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RINOs plan: stop Trump at brokered convention. 3/15/16

Mar 15, 2016|

Do you think they will be able to stop Trump at the convention.

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Constitution that is under attack. We don't want to curtail. How will founding principles. Are being destroyed ten. And boss yeah. This seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's bull and those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. Yes he's on America's voice of the resistance. Couldn't report. Card. Stand up and they'll say something in a lot of times they're kids and I don't know where they're coming from them and they'll have a birdie side birdies going nowhere you know that. My job. Probably given to them by parity admitted the British side of the executive that made by appreciate it made the same side of history. You know possibly have probably given it looked like birdies people but it's a little disruption but there's no violence there's none whatsoever and I'll tell you why. We go and these things are so incredible it's a movement and it's a love fest and we loved each other and look at it do so well. Appreciate your time I'm out resource. I think appreciate. That time. We have to spend. In doing some things don't work and apps to get out front of. 120 wait here on the great WRK. All go boy so busted my friends tonight. Is that night. Five key states are now at stake. North Carolina Missouri and their three big prizes. Ohio Florida Illinois. Tonight will be a decisive moment in election 20s16. Rubio mixes the last stand in Florida. The establishment goes all in furry brokered convention with Kasich. In in Ohio. And trump looks for the knockout blow. Cruise looks to stay alive to fight another day. Jeff corner busting his bulldozer 61720666868. You can text us as always 68680. Okay my friends all law and I mean a lot to talk about next hour. And blaming and no independent and I'm paying and ruining your real president but I do I need tourism promotion is good polling numbers. Charlie Baker. Christ's. For crying Charlie and. And and electric. Putt putt well thought out but don't look at. At Charlie Baker crying Charlie. Cries ID law they he says is gonna help. I stop these opiate overdoses. And deaths from taking place will it really we'll have that discussion story later. And Saturday we made history at the bill Kelly event talking about bin Ghazi with Chris talked Oprah wrong toe. I wanna share with few. Exactly what was exposed. My friends we have now expose the real truth about Ben Ghazi. We're gonna have all of those stories so much more. But first with out I doubt. Tonight is the night. And so I will be on life. From 7 PM until 10 PM I here on WRKO. Brittany will be joining me in the Booth as always we're gonna have a special edition of the corner report. We're gonna have a debate analysis aria election results analysis will have a debate on the air. About who is the best candidate but we'll talk about the election. We're gonna talk about the results as they come in will be taking your phone calls. We're gonna have up to the minute best election coverage anywhere so please join me tonight for a special live edition. Of the corner report it starts at 7 PM eastern here on AM 680 WRKO. We will go at least until 10 o'clock. And as the results come in. 6172666868. Okay my friends. Here is now what is at stake this is in a sense for now at eight decisive crossroads. Florida. Ohio Illinois North Carolina Missouri. 358. Delegates are at stake it is a massive pot of delegates. More importantly. It is going to be naked or break it for two key people Marco Rubio. And Sean change the channel Kasich. Rubio is now vowing he sounds to me like Bob Baghdad ball. He is the following day he is gonna quote unquote shock the world today in Florida. He says he's got a phenomenal ground game. He says that he's gonna stun everybody by pulling out a miracle victory and keep his campaign alive. The polls however say otherwise. What they show its trump now with a double digit lead it depends on which poll. But in some polls it's actually as high as one 2224%. Other polls have him up and 101112%. Either way if these polls are anywhere approximate. To where the voters are it's going to be I'd be all us little mark coal I'd be all us. And he is gonna gold down in flames now. Let me share something with you because this is what's really now gonna happen. If if all the predictions come true this is now what's truly at stake. Donald Trump is currently at 460. Delegates. Remember you need 121371237. To win. Cruz is only ninety delegates behind. At 370. So very realistically crawled scored catch drop. Ruby always at 163. Kasich is at 63. Now what does this mean this is what it's why it's so important. For Donald Trump to get to 1237. Listen to this day for him to get to 1237. He will need to win the remaining 61%. Of delegates. He's gonna essentially have to get 61%. Of the remaining delegates. I must say he's got to run the table but he has the dominate. Not just tonight but going into the future. Coral always is even more difficult. It's gonna be 68%. He needs to win 68%. Of the remaining delegates. Beta symbol fork and I'd vote his way they are right now. Marco Rubio. Is gonna need to win 84%. Of the remaining delegates impossible it's not gonna happen. Especially after tonight. Kasich listen to this needs to win 92%. Of the remaining delegates to get the 1237. Now Kasich knows this rubio knows this trump knows this cruise knows this and most importantly. The Republican National Committee and the establishment GOP the Ryan O Klaus the donor costs they know this is well. So what is really happening tonight what is the strategy what's really at stake. What the establishment was hoping for was for rubio to beat trump in Florida. To remain a viable candidate. This is why Fox News has been given him basically constant air time they've turned fox and the rubio. It's no longer the fox news network it's the rule be old news network but let that go. Now that scenario looks less and less likely. It looks like he's gonna go down in flames and if he can't win Florida he will not be viable they cannot sell it to anybody. That he should come in any brokered convention and have him beat Corey needed the nominee. This is why tonight which could will probably be the night that rubio goes down so now trump wins Florida big victory. He's poised to win in North Carolina. Cruz looks very strong in Missouri. Illinois and I'll get to that later tonight during the special edition of the show Illinois is is a very funny state in terms of how they've waited out. Technically trump could actually win the Illinois. But crews because he's got a much stronger ground game and the way they've made the rules in terms of how to proportion delegates. Crews may actually come out with more delegates than trump in Illinois. They'll get to that tonight. So now everything rests some Ohio. Now. Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger go out and endorse Kasich why. Why did Mitt Romney yesterday. Go on the campaign trail content in an essentially campaign with Kasich de facto wink wink endorsing him why. Why is Frank Luntz with that focus group now saying. All my this is the candidate we've been waiting for. People who are responding Petraeus said I don't believe it. Why now always Fox News and the Wall Street Journal and the weekly standard and all. Why is set the Boston Globe which endorsed John Kasich in New York Times which endorsed John Kasich. For the Republican side why are they suddenly now propping up John Kasich like he is that the second coming of the messiah. The second coming of Abraham Lincoln did the great unifier. That bit the great statesman from the midwest. What why all of a sudden. Because they need Kasich to win in Ohio because the only state Kasich can win is Ohio. He will not win any other state. He's not even competitive in any other state but the point is by winning Ohio. By going all live in Ohio. They will try to block trump from getting to 1237. Now it's about taking states off the table from trump and crews to be fair. Both. So neither of them gets to 1237. And then that will pave the way for what they now want their now under open about it they want a brokered convention. In Cleveland Ohio. But here is the key. Here as Saddam Hussein would put it is the mother of all points. By winning one dinky states. By winning Ohio. Which the Republicans need to win. If there to win a general election. That the owner class door Ryan knows the establishment. Is gonna say hey all rolled we'd throw Ohio for God's sakes the convention is in Cleveland Ohio. And the person who won it in May have been the only 111 out of fifty. But that's the one that he won was drawn changed the channel Kasich now. They are then gonna go to the convention. And saved that since trump does not have 1237. And cruise does not have 1237. He does not have a majority. That then on a second ballot. They will then goal for the man who can deliver Ohio I swear to you which will be Kasich may be with Romney as his running mate. Or Romney at the top of the ticket and Kasich as his VP. But this is the pact. That Romney and Kasich have mate. Now. I talked about a big meeting at sea island Buchanan has a brilliant column pop Buchanan on it where the CEO of apple attended. Where Tim Cook Karl Rove was there with his presentation and his power points and his slides and Bill Kristol was there. All of the billionaires were there even the New York Times Arthur Sulzberger was there. Ben SaaS was there. Mitch McConnell was there Paul Ryan was there the entire GOP congressional leadership was there. The entire Ryan knows the establishment Republicans were there. What they are now openly saying is this. This is why your hearing fascist fascist bastards. This is mark for the last week it's been five Hitler is a fast start trump is Hitler trump is a fascist about just such as Russia's batches but. He's the fascist everybody sees the facts to focus. Is because they are gonna claim that if trump 'cause the most number of delegates. But not enough to be 12370. We can't give him the nomination this is a fascist. We can't do that to America into war party and they are now openly saying. It is better for trump to leave at the convention. And take his boulders with him. And then force him to goal third party by denying him the nomination. That's their clear strategy. And essentially hand the election over Hillary. But at least they keep control over the Republican Party. That's their play. And they're already moving all of the pieces for example. You may not be aware of this but I these. Mid. And Luke Luke and. Ice chicken Charlie crying Charlie is crying at the signing of a bail was gonna do nothing to and the OP crisis but let that go. Behind the scenes. He's building up being massive war chest he's raising money. But he's hand picking the Massachusetts delegation. That will be at the convention. Those delegates will not be conservatives. Those delegates will not beat people loyal to the Republican Party or to the voters but loyal to him. And the way it plays out at the convention now this is the key. By law. That delegates are mandated. To vote let's say if Massachusetts went 50% from 50% of the delegates on the first ballot our duty bound to vote for trump. But on the second ballot. And remember if there's a contested or brokered convention trump doesn't have the delegates given up 1237. So on the second ballot they are mole longer duty bound to support the winner of that primary. Charlie Baker will then gold to his delegates and say none at all I'm the boss. You no longer vote for trump. You should which all of your votes from trump. True either me it means Mitt Romney or John changed the channel Kasich. That's what role is plodding. That's what he's calling for that's what the rhinos are calling for. That's why tonight they want to stop trump in Ohio if Kasich can win Ohio. They believe they have a path to a brokered contested convention. And to steal this thing out right. I think gives the Election Day Hillary who cares. As long as they did get to keep their power and control. These are the stakes. My question to you is this. Can the trump train be stopped. And kinda Ryan no falloff effectively. They quote big top 6172666868. Tonight is Super Tuesday part three. What do you think it's gonna happen what you want staff and your calls next. I'm going to be the nominee because we're gonna win Ohio. We're gonna move across this country with a positive attitude of bringing people together. Quick very well record that I have both in Washington and in Ohio. Belief that you see several Phelps speaks to him so yeah. The only person in America that has said. She insisted he's you know I don't really watch television when I watched television. I only watched Golf Channel I don't watch that he's got to watch it's. And we all like Golf Channel to what you're running for president the only thing you watches televisions Golf Channel. Saudi cities back and do the job okay marketed. There's no way I would team up we've Donald Trump. No way forget it. Twelve to one it here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. You can text us 68680. Best audience in the business. 781 Jeff. Do you actually believe the polls coming out of Ohio come on. They are just more lies planted by the establishment media complex. Trump will win Ohio wolf find out. 781 we will find out. That's why I'm going to be on doing a special corner report tonight from seven top 10 PM I hope all of you can join me. Here's another Texas is from 617 Jeff. I have a sister who lives in Ohio she is a debt an independent. She's telling me that are democratic friends are gonna vote today in Ohio for Kasich not because they love him. But they want to stop trump. My sister who lives in Cleveland has told me the exact same thing 617. They're all out to block the Donald. Henry Europe next go ahead Henry. Hello Henrik. Henry hello okay fill up you're up next go ahead Philip. Thought I think that Syria hi how are you my friend. All of our you gave it solid record out. Yeah. It. Yeah I. It would develop. A little politically incorrect but very good night friend. Think our trumpet and so I will play go to Google could narrowed. Say trump does the front runner in the Cleveland in and I. Couldn't. With so it delicacy the look ahead and vice Versa. Well fill up you know fill. The great minds think alike is that sick. What that's what I'm going to be calling for that if there if the establishment tries to play this dirty trick. What I'm gonna call for is for the trump and crews forces to unite. And then before the convention that saves Donald to say he's got 12100. And Cruz has a thousand just for argument sake. That cruise and Donald shake hands and say OK I want everybody to support common after all my support behind trump. Trouble may cruises BP the establishment morally cannot stop it. And then we have ourselves an unbeatable team. So if they wanna play your games let them play their games. But we the people we're not gonna be stopped 6172666868. Mort your calls. Jeff corner though voice of the resistance. Over here on the break WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Okay my friends are reminder tonight special live edition of the corner report. And it's going to be a decisive night in the election. Our god to libel case it goes down all please god please please February Florida is at stake for Ohio man. Jury North Carolina Illinois. Big states delegate rich states. Rubio is poised to go down. I will be on from seven till 10 PM life with calls analysis results as they come and Brittany will be in the Booth with me please if you can join me. 6172666868. Okay. John Kasich drawn changed the channel Kasich. And Markel bop little Marco. Have now made it crystal