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Super Tuesday Results. 3/2/16

Mar 2, 2016|

What do you make of Trump dominating Super Tuesday?

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The constitution. Is under attack freedom is being curtailed. Founding principles are being destroyed. But in Boston deceived the American revolution. A new. It begins from Jeb schooner at Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bull. Am seeking our country that. This is America's voice of the resistance. Sooner report. Are you win. Down from don't from don't know Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump felt felt Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump. But this has been an amazing period of time it's been amazing for me even from an educational standpoint. And I think honestly we've done something that. Almost nobody thought could be done. And I'm very proud of it and I just wanna leave you with this I am a unifier I would love to see the Republican Party. Everybody get together and unified. And when we unify this you know god. Nobody that's going to beat us thank you very much everybody. Some of Boston's Jeff Horner Boston's old guard. My friends. Yeah it was today as Donald would play dead are huge. Huge. Huge night for him last night. Just some spectacular. Wins. From Arkansas. To Alabama. To Georgia. Tech Tennessee. Right all the way up to. Vermont. And yes. Here in the people's republic of toxic truce it's an absolutely. Resounding. Triumphant. Victory. Winning with an incredible 49%. Of the vote almost smashing all records. I was on the Wall Street Journal so morning show it's a huge morning show it's on hundreds of markets. Are early this morning. And I was asked by the host what to why make of the results. And I said look there's no getting around it Ted Cruz Heidi very good night. In fact I'll play this a little bit later in the show. Ted Cruz I think delivered maybe the best speech of his entire career last night. He won the crown jewel Texas he won Oklahoma he won Alaska. There is no question about it. The only man that can reasonably have any kind of a shot at stopping the trump train. Ease Texas senator Ted groups. But when everything is said and done. As I told the Wall Street Journal morning show. What you are now seeing is the birth of a new Republican Party. All the rubble of the old Republican establishment. And I said all you've got to do I gotta tell you the Wall Street Journal. I mean this is a show it's a new show it's not an opinion show it's on I think 5600 stations number it's a massive show in the morning. And they're like judge Jeff you're completely right. They're like we're looking at these numbers. Are especially in Massachusetts and we did well across the country don't get me wrong. But we're looking at these numbers in Massachusetts. And we're stunned the country is stunned the media is stunned. And let me tell you what I told the Wall Street Journal morning show. What you saw last night here in Massachusetts. I know because several senior democratic strategists have admitted this to me. Is now the possibility of a genuine political revolution. Here you had thousands upon thousands of Democrats literally. Quitting their membership. And switching over swinging over to vote for Donald Trump. Union guys blue collar workers the white working class moderates independents of course she won also with some conservatives. Populists. All across the spectrum with lippi knows with blacks. You have had this a Miley. Any black. Liberal commentator big in the African American community. Now openly saying I've never seen so much and Rosie as a for a Republican candidate in my lifetime. He's saying blacks could now start his words not mine they could start jumping on the trump trained. He says he could win potentially 25%. Of the African meat and 30% of the African American vote. If you do that it's I mean it's over. For the Democrats. It's over goodnight Irene. He won with women he won with all voters he won with young voters. And as I said on this on the to the Wall Street Journal I said. You have to stand back objectively look at this managed to win look what's being created in front of our rights. He won liberal moon bat Vermont. He won liberal Massachusetts. He won conservatives in the deep south he won a purple stake in moderate purple state like Virginia. He's winning. He's winning with liberals he's winning with moderates he's willing with independence he's winning with conservatives he's winning with white collar voters he's one winning with blue collar voters he's running with women he's winning with men he's winning across the spectrum. And everybody but why Jeff Jeff why everybody mean and now suddenly I'm Dearborn rule. Jeff why why explain this to us. I hope what is there not to explain. It's literally as plain as the sky is blue. You have being nineteen trillion dollar debt this is not an abstract number my friends sober up get out of the barter. We are now the most indebted country in the history of the world you know what that means. Our border is completely overrun. Look off off the air was talking to one of the producers are up a Wall Street Journal. I say do you understand how many overdose as we have here in Massachusetts. Do you have any idea what they're heroin epidemic is doing. And not just here in the Greater Boston area. Each really it's bad here each really bad in New Hampshire each really batted named. It's all coming across the southern border. When he says bill Waller buddies saying aim and what took the political class so long to understand that. And what is incredible. It says this man now piles up victory after victory after victory. You have Paul Ryan all Ryan you have Mitch McConnell. You have the entire Republican establishment. Either. Ripping into this guy or some of them now openly calling as I mentioned yesterday they for a third party candidacy. I've got this in the second hour. Charlie don't boss bait car. I've got this story. Has now come out and say he is so shocked by Trump's victory. He says even if trump ends up being the nominee he will not vote for Donald Trump. The reporters are even saying but hold on Charlie. Many of the people that voted for trump for the exact same people that voted for you. I don't care. I'm not gonna vote for Trombley gonna vote for Hillary while I don't like Hillary but. And again like the rhino establishment. He's hinting at a possible it's a supporting a possible third party