama wrote that it's right it's really easily get joke and I and I'm sure you're injured Perot. The background in Manchester, New Hampshire I appreciate it. I'm sorry that purity who used to used to be and I know I know that then okay and I know where that is certainly thanks bill. You could get serious dude Jill of Abington is next. Which I are now I see it yes it is Jim thank you. Are you know I'm doing absolutely fantastic. There's a place to go true garlic salt shore but scallop bed got to be absolutely fantastic the the prices are very very reasonable. I don't think did you pay more than. 22 dollars chops. But they're tropical top of the line meal it is fantastic. The food is just cook so well that break this fantastic. They get it I think they're related to mother and is down in the nor bad. All you absolutely that was. That was on the first restaurants in the North End and dead that's the and it's the same family. Yup and you know you just can't go wrong and our restaurant believe it. And I highly recommend that the only thing there's. Do you know what they do not take credit cards there. So you know its cash they do have an ATM machine that's in the restaurant did you take convert if you wish OK but again. It's cash shortly but I again like I highly recommend that. Man am in the scholarly get a lot of mention we have started to show no. My numbers one triple 84346464. We go to Salem Massachusetts down talent Kim take him I you do one. Very good thank you share. They're not like to recommend not Brothers grew 01 destroyers by actress have a great breakfast. NN. It's up to critiques so this week yep but if they do have a lot OM and that is just about out of this world that's very good. Well what a shot at Greek restaurant with a land and it's. A. All we can't get out you know what fairly well we do is we all get together we have a big family and what its newest. We get a hole every rose that. And it's just so the next best thing is rather which is eight as far as they'll land and our. And their practices are really good. Yeah I've been there I've been there for lunch in there always crowd in them so that's always good time. I don't know if you're on tour order at all what you are great guys and so you touched about what restaurant in. Eight out. It is oh I analyst northbound on rule one. Is that the but he's got there I am not really sure. Danica. Yeah yeah OK so you can't you can't miss it listen. I feel like such a nice guy they're gonna give you get stiffing it to the 401 tavern if that's okay we view which is located Hampton New Hampshire right on. Route one and this is the first place that I ever had a gourmet hamburger. And Deanna and I've never spent fourteen dollars for arming Hamburg I had one. So what are we gotta get civic Kevin and they'll for a camp thank you. Pearl street stations. Is that it's 53 summer street Mona and it's kind of confusing to some people because copper street station edits and Summers there. To be able find it as a I don't know hours it is that at. Is that Motorola might GPS. At a product this fall that's what it is that I see are good for now on we haven't talked events on time and I would that suggest that you would have to be short ribs. But only short ribs and parents. Onions red line. And herbs and 84. Or rich browns stocks over or served over mashed potatoes. Warm and comforting. For any kind that I would have earned Nazis cold night 1675. This price. Telephone lines are open if your restaurant owner few have. In the open chairs today no chairs should go unsold by the way Scott what do we always remind everybody about nowadays if you have a reservation. And you're not going. Coal. To cancel. Aim it there reason for that is that a lot of people three different restaurant they'll book all theory bird six or 78 people. And then when they get to get a sense of it would to an industry you wanna vote too and the other two left that Nicole they don't mind. That they don't mind if you caught up in cancer they would love you for. That they can put somebody else and that. And please remember it was important. Because they can deal with their families and they just sit there and tables that we have any. I see just bear that in mind if you're not going to these restaurants for a goodness sakes. Make sure that you call. And let them. This program at Brett you by Regina pizzeria Boston's Brad Evans since ninety. Saying. Vause is very avid pizza world famous since 1926. Now on bonuses street infinitely part. Also locations and oh harmony that appointments. Apps are right at foxwoods resort casino. Management in a lot of other places right we'll be back in just few minutes with restaurant owners. And Betty evoke thoughts that one triple 84 victory for 6464. Let us know where there are Easter reservation opening. We did plays and radio and TV capturing the best of new England's food sports and fine. Your tune the wicked fights radio on WRKO. Bill. Voice of Boston. Batting just say this before we get back to the calls here on six AD AM WRK a Scott before going to further. You had this big pizza advance last week and I use the animal attracted to. No just only in myself now let's get deadly who is it's written and great person we all lovely. How many. Pizzas to teacher she had a trying to. 46 slices. Already six slices of pizza that would tell you why she's Trent does this tell you Ina and why did she trapped so many slices of pizza wasn't because you are now Cyrix. Yeah it's not because she was just over the congress and that wasn't arteries. She and us and carry down food versions. Are looking for new England's best pizza shop and independent it's so often not a change. And 27. Or so restaurants competed embargoes last week and they even brought in a pizza oven. For the event that brought into pizza ovens. And it prepared to Pete is out in front I didn't judge this time. I would judge in the that the final file at that list ATI I I thought we look congress on that are key votes yet I don't the top three now advance. And luckily one of the top three it is aid. Very good friend of dollars. Yeah I hit totally this on the phone they have today and natsios and I've never had pizza at his face have beaten there but it never had treats an endless Janeiro is eatery during my touch you. He came in number one out of all know he made. Eight AES sweet potato pizza yeah. That if I I have to describe it that yellow when you decorate Nikkei those little bags that they squeeze out the the frosting. We've put the sweet potato mix in there and then spun and on the pizza and then flattened it out. It's really good and that it is Sicilian pizza which is. He got frustrated bakery you know yeah it was a baker DSL he did very very well. Along with a that the the number two place was in. Not that far from Weymouth actually we have people all the way up from the dairy New Hampshire that some former island. The number two place was CC's. Now anyway is that their franchise and I know it's not that it's just that it's the independent guy that's been doing it for for many many many years. And they did a great job in third place was peppered Cheney's. In Milford mass of masters Israeli showed up and it very very well. And they Albie compete in those three will go head to head in Gillette. And we will pick new England's best independent its mission that they really interest operas at present about home. Up by carried on up food provisions and I don't know police ever gonna have another slice of pizza for the rest. It's lesser art believe you list and we only do this too because of the McCain at a in that and then as applying she's she's ever come and work again. By the way. My effort mr. grassy Tino act Jamie's grow 63. But I to get to end today if you're looking for a place to have a Easter sending. Agro 63 is located in Braintree. Gross 63 grill at 63 Columbian street. Also Jamie's grow and Pablo route eighteen. At the junction of route 27 and Whitman. Jamie's grow and 360 Janet wrote in say 20 so so we have auto vocations that. Until the notion that meant in this forward on Easter Sunday. Drunken beef short rates. Who formed no opinion sexiest thing. In beef ribs. I shorter bracelet and slow simmered. And again as beer for a while hole with a red list the tattoos celery heirloom parents and it's okay. And then there is back gang has grown meat loaf. There is a little maker that's a great Hamburg that. Can't have more than one per doctor's orders. Got to try. Graeme these and two grammys grandes growth 63 Jamie's groh is located again 63 Columbian street in Braintree by the way. They have sixty they may have 63 different kinds of Beers. 