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Special Super Tuesday Coverage 3/15/16

Mar 15, 2016|

Marco Rubio suspends his campaign.

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Boston's bull and those are. Cleaning up the liberal blow out and taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance could come rope puller. It disrupted the press would stick up for. That would would make all sorts of excuses about how terrible it himself you know we have to standards in this country it's very unfortunate the press is extremely. Dishonest. It's created a toxic environment. And toxic environment this allows his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation. To come together and violence there is no place for us. I mean he has turned them of important. Election generation. He had stolen. This country deserve better than that someone who's about to wake up that this is really didn't damage. To be honest but it's very. I think they're both engaging in damage done. We needed standing president who wakes up every day. If I'm president John. My focus is going to be a hard working taxpayers bringing back. There's no way I would. No way forget it but I vehicles. In the responsibility start. An official. When you have a candidate like like Donald Trump who's telling his protesters punched that guy. Somebody was standing up Rendell say some of the I don't know what big company. No violent. This could whatsoever and I value life. So well. Like a punch him in the face. 70 wait here on the great WRKO. Dump voice of Boston's. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Special live edition of the coroner report shall burn Jewish day parred three. And tonight. Donald Trump goes for the knockout blow. At stake are Florida Ohio winner take all primaries. As well as delegate rich states like North Carolina. Missouri and Illinois. Tonight my friends believe me will be a lot of clarity about who the next Republican nominee will be. Okay a lot to talk about jam packed show for you. We're gonna have results as they come in life you don't need to go anywhere else. Donald Trump is expected to give a speech. At his club in Florida and Palm Beach at 9 o'clock we will take that live as well. Other speeches as well so please we've got you covered from at least until 10 PM tonight. Okay. We are expecting some results from Florida momentarily. Polls will finally closed officially at 8 PM. All Ohio North Carolina those polls will close in about law. Twenty minutes 21 minutes at 730. So we should have some good hard results in about the next hour. My friends here is what's at stake tonight I touched on it in my show between noon and three but I can't are reiterated enough. Marco Rubio is fighting now for his political life. If he goes down in Florida. It will be the end of rubio. In terms of a long term viable candidate. The Jeb Bush beat Jeb bit saw little Markel wing of the Republican Party will go down in points. Kasich the polls have a neck and neck. Even many of the exit polls say it's going to be extremely close between John change the channel Kasich. Who now has emerged as the last stop bushman figure left. And Donald Trump. What the establishment desperately wants to see tonight. Is this seat anybody especially Kasich stop trump in Ohio. They want to deny him the pop. 21237. Delegates. So bad it's gonna be big. What trump wants to do tonight and he said it to reporters yesterday and earlier today. He wants that take out rubio in Florida win it. Take out Kasich an Ohio win it. Where in North Carolina. Win Illinois I run the table and he says essentially tonight it will be over. Ted Cruz is hanging on to stay in second place. He also wants rubio and Kasich to fall. But for him to emerge as the only viable alternative left to stop Donald Trump. Cruz is poised potentially for a big night in Missouri he's very strong in Missouri he hopes to do well in North Carolina. Idol he can beat trump polls have trump winning but he wants to get. At least a good proportion a good share of the delegates and Illinois. May be the most interest thing a vault tonight. Because the wage the Illinois system it's that that complicated but if you win Illinois and you get fifteen delegates. Then the rest of the delegates are then allocated proportionately. According to the eighteenth congressional districts. And so people of Illinois not only vote for let's H romper crews are Kasich or. Or rubio but they also then after vote for which delegate they want to represent them at the convention. In these eighteen congressional ballot and these eighteen congressional districts. Crew leaves the consummate chess player that he is. How I say very strong ground game in Illinois. Even though trump is ahead in the polls what crews actually wants to do and frank I have to say it's really ingenious on his part. Is following led Donald win Illinois get the fifteen delegates. But have such a strong presence in these eighteen congressional districts. That in fact he will get more delegates when the night is done because you'll have won many of these. Congressional delegates is sort of Mimi races. Within Illinois. And so in fact crews could come out tonight with a good pot of delegates himself. And if Kasich and rubio are beaten tonight that then allows cruise a realistic shot at trying to catch to Donald. So this is now what's at play. What is to me remarkable. Is as rubio has been hammered in state after state. And it is now so bad for him even in Ohio. He's now at 3%. In the polls. I mean he's sinking like a stone. It depends on which poll you're looking at in Florida which is his home state which you should win. He's either gonna lose by 20%. Or he's gonna lose by 10%. Even if he loses by 1%. Half of 1%. It's a humiliating defeat. For little Marco Marco robot. And everybody I swear do you outside of him as saying look if you loses tonight he's finished I mean if you get when Europe you can't swing year old home state. I mean you're done and done. But listen to a little Marco I mean I don't know whether to to admire this guy or pity this guy. Because a little Marko is now saying. That even if he loses that night in Florida. And in Ohio and in North Carolina and in Missouri and in Illinois. Essentially having only won one state Minnesota all I'm sorry. I mean I forgot Puerto Rico and Washington. He and Casey did well world the rhinos live in Washington sorry OK but outside of that. You can't wind. In fact after tonight. No matter what happens in Florida or Ohio K let's say rubio pulls off the shock of a lifetime. And manages to win Florida. And Kasich wins Ohio. Mathematically. After tonight it will be impossible. For rubio or Kasich to win a majority of the delegates it's impossible. The only way they can get it is doing brokered or rate contested convention. In other words to steal it. To have the party bosses steal it from either that Donald most likely or Ted Cruz if he can catch the Donald. In the second half of this primary. But that's not spy. Opting Merkel but normal normal. Listened to a little Markel I swear to you. He thinks I've Sophie thinks he's church thriller something but here is here as little Marco even if I lose tonight. I'll fight him in New York I'll fight him in New Jersey all fired him in Pennsylvania. All five film all the way to the convention even if I'm one for fifty. I'm gonna fight and fight and fight until Mitt Romney or somebody. Wright's previous gives this to me on a silver platter at the convention. If I can't win it will steal it roll it written. Bar. Plan is to continue forward in this campaign event that my campaign ever been built on winning in one particular state. Obviously you know we're moving forward on the Utah and Arizona we'd love to go on the Utah and Arizona where the momentum of a win in Florida. But the bottom line is that there is nobody in this race right now it's on par on pace to get 1237. Delegates I believe that's the ideal outcome. I believe the ideal outcome in this campaign is to have someone not named Donald Trump. Coalesce the party when 1237. Delegates and go on to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. No one right now is on pace to do that not even Donald Trump and he's the nominee of course he's not going to be able to unite the party fact I think you'll bitterly divided. Ultimately our goal here is not just to win but to prevent Hillary Clinton presidency which would be deeply damaging for this country. So he's not going anywhere I mean even if he loses he's gonna stay on this thing until the baron. OK results well I'll tell you this he's gonna lose tonight if these early results are any indication. About. 1415%. Of the precincts in Florida are reporting remember this is rule goes home state. Now maybe it would have been nice said he shown up to vote once and awhile when he was in the senate may be he'd be getting more votes but let that go. As things stand right now Florida looks like a landslide for Donald Trump. 15%. Of the precincts reporting. Trump is now at 47%. Rubio 24%. Cruise 16%. Kasich trailing badly at 7%. So with 1415%. Of the precincts reporting. Trump 47. Rubio went before Cruz sixteen. And John changed the channel Kasich 7%. So trump is essentially now winning by 23 percentage points which is what the polls hot arm before the vote began today. 6172666868. Clinton is leading Sanders sixty for those of Medicare. Clinton is up 6235%. In Florida. With 17%. Of the precincts reporting so Hillary seems to be on her way to a decisive win. In the in Florida. 6172666868. What do you think about super choose to date part three. Who do you think will win tonight. Should rubio drop out if he loses. And at this point. Is Donald Trump. The man to beat and can the establishment. Get a brokered convention will it fly with you. David Europe first go ahead David. Give careful. What can be said they had not called on the real clear politics web site. Three other reforms Republicans. Have a lead over Hillary had to head. The one that doesn't is Donald Trump. He says that a lot of Democrat of voting for him. I can guess why because he wouldn't lose after dark by six point according to the clear politics average what it's just drop. The Democrats because learned for Donald in the primary. From voting for Hillary in November. I mean David look I mean it's Europe it's a speculative question I mean anything can happen. My understanding. And let's take Massachusetts as an example. You had a lot of the column Reagan Democrats what they really mean is sort of blue collar. Democrats hard hats union people may be economically more liberal but socially more conservative and certainly more populist. 