candidacy. Or may be having to go Hillary in the end. It was so bad for the rhinos last night. Boss baker got punched in the nose on the state committee object about in the second hour I'll give you all the breakdowns. But Marty land held on to his seat they were gunning for Marty Steve all award in Watertown held on to his seat. All of you when corner country I keep saying this I love you. In a non sexual way mass semi sexual now I love you'll. You all came out in big numbers you'll block Baker's purge you won some. But for the most part on the big key state committee races he got slaughtered. Now I want you to think about this because the point of the night last night. Okay I'll get to Ted because I think Ted also Heidi very very good night and that's speech I ware has been that speech for the last 45 months. What are speech OK but let that ago. The point of the night. Is that what trump is doing. As I told Wall Street Journal. He is building in front of our rights. Any new broad Republican coalition. He's energizing people the wake by the way cruises doing the same thing with conservatives. He's there and both of them underscore our energizing people that haven't been energized in a long time what trump is doing especially. Is he's not just energizing people haven't voted in along time. He's now bringing in Democrats. He's bringing in blue collar voters he's bringing in independents he start to peel off minorities he's bringing in a mall and he is broadening the Republican Party broadening debates. Expanding attempt. Reaching out to constituents right constituencies. Republicans never thought was even possible. Trust me when I tell you this this is straight from some key senior democratic strategists. 149%. In Massachusetts. In Kennedy country. In one of the bluest of Blue States. With a major Democrats and independents defecting. Those blue caller those so called Reagan Democrats goes blue collar voters. The Democrats are looking at Michigan. They're looking out Ohio they're looking at Wisconsin. After looking at Pennsylvania. They're looking at West Virginia. They're looking at the entire so called Rust Belt that whole swath in the midwest. Where Republicans because of their allegiance to open borders and free trade. Have abandoned those Reagan Democrats for decades they are now coming back into the rook at least under trump. They're coming back into the trump Republican Party. This is going to transform. The political landscape it is going to put a stake in the heart of the democratic coalition. That's why they're in complete panic. That's why they're looking at this guy and saying all my god he's our worst nightmare. Because she's now gonna put states into play that Republicans were even competitive and for the last several election cycles. I go that's what's really happening here. This is not just a candidacy. This is some movement. This is an essential fundamental realignment. That's what's going on. And in fact trump himself. I think now understands. He has awakened and triggered. A middle American revolution. Listened to his own words as he says you know what I'm doing I'm gonna unify the party. But what I'm really doing is I'm diversifying the party making it more dynamic. I'm expanding. The party. Roll it Brittany. When you look at what's happened in South Carolina and use the kind of numbers that we can act in terms of extra people coming and they came from the Democratic Party the Democrat party it Democrats and long time Democrats and that would never gonna switch and they all switched. And they were independents. And we've actually expanded the party look at the number of votes we had. In that area as an example. Four years ago they had 390000. Or so votes we doubled that we are almost 800 bass. Whereas the Democrats went down as much less enthusiasm for the Democrat so. I look nightly unified note people are gonna find that we're actively but believe me I am unified. Once we get all of this finished. I'm gonna have to one pars and that's Hillary Clinton on the assumption she's allowed to run which could be stuck I don't know if it's going to. And I think that's frankly going to be in these issues the polls and beat Hillary in many holes I know one thing I don't think mark is going to be able debater I don't think in all fairness I think it's gonna happen very hard time. But at least has not because at least he's won a little bit so I just tell you this we need. Are going to be a much. Finer point. A much it was going to be unified party and me to be honest with you. And we are going to get much bigger party. And you can see that happening in a much bigger party our party is expanding and all you have to do is take a look at the primary states where I've won. And just look what we've gotten from X number to a much larger number. That has happened to the Republican Party in many many decades. Bingo bingo record turnout. Record turnout in Massachusetts record turnout in Georgia record turnout in Tennessee record turnout in Texas. Record turnout everywhere. Did Andrew Ryan knows wanna bring this guy Darren. Romney wants to bring him down. Rubio wants to bring him down baker wants to bring them down they wanna perjured from the party are these people insane. If you noticed. He did a master stroke last night. He called instead of a traditional victory speech he actually called a press conference. With the American flags all behind him. Gary was from the podium Chris Christie introduced lenders Christie in the background as chart he almost looked like his bodyguard a look at Michael it will what does he security now is Krispy Kreme Mack a phony grizzly what is the the enforcer in case somebody jumps on stage. But Denny started I handled the questions from the press. And he did it deliberately. Because now the optics the image was imagine me as president. I imagine need dealing with the press. And frankly it was a more presidential Donald Trump. It was a more conciliatory. Donald Trump. You can see it was a charming Donald Trump it was a trump he reached. Out to Ted Cruz he congratulated Obama on his victory he said he'll work with Ryan in McConnell if but if they don't do his bidding you're gonna pay a big price. But he says he's willing to meet with them he's willing to work together put some put a movement together when and put an agenda together. For the first time. He laid it out and started. Like president trump. And so as you know our resident comedian. Is Ronnie gave it. And Ron I mean did a little