24 craft Beers right here on tat. Nine so you can also go to Jamie uncovered eighteen Jenkins had 27 Lippman and Jane these good and 360 again if road in situated. This go back to the telephones bill has gone from march field hello bill. Good morning how are you today a very good thank you. Happy they're saying you know why did McCain I don't want is one and then in March deal at all AD in I thought I am. Burger place very nice rest Ron Paul probably one I hurt your expert. So but the AO. Am round. It's a great job. And I still better. All right yeah when I know hold on just 12. Edit the phone kind of floated what's the name of the plays again. It checked JD. Coca oh that's easy no I that's life float ideas such users that are good at Keck I can't Katie. Relatively nice now. I blamed the mobile. Anyway if you go and collect it. And he had Bowen. Long standing restaurant in Brady camp outs that's. Arie what got them via its. Every run. Second generation. They're raping at least. I added the pieces of it up and everything is all you know it's so all of our. Nothing is brought it up its air here the app Leone at least I don't want jobs. 138. Rate. Our rule 130 A entering him at. Listen how he would continue to have a and nice and happy Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving and Easter. Thank you might. Want Tripoli for 346464. Is a telephone number. On 6 AM. WR OK oh. Let me say a happy Easter good. A good friend about his name is Andy but they did best get back from. Italy and back from Peru is a world traveler how are you this morning and happy Easter to you neighborhood. You're ready not beat the field barely old belief. You're reading my book how bad are you doing the work could pick. At everything is grade out wanna find out if the you have any openings today at the coliseum up in Salem New Hampshire and I know it's going to be a busy day but. If somebody were to come by you think they can get in. The gui. Is available at no Soviet bloc. Maybe eight or 38 bit alienate their we got beat there. Yeah speed definitely put that darn it got those who want to make require the upper pool or not. Eric in cheek it Ritchie or eat dirt and knock that particular front gate there. That there aren't they want to go out there aren't they got big big bets quite yet they couldn't. Go look it but are aren't they. Water. The coliseum restaurant that through 28. Breckenridge shopping plaza in Salem New Hampshire what's telephone number anyway. But he got both those three. I want one I feel. Like it don't bet you thought. The movie and we'll the end. Or are you ready. Allied to idea about the happy butchers for go back to focus that a case got to have enough time right yeah we got a happy which is dinner today I know you do just today I know you do me yeah your mom oh loyalists preparing it now know they chew it over to your house to pick up one. Of these strokes and we had one grossed. And I know from Christmas. Break agrees to do it today on man I know it am I am so looking forward of this apparently didn't quite grasp what it was that they do with a happy butchers. Up in Milford New Hampshire. I know they note restaurant owner probably listening right now but while they shouldn't be aimed at Rajesh restaurant owners are really should be because. You guys everyplace I go I got a lot of steak houses they don't complain about the high cost the it's. Meat products from. You know the vendors. And and in it that simple it is it really cutting their profit margin. You ought to call a happy butcher. Now and we're not talking about. Beef that is a lower grade were talking about 1855 by swift. Which ranks in the top eighteen. Beef in the entire country only finer restaurants carry their beef okay. This is quality quality quality quality aren't. They have to butcher is done knowing airing the Tricia now they offer. Listen closely they offer meet plans for as low as 25 dollars a week and now. You priced in while and there are of that before. Well listen to what I it'll make sense here in a second to be be patient they offer made plans for two and if I don't drink first you have to meet the butcher. And if your Koppel both of you have to be there because they law to allow. You know the input from both the view is still what you're life. You'll choose your cuts of meat. There's about 25 different types of beef alone and chicken and pork. And so many kinds of sausage that she's English bangers and lamb apricot Silas sausage peppers shoot till probe alone in that pepper sausage. As well as the classic sweet or hot sauce now. You get to choose the package size to suit your cooking preference. Then. They collect the data they cut and portions you order you can even stay. And help them label it if you would like. You order is then flash frozen that's what happened bill hours it's that was talking about before Christmas last year. And ready for you depicted at the next day if that's what you wanna do. Folks. You have never had said the EU expansion meals now four months and in thanks in Texas takes the guesswork out of dinner. When you buy bulk. And bulk items like these this it controls the cost of high quality meat way to. I nabbed by the way. If you don't have a freezer the fascia with one. Yeah. They they will provide you with a seven point eight cubic foot freezer for as low as eight books a week. They have they butcher is the only customize meat plant in New England that offers financing. Yeah. You can save so much money it's ridiculous we get us and it's gotten it in both testify. That's the highest close. They've made beef we've ever had it really is and you know what you go to our website Wiki bites dot TV wicket bites dot TV. And you could see that feature that we did with the NC get to see. And experience often that meat and the financing plan. Antics never takes effort that now he's just as. Fun time that you lovely I think he's I think so if is they come on back at Eliezer denies that's gave you this week but anyway go you sit on NASA TV on actually it bites and television. On the Red Sox the Bruins TV show station rather and did this your opportunity did by end. And get quality meats at unbelievable prices when you figure it out over a couple of month period. Now they they analysis by restaurant. And that's my point. If you have a restaurant. And that their vendors are Kalin you call they happy butchers at 222 elm street in Milford New Hampshire I wanna give you the number in just 12. They custom cater for parties they also have a nursing homes that they that they cater to our. A custom form weddings you name it they that it. The best meat you can die at the best possible price nobody can beat this this is a very unique idea and there be only ones doing it. You owe it to yourself to find out more about it. I'd ask for Tex. Happy butchers to to to elm street in Milford New Hampshire here's the phone numbers 60355413. 39. 60355413. 39 Tenet has got to do it and now. That's out and Stowe and see them on the TV show two out of Santa Africa worries Leeson would Limon to. They own this place in it took it and cops corner stone. They won. So many awards I can't even mention you'll what I like is when you walk in and you know the hosts its the hostess. That that hosts the station hostess not hostage. You'll be able to see you look over the showed it leave the seat down the line all of their master shift support. I'll go ask him. And one thing there are noted for. Chinatown spare groups have full rack so meaty and tenders there is nothing like the most Chinese restaurants as I say spray on the meat. Not here. Chinatown. Route 27103. Share in street in stone. And catering is available delivery is tomato and stokes in sharing. And cantons and of course they are open today they open at twelve known them 10 PM. Police say hello to Lisa would you want on pat what they said I wish him. And happy Thanksgiving I chatted town again route 27103. Sharing street. And stoked in Massachusetts whereas I would've wished him happy Easter and Thanksgiving but this is made with me thanks all we're talking about Thanksgiving and fine script. And that got to have some excuse age McCain. 'cause that'll take mixer which. Welcome mats. Carlos sit at you know I act as Democrat that would add to get coffee I drove by crowds sausage kitchen and European market amateurs are open today. But if they are if you're looking for German cuisine is sees a place to go until that. Needed and Bob Oakley. Husband and wife team. What they are just it's such a wonderful place great European town that German breakfast Bavarian breakfast. Eggs and Fort Smith so sent. Survey your choice to break. They have browser Rubin mean essential. They have Sauerbrun entrees and obvious so many wonderful things there if you're looking for something they German flavor. You can go to www. Karl sausage that com. Or visit them Carl's sausage kitchen and European market one Bourbon Street Peabody the number is. 978. 