clear that they will not support either while the garments that so much about cruise although that's gonna come. But they will not support trump if he is elected if he's nominated. To be he Republican standard bearer in November. Even if he gets a majority if he gets 1237. Millions tens of millions of votes they don't care. They say he's a fascist. Are racist and extremist. I hater I demagogue. And for the good of the party for the good of the country. Barack Kasich has said he will not support him while some little Marco has said he will not support him. So Ted Cruz was asked. Point blank. If if trump is the nominee. Will you support. And Ted being Ted. Gave his answer. With his customary humor at the end roll it Brittany. I can give you one example where I would no longer support. If for example he would go out Fifth Avenue and shoots them. I would not be willing to support them the answer is not to cry in your beer. About the support Donald has received in the answers not to do with the Washington establishment. Hopes to do it their fevered dreams which is they envision a broker can. Where the convention deadlocks and suddenly and from Washington the dealmakers parachute in an establishment can't. Who is their salvation that is not gonna happen. Any would spark. An absolute revolt quite rightly from the voters the way to beat down from. Is beaten him at the ballot box which is what we have been doing well I don't know it is a shocking concepts seem to members of the media. A shocking concept. That an elected official actually does what he said at the outset of this campaign I committed I will support the Republican nominee and I undermine. Nine year old Iowa because. I love the guy. Now I mean I thought honestly I mean some the media didn't allow but. I thought it was funny you know playing off that joke my supporters love me so much like Richard somebody on Fifth Avenue. So I area lets you shoot somebody. Other that now also boredom. He's not gonna let the Ryan or steal this thing he's mocked. And that's I think that's why I love the guy. 6172666868. Is the number lease Europe next or at least. There how are you you I just went I like that. Aren't. I didn't. Lisa I can hurt your read one well. I do get hurt like that yes. And respond well you know I supported you and you play it. That all of our posts and it. Sorry Lisa I don't understand you. It. These are you got a call back your connection is very bad no Kasich and rubio said they will not support trumpet he's the nominee. Cruise's said he will. I mean he's being tongue in cheek about the shooting obviously meant. In fact he goes on in his answer to say this idea of a brokered or contested convention is absolute lunacy. It's gonna blow up in the Republican party's base and that they basically people are idiots we're gonna hand the election over Hillary. So cruises saying look this is why I admire cruise he's a man of his word. That's why I've always admired him that's why I think these attacks on him. Especially coming from Drudge eighty some kind of a whack job Christian not a crazy fundamentalist to me are despicable or that now has all of a sudden analyzer. OK but but let that go a little while ago. Ted looked at you win fair and square. It's a very manly American way of approaching things look. Let's fight it out we'll have our primaries or caucuses left school threw fifty of them fifty states. And whoever has the most delegates to win period end of story. I mean there's nothing more honorable decent an American than that. But this idea and they're open now there and get about it. Well we just need one and it's going to be Ohio we'll have Kasich even though little I turn the TV off. That's why column changed the channel Kasich when this guy talks I'm telling you. I go to the fridge I'm getting this manic. I'm off to my bathroom break I'm not kidding. Somewhat and we check let's see what else is on a very quickly and he just. Sports center what's going on in the through the basketball scores and that collect. Oh is he finished okay. Now and I got to say something else. It pains me out god does opinions status. Look Kasich is an American of Croatian descent OK he's a Croatian American one of my people. It is a lot of croatians in Cleveland in Chicago in new York and LA those big urban ethnic centers for some reason. There's very few of them here in Boston with the exception of Bill Belichick OK I think build myself and some guy man at one event. Okay what a Croatian last name I think we're a lot but it only three Croatian Americans in the whole state of Massachusetts but let that go okay. There's an army government there in Cleveland and as a governor they say just really he's done a good job. But the way this guy is conducted himself throughout this entire campaign is a freak in disgrace no way forget it. Carrying that's him being asked whether he'll support trump no way forget it. I mean are you kidding move. So he beats you in 49 of the fifty states assuming Kasich wings tonight in Ohio. And you're not gonna support him. I say this about every ethnic group. There's always one there's always one that makes you embarrassed there's always one I've ice Steffi Stephanopoulos. For the Greeks. I said the summit you can I mean they're discrete G split Eric I don't wanna get into would be Italians because of the couple of them here in the local area honestly got but let that go. There's always one day there's always one. And it John Kasich I'm telling you he's an embarrassment to the Croatian American community no way. 61720666868. Eddie Europe next go ahead and. IG. Well it is focused on one thing Gypsies export both parties. It is just too stupid to realize yet particular art get the nomination to liberate that. Republicans are rated good or some other go to try to fix I like your idea trump clothes but I could have promised close was appointment to the Supreme Court. That's what's at stake it's Hillary Clinton it's and I still think she's going to be forced out but whether it's and his Democrat who would get overtly Nick Cage. And that's particularly XP EG a few bullets as well the wind. And it rhetorical what went wrong what application lyrical country and I also think this might be decide what their party if they do this. Well they're gonna look I'm telling you they're gonna commit suicide. I mean literally an and they want to that's what's frightening. They want to drive all of trump supporters out of the party because for them now it's about power and control. So now remember these are the same Republicans. When they when they gave us Bob Dole swallow it. When they gave was John McCain swallow it when they gave us Mitt Romney swallow it they're always the first one's always what the lectures member crop primer. Or it's got to be about a big tan. And it's got to be about who's the most electable. Conservative. Which is conservative can win you see Romney can win McCain can win even though they lose it doesn't matter it's about who's electable. Well here's a guy who's just rolling up numbers frankly look. How many states as trump won fifteen how many states is Cruz won seven. Rubio won. At and don't count Puerto Rico because that's a territory OK all sorry he won I swear you. Odd that I key and Kasich did well in the District of Columbia. I swear they had up the primary there was a couple of bolts on a couple of states over the weekend cruise won Wyoming big. But the finals. Dominated the District of Columbia. Trump finished third crews finished dead last world arrivals live so you know where the establishment thinks OK but outside. They don't win. And it's vouchers that trumpet screening you voters are talking about this cruise is bringing in new voters. The base has never been more energized. All of these guys do is win. And now you wanna drive trumps of voters. Millions of blue collar voters independents Democrats who were flocking over to the Republican Party. When he's at the same people