spoof. This is Ronnie who's a big trump supporter. And last night after Trump's big victory. Ronnie did a little bit of drinking he went out to a bar and had a couple of drinks and then he hits the karaoke machine. And here is Ronnie David. Celebrating trumps victory at a karaoke machine roll it Brittany. Okay. Okay. You are going. Yeah. 1229. Here on the great WRKO. How it really hats off to Ronnie gave it our resident comedian. I'm gonna send that off. By the way to Donald Trump's people thought was an absolutely brilliant. Spoof song that he put together or played again in the next hour this is from 978. Jeff what we saw last night was not an election. It was a movement. Bingo Mike in Nashua, New Hampshire Europe first go ahead. My. In any depth I can hear you can you might. Yeah I didn't handle it then and you know I'm supply catalog of bumps and well. Cruz is very good night by an area and I am I'm pretty stats are but there's one thing that's just and on my mind a lot you know right I'd -- got told that two weeks ago and I'm going to be. Bank yet and you know I'm. It did there's one thing about chuck that and other it's a New York aren't our. Thing that you're press and on yet at this. I didn't really want that the that they get an oval. Honestly edit its its spot and I'm. Having babies soon you know. It's it's it's really scary if you don't build that wall Jack is someone that you got typical African mall. Mike I hear you. Look I hear you look at tomorrow is going to be a big debate on Fox News. As I told Britney when I was driving and we talk on the phone and I said you know what Chris Wallace Megyn Kelly. Brett to bear they're gonna try to put a stake right through his heart. They're gonna go after trump and crew spoke problem they've got a big auto rescue Markel bought. Tomorrow night's debate is going to be operation. Rescue Markel bot. And so they're gonna go after trump and believe me. They're gonna ask him about that New York Times apparently off the record meeting and they're gonna pressure him to release the transcript. And I think the pressure is gonna grow and grow and grow 6172666868. Your reaction to Super Tuesday. Are yeah happy with the results what do you think it means. Your call. The Boston. Folks we're going to make it great again. And you know what's Hillary's speech and she's talking about wages have been poor and everything is poor and everything's going badly but we're gonna make it she's been there for so long. Mean if she doesn't straighten it out by now. She's not gonna straighten it out in the next four years it just didn't become worse and worse she wants to make America whole again and I'm trying to figure out what is that all about. Make America great again is going to be much better than making America whole again. 1238 here on the great WRKO. That was Donald Trump last night. Eight presidential. Looking press conference. Instead of big victory speech. And he got a Mac honestly a magnificent night. He won Alabama he won Arkansas he won Tennessee. He won Georgia he won Vermont he won Virginia he won Massachusetts. I mean it was a very very very good night for Donald Trump. 6172666868. Is the number. This is from 50 wait Jeff everyone now should drop out but trumping cruise I agree. But I'm gonna play the audio you got to see mark called robot rubio I ya ya I. He acted like he won last night I swear to you. I admit I go to Skype and same. Feel and this is it now this is our moment this is our night I'm like he barely won Minnesota. And I explained is the Britney were drives on the phone this morning I said Brittany let me ask you this honestly how many times the trump go to Minnesota. Zero. How many times did cruise go to Minnesota I swear do you. Zero. How many times DiMarco buck go to Minnesota. Wants. The only reason why they voted for the guy in Minnesota they're like oh finally somebody that does not completely disrespecting us somebody's actually got to come and show up at least one time and the war rally. I mean honestly I was on the same as the both the Donald and and Ted guys. I'm Donald duke and a little extra fuel and a private jet and flown to Minnesota for a two hour event. Dead I would set up better event for you in Minnesota I would've flown coach OK from Boston the same ball put together a town hall for you I sort of got what about it. All they wanted was for you guys to show up trauma little respect. And so rob Marco bought actually won once they are much on all on all now that he won one state are ya ya. The way was stalking before they announced that he won Minnesota and he was the winner and now he's the inevitable nominee would Minnesota. We're gonna hear Bob Minnesota now from him and fox musical point one. I mean it it just. Guys you you couldn't have shown up in Minnesota just wants the only state that he wanted. So are the only state that rubio won was this state that nobody wanted to go to. That that's how rubio dots is I guess that's his path to victory. So I'll and all I don't hold Yad nobody's gonna go to I at all bad that's going to be our state okay let me look here. That's Norton or North Dakota you'd think I was gonna go to North Dakota are what the hell let's put that win as well. 61720666868. This is from 978. Hillary's lying Jeff that we need more love and kindness what a joke. We need great policy and professionalism. And a when I heard that I'm like are you serious. This is going to be your line in the campaign Britney do you have that. At the roar. Presidential candidate to say this but I'm going to keep saying it. I believe. What we need in America today is more love and I. I united. Trump is gonna killer. I. Don't moon bats however rude awakening coming. This is from 781 I love this when Jeff. Robot to rubio Markel by a little Marco was seen at Merrill log all of this morning applying for barred ending position. Dowdy would be proud. Fill up go ahead Philip. All the jobs all my pleasure Philip. With it or it can yeah. Two. You are open style. Yes are you are gonna go under but don't care quite. Ready. The public we're back. In New York but I don't. Well yeah I read that says he's convinced. I don't know where aliens seriously look at the shots I'm taking now from buying the boot you know Filipino Britney just said. She says sounds like somebody else Sino meaning me. Because I supply I'm summer cruise Guy Ritchie says that keeps talking about trumpet mama always talking about trochmann. Look at the respect they get from my producers are