854665. Vote as for Anita about them. For the largest variety of high entry through the New England it's the iffy in the corner in the heart of downtown Lowell and daily luncheon specials to melt flooding dinner entrees at the corner offers live tree in the Middle Eastern music and and chanting delegates a couple of captivate your heart. The theme according to a seven market street Lowell. And happy Easter this is Scott with play fearless in a wicket bites radio free Easter Sunday and happy Easter to everybody from football restaurant day in Boston. Right there at the gateway of Boston's historic North End two way street causeway street Boston. Which they are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week and upstairs we had a great function rooms of your thinking about going to the north and and holding a function may have one of the largest function rooms in the entire North End groups which wanting to 235. People. And best of all it's like a parking garage steps away you don't find that not often in the north and sleep all restaurant they happy Easter from the staff. Restaurant date Philippe vote in Boston's historic north them. And happy Easter from everybody at the village restaurant in Essex mats. At the judges are route 133 and 22 and Essex that's the Ricky family. That's we go in there for the best fried clams in this world together those restaurant and Essex. And the British restaurant is located armour won 1012 aisle for street in the film one right there on behave role mind that's are gonna find disarm. They're only open for dinner that closed on. Monday's okay that the nation restaurant that you love prime rib this is the place to go it is sensational. They can cut way he too much to finish. The fit nation restaurant group 11012 hour history being behavioral just offer root for 95. As though guys this is adequately host of the red stripe program wicket bites America's first and longest running restaurant program on six ABA MW RKO at 10 AM brought to you by ship it out every Sunday. Hey guys I got to watch my sugar have budget. I can keep that it manageable levels if I use sugar down. That's spring is here and this time to get out and get some fresh air barbecues picnics potato salad that's all around the corner and I know. Out be taking sugar down at my next big meal. Sugar down actually blocks the sugar and it's clinically tested. To help reduce after meals spikes that can help you manage your weight to sit it out offers a thirty day money back guarantee that's how confident they are that sugar down will work for you go to sugar down dot com or call 802784939. That sugar down dot com or 80278. Point 939 Billick today musical radio get 10% op visit surrogate down dot com or call 802784939. Also made. On Amazon at the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Area you know American tavern. The area. Leave hungry. Can't peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though with all the food that's famous and then I'm then that leopard Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know that there are still in a restaurant and paper and Nashua. How Warren also reference that Hampshire the last 37 years I've been an experiment where corn field. I hope someday meet you and how do you wish you rare coins gold sold or any forms of bullying or pay them money I do radio programs all over the country and I'm quoted in every major news mattered publication. So let my expertise comes to help youth hockey sassy. Wait did fights radio. We're all about the food babies your luck did you know wicket by its radio on WRKO old old boys of Boston. Sassy my street talking about me. And by the way I got some openings for yet known name restaurant down the seaport area fifteen and a half fish here. No names that some openings political and and there's free parking in the seaport. Make sure that you say have a friend Jimmy that's gone out to Bryant is from Merrimack. Why would recommend going in my Tiago in Boston. Okay yeah you know. You know senate I am so embarrassed to say this haven work close to merit marriage Leon those in Boston but I never ever went there. I like it you know about about a couple times and they did you greatly and we style dining ness of you go with a or big group of people you're gonna have a good time yeah. This I think that's the good options you get the family style or pitch as the couple go you can order individual I think the bread everything hired to serve as the atmosphere. The whole package and I'm pretty particular about Italian restaurant tonight I've always liked to service in the food and always you know walked out of there feeling pretty good you know. But it sounds good in IA is my fault that I have not been there I have a head back a couple of opportunities and for some reason never dollar round. Where would you say that that's a back bay right back yes yes I brought her area yet. I thank you very much Brian you have. Let's get Bryant against it okay what you what do you like Oprah today yet let's get let's just. Scan your fare car IK. Brat how would you like to have the common man. All of it perfect yet budget thinks that's always been one up the national ended up in nine northern intra my limit. Me too that was the first whatever went today the biggest stake in every scene he had to go there because boy that they mashed and there's like nothing to do it makes it. Other than a golf course during the day there isn't much else going on right. Now the Taliban chains that. I brag sticker relegated name address who probably already have it with. And thank you that my mother the big for any show we've been listening to your previous appreciated have a great weekend. Brian thank you very much Betty is in a car we go there hey Betty. I don't I don't I could that be better Betty thank you. I don't continue our riding an insurance ethnic at a program thank you. I'm you're never come your way. But different light truck strike out in polls then. I wrote purity why I'm headed towards Spencer noon. Not trapped in the central falls then okay and its very core prices of Reading about. Great and you don't. Whatever in Egypt and get there we go out thereof and it's very good premise our restaurant. Yes pretty. Yeah. You know what would you suggest that I that I order while I'm there. Actually the efficient very fresh always good and I I don't like fish and and that's. Probably what I autocratic cold air most of attack. Accommodation habitat and roads. Jack and rose they. Yeah. Everything is good then I might. Right Betty thank you very much for the call. One triple 84346464. Giuliani's Boston is on now hey Julie. Our am wonderful thank you. So I have pretty much stripped bare hitting ability east buster yeah. It's called Reno. I don't know if you heard an alias ahead. Yeah trade. Eat eat data picked reservations. And they get built her a place for cross strait quote create those are appetizers. They're the best tongue food. And fresh fish. And the line is open door. Quoted recently praise and they're just they. You know I'm all overcome and it just like they have a term people all the time. They just say make everything. All right gradually it is call Marino's and it is in East Boston. Yeah and it straight out there until the street and a sister Tricia make everything. From the morning from scratch and access click. You can smell it thank all the guards in my boot all the way to the states like north bend a little America. Gotta try it because that apparently that's a lot of responsive from that. Then BC its car all right those against East Boston on Saratoga street you know that good. Now I will be back this once second is voluntary that their openings that Jill fish seafood restaurant bar. 1251120. Osgood street North Andover and route 28. At 160 main street north rating Jimmy. I am waiting to hear from Teresa's 'cause I know that two races. Crime that fancies fancy state counts. Has a Easter a fated. And I just happened to run and two Nikki Alba. The owner. Of that particular case you know as other restaurants to. And he says that there are some openings and force and I don't have the telephone number here in front but I told that to call it. He doesn't call that would please you know him many seats in Afghanistan and adequately. Pat what he's upset that you could I think above say it's just absolutely. Perfect. For daylight this is that traces of Middleton one of his the rest this is that on his prime at 26. Route 62 route 62 I will get that number we just happens after second okay fine anymore after a set and just passed. I'm well will be on that now. We have a lot of other things coming up for you in that and the next hour including as some open lines. You know you called praise or zing from pizza the gourmet. 