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The Garden Lady, March 12

Mar 13, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 1-3 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Well come and choose the card. Lady that I am a dark lady I am zeal for NRA and that we are here. Every single Saturday. Talking about landscapes losses. Houseplants flowers. Growing veggies shrubs and trees. And. We always start. With welcome to the garden party when we explored just briefly what's happening. With plants and gardening right now and right now it's time to plant lettuce seeds in the ground. You can plan. A whole you know a lot of let us a lot of salad. By planting from seat and you can do it very early so whether it's in a pot or a small patch in New York vegetable cart. Some lettuce seeds in this weekend it's a good way to affirm. That it is break. Well I want to welcome. My. Green guest this morning. And hope I I'm just. I'm I'm trying to do two things at once that's of really a mistake object I would welcome my guest this morning. Well because I have online one rye and Mecca and that he didn't expect that he. Why am I blue. Let's get rent on the air. And aria. I'd blow your name brand I'm so sorry. Hard won today it firm. Mac and Mac hit that they I had earlier I had hit earlier and I don't know I'm kind of falling apart right now to the Ryan you know back and then they are having Mac is she at right is the head of public relations firm Bailey nursery. And if you know endless summer height range as in dabhol little pot. You know Bailey nursery. Why don't you tell us a little bit Ryan about mainly as a business. Sure of bailing her street is that a 111 year old didn't actually I repeat just start practicing parliament at Florida. And we are mainly on business I'm actually your generation and number. Part of the company. And that we he started just at the small actual actually vegetable garden. Companies selling farmers' market Saint Paul. And who were loans you become now one of the largest wholesale growers. What he trees and plants he shrugged into the United States. And reached out. The sort of all over the world but are they just in and it certainly got farm outside. The midwest in each Oregon and Washington and in Georgia where you are breeding and then also in Illinois and work with a network all over their country and all over the world shall. And the summer or during doesn't and a few other brands are well. Yes well you've got several. Height range as well as several hedge ranges exit three now in the end of summer for. Or Richard Blum struck out four that's very. Well I what is talked about Blum struck but let's start out first of all. By having you tell the story of endless summer high drain Jack and how it came to be. At so many and so many good things do you predict content just. At that we have production manager in the big Egypt lived excuse. A man that pat you know but almost I think mail order plant it's accurate and keep you plant and every bit of blue course apart and it. Captioning in Minnesota coming back every year. And blew a little more than once and cooking something that he was different ethnic and so we're able to take cuttings and brought in the there are certain lining up a field. And we had expert. Ten years we kept saying that consistent. We'll read boom which would never seen war in Minnesota and they're writing our winters there was really no protection. And so we've been working or protect ears and that doctor Michael Turner what our tour nursery November 11 in connection any eight. And that SI mean it's part payment as like a light up about political holy Grail if they're looking for hand he. Took a cut in Everett back to Georgia where he was teaching at the time and it didn't say we get it lined out each accident. And it had that were bought into that removing creature at that I've ever ordered bed looking for. And so on that plane ride home he wrote the name and the summer and the bachelor that we have brand of sport right there so he kept it. For another six years trial and want them you wouldn't into what Portugal client and the rest is history the blue Procter everywhere. Well they are they they really dominate the market right now I think but there are other great. Tight ranges and I want the dark about the new land in the endless summer series a little bit so you've got. Blooms distract and I for one. M bloom struck I love this plant so. Explain a little bit about that or. When it's in really bad. Different for war especially cold climate Gartner for people have top pointers that. Are people that like we had last urea very little snow covered insulate. It's been really really hard hit it it's got some great gets her daughter back mountain range a lot. So it get it back genetic and inherent. Quote hurting their state. Some of the book a couple of the original re blooming and it's really you can solve that problem for them. A little bit more compact so it's great horror of war birds great perk foundation planting and get three to four feet tall where he original. You've got in a really. Perfect crime report and get six feet tall so that they a little more compact it's got wrecked stat which concern that are out of line. So it stands up really tolerant EC aren't that caller just from them itself. In exploring and ordered Parker who eat and that's why aren't certain little bit smaller they're not the fire than age six and Lou what you see on the original. But it got really intense color depending on their soil PH or how what we call who worked well it's. It's blue but it Smart chances almost got a couple wreck notes in it or in upland slopes can be really against each and what's really fun about that it. As we get the default. These balloons turned a really key mover which actually very cool to see it that they get a lot of our pocket he's color. And it just a really strong sturdy well implants. And again promote that as a it's a freak cold winter or older. And you live in a colder environment that can really rock solid partners. Yeah it is really a very nice tight during chat. And I was talking with that christianity at Kennedy's country garden Inco has it. Right I told him that I was gonna rave about the Blum struck hyperion Jeff. And he said there's a lot to rave about he said it's one of the best new plants. So I know that they are looking forward in how to offering Blum struck Eric Kennedys country garden. You know we've heard back from so many people it's not just. Mean he would not get suckered they're talking about it. We have seen and that's all across the board. When we're actually out of the K with you last year we wedge so I am sure guards and her catch it right afterwards. And that they strip the exact same thing day. Planted for two or three years. App or gardens and then they do nothing to it. And it is rock solid. We had at the same thing platinum and sort of meet its we trial before a little insurance plans which are appropriate for 56. Hot tears sure and we had at that polar vortex here we had a it was all planted with no covering. And we executed well those here at Minnesota and hope to stay it was 28 below. This back in both in full political Ngo. Wow it was incredible. Well it's it's not that starts talking about it it is truly a really solid solid good plant and moved so excited to have it. And a new option and a different option. For that adult summer if you are looking for that resuming memo that she's aware that it really great plant. You know I know this is going to be a really popular plant ran so I think most of New England will soon become blue instructive and well it. Let's talk quickly about. I hike ranger nick kilowatt oh this may be the one what white and pink flowers. That people confined from Bailey. We've got a couple of relatively new new tighter and to pick erotic in their first addictions grand. Very when he darted a partner Nokia in the dark purple pot and the particular nights because. Unlike batter Mecca five Mac Acela