fill our INS. I'm about Britney. I don't own bridges. She's executive producer. I'm buying the wrong I don't movies or emerged as the budget. And I I don't know I don't know it so book cover art up click oh great job. I broke our brother Abu brother taught all of adept at party god bless you. I'm blessed or ask you out aren't I had liberal tear. It's got with tech or outfielder at red. Though not all the hood river easy fill up my enemies they're gonna use that against me now. All I. They'll pick it if you look at are we always joke with orient brought up are my Brothers my brother my wallet Brothers over Democrat. Publicly you have to armored welcome everyday and bad at blue circular. And I am a part of the city. Fellow take a fill up I said this months ago we're taking our country back. We will figure it out to airport at any time of war over there are no typical liberal. Ought Democrat out. I want moon bat at a time Fella up that's how we're gonna do it. Murray Europe next go ahead Marie. Afternoon. I am more than happy with what's happening to I am thrilled and I've been leading a long time. And you know it's something Jeff you deserve a lot of credit for what happened in Massachusetts. Because he has not only talk Pataki walked the walked. You rally people you've gotten them out you've gotten into the policy. God bless you thank you very much Maria honestly look we've got to save our country I mean it's about my kids look at my passion and my Eva. Really Marie that's what motivates me every day. Well I'll tell you you know your kids what happened brighter future the way things are going out I have been so. Bad going into the polls and holding my nose in trying to choose between. The best and the worst the senate you know it gives me great pleasure because. I I'm an independent had been an independent. For about forty years now and now with the independence outright majority. Good because neither political party has served the interest of the average person. And you know is it stress that delayed the country is gone. In the black community the highest rate of unemployment is among the black Q. All the jobs that used to allow people to go from the lowering come to a middle income to our hiring come and gone. They've deported all the jobs. And they've employed about those people don't wanna work. You know this is been going on offense the last 2530 years. Bill Clinton what did he do have to how many how many companies have gone to Mexico. Come on you know if you wanna if you. An early just to reinforce what you're saying it was Bill Clinton and the Republican congress. It was the collusion between the is that on the establishment. The Republican establishment and the Clinton Democrats sold us right down the river Murray. They. I looked at both paddy years ago and I said I need to one represented city by the average person and I consider myself an average person. But I'm in the American and I'm proud to be an American and m.'s second act of Aldous. Politically correct stuff. It's the media and the political elites have had a I'm second part of it we need people who tell the truth tell it like it is. Tell us what the problem is Larry and let the remedies act not that's pussy footing around and second that and a lot of other people feel that we play. That country is with you now what I'm trying to tell you when the listeners is. And I said this about a year ago people thought come on Jeff some non telling travel around I it's part of my job I travel around the country at goal please I talked to people. We're not a long here in Massachusetts. In fact the American revolution began here. And we're gonna shoulder nation again the way and we did it last night. And there's an army of us now and now they can't stop us PC now they're gonna trust me they're gonna try everything. They cannot stop us because we have the truth. And what we're saying loudly and clearly is this Marie. It's time to port America. First. Period full stop 6172666868. Is the number Bob your rep next go ahead Bob. Check yeah you out. Hey I got up and been able Britney all all that it'll actually. You know she's never received that we're already hit trigger and go man looked excellent. She's always. After me gotta take more calls to ethnic make more calls. And when we get calls she's the first one of the callers. And seven. I I hit it and I followed a day one and was settled just the Italian I've always worried when you were in the potato and Colin. You know on an iPod yet others. Center that there wasn't it Narnia the tone so live access problems I. Our favorite piece and I'll I'll listen here is your who taught them how to walk. Donald Trump. Rule is slowing chills down your apple does fine because do you think of one minute. What are you once he becomes president. Dash. This is what we believe will be great for the country by the door classroom Mitch McConnell cycle where rock and don't you think you say that. Say that that got beat. True. Hillary Clinton tractor brand and a chauvinist. And lucky that her Jeep punched her straight in the note in Europe are open. OK. How and you say all the time that his people. What he needs to do is going pretty easy going after the right people. Yesterday that lacks. Talks and peace and if you listen to the words carefully that was the shot fired right across sort of out. Well how she's been temporary he would end up and really happened. The need to bring out the reason why the economy crap she got the other. The other we don't socialists they're already seeing this in congress of thirty years and I'm not I have sort of a thirty year and I'm happen. PER and wouldn't that Republicans. And Hillary don't do. While all of us. Fingers out of an army on the Osaka on the sly was Clinton's. I'm insistence. That. Might get one thing housing in other words I house with no income verification. He's got probably would. Day in and day out. You're right by us that was called a community reinvestment act. Exactly. Exactly and trying to. The Republicans. And bit. And like I said like you said that the brunt of the Republican Party. And that's been dumped. Patient Claudia. Is it honestly the Republican Party should I got. The yeah and actually they do brokered convention. Don't know revolution in this country but it'll be it'll be all the all the Republicans. Will definitely all independent and you'll write your body would look and feel the net and edit and and the real conservative city. People in power. Our real minority job they