97 day. 2760044978276004. Fortress as prime. And a beautiful restaurant that threat on route 62 rademan north rating. And Middleton line you're listening to wicked ice right here NWR. They are WEEI FM HT two. We can place radio with pat Wheatley is a presentation of wits media yeah. And welcome and here's my telephone numbered afraid stories being to answer questions are being asked questions rather or. Answer questions give me have buzz right now what the lines are open. And ever get is when Tripoli port dining and it went carefully poured three fours sixty fours 64. You know so text this at 68680. And I did that central. This segment of the restaurant program is Brent Dubai harmony bay gourmet coffee. As he can't find your favorite harmony may copy locally. You can order it from their website I mean but it's that market basket just happened shoppers just about every play and effort jobs you name it. Roche Brothers. Harmony bay gourmet coffees and very colorful okay and once you try it you'll be stuck. You know a lot of we're going to be giving away a whole case of army of a coffee delivered to your front door. And I. And you can praise or zing from pizza to gourmet that's what's made this show work in over the years 35 years. You know it's nothing more the word of mouth. Your input. And the UN to steer a friend wrong if somebody said hey I can't take my boss over would you suggest that we would give medals to ankle place. The lousy service one triple 8434. Or 64 or 64. And it. Here's a review. For the Lynnwood cafe at 320 sitters street and ran down. I've had the pleasure of going to the then that to the Lynnwood since I was fourteen years ago. I am now 51. And is still the best damn pizza than have ever eaten. It. Actually say here review appease his my aunt in the north as my runnerup off from Braintree. I tell you that this is up our pizza. And I finally after I had never been to this place it don't expect more than it is to bar. But they have great pizza he really really do. The only time I've ever and never been there but they want him ever so Obama's it to you to know that it's a bar is because again held up once about two years ago moments so that's where literally carefully as. They they held him up for a couple of pizzas. One triple 843464. Or 64 to praise or raising for peace to go to date answer. Or to at ask questions are answered questions Michelle is calling from North Reading. Hey Michelle you are next NW RKO. I cat. I want to say I would I happen the at fourteen and the other day a couple of weeks Elton and the placed in fantastic. And you are when they are we're at our local bar or eight and we heard a couple talked about a couple of of people on active. And actually have to round in part everybody start to talk. Talk about the restaurant in the that's an bartenders gray important nights are. Well accurate Worrell and the food with ban chats in the play with. You know our local. On up on Saturday night. Well early that it was. My shed you know I found out about it somebody actually. Called the show to tell me about it and I don't know some tegra Christmas I guess. And I does that add good and tried to its had this is on the case and then I found one of my top. Ten dishes of all times in that restaurant. Yeah that's signature dish from when we were there will be at the barn bartender were fantastic he caught the not all the different issues they act. And I are. OPEC that I have no I don't at. Already laid it bare all my thought was so bridge. I couldn't finish yet it was it was fantastic. It's just a great site you could be up. Apparently got Howard John great. I the rest Chinese differently or Howard Johnson yeah are you like to read that we play on it that's out are they going there for thirty years. And yeah a couple of restaurants where yeah it like slightly to go outside this place it places the gold might not it can't ask. And it's not that they either know as. Yes you have to be careful about what he'd go otherwise why not get it yet I know about. I'm not on demand list here the address everything registering and have lost. Who lost the information I'll give it justice secondly its not and it's on route 28. Our current when he gave it here the yeah. I found it here don't Ryan bowling howry. Yeah probably in the register I think it's across the street the register out of vehicles it's 1077. Route 28 and savvy Armon. Right right. And I ditch is of but Tel 07 so bill's got up maybe with eggplant we're issued a much of that enemy of aero Demi glaze us it's a phenomenal dish. When I go there next time that's why them yet but I can't be tried as my benchmark for Italian restaurants they're Bullock is the band. Ops well I'd like to say one more thing had been. We allocate all the time repair. On Mosley gets up this weekend. And dump their appreciate not a restaurant regular street it's out more about practice way to cope and get Kelly. Yeah and it may have thought Barrett. He Daryn I'm ecstatic yet. Any way you want about they send their young Mexican style. Russian style. I'm healthy diet now on it's just fantastic and we go there. About every weekend for breakfast on Saturday Belichick on again. To always do it right up your act Ed you're going if you call until well. The sport season in the UK are right by and the restaurant near the green body on its insider but Juanita greens spike. But again it's a street firms they wrecked the free up cricket shot. Yeah yeah it's great that. Baghdad on thank you very much for the college I appreciate that. And that you guys who appreciated too if you go there Phil's coming from stone pedal film. A NATO and very good thing he's there they're looking into the show for twenty quote here is always are created that game and it wanted but down here. Wanted to heaped praise to eat. Welcome new addition. Bill Bennett called storm also Bruce. In its radar in order reality kicked out of the correct they crossed the post post office that aren't. Little bit different take getting open in the morning com or coffee in practice villages they closed middle that day in May reopen. Ignite for quote any surprises they menu and extensible what they do they do very well piece suit. The chief of orchard it wait on the ball or it got big they had this unbelievable. Corn and beans all that they are which ships and there are a number of other. I didn't do well in the normal. Grew as they broke PP it that wraps on a weekly our biweekly basis. And always in something new in recent that would fuel or inside very early OP. They don't. Well as a bonus why do you think or five nights a week this very intimate setting. Did I did wait out head highly recommend edged it out. Are right now it's called the stone. House of bruise. Imported street or on Porter street there obviously in this goat and I got my. Thanks bill. All right we have. Lives in lines open if you wanna join a one triple 8434. Or 6464. If you have. If you wanna praise them that's fine that you want as saying that's fine too sting of losing some and stormiest. And there recognizes it that you agonize agonizing. To watch it cause I'll be working so I can't call. And I says and I what is it it's it's little Mexico in Hampstead New Hampshire. Food is aces extremely that it's terrible and the surroundings the atmosphere appeared Lilly was none including. Leaking roofs. That's that's. So this actually appraise dragon now is not a phrase that you feel like there in Mexico that that stretch eight so they get it again I think that's. Obviously you know these programs in TV when they go and they fix a restaurant it. And their base happy ever you know and and that two guys that were fighting with each other again incas and each other know that. A lot of these things as I am most of the states. Aren't higher Romero and I don't blame it that is apps Tuesday. And it didn't work out Euro. And I am. Feeling that this restaurant. Was on one of those programs and obviously evidently didn't really work at all so what does he believe them. I mean I had people just don't come together that that easily when they're slugging it out in economy. But anyway. And I also. How it they can Alice had become gourmet cooks are gourmet chefs if they've been just you know. Saying in Hamburg. And Elvis and they give a gourmet sides. Alan if I was calling have been recommending. A restaurant. I'd do it like this. I know a guy by the name Geovany Longo. He was raced. Instead in the art of Italian cooking. He is from Calabria. Italy. This restaurant is fine Italian down. Gore made brick oven pizza fresh homemade bread full liquor license private function banquet and