who boomer and all that you would be whom he would so it doesn't matter what happened over the winter he cut it back. How to act eighteen injured in this spring. And it's gonna pop right back that's what really warming treat you there are learning. So that they can stick it out. But Vanilla strawberry is it comes or recurrent France and it's a bigger plant circuit dot and space itself its its exit seven feet tall. And it is just Hubbard emblems and again you permit especially my young and it's spraying and so they'll go to rock solid stands and it is just. Gorgeous somebody you've got those that you mention that might lose their commitment summer and that's you go and follow it starts and it's the whole. Flour at turned into a really nice strawberry colored. And we've got one called strawberry Chardonnay which is very similar course and say breeder has been also operates but it's much more compact back on it will be four or five feet. But is that a small space it needs itself. Roberts and it's a great option well. Ericsson. Excellent well we have to take a quick break grandpa when we come back. We're going to be talking about a couple of other sharpest people should know about as well as where people can see these plants. And where they can find them. So we will be right back I'm the garden lately and this is the voice of Boston's WRKO. Welcome back to the dark lady behind the album sorry and and is speaking. With Brian back defending. Believe is head of public relations for elite nursery baby nursery is the whole book endless summer hiker came to. And we've been talking about blue struck hiker in Georgia and Vanilla strawberry. High drain shaft. And these are plants that you are going to want to check out I'm really wonderful. Granted before we believe the hype stranger world let's just mention my favorite place cap. Which is twist and shout at tell people a little about what's been trapped. Right there. Now I'm not hearing Ryan. He's. Probably luster. I kept. Well let us Brian that we will get Brian back. Here's the thing I'll I'll tell you about twist and shout out right because did shout. Is this a high drain joke that changed my mind about lace caps. Previously I was non interlaced camp fan I have to tell you. And the reason I wasn't always kept them is that the flowers seemed to me that they didn't last very long. And when I got twist and shout. It changed my view a place caps let's give wherever I am back. Right back with us right. I'm still not hearing Ryan. Near me now. Now can you aerial hey I'm Barack OK here back. Right I was just raving about twist and shout while you work on ram. Right I was explaining that it changed my mind about lays out the first of all because they've blooms for so long. Second at all because the flowers are so big and Shelley you know and haven't several colors as they age. And a reliable second wiring in late August early September. So I often have these plans you know in bloom well until heartthrob student into October. So I'm I'm a stand up to a very much out. That was struck they've got that's on the same heritage and pretty predatory we get a lot of that court partnerships or lose shark comes from a plant like twists. What so so and it's just so beautiful and I don't delay caps are always transferred I Granger. What you want to get twit start them right back here and it really didn't practice. Yeah wonderful. Well big literature is not just about around hydrogen is right. I know that you got to line up roses that everybody is thrilled with. We do with it but I've brand called easy elegance wrote and they're really really starting to expand and have the brand for quite some time bet. We're really really ramping it up again. In the next couple of years and what's so great about them as they're there trump wrote and what they're really hard he entered users' questions and we got them. In 2 October and they got no leaks stopped that it's beautiful foliage. But they and their breath when it is like averaging repertoire so they've got a beautiful aesthetic value also. Let's elements of the trump grows so it's better it's important that really exciting rosters to explore and read where. And the best story in people garden. Yeah. Wonderful well I know lomb. What I was talking with Chris Kennedy at Kennedy's country garden he was saying that they stock easy elegance and it's one of the favorite roses at their customers I guess so. Our group here. Beyond wonderful. Tell us about I start another plant that we should be aware of that Bailey is offering. There. Are not in park that is really great that we love people to talk about love for people to be introduced to pick our senior before the amber jubilee. And what's so different about it except that a lot of people would have bind here but you know they've got the big diablo. But this one was really different it's a little more compact but it also its forward color is really strike it. You get in the summer it's got the orange and yellow sort of almost looks like it has all color. In the summer and then when he gets into autumn it's got to really encourage red room callers which operates. Wonderful I think nine bark it's really a plant that more people need to be aware of because it's a great substitute. Schwartz who plants that are. Pretty. Invasive impact their banned in Boston have other banned in Massachusetts. And that's the burning bush and Japanese Barbieri and so you know a lot of people like burning bush for the fall color they like are very for the leaf foliage color. And now nine park gives both of those right. It does and there's been a lot of free who worked its written down on these to fill that void. And equipment like amber Djibouti has that really brilliant our spring flower on actually so that's why aren't and then the rest of the year forward Donna it's just. Brilliant and it's a great break shrub like our border planned it that they're really really well and again it's not a massive thing like diablo. This Wednesday what we are fortified feet so it it fits into almost any garden. Yeah they're great for both writing and flower gardens for a mixture of borders for foundation plans to. Amber jubilee well that's definitely on my shopping list for the coming season. Well Ryan where can people flying to Blum struck tight ranges amber to believe him and the other plants. Fought as you mentioned it's definitely a pat Kennedy country garden they've got all the all the plants there and it. Most and the Pentagon planners in wherever you have faith they should have them. But further and the summer in the blue pot amber do you believe couple pot and eat yellow and saloon pot yeah tree in the stand out really well. Excellent excellent well I so appreciate you being with me here today ran. And I am I hope do you have an early spring it's looking like an early spring here in New England so I'm wishing the same for you in Michigan. All right thank so much think you are happening now right have a great weekend. Faint when you go out right. You are spoke to Ryan an end earlier and he is after Chicago flower show it is flower show season. I spoke at the Philadelphia flower show on Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week. And that was so much fun it's always fun to see what different areas do with their flower shows and each. Each flower show had its own particular. Flavor I guess you'd say. Well I would like you to know that I am going to be broadcasting live from the Boston flower show next week I'm going to be there. Between one and three of course. And I will be taking some questions on the air so if you're there and you have a question calm up and ask your question. I you can either beyond the error or just ask me during the break and well address that after after we come back on the air. And I'm going to be speaking after the program. At 338. And I will be talking about my new book talk cocktail hour Garten. And hopefully signing copies and copies hit. The that book shelves are distributors I guess this past week so I'm looking forward to sharing that book and sharing the topic. About how you can create a cocktail I work hard man went. What clues into. We have. Another. Half an hour of your questions coming up and let me just. Remind you of that early in the program is really the best time to get through a lot of times calls kind of pour in in the last fifteen minutes a week. Barely have time to take them all. So if you wanna get through give a call when we come back from the break to 617. 