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Gun Talk 3-20-16

Mar 20, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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Loved the it's time to load a bunch of intellectual ammunition with John grisham's gun talk it doesn't matter if you learn to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and talking Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics can politic. So grab your phone and call in right now is 86682554864. Just dial one dom thought go. Now here's star. Today I'm Tom grisham's gotten dark. While pro gun candidate in Illinois running for the US senate. I am the world's largest collection of historical fire arms right here in the US plus you'll range reports. Pope John Elway beat since 6 o'clock that's 866. Vodka and no good stuff. You're listening to a re loaded version of jumped off. Our eyes locked and loaded here about good good golf for another fabulous free plus. Hours guns on where you can be without a controversial I am your host. I'm may be the leader of this thing but I am not the driver. You can do that you could do that by simply produced by my behavior by calling them by sending me an email issued me a message overall quarter lot of ways to participate. Very simply if you like to be on the air here just call 866. Talk guns. It's easier just do this we're just one if you do know one. And then Tom talks gut that won't get you yeah. Email Tom at gun talk dot com over on Twitter I'm at gun talk and you can share your thoughts. There are a lot of things going all of Opel or. Great giveaway. Aren't you could win in Athens scar. Plus travel and accommodations to the NRA's annual meetings in Louisville, Kentucky and made. If you just start go to the ground elsewhere of LeBron we'll dot com slash go and talk. It's Korea is it's a trivia question there's that the you can energy just right entering. You don't have to get the answer but it. Snicker normally are here so you have to choose to NASCAR and get to wage paid to the area in your meetings in Lugo go to Brownell dot com slash. Go and talk. Lot of things going on. Well aware Orwell didn't. The election gets interesting. Yesterday. Jeb Bush is out. Nobody was really ever you know him. Donald Trump Williams cruising rubio tie for second in the absence. Hillary beats Bernie in there and a bad. Work it's going to happen what ever shell we do what you think of our candidate. After relation the second memorial but our best throughout the Democrats on both of them. Would crush the Second Amendment. I mean c'mon Hillary Clinton. She wants to revive the assault weapons Bain and right. Roll and smoke. That you forgot this here we are your greatest players this little coordination of the Hillary Clinton. The Supreme Court is wrong unless our amendment. The Supreme Court is wrong in the Sacramento lawyer said the you have an individual right to keep him here. Why do we are alive with your progress and here we are we are actually in the yeah. At that. Lobby area of the Centennial gun club in Denver Colorado and some to Colorado actually. Then we are held a little bit technical issues that's why we're coming into your late but I'm glad that we will join you here it is. What is your beer dinner I guess it's like seven point. It's a cool event this is one of those I don't country clubs took me right now is of course than on the show or number times Michael Bay in my body partner. I'm doing great it's always fun to be on the show it is this is though the strike your back you're. This is right in my backyard except I can't afford places like because I go out of the woods achieved after that it really is that rumors they go to caucuses hi this is high and this is to me it means now. This is on par with any of the top country type club ranges I've been at in the United States it's just beautiful. It. It's amazing place 5000 feet of retail lots of rain Jews and then she that the executive barrier in the back which like ten grand to join them but they also let every gun on earth here shall there that's very good this they're that I drew Rebecca army and then no matter what Jordan and FA class three they've got to hear you can shoot. 12 judged against them worship deliberately retail area. This obviously they've figured out what you and I've talked about for some period of time which is it's families it's women it's everybody. As long as you understand how to market to them and supply them what they want to make it a wonderful warm. Who barked that has always been the case went. And we hear the problem is as we as a culture been very slow to learn that we're reelect the single wide in a burger there now that a Major Garrett junior racetrack I I know how a couple of years ago I went to the only shooting range that was in Manhattan and I actually shot here in the seventies when I live in Manhattan life and they hadn't actually changed the carpet. I. And like we were having trouble getting women in a secure consider changing the coach could you imagine why you are exactly right we're fortunate here because there's no going on here Embraer remarks and then. Your that you. Take the ball and run within explain what this whole thing year. Well it if I think it's something new under the sun message you UN high over the years we both talked about the fundamental problem we have in the shooting sports. And that's the wide into the final who you know the shooting sports as thick as they as they age as to who work. You Mario look at music that well Cutler matured got our first out there on the show we war mr. security unfortunately. But the key is to get more people machine sport right Outdoor Channel in Karachi sports entertainment 1 morning will compensate. I got a call list it can we do American Idol with guns. And hi I sit well yes she can't but it costs a lot of money is good news but it is a rare currently. And they responded mr. Conte has a lot of hope that well decades to come down to Denver little girl let's talk we put together the concept of a competition for amateurs right American marksman we're looking for the American marksman. We start out qualifying people on when he tees and we moved them up through the ranks. But the key thing is amateur amateur amateur. Most people who you know if you could put it to match for you go to an IEP match her heaven forbid you go with three guns right. And you see the skill level of those people. You go home and you take it needing. Fifth and Erica yeah I'm never gonna be able to get from where I am to where they are right and so we could differ per chip I'd really like her for you are. We want you come in and shoot these qualifiers and then we can tell you where you rank anywhere in the United States. Right we're gonna move you up we can do via the regionals and finally there's going to be competition at that spectacular range at Talladega. The raiders the outrage it is incredible learning atmosphere so we're gonna do actually a week of finals the year where we nearly down to come up with the American marksman. I think out you know we we certainly followed a model pop shop jerk but from our standpoint. Passive from the very beginning no tomahawks. You don't know sling shots known knife throwing word your in this nothing goofy nothing goofy you wanna give guns to guns yes. And and I'm Niemi the fact that debt down cranky and Outdoor Channel. Sportsman our whole group I forget now that we're group threatens so many years competing in sports news channel and now want with them on. Good now. But there are enough to meet what we're gonna end up with the news is a lot of new people coming into the shootings which was when they come off this they're gonna go. Competition is fun. Well it's it's like a horse that people try it the go hey this is gonna the world. We don't do it because it's not right we're not doing it because it's like punishment is not on work release that are anything but the good you know you can particular started you know if if the first person EC runner stages Daniel Horner who. Really you don't need to back Peter you're a ten minute user applaud that you're to go home and not even know what that guy does are not sure what to ideas. I don't know what there was portal Flickr might reflect awkward record all the Michael Bay were at the computer gun club and it is it truly is one of the country club shelters like Jordan is 8:6 o'clock and 866. Doggone good this is gonna talk. Pan. It's a privilege that never. Better late than never is always good television that's all that was left. Does that always like to go to work Europe's aggressive lately is long time really excellent. That that that's where the super stroke like the greens wrong time for. A quick television thing fact or could be your stocks are remarkably your brother way fears back where we're filming out we got purple. Because we just got new cameras and they just downloaded new firmware to them and my video are gophers couldn't turn them on. And in the middle of like trying to work with him with all the people there in the stage right lights and stuff he goes it's over army at war. Looking outside it's a never panic in front of the clients. That