20000 of them quit the Democratic Party and defected to vote for trump. You're seeing many of them at these rallies they're saying I've voted Democrat in the past but this election I'm gonna go with trump. This seems to be real. And my sense David is this now look a week in politics is a lifetime never mind six months so November is still a long time away. But if it's Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. I don't see how she wins I really don't. He's gonna pull away many of the blue collar Democrats. They the that what used to be called the Reagan Democrats. The independents. He's gonna get the white working class he's gonna make in roads especially among the African American community. I think he's gonna do even better among a lot. Analysts. Then many people suspect. Look he's the anti thesis of Obama. And the country is sick of Obama. And so honestly David. I think we're I think trump beat sir I think cruised beat certain. I think this is the year of the outsider. The only thing right now but I honestly think. Can stop the American people from taking our country back is the right notes. It's the Ryan knows blow up the Republican Party with this idea of a brokered contested convention. And then form a third party of their own and are openly talking about that. Or stealing it from trump. And pushing him out of the convention so he goes third party you divide the anti Hillary vote that's the only way Hillary can win. That's it. Jeff yes. You said early today in Europe. Earlier in the show that brought he would have a good night to night. Do you still feel that way and if he does. One. What you know doesn't that. Mean that Hillary's. Has a period it continued jeopardy. I think Bernie can capture. I know people I mean that's such as me saying that the Wall Street Journal. Many other newspapers listening if you actually look look Florida looks to be hers from the early. The early results but once you get into Illinois once you get into Ohio once you get into that sort of the the industrial. Midwest the so called Rust Belt that's very strong Bernie territory. And you saw that with Michigan when he stunned or in Michigan. So he can technically catcher with the delegates. What the Democrat establishment wants to do is then throw the super delegates the party bosses. And swing them towards Hillary in other words steal it from burning. And so if you think there's a civil war in the Republican Party ya ya you you ain't seen nothing yet so look. David what people don't know Bob burning is this he's got over forty million dollars he's got a lot of money. His supporters are small donations but they're coming in from everywhere he's got enough cash. To fight this thing all the way to the convention himself. So why we're Hillary. I wouldn't be worried about trump or cruise I'd be worried about burning because I'll tell you what tonight he may have a very good night. That the delicate task allocated. In a way that. Good to promote a racial quota that. Yes yes brilliant question thank you for that call David look this is why they have the super delegate system. Is to ensure that let the nose or properly represented. That African Americans women and kids would not gays and lesbians I'm sure transgender people I think are going to be in the mix as well pretty soon. So they do that but they're really party hacks. And so they do that to make sure that the establishment we. Saints control. And the establishment. The money guys. That hedge fund guys Wall Street the billionaires. They don't want burning. They want Hillary because would her and Bubba and believe me you can get in bed with them. 61720666868. Okay. Polls closing in North Carolina and Ohio at 730 in about 056. Minutes. So far a very good night for Donald Trump in Florida. We'll have the latest results your calls. Next. Hillary Clinton have been so proud of them they've run into issues oriented substantive. This lesson all the way through. Thanks Reilly get. And approaches have been receiving the same balls. And ultimately we'll come together behind whichever one of them is the presumptive nominee yet. We're getting ready of the DNC needs and make sure that we can prepare to launch one of its live on in Philadelphia for the nomination and into the White House or. They hate term as president. Is America wants to continue to move power and they don't want the device that horrible nasty rhetoric and back fighting that has gone on on the other side and I don't wanna go back. That I am not the only one in this room who. Maybe more mobile dismay. About what's happening on the campaign field. We have heard Volcker and divisive rhetoric. Aimed at women. Ortiz. Americans who don't look like us are afraid like us or people like we do. 730. Here on the great WRK. Although voice of Boston special live edition. Of the corner report. Okay the polls have now just closed in Ohio and North Carolina. Will be getting results extremely quickly. Here is now the latest in Florida and it's looking like a very bad night for little Marco. With 39%. Of the precincts reporting. Donald Trump now has a commanding lead 45%. Rubio is at 26%. Cruz fifty little. Kasich armies. He's very he's treading water he's at six point 5% in Florida. I mean he's barely keeping himself above board. He's a he's having a very very bad night so as things stand right now. Rubio is looking to be defeated and defeated decisively. In Florida 6172666868. As always. You can text us at 68680. Jeff if little Markel has any shame. He will would draw he will withdraw tonight after trump Trump's MI out in Florida while. If these numbers hold up. Official lacking. Armenia is getting strong. It's it's looking like an eighteen I mean eighteen percentage points I mean that's that's a drubbing. That's an absolute drubbing 61720666868. This is from 617 Jeff. I have one of those Democrats whose voting for trump in my own family. I think those polls suggesting that trump would lose the Hillary. Must be absolute garbage. This really is a movement and trump is the best anti establishment candidate to come along in years. Steve Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Chip very creative spectacle is built up front you so much heed my pleasure. Two part question yes. Early today the previous caller I look at it to your show at lowest. It's order commercial break there that new cycle sepia. The fact. Twelve would lose. Like five or six points to Hillary. It well I'd say Hillary still the forward from shippers. You think those voters with it was vote would be discovered in that upper they were. Police used Hillary where are not critical view or that we don't we don't want truck we'll go to Hillary or leave it to sit out. Steve look our let me answer the second question whether they're both growing questions. The second question first thought well why what you're so funny. In order to Europe that's funny. I know a couple of hard core Bernie Sanders supporters I mean their heart cork and they really believe in the god some of them actually work in this building. Now and they're very honest and I think they're crazy in terms of the politics but they're very sincere very honest they hate Hillary. Not that they love trump or cruise but they will not vote for Hillary in November this year as a complete tool of Wall Street. They think she's clearly part of the problem she's clearly in bed and represented the 1%. And they really think that there is up we'll talk receipt that's destroying America and she and Bob represent that and democracy. So they've told the eagle chip might hate trump. I hate cruise he takes it try it rubio anybody any Republican. But we will not vote for Hillary we are socialists. We are progressives. We'd rather go with a third party. But if it's burying Bogle Democrat but if it's not Bernie were staying at home. So I think frankly many of them are not gonna turn out there does not she's hate. The media is lying to the extent to which she is absolutely revival in this country now Steve I gotta be careful how I coach Dennis. Because I look at New York Times when people tell me something on background or off the record it's really off the record. But take this to the bank OK. I've got source is well placed within the Hillary camp. Let me tell you they are two people that they absolutely fear. And they fear it because of their own internal polling. Donald Trump and believe it or not Ted Kreutz. Big fear Ted Cruz because he's a Latino. Who they think can reconstitute. The Reagan coalition. And energize evangelicals. Conservatives and Christians like something you haven't seen in years Donald they really fear. And I know this also because senior Democrats. In Massachusetts told me this when they saw the primary that we had the first Super Tuesday couple weeks ago. And they saw thousands are not about tens of thousands. Of Democrats literally quit the Democratic Party. And switch over to vote for trump. What they said was we're gonna have to fight for Massachusetts in November. Forget Ohio. Forget Michigan forget Wisconsin. Forget Pennsylvania. These are the conservative union Democrats. That used to be and our back pocket. But because of the border because of the wall because of immigration because of Trump's populism his opposition to all of these horrible trade deals. They're all gonna go for Arnold. So she's gonna gold down inflates. Not only that trump is going to rip her all part. On the scandals. On the women. On the email on doing Ghazi on the Clinton foundation. So no food I'll tell you what they want who they really want is Kasich. That's why the globe endorsed them that's why the New York Times endorsed them or they wanna jet. Big one and June beetle they wanted rubio I can tell you this this I can tell you without violating my sources. They have been opposition research file on rubio. That is several inches thick. Dave got him with the the and the extra curricular activities. Big body with a credit cards they got him with the finances. They got among so many things Steve. It would make your head spin so I'm telling you took this to the bank. Republicans gold trump for cruise we win we go rhino we lose. But there who go a long article questioned how these brits they're dumb they're not welcome aboard. You know. So what you speak and I love that that's why I voted for other guys what do you think I'm ordered immediate cut of so you expect that the role that would be going out there Hillary and how does he. Stop so like. Well that's been to me the brilliance of trumping this is to me the story of our time. He's the only Republican. Since Reagan. Who is willing and able to fight back. And fights back so hard Steve I'll put you what I think is secret weapons. That he was a former Democrat. That he was a former leftist so we fights like a Democrat he's like out and urban ethnic street fighter. And this is why he's been controlling the narrative they hate him he gets them back twice as hard. And Steve I'm telling you the immediate fears him and that's why they wanna destroy him now. Because if this guy becomes the Republican nominee's going to be too late. Steve I'm up against that I got to go thanks for the call my god bless you buddy 6172666868. OK. First rose. Hopes coming in from North Carolina and Ohio I'll have those the latest in Florida. It could be I'd be all us little mark call I below us. 742. Here on the great WRKO. The voice of Boston live edition special. Of the quarter report. OK results are now coming in. 54%. Of the precincts reporting in Florida. Trump now looks like he's on to a very big night. 