2666868. What ever is on your gardening mind whether it is about. Great new plants or whether it is about our garden practice or product we're going to be talking about it here. In the next hour and a half times the alpha and Ari and this is the garden lady on WRK. Out. Welcome back into the garden lady I'm the album art and I'm here pet. I am and start hey let's go right July 1 and we're going to. Yes well on the Ed and I go to help the alligator I am well how what's happening plus. You guys plans of sprouts at a cemetery plot. And the grass came up. Incredible like gates for God's green Maingear it was showing credible people would walk up to it and say. In that paint. It was incredible bug had been shot that I know my opponent just like. Unbelievable what happened what went out. I have to roll out cutting. A lot believes that the cemetery and yeah I caught the trees and limiting house. I'm too old squad to the groused Phillies had followed her ended act and how would spotty. And I'm wondering whether I shouldn't we seen this spots that have died. What do stout golf where they like the Scots fertilizer what I used to use it on my house logs and do it like that our show Greg just preceded. I would recede and and I would received. Sometime in early to mid April all right Joseph kind of scratch up those spots with with a little hand brake or something. Now he's like those spots. And then toward the end of may when that's going then you can fertilized but you'll you'll want to use. Starter fertilizer fertilizer that's made for new lawns and that all filled fertilized. You know the grass April last year just fine. I IC because I noticed on. But like just about. Two feet long and try to they headstone and our twelve inches and I'd got. Just completely wrong and I couldn't be that bad Democrat women I know what I'm doing what I don't make a mistake. Well I think that it can't go around like that it add it won't take you you know much time did you sort of patch goes those. Areas with some new seed and then later in May put the starter fertilizer on that'll not only help the new stuff but the old as well. And it could be you know secretaries are tough places to grow plan. I know all I know is. I should use a Heidi received. No I guess the same thing that you used before. I got the same so that it matches are right could you don't want it to look spotty. So I I would get the same state but just know that. It may have to do a little patch and on and you know this plot of grass every year because as I say cemeteries are tops. Not right I know are doing just that I lost like Wright State audit that sent a bit and I think it looks so beautiful all right I didn't want to find alternatives that I appreciate it. You're most welcome you have a great weekend let's go to Lyon three. And talk with them last less welcome to the garden lady. Hi how we will I am well what's happening Ellis. I have an umbrella in my boy in an adequate attention stands aren't typically kept pushing willow. And that the PU load. Blooming and I. And well. That's great ally great output I want to plant them outside. Nothing about what he will probably hit. If you wanna plant them outside you should take maybe two or three stems you know you may not want to wrote all of them. But pretty quickly you should take her a couple of the stands clip off the bottom make a fresh carpet tonight for up runners. And stick them in water. And change that water about every. You know I don't know couple of five days. At once they have roots that you come plant them outside. I'll hit this wasn't the plant pitch in the dirt right. I don't know if I'll get that was the declaration. Of I. A couple of you'll let it get a couple of those dams and water pretty quickly before they dry up too too far past you know life that's OK now tell me what am I should it that a tree is that a bush. What do they get to be very large Bush's so you should planted somewhere where you elect a very large porch and they're not particularly. Frankly that wonderful after the spring so they're just kind of big plane green bush has later tell you had to put it kind of you know may be in a corner someplace or behind some other plants are somewhere where it can get to be large but it's not. How blood to get two day old 1012 feet tall. We tend to do and how wide. May be six feet wide. That they add that to us. And and you couldn't you couldn't cut them fairly hard it's just that this isn't a specimen plant here one we wanna put in prime time and turning your house or anything else. I want it. Yeah that's right something that you lot on the border of the property somewhere where you can cut to put to a was in the spring. And but then it doesn't take that much prominence during the summer. Okay and it's not really a beautiful bush that it's telling me. Telling you it's just kind of boring once. After the pussy willows or god it's it's got green leaves then you're not much else happening FF. Our bank Chela that it under water after a snip opted out bottom is that's right and get a rude. That's right change the water ever a couple of days so let's check the water hope changed the water every couple days so that the bacteria doesn't grow and it Wallace rooting. OK okay much I appreciate your called let's go to line two and talk with Dan. Yeah welcome to the garden lady. I think probably. What's happening Dan got a question. Or. I am. Fire and like Portugal and I've hit. Report hurt her anymore. So wanna throw out some. Forces raspberry buses blueberry bushes and also let's treat. Our. But look at it to a billion a year. So sure that adds and then you know planned to refinance at lower percentage is way. I would wait. It out and if if there are a couple of things that you know that you really love. By all means put him in the ground implant to take them what you. More than a couple however I probably wouldn't do I I would probably you know or maybe it'll start saving your change in a vague. Contain errors are things so that after you get moved you'll have some money built up device in treason traps. Right about. Make that who know where I am not you get it may be no more mature plant apple it yeah yeah about. Or perhaps. Right thanks for your call at doctor Scott who's on line drive. Yeah I didn't say thank you to in my car and I'm very good guy named on there as normal fertilizers deserted side of that control. I'm an idiot who doesn't do you know what would you recommend it but just how about that Democrats. Liberals. I would not recommend even of those I am a Democrat and cannot Wear any left wing liberal myself Scott what. They beat most of the budget and direct. Apple and let you I would recommend in the terms of fertilizer and organic fertilizer all right so get yourself a good all purpose organic for birdies to end it didn't add you know let's got this Garden Show not a political show so let I think that Elsa are all right are. Let's take that elsewhere. I'm talking plants and gardening here folks ad that is my passion and that is my joy. And I know so many of you enjoy it to sell. You couldn't talk politics on another day on WR KL you know that. I got some emails in the last week and one of them concerns placebos actually. I got an email from Jennifer and she said two years ago. I planted a little pussy willow tree that I bought at the supermarket. It's got pussy willows on it now but it hasn't gotten any homework when will it start to grow. Here's the thing Jennifer those little pussy willow trees that you buy