who for years all we need more crossover appeal. Weenie weenie little we need to reach out to different groups we need to bring all these people win. This so called moderates. Who god bless the moderates. We must have the moderates. Well he's bringing in a Reagan Democrats. Independents. Women. That the African American vote is getting 125%. Of the black vote. That's historic. And here. Your spitting on the study. You know why because you don't own him. You can't influence him. You can't buy him. He's not in the tank for you. Look at that sure is drawn up in Ohio honestly I'm embarrassed for this got a call me that he's a Croatian American hunter. I know his kind OK dale were the ones who surrendered to the Muslims no way but let that. But let that go when the invading Turks came in to the Balkans I know the kasich's okay we know they're kind of let that go. He backs NAFTA. Which is destroyed in that a manufacturing in Ohio he backs the PPP. Which is one of the biggest draw it'll finish manufacturing and Ohio. This guy backs amnesty. He stabbing his own people the trust. I mean it's a dagger right through the aren't. Any stands there are data howdy do we tourette's syndrome of his what is is his his cheek and his my eyes lips flicking back and forth and there he is we got a good positive way managed impound and it always been positive. Date this is the guy you think is gonna go up against Hillary. You know why the globe endorsed them. You know why the moon bats at the New York Times endorsed them. Because he's the one candidate. Hillary. Destroy Roy race. If you think Mitt Romney was a war spoke. I yeah I yeah IE I yeah I guy Mitt Romney is Rocky Balboa he's rocky compared to this clown. Greg Europe next go ahead Greg. Jeff it's like Michael. You know I argue lives cute is she ordered all the time they take you so much about the parade you know unifier that's. Of that is that you recent brand that he's developed you remember back in those early debates. He was the first want to start going after trump. And then when he realized it didn't work trumps smacked him around he rebrand themselves to become the unifier it's such a bunch of crap I hope this guy gets destroyed. Tonight. He's a Judas. I'm telling you that Judas look I got a text here okay this is from Atlanta a couple of Croatian American friends they listened to me or across the country. And and up in Canada believe nibble we have a small army. Here this is it okay and oh by the way he Yugoslavia. Was that I totalitarian. State that enslave Croatia. Okay that the way the ukrainians held captive under the Soviet Union or the the Baltic peoples or whatever it was the same thing for the croatians okay. Sold the one thing every Croatian despises. Is Yugoslavia believing we disagree on many things but that's the one thing we don't disagree on. Just to show you what it Julius John kasich's listen this this is from. That just with who but it just waiting moved fast. What how okay 603. Jeff at a recent rally. Kasich identified himself as a Yugoslav. Not as a Croatian. Signed a proud Croatian what does it tell you what they tell you. Listen when the Muslims invaded the Balkans the first people to surrender and capitulate where the kasich's ancestors they're the first ones going. Let alone 6172666868. Steve you're up next go ahead Steve. Champ could BA employees again buddy I wish her. But the ultimate Warren now now it's coming out saying that she's gonna Russia might climb up on the vice president ticket. I'm four or Hillary what are they gonna call it a lion for sure all 2003. Even. Also just a question if they do this to bottle trump if space is being. Boca this convention. Don't you think it's time we got a text revolution and all the people that spoke for trump stop paying their property tax is an amateur actors. I think that's the only live we're gonna stop this Jeff if they do this to last. We have to do some that back very old. Steve I'm telling you if they force him to go third party believe it or not I think he's gonna win. You if you have I don't you think Jeff you must be crazy I'm telling you. Who's gonna vote for the Republican Party on who would vote for that idiot John Cage match. Seriously I had maybe all of the people suffer from Peretz a good that's it he'll get the Peretz vote that's at the tip that says. What if you put Romney he may get the mormons that's at. So guys that. You wanna push us out no problem we'll start an American party the Populist Party the constitutional authority listen. We don't need you you need us. 6172666868. But make sure you bring that as well but we need that. And William and fair haven Europe next going then we'll. I guess the morning gesture probably gonna get bad. Like in all lag you'd be what they opinion Ocala. Superstitious backwards so these the Massachusetts swamp yankees who brought up a bunch religious people are local mall. That's that it believed to go back court is there really fanatical. Crews steers me so are speaking in tongues. You know that there is really really bothers me I have a cousin Netflix and this guy she. The agent so that allow orderly and not an EO Larry specious forty believes it you know he believes it's east door in the world caught such. And he's not. You know when he gets in all she's doing the will of the people. These sort of that totally away from immigration I know it's such he's gonna definitely sci abortions. And that just to see him as a snake in the grass you know and I hate to say that it ought to look at and only got two good candidates. William estimates are free country and it's an open forum you could say anything you want on the show. Okay listen my friends I wanna take more of your calls. Now there is real information coming out from the police in Chicago. Of all what really happened at that trump rally. The story they're media is trying to cover up. And he knew super pac comes out. Women against trumped you got to hear it to believe it. Don't touch that died. That's a pretty simple and other folks get the birdies side. What you put an earbud wearing a get out. Halftime or in Paul. I. Read stuff that's been. 106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends that night Super Tuesday part three maybe now the decisive moment. Will have live coverage here on WRK OA special edition of the quarter report I will be on for three full hours tonight life. With the results coming in analysis taking your calls. I believe by 8 o'clock we should have results coming in from Florida North Carolina. And then by 9 o'clock Ohio Illinois Missouri. So please join me tonight starting at 7 PM. Until at least 10 PM Brittany will be in the Booth 6172666868. Okay. Chicago. Or is like to say shut cardinal. The rally in Chicago that was canceled because of the militant left. The hard left in this country. People tied to Bernie Sanders. Bankrolled by George Soros latter allows the race black alive as a matter. Community activists. Are Communist student activists anarchist street thugs. Coordinated. An attempt to infiltrate and essentially stop the rally from taking place. They succeeded. They also instigated fights with many in the crowd who were peaceful taxpayer's family members. The media has desperately try to pin all of the blame on Donald Trump. Saying that the Donald is responsible. Supposedly for reasons injury rhetoric. None of the blame has been on this coordinated. Organized effort. To try to stop Donald Trump's free speech rights. And to stop the rights of his supporters from having freedom of assembly and freedom of association. In other words their anti democratic attempts to stop this man from winning the nomination. That's what this it's this is nothing more then a leftist porch. To deny the will of the American people. Well now it's coming out. From some brave police officers who were there. That these are not the peace full tree hugging and we love burn any field to burn can't we just give. Peace a chance. Core