46%. For the Donald rubio 27%. Crews in third at sixteen. Casey trading badly six point 5%. So right now with over half of the precincts reporting in Florida he's the latest numbers. Trump is up by. Practically twenty points nineteen points to be specific. North Carolina the numbers are now coming in. 6%. Precincts reporting it's still early. Trump up big 41. Cruise in second 31. Kasich fourteen rubio twelve. We're just getting a little trek Cole coming in from Ohio it's almost nothing it's not even 1%. Kasich has a slight edge on polls will officially closed in Florida. Missouri and Illinois in seventeen minutes. So we'll have even more results in about an hour really I think by 9 o'clock tonight we'll have a very good idea of who the big winners and the big losers are. 6172666868. Comrade John comrade. I haven't heard from you in awhile how are you. Current. Stimulus camera. Hello. Conrad hello. Okay receiving get back to a Brittany raw and Europe next go ahead Iran. Hello Ron. Can bring I think we're having a problem with the phones here. OK let's try our good friend Jerry Jerry are you on. But I. Let a bit better than just that will outlet recommend that there are. It tournament you going to Cleveland book convention. Yes in fact he was confirmed today Ukraine Britney yes. You but it keep around a short leash with those black Latin out of people on the birdied people she took them so hard. The grand children be born what I hated. In fact ever going to be staying at a hotel. Obviously separate rooms. Near the you're right near the convention center were gonna be there all they all four days. Like you needed to say that. Yep. Fifteen million dollars worth of military hot wearing Cleveland food that is convention. It's more than just body armor and taunts you know you know that. They're expecting big problems Jeff. I'm telling you did they get they gonna have heavy duty weaponry death. They're expecting big big problems because we gonna pull a fast one it's Mattel it's like playing vocal with someone you know the right those are dead giveaway. Jeff. Jerry look it's funny guys are telling me all this and honestly this was our meeting with our program director. I said there may sit Cleveland's gonna be a war zone. I said there's going to be bad ponds there's going to be police officers in riot gear I say it's gonna be Chicago in 1960 all over again. Yep they're gonna have they could have hired he ends the it would AR fifties and they are thirties. Wade back in the background looking to take people out. It could be ugly you know chipped it reminds me I would do with this sixty should know what all the turbulence and everything. Between the trucks. In the violence it would pay its its worst in the 1960s. Jeff. But I could go one step for the F. This sort of follow the bullet got in Soros who took frontman for them. It's afford things that they don't like about trump. He's gonna interrupted drug trade. He can interrupt the wealthiest system. If he built that law. Jeff. Furthermore it can upset the doo wop bully. The democratic voters. Are not going to be is in and demanded the supply demand like they want. In the GOP. The rhinos and darkening yet the money from the big money people from the US chamber of commerce in the corporate yes but last week Jeff. Yeah I think that they don't like but Trappist. More isolationist. He believes he wants a strong military but he wants no foreign entanglements. In need to do if you want nation building. Which is proud of the military industrial complexes game along with the neo con vision no. They want endless wars and occupations. They wanna raid all of these countries. It's steal all the treasure is in net in in in in in you know natural resources. Jeff. They wanna paid for with like in our money that's been that's been going on now fifty years they wanna continued cycle. That's what they were afraid of concerning trop and they are afraid of the same thing would crouse. Jerry let me ask you this there's now some of the results from Ohio or coming in I it's still only about. 23%. Of the precincts Kasich is at 40%. Trump is at 37%. Crews at 14% so it's neck and neck. But Jerry let's just say hypothetically trump manages to pull this thing off. He wins big in Florida he wins Ohio is it effectively over in your view. Yes I do believe it is but it it is. The one thing that's been concerning me is this not to mention this to you before what it is safety. But I if Iraq country. The next eight years is going to be pivotal it's gonna decide the next fifteen years in this country. As you know there's there's going to be a bunch of appointments to that Supreme Court and that's what concerns me the most like top two choices. If that were to pay would be crews in Mike Lee on net Supreme Court in maybe even Edwin Vieira you don't let them. Here I guess yes. He's brilliant. Brilliant. And I would even port Jonathan Turley on them. I really what he is level headed he may be liberal pretty level headed. To ease middle of the road centrist he's not radical yet Jeff. You he would be a good balance on but that's what concerns me the most about the selection justices been my biggest year. Because it's gonna decide the next fifty years in this country if. Bingo much Jerry your look who controls the Supreme Court will control. Really in many ways the destiny of America for the next one in thirty years. That's why Hillary cannot must not be allowed to win do we have comrade John back on. Comrade John are you back. Bat and my friend brother where you and. Jeff Robin Watergate and M I am I at a job and I'm Obama and I lost their jobs. Well we got another job preservation is different nature. Well not you win in the end and and I would like to have played a different original comrade and I'm not responsible. Or liable for anything that I can comrade has it and why do unlikely. I am not. Keep me out and jump like that George. My goal. All we know. Are you miss you I miss you man I really missed you. Dog Britney Britney wants to do something here. Are when you find it when you find it edit I know what you wanna get Britney. And OK this is from 781 really by the way best best audience in the business that. Not blue. Book loot. Well boot. Welcome. While sixty it's now 67%. Of the precincts reporting. Trump is up by nineteen points 46 point seven. I mean this is turning into a slaughter for Marco Rubio you'll while I love doing these special shows by the way. I can't wait for him I can't wait for him to do is event will target line you mark my words. He's gonna act like it's Ronald Reagan 1984. He's got. If it's a 49 state landslide you watch real losers by in nineteen all he's got trump Gregory wants some. I can't wait for that event I can't wait for the 6172666868. This is from 781 Jeff if trump wins three or even four states. All faux will talk about is Kasich winning Ohio bingo because that's what the establishment wants. If he wins Ohio right now it's neck and neck okay my friends. Ronnie Bob Mike Wayne hand I hang on. Now. Do. I blew. It. Old. Marco Polo. By the dog thing below its diplomatic goal I have because. Is that all about though. I below us. Okay my friends. Hearing now the latest results a whole boy is it looking bad for little Marco. Okay 67%. Reporting now in Florida trump 46%. Rubio 27%. Crude 17%. Kasich barely I mean he's treading water 6%. Ohio 3% in neck and neck. Kasich 39 trump 37. Crew sixteen. Rubio is not even on the map. North Carolina 11%. 41 Brock precincts 41%. Trump 34%. Cruz 12% Kasich. It's looking like a very good night for the Donald Ronnie Europe next go ahead run. (%expletive) I cannot tell you what retreated to hear you in the evening. Our group work I hold in the comfort of my little girl news that I would like African gray yet silly debate fairly so. In the background on eight he talks as well sure I do Jeff it's crazy. It's crazy. But hey you know. Mark I know Lou well I was gonna get dominated so badly tonight eastern Arctic changes Linda Marco Rubio. Let that coach. Everybody has his buddy can you hang on him and get all the calls I got a heartbreaker at 5850. I don't want a bull there's not a lot of rushed this continuing on they'll after the break. You got to thank you so much a write my friends. Caught the polls are gonna close in Illinois and in Missouri. So we'll get a lot more results I think we'll know pretty much by 9 o'clock. Latest results right year. More with your calls don't touch that guy. Eight OK here on the great WRK. Also voice of Boston's special live edition. Of the corner report. Okay my friends. Yes. Yep this. Yes. It's now official in Florida. Rubio. A lift old mark goal mark called bot I missed Sarah Bob Dole. Gold download truce they know it's been meet tall. It is now official. Trump how has won Florida up. It's about 7577%. Of the precincts reporting. It is a crushing dominating victory. Almost twenty percentage points. What Timmy is incredible. And I wanna get to Ronnie and the other callers and a second but you see pictures now of the rubio headquarters. And there are jubilant. I see guys with cowboy hats they're pumping your fists in the air rubio is going to be guys expected to come out and speak shortly we're gonna carry that life I you got here it is the believe it. How he's gonna spin this one. But I'll wait to hear that one. I trump is expected to speak at about nine usual obviously carry that live as well but it is turning into a great night for Donald Trump. North Carolina trump. 40%. Cruz 34%. Kasich distant third 13%. Missouri the initial results cruise was expected to do well there. Still very early but cruise 43. Donald Trump 40%. Kasich 10%. Illinois trump 38%. Cruz 34%. So it's still very close and Illinois and early. There shock. Is now what's going on in Ohio. About eleven sorry yes eleven almost 12% now reporting. I mean what the hell happened it was neck and neck just five minutes ago. And it's almost like somebody flipped it for Kasich. It's now Kasich 44%. Trump 32%. Cruise 14%. So Kasich is now up to twelve in Ohio. It was like 3937. And then boom. It just suddenly became 4432. So anyway I can tell you right now. For auctioning moves as one of the taxpayers put it has there maybe eighteen BNP trump eighteen out tonight full force. For a wider hole it looked like it was a funeral. Artists that publicly backed. I mean did did did build a Riley's mother die here bread boring as a mother dire Megyn Kelly bush got a grandmother hundred years old did you finally pass away. Because. I know people that were happier my mother's wake. I mean this there were a white is a ghost. But now own their lighting up now now Kelly Nagin is a little happier Brit Hume is a little happier. Because it looks like the establishment may win one with John changed the channel Kasich and on. Suddenly looked pretty human got a bit more color now Megyn Kelly's got a bit more color there there are a little happier. Ronnie Europe next thanks for holding go ahead run. On the problem just like pleasure. I just want to address the our caller a little earlier there was talking about child a real clear politics poll that shows Hillary beating trump huge. And I'm seeing this all all of over the Internet not heard it talked about so much and I got to tell you just I think it is absolute total rubbish. I tell you firsthand. How many Democrats that I have argued with politically over the last seven years that are voting. For trump I I think they'll let you know the establishment Republicans and Democrats will never overcome. Are these two massive swap simple Democrats and Republicans. Better broke completely disillusioned with the party. And going with trump on the on the Democrat side what the media will never talk about it all the Democrats that are qualified. Like black like Smallville and horrified by all of this left wing violence and horrified by all of these extreme Communist radical but have taken over their party. And made it reading about what you can't I can't say. And then on the Republican side you've got this massive. Orders. They're completely betrayed on every issue by the Republican Party even with control of the house and senate. You know but if they're just so tired of the Republican cowardice and the bidding up all of these issues and also tired of Republicans except during. There's accepted what the media were Democrats can say anything they want and Republicans are out of this absurd standard. And these huge disillusioned groups are coming together. In trump and that's why I think it would even be close. Between trump and Hillary don't look when you look at the open their presidential career tracks. At this point when you look at the track Hillary's taken and the track trumpet again I mean look at who's bought the battles and bought a large. You know I mean you're in and help the wealthy and also. I just wanted to reassure that call it that. You didn't nonsense. Polling he is going to destroy our the debate in in the general like I just want to know what you think chuck I don't even think it'd be close. Are a running I honestly think it's going to be 5560. 