catering users are now that's the good news. The bad news. They only have about seven tables in the extra. People literally come from as far as I tell it that it. Geovany not long ago and he said that he would drive it's far away as that of beyond Concord, New Hampshire to his restaurant. And come back. They like it so much this is this is the way Italian cooking relation. They're small intimate setting. Sometimes you can blow him a lot of times you say. Annually or later only trees or would you please just have they chef. Prepare something special for. And they'll come back tool. Give a general idea what it is it truly is sort ingredients are concerned. Be it to you or you can just say just let him do it wants to. But this is the place to go that I recommend so much because he's got very small place. He's an executive chef he's the owner and his wife is a hostess. And that it I just couldn't find a better today aggression that this is located in malls and there claim parking in the rear. Usually not on the street sometimes via the most it's as though if you go in the back it's an important. It's Karr arrested Dante Serena it is at eighteen Lebanon street in malls and get that eighteen. Evidence street Mark Cuban their hands than yes several times and love. He's innings over the next guy is. Very handsome man to them. Telephone numbers 7813. To 4317. That's 7813241. Theory. 70. Hey you know we should outweigh your point second line second because they policies is going to be here you have barbecuing and the record dom sausage company. All right about a foot but it's got a family opened up at the Alley. I feel good about eighty years ago. Adele. Now you'll notice if you're driving down many streets and you'll notice. The sciences is down is sausage steak tips this year two year. This take two's they one every state of orders. How many were really have every single staked him oh lord they have one. Nevada business for 7080 years of them is definitely if they got to be doing something right. Now the thing that I like to Teddy about is this hour. If you wanna have a barbecue in your backyard. Down sausage. Will be more than happy to do it for Saddam. Junior himself welcome I don't know but they have an original marinate. That excel that they sell their marinades countries and yet they do. Who they have their original may have a couple of that's where again I loved the original. Absolutely love it via I'd attitude because it's our thing on regular hand if you were I that the others are all good at that original is just. Out of this world polish or buy. Porterhouse steaks roasts pork. Lamb deal you know we don't talk about outcomes sausage now company. You going there for preference in March and if I know you kind of dining in a supermarket or. He hits the couple table out EA you feel like you have to get engaged to sit yet you know because if we get basis squished in they have like egg sandwiches and stuff like that but they have and they made me try this the last time I was there are some. Okay I'll try this seafood casserole. That you can get there for a launch. Incredible. The best seafood Castro I've ever had mileage and I'm just saying that's. I would drive back just to have that for lunch sitting up there are a little tiny stool and those supermarket eating my secret castle's got it it really is. I'm gonna give you the information down sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden. Owned by the end batted Shalit family escalates days dom here Yugoslavia. A pedometer there aren't if you are. A market. That would like to include their products as so many half throughout New England they're everywhere. Give a call at 78132413. Ten. Don't go back in his freezer department folks who you're it's like twenty below that the I 78132413. 1010 Riverside park and moan and down the saucy dot com. We'll also peaches there. Scott we have about coming up on which invites. Couple weeks ago we did the bacon amber how absurd baker suburban yep. Presentation at liberty. That we RKO. AA have. In essence whom. And it sold out like. Last Tuesday oh it was in 2000 people. Attended the event ended I write in next Saturday morning at 930 we're gonna bring it inside. Of that elusive and also gonna bring it to a couple plays that to a lot with bacon. Including the ways that I discovered that does say. Maple bacon donut as the cake donut in Somerville. And it really is these this kind of can be cured donut that they get from some special form up in New Hampshire. And that they sell out of stone says that finding donut shop they'll have a 7 in the morning and buying new and sometimes it down with guns they just don't have anymore. You know. I am forced three dollars a piece they're not cheap but they're excited and you know it. The job interview. Another radio station wanted my services and they own Romanian secret okay this way back in Richmond Virginia hasn't. And that guy you remember thanks bill centers there is Jerry member of that. Is because he had the weirdest breakfast anybody missing though is surely it or whether or for him back there. He had pancakes with syrup on it and new year. And that's that. Yes there is a beer that made with with. It's here yeah in my poster they were able survived an Obama fan but I guess is a breakfast here from our elected via. Object try it now vote will talk about that but it way they get to see. With invites. If the deal that at the in Boston have big and Bergen. This coming weekend is Saturday morning at 930 on NASA and the Red Sox Bruins there's. Nicer adelphia and DVR it. All right. I know a lot of Toto to get a better senator more economic time in early sleep late right. DVR. And see what's the first though about when you went to a device TV and primaries that is now Mike it's got Italy. Every veterans and let's beautifully. Now hours to get a telephone call from Teresa's prime. He has called in yet so that come on do you work for united. They have measured up to recent prime. Is a fancy shoe man see in that in the highest regard steakhouse. It is upper level matching anything in New York or Boston. But it's not in this city. It's out in north rating match and it is senate. I don't know hundred acre golf course and Abdi has been issued in this looming and it tennis and everything there. And when you see there were a salad and at night because they have the flames outside the waterfalls. Inside its gest is beautiful. They offered extensive selection of the world's finest wines. The owner of this restaurant named Nicky Emma. Will visit every table because it touching tables fuel attach every table to make sure your hat happy and he said this to me and I say it to you and I would cause massive McVeigh Amos and missed it you know that's right. In now we have it on TV where he says it. He doesn't care how much it cost him he wants depletion. Alan if they can't. Our new world tourists. Hoping please don't leave it at the terrorist. Payers should put a disclaimer that. Right Teresa's prime today Easter right now they've got to buff Fay going on and you can give end. Right that's Teresa's Prine. It is it twenty elm street. Route 62. In north or reading. All right that's twenty alma street north rating mass. Route 62. That tread on the middle to north rating line the phone number is 978. 27600449782760044. Is go to Robert Robert caller from a car. They're out they're ordered to he'll always good to hear every like I get a chance very nice program yankees Ali. And I congratulation put all the years you've been on Europe but. Thank you. I apple Waltham Massachusetts. But I. I'm open to ensure that there is up there were like go for it every week yet they're really yeah yeah matchup at church. And as well we always go to parliament may at a book that's so he could break out but it very reasonable prices as well mentally out. Of course the other an over chopped post and a bit but it I'm sure you know about them. Very much zone yet. But we're going out my family we go out. And it threw out they are flat and so are real financial market they're so well they're yeah. Got a nice wherever. Since it is primarily agree grant strap Abbott you they get rack of lamb. Oh absolutely absolutely out that's very true. It is so they are restricted doing after your match at that and I your freeware that our report says despite a double I doubt that the we westerly up there and vote so we go over there for the rat but Lambert who are so I'll bet they had that. They're worried I. But I thank you very much for the telephone call one triple 8434. Or 6464. At 2 AM. Is calling for Milan hi Jan. Why it darn good thank you like I go way back that it started with UN Marjorie oh my goodness that pay deal is this the gauge. She gushed. Streak you know