we had the week we got started a little bit late today that we are music to your gun club isn't well I guess that figure Colorado Colorado with a beautiful Centennial guys that are just just us south of Denver proper depth than. Gorgeous no well there at the moment so. It's still winter comes early stays late comes early states I just like Jeremiah Johnson you know very girl I zero mom march is a wet muddy month. Much loved by. Farmers. Farmers I would like America Marshal program this year American Idol with guns and it it is to me yeah. A dream come true be able to put together a program that brings all these people hand. Hum people who would not normally get into competition shooting because once we can set the hook. If we can just set the hook in we're gonna give somebody a lot of money postal worker really you think you're going to qualify for the district you can actually do the shooting competition you're part. Or in the country all around the country rank just if you're further details as to be divvied Evian dot am AM marksman dot com via marksman dot com and ranges we've got rain just signed up all across the country and more coming in every day now we're getting started right basically you go winning and you pay a little entry fee and you shoot against a standardized target issue with either 22 pistol or 22 rifle goes and it's really simple. And by the time ideally by the time you leave the range we won't know where you ranked nationally. Now you have to be at the top to get into the finals or is this going to be could look at people through. Different Borough. Oh where we're taking people through a lot of different era guidance again and we have some surprises I don't have and always with our emergency caloric. When you move up to the next step in a goal in a year or maybe no more than two years we wanna have a state championship in every state swing we wanted to do that this year anyway that are hit between her legs and breathe into banking insurance Stanford drew what do you think figures with just one step at a time you're one step at a time we'll have regional and regional matches and in the finals. And the key thing is if you start out on 22. Right but as you go up we're gonna give other challenges for her we're gonna give you the gun and we're gonna give you the coaching. Sorry for I think you've hit on each issue she did a 330 it'll Pruitt at 600 yards and and he can't even spell who right. But I'm pretty sure that Jerry Mitchell and they're good god you guys could actually do this when we hand you could think he can teach we will will make sure that nobody can get something it's at. I've never even seen this okay will this system this is the man this is the woman right who knows how to do it they know how to teach they will bring you to a level. Enemy who concert it's it's really neat coming now are more pass a man whose son. A world class three gun match match designer match match rector for the and it's a separate part two worlds tour in chips right. He is designed all the courses mark I've been working together on twenty years. So. When does this mean we're going to it's competition and it's also a television show. Yes so when does the show started here would you start shooting which timeline on this right now we'll probably be doing the the finals in the summer this year is about eighty year. Good this year as the years that that I said it's critical to have of the eighty year. Because half of everything you do is going to fail. And I know that hell I'm sort of whatsoever. Who will find that out right Abul however championships in in the summer and that's what we'll start filming the great. Our this year initially were gonna do one hour special. Or champion good figure out next year rhetoric really over the heart so make sure all the bugs are out there yeah that's right got to. But and then next year will look at a series of good because when we wanted to news obviously. The outdoor sports and always hopper sportsman's group. We've never had this kind of coverage you know we have out per channel we have sportsman channel we have all the magazines growth of the web sites. That perhaps we never had. Initially in the shooting sports we have never had that kind of reach right and for the first time that we've got that kind of reach essentially it's like we got a machine. What can the machine do not think the machine can take shooting ports to a new level. Then no one would you have been watching for a while. And frankly. Sometimes try to explain it to the industry even is that. Interest and shooting is broad. Amber and assistant did a survey for your ego only to have the women surveyed said that they would go shooting if only someone would ask the correct. Absolutely powerful is that end the problem is getting people to pass yes and you know we've always had a problem is we we. Because we're we're because we're at war all the time. You were sort of like the Israelis there's never a morning when somebody is trying to put us out of business break in as a consequence you tend to become insular. What do you do go to Q do you know OK they're good they're they are. They are in fact trying to figure guns away absolutely every single day. There are people who try to marginalize us every single illegal thing and so you do kind of get that bunker mentality. It's hard to open up a semi resorts or lose myself to the world. We're in you know the people are gonna come up and punch in the notes and you know that that when you reach out a certain number of people if you reach out to we're going to say. Are you crazy guns are you nuts right oh yeah you're actually gonna bring kids in let them do this student that's actually right at your dirty bird you'll gonna do that. You look at that those states where it gets like a crisis if you have a thirteen year old with a gut. You know I got my first like you grow in the south like MI for shock and it's pictures all golfers distillate well here. You know group hug Oprah grew up shooting it was never a big deal. An alias. And and others say Roy teen girls are not really old enough that Goran really the uphill except it. He's in the Marines that's right you know you're going to and a top gun and give them a billion dollars worth a jetliner that usually can't own a gun and a crazy everywhere or use they can hear so this is coolest is great our reach its its. Now you're using your built a huge megaphone. So you're going to announce to the world that shooting is Dodgers farm but shooting is okay it's okay how it is it is to make shooting normal. Which is something you and I have been talking about for I win a decade and a half and our mission saver for a everything we do part of it is. To. Try to river accurate rivers basically to make it's not extraordinary. It's. Ordinary extraordinary it's just it's it's the finger at of course you would do this why would you not do this everybody goes that's. And there are tons of people who will buy yen. If you. Well you know first you invite him and this and look out here if you walk into destroying more like this I what I thought they go worked this is not like dirty and did you and smoky this us. This is a country club this is not nice this is that this is a country but we others you place your snack bar here you pretty good place to eat there's you know. Our interactive training facility back here you have clean restrooms. And what justice and. You know you're not gonna get you not you don't have Bubba Bubba doesn't work here anymore right hip my right I don't know it's exactly right and we got into a good source route proprietor. His job is to run people off or predict apps and it gives you good job that Perkins it's probably a good persevere to actually purchase on the front load you know two of the most successful ranges of the country up oak tree out in California and then when he was he stepped out of it now with. Range master in Memphis. Both of those facilities were focused on women I mean oak tree had a date night movie and when they first told me they had a date night it's seriously. And they're like big night is Wednesday night come out Wednesday afternoon. Endorse the long range of cartons and a lot of people with their dates that's well and they got special one person pricing and the range all the parties out to arrange all pay eating candy candy colors thought and I'll entertain fans or gifts. It's Kim rowdy home range by the way it's outrageous actually provide daycare. And it should it's it's pretty afraid you know yeah you're bringing kids because that way Monica come Hutu and so summer's gonna take care of the kids who watch them are you there. We cannot grow without something like country clubs and American marksman right we can't reach out with the tools that we camp because we try. And and night you know house on myself Ken Jorgensen Nelson diamond created. In this is different part challenge right and we looked at as a big into the final and within five years it was all race guns all hotshot people all the tour. Happens we're working metallic slower look what happens is boring place they always sign they consider all the make of racecar and to make it to where