at this time of year. Derek grafted on to another truck. And they don't grow any taller they so they always will be just as short as they are what you buy them. And that's because. Although the hot grows to bush part it's grafted onto that trunk will grow. The trunk itself just not it does not get any taller. So it's it's an impact when you plant them out in the garden they end up looking a little bit like cousin it. Because they get all this kind of weepy. Bush growth that's on the top of this damn. But. Not any height growth. What I would probably recommend that you do if you have any sort of a raised area on your property market terrorists or something that you could plant it up. So that you can kind of look up at it that's one thing to do the other thing to do is to planted in a great big plastic pot. And leave it outside these are very hardy they over winter in the pot beautifully. And you know you have this little tree and then you can you know it's raised up because it's an a very large pot. I put that pussy willow tree and up popped it's about two feet across and may be you know two to three feet deep. And a plastic or wooden container so that it doesn't freeze and doesn't crack. And you are are going to be able to enjoy that pussy willow tree for years. In the container. Are right we are coming up on a break when we come back more of your calls we've got several lines open at the time to get through. I NC often Ari I'm the garden variety. And welcome back in the dark. CL and Ari and I am here every Saturday if someone didn't really wet. How about landscapes log house plants flowers. Homegrown veggies. Do drugs and injuries. I had an email probably helps during the break. So I wanted to discuss those first of all of Judah best. How far back to cut decision Jewish flowering shrubs. Judge us by Rea Carey up dresses but Leah and hide here come well. These are all eyes good questions because these are plants that get. Pruned a little bit differently than some other. Does it to us plant our boats by Ria. Kerry after is that the blue mist shroud hype here come at saint John's wart. Those three plants are plants that can get cheered and they can get cheered backed by a third of their height. A quarter of their hike to about a third of their height is about that the normal. Range there. I used a battery operated cheering tour. On these plants. Sometimes the high here come if it's been a real cold weather that might even die a back to the ground to you want off. She your first and then see where it comes back so. I spy Rea Carey doctors and the saint John's wart cut off about a third you can cheer either with hedge Trimmer or with the sharing tool. And just kind of around nice round shape and you can do it any time now Alcan. And in terms of the by the way that's a butterfly bush and that's a plan that you want to cut down to about a foot tall. And it just take your low person who hacked off the end this is not a plant that you need to be have many financial com or need to be that careful where. Such as our credit back at it should beat surest five and you could do that now to march is a good time to prune butterfly bush. Let's see I had another email from Jolene. Who is listening to me from her kitchen and so that's nice to hear. Joseph leaned said that she likes to put potting soil under her see starting next when she's selling. Seeds in six packs indoors and that's fine. She purchased some African pilot potting soil on clearance and wonders if it's okay for a starting her Swiss chard. Arugula peppers KL let us the yes absolutely. There's nothing you know it's not that different the soil for African violet frankly. And Mike we may be a little higher and heat mosques I don't know but in any case yes by all means you can use that. And then put your seat starting next on top of that. And start your seed with all the seats starting mixes or potting soils Jolene just be sure and get them wet. Before you put them in the six packs. Or before you put them in whatever container it is that you're starting seeds and at a particularly that comes to my mind if you bought something on clearance because that might be really dried out you know and in that case. Or dried up potting soils have a surface tension that sheds. Moisture. And it's harder to get them really to absorb water. When you put him in the container. And then try and water your new seeds. That it is put that party next and a big bowl of some kind. Get it wet move it around with your hands so that it's well saturated. Okay. And then put it in your six packs or your cartons or whatever you're using to start your seeds. And they are broke up by the way pretty soon you'll be able to plant arugula outside so I don't. Usually start might let us or arugula seeds inside I usually just put him right in the ground and pretty soon you'll be able to do that. In another week or two where I think we're going to be warm enough to get those things start it. 6172666868. We have several lines open and it is a good time to get through. I had an email last week from Robert and he said last year when my trees died we don't know why it died it wasn't that old. We want to plant didn't do it in the same place this year stood ice scoop out all the existing soil and replace it with new dirt. I don't think I would Robert particularly such you really don't know why the last one died and it could have been any number of things. Usually. In a good thing that might the end soil which might. You know affect your tree if there are some fungal diseases for example. Are that can live in so well. Usually however. That's rare and having something that would affect another tree is rare I I think. In terms of plant death cultural conditions are often. The cause either to whether to dry a string Trimmer girdle thing you know the base. You know something like that. As often. More likely the cause of death particularly have a young tree. Our mice eating the park across the winner before when it's under the snow you know that sort of thing. Without getting more information from you it's it's hard to guess what might have killed it. But I would not but they're scooping up the existing soil what I would do if Mario. Is a dump some compost compost and manure on top of the area after you take up the tree. Put some compost compost manure. Are a couple of bags a couple of forty pound bag spread it around there on the surface of the soil. Gift site and then dig them a little bit in the area. That might be under the drip line and then plant the tree in the center of that. At the old recommendation for planting a tree was to really. You know beef up the soil at a small area that's not their current recommendations. Made the current thinking based on all. Research that has happened over the past twenty years or so. Is that you dig a hole that a bowl shape. And you only ticket as deep as the plant in the potter at balled and burlap plant is. And then you put your new plant in the center there so that it's not going to be too deep so that you're going to see the group player above the surface of the soil. And then you put in the native soil back around to. Adds to amend. That the area. You'd then dump compost compost and manure on the surface under the drip line and you do that regularly. And spread it out so that it gets amended from the top down okay. So good luck with that nutrient and it out you want to really be careful plant something else other than the same kind of tree. We are going to take a break here at the top of the hour we've got some news or some other business to take care of that when we come back. Worked parking a pop up Boston flower show here on the garden lady WR KR. I am. I don't yeah. Welcome to have started leaning on WOR KL. Join the show like 6172666868. And. Welcome to the second. Our that guard and maybe. We always start up and check our web question and my question this morning. You want to gain new and you'll that is so unusual. Every one will be asking what is that it. Well