about that the Greeks don't decrypt that thought out on the east are but yet I would recommend. Oh I have a lamb where we're at the Brothers does it up. And now I'm finally. It was not there with the best plan medevac. And my family what we do is we don't get together we usually file lamb or gross but yeah outside and then all of a sudden it's bad. As there's actually great. But. I would open correct but I would recommend up well as you know they have a great breakfast. And not on Sundays they just thought they really have a good lamp that are. I'm also got. Well I've been there I've been there many times and I do I love that. I love that play out it really you really it's a family own place been in they've been involved in the restaurant business for. Well as long this view it you know and I've been alive us. Goes well Jimmy retired now but he's bushels up every day trip yep but it is credit history if it's appropriate 'cause it right at the street the commonly mentioned. Right and I have a matter of fact. I was ninetieth birthday party yesterday at the cry all you mean and they had to say there was very good. All right now that is the criminals are route one north is that saga still. The apple yeah. Yeah our problem balloons Argus a and others could be no and they have this OK and one little further up straight. I there's a secret little line there that I don't know exactly which is which there that's. I appreciate concert thank you very very much let's go to G is coming from Waltham hello Jean. Hello had good morning good morning I'm. I she wanted to run this to cry for a special dinner on Easter Sunday it's just special special family. I did natured fun god but and so handsome SF there. By me anyway all. Boy yeah Tennessee in the look on his face and you said that. I think who has done it sailor who will own flat summer last year. Yeah. Hey you know what a wonderful son you have been proud. I've wanted to suggest that capital grille. Authorities state dinner fantastic place like Coco there Ruffin. Because he flew on the pricey side I was brought there was third birthday in I couldn't have so impressed. That's in Burlington correct. Yeah it isn't growing and this cover and I went to their others of course. I think there are more than there is more than one that's where I meant and they do retreat to royally. And especially if you're name is tough. I'm sure well I trash that thank you very much for the call I appreciate it. That was camping at Denver's heck gasoline. I'm I'm calling because I'm willing to chili bowl but again. Which you forgot and I worked out late I don't read some people are I love on. And we have played all of Europe so they want to know why and how we found out about it. And I said I do you know what we think she doesn't it well Bradshaw out. Perkins. But they are good and I want I would say oh well oddly as we normally got on top you cannot. Let let me ask your question you and I aren't we but I immediately in well good I got willow grove ill. Yeah I'm getting and I'm happy I had the thought I was finally you know. And not. And I'll be so good mom called it a vegetable you wrote is it everything you so frightening how they. It sure I mean it's only that but everything that but we've made very good or move on dot. I was running off and reading about the vote out. Oh we can't are good but not so when you include home. Really I'll let me ask you ask for and they are counting Komansky this is this the Teresa is the original one 114 in Middleton. Yeah I can't tell others now. I I know I'm somebody the other. I want to stay Cassie sculptor rhesus prime. It's our on the route 62 in nor parading and beneath that. They have. And grill nineteen which is like a sports place and both of them are excellent. Act. Whoever is popularly know. They you know you'll love you'll absolutely love the F steak steak place because. Even if it's really cold you can pull up and it's all lit up beautifully in the water fountains and everything. And then how it all bad on the heels of the success have your Teresa's a rule on fourteen and Middleton. All right I won't I won't tell them that you said that that that have pleased few words thank you very much for the telephone guard. Moved sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat quickly and this. This is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK EO of the voice of Boston. At least everybody at. Yeah bad favorite season Juli welcome you. All to our program our telephone number is that one triple 84346464. America's first. And longest running great strides program. Those that are on now it just mere copies. An original idea brought on by have very hot today. I don't know about four decades ago now. I say that I am negative phone cause only February restaurants. And has started their restaurant show. And I appreciate defected to show and it worked through your input and you they've given me some so many great called. Both pro and con. As Tories are your concerned with that this service but the food at certain restaurants. He's going agonizing for the Sundance and Dennis and not Adam and also the beach palm. At the beach bum got to the scene here and and an issue here that's it this I wanna remind you one thing. Then known name and opened up back in 1917. They're free parking in the seaport area that's a big deal. Free parking in this seaport air area. This is an offense is fancy place but aids they are great at what they do. I love the fish out of batteries out of the fish chowder. I saw on TV the other day that. In I am very Smart business people don't waste fish. You know if it's that serve right away they put it W base and I. Now you not wonder why. Their fish chowder taste so good. And you can put a loon a four. Down the middle and disseminated heavier and it would hold that there's so much seafood in their seafood chatter. Get it right off the boat and it's right there. Now when you were in there which a police have a friend Jimmy haven't talked to Jimmy sent has become an embassy in very soon. You'd see have more about to learn more about men known name restaurant by going to FaceBook that com slash known name restaurant. And savage and don't forget. We see you listed on to talk about Ali error Scott. Six of us. In care wanna come you walk into. Next Friday. Will be going to rest that I didn't she. And I wasn't invited to know yet is now on now only just thinking there on Easter that your going your thing and maybe it was journalism. Yes. They did wearing minute. There now you've been there many many left. One of the reasons it then additionally it is though is remember I told you but that's. Yes I have that they had the one I can't pronounce and perot's he had close yet and that those. And hootie is. What that is it it's an appetizer and usage it never had before and careless and I never have before this is why. And terrible pick a year yet and drag and and Iowa since then have ample. So I'll order massive list of a sample but the senate veteran to me unit now much and then encoder roses would go. It is wonderful fun nominal mind. Well if you're gonna go they make she orbits its own consent but will be going their next next Friday. To have dinner with them Pino the Shas. Who's in my estimation when the great shifts in the Boston area. It is own by did not who federally use now federally. Who's now opening up a new restaurant in Boston. And who has aren't really he's a vice president MRI. We got a lot of it that on the show that it presidents vice president AMR's. Another one is and it's the exchange street based yeah. And you know he's now the president. Vice president the masters restaurant association stigma that's folks you go places OK but anyway. We're going to be there Friday nine or go forward to a I feel like make reservations by the way reservations there. But you really really important. 