the average person. Can't really compete anymore end here on the few guys at the top end up making it for the alma. And they actually are happy when they run off everybody else now enjoy themselves they have arranged ourselves and they've already got the fake NASCAR's certainly there's an a for those guys are jerks. Coming from behind and I totalled sort of their faces you guys are jerks your reorder your running off our new people. And a circular it's like we don't care because if there's you do that means I can't you don't have to wait in line Gordon yacht and four years displays will be gone and there will be a development here. That's right it's what happens how wants transfer present US PSA and one of the things ideas and went around the country apart to clubs and we all thought that they wanted to grow you. Almost to a person they see it now we're we we we can't really deal with the number of people we got here now on utility she wanted to double what that's crazy right exactly talks great talker reviewing your worst to come out. You know and then. What with a importantly more shooters and it will be more crowded and we need more are I was doing more hardware is where there's. Gonna take us to sell their murder returned to just shortly here we're just we and you have more shooters in that country. You have political clout to try because ultimately. All of this doesn't matter. If the people who want to take our guns a wager down shooting succeed in the way you beat him a huge numbers numbers numbers numbers as they're no other way that's all there's a talk with Michael Bailey. We're going to be going down the political trail here shortly telco. Very far we haven't bought out here. With this particular Derreck Robinson to your Colorado have a ball with the American market check it out AM marksman dot com you really work beat this there's a range here you were you could do that. I'll come preciousness of guns off 866. Talk. Sign up for our guns our news. Newsletter and Jordan the truth squad at www. Gun talk dot com. Now back to guns are with The Washington Times opinion page regular contributor John Grisham. Publish your fifty. You really miss it. We really gripped him because you're the break. Michael Bay to sit over here he's demonstrating his draw from his goofy silver holster thing he's got here. What I hit it off my shirt this so there's give that there's actually a moment where you know the world stopped I think that's a the fifth time fifth or third outlook because because you know injured my knees in that beyond outgoing U six months of rehab. Was when I had a gun on my hip yet. It would unbalanced and there's that fear falling well he's not sure you that a governor here. I have had back problems from Carrie you're gonna quietly and so who if distortion Reebok and I go to a smaller gun oral or go unheard of for a period. Only two or three weeks of that in the chiropractic work. But in 2000 gun on your hip thicker figure like slightly like 4 o'clock position which we are going to carry it. That's better for your back while things. I've found is that you know over the years with this defense and we don't like nineteen years of this defense. People who had were challenger disabled were injured has said to me you guys are doing it but you're not getting it right he took me going to six months of rehab it's like. We don't understand the fear following me don't understand. You know how many I've taught for years to getting off the X in the right in any direction off the X what happens when he came to Buffett groups of humor. And we found I failed to shoulder hosted is a fundamental primate move which is startled that your refuge yes under your jacket like answer the longer you wait a minute with a shoulder holster all I have to do the hand reach over underneath the caring garment and it's fair bet deal you're there in your entire LCR nine millimeter because I think it's the finest nothing ever made by man on earth he got to try to threes 32 recent federal. I got one at home I will try try. They got like about a shoot 32. Or extra 32 A Smith & Wesson won't. It's like you tweet Tuesday and then you get to practice in the deeper and then there for Baldwin is perhaps it's Richard zednik it's unbelievable that's pretty jacked up got a handle children posters seuss' Kindle is not an advertiser right and he's such a small shop you'll never advertised. But what he did it he was challenged by one of those federal acronym agencies decades ago. To build a shoulder hosted that they can Wear under talks orbiter and that's what this is it's an odd draw you push up slightly and rotate. Clock aching or clockwise and it'll pop the gun right now but it'll concealed under anything. And now it's it's pretty neat thing pilots are gonna call her ray were to go talk to seize colder from the Brock say race are you doing. I thought no real saying be careful what you wish for you may get it. We they had that with so bottle. I have some family connections to some business with him because of what our relatives who is that the cease used to be is primary contract with the concrete and sand in the New York area. And he says watch this guy because you fight it even though autumn it's a leather that it's interpret the spirit deeply but he won't care. And you know he's he's he's that type is that much of I was sharp edged dealer. What are probably about the note opens will be surprised that Donald Trump is a dealmaker and he's gonna take as far as you can go to get an edge of an advantage that. That's where it doesn't business and that's what he does. Question how. What is there is that he has expiration date on the largest position. You're right now he's also gotten an epiphany are gone thanks to his son how long that lasts. What it comes to getting something he wants to congress how quickly he would tell us now as those ten crew was. Oh it's rock solid. You know that really not note that no war we're saying it is no carpet at the bracket this year which. Carlos earlier talks are all Michael Flickr like pockets you got. Take on this but I do like this whose line we're here you have an expiration date artist physicians and euros are spent some time with Don junior the NRA show Leno stronger Jim Donald Trump junior. We talk about doing episode shooting gallery were talking about going to Africa because they'll use any excuse to go back yeah we're. But I think the key things this is our ray before the campaign it started so. Let's talk and a Don Don junior and we were we were just kind of talking gun power so to try to and I think you know I got some issues with your dad. And he goes listen mean Eric said get down and we had to come to Jesus meeting. He said over the course of a month we said dad down and said look you are simply wrong. And I think he buyout and and he goes absolutely he knows the problem is with my dad. He got to sit him down and he got explained it and he got to talk about what's important why it's important. And once he sees that. And he's perfectly willing to change his position on his car and now you know I heard trump also say over and over again that his two sons and his daughter. Are his most important advisors the people he respects more than people which is as it should be moved. But now blood thirsty soldier big time of the guns big time homeowners there and they are taking heat for and the key thing is you know tunnels that the way they got into talking to him. Is that they started taking heat from an anti hunting career rocker and she's vicious heat from the anti hunting crowd and trump trump the senior. Supported him unconditionally and refused to back down and that's when they said we gotta talk. Cock you know welcome to the war we're in the war and you need to understand the war. Yeah. I know of Donald Trump the candidates support the assault weapons ban so called solar. But don't tell you there about four people who did who then later on discovered hey that's not what I thought it was but more than that. That's not what they told me scratch. Build a lot of end up feeling betrayed. Thursday were bet you'd like to. And I think if you look at the position paper Donald Trump put out on the Second Amendment could Britney you can read. It's everything that I would want in a busy and yes Ted Cruz is rock solid no doubt but. Yeah I know but but don't look. We are in carnival world right now. The justice is the goofy this strangest. Thing going on I don't know what's gonna happen with this guy at the Republicans. Warning to try to. Basically stopped truck. Yeah hours explained some of those listed actually after that your future governors to. Probably half a Trump's support. Is not people who think troopers great. It's just that they hate hate the Republicans and Democrats they hate Washington he's the guy that's not bill. And they pizzeria but he says all the stuff he's worth. They don't care because you know what his primary qualification is he's not you know not. You know something you said at the end of the last segment we talked about numbers numbers numbers. And the problem for me has always been that the gun culture us. We're the crazy uncles in the closet and the