have I got a plan for EU com three not paying does that sol. Com three now that's solved now this is an annual plant in this climate. Fairly new to the scenes of the right pink flowers are browned and huge but the plant is not cute she. It's kind of a sprawling plant gets about eight to twelve inches high and wide here in the northeast. And the foliage is Fuzzy and very attractive the flowers are large and bright pink and surely but. Only a few open at the same time so this is not a plant that. Stands well on its own necessarily you'll want to put this in with other plans to some good mixer. I especially like how can stats all combined with rations. Like all the other comprehend that this plan likes the heat and it really gets going in mid summer. You can find to come pre nup pink Cecil. Every where that proven winner plants are soul and if you'd like to check out what looks like. Go to my blog act garden lady dot com. It is my pleasure in this part of the program to go to line one. And welcome my guest for the second hour Caroline Weston who is the director of the Boston flower show good afternoon Caroline. Hello once and I knew if. Well it's just so exciting that it's the flower show is bright around the corner right. And hands and have demanded an answer for practicing at Purdue at the production. Cells and on Wednesday we have a lot of work to do that so much has gotten down on a short time this morning it's really shaping up. Oh that's great well let's start off with kind of the basic information for people. When and where does the Boston flower show take place. Chart we take your restart on Wednesday and runs through Sunday of this coming week the sixteenth at the twentieth of march. At the seaport World Trade Center. OK secret World Trade Center. And people can buy tickets in advance if they want to they can avoid lines correct. That's the best way to do it they can buy them online at WWW. Often flat or showed dot com ticker not about them on a dimension outside as well we're. OK good well well or will repeat that information a little bit later. How is the Boston flower show is really so much fun because there if there's so much there right there so many things offered. I guess give us all a sense of what people will find in addition to display gardens. Sure well you know I thought that that it would not even realize there's despite our that they are so what we have our fifteen gardens that range from. About a hundred square feet all the way to beat gardens of 12100 square feet and you landscaper and nursery in nonprofit groups who are showing off their skills and landscaping. So that he'll either buy their product join their group that sort of thing dancer gorgeous look like a little indoor Botanic Garden. Yeah so in addition to that there are about 200 vendors selling the products you need to start up your garden for the year. So scenes both garden furniture and accessories tool that's sort of thing. And then there's also election demonstrations yet nonstop press MA. Talk about fifteen different programs throughout the week everything from sessions about individual plants he might look like I dreamed Jack and rose says. Two tips on landscape design using water in your garden and outdoor living. Flipped it to and that sort of thing it's just minutes nonstop activity at the Sasha. Okay great and there are some competition you can see who who won Bay Area. Garden club than flower arranging them and that sort of thing. Absolutely hundreds of floral arrangements don't let individuals and garden concert chides her very prestigious awards at the show and then there's also. A very historic display. Amateur competition where individuals bring in their prized by the implants. Is that they've owned for at least ninety days or more. And they advised also for prestigious awards and the terror kinda celebrating. Part of the show which is really the heart of the show in town began hundreds of years ago literally a 150 years ago. Who live bank the ticking that area of the show that you to be sort of that's. A separate room from the main hall and really showcasing at random means for sort about that. That's great I love that that's an aspect of the show that I particularly love because. He served. Plan to not raise necessarily bright professional growers are right he's there. These are plans that plant lovers her head in their home where their own son rumor whatever. And they they often are just spectacular because they've got some age on them. They don't have store anything else on mine and my great uncle bequeathed that to me you know that sort of things so that a lot of great story diplomat packs some of the stuff. That's great that's great send us seller live lovingly produced by the Massachusetts horticultural society who you know an election. Producing a sound off them for a long time we get to work with some really. Wonderful volunteers hit who put so much into the center. Absolutely some great people I now and I look forward to seeing people that I know there and let's. Talk for a minute though about the display gardens aren't. It's so you said I went to people start. Making those are they are already at work. They are are you know all the planning that goes into the start at left summer they really have to think about what kind of plants they wanna feature what sort of structures will go on their gardens some of them include artwork as especially made for the shadow. So we you really into high gear around labor and start planning what's going wearing is that this participating. And then over the winter they did the hard work of forcing Clinton to bloom. There were really lucky that today is a beautiful day and it's warm up that traditionally and even if you think about last year. Where but it particular cell that kind of an early portion of those spring. Not even spring where it shouldn't be a format for this today that usually were forcing Clinton to blame and it's really call that such. So a lot of time and then taking that to control the late Tim Eaton and all the different how much or other different aspects of what incentive to blow on the Terrelle art. Sure because you know you don't want him to peak too early and you don't want that to you later as I thought about an hour. End and they all have to be brought in and assemble them and their whole display put together. I think building a flower show display it's a lot like. Creating. A theater set to. You know. Yes sell these people have. Really planned out every aspect maybe. And build things in advance and every little pieces numbered every little stone has you know an air being out at firfer Alina where it doesn't need the split within me very detailed descriptions and that. And now the fun part of watching nothing for chemical and right goods so that building today and that's Albania touch her awards on Tuesday morning to very short period. How great Yao wonderful I can hardly wait to come I really am so excited. So tell me if somebody is coming and and they wanna make it day habit you know you wanna see that displays and I'll. The individual plant exhibit sent shoppers have been there is a what kind of food is available for those who want to stay there for the day. Chart but you know we have some wonderful. Productions right here on the South Florida and not. You know you're only partners to present hot guys we have wrapped them in talent something like that but people often have the option of getting their hands Hampton and ash. Experiencing some of the wonderful new restaurants out here on the steep architect. There's new things happening every day there's great restaurants across the street even in the seaport hotel. Ingram who think that data known name at a restaurant in this attempted to do in the area and worked perfectly happy to have people leave and come back so that's the fun thing to death. And you know as apparently independent I encourage people to check out the so let's settlement one return it's often ourselves dot com. Maybe two