I note that that media is trying to make come up to be our response is very simple let's just give trump a chance. Forget giving peace a chance why don't we just say give trumpet chants but let that go because now apparently here is now what's coming out. A police officer in fear of his job if you should identify himself for self. Went on a blog it's called the second city cop blog. And posted anonymously. What really happened. According to this person B officer wrote this quote. He's saying that the anti trump. Really they're terrorists but yet he trump thugs the militants. We're far more aggressive and destructive. Than what the media was reporting quote. It seems the media aren't broadcasting footage. Of the debris being thrown across Harrison the boulevard. By Sanders slash Hillary's supporters. At trump fence. Bottles were being thrown rocks were being thrown. Debris was being thrown cans were being thrown anything they could get their hands on her being thrown. At trump supporters who were attending the rally. He then goes on to say that apparently the media is deliberately not reporting. That these militant leftists. Were running through nearby parking lots. And smashing the windows of cars. With trump stake curse on them. Or he also says that the police department. Failed to call out emergency incident teams. Took cold. With what he says was clearly an anti tropical right here at the University of Illinois in Chicago where the rally was supposed to take place. He then goes on to say that what was staying him even more shocking. Was that there was absolutely no coordinated response or planned from the Chicago Police Department. From the police department at the University of Illinois. The mayor did absolutely nothing the police chief did absolutely nothing. Everybody knew for days in advance that these militant rabble browsers these thugs these anarchist these punks. We're gonna try to disrupt it and try to cause violence and chaos. And yet the police were completely wolf fully as he put it on prepared. He then goes on to say that is very same mob these very same street thugs. We've seen it here in Boston would block wise manner and in new York and in Saint Louis and in Baltimore. But it reemerged again in Chicago. And according to him here's what the police officer said. Who gave up the expressway. Who let them block the ambulances. Who allowed them to just run around a wild run wild. Who com where were the tactical teams we even heard that mass arrest kits weren't available. And only one transport wagon on the scene in case arrests were made. They blocked traffic. They block streets they've blocked express ways they prevented ambulances from being able to get on the scene. How come Jake Tapper is in condemning this. How come Bernie and Hillary are condemning their supporters for this. How come nobody's telling them hey dial it down a little bit. Now let me ask you this because they're playing the fascist at Burkhardt. That's always it's fascism and Hitler racism was Cellini botulism Hitler. Was it not Hitler's brown shirts that were blocking traffic. Was it not them with a bit ponds and the stakes in the beer bottles on the streets. Was it not them that a pact other innocent civilians. And citizens. Who simply disagreed with their candidate. They're the ones using all the fascist tactics. They're the ones using audience injury rhetoric. And yet somehow they're blaming trumping trumps people for white. For holding a rally up peaceful nonviolent rally. You get a permit. You have a right to go you gotta get a ticket everybody shows up they laugh they have a good car and they wave their signs they leave the place cleaner than when they found it. They go to their cars and relief. In fact if you're really wanna get technical they've come a couple hours before the event they go to all the restaurants nearby. They eat they kept well and they put money in businesses pockets. I don't destroy your windows little defecated on your property. They don't throw bottles and and and sticks and and and and rocks at you don't be chew up the old destroy and smashed cars. They don't threaten you. But there are the problem the trump people the innocent ones the law abiding ones that taxpayers know the problem. I mean destiny is incredible. Now it's all coming out I mean literally it's all coming out. So now with trump on the verge of maybe delivering a knock out. If you wins Florida and Ohio. Maybe crews can catch from maybe. George Soros is now in a complete panic. He's opening up his wallet he is flooding moveon.org. With money. He is telling all of his left wing activists. And rap and and and and and an anarchist. And community activists. At street thugs to do everything possible to disrupt every single trump event from now. Until the election. The Japanese political elite. Have now come out the Japanese elites have now come out and they're warning us. Do not nominate trump. We will not accept him as your president we will not allow anybody. To renegotiate. Or scrap the trans Pacific partnership. So now the Japanese. Are warning us. Different and Dwight blame him. There are the ones making hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in profit in trade surpluses year after year. They've been dumping cars into what markets for decades and blocking their markets from our cars entering. They've been getting a free ride in terms of security David writing are back for decades. No they're telling us keep it all up. Meaning that's unacceptable. China. Through their state news agency listen to this now they're coming out with op Eds in their state in state controlled newspapers. At the global times it is completely controlled by Beijing was in this. Trump opens pandora's box in US. Now they're saying that trump listen to this his remarks or abuse Sibley racists and extremists. Which has left an impression on the US public that he is intentionally overthrowing political correctness. The Chinese are lecturing us about extra. These are the ones that have blogs and slave labor camps. These are the ones that persecute their Christians these are the ones that throw journalists and dissidents at the prison torturing beat them. And their war now were the extremists was noticed from the Chinese. And so now he's I knew what talk about racism wasn't as the derisive trump has opened a pandora's box in US society. Trump supporters who that is are mostly lower class whites. And they lost a lot after the 2008. Financial crisis. The US used to have the largest and most stable middle class of the western world but many are going down. Big mouth and Pete traditional. Abusive Lee forthright. He is a perfect populist I could easily provoke the public. And so the Chinese Government is now warning our ruling class you better take care of this guy. Hey. We got a lot of money at stake we own your debt. We prevail while your salaries. We got all the lobbyists. Hey we Ron Washington DC. You take care of his present before this rebellion gets out of control. The US had better watch itself are subject at the editorial concludes. For not being a source of destructive forces against world peace. More than pointing fingers at other countries for their so called nationalism of tyranny. You better watch yourself. Chris you're gonna lose a lot if this guy gets into power from us the Chinese. You're gonna tell mean that Washington is not occupied territory. That Washington is not bought and paid for by China and Japan and Saudi Arabia. They're practically telling us they onus. It is getting so bad it is getting shoulder. Karl Rove is behind a pac called our principles pockets when the big super pacs. That had been running 4050 million dollars abouts. To beat Donald Trump they're running them I mean they're saturating the airwaves in Ohio and in flora. And this super pac. Dad just got a three million dollar donation from mar lean rickets. Who Jamar lean rickets. She's of the famous rickets