781729051. Time. That 781729050. But I'm so it's just missed it. 781729051. A thigh. I now the rest and actively Chiat next Friday this telephone number if you get there and you see if they say hi at the to meet you. Pro street station Allen Robert Leo Allen a visit to a minute while. Evan promising some that. I wanted to take them specifically to this. To this restaurant he loves sports. And now with the march man is going on. I'm not much of a basketball. And a much of a March Madness guy. But if you are any fear in one of the pools. Make sure you go you're gonna go out pro streets agency election teams. They've that. When I first heard everything US they had won fairly large part at two huge bars in about a Brazilian TV sets aren't they also have as far as I'm concerned. They've made their mark where they would be short ribs bone a short ribs with carrots onions or red line. Amendment to scrap it because it killed him and it's a New England issues so darned good. But they didn't awfully they have it very interesting. Potpourri of restaurants. As tourism cuisine is concerned and the case is concerned barbecues seafood Italian Mexican. At a pizzeria and get everything and say yeah I'd Alan Robbins. I mean this is an old train station go back in 1991 you can still hear the trains come in so wasn't Obi N and where were stationed but it's no longer really Orton train station that's T passed that sad but it fugitive field. Pro street station 53 simmers street in mauled his Attleboro street and seventh street. Allen Robert the telephone number seven at 132264. Or you know. I Allah I know you wanted me to shut up of active on an amendment that. Then that is correct I think Kennedy say a couple of things of that deference to retreat and Connie countless and 125 the north and over their open right now. If you wanna go in and enjoy the absolute best buffet you ever go to. Go to China blocks and then in a mood to ginnies salute you don't have to Anthony's visit all the primary of the you can eat. All of this sure MP you can eat all of this sushi UPE. And is that instead primary at Peking duck less of a thing trees I kept open right now. The goal. China blossom. Rule 125 in North Andover and asked the person at the desk if there repeater patio appreciated also speaking of Greeks week. Witnesses say another great this is that the Greek Easter. But Australia's restaurants keeps coming up here Bob stand and Tom can't seek it. They get kink at primary of two twine Twain 2095 for king cut of primary of seventeen that it's and listed added that raw. He got primary of twenty nanny queen cut prime rib seventeenth. I can't or on the of these places busy all the time they open for breakfast lunch and and they have a great amount and they are also. Offering a great catering mean. There that blue roof folks in stereo and go work McCain group three day sell two and 93 Boston Rhode Andover Massachusetts. JoAnne. Is next NW RKO. IPad Adobe in here you know I feel great now no proud oh good and I check your radio the radio up at five perhaps. I hope you do it German restaurant that would be great and always a good dish itself. I also would like I haven't mid eastern. Restaurant somewhere in the kind of bought through and that's what I'm also Khalid Ali capitulate edit mr. ridge as the reminiscing about it as last week you're directors to young. Yes I do and I happen to know but I can't tell you that there's going to be a great Middle East in. Restaurant opening up and downtown Boston but I am not at liberty to tell you the name yet. All I'm so glad that he has that ever really looking tortured and their reason I'm calling for you which are not related but he didn't. And committees is now lately I've been inbox they'd. Scoring load tourists and everything. And I find that kind of is a little bit eastern restaurant you know what particular pitch OK art in Washington. Street I think it's true sixty. Our troop 46 which is 64. Washington a couple of like king looking for last look. And it really to have every good. Very inexpensive. And it sure it was you know a lot of you know it's worth certainly have a big Bailey just was hoping quick if you had went to the Pyrenees. Or just take up its period expensive it's very good era home era. Everything it's just very nice and they give you a lot and I just think they should be no different actually effective grieving government is serious stroke. And got a lot of humble locks are I'm gonna call. Upn and asked them if I can mention it next week okay because it's been an that in the deal and for some time that Lester herders around Christmas time they were. That they would they would go a lot of framing work inside. Joanna thank you very much looking for. Came falafel a came falafel. I never here's one triple 8434. Or 6464. When Tripoli for dining mark in Salem New Hampshire. Gonna recommend Italian restaurants fail in the Hampshire new. But what my our favorite it's cutlery or a multi I don't know twenty film. Yet in that shopping strip there and correct correct I think it's pathetic it's called medals plaza but if there for a number of years and just very. We just what their with a little quote from the side did. Men you know every time I go to seem to be a good crowd but I think there is doing something right so. Yet it's it's a relatively small place I've been there is that out of a lot of my friends that dowry in the restaurant industry that don't Italian restaurants are our common sewers their debt you know. And they kind of make fun of me because it is like spaghetti meatballs and that. Prior notice so much what it's going to atmosphere in the I know that the thing you know like that a but I love spaghetti every month I can't help it. I don't know that that's good go to promote those of you got a big wolfman huh aren't I gonna hang up and make fun of me now aren't you know are not at all not at all. But I I do I do agree with used to great places and. Went on yeah I think I am I guess we've stayed in years yet you return early on that we always have been whipped Obama's call for reservations of the they're doing something right with the crowd and then we vote and happy for governor remember I tell by the name one more time. Factory or a mile route 28 and say on the picture. Thank you very much for the call out. Milton Berle New Hampshire is going to be next hello Al welcome to the program. I'd ask there are actually the German registrar and again okay. These. Hope so I mention whereas separate Conroe. Dartmouth street and harms you can never norm barnstorm yeah. At a age registrar and mayor Yuri. Well learn a candidate. And that was chairman I always they still they ask. I don't think so no I do not think so. I don't know what was it called one more time will top. Star hotel I'm familiar with that in. And Nara. And it Koresh from me you know question hotel. Oh well I got it we're looking at that right now Michael might have gotten one of these I don't know what kind of pitch to throw you look on the space agency. But but it will vote will find their way out I act I doubt it I strongly strongly doubt that it still layer that's the theme of this whole show. The theme of the whole show is they just aren't any German restaurants around here. And there was in the name was there it's in the book list I got about missed and I had that government also affect your listening and it was in her. If it's embarrassing. Connect with that thanks. That is a cup that the problem is it just aren't any and it's nice city got a million dollars is so open up a German restaurant make it a theme restaurant. Like. Something from Munich. With the you know that the beer hall flavor. And you'll surprised people had good German cuisine is but percent and and also. What do you do. When you are open a restaurant you do you know surveys have met the people within 1015 miles of the restaurant to a kind of folks AR. Iowa kind of food they would lie on average. I have and they number one ethnic group by population in this country. Is German. So why aren't their more restaurants. If you've ever been to Germany or if you've ever been good German restaurant it's as good as anything you get anywhere. It's different because it you're not used to it. But dammit know they get the student prince still loud and in Springfield. And we listed off others which I'll list at the end of the show. But I just wanted to say. Dog gone it they should be more that's what I want us now let me take look at a review from the Internet and I think Michael has or YouTube. It's is I have been going to the golden temple. For over thirty years. The food is always fresh and delicious there's always one of the owners walking around to make sure the food is good in this series as well. Making sure. That we all have a great dining experience. Their ribs chicken fingers. And there we always get of course the beef with asparagus. Chicken chow mainland and shrimp. With the lobster sauce it's amazing and delicious try their special golden temple rips Seif frank. I see frank if francs at around Seif Fred and telling Frankie said chief. Game. Q.s than those two folks. Dental break knows smiled back agent. And they like to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest tooth whitening available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again we're in economics Perry have done export the data and complete cosmetic in general dentistry teeth dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the west dental bright group dot com. And this has got with the Euro us in a wicket by its radio for a Easter Sunday. And Anjelica has won fourteen Middleton