554564. Landslide I mean I really do. Running a wanna get your take on this sure 75%. Of the precincts reporting in Florida it's decisive now trump has won its official. He's got 45%. Rupp US 27%. Are crushing humiliating defeat for rubio. He's giving a speech now we're gonna get to a right after I finish with you just the data are just that a pace but he's. He's giving everybody a thumbs up. Their high fighting each other on stage by its wording you are acting like this is a victory rally. And ditched that his supporters are cheering him like he just beat trump ninety depend. And my question to you is this. Do you think rubio will continue as he says he will. Or do you think it's just an act or charade. And is rubio finished should this be the end of Marco Rubio. Well which should be the end just. Well the establishment GOP. Delegate vote that they can take away from trump to back critical. Number that he needs a you know all that super pac money belt puppet in the rubio just drag his corpse belonged to maybe. Somewhere somehow pull you delegates are way you know and that's what's been unmasked in the opening and you know this is what trumpets announced on the Democrat and Republican side. It's just took a corruption. Of the process. You know I just never ever seen anything like it and I'll never let so many Democrat friends and have always argued that. I'd tell me that the voting for trumpeting and that not only that but they're really excited about it. So I mean I I've just. I just think that the credible and Jeff before I go if you think I'm really just putting on two boutiques and it leaves feature which is speech you know. Well I know I want to do you have one dollar and I can't wait for running and I like it what it what are you stayed over a little. Good cook. Burnett all right okay here's. A little better rubio are not sitting there are fighting each other giving. Mark they're all yelling mark goal mark hallmark gold yup he's giving the thumbs up he just lost eighteen percentage points in his own home state. OK let's pick at the robot the littlest let's let's listen in a little bit a little Markel. Scenes are replacing them their pay is not enough I know it's disruptive. But I also know this new economy has incredible opportunity. I know America can't solve all the world's problems. But I also know that when America doesn't leave it leaves behind a vacuum. And I vacuum leads to chaos. And most of all I know firsthand that ours is a special nation. Because where you come from here doesn't decide where they've where you get to go what does that tell 44 year old son of a bartender already bartender thing I've done a I decide. That in fact I too can run for president of the United States of America. From April. From a political standpoint the easiest thing to have done in this campaign just a quick to jump on all those anxieties are just talked about. To make people angrier and make people more frustrated. But I chose a different route and I'm proud of that when you're a loser. Because. And here I. Like this that would have been the easiest way to win. But that is not what's best for America almost lost the politics of resentment. Against other people not just leave us a fractured party. Apparently that's a fractured nation up for the country gonna leave this is a nation or people literally paid each other well they have different political opinions we need you. That we find ourselves at this point is not surprising. For the warning signs have been here for close to a decade. In 2010 at Tea Party wave carried me and others in the office. Because not enough what's happening and that Tea Party wave gave Republicans a majority in the house and you're screwed it doesn't change. You're shopping it's one of fourteen those same voters gave Republicans a majority in the senate and still. Nothing changed you shop at us again and I believe some of that on the conservative movement. A movement that is supposed to be about our principles and our ideas. But I blame most of it on our political establishment. Great political establishment. That for far too long has looked down at conservative of a definite concern it's as simple a simple minded people. Looked down at conservatives is simply bomb throwers. A political establishment that for far too long has taken the votes of conservatives for granted. And a political establishment that has grown to confuse cronyism for capital. Apparent this guy and our business for free enterprise. This guy is unbelievable the gang of eight this guy in bed with every open borders amnesty group in the senate. Betrayed his own constituents know he's an anti establishment Berrian. After he gets is rare rented by Donald Trump all of a sudden now he's the voice of yet the establishment. I mean is unbelievable. And so now I kid you not so now he's ready to wait a little bit as he's now ready to wage and let the establishment campaign. He says he's just begun the fight but not this film I'll let remembers an Olympic like this. If I went one for 25. And that one was in Minnesota where nobody else went door except you want I. There were the state that nobody went. And then I get my rear end handed to me in my own home state by the way after not showing up for votes but let that go. By 183 in percentage points you know what I'm doing uptick in the first Blaine out of their own. I'm embarrassed and humiliated. Take a vacation get to us I'd be ghosts. Who advise. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. All manei. Little hotter Britain a little honored. They're filming grants. I mean yeah that sounds. Our panel with. Books or the it's stuff you guys is going. First Jeff that saw him. And now embargo at all. Another one bites and that's an excellent. Let's you know that one Florida okay cinch yeah. Rock god baby. Okay my friends. It took them forever to finally get out of those found. By Marco Rubio has said he's officially suspending his campaign. It is all over Norma asks gnome us its over he wants no more of this. Humiliating. Crushing defeat that night in Florida at the hands of the Donald. And I got to tell you not only now is rubio out. But. It is turning into an incredible night for Donald Trump so far North Carolina trump 40% Cruz 34%. Missouri. Trump forty it's still early but still trump 49%. Cruz 32%. Illinois trump 50%. Cruz 22%. The only thing now that the establishment can hang anything on these Ohio. Where Kasich is still holding a good lead 44%. To Trump's 32%. And I got to tell you. Because of Kasich hanging on in Ohio. Megyn Kelly almost looks pregnant. I mean she's glowing you think she's pregnant I'm serious I mean I you've got to see her she's gaining from thirty year. That somehow this it looks like Kasich may pull out Ohio will see. But so old and I guess there's still hope for a brokered contested convention. If these numbers hold up. I think there's no way they can stop Donald Trump I think give these numbers hold up right now. It's gonna be impossible for the establishment to stop them. If we're looking at a crushing win Illinois a crushing win in Missouri a crushing win in Florida eight could win in North Carolina. Outside of Ohio. It's trump and proves. I mean there's nobody else. The Republican voters have spoken. They don't want to be establishment. They don't want Jim beat though they don't want Lindsey Graham they don't want little mark co. They don't want John change the channel Kasich date they didn't want Christie they don't dig dole want the establishment. It's a fight between the two outsiders. And frankly it's looking more like it's trump. 61720666868. Are all there are a little upset now Fox News CNN to. Not rubio suspends campaign and see after jab that was their guy. And now are not happy now. Now they're all in now for Kasich there are all in now watch for more Frank Luntz focus groups. Watch now Kasich is going to be on fox now point 47. Get ready to see this guy mr. tourette's. The with the tourette's syndrome vote. This guy he's gonna be on what is lifts his cheeks quick just this is just quivering in just the F bomb may pop out any time Gary is. Just you know what is written Merrick a positive again. I don't know and it ought to go out of it feel look it up I wanna I wanna. Nah I deposited stay positive I want to positive. And I don't wanna go velour robe and let's unite everybody and well and let's keep everybody. United are going to be the nominee because we're gonna win Ohio. We're gonna move across this country with a positive attitude of bringing people together. With our well record that I have both in Washington in an Ohio. I mean look at these guys this is pathetic. So as 978 what did you from the didn't tally looks like she's gonna cry. The call I know I'm looking I was his guy air Tucker Carlson I mean just look at a I UK come on nobody died tonight guys let's take it easy. Nick Europe. Next go ahead nick. I do it I'm pretty good how are unique. I'm doing great things many things you guessed it show in in Britney Italian crew for what that they have to. I'd say up that we McLeod gagging. All right and gag and John Boehner that. Prayer put up a little effort you know a few hits from. Is with you whatever but I'm sure that it's still on them and you know. Does this thing it would they don't understand is you would drive up taxes and today with it I understand it. It doesn't just trial and cruise begins at a candidates. It's dropping crude. Against the people who read you know candidates who are and who really think there's something in and you by the way. I I think you're you right near the mighty. All that baloney referred about Hillary resources was this one Hillary vs that one. I think she's gonna get crushed because she's gonna be hit from all sides you don't go to he has. The violent rubio by the way back what he is beyond me about what all parties now feel like run for governor or stuff like that Florida sure that's where he's probably gonna go. I would say yes city council for Miami at this point that. The other on credit innocent. Who could if you know what final day. It's Hillary because they don't answer garb lately has she baited in this don't miss the Sony institute. And taken away some of the yet the coat the blunt the gap in kangaroo that he you know it's huge pockets Beijing where. I have no idea what that go by it's it's really correct it. Oh nick it's the new look at North Korean Kim Jong-un style the fashion line. I'll tell you that she separated from Brett doctors say yes women mediate. Yes that'll like redheaded one he would never hang it gang you know would belong to an X and everything you big guy but he ate some of the same thing thank. Very cute net 6172666868. Is the number. God I love to see all these analysts on CNN and Fox News. I mean they're they're panic and don't like what what what just happened here we thought we had this whole thing rig. I know it's blown up on her face. Might Europe next go ahead Mike. Hey Jeff thanks in my car my pleasure my. I bet you personal question compact and article I mean I know they have beyond a mile disk clean your means everything else society I guess cargo carrier. Well essentially tied to kids my wife and I real terms of sex it just out of it's Avis. The best contraceptive is having two children Amir does which are asking you might not nada. A sex life just doesn't mean the same since we've got a much since August sorry Mike I was but that wasn't your question I'm sergeant. I've done obviously a little objective view. And everything else this side issue outside and and everything else army. So I then a part of the the listener audience for many years. I should encourage you on medication that good. Out with you about it they are with you as my pleasure as good as they helped you for rallies and in everything out on. I watched you. Handle different people of opposing viewpoint. And I I never. If you ever tell somebody in the audience a punch somebody in the polls or I've never heard you do bunker. And another