Republican Party goes just opened the closet door and says we unconditionally support the Second Amendment. Until we get elected in and then we don't to a dampen your because we go to go to court which are alternatives are altered take this for granted in. You know. Racecars that work it's not that we don't trust the Republicans. We got we trust them to screw us warn more time like they always think I spoke wants to. Congressional sportsman's committee. And while I was out there I had a whole nice pot plants and everybody up and only if they were a 100% for more wetlands for docs. In when asked her to park at I tossed my speech in its atlas and how I need to be clear here. And meet you gentlemen to hear me very clearly. Said I don't give a damn if every duck in the world self explodes and that includes Daffy. I'm here for guns. Nothing else that guns and so far you've home you're saving way in which. That's very slow over the web wonderful work but you're not telling me what you're doing for me in for the constituency that I represented. Hold up our hero to a quick break your car with Michael Bane we're talking a bit more in detail about this election and what it means and and kind of archaic because. It's beyond weird but there are some hopes to look at you can you can look at your PR start to understand this we'll be right back with more gun talk. Our doctor Michael Kramer yes it took her gun club in Centennial, Colorado. I'll probably check it out the American marksman program via marksman dot com. You can actually go and shoot this competition. Britain humor of the country which is a very cool deals that all the Webb's New York Rangers there and by the way if you're shooting range you'll want to get involved in this. Then you can go be a martian dot com also. Because you may want off the chart and it brings in more people really didn't people and that's what shooting range is neat that's the audio what we only we need these numbers which brings us back to this election politics you know politics are about. I hate politics. Well except that politics is how things happen it's it's like saying you know portal in the football game but I really don't like to get hip. Yeah how soccer sorry you you don't get to play on those rules and and it said that. What's it is you claim you made you may pay no attention to war that war pays attention to use this. Are you don't have that choice we don't have a choice in America anymore I honestly believe Tom we're down to it. I believe we have. To borrow from Lord of the Rings I do believe that Phyllis shipment of America is on us on the night stage. And all we have to do is wait one simple mistake and we're done. You know it's not just the Second Amendment there's there's nine other ones yeah all. It's Supreme Court it's the Supreme Court and bring our or are you actually more of this whole plan. And built Obama looks jackets and forget the presidency to Supreme Court because all he can't really do anything without congress don't worry about I don't know out. Only deduce. Stack the Supreme Court and that's not like a four year or an eight year deal that's why 123. Journal racial audio and the thing. If winners supreme court for. Thirty years. It's gone forever in the United States as we know it. It's gone it's gone forever. Mean the heat the liberal attack he's not just been again throughout the oppressive attack is not just been against the Second Amendment. But it's a bit against ruthless attacks against due process moved and due process I actually went when I was in London I went to the British Museum. To see the magna cart because buried in the Magna Carta is the first. First hint of due process the first hint. Bet you ever write Frazier peppers yeah right you have a right to know with the charges. Portrait trigger or to your point there are actually laws being introduced right now that say. If you are accused of a crime you lose your gun rights that are not convicted accused occurs a restraining order if someone accuses you domestic violence. You're not aware wait till you get convicted on on another articulate gonna come in your house take your guns at that point. And EC data on group process unknowns on college campuses where due process is a joke here so we you know what we look at deal actually I don't think that com Cathy thought Contra report okay. I can't treat senator Curry's brother if you're listening. You have been a warrior for the Second Amendment you are true constitutional as you're a man of god a man to be respected the brother it is time for you to make a phone call. You need to call mr. trump and you need to say why am why don't I be your vice president and in the deal is insistent if there's an opening on that Supreme Court. You'll put me at those justices are all there will be openings maybe three here and if mr. cruise senator Chris who's willing to make that call. There's no way either Republicans lose it is a monster take. You'd be able to draw him in conservative she be able to drawing and across the board. Yeah idea of stopping trumped by brokering a condition you know I I'm sorry you got no more Republican Party word exactly you know Hillary Clinton because. When. When Donald Trump says he'll be right just not he's not saying the Houston starter piece just recognizing the reality that. Half of his supporters will walk. Are you. Not just walk away from this election that's been deeply understand. They'll walk away from the public and our own theory furious they won't vote and they will not vote Republican. That's hard for a lifetime. They and and you know we we need the house we need the senate and we need people in the house and the senate to actually do something. Learning from our standpoint it's it's you know having traveled like kiwi traveled internationally a lot. You know I've traveled in the third world of travel to socialist countries. And what I found is is is whether it's at a dictatorship or socialist country there's always class of people would have that got you by the lake. You can and when I look at Washington now look at the people that we sent there. They seem more concerned about the doctor by the leak who then they do about us the people you know who who actually winning and it strikes in the global. That's everybody DC right now and that's why. That is why there is that don't try because the American voter Democrats. And Republicans are like Democrats or vote for program. And they're not saying we think he's the best guy in the world they're really not they're saying he's not you guys end. It's pretty much that they got contacted by the huge upper cut back a buddy in the BC says we got stuck truck because. You're he's going to blow up Republican Party. Jim silent mutual or destroy everything its workers who were questioned Jim's son James where are you still there egyptians. I'm Stewart Peterson so that I disagree with you know a capella to all of them so that's where we are it. That is where we are. We've we have we have been lied to and lied to and lied to him like he's. We are presented with Romney and McCain who are anti gun and we were told sucking up and we get. There and they lost. And they lost. It and I mean there we have some of our guys just overall book Obama Huckabee that bad okay ball it is the Supreme Court the hall at this. And if we lose a bit different if we lose this election. We often times we'll really 866 talked this is dunhill. How I told Michael Bay about welfare of the future here in the future of the country error. More shooters now than ever you've got Ruger yourself to be and go into one year and it's it's quite easy people to whatever they gamble we're sure. It already shot at all walks through you know heart and people don't actually believe it when you tell me it's like no because what happens is gun culture version 2.0 we're not talked about. Are they actually shoot this is and they came in May actually start buying me and my father I had one box of twenty rounds of 3030 that he got a five years of turning out and yes. And now married to Barbara fire mortar rounds in the morning it's just that's a good day yeah now panels but is the biggest year for shooting sports growth I think that we've ever seen and and aren't you know like I'm a big fan of big proponent not just of training bit of competition yes. Because when when you step out there there's a buzzer what they say you may have a plan but your plan vanishes when the buzzer goes off. And what you choose your handle your gun a lot more you're handling under the supervision is safe important people who care who perished or get involved in competition. Because you need to be able when with a gun handling skills. Their wholly dependent on how much can handle the economy. And unique competition you can handle it got a lot and you gonna learn a lot more. About that gun handling and you will senior veteran until people that the girl that you feel your hand as familiar as distinction for your car. You should have to think about it shouldn't have to think about it at all but the only way you're gonna get to that level. It's the competition and secondly that buzzer. It may be false drafts but believe me you