more times. And that kept out of our new parking options are tougher sentence celular across sparking what they knew shuttle service that we're running from parking lot demonstrated that. And inevitably coming relaxing enjoying some time in the lecture hall taking some good notes and really making a phone that that. Actually. How what are the hours of the show Caroline. We have an every day up from Wednesday to Saturday at 10 AM. Yeah looked a little different time. Intense during the week the first two days Wednesday and there's thing because that ain't. Friday and Saturday night little bit apartment date night or up until ninety and I think that's at 6 o'clock. I'm kinda. Wonderful. And I always found that evening it's a good time to be there. We did tell. Yeah if you litany and I got to thank who worked in the area today after a work thing to do it with some real work by the into and we have a lot of people who come into that. And third in honor of that because we know it's a good time to see the show we verify delegates count of the normal adult twenty dollar ticket itself. After 5 o'clock we can't flush after dark. People adults are fifteen pills instead it's funny that the great scientists say the show that the grade sort of social occasional friend. We encourage you cannot that's. Sure and edit it a little less crowded in the evening. He really has felt the I take photos of uncertain plants there. You know you wanna get in real click the read almost completely bald fat girl over the cartoons it's a really good time to come and it's a little left which. Crowded and that you know we mentioned 5 o'clock in the content can even come any time after onto a prick pockets is better than and then I mean it's less crowded and first thing in the morning. Okay well we have to take a quick break but hang on because when we come back I wanna talk about. Are highlighting may be a couple of these lectures that will be happening at the flower show. And then we'll repeat the website and and how to get in touch a one more time so we will be back with. More about the Boston flower and Garden Show on the garden lately and this is the voice of Austin WRKO. I'll come back to the garden. Lady and I CO NRA and I am here and have a great week from one to create talking about flowers homegrown veggies. Shrubs trees house plants we'll losses to your home landscape. It is my pleasure this afternoon to be talking to Caroline Weston she is the director of the Boston flower and Garden Show. And Caroline before with what should go ahead and get back to work there at the flower show I would talk up. Little bit about some of the the lectures that you have going on I seen Charlie in our Josie is speaking on foot escaping on Wednesday. So he's repeat and a lot of headlines speaker on the topic of edible gardening this year which who is a really strong question of our programming. Both in the lectures and demonstrations but the off Kabila and examples of food gardening. Vegetables herbs. Through in some of our landscape to split the Italians angle on an is that as balls on things like herbs and and the flowers and fruits. Can make wonderful ornamental. These contributions to our gardens as well as being yummy on our plate so. He's going to be talking about that banned from an open a new book he's read it. And a bunch of other food related things tooth and hear what has made no Fenway Park last couple of years has had that they would come vegetable garden. And we have. Designer of that just he'd been hobbled talking about. Tell you can have an urban garden and here a few that sort of thing so we covered in a lot of different angles. That's great that's great and I see John fourteen eagle with a friend of mine and and he's the heirloom Gartner. He's going to be speaking on children's garden and school cartons are on their story. Movement that's going on right now school trying to incorporate. That's programming and activity and I appreciate so no need to look at them done as you know there can attack about that so not only will he be talking about it that's. The horticultural society of cardinals sort of portrays them some ways that you can enjoy gardening like hearing different Bentley as well. Well you know I can see going through this schedule. That somebody could come in just spent the day going to lecture at a lecture and then come back the next day and see the vendors in the display gardens right off or. Yeah definitely accomplished it incurred for the account several times and around the fall schedule can be seen on our web site often flower show up. Dot com and you know when mechanic got threatened seam which pieces programming. To clear can't think a little on a different topics covered. Yes from what. Hooking up for the carton yeah general arranging demonstrations and even. You know that's what to do aren't balloon which is a beautiful upcoming event at the Museum of Fine Arts depicting Kurt with flowers will be here sort of giving a little taste of something the food and he mentioned we have the shaft from the America in a resource DeVon at the pine hills coming to do some really wonderful I'm gourmet cooking for us some people two experienced. Great great from plants to be keeping you will find it all at the Boston flower show. So terrorists breach happened remind people Wednesday through Sunday correct. And the website one last time. Since WWW Bach and that's. For our show dot com he's our world that we're located at. Well wonderful I look forward to being there on Saturday and seeing many of our listeners there thanks so much for joining me today Carolyn. We are taking call 6172666868. I hope I see many of you act flower show next weekend. I'll be broadcasting live and taking your. You're asked questions lives there and then I'm speaking after the broadcast I'll be speaking about the cocktail hour garden riches. The title of my new book that will be out. Then he gave out so it's very exciting I look forward to celebrating. That with you all there. 6172666868. I got an email last week from yeah. And then set I have a house for the first time and I can't wait to plant herbs what do I need to do to get the area ready. Should I put potting soil in the ground and which herbs should I plant. Well here's the thing man some of the basics about herbs number one you want to study this place you've got. And if you've got less than a place that sneer your kitchen door. That's pretty ideal because. To be able to just step outside. While you're cooking you know snip some bays or chives or time and then bring their right into the kitchen. And that's really a wonderful thing so tried habit as convenient as possible. If you have to have your main herb garden away from the kitchen you might want to think about putting a few pots. Near your kitchen door for those things that you use most frequently. In terms of potting soil no you don't wanna put potting soil in the garden. You want to say if you've got you know really really poor soil you might want to either put the end. Some compost compost and manure or AA. You know may be even a little bit blown. But you don't want to put used to potting soil 'cause they wanna keep that for. You know you're here contenders. So do that. You know loosen the soil a little bit. And if I were you I would plant staged. Childless. Basal. Time and may be Rosemary Rosemary at a pot if you wanna bring it indoors. But. And those that is sort of the basics and then after that you can just choose some to have fun pineapple sage is a good one. I. Personally love pineapple sage and that's a nice one for. You know I. I would say not only the fragrance of firm aromatherapy. But for. All right you can use the cocktails. So that's a good thing as well and it's also an ice plant to have in terms of I've plant for picking for bouquet it's. Let's see oh and by the way man and that I'm saved and she lives and time are all perfectly hearty in this area. And so those are plants that you can plant and they will come back year after