person's point you might simply utter and liar liar liar liar liar. So like I should you yeah. And I don't know if the kingdom I'm sure you eat you know it's true and the ever thought he'd be put in the position of vote somebody who has. So little. Respect or composure. Before you do the opposing viewpoints. Then you'd demonstrate yourself. And that is because. Can we exactly you know I look for a leader who has better qualities in myself or reload your point I'd go myself. I'm a little short EU might look like caught on right now back. You know. The way you handle other people you deal look at actually of course and you do it more frequently than others but. I don't know if I didn't want to ask you the effort in a position where you felt. And you have to support somebody who shall let out Carriker and you do. Might look you asked me out a really I'm just a really good question very heartfelt question a brutal brutally honest question. So many give your brutally honest answer. This is why I'm for Ted crews don't get me wrong I like trump on many of his issues I respect among many of his issues you know about the wall. Temporary ban on Muslims. Especially these bad trade deals I think this needs to be done and it's going to be very good for the country. I think cruise is in many ways. A more polished candidate a more articulate candidate. A more civilized. Candidate. More presidential candidate. Also I just agree with them on the issues a bit more than I do with trump. I don't like some of Trump's antics I don't. I don't like the name calling frankly his own wife doesn't like you know that for a fact. His own daughter doesn't like it even his closest supporters around them often don't like it they think at times he's his own worst enemy. I don't like it I really don't like I'll be honest with you I think he needs to be more presidential I know we can be more presidential. And look might Wear now. Barring a miracle. Gave barring an incredible comeback by pit crews which now looks really unlikely when he wins New York wins Pennsylvania wins California. Just you know win state after state after state barring a miracle like about it looks like trump is going to be our nominee. And he's gonna go up against Hillary Clinton. And Mike I have to be very honest with you like I'm in the confessional. Having follow Obama now for seven years. For many it's not many but for some of those years in Washington where I followed him up calls. To see the gangsters. That he surrounded himself. To see how he's divided this country. Polarized this country racial lice this country trashed this country destroyed in the graded this country. And now what I'm staring out with a possible Hillary presidency. Where look I had this conversation with my wife last night were up till 2 in the morning okay my Ashton not feeling well. I couldn't take him to school today nothing series has got a stomach virus but I think about them and put into bed I'm with him. Mike he doesn't have a future. Mean he doesn't. They put in nineteen trillion dollar debt on his tent and on all of our children's heads. I've got radical Islam we have radical Islam in all fifty states. We have crisis in every state. I mean I'm looking around us and I'm looking at the economic the cultural the social wreckage. Go moral wreckage. And look like this is my boy. I adopted my Boise. From Minnesota. He's finally goes back before the civil war. In fact his birth mom told me she was adamant on this point she said Jeff I want you understand something about national can't. He's of German Norwegian stock when the Germans came to the midwest Lou that just after the American revolution. Our family is a military family. My dad served in Vietnam. My granddad served in World War II our ancestors are literally fought in the civil war for the union. Ashton is an American through went through. I'm just an immigrant from Canada might honestly but my boy and my girl their true red blooded Americans. He's taken our country away from us. And I look at Donald Trump warts at all. I agree with you flaws and all and I agree with you and I seen him and I say this guy is gonna take a buzz saw. Right through the mainstream media right through the Democratic Party right through Hillary Clinton. And he's gonna build that wall rebuild our military and make this country move again. And I say might Yunnan. If there are an excellent book you're being a lot more access just being an immigrant and regular here with all of us. And I am glad they're always are negotiating and I kind. Thank you so much my god bless you 6172666868. It's official. Trump wins Florida looks to have a very big night as well in North Carolina Missouri Illinois. Ohio will still wait for the numbers more with your calls next. And then I'd be president when he sixteen hour or maybe ever and while today my campaign and suspended. The fact that I've even come this far is evidence of how special America true. Yeah. Age 43 here on the great WRKO. Dubbed voice of bus them. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozers special live election night coverage. Okay my friends it is official Donald Trump wins big in Florida rubio has now suspended his campaign. Britney is tracking down a couple of stories. It's not definitive yet but it appears it appears. Okay didn't endorse. Okay. According to several media reports. Again this is still tentative it's not hard but it's the alternative. But if it appears that rubio is communications director. Is now urging rubio supporters to go in back their groups. The eyes and endorse Ted Cruz. But he's basically asking his supporters. To support Ted Cruz. And apparently I joined Fiorina and crews on the campaign trail. Okay trump now is winning in North Carolina. It's a little tighter now it's 40% trump 36% cruise. Missouri 34%. Trump when he 8% cruise. Illinois is a big big nights so far for trump 44%. Trump. 22%. Cruz 22% Kasich. Ohio only 17%. Of the precincts reporting it's still very early. It is now Kasich 43%. And trump 34%. Which still a lot of counties left the cut to sort of come in with a vote. So a lot of them still meet to report so this could get very tight very fast. Let me ask all of you this there and throw a log on the fire. If these numbers hold up okay hold on it's just now been called. The media is now our dammit the media is now calling Ohio for John Kasich. So according now to CNN. And according to Fox News they are now officially calling the race for John Kasich Karl Rove. Looks like he just got what I just got engaged. Carl is another when he looks like he's pregnant. He's glowing he's happy. I'm sure each crunched the numbers because they needed Kasich to win Ohio. To have any shot of blocking trump. To make clear majority and Abby brokered convention in Ohio. So. Apparently now Fox News in CNN are projecting Kasich to win Ohio. Trump dole looks like he's gonna win North Carolina and win Missouri win Illinois where in Florida. We still have to wait but at this is looking very good for Donald Trump right now. Which these four victories if they hold up that asbestos is Juli wins these four. Although it could change it's so close. Ish trump now the inevitable nominee. And will you support Donald Trump. 61720666868. Is the number Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. Well you. I'm good human. I feel like whatever happened to write. A check. GOP. Establishment. Or are. You like watching your analogy if you. Crude the establishment. Had everything we put them in Ohio. They get knocked out and took them that victory drought. Dick I get up in British. Book and we go a little pick and it went in excellent devastating hook. Because I look at April. Don't throw back in the field. You know what I know you're trip when you get it Gary. Opponent. You've got to finish. Tonight everything was in Ohio in new MacBook look lecture. And what it Jerry in the Lipton these guys think tropical. Gordon in debate Hillary that's an epic. You'll eight weeks you don't light. Week it will. Directory tonight this light. Just entertainment credit. Basic city that will finally get incredible look up the state to Google and then Minnesota Michigan. But you get the book which states. Believe you are you election so late I'm talking about. Party. We live it to the establishment mark I would much repeat your. Well I call you back what Limbaugh. And our streak or remember for local to nice in my opinion. And establish the Republicans have won. The election and AME. That's what I believe. Okay Mike let me ask you this because if you look rubio is now out is officially suspended his campaign. Kasich looks like he's gonna lose Illinois big. He lost Michigan big all of the neighboring states he's lost. He can't win New York trouble when it he can't win Pennsylvania truck either Cruz or trump will win at California crews are trample win. The reason why they're glowing Mike is because they now think with taking away because it's winner take call so the Ohio delegates will gore Kasich. They think crews will obviously stay and fight on. And sold they think crews can bloody him enough that trampled not get the 1237. That number of delegates needed. Now they can have Karl Rove you dream and he's been doing all kinds of PowerPoint presentations on this you know this all the billionaires in the donors. A body brokered contested convention. And Kasich has been open about this. He says I can bring Ohio you need Ohio to win the election. Either make him even nominee even going one for fifteen or bring in Romney parachuting Romney and make Kasich the VP. That's why Romney was campaigning with Kasich the last couple dates my question to you is this might. Do you think realistically. That they could steal this thing from trump. In the convention. In July by having a guy who just won once stayed out of fifty without this thing blowing up in their face. Ger. There are organ reps the latest tool that can do anything that aspect to the matters. Everything they believed it. In this scheme of things as they're dependent tonight and Ohio nobody goes anywhere in into the white host with the -- able article. They've put everything into what they get that big meeting in the island. They didn't kill what he's or street they only got a little look at April or if we can connect with old idol. Wish double life and we can pull up franks would turn out that we it would be a world where do you. Right lost Ohio and finished your right it would have been able Ohio right to sit miraculous happens but it happened essentially. Our fight to get up again this. He's still alive you are. Well well we've got to finish I believe related going to be the end in this to the light of all right we're gonna remember only mr. de LI PO and pick ticket for. Very interest in my very very thank you for that column like as all very good 6172666868. This is from 678 Jeff. Karl Rove is Giles are quivering all I know. I know I I know I mean you got to see that if I mean it's pathetic. Karl Rove Giles are quivering as he stares at the Ohio map. He is drooling incessantly. Knowing all he wanted this that was his prediction to the boulders. He said will take Ohio. And without Ohio. We think we can take away enough delegates to prevent trump for getting 1001 you know 237. No majority on the first ballot at the convention. And I almost feel it on the second battle. That's why he's. Megan Kelly looks pregnant. I'm Karl Rove I've never seen it what it is daughter just did marry them or something Demi should see the guy. I mean as he looks like a proud pop up. I it's it's unbelievable. This is from. 603 Jeff. Fox just said Kasich is having a great night are you kidding me but let that go on line. He wins once stayed out of fifty and all of a sudden. I mean he's got he's the champion we've been looking for. He's he's though Ryan go we've been looking forward. 