family her husband Joseph rickets. Is the billionaire founder of TD Ameritrade the owner costs. She the family also owns the Chicago Cubs. And so now they have and by the way this super product. Is being run. By. Romney's former deputy campaign manager Katie packer. So the Ryan knows the Romney people have a hand in this there in bed with the big time billionaire owners. And so now they've put out aim I'm you might hear it to believe it. Now saying that trump is a disgusting misogynist as sexist. And so they have seven women in these it's their reading out his alleged misogynist quotes from the past 25 years. So the the ad features trump quotes about Princess Diana about Megyn Kelly. On Carly Fiorina I remember when he said look at that face where anyone vote for that. He talked apparently is one quote they. Probably out of context in 2005. That he said he wanted more children but wouldn't do anything to take care of them other than supply the funds. So you have these young women. All of them reading out Q suppose it quotes. And they're running this. All across Florida. All across Ohio. To galvanize women to vote against them and they're portrayed him as the biggest misogynist. Chauvinist sexist pig. On God's green earth roll it written. Bell dog fat pig real quotes from Donald Trump about women. A person is very flat chests it is very hard to ten I'd look her right in that fat ugly face of Hearst look at that face. Would anyone vote for that she had the high she had the beauty. She was crazy. These are minor details. Like kids I mean. I would do anything to take care of them all supply finals and she'll take care advocates you know it really doesn't matter what they write as long as you've got young and beautiful piece of house atmosphere pretty picture you drop into your knees. There was blood coming out of her eyes blood coming out of her. Wherever. Women you have to treat him like it. This is how Donald Trump talks about our mothers our sisters. Our daughters. If you believe America deserves better vote against Donald Trump. Our principles pack is responsible for the content of this advertising. If you'll want our rhino. Like our Karl Rove and Bryant case such an Marco Rubio who will sell this country down the river. Then told the volt trump get out. Practically every single one of the record those quotes are taken completely out of context. That's numero who know. And number two. Is this the best that you got. I looked even behave like Democrats these rentals now they're trying to turn this into a Republican war on women. I mean is this is unbelievable. I gotta tell you it's not gonna work. They think it's gonna work it's not gonna work Diane in Weymouth go ahead Diane. I think you particularly like I declined because what would it look like if Hillary. And thank the White House or pick. Learn answered by presidents I can just see her. Wiring coming up and up for a sitting head dress and once sleek Blake Kitna collapses then and then of course the White House would have to be. We painted another cow look at it would be racist to collar the White House who would have to picket green. We could part the green light house. And could not amazed we have to have a kidney from there housekeeping card or. Maybe they'd be wearing Frederick's of Hollywood outfits I don't know. And it I'd go with it peaked. Occupied the White House I can't picture at the inauguration. With her in her punch you know little. Her the fringes and he would be wearing Evian dinner and should have a Mac are made they can bank hang in downer side and I could probably do it in the White House would have because not because the beads with a immediately after a lot and the B Maclin made all over the wall. I think you could still be like Halloween came lighthouse. Are you that would I don't forget the TP Diane. It's going to be a PE somewhere she makes it to the White House. Naturally that yes. Yeah I can I just can't picture it in that aren't there with the racism and what I just heard about the women. Degraded themselves I even being an actual Russia in my opinion. It that's just disgusting. The wind Bill Clinton. With kitchen and again and death seemed to be OK I just don't understand. The they have proper. A selective outrage has put it that way I am very good call 6172666868. Is the number. This is from 978 Jeff. As a woman I am completely insulted by that. Just look at Trump's children that tells you everything you need to know about them win Ohio. Trump and I'll danced in the streets tonight we love you Jeff I love you in a non sexual way. 6172666868. These guys are running all over Florida Ohio. Do you think they will work do you think it will sway women to vote against that Donald. Your calls next. All I hear up next thanks for holding and well. Yes well I guess you have a I'm good you know thank you so much for being the counterbalance. To the media propaganda it's really important because. And you help people to connect the dot. So I did have a couple of points come relative to the narrative about trumps supporters being angry. And racists and plentiful in the trump supporter and I'm neither I'm not angry I'm not a racist and not as an assault on American. I have passion. About this country and how great it is and it's been painful. To watch what's been happening here for the past eight years so. I am not angry I'm passionate and I love America. And if I as the media is concerned. Here's my view. I think. The narrative it's like looking at the universe through a peephole. It's so very limited view everybody every single listener I put their purest. No. That it that that'd slanted. I also think that the cake situation. And they consistently. Hammer Iraq. Wit and incidents and is like throwing gasoline on an open flame. The media has the power to whip the entire. Country. Into a frenzy. And then Dylan this is a witch hunt. For Donald Trump don't think it's right. Paul let me ask you this why do you think the media. I have my own theories that like to hear yours. Why do you think the media is so obsessed sold determined. To our burn trump to the ground I mean. He's friends with some of them he was before he ran for president he came on their shows he was great for ratings he even did charity events with them. So how come all of a sudden. This guy is that he's the second coming of Hitler. Right. I think the media takes that directives from I don't think there. And you talked about before Jeff I don't think that there. Is a Republican Party or Democratic Party I think it's one party that is intent on on making America as an assistant Mike victory. But if you just look back and you and you connect the dots and is he what's been happening you know with with C. Illegal immigration and these the appropriations bill that was passed. I think that they take their orders from higher cartel. And I think it's the one party I think it's all I think politics is Kabuki theater I think that it's hit it it it. There instructed. From. A party or. Or. An entity is that. Controls them I'd and it also seen that does two things people people that have power and money want to thing. To control and maintain their power and that money and I think they're puppets and ponds. Brilliant Paula off I could've said it better myself it's Kabuki theater or the like to put it it's almost like professional wrestling. They pretend to be opposed to one another and fight each other in need each other but behind the scenes in the locker room. Are all getting paid from the same people who say checks and their bodies and best friends 6172666868. Don't touch that side. So Boston. This is from 781. Jeff don't ever have. However that the compare wrestling to politics or politicians. It's very disparaging to insult professional wrestling. Those are wrestler show up to work for a prayer day work out you know what. But they apology celebrity one you are right if I'm wrong I'll never sold professional wrestlers like that again. Okay my friends. You got to hear this okay wanna go right back to the phone lines. You got to hear this this is coming from Bloomberg dot com now I read Bloomberg. Because it's got its pulse on the financial community so if you wanna know. With the money people are thinking in doing in my father's always tell me this my grandfather's well. You wanna know what's happening in life and in politics fall all the money. Always fall all the money. While George Soros. The leftist New York billionaire in fact he's worth. 