Chris Kirk course and his entire staff like to wish you happy Easter and don't forget at Anjelica as Monday and Tuesday they have a king not yet that's right can cut prime rib for just 1895. And Angelica is route 114. In Middleton. And congratulations to Jerry my tie GO Janeiro is eatery twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy. Jerry was selected to compete him. The finals. The files at Gillette Stadium coming up in about a week and a half from right now for the best pizza in New England for independent shop. And he was selected number one over all there were three restaurants involved CC's in Weymouth. And pepper Cheney's are believed out in Milford. And they'll all compete and someone's gonna bring home that crown. And Jerry made is Sicilian pizza and a sweet potato believe that are not sweet potato pizza that was delicious so congratulations de Janeiro as. And Jerry myTouch GO twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy. Pat Lee of the horseshoe grill in north Redding. That's for as you go and therefore there piled high mile high I should say. Barbara cute smoked pulled pork. Not Jews. They are incredible they are an entire new for the entire table they are delicious happy Easter this staff over there at the horseshoe grill room. 28 in north dreading. And Salvador's restaurants. Andover Lawrence met for South Boston and in Boston's their district are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. But did you know at Salvatore is there's a separate section at each other restaurants that's different from the others it's called the sheriff's playground. And in that section the sheriff decides what he'd like to make. Yes so it could be his favorite dish or just a very popular dish in that area and it's different at all their locations. Salvatore is Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's bearded mr. I guys this is patently of their restaurant program I America's first wicket by said the ten and twelve children WRKO party abides chip it out. You heard me talk about that fantastic product is made right near New England called sugar down. Well until now it's been only available online right now my different you can just walk into your local independent pharmacy. Like theater pharmacy in Lexington or house pharmacy and got down New Hampshire and ask for sugar now. I loved eating great restaurant and I take sugar down anytime might starchy foods like bread pasta and detained as it held speaking my sugar in check. It even works with sugary drinks one to two mobile tablets depending on the size of my meal really works. Check it out is a chew bubble dietary supplement made with natural ingredients and it's clinically tested. To help reduce after meal sugars backs it'll help you manage your weight with less fatigue after big carb meal spring into action and pick up a bottle today remember sugar it out is Smart polite seed Mikhail. Can't pay their daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though it would all of who they listen then I'm in that effort Collins. I friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's still in the restaurant and paper and Nashua. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SM the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This means we get by its radio and W. We want to know the voice of Boston. The chicken connection is located 242 Broadway that through 97 April mass. And 37 last narrowed and fast on New Hampshire be an opportunity of the drop in there they were voted best fried chicken buying an ascent. Best Friday that chicken says elect a fuss is about you like comic chicken pot by big guy. Then menu items it chicken fingers gnarled hand cut rotisserie chicken chicken barbecue ribs. They have fourteen. Homemade. Side you name and they got it. I'll make chicken rice soup it's perfect for any day. Allies been under the weather lately I some crisis of chicken rice is yeah well almost immediately. McKay. And then heavier next two of us site barbecues. So please call our Rick LeBlanc. As that you can connection to 42 Broadway route 97 plaster on New Hampshire 9783734300. Those are located 37 last so rude in Preston New Hampshire. The laughter restaurant can answer right now they have openings. And laughed restaurant is a Rupp won 251140. Osgood street North Andover. I'd Jimmy gates wants me to wish audio guys very happy. Very very happy Easter and don't forget the same is true for the village restaurant they're going to be busy today which you can get in spaced about 3 o'clock today. At the end at an Easter from other icky family. The village restaurants and jones' 133 and 22. In Essex Massachusetts Marvin is on the line so let's go to Mara how Marv. I've been happy Easter and Sam do you my friend. Thank you you were talking about dot German restaurants. But Jacob work. Yeah. Leave. Yet know they if they're fine we just talking about the fact that that there's the Jacob Lawrence. Restaurant in downtown Boston and then there's out in Springfield the student friends but I and that is that and then what's it what's it cost cuts in Munich. The place at the barbarian. We're very restaurant it's a Bavarian restaurant have been and Carl sausages and in Peabody had a lot of German food yet. There. Well I could mention there should be up front minus yeah. So yeah do Rahman's Cambridge. I. Am manager of read it to you. You listen in and out yet they entertainer radio off okay that's confusing it. Okay calm. We're headed to France and we're gonna crunch going to the last. Victorious station in Massachusetts. Yep it's good Salem yeah they know doors so they brought them. Then there then that is to try those rip they have some type of ribs over there that Erica beef rib while. Her delicious incredible only there. I and you go to get any April we've got a lot of thing happened coming and Alexei amenity of one million. Younger. And how valuable that is. Hope it's unique and Gary back. You know and it's not gonna hurt it's your only voices. Now enjoy voices as a bad grade. Do this again. It's great voice yeah. It's hasn't revealed that we don't talk this week. Posts make you horny fuel. So anyway. Calculate voices going to be having an appearance with we can bites and it's going to be at China blossom. This is a kind of thing you wanna get a whole table encompasses. You'll love every single second that. I will mean their sales back so a joy voices and Dave Russo. Michael you can speak for Dave who's doing now the big screen earlier when money is guides you every. It absolutely act one he comes on for these Jack one. He's he's such job. He gets a face hurt real nice and Google's laughs he does it. And then I'd come on Andy's doing it Rene Rene does bring about. Did your your guys down shift into a brick walls at the thing that as well. And a joy comes up the Demi get a drink about that aspect I think that's connected don't think they got after breaking. Yeah you got a good five minutes or low while pat tells jokes that I desk got that don't have a date here do you have the dates that. They go here's how you get tickets. You call this number it's our office never wicket bytes 8667451167. If I or you I would bring a whole bunch of people this is the one of the smaller venues we present Julie yen. I I play a little bit more of these music he's the spot on and so I mean it's amazing how many people especially love. Louis Armstrong. That brings people with tears it is so good we will play that ultimately era but anyway to order tickets. It's 866. 7451167. It's April 27. April no no it's April 17. I'm very sorry death say April yet it's April 17 fourth thirties to shoot 645. Ish PM. At the China blossom in north and or don't rub it in and made a mistake took and made a mistake to support system that market. Anyway the telephone number again is 8667451167. Happy birthday happy birthday happy Easter everybody from our good friend says April's European restaurant. Route three AA 75 princes street north countered. Now for tickets for that show the numbered called during the week it's 8667451167. Doing voices they've Russo. It is is going to be attack guaranteed the agreed time and always always is all right and did it at that had a blast in the united great the food is there and get New England nine dot com your mama and their two. Alison. Hey don't forget that electric chair what your TV show next Saturday because suburban and bacon fest it was going to be featured there. I hope you have a very safe very saying very happy Easter. On behalf of all of last night's guide the everybody at what it bites and feast here. We did plays and radio and TV capturing the best of new England's food sports and fine. Your chewed a wicked fights radio on WRKO. The voice of Boston.