6172666868. Okay my friends more with your calls. A lot more results. Trump will be speaking short. Lee is well we're gonna take that life. Don't touch that dot. 58 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends and historic night. Trump wins Florida big. Marco Rubio is out he suspends his campaign. Trump is top foreign North Carolina over proves five in Missouri over cruise. He's not dominating nineteen over Kasich and Illinois. Cruises so far third in Illinois. Kasich however husband called the winner in Ohio. Here's what I don't understand. With only 17%. Of the vote in seven wound up 77. Team. How can they already call it for Kasich. Interest. More with your calls and Donald Trump is scheduled to speak. The. WRK. Also voiced some Boston. Jeff coroner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the bill liberal bowl special live edition of the coroner report here on election night. Brittany is in the Booth it's a two person gang is just breaking a nine. It's a two man band is Britney would put it. And I'm it's great to be with you my friends okay. Hillary rotten is speaking she's having a very very big night she's won Florida. She's won North Carolina. She's won Ohio. So it appears. That the rally in Chicago. Where Bernie Sanders essentially disrupted and managed to cancel trumps event. Hi somehow backfired. Against Bernie. Satan I think it's helped trump but it's backfired against Bernie. And so she's having a very big night. And I see all of these moon bats these lemmings and the crowd we will voter speech bowling I don't wanna torture you like that OK I don't believe in torture I don't. And demean listening to her is worse than waterborne dangerous world know Britney please stop Britney club I'm begging you please. Can never under rate Pena breaks your thought okay what you are gonna let your honesty. Whatever you want a paglia a demo which state secrets opened everything. So. Bear she is all these lemmings fighting for us I think that this woman to be fighting for anybody but her and bill. And that these people like me waving those signs it goes moon bats. Now the good Dan. Hillary she's fighting for us I yup yup I ya ya okay. Donald is having a very very big night trump is scheduled to speak very shortly. He has won a convincing dominating victory in Florida rubio has suspended his campaign he's out. Missouri it's still early only but for 5% reporting. But Donald is cleaning crews in Missouri 3933. He is leading cruise in North Carolina. 4236. Illinois. That Chicago rally helped trump big that also blew up in the left space. Trump 41%. Case it's 24. Cruz 23. But according to fox and CNN. Kasich is the one having a big night I swear to you. And Bret Bair at one point was even asking new Gingrich. About you think you're gonna have been easy. Our concept contested convention. Are brokered did you think it can happen now to think if I think. And they knew practically laughed at his face. Saying what are you guys talking about. The voters are speaking. They don't want wrangles. I don't know how much louder than it clear they can make it. And I want to make one final point and then dive back into the blazing phone points. The Mumia. Is now acting like this is our general Kasich is great night. That he's won like some stunning. Come from behind miraculous victory I swear you with a member hockey memory the Olympics in 1980 teen USA against the Soviets. Miracle on ice you would think this is a miracle on ice but in politics. I mean there almost like you're running around a chickens running at look at Kasich look at takes the Mike over CNN CNN where the first updates draw on the full. We're gonna heavily on the phone. He's the governor of line no. He's so post only in his home state. If you're the governor of Ohio and you'll win year old state Ers think it allows a governor. I don't almost I don't know I'll stop it. I mean rubio it's humiliating we couldn't win his own state. What you're supposed to win year old state. And are somehow acting like this is the comeback story of the year. They're desperate. It's getting prophetic. And everybody knows it 6172666868. Let me ask you this. Is Kasich the big winner tonight. Does the establishment now have a pot to a brokered contested convention the block trump for. It's trump now of the inevitable nominee. And will you support him Danielle thank you for holding go ahead Daniel. Hi hanging hanging didn't. Hurry. Well now it's funny everything you've been saying leaked Gingrich and at all I mean it that whole area you. Laughing about establishment. I did could. I couldn't see I think it's going to be Creighton trump in the dead heat and heard nothing establishment. Yeah. Now I already else are you think for example North Carolina Missouri. To a lesser extent I guess Ohio that cruise is also going to be right not states but delegates. And after tonight is gonna be trumping cruise and basically everybody else is dead in the water. I mean that case I had to witness from day and meeting with the governor he at a higher approval rating and inch he would have looked ridiculous. Well given that but then you he has another number another state and I network mentioned. So I mean that it. Going to be really isn't trumpet. What the establishment really ditto. On one Grammy up to questions. Well Daniel look let me tell you let me tell you what I'm gonna do when I get home OK because I'm telling you are this artificial Karl Rove is doing right now as we speak. This is what Mitt Romney's doing. This is what the RNC is doing and they're gonna look at all the remaining states aren't big ones New York Pennsylvania California. I doubt it Trout. I agree with you but they're gonna look at the number of delegates. And they're gonna say and OK if Cruz wins this much. And Donald wins this much. How much will Donald how much will ten. And now they don't give them Ohio 'cause it's winner take call threat we will trump get to 1230 sept. Outlook that the big question. I don't Willie I I need to do the map on the hour. That I'm that's going to be and I'll tell you Danielle and I'm gonna lead the charge on this. I'm gonna give Ted about another week. He's my number one bit. Now I know I vote for or like Donald. I'd love I love Donald don't get me wrong you know pulled the lever pull the lever for that wreck but let that go as I would say. There's going to be a big debate marked when he first and let's hope that does. That amounts to lose a couple more states. And but it appears that trump steel Wilma be able to get the magic 1230 cent. Are gonna ask. Not now in a week or two an area of dropouts. And throw his entire support behind all. Oh what a bad. Him being Donald BP is that even possible I would love that that's my dream ticket they had it never do that I'll look I think honestly at this point I think it's trump that wouldn't offer. I'm not so sure what. Tell you something dying old Ted would be interest in buying all that he would love the maybe be super I'm just being honest with Supreme Court justice. Yeah I don't know about old if they could make a deal. We're by Ted goes to bottle that says look I'll drop out which means that we're not gonna share of the delegates. Gave proportionally you win you get everything. Colonel. If that's the case. But you know listen like is not for. I don't think he's gonna do that now. I don't think so I think legitimately thinks he can beat Donald one on one and I think he'll go oh yeah he's got so I think they're bulk. Biter right now I mean that's how I see it. So Daniel we're gonna show over the next couple weeks what I want to see happen is if they get to the convention. And trump one crew Stew but they don't have the 1237. Yeah I hope cruise comes out and says no Donald should be the nominee. No brokered convention. And I support Donald as the nominee. That's what I think should really happened we should not have a brokered convention because that's going to be an absolute nightmare for the country. Because that's the only way Hillary wins. Well it yeah exactly this point as I'm really really big on Twitter I mean I'm. A lot and I can tell you all trance recorder would just. Stay home in that. Well I don't know but they're. You're right the election go to Hillary if they do something like I agree. So I mean Danielle look I gotta say congratulations. To you. Because it looks like your guy Donald. Is looking like he's having inning I think he may win for ratified. And a fifth one is kasich's Homestake. So I mean it's looking like an incredible night for Donald Trump 617. As things stand right now. 617. To a 666868. Is Donald now the presumptive. Nominee. Will you support him. And do you think now the establishment will go for a brokered convention. Now that Kasich has won Ohio. I wanna hear from you corner country 6172666860. Eight. Were also awaiting Donald Trump his press conference. Gary that's life don't touch that back. I already have through faith in Christ. That I beat president. Club today might have. The fact that I didn't come. I'd be O. When rubio is how. Okay John changed the channel kasich's delivery is. Speech right now. And it's incredible is only 37% of the vote and he's only up by seven. Points. But they've already called it form. And very is. And he's talking about going to Cleveland they want to grab a quick meal a quick dinner with his family. But everybody at the restaurant in Cleveland season when they start cheering and then he starts crying. And the audience starts laughing and they're cheering because he's crying. And I'm looking Manningham and a single Peretz. Enjoy this while you can. Because this is your only victory speech you're ever gonna give. 61720666868. Is the number OK they've called Kasich for Ohio. The establishment is still clinging to a brokered convention. As. One text or put it 978 Jeff a brokered convention. Equals the 1968. The riots will be in Cleveland instead of Chicago. Well that's why these geniuses like Karl Rove I don't know what their thinking. If you wanna contested brokered convention. Here gonna see riots in Cleveland I mean the Republican Party is gonna go up in smoke. So guys and being of this as your grand strategy for victory. By the way I don't want to sound like Karl Rove and when he twelve like. And why have they called deferral Ohio they shouldn't of called it for Ohio so if they wanna give it the Kasich give it to Kasich all I'm saying is. Icy 38%. Of the vote and it's 43%. For Kasich 36%. For trump. They're still in my calculation 62%. Left of the votes get counted and they've already given it to the guy. 61720666868. Kevin thanks for holding go ahead Kevin. Hey cap. Jeff thanks so there's so much for this special program. Kevin and where have you been my friend and artist you like group. Good friend the one thing outside the change which you've heard a thousand times over from most of box. It is yes I want that I have met always that you would end up outside of our. I'll and grown she's every bit funny I mean I've read John was gone but the stepped in order like all kinds. It's portrayed in my arm didn't know wrote another capitalist and I've never called and she hit the wrong approach. Marco. Rubio will be inaugurated. What are not dominated. Living at City Council seat in the and that my video in my yummy I think we'd have done so I would count Q boulevard that. Okay well that's the transient old Randolph. Our Kevin may be dog catcher. Trump says he couldn't do that but I'll give it their ruby. But it Donald Trump and outlawed because that's and that's what it says and that's where they'll be good that. And it is jet that sprint says that jab to almost like new remember. That November at night I don't know 2014. I mean when we thought okay we have it. Salt. Across the board we just want Donald to caveat no one in the I can go back to between mics that might get called up. That you we have sit too well look at weight what to do it feels it's difficult vote to pull we'll let though when he feels that Donald Trump muscle cramps. We've seen what happens until Bob has been in office. Eight presidential candidates. When there was joy I'm actually came up yet but. Okay his spot the ticket who should've been at the top of the ticket Governor Sarah Palin. Let's beaten up every which way in Belize by depressed. Or recommend McCain colonel Allen west anyone that's a conservative. Is just across the board. B but what Donald Trump does he addresses it head on in I guess we actually is spent principally. By what's. What do applications against whether it be John McCain that says. His problem was in the rally idea of crazy. Via I mean just. It's just been on and on Vick every call them what. Staged inside on the Republican Party I am so upset that the Republican potty if it's not in this state with Brad Jones it's across the nation. We are you hoping it is this movement that's gonna take his place tonight it's going to be punctuated by. Those many states in need that I am open said. That they've caught up and in Ohio we ever know we've seen that app and I would I would again. I mean a real candidate to reinforce what you're saying look forget the actual percentage. I'm giving you the vote totals now. 302000. For Kasich. 