know as you'll say earlier he still stress. And from my standpoint on the as the host of the best defense. I understand that if you're going to use your concealed carry going you're going to use it in the most stressful moment of your life. So anyway you can inoculate yourself against that stress. Any way learning how to function in the middle of all that good. First yips group remember times that if you have to lock up the have to work route through the mistake that I wanna Spitzer quickly to the election. But who were your message to American gun owners as we know it was election. I I think you need to stop deluding yourself I think you you know the the perfect is in fact the enemy of the good can. And with this election we're we're looking at Democrat. Who wants to take our guns wants to confiscate our guns wants to gut the Second Amendment. And based on that alone. How would vote for the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club best of show. As long as that dog had an. We are basically facing an apocalyptic situation. Or if you have to hold your nose and drink a fifth of whiskey I don't care do what it takes you could have pulled our level and for resident Greg your friends out all your fancy unedited you're not sure there register I heard that have been remember journal Richard vote that's an appalling number to grow an appalling numbers but it's fixable so pay you to sit at a table. At a gun show you start getting people registered to mean distance you're outreach people sick what can I do the second moment. Purity it's here it is right now you're simply couldn't do. I don't wanna spend the next four years or eight years fighting on what I know is a losing battle. And that scares the heck out of me I mean we fought U 9 AME we've been in this wore a long time there and we thought and we've won and we've won its law. Right now it's usable it is lose we can lose everything that's thing it's unlike the other loss which you know we had a bad bill passed therapy were worker from that. That's not what we're talking about here I know people are you guys to heighten up. Yes so you are because it just doesn't its troops are and what people say you know we have Heller we have McDonnell. Well totally color and we don't those laws are ambiguous enough to be nibbled to death by ducks five and they will be 54 decision Hillary Clinton says the news report got a wrong. You're putting injustice to correct that and make sure there is no individual right to own gut tell you what I will correct it because Michael Bloomberg has all the money in the world which is what it takes to bring something to the Supreme Court heard it's as simple as a Michael thank you so much rural America martian and you marksman dot com you can do checked that out tell more of the conceive. Thank you steamy on an Outdoor Channel every Wednesday night the best defense shooting gallery and be sure to watch got stories we tell my opinion number Winchell the chance Lugo. Water channel it to mom's very gut check since we're here to you for your cable system your Celek system. The net and get a lot of good everywhere now there's this season I give it is that. Chip in my head there you go after effect it would have more guns god. Loved it oh. It started a lot of bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom impressions done talking and it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with the Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and pol. So grab your phone and call him right now is 86682554864. Just dial one job and thought god. Now here's dumb. This is Tom Christians go and talk. Now available on iTunes and other podcast clients and on the free gun dealing a Smartphone app for iPhone and android feel free get colds are now at one Tom dart gun and 48668255486. Or email Tom at gun talk does come. Now once again here's stuff. Are you welcome back to your talks where it's going over your reputation your gun club in Centennial, Colorado. Great uncle he made it through in the Denver area got checked this myself beautiful. Facility very modern. Beautiful. Display area in the Rangers are crippled. Pay them a lot of people walk underwear guns if it could be better net. Or also you can join us he's not doctors gives a shot 866 talked gun that you are just now want calm talk gun. You hear much fun and we have on the radio talk about guns. Help out if you. Come with me let's go Mary annual meetings in Louisville a couple months. I brag about it during a prayer bring you bring your husband. If you're selected if you win the brown Els trivia sweepstakes. To be on the radio with me we're gonna do the gonna talk show. From the floor the very enemy or if you're go to Brownell dot com slash go and talk again criminals. Dot com slash go and talk that gets you in there and it's trivia question. Patrick. The truth of it is you don't have to get right mr. Leonard and oh yeah in addition to Google talk radio you're gonna win and FEM scar. You do get. Your travel paid your accommodations they do NRA's annual meetings in Louisville 83 ongoing talks are. Rick gone and just check out brown house dot com slash. Go talk going to be a bunch of fun we're talking about Hofstra school while ago. And he'll hold hoosiers keep evolving and getting better and more more people. Get into concealed carry is more more people. Our caregiver kinds of guns we end up with more and more and frankly better pollsters the repair overhead before. Then they were joining us to talk about that right now are strict Cooper for cross re holsters are Crosby of course makers have some really innovative stuff out there hatred. How are sure. I am well we just have a ball get to talk about guns on the radio and just. They'll make you visible friends so bad that we're strong we're outside sucker you you guys they're. Every time I talk to you. You guys are doing something new and different. What do you do do you have like skull sessions you guys all get together and click about what do we do next. You know just like you just yet you're saying about talked to your friends on the radio about gun. We didn't go to work every day and helpful we just have a boulder caused creeks and you know would it be walking down the hallway and somebody take a look students. And and the cool thing about 'cause we all or does this they say it today we might be doing that tomorrow. Where were that quick peek you know and to get something new into the market. That we can have a ball we have fun. Well okay so what's the latest thing where you guys who work on me because you're remember that words. Nude this may be so open your your head out for a while people we not heard about it so keep us posted and what what's going on order of things you're talking about now. Yes absolutely. We'll start with products like we talked a little bit about it the charts show are still. You know it. What I say introducing. It didn't take a while they're there's a new product can get everybody in America understand what it is but what videos so we've got a couple of new ultra this year we've got the freedom airing and we get the drops like uh oh the freedom areas an inside awaits them Ulster. And really this pollster actually allow you to. Keep hearing about three different positions whether or crawl stroke appendix or you back in the strong side position problem. And it it really gives that person. You know they dressed differently every day and one day they made big picture in the cost proposition. Nobody they may need carry appendage to help. And grew. They give you the freedom obviously the freedom to carry in any position won't take. That's for slick because you know you're right word or words different course for different events different occasions. AM one mr. Perry doesn't work for all these different changes that were Mick and our war broke everything that's a cool concept. Yup absolutely and you know put the name of that the freedom Carrie couldn't. Could be better with the political environment. Of the election ereader so can you know we've got the freedom to carry books what I'll do it. There you go to war sadat's life. Dropped fly it's an outside Kuwait and ultra you know some you have seen it in. And added on your show many times and snapped slide that the one. The certainly been bolstered that marked the came up with a world now Dutch around in your you know. And in weeks when we took and trucks and some customer feedback and it changed to not just a little bit. We called the drop slightly we changed the weather backer word. The farm actually write a little bit lower. On the belt. And it's actually opened up and a little bit Torre you know little. Better crap they're better grip on it whatever your draw on. Yeah yeah. Because now we are doing they give Gloria I gather were what the heck are we give away. Oh gosh you admit it looks like we're doing or a cup of the stuff this month and I actually just started little earlier on in the month. I think we won we're giving away and perhaps can cross breed vets. We too were given the way the same tip not to think get out. Think that the do you think that the. It's so pony up the first couple week. I think the third