year. The bays so in the Rosemary and some of the other things you will have to plant every every year. And there are so many wonderful days cells available. That I think that you know you're just gonna have so much fun with this. Let's go to line one and talk with Rosa. Let's get rose up on the line here Rochelle welcome to the garden variety. When I got everything you. What's happening Roseanne are. Yeah Google without missing on their coffee cup and talk and verified paper also got happen I don't know what you feel we have great. He hit a good idea. I call pick out your fight in the carton. It's it's they don't have any particular magical who did them. In fact it's why I called my last book coffee for grosses because a lot of people do put coffee on roses. Coffee grounds organic matter or get a matter is good for the garden earthworm slop that shall I say go right ahead and put them on the carton. Yeah and don't count out that they. YouTube I'm so glad you called. EE you know if if you're not a coffee drinker however don't think that he you have to start drinking coffee in order to put it on your garden other organic matter is also fine. Including compost and and and that sort of thing let down coffee grounds don't that's it defied the soil you don't have to worry about that. And as I say it is organic matter and it looks pretty good on the garden surface as well. We're going to take a break. When we come back more of your calls on the garden variety and this is WRK. Welcome back to the garden. Ladies the album I am wearing your Tarkanian. Subject that brings us all together earned. Lands' End gardening we're going to go right to the bones July pie and talk with Paul. Paul welcome to the garden lady. But it's sort of look my studio program why. You I have to I have to. Don't question for you okay last week on their program. You're talking I'm always pretty Paula made all the you all. Like I'd like to have all were injured and what type of plan to do. And how I envision Ohio girl yeah like Mario that program is quite some. Great Barnes like planted three of four years ago now call barbaric and I dropped from. And tonight on some holes on the ground around Leo great Barnes and put some fired divided on home. So I guess it's thank you very much the lady ultra modern Mario radio emotional deal. OK that's Brian Powell that's right. Add it is. Plant that has the right yellow flowers it's called Biden's goldilocks rocks and it's a completely easy easy plant to grow. It yet Paul out oh I would say. Twelve inches tall and twelve inches wide it's it's you know good container plant although I planted in the ground in the garden. So that's a good one to do. Now in terms and evidence. To repeat the name Biden's V I DE EE and ask. Goldilocks. Rocks and it is a proven winners plan. Tom in terms of your great fight haul it see you basically want to leave the main trunk always of the grapevine. And then you know you've trained some of the side branches out. But the branches that come off of both side branches that come off the trunk. Those are what you prune off. And those you can prune down either off completely or it down to you know all about an inch or two long. And the. And there will be new site branches that you know to come off of cells. And that's a little difficult to explain printing on the error cannot like try to teach skiing on the air. But that's the basic principle in terms of grapevine. And your credit be taking up out I would say a quarter to a third of the plant's total growth off. At in terms of fertilizing I don't get the holes don't bother doing that it's far better. Jews sprinkle the fertilizer that you're using. Over the surface of the soil if you want to use of synthetic like 5105. Or a 101010. Do that in late may don't do that too early because if you do it too early to plant is not going to really make use of it. Or you could do have an organic and do it now something like plant tone or flour tone. Would be just fine. But sprinkle it over the whole area because the roots then won't get such concentrated amount when you do the holes the roots get too concentrated. An amount. Let's go to light one and speak with Jack. Jack welcome to the garden variety. Yes you have good afternoon and I they have prime time push and so are you okay. Are you. Directly through his. That you pay out at peachtree. And I'm pretty sure I hired for a our particular teacher and I think it took to get out is dependent. Stone. It's probably going to be viable but you're probably not going to get the same peach back. And an eighth but the reality is hybrids usually don't come true from seed you know there across. And so you're more likely to get a parent plant back. Now if she does that mean that you shouldn't do it now it's a fun experiment so we you know what if you've got to lose and they start to heroic. I haven't hit it will be a few years. How the rug pulled out. Are planted in the ticket. I would do it in a pot. And I would I would planted in a pot so that you could monitor the soil and keep at it only you could even planted indoors now. And that way you can keep that conditions warm while it's germinating and you can. It out to make sure that it stays damp but not soggy wet if you put it outside in the ground that might dry out so. So I would do it at a pot and then. What's its German native Brooke provided it is still viable you know there there are other things that affect seats. That particularly approaches it's been in the supermarket. But down provided it's still viable once it starts to grow. Then you can planted outside you know what it's got a couple of inches on it so that it's you know not going to get disturbed by the critters. And if you want it to Jack Q could even grow it for the summer in a pot so that you can be sure that the rabbits or anything else don't get at it. And then planted in the ground toward the end of the summer. Okay now Mike how was to check it didn't separate reward for a few days before planted. Do you think that would give. Married. I. If hits a if it's a day here who I see nothing wrong with that I wouldn't do it for too much longer than that because we don't want it to. Set up a situation where it's going to get bacteria and rot instead of grow. So I think if they are sure ER I think good day or two would be fine let's go to line three. And we will talk with Max Max welcome to the garden lately. Yeah I hit the joke that they had quite simply appear bored. It's got to unusable but that I needed that detailed. Answer. He beat you got your watering cans. Yeah now you can pay. Two dollars to one and you can pay 300 dollars for once. That's our other than this what big holes and you have the actual Latin. You know coming from either the top of the water and canned or going down to the base right. What what what are the differences and why would you spend that kind of money. Yeah this is a great question Max I'm so glad you asked that first of all. A watering can of course it's a functional to tool right. And like any tool all sound there are some. Watering cans that are better for one purpose and some that are better for another. And that you'll have to function well for the Gartner cell number one's. I think about a watering can is you have to consider the weight if you're not going to lift up two gallons of water why would you want a two gallon cam in Al. If it's do you have. So yeah it's so that's an important thing. And number two. I. Some people just needed to water established plants in which case you don't need that. It's called a rose. That end part that has all the little holes than it. That's called out of a watering can roads and the whole function of that is to disperse water and a very gentle way. And so. If you're watering let's say new seats in a flat you might want a watering can that has a rose on. If you're just watering established house plants. You don't need that rose an impact that rose with sent water all over the floors you're letting her. So what you're watering