252000. For trump. I mean that's nothing that's 50000 votes. And is only 40% called. So there's about 60% of the votes that count now look granted Kasich won knock them a couple of Karl Rove here and start melting down. But I mean could we at least wait don't like I don't know 707580%. Of the vote instead of calling it this early. I mean the way they're so quick on that trigger and you also don't like Kevin. It's the look in their rights when I see Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Or John King or. I mean at Timmy is like somebody just told her she's gonna have twins. At the Karl Rove I mean they're practically dancing. On the on our under on the on the best they're practically dancing on their chairs. Oh my god it's not a clean sweep for Donald we can lift richards' goal block from somewhere else away. Guys relax. It's over. Kasich is not going to be the nominee and you understand. This is it he won his own home state and still even by what just seven points. I mean if I were him I'd be embarrassed to say what you want about that gross. When he won Texas he won a big. This guy is barely winning in his own home state. And you would think like this is the second coming of Ronald Reagan I mean it's unbelievable. 6172666868. Danny Europe next. And Jeff are you know what I'm. An excellent marketers alone had occasion give this speech where. The track me and I can watch and Hillary me to do it coming out the other ship all the players stopped. Which you Hussein and it's we there. Then I would like pick out who wanted to read everything she said. It was it was pretty bad but. Regular order mr. Carmen and another irony that you sort of so yes Jerry these acts compelling need to guard should do a little slow. You know on a lot on he lied dish out sometime in about ten minutes spoke to protect like scare. We were you know that you could be like. And it can be stellar yet go back to school. Propriety he's funny and has been on here and you pretty until. Our thanks then you don't want about it I you know it's a great idea would talk it over with Brittany because as you know banning honestly Britain's the power vying to throw. Actually I mean Brittany is sort of you know she's the boss I mean in theory I'm almost but she's the boss Stan. I talked it over with Brittany and if she gives the green light will do it by different. Did you remember that the newspaper copy way back awhile when you're cute look at it camping now senator back that's all I can you get our children little content. Community. Tomorrow but he was like I have to. That was the yeah oh and I was I was making cars you're kinda hard on and you you know I was calling to grow outdoorsman he said that was funny. That would that pregnant in her look like he knows just you know that lived in a party deck and we can all that. Beyond partly arc in the way you're you're funny empowered by. Well. You know Danny honestly one of the things we got clearance today from our program directors organ of being Cleveland July 18 of the 21 for the convention. Yeah and if trump is the nominee and I think after time it's pretty likely there's going to be riots. Characters are brokered convention will be even bigger writes yeah so I told Brittany let's get our hats on. Because. That work and a goal and now we're gonna get bricks thrown out as bottles thrown out as sticks thrown out as. I'm gonna be there amidst the riots and like in 1968. Double Axel be clubbing me. All you're doing a man on the spot report Dan. We have a good insurance policy will anybody. But don't jelly Richard you're an upright remand. That we've all been through their work boxer thank you bye week the chairman. 6172666868. Is the number. Okay we're awaiting a news conference from trump. And this guy is still going. Good Kasich is still going we gotta be positive. We have to unify the country. I only won once married about hens are flailing there's the hands back hands are flailing. And now we can do this we got to stay positive we've got to stay optimistic. And I am a governor. And I've done it here and all I know are giving it all thing and we can do it nationally. And I put everybody together everybody I put Democrats together unions could gather. Republicans going to be emerald Americans are we just sit around the table we single bite out. And we're gonna save the country today. Sandra vote for me. Upset about Dodgers continuous message. Pardon me Brittany. He's done all thank you lord. OK so everybody out there. And our rightness and wrap up your sandwiches. You can come back now that TV. Make sure you that you put the ice and the glass. Captain Phil yeah are you serious. Yeah just yeah we're. Iced its history. All my. This is unbelievable. You gotta see this there's a CEO of content. That or drop in at that Kasich where review of that Albany's. You know when you win the presidency. You know the Mac you win the presidency. And they drop all the confetti on new or what you got married that drop all the there's confetti everywhere. And that's the that's not believable. This is a believable. That. McCain well I mean enjoy it while you can as the only figure we're gonna win the only state you're ever gonna whip. That was his idea. That Huckabee is ninety. God how could be his idea. Now he's signing lot of ground let's supports its parent has come at the Alamo I know you kind of look at you could see the Secret Service guys sort of like you know. Geez this guy on Alvin this guy win this guy I got to protect him. There's Bret Baier smiling here to here a look across am talk bears all and I beat. Off. It's not a complete shot out against the Donald they can actually get one against Donald. 6172666868. All of your calls next. We're on the great W. Arcane old Jeff Horner the voice of Boston. Here I'll live election coverage here on special. Very special election night coverage. On Super Tuesday part three. A huge night for Donald Trump PS one Florida outright. Newt Gingrich has now come out and I think rightly said the Republican Party establishment. Will not realistically. Be able to stop him rubio is out he has suspended his campaign. Kasich has won Darby they've called it now for Kasich but the wild back in Ohio. North Carolina trump 40%. Cruz 36%. Ms. jury about 18% of the vote in. It's literally now neck in neck it's 41 trump 41%. Cruised. Honestly I'm not surprised that that because Missouri. People said crude to be very strong in Missouri so now it's basically tied in Missouri. Illinois trump is running away with it 40%. Grossed 26%. Kasich 43%. Okay. We're gonna get Brittany to track down the audio I mean I appealed to play it for tonight's show but I'll play on tomorrow show. Between noon and three. Charles Krauthammer. Was just on about 56 minutes ago on fox. I'm paraphrasing but essentially what he said is this. If trump comes within about a hundred delegates of 1237. Comes in about 1137. Delegates. He thinks the establishment will have no choice. But to give it patrol. Gary click OK close enough. If there's anything he says beyond 100 delegates. Because of kasich's victory tonight in Ohio think about that. Eight governor. Winning his own home state. Where it looks like what may be no. 6% of the vote it's 4337%. With 50% of the vote in so 6% now. He says because of kasich's victory tonight listen to this. The establishment now will have a strong argument for a brokered contested convention. Why is this important. Krauthammer. Is he columnist of the establishment. He has tremendous influence with Mitch McConnell with Paul Ryan with the donor class with Karl Rove. Frankly with everybody get fox news with the Republican National Committee so he's kind of now laid down the marker. It fits within 900 delegates this guy is like I don't think we can win this argument. But if it's not a 101 or more we can steal it from. So basically now they're gonna use this case did you victory. I as an excuse. To at least keep a path to wait brokered convention opened. I mean honestly this is so desperate. It's bordering on to me on the absurd I mean this is to mean is is almost. I'm all I almost feel like I mean insane asylum is like the Twilight Zone. Trump is winning. Kasich has only won one state. And their talking about trumping the big loser. I mean it's it's orwellian. Charlie Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Charlie. All right it is. I don't all right good future good let's send these guys the Republican Party talks that don't have that. They've got it's I was gonna say now the par to do it. Because look how grateful that I Obama finding the help you get everything he wanted to be thought they folded. They haven't got her out to do anything trouble stop like well you know that's slightly to begin your show that strong step alone and take in all the I'm Tanya they don't have the guts to do it that's Smart that's my opinion Jeff. Charlie let me ask you this if Kasich is now going to be the the candidate of the establishment. Their last stand. Their final walls. This is the guy they're gonna arrest all their hopes on. How confident would you be Charlie if you're one of these big donors. Erode the when these back room power brokers in the Republican Party. And he's your last hope. How confident would you be charmed. Not very competent yet I mean these guys are still open. They're they're gonna pull a lot of under the with the funding and Nate it's all I'm proud new positioning is over they haven't got the guts to do this. Thank you very much for that culturally I appreciate it. Jane thank you for holding going I think I'm doing a site and honestly I don't believe. I don't discuss telling you might know this place and he still boiling up talking to wouldn't they can try not to vote for years. And rubio. Beat Hewitt gracious enough to get out of the race but you know I'm telling you. I'm I wanted cruised to win but if trump is the nominee I may well get behind him I am so disgusted with Hillary I can't indeed I listen to that woman's police. I can't stand to listen to Obama boy is so evil and pathetic and we need to win this race I mean. If he tried to do this to they try to do this to trial but a crude. After winning so many races and going to be a walk and. Jane can I ask you something and attempting to personal accounts let me know. Tonight 44 it's early late at night do you have a hard time sleeping in the argue a bit of an insomnia. I listened to everything on the