week we're giving away five or new treaty signed ankle holsters. And and I think you guys are gonna achieve the grand prize winner in that so last week end they're going to choose. Concealed carry accurate shooter that in the end little packs include. And inside the lace spender out of the way span Ulster combat carrier. And one of cross breed and my belts. Then community go to the go talk dot com slash win. Website. So that's gonna talk dot com slash wind trip hopefully about to be kind of you could you talk directly to customers. What's the mood out there as it relates to conceal appeared to human at this longer enough now you've seen changes in the marketplace and in people's opinions. And even who is buying guns whose characters. Right. In really just what the change and I've seen it it went from your normal. Every day person. Found. What I'm ominously blunt person. The military on a daily basis to. Anywhere from you know it there's as quickly as they're able to legally vote concealed carry. These people are binding on their bar and a mind armed. So you're looking at some states you know 192021 whatever they don't 2607080. Year old people go on eight IE and I'm scared. One acre farm I wanna protect myself. What is it that I need to do and that's something that that I can oil and petrol. Across you know we say we have fun we'd love to take those new people. And then spend the time Merkel. And because when you moved to carry concealed he's not really sure what armed by you not really sure what what bolstered by what LP use. We'd love to take time to certain that it looked just burst. Get to know what they're going to be doing how we're going to be carrier and to really help them make that transition into Jarrett. So how do you talk somebody through sail solo woman who says we're down to decide to carry a gun I just kind of jury feel uneasy. Am your I'm gonna pick my superior class. How do you walk her through computer processors. Yeah it has its physical lifestyle change we really were used that word prosper in a lot it's a lifestyle change. We we find out how these people broke order woman or man on we find out what they do where they work not not where they work but what the work they do. And and how they go about their date her everyday life. And that helps us to put them in the right direction well. What holster whether it be a belly band whether it be an ankle holster record you know Brooke the cost free super that that built this company. We really dig deep into Al they've lived her life because that you know it does change your lifestyle changes the way. You think about going into post office were into you know those who want to watch a ballgame. You have to really think about that entire realm of things. When you start hearing. I'm glad you mentioned the Billy Graham a warm rich and that just for a sucker because I think it's under appreciated I think for a lot of people. We need some deep concealment they can't carry a gun on their belt the just hope for a reason they don't want to. What man or woman who Billy band allows you carry a gun underneath your shirt yet well it's pretty quickly accessible. And here's the other part its comfortable. Yeah absolutely and he'll cross breeze pollsters. Belly band is different from everybody else does we took or. Our weather backer hard tried it molded pocket and we incorporated that into the belly they have so this. This band you put it on I mean you take your modular holster which is a little velcro backs pollster. And you attaches to that belly band and out of position you want to Wear it. Com this allows you to really practiced for one thing because of that pot it is always open and you didn't you can recall are very quickly what. And safely and in the most Philly bands when you call obviously that's paying collapses down though what powers it it's based open. And you can actually use them modular bolster. And take it off the velcro portion of the belly band put it in the called load your car wherever you can put good velcro. You can attach them altered from ourselves but it's more use of a belly band but it also can be used in many decoy. Sweet dog led by information we want a web site cross we whole Sha dot com. It there you go through thank you so much I appreciate it very very bring appreciate your helpers are with the sweepstakes there. The morning you know there are virtues to win the sweepstakes just go to go talk dot com slash win meant. And that W I end of that we'll get you yeah all right we'll be right back with more gun talk. I think what you think he'll Michael claim saying thank. You've just got to vote and I don't care who would institutes and are you gonna vote for. It's that important cannot let Hillary win because she's already said that the Supreme Court was wrong in the Second Amendment and other words. With Supreme Court said we have an individual right to keep and bear arms she says such raw and got to get that corrected so. If she's elected she will stack the court she will undo the Heller decision you'll only do. The bill decisions she won't do the Second Amendment to really as simple as that. And yes I know we. Or whoever your favorite youth that's fine. If your papers trump the trump gets elected are great we prefer a reduced cruise and Cruz secure nominating electorate that's great. But really I don't care. No sense crazy. At the sport I just don't care. You know. This report how many are Republicans are not at her honorary members a lot of them most of them who got five million in remembers really. Or say if you own a gun. He should be an honorary member may John's told him he's got while he's got a great support and got some on news about oppressors Rajon. Hi Tom thank you for everything that you do assert I really really appreciated along refer everybody also ordered the should mention hunch and whatever else. If you think what you think you're so don't. Here we have yeah well thank you. Which ordered update everybody it's. Well pretty much of a greater Iowa proliferate all about it it. Our assay heady epic vault this week and they've passed 46 to four. Allowing. Challengers to be used sure Iowa. So it the rate known as a shield us. It just go back to the house. Yeah I mean they did some small changes. In the inducement grant grammar errors. And they did a news report on it. In the big passive again by overwhelming majority. The end I see no reason why the governor here. There's going to. Not sign it so hopefully. Before the end of the year we're gonna be able to use pressure assured Iowa. You have that just us or persons or general Oren just for her trauma for honey. Unfortunately I have not heard anything as far as the other country. Or could this not only be able owners and restaurant. OK that's next numbers are as great or are you gonna do that. Yeah yeah I I'm thinking good I mean I'm probably going to do that I was fortunate to. Silence or shopped. Just. But now for the year controls verdict in this gets some. Affordable. Prices there. In your anger free spending your money mode now aren't so. Now did you also have a range report force if you are picked up out. I've already spent some make some money. Already Mossberg MVP of the apartment. Last week and and I am very very impressed for us. I've been having some shoulder problems. Yeah and you know they are yeah and actually get done shooting. My situation for five days. From my shoulder get back to feeling. Halfway decent. Speech. Tuesday and shutter it in and my aide. When shoulder fuels shall agree great from the very beginning so there's. There's not a whole lot of recoil there were elation utterly much. Because via mobile breaks as they have wasn't. Until we're a lot of people sales. Issues will. Go work in the rubble. In. I put on. Some what to vote on the double. You know and you know to a lawyer is working nations move. We don't want the tricks there and it's because of the speed mechanism they have. He is you don't want to hold on that ball rule hi I'm sure Eudora Palmer if you really hold down on a particular you're going forward you can actually calls a combined. If you kind of just told handled just a little bit more loosely your hand and let it slide forward I find it works really well the public. He's yup. Yup he and you know well why this could be just what 2000. I've I think that made you were. Even even smoother than it was. One day effort water in the what Iran was its first grade out box. That's lyric really got into 23. Now our. Why is thickest the mulls a break that is the it's to benefit over saying they Arkansas like the two to three is a big kick in gun anyway. Yeah hype I I honestly do not know what the big difference those. Because the AR that I own also has the local brick on it. Big. You know for whatever reason and she did didn't. Well that's really the only thing that matters is it's working for you I don't say I think that most Purdue MVP is an under appreciated rifle. I think you'll prolong come off for a jog and company people couldn't take it seriously as a rifle company. But I think they rebuilt a super job with that that's an excellent. Yeah hype I think they did jewel when I first started thinking