really. And they don't they kept it this is they've they've I want to try to hold on the power and they don't realize that swept through their fingers because they screwed up. About thank you very much for that call look what he's gonna do with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell I'm telling you he's gonna spank them. He can take a cup Powell he's gonna spank him in public I'm telling you if they if they try to obstruct him that the owner class is going down. The rhinos are going down the establishment is going down. This is what's happening. And I wanna say one very quick they normally get to it the next hour. I could not do what I do want to show if it wasn't for you crooner country. Because when I asked all of you to go out there and vote against Charlie bakers tax on that state committee. You think Donald Trump punched Hillary in the nose you guys collectively all of you men and women you punch baker in the notes. And every major state committee seat that he was targeting big girl lost. So my friends you say you can't fight City Hall all guess you can. We just thought not only City Hall we fought for governor Warner offers bus baker. And we want. For God's. They're butchering the damn thing in my on the air now. Vinny you're up next go ahead Vinny. Yep yep yep yep my comrade as. Well my friend well actually. You know just I would get my comment but let me tell you first. I had a meeting with my doctor this morning and had some X Rayed it and what I'm doing pretty darn good. Goblins and they've been ages for the audience out there and if we run out of time I'm gonna hold you over and I'll take you right away up after the hardship break. How many times have you had cancer meaning. Well first it was discovered. That. Sony allowed observers is so funny how you keep beating Andy just you almost like a character on a novel or movie concept anyway that was exhibited like a dozen times or. When well know what. You know what a couple times. I think were at half a dozen now I mean every time I see these diagnose something else and then four months later you've beaten. I mean honestly we could drop you would churn mobile like it dropped when a nuclear reactor if we went back in time I swear Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They dropped the bombs there's many walking out of the director should. Jeff Jeff IA IR had thirty radiation treatment. Followed by surgery I was told I was fine I didn't need any thing else. A month played if they pull me back to pathology is wrong you have to go for more radiation at some. Vinny hold on my friend will pick it up right there OK so then he's gonna be next all of your calls after this quick news break. KO Jeff corner Boston's bulldozers. Okay my friends and the results last night still reverberating. Everywhere. Mitt Romney. You know he cash he's basically call for the Republicans to purge Donald Trump. He's now doing the bidding of these GOP establishment the Ryan knows. Now is going to be holding a major press conference he says tomorrow. We don't know what they're always gonna say speculation is rampant. But it now appears that Romney after saying that trump has been disqualified. For supposedly coddling David duke in the kkk. Romney now is going to be holding a major press conference. I think just the guests look for him to endorse the robot rubio 6172666868. OK Vinnie. So you have been beating cancer. Your hero mine Vinny Vinny by the way and I are good friends. We've had dinner together multiple times so Vinnie you beat nick U beat nick you've beaten it. And now you said you went to see the doctor and they're they're stunned. About you so much radiation and chemo. I don't like walking Chernobyl but to keep getting good things. Yeah I had a total over the a couple of years to complete radiation treatments. Followed with a surgery followed by came oh. And of course I'm meeting all of my anti oxidant. But but things look pretty darn good and I just wanna keep them that way and the land and I decided. I was gonna get a tip there. Suck I don't think the lab that's funny. And if all you largest symbol I'm telling you you're the embodiment of cooler country. No matter how many times they keep thinking when hidden UN hitting you just keep moving like the invincible man. Well let me tell you in addition to my family. And there's always been you know a lot of blows and warm commercial from the contact truly. Well we're behind you all the ways you and I can tell you how proud we are review really here. You're a hero to all of us real inspiration thank you buddy I got to ask you what do you make of the election results. Well KG got here we go. I believe. For the whole that the campaign. Trump in a very masterful way used his. There an appeals and trance is transferable business skills and apply them to the political campaign. Obviously he kept the finger on the pulse of the American voter. During the past several years and yet the question is the American voters satisfied are ranked angry. The answer is popular with our Google in the program this morning people at the party is going to be grow and the Republican Party is already dead. Because they operate in concert with the Democrat party and the Republican voter is angry as you've identified. Why does that Lindsey Graham and the other why don't leaders saint recognize and understand. What is going on with the Republicans. Say Tampa and the rhino party. They don't why don't party may Donald Trump possible because they had north uploaded during the past several years. But check out the ironic thing is the why don't Republican leaders what were worried about trump going third party. Now the right no Republican leaders. Would love to operate. You know a third party candidate at a brokered convention. Chip the work I don't believe that what the conservatives going to go they have no place ago the Republican Party is they are home. They gave us the whole McCain and of course Mitt Romney eight. And so now what has the right okay jet they have men out there hanging open. And it obviously. Trouble don't want to become the nominee I would hope and it was going to be crude atletico. But trump is gonna be that nominee and they are going to whine whine and point more. But I believe. I hope this is the beginning of the and that a Ryan no Republican. Party and it'll be a truck movement I don't know what it's gonna look like but it's going to be a movement that's after I think. Thank you very much has always very