television I may shook them very well aware what's happening just like to be able to try to write to. OK okay so you like to watch television and you listen yours or your like your bit of a political news junkie cracked yeah. Or do you have a hard time you have a problem sleeping at night that you stay awake treatment is not a problem. I'm awake they can't say I am a lately. But the. Because Jane look because like I can really help you with this I don't have a medical degree but believe me this is fail proof 100% guaranteed money. John Kasich speech. About and twelve minutes and minutes now. Put like a DVR or something dvd player richer I'd get it out where you get Jane you gotta get one that works. And for ten minutes. I'm telling you Europe like alike now micro bottle plunging because it's important. Let's that you have a big day your daughter's getting married okay yeah a grandchild their child is being Christian or something. And you really need like twelve hours. Put a month for fifteen minutes it'll what you went to buckle it. Up. Don't forget this sleeping pills game forget does he sleep hey this is that guy he's your cure for insomnia. Guess what ten not that I'm John basic rate there was somebody inside of the audience and they'll probably protesting against them I don't know push food trial campaign than not he put his hand out like Hitler. And he said. Well in 1970 we had peaceful protesters. Really. It's an old. I. Can't let you know when the wonderful thing I'm telling you you've brought this out in this campaign. Account and and and it truly a long way we've got to win we cannot let communism rain and I country like Islam. Amen god bless you Jane. 6172666868. Hook us. Oh what we put one foot in front of the other. And I want to remind you once again tonight this is Kasich that I will not take the low road to the highest office in the land it. Now the confetti falling. The guy Tom Brady. Super Bowl. And there's confetti everywhere. The idea like you star break tonight. As I am telling you it's. I want you to note the campaign goes on. And I also wanted to know. That it's been my intention. To make you proud. This guy though aren't sick as it has yet mopped the stage now backhand movements. That's like government that's been hypnotized. To the flailing of the bands. That make your eyes. Okay. And then the constant eroding. And got so puts you to sleep. At ten minutes or your money back. Bottled salad Macomb I don't wanna cut make yourself a man. We've been combating. And I want this crowd here tonight to give a great. A great response. To a very very great talent and behind United States senator Marco Rubio for the average. It again for another winner and it's another winner. This is all I got okay. This is all I got an all I can say is thank you from the bottom up my heart. But I watch it and knows something. Where kind of golf we're gonna go all the way to Cleveland and. Local mailman. Ours is provide. Seven days. Jeff Kasich six point 8% in Florida seven point 9% in Missouri. 1245%. In North Carolina. Dallek he's going to be Hillary. It's rare ability to read this stuff that's Europe. 6172666868. Farm you're up next go ahead column. I just rely on Utah I'm all right do you like club to talk about rhinos. But you mentioned the great app Cahill Gordon Moore actually I have to tell you. When I was growing up till the WRKO's hit music station. Saturday. I was up and down dial MSM listen look at what some analysts until I found out stations play music from the sixties. They want song to song streaks and they went to a prime won't WRK I'll. I like this is great. And the best car wise. Almost. Like a lot of them didn't talk too much. March right no no. Oh not you don't post a what a lot of host and a new music programs and talk too much and the call sorry okay going on no sir I'm not an initial audio. I realized I DeVon I like the oldies music format for Saturday night this has a lot of people brings back memories it was. Great but I anyway establishment Republicans I boarded the squad room. Because I am sickened guy I want and I still in second type of standing in the line up supermarket. And I am the only person tanks some I groceries. With American money they all the bloke I'd. And I look at him and say well maybe I guess I'm wrong with amuck by you they are couched in a turnaround look senator Scott Brown talk about Don't Ask Don't Tell. Last week the week before. Mitt Romney he makes a quote unquote major address. Jake in China you know taken a shot at trump. In what happens trumps popularity. It is not a popularity I don't like when they used the word it's a four what does it do it increases. I'm just waiting for William Welch type come out to go against trump call Mike brought the biggest phony in America. Twenty years ago the biggest only in America owes it took Cohen William well or or or Iraq or Iraq Jack Welch. Tom I buy like reviewing the rhinos 1000%. But I'm going back to your earlier point about the blue card the BP. Yeah you remember growing up I remember like in the league seven innings early eighties. Do you remember all these commercials. We accept American Express. Or we accept these are my evil scheme or whatever they're eating at a restaurant legal and you know. You got these are we leave these are American I know we agree that I'd. They are honest we're all we accept is CPP. The blue card yeah she. I I nave opera doc. In their thirties they know what they aren't what they call pre leak and it was a local western states. That people from the city can't she's got a woman from that city came and they went under the debt what most see that a man was not hiding under the debt. All right. This static this ballot that's in a little bit I wanna I wanna make status and an idol. They buy sect they dissect that you don't mind into it and and and stick re all while include the electorate. Here inland. Some months ago we had an election municipal. City Council in school committee Jeff what was the term also vote eternal. Iron what 15% point percent. Okay 22%. Which tell you that 78. People have a hundred or L shall eligible to vote did not. I asked the value. Did I ever since 2000 the army eighteen my father certainly the absentees Allah Allah I told. But this last time between the Merrill Lynch and squat round I start. Voting but what I just voting bloc in the countries that people don't vote no but people will try stepping into. Bingo. Com you nailed it thank you for that call my friend 6172666868. That's why the elites they don't see this title wave this tsunami. Coming. Brenda Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Brenda. Thank you ask for making my night I'm coming down but the call I do sound a little bit debt and an anomaly due to it and I gagged at lunch time that you at a big shout out to Britain age. Excellent excellent excellent South Carolina your question how about some of the all the court that she can dance like a car that we had heard some wild. Conrad John King an hour is always Kapanen. I and they are played excellent in a bad economy and Jerry you like entity gets the call and all the time that I appreciate so much. Yeah. Made my night you and then I'm mad at and I'm gonna take so mad at French. And I'll laugh there a word I knew I could I would carping and laughing at second and the public. Talked about the lack chased off. It's like I might sound lead I didn't think you'd definitely get. The bad smell like I youth that Al. I told them why they are about an hour but I did wanna say something about regular column my age. That was excellent call yet another call earlier today I didn't eat M and between. I act lie and such and that the quality yet and Nike that left some room in my mind I think many college mine you'd gone to something. You know I we all wanted to thank that we got this nailed down. You know you keep well it didn't. Eddie I and they don't want illusion out out power and control. And the money. I'll read about the mighty Jack stern thank you very much you like mad at you I'm Bret you rock you know you much thank you and thank god. Bless you thank you very much honestly was truly my pleasure I love doing these special election night coverages. This is the best audience in the country bar none. Bar none. Look my friends let me sum it up by saying that's. We are gonna take our country back. Were on the march. We are now like a conquering army. And Obama play morbid tomorrow obviously on the show. But the establishment is Mike was right there already scheming I I just mentioned Charles trying to. They're gonna plot they're gonna try they're gonna play up this case each victory they're gonna try to have a contested brokered convention. Let him skiing let him try it's not gonna work. Because in this country. It's we the people who rule. Not feel leaks. Not the kinks. Not the ruling class each week the people and that's why this election is truly historic. Because now we're on the way to finally taking our country back and you know what I agree with a Brittany would all. That confetti now. Let's whether his work and ready the night for Kasich aren't as the god that there was my old wedding. Poppy is they don't violate by government or at the my beautiful wife the grace there was more I've ever seen so much confetti. We're gonna nickname Mao confetti case which that's going to be our new nickname one of the taxpayers recommended it. Britney loves it it's six sold three confetti Kasich this guy I read this is this is the me that. They. That piece though are we see Stoltz as they would say okay my friends thank you so much for listening. Donald Trump is on right now is press conference begins. Big night for him I gotta go it's that's the end for our special a quarter report. But I just watch I just want all of you know from the bottom of my heart. I can't thank you enough for all of your support we're gonna do this I promise you the wrote to the White House goes through corner country and it will. And so. Truly my pleasure thank you so much for joining us tonight. Judge Donald Trump has won Florida big. Marco Rubio has officially dropped out he suspended his campaign they have called the race for Kasich in Ohio. It is still. Very close in Missouri trump 43. Cruise forty. However it appears that trump is now one North Carolina he's one Illinois he's having a big big night. Hillary on the democratic side has pretty much wiped out Bernie Sanders. My friends we are now staring. At eight trump Hillary rates very likely. My money is on the Donald. And I think with a trumped Hillary race. Hillary will lose and lose badly OK I want to thank Brittany for doing extra duty tonight you did a wonderful job Brittany. And I want to thank all of you for listening I'll be back on tomorrow. Knew until three same time same place right here on the great WRK oh don't voice of Boston. Donald Trump is speaking right now Brittany let's take it to Donald life. From meat to you. Thank you and may god bless you. Achievement just mathematically when you can get over fifty. Understand. Some day when we. We take you know they'll understand but it is really ridiculous I wanna thank my family. My boy character and Don they've been working so hard. We've talked guy Jared have been an amazing evolved Islam right now. In about two minutes a call which is about ready to have a baby so I don't know. Sort of thing. We've been thinking about that now for a little while. But Reebok has been so helpful and Jared has been amazing and it's been just great I want to thank you Barry and for putting up with the fact that I'd never see him anymore. And I want to thank Daryn I'd never see Mike Barrett and it's his birthday on Sunday so we're very happy about that. So it's a little tough you know we going away. Because what he's going to be come on daddy what are you coming at all.