houseplants. You probably want a watering can with a longer spout. So that you can kind of stick it up underneath your house but didn't get it right into the pot so it doesn't damage your floor. Now in terms of cars to. I it's really yet not a difference a function it's a difference of aesthetics. And you'll find the watering cans that you pay a hundred dollars for our. Broadens our copper are you know and it's a matter of how they look. And at watering can that it's plastic that you would buy it at garden center. Is probably just as functional. So I guess I would say first of all consider what that you need to whether you're able to haul a lot of water or not to if you're not then may be don't need such a big one. Consider what you're going to be watering doing Unita watering cans for mixing up liquid fertilizer and putting it on your containers. In which case you might want a bigger one. Or are you just watering a few house plants in which case you might want a smaller one with a longer spout. Right because anytime you sit there waiting that's offering that's like what you would want. If you would well what with a rose on it that has all the little holes if you want a simulated soft rain that's right. So for things like cuts lapse of seeds and new seedlings. Something that has that. Type of attachment is good and they're Mehdi watering cans Macs that have ball that you have a dial that you can turn back and forth so that you could either choose. The soft rain. Part of it or you can choose a direct stream for when you just need to do it yank it out faster and get the water out at surface of the plan. Yet the public on a watering wants but there a couple of eight. Watering can that scene and yeah. Then it got a really super find. Whole burden for. Just make ensure it is sort of things he can't then not now or what was saturated. Well that's about watering. Is that you water really saturate your soil well you don't wanna just dampen the surface so. Sat in what you're doing containers Macs are what we're doing plants outside. Of really deep thorough so king and then letting it dry out a little in between is always better. I appreciate your Comex thank you so much that was a great question I'd love it. We are taking a break and when we come back more of your call 6172666868. I am the garden lady and mrs. WRK. Welcome back. Darden lady I'm the Alfred RA and I am so pleased to. You every Saturday from one and killed 3617. 666868. It's the number you can call him. Talk about we'll plants and gardening. It's all about your whole landscape here on the garden lady every Saturday. Add to I want to talk for a little bit of foul waves of crooning high drain. Chances because. It's it's kind of confusing because there are. Basically. A couple of different types of hankering to street basic types of tight ranges. There are that big lead tight ranges from high during chat macro viola. Those are the blue and delinquent the big blue balls you know that we all love. There are height range jet and if you lie back and those are the tight ranges that are. Blooming white flowers that usually turn a little pink ish later in the summer and Dave flower on nu wood. And the other in terms of flowering types I'm Derek relays caps of course. But at the other in terms of uprooting. And ways of pruning are the height range as such as and are now. And those at the arbor arrest sentence and up now and incorporate a ball and paint and a bound. Those are also a different types so let's talk about tuning method for those three types. First of all four at the blue and pink flowering height range as the basically tight ranges are the mop head height range as we often call them. Those bloom on second year growth so you can't go wrong with though is. If you prune off dead wood in May in May when you can clearly see what has the leaves on it and which king does not. Ending at least by any stem or part of this damn that has no leads by mid to Eaton you know later today. You prune off and some of those gains might be get right to the ground you've proven her right to the ground. And some of them might have a little weary eyed right at the top of the candidate that teach you don't prove that at all. You never want to prune your blue or pink right strangest in the fall. And you never want to print them down. Just to tidy them up quote on quote. You want to take out what's dead and believe everything else and that's the way you have the most hankering to flowers. On that type of type stranger. Your high stranger panicking lot as the ones that are better right to turn pink like PG Hank ranges and lime light. And the little Liam and mobile all of toaster. Examples of hundred chip and it can lot of those are plants that you can prune in the spring you can prune them is this week if you want or you could wait prune them a little later in April. The way you proven though is its first to take off anything gadget if you can tell. At this time of year. Next you look for crossed branches and we'll get a rubbing each other and you take away one of votes. And if one of those cross branches that are wrapping is headed into the center of the play you'd take that away. So you're always want to prune hydrates are panicking a lot of so that the stands are going out from the center of the plant that makes a nice shape. After that after you do that you do always do that first deadwood first cross branches. And branches that are going into the setter at the plant you do that before you do anything else. After that. Then you cut back. Delaying if you want to cut the length of your heart rate just dams that are grafted back. You can pat about a quarter to a third. Of their total size off of that. The arbor arrest sentence Annabel height range as time. Peak at a Powell incredible all. Those plants. You can either cut jeans off Frederik ground level if you're if you're getting too wide which they'd do they spread. So you can cut some extra pains off the ground level if you want to. And then you can trim them back by Ole you know a foot may be our kickoff up to a quarter of their height. They will my new growth and a bell an incredible. But the problem is if you prune them back to little short. You'll get a lot of brand new growth that grows up and that new growth will be weaker growth. And so the big flowers on and a valor in credit ball will fall over after rain. And end up in the but didn't you'll probably have to end up staking them sell. So with the arbor essence particularly the ones that have the big flowers like Annabel. Those are plants that again. That you don't want a proven too far down not because your retaking of the flowers. Because. You don't want to create new growth is too weak so our hope that helps in terms of pruning hunter anxious. On my website garden lady dot com if you go to the am. Author page on garden lately dot com. You will see articles and to. One of the articles I have on the author page. About putting Hank ranges so you can go to articles and click on articles. And then Gaudin and see how to prune. Blue hydrate chips and there is even a PDF you can download and print outs you can take it out in the carton with Theo. And take a look. At down. You know whether you. Where you cut and how much and that might help you with your blew her drink just. And speaking to prune and very quickly will do one last email here is Sally wrote about how it went directly in my roast which is. You prune your roses in the spring when you see all the red shoots first to take off anything that's dead. Then you take off crossed branches or branches that are going into the center of the plant. And you can park rose is back again by about a quarter to a third of their height. You never want to prune a rose bush to move far down because the more those red shoes you've cut off. The fewer flowers you have in the summer. I'm so pleased you've joined to meet this afternoon and I will be broadcasting live from the Boston flower show. Next weekend here on WRK. I. It's. Name.