24. Billion dollars the sugar daddy of the Democratic Party in many ways the godfather. The one of the key architects. Of the new world order I he's openly said this he wants a one world government. His goal is to erase the borders of the United States completely. He wants a world without borders. He wants open. Open borders mass immigration legal illegal immigration. He's a big champion of amnesty. He wants a legalize nation of drugs and he wants a single Payer health care system. So if you remember he backed Musharraf for us swap debt be. John Kerry big in 2004. Against George W. Bush he basically hand picked Obama. He bankrolled Obama to the hilt he is the puppet master to the dear leader. Now he likes Bernie he's putting a lot of money in Bernie and especially moveon.org. And other leftist groups that are backing Bernie. But his candidate is really Hillary Clinton. Her botanists. Hillary rocked. And so now he's openly admitted in an interview with Bloomberg. That he is now ready to spend he spent Tories were already committed more than thirteen million dollars to support Hillary rotten. He's willing to spend infinitely more amounts of money to get her in power. She will deliver open borders she will deliver mass amnesty. She will deliver even a further push to the left on healthcare a full government run single Payer system. And she will begin to push for the legalization of drugs. Climate change as well. Issue look at tax the middle class. Continue to rack up the debt and deficits. Financially break America's back. All of this the PPP believe me she will support it. Shall change a liner to win it but she's always backed every trade deal that has sold middle America down the river. And so now George Soros is saying that he is convinced Hillary is the only one that can beat two people. And he says that two people that really scare him. And this is why I've been telling everybody this. These otherwise these two people deserve our support in it could have won two but this is why they're the only two people were supporting. He says Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In particular me reach you straight from the Bloomberg article. Gay straight quote. Soros has expressed alarm over the past few months. Arctic candidacies of Republicans Donald Trump and their groups. In a statement last week about a new groupies funding to increase of voting by let Dan Ellis. And immigrants in the election. He again mentioned the two candidates by name. Quotes. The intense anti immigrant and anti Muslim rhetoric. That has been fueled by the Republican primary is deeply offensive. Soros said in his statement. There should be consequences. For the outrageous statements and proposals. That we've regularly heard from candidates trump and Kreutz. His spokesman. Michael fashion. A political advisor to Soros in some ways his right hand man is console air he said we're gonna back Hillary with everything we have. Because we know that either one of those two will eventually win the nomination for the Republicans. And we believe Hillary is the only one that can stop them and beat them. So now they're gonna galvanize. And they want they want fear mongering. They want to do everything they can't to frighten let you know us minorities. Blacks. Women. They're gonna try to get as many illegal immigrants still vote. They're gonna do everything they can to try to stop either trump recruits. Now why. Because both men in different waste. Stand against the new world order. They stand against globalism. They stand against open borders they stand against amnesty. They stand against the destruction of the United States as we know. And that's why both of these men must be stopped for the hard left for the Soros is of the world at all costs. If it means in full trading rallies. If it means. If it means. Disrupting rallies if it means engaging in violence. If it means smashing cars if it means throwing bottles and rocks and sticks at trump supporters. If it means getting into fisticuffs. No problem. Because Soros has financed the hell of a lot worse in Eastern Europe the former Soviet Union and in Latin America. Believe me he's a revolutionary leftist. So it was guys like him that bankrolled Lenin and Stalin and Trotsky to come to power in mother dot shroud in 1917. 61720666868. The the group anonymous the anarchist group anonymous. All also with ties to George Soros they get a lot of money from Soros as well. Has now declared. War on Donald Trump. And they're calling on every able person with their computer. For help. Listen now to a video that they're now sending out to their fellow leftist and community activists supporters across the country. Roll it Brittany. But trump was the only thing they ever accomplished that we have in mind. We need the loyalists and veterans of anonymous have decided to revive this operational assault on just down. Did Donald Trump we have been watching you for a long time and once we see is deeply disturbing. When do we beat Mexico has the water they are not our friend there raid this medicine has got I don't know what does that ball and I don't remember. I'm right now pursuing innovation sub 500 me. You call women you don't like fat pigs and dogs slob. And disgusting animals. You know you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever. Hateful campaign has not and sure of the United States of America. You have shall the end times and it was durable. And it goes on and on. We are anonymous here's the creative they sent out they said they expect us. We are anonymous we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget. They expect us. And now they said they've declared war on trump. Debt you need to know all of the forces that are arrayed against this man. Against us. Against corner country against middle America. This is a battle for the heart and soul of our country. And that's why I've been saying now for many years. The left has already declared war on us. It's time now that we politically. Ideologically. Declare war on them might Europe next go ahead Mike. Ship that they that tirade. Appreciate it see you my friend. But I as so what I'll. What would take. Really. Well all is architecture street. What order straight trip really. To dispose of property you're gonna of this guy. If people wish area people. If you got people like police sub that won't come out fatally hit because of brutal job that's the difference between them about. And I'm afraid to boot hill right. I went being actually appear conservative as well afraid diluted jaw up. Over the balance are joining the barricades are up. I don't expect to their Liberia but there's so many of these wispy recruit. People well try it. They don't like Eric. But when push comes to shove. Actually actively taken. It took me. I feel we're gonna drop because of it but worst of it oh I wrote these people surely I remember sixty. Tackle. Mike I listen I mean I don't wanna say anything inflammatory on the air but I'm gonna ask you this. You know one of our dearest best callers or one of the most honest men I've ever met in my life you know how much I respect and admire you so I have to ask you this. Do you think I trump or crews do you think they're gonna be assassinated. With this kind of rhetoric. Also I wish. I witnessed. That Kennedy is shot to death. Bobby shot to death offered disappeared Jeremy Boulder Creek out of people that apparently the only scene. Brought out front of a talker