about. Approaching another race for the united. I was talking to my boss about it yet he I'd just. You know I don't think it would get myself Syria Remington 700. And he threw the MVP yep me and I certainly looking at a certain. They're all work. My mom and easy at. I don't work groovy. Big selling point for me it was the fact that it accepts. They are. Making. That's good eager for people don't understand you can put your magazines in your bolt action rifle that is very cool. Exactly yeah and I'm hoping this year and over. True true must going to be able to go up to ourself to order induce some per dog hunting. You know under it's. And I told you want to call it a lot. Purchase that was because iPhone with CA RI tinge to them. Pull the trigger and kick pulled the trigger the end we didn't. The bolt action in the forces. It forces so much so just when their appreciate that John thank you for that region were. All right you're prepared to go to pick the doors open. You know we have been gone there yet. Now it's time to talk politics. I'm from Ted Cruz. Who do you like. Who are you willing to vote for who are you simply not willing to vote for. Do you subscribe to the idea that I hear any Republican is better than any Democrat so we gotta go there. Do you say our numbers are gonna go there. They're people I wouldn't go forward walk away from the party. I like to get your take on that 866 talked gonna of course we're gonna do a civil matter brokers were respectful of each other at same time that doesn't mean you can't beat. How we say this. Lindsay after. Four years here. That's a 866. Talk yeah of course if you have arranged report heard god you think about buying we'll help you out there of course the record by that would trigger go to. The dollar through the five. By two or be right back. It. What's your opinion to make a difference. Log onto our web site and take big guns drugs bowl. Www. God god god god. Now once again opinion big regular contributor for the Washington tell and spears done. All about whether they took the clock still. Just in congress who represented different clubs into the hole. Colorado just a fight for self assembly here it's incredible struggle that is kind of the future of shooting range is actually. It is. Mean country club it is huge retail outlet it is massive shooting ranges. It's families every you know we're old husband wives. All over the place shooting. Spent a lot of money to Clark who guns lots riddle guns because you pretty mature and anyone Q machine gun cure we knew that here. It's just the store portable lights into your gun club pick a look at what they're doing and maybe. You're better where you have the may be an opportunity business opportunity for somebody in your area to do exactly the same thing I I think these are catching on everywhere they're really growing everywhere. 866 pocket god that you hear Tim's in Sacramento he's tall and pay camp you're gonna talk. Eight Donna I got a quick question for you maybe let it help out that would report of their own but I've got to wrap I don't rate steady at the top. Help outline around and it was while we keep our other shop and I'm looking for it all around just pick a little bit of the peace Beckett. The migration and electrical and abide by our current water back but they doubt that I don't I don't work much pop. Now. Brit duck boy when he got oriented work. Okay well look over your looking for. Lot kind of dabbled in look at the 38 but we get beat Devin knows that I'm back with 38 that throw that beat. That it when he thought not yet been blocked by others but not there gutsy not the battle but. I don't know if there's any other I or outburst that was the it be better actually very. Or what are. Or. You don't wanna do they are I take it. I think that UT we might be sort of our puppet but it a little bit or Ricci or what I'm. I don't I don't really think people are but. Well Europe has really hard to beat a 3030 or obvious your ball. Reflectors seven lever action there are several blows out 3030 lover actions what lots of fun to play with one of those. Another way to go if you like your platform is you can always go with the three and blackout and at which since you know your skewed maybe 3030. Oh yeah about what does it add up. You're you're you blackout and now you could put pressure on a man Knoll were have a whole bunch for. Bought an apartment itself. All right lets you take care obviously throughout their. Syracuse in Kansas leaves. Comment on our political process to score on me Eric you're welcome to go and talk. You have an N has just gonna save it's important that period. And or somebody that's memorize the constitution thirteen years old he. Know that inside and out and importantly. Worked in the Supreme Court is that made. One of those justices who knows what is up live from. I don't relevant press Donald Trump around my firearms so I'm not gonna trust him around the red button at the end of the world into nuclear winner. I have a question important theaters where we. I don't know exactly how to put it maybe it's where we we after forced herself to be grownups. And make the hard choices. If it's not there. Crews who gets the nomination if it's true wrong liggett's nomination. And it's true all vs Hillary. What they're gonna do. At this point in time I've really been considering go unless the libertarian party's. Okay and what effect do you think that has on the election. I'm not sure at this point it. How many you know the libertarian. These look to carriers are going to be electric right. I've heard a few people lose. But if you people are gone that route sort of. But let it wrongly I think we can agree. Libertarian candidate is not going to be electric present that State's sole. You're you'd be cast a vote for somebody who has no chance of winning. Yeah and you could ever vote for Hillary right. OK so if you're not gonna vote for Hillary Richard vote for somebody else your basically your vote away from the Republicans which means you help Hillary get electorate. Best possibility. I don't know you know our hockey player man you gonna have to have a closed mean for your nose in the bottom urban you know her to get over this thing brought. I don't cure are really at this point. You have to cast I think that we all have similar to cast an anti Hillary vote and I don't care whose name. Is actually our. Just I just don't know where it's. Hate hit. But you know that's part of being grown up reporter be in an adult barbecue mature. Rational decisions is sometimes. You don't get a choice of perfect he just gives source of what you get. They were to take a quick break here will come backward group these into your gun club in Centennial, Colorado this is gonna talk. I thought Griffey will feature to you John Cook to Colorado and joined right now by Dick Abramson. He is the owner the gun club we of the shooting range and we semis talk about the placement group's TV refute. Yeah I guess you could open the dislocation this building a couple of years about a tussle over two years Tom OK so one I'm just asking you four got all here's. It's a fabulous facility that's in Denver to pull for Denver and their surrounding environment. Don't know what people think or maybe I could do that at my hometown. That you really need a certain population base to have a place like this. But you really do and the dimmer population is around for a half million people. And in my job market research I think he knew a market in the post out Wi-Fi thirty mile radius of about a million and half to make it work. Good good we're we're worker where if you're a small slice the people who would be a Q&A place like this through your water or shooters and who. Our shooters who wore an upscale place and family oriented kind of place. In so you have to have a pretty cool to take a tiny slice and have a slice be enough to run a business. Well you affluent few minutes that a lot of it's about location as well then and obviously one. The rules of real status is it's all about location location location. And I would really encourage people to do the market research. Don't be afraid to spend a little bit extra on the land to get well located you'll be out booties veteran place like this while things it was important to us is we're right near the Denver tech senator. Which is. Very large employment aryan Denver effectively is actually larger than downtown Denver. And people think or your lunchtime stop by the way off from work and so we always have a big lunchtime crowd. Paired. Poverty or the thing you mentioned is that people who were coming out west for their vacations. Bought him to come through Denver they will stop all shoot. I would love to have tourist commenced here place and at Denver is obviously very popular. Jurist carrier with a beautiful mountains and and of course in the fall all or why alive and so on and we really do encourage people that are coming through town it is stop Vince is cute with a us. It on other guns with a as we have or hundred guns to rant. Finreg yet figured out you go for polo forum you can try all this cool stuff you you know we really do go a lot of really fun guns and shoot. So