interest and called any no look I think you nailed it what you're seeing I don't want a repeat myself but. But what I said earlier when I said to the Wall Street Journal and our radio show the morning show. The old Republican Party. Even Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal admitted it's been shattered. It's dying it's dead. What's happening is in that rubble. A new Republican Party is being born. And the rhinos don't know what to do witness because they're the ones that are being killed they're the ones that are being shattered. And so you have Mitt Romney now he's gonna make some big announcement tomorrow. Lindsey Graham I think he's gonna get our heart attack. John McCain at that he's gonna go get artifact. You've got Charlie screw you baker listen to this OK I want to those minutes Charlie screw you baker. We don't have any audio but this is what he said. He is now he's very angry he says he's very upset with Trump's victory. On Super Tuesday especially. His 49%. Landslide. Almost historic victory in Massachusetts. And so when asked is that an elementary school assembly in north and over to celebrate Dr. Seuss and reading. So as he's reading children's books. He's being massed. Well OK the Republicans have spoken your party has spoken your voters have spoken. In fact many of those that voted for trump voted for you. Will you now if trump is the nominee maybe grudgingly older knows what will you we accept trump as the nominee quote. I said I wasn't going to vote Donald Trump yesterday and I didn't and I don't plan to vote for him in November. And he goes on to say there are still 35 states laughed this thing isn't over which is technically true. But what he's basically saying is fight this thing all fifty states. Take it to the convention. Try to prevent trump from getting a majority of the delegates and have what's called a contested or brokered convention. Where on the second ballot. The party bosses get involved and then they twist the arms of delegates to go to the person that they want. And I believe ultimately they'd love rubio but what they're really gonna try to throw it too if they can and is wrong. Is Mormon Mitt. And I think that's why Mitt is doing everything he can to be rail trump to attack trump and we'll see tomorrow what he and. Ounces now what I find especially incredible. Is I'm looking at what happened last night. There's only one guy. Outside of trump in the Republican field and had a really good night newest recruits. Everybody in the media was saying whom I don't think Ted can hold Texas. There's such which is stroke mr. trump phenomenon but it's gonna sweep Texas Penn is gonna get blown out in Texas and steady wins by double digits. Which and in terms of the delegate count the crown jewel was Texas he then wins Oklahoma he then wins Alaska. Any fish is a very strong second in Arkansas and a couple of other states. So if you look at the actual delegate count one a bore you with numbers but in terms of actual delegates won last night. Trump 203. Very good night. World's top 144. Delegates. Rubio. 71. Delegates. Trump card but fifth the are split almost sixty delegates 59 delegates more than cruise. And Cruz doubled the amount of delegates that rubio hat. Until Minnesota was called for him late last night. Because frankly was the only one that went there once so they say well okay at least we showed up let's vote for ruby. Okay actually went devastate the mobile he wins the state nobody went to. I'm watching fox last night I'm watching CNN last night I'm flicking back and forth. He was pathetic. They were going on about the race in Virginia I Karl Rove. Jerry Kelly Nagin bread bear home or car he's finishing just he he's second in Virginia. And Virginians are represented and statements of purple state it's an urban state it's a world state their rural people there where young people. It's it's a and he and if it wasn't for Kasich and rubio would be trump. All my god this is these results and Virginia that he's only four or five points behind this is incredible. Visuals are avoidable Marco Rubio is all like our mobile it's this is it that this guy's the Derek he's the man. OK but Benny loses Virginia and outside of Minnesota he gets slow I'm just not that much beaten slaughtered everywhere else. Why don't. I'm king he Marek though the winners and try obviously had a good night. But crews yes she won a couple stage it's. But to rule real god could slice of the delegates. And I think the debate tomorrow is. Who is their real opponent to trump. Who is the only anti trump Republican laughed. As Jack Crowe which are is that rubio. And I. I'm looking at telling me. And I'm looking at these people Steve pace at Fox News. So let me get this straight. The guy that wins Texas. Queens Oklahoma. Wins Alaska. They even trump conceded in his magnanimous. Speech set had a very good night. Ted wins say what you want doesn't like me but he wins. The guy that's winning big states. He's the guy that maybe should drop out for the guy who's now what one for fifteen. The guy who polls now have is buying twenty points the that the Donald Trump in his home state of Florida. And then I swear to you Fox News says we got a big announcement big announcement what's the big announcement. More coral Rio's coming on I go on my god what a twelve times today you've had rubio won so now they get rubio won after he's done his speech and he's been shellacked. This speech by the way where he says he want. The speech did he says no he's got everybody now right Torre wants. Sold then they bring rubio won. The question I'd love to ask rubio actually Jarrett pointed out in the Booth. I'd love to ask him what color is discount. Because I'll tell you this in Markel world it's not blow. So they have LaMont listen to this who is the big loser last night was it Marco but normal normal. It was you guessed that I swear you hold up tech groups. That big loser according DiMarco but is that groups. And now he's got the Donald or right where he wants them roll it Britain. Well first of all had a supposed to win in South Carolina he finished in third he was supposed to clean up tonight this is the strongest part of the country. Ted has run as someone who was appealing to evangelical base of our party which by the way I also appeal to. And he's supposed to be they want them to the most conservative elements of our party which I also appeal to. And Ted as many ought to win those states. He basically I don't tonight throughout the