like that Gary get Clinton sought the dark but it is our guy. It would not put people disappeared everyday in this country journal nature fallout the your. Because there's this site so radical that really wore a immigration or else they'll pop up thing I do believe. That quote yeah. Thank you for that call Mike. Aaron drew bright Bart. Are I don't wanna say anything else. Okay here at CNN apparently what there's a reporter on CNN who's now admitting. That the violence in Chicago by the left wing thugs was much worse than what was reported by the media correct. Okay here's Jim Acosta just the backup with that Chicago police officer was saying. The audio as it had a rough but he's basically saying no way it was a lot worse than what we reported and what we show to the American people Roland. Rick well I wanna say there there was a decent amount of police officers here. Iran and private security people here earlier on that they were an. Number that was able to. Keep these when it comes to a few protests here and there there's not enough people it's of the security posture second. We're sitting right now you can see behind me their little. Hundreds protestors behind me there are obviously very excited because this this rally was just canceled here. Open at the same time it yet as David was just saying if you guys this talking about. He's rallies have been building up to this point. You know we have seen we have seen rallies are brought into chaos. On a very small scale not seen anything like this. What I'm saying over my shoulder right now is literally. Now are easier large contingent of Chicago police officers coming and coming down that staircase of their it is it. There's a large contingent of Chicago police officers coming down the staircase there obviously now coming in a sufficient numbers. To take care of the situation and obviously both zones. Because earlier on there just was not the number of law enforcement and security personnel here to prevent something like this from happening. Down here just down here on the floor and obviously this there's some more stuff like going on down here there's a fight going on down here. Aaron. Nobody delights in us this is a very sad scene that we're seeing. This is supposed to be American democracy. In action and said we're seeing is just total chaos. Bingo bingo and that's what they wanted and that's what the left wanted and that's what Soros wanted and that's for the Democrats want I mean this is that's what they did. And so would that did not tonight is where the rubber hits the road. And my prediction. Those rallies. That those disruptions. Not violence that chaos it's only gonna make struck a trump not weaker but stronger. 61720666868. More or fewer calls next. Next thanks for. For old thing and well. Accurate Jeff got on got to put on the spot you know I love what I got a question quite sure how many delegates. As chart or lose it again. And I. How what a number of the content 08 dot get a drop out. The problem Tony as I understand what you're trying to ask me the problem is after tonight. There's only going to be two people with a realistic shot at getting 1237. And it's gonna be trump and crews. And so if if the establishment really were sincere about their suppose it's fear of trump being Hitler and Afghanistan. You know whatever races than the kkk. Then they would all go to cruise. But they're not gonna go to groups. Because they wanna block both trump and groups. So I think what's gonna happen Tony because look Tony it was gonna happen I'll talk about it more to 7 o'clock hour this kind of inside baseball but very quickly. Cruz is probably gonna get more delegates in Illinois and trump even like in Trump's gonna win the state. And Cruz is likely to win Missouri. So technically. Trump is gonna win tonight but he may only get thirty or forty more delegates than groups in terms of actual delegates. What's gonna happen tonight though Tony is that mathematically. Rubio and Kasich cannot win the nomination after tonight doesn't matter Kasich wins Ohio it doesn't matter after tonight. Mathematically. It'll be impossible. So that's why tomorrow. It's these establishments going to be exposed while now you've got to drop support for Kasich are rubio. Because they can't literally they can't win they win every state we spoke again. So then the question is going to be posted them by I'm telling you right now wire two backing me your. They won't do it because they wanna brokered convention so what's gonna happen Tony is trust to tell you this that and Donald are gonna get on the phone. Trust that's what's gonna happen I don't deal I'll tell you what the deal it's okay. And I would also call for them to make this deal would have to either gonna make this deal. Here's what we're gonna do we're gonna have a debate on March when he won. And we're gonna go at one another were two men were gonna really we're gonna just caring to each other and make our best case is why should be used why should be me. And we're gonna continue for next couple weeks that's all going to be over. Did you have the most delegates I will say I support you. Ted if I have the most delegates you say you support me. That's the way it should be done that's the way it's done in a democracy. Mandel Mandel let's shake on it and I'm telling you that's going to be the deal. Now I have wanted to say I get Billy got the convention but among the dock. You know it's Hillary hasn't died in Africa like. All pony brilliant for getting in the indictment lists I comic talk about it on tonight's show I just. Because they only having three hours I wish I had four but no mathematically listen Tony the audience needs to be aware of this Bernie can catch Hillary. This idea that Hillary forget the indictment OK let's say she's not indicted Bernie is gonna win Illinois tonight. Bernie is gonna wing big he's gonna win big states tonight. Bernie can still catch Hillary and get more delegates than her the only way now they can give it to Hillary over Bernie listen to this. Is by having all the super delegates that the party bosses. Throw all their support Hillary. So what's likely not likely but what may happen. Is senders may actually get more delegates and more votes than Hillary but they'll steal it from him with a super delegates. So the establishment on both parties are potentially trying to steal it from the outsiders. So this idea I don't by the mainstream media narrative all it's over Hillary has its own up no way. Bernie came capture realistically can capture. A crunch all the numbers show everybody that night but trust me. Tony thank you so much I appreciate it let's get one more call in bill and Mitsui and go ahead bill. Jobs again you get the best show going. And countries about it but it's. You know where Ali protesters. Got excited me campaign thrilled. There are way. Up the country being taken back by the people who editor of the country. Yes 1001000%. Right. Bill didn't join a challenge me on something. Hello I don't Orange County yeah go ahead it's not a war to naslund fired fired up something on principle and I'm not and I politically correct and goal actual challenge there are a lot of people included vice president and I think that it teamed with BP. Geo property and I'll stand up. Thank you very much for that call bill I appreciated. No look what I mean is they they're gonna have an agreement I don't mean that trump would ever agree say to be cruises BP. Or even that cruise would agree to be trumps VP. I think what they're gonna we're agreed to is an I'm positive. Trump we'll say no if cruise beats me in fifty states all backed him. How old do construction on make money but I'll back him crews may say fine I'll back him. 'cause I don't know if at this point whether trumping crews can team up by hole but we don't know. But what they need to do is walk the establishment off now before it's too late. Okay my friend a lot more trust and don't touch that.