when you. People they don't know about this how do you explain. What you have done here and explain how big and elaborate displaces. Well. So we've got sister on the range and we've got so twentieth lanes in this building and we have room to add ten more lanes suing go up to 38 and were getting were close to the place where we need to. Build out those other 1010 lanes. We're about 5000 fear retail and as you walk through and seeing we're just. Really well equipped are Aurelio via text Coca market here we don't have a lot of hunting gun right it doce or under shotguns. We're really for people that are in the target shooting for fun and and really this self defense type shooter. Right that is part of that you also have very very big album of your business is education trying to. It's a huge former business and it's something that we we feel strongly about that owning a gun as a big personal responsibility. And then he need to get the training to do that. We offer about thirty different of course titles here. And have some phenomenal structures that do that this is all the way from very basic care issues new principles like the Edison searcher the first shots program. All the way up to some advanced competitive shooting level classes and defense shotgun classes they are fifteen clubs and you got all indoors your terrain we do -- an indoor air conditioned out of the weather you know climate controlled and it better that no it doesn't in doesn't get dark in here and I either you can tell that you after dark that's important. Now talking about the fan he studies center today I'm watching tons of husbands and wives. There are men and women maybe not be mirrored boyfriend girlfriend could have treated the whole board for growth in dating experience here. Well we do in women are large percent or RO population here or memberships. About 38% or her females. And we really continue to encourage that and or the ladies night twice a month and we usually air we averaged about a 125 women commend for ladies night there was have a great time. But the families or what so we really try hard to drop. I. Really interest in getting this next generation to add to get the same love is shooting sports that you and I have right. And so we allow anybody ten and older to shoot Marines in the course have to be accompanied by an adult. But. We really encouraged that we do have youth programs as well starting with some basic care and currency used to. All the way to we have some of these kids getting in the competition's gotten there are you open seven days a week here where seven days a week in into the evening. The world until 9 o'clock at night while and so nine to nine are typical ours will be shorter on a Sunday but. It's. They were open total body before or two weeks over it. You could literally walking un cute mr. turner Google having never touched the gun in your life. Not owning a gun and to say I want to try this and you have the people who could teach your Hilton ruled guns and the figure out what works for that person. And get started right. Absolutely and we really encourage people to go tryouts and goes before they buy one now yeah it's always frustrating by gun and and a month later you cite you don't like it up so go in the range and try out a half dozen different guns and see what fits you the best which shoots the best for you. The end we have a lot of anchor gun owners of the go to person goes up. Toward brother Maurice you two very you get we were up just more ordered some of the TV stuff Lester executed holding target back you know looked at that. Yep no left here go. Yeah not. You know the governor has had a good stuff it heal and about a practice I was sharp for a while the blonde just look at that you're gonna okay. Concentrate work that trigger. There's no way to other to do that other than practice. It's absolutely. And do it if you're gonna carry a gun and Colorado is lots and lots conceal carry permit holders we obviously teach those classes. But we also teach that if you're going to cure you have to in the range and practice. It's. Our motto here is equipped. Prepare and practice we're equipped is here. They prepare his or training and practices are shooting range and we try to get people to funnel lap together and that's kind of what we're down. Their membership programs were terrific and it's it's. It's such a far cry from what we've known record low of us grew up shooting it's clean it's brightly lit. It's really equipped you do all of your staff. Or sharp people you hire well it's a fun place to come to. You know it's fun place for me to come to worker benefits. And that's because the see a lot of smiles on faces and and her. We want this is measured he agreed experience for rent walk through doors. Does all institute a gun club all the well bits into new gun club dot com that's correct. There you go take a look at you're you're out here you wanna go try this out if you're coming through you wanna try it but also frankly your take a look at to say hey I had no idea that gun colts would be this way thank you for hosting us here this has been great thank you for coming in Tom under his virtual tour of it you can we discredited. This particular sequel are right there on the reflections studio going globe dot com they don't go far we're not just demand it like to join us with your political talk. 866. Talk show will be here here. Ball or I didn't. I love Africa that he doesn't sugarcoat what have you watched part of your family a super Soledad jumpers out of Pennsylvania got a comment on the other political situation. Jonathan masks these days tortured Draco. Well I'll tell you what I've been on 58 years old and I've been building since I was eighteen and here in Pennsylvania by the time the primary comes here. Someone tell me who to vote for 'cause it's over and done what. All right I am a Ted Cruz supporter. And in the past forty years we went person I've ever voted for in the primaries are won it was. Was Ronald Reagan and this year I might have a chance with Ted Cruz but. But yeah. If Donald Trump is the winner. I am going I'm going to be smiling. And laughing and pulling the lever for him in November. Why it was smiley last thing. Bishop because he is so close to Ted Cruz people don't understand you know Donald Trump yes. He Rodney Dangerfield. Some back to school. You'll. Remember the scene where he's in class. And the the professor was. Telling bill all the students about our business runs and Rodney Dangerfield is. Well that's not how it goes. First you've got to pay off the ball sessions and then you gotta pay off the inspector and then you don't slip some money to the union official. Did go to bed and there are you know that he's been there done that. And trump. All right so Donald Trump host the billionaire and Donald Trump the politician. It's like. Art Lulu who was Saddam. Jesse very insurer received a and I feel jet you ought to ensure or government sure. Right. No all of them. Yeah exactly right or Wausau gracing your crews got what you will vote for drop it becomes that way and I appreciate that John thanks so much. We're clear thoughts of Jim and hear from a Nebraska hey Jim. What you do on the selection. Good morning. I really enjoy it last caller. He kind of assess what I wanted to say. The primary is when you have a chance to say despite that person. I'd love it's another person. I'm I'm a crews supporter also. But if Donald Trump wins the primary I'm going to vote for him. I even voted for Sarah Palin for a few years back. That not hit it she ran well at. I would have voted for him on up bad but I did vote for Sarah Palin. The I hear ya America became Muslim. That was a no no go from the word go I mean the not to mention the fact that he used. He's an icon firm six they'll let me is such a bad idea for Republicans to even let that happen. Well you know what I'm John kind of where you are then we're John it is. I don't like crews on the garnish on Parker just about gun issue everybody because there are some other issues that are important to me but it. The kind of had a little slide. There's a gun issues my issues then I like cruise I don't think he's gonna get the nomination. I'm not really easy about trump. And I think he's likely to get the nomination. But as Michael Rains that I would vote for the winner of the Westminster dog called kill club. Well I would vote for Elmer footer Bugs Bunny UPS or or Shia or an extraordinary. Because neighbors a sample cannot have. Hillary Clinton good luck. You cannot have Hillary Clinton. Elected. She has declared war do you. She's declared war on me Hughes declared war on America's gun owners. Just we shouldn't be able to own the guns we do she wants to confiscate them she says George debate and the guns she says you want to do away with the Second Amendment. She says she's got to fix the Supreme Court because they got it wrong with a little subtle cues so epic got to do an important part of every single street she gives today. So frankly whoever is running against her who has a chance to win not third party had a chance to win all four level. They have to hold my coach here that the story. But I am going to pull.