south. Yeah I understand that my campaign was not built the way his was arguing that Super Tuesday as my firewall. Ted Cruz is campaign what is gonna win Iowa South Carolina and sleep Super Tuesday states and I would be the end of the campaign that hasn't materialized. Look at the state that are coming up now those are not states are Ted Cruz is gonna do well and and we are. So I feel really optimistic that we got through tonight got a significant number of delegates. And now the map begins to get really good for our campaign and we're excited about what lies ahead and I ask people to join us I'm the only one I can stock Donald Trump on the element to unify this party and grow it. On the on the on the consistently beat Hillary Clinton in the polls did go to our website Marco Rubio and. Com and sign up tonight to be a part of our effort. Popular pets go to drop out the words good honey okay anyone else's that. I really want Oklahoma cook it slowly one Alaska don't get on before they won Iowa you get. And he's finishing second image of the race look at nobody is he's got a goal to sue Mike campaigns built differently. He then goes on to say I swear he was gone as my witness. That even if he loses all fifty states. He's not giving up. Because trump is so dangerous. Trump is a hip. Did the Republican party's finished a conservative movements finished America's finished he's gonna get in his pickup truck I swear to you. And draw your runs out of money and drive to every city and state in the union. Listen to witness it my only question is this debt pick up truck. Is that paid with the out party Republican Party credit card. Or did you pay for that on your own credit card that's my only question about the pickup truck but now he Scott Brown. Now he's gonna get into a pickup truck but instead of doing all of Massachusetts. He's gonna do all of America to stop drop. Roland Britain. While we're gonna win Florida I know I'm gonna take on it I will campaign in all fifty states. Even if I have to get in my pickup truck and drive all over the country I will do whatever it takes to prevent a con artist like Donald Trump. From ever becoming the Republican nominee he will be the end of the modern conservative movement he is not a conservative. But even worse he's a con artist who was preying on people's fears and anxieties. Promising things he cannot and will never deliver. We are not going to destroy the Republican Party the conservative movement. You know I dare him to say con artists to get up. Well boot. I dare you sit and others again. Because we didn't really have the first thousand times you see Ike RW guys Brittany injured. I didn't hear it the first thousand times could you save a 1001. I dare you. We are going to send the message. That the Party of Lincoln and Reagan and the presidency of the United States will never be held by a con artist. Okay little Marshall and OK I noticed your hands are pretty small I don't know what that says. Well he's one's got big years which is signifies a tiny brain and I've also noticed he's got small Lance. I don't know why do you notice that a boat against moments. 6172666868. Okay my friends. We're gonna come back play that incredible. Skipped by Ronnie gave it our risen resident corner route country comedian. And then we'll have Ronnie gave it on as well yet we're opposed podcasted as well we're gonna send it to trumps people. I'm already getting phenomenal feedback Mort your calls next York. And. Okay. You are going. Okay. Corner reports. Grinding days fit here guys this. Him last night celebrating trumps yeah victories. Fannie go so far as the couple drinks and any of the karaoke machine. We're getting phenomenal feedback on this game. We sent them off that trumps people. I hope this thing goes viral I hope it goes national. Joining me now Ronnie David Ronnie congratulations. A masterpiece my friend. I'll thank you so much job I don't know it's my best bit of members like you but it's definitely the most fun I ever had recording it. I'm not destroy a bit nuts about to my producer down near the Coast Guard now. Twenty under which studios and ducks belly he's the unsung hero that produces every single bit I've ever since you since you first came on the yeah. And he's just he does such an amazing job real you know recording high quality stops so I couldn't do without and so thank Seacrest but it really check out. Look I don't really get cancer all these times. And then after a state dinner which usually goes into remission. So that the left and wanna educate the outpost. You know. It's a. A running I got to ask you my friend. What did you make of the victory last night do you think now it's basically over is it gonna be trump vs Hillary in the general. I I absolutely do I'm and I do it I'd give Ted Cruz credit a lot of credit for putting up but a decent fight he's the only guy beating trumped. And I don't trump was very very genuine. And giving him a did you get that this press conference I think from. I think that that cruise's genuinely won over Donald Trump's respects Donald Trump respects winners. That cruise's wedding and I think that he's showing that he has a big coalition of voters of his own that are dedicated. And I think you trumped funds that are useful. And I wouldn't be surprised at all attend cruisers on a list for VP or Supreme Court justice I really don't but the biggest thing ever night for me Jeff. Once in audio from trump or from crews are former embryo from Hillary. Because apology peering is trust gonna get destroyed against Hillary in the general terms gonna get destroyed. And my attitude it's trumpet gonna enter the general election so battle hardened and tested. From the fallout assaults that he survived and fought off. At the debates with. You know rubio has left crews on his right but moderator as they'd like in the poke to derail trump. At the debate state bringing telemundo moderator is to make him as an appealable you go to Hispanic voters as possible and the scout squad an awful lot. And on the other side you've got Hillary and during the general elections slow and weak and untested and I'm prepared. Debates with Bernie Sanders have been politically. Collect pro fights that the Democrats would make sure no one's achieved nowhere near battle ready she has yet to be battle tested. And it won't even be remotely competitive at the debates and that's why Hillary Clinton was calling allowed in peace and understanding last night she'd already trying to claim the narrative. Forward gentler. More civil debate atmosphere interest which shows weakness which shows desperation. Which shows which he scared all of my final thought Jeff. It's what a lot of people are noticing and I think this is where trump has become the epicenter of this. So many people feel betrayed by both parties and are so angry. Job I would never seen Democrats and Republicans worked this closely together as I have to see them destroy then the one candidate everybody watched the. People's candidate and this is true cruised to a lesser extent do. But this seat Democrats or Republicans were so intimately together. I have been here and dictate what we want. I wouldn't cross our candidates. And when's the last time we ever saw it Democrats. Democrats and Republicans worked together I've never I've been working together and nothing like this Ronnie nothing running as usual great great call. You know I gotta tell you you mean a very interest. In point when she's talking about kindness and love. You are let me throw this out to the audience is she trying to basically almost set herself up. Because this cuddly lovable figure and so with trumps a target of trumpet haxor. It's gonna be lean and mean spirited and they are parents say it. Chauvinist. Sexist and a war on women. Suddenly now she's all cuddly and now she's all loving kindness. 6172666868. And Mort your calls next. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends believe me there is so much more. To talk about. But even Jake copper at CNN. Confronts mark Cole bought rubio. Saying. I mean look you're losing everywhere. I mean as Jerry just told me now. Rubio is not even the top Latino in the race anymore it's clones. I mean you're getting hammered everywhere. And you're telling us you're winning. Roll it jar the worst. Going to be Saturday keeps saying that and he keeps winning states you're talking about Virginia and that's another state that Donald Trump one and I'm just wondering. If there's a certain amount of denial that you're in about this race. Najeh now because if you look again where and the winner take off phase of this thing you know this is about delegate count this is not a traditional race usually generate. Like this. You have a front runner and at this point people would be saying you need to drop out and rally around the front runner for the sake of the party guests are saying the opposite now. No no never come a time in this race where our supporters are asking us to get out and rally around Donald Trump. What people are saying this fight as hard as you can to save the Party of Lincoln and Reagan. From a con artist who refuses to criticize the kkk. If we nominate Donald Trump as our nominee of the Republican Party. It will be the end of the modern Republican Party Hillary Clinton will smoke him in the general election. And the next four years are going to be no different than the last day for our country I will fight as long and as hard as it takes. To save this conservative movement from someone like Donald Trump. Senator Marco Rubio from Miami Florida thank you so much her. Is incredible. Idea what planet is this guy on. Up really. Earth calling remarkable. Earth calling mark Cole a mole nor little were not on Mars this is still the planet earth. I read it this is incredible love food. I the I ya ya. Tony you're up next thanks for holding go ahead. All at the debate it actually make it or I would love all. You better let me ask you won't debate I reluctant shear and ask a question. Just a question in all our goal got a lot you know collapsed Hillary. And that's. What I think. I wish I say you are and that's all I try to. Spot. And let the question so you. Won't like the it. The L. Don't questions bought about the Hillary gave up but what a lot. Porsche. Yeah yeah. Ed and it was great pressure. Tony I can't ask you something all serious or semi seriousness. Are you like telepathic something. You've bought out I'd say that about you. He's worked last night I had a heart I Joselio revved up I'm watching the results the adrenaline is pumping. That's why can't sleep bright and some lying in bed I'm lying in bed and I swear I'm thinking you know what they should really do all of just not answer Kelly Megan's questions or other recall I've read boring. Oral our Chris Wallace with the glasses and his say whatever question they ask them to say you know what I wanna talk to the American people what I think is important. And just ignore him completely. And then you call and almost verbatim say the exact same thing. I'm. A talk about Hillary you're gonna. Sleep with one for. Just as I always say why they. Don't go. Oh or anybody else. A pleasure that I thought Jarrett an annual rate but I would go on like Joseph. All. That is so funny note Tony I think I you hit the nail right on the head I think what they gotta do now is not allow the media is the media wants or wrestle mania. They want a cage match. And what they really wanna do is to try to pare down trump tell each other part. But especially pared down trump so you know we're not gonna play your game anymore you know live far as I'm concerned we're focused on the Democrats and Hillary period full stop. Paul Lee Europe next go ahead Paul. Yes high and yet the great showed that it's hard to follow all of your terrific guests and what they cheered author. Really out a couple of things I've written down there with me please number one have to say congratulations. To all of our mass. State committee members who got elected. With huge help for Munich have clinic in LA cart that we think if you. You'll well it did you know the army came out and I hope Charlie bakers paying attention. He's so Polly off the record. While on the record because it's in front of everybody but he is still mad at me. Does he to me all my car does he hate to meet but let that go all out. Polly are not getting invited to his Christmas party this. I'm sure yet cry over let me hit the other quick things can at least get points so why not now that the X. Might they have the trend is they also fellow conservative. In chief and the actual web site that I calculus as we check out it's called. Math read it since. Dot org and has a fantastic article about what governor Charlie Baker is trying to do. In Massachusetts. And how that is spreading throughout the nation so that. Men out resistance dot org you'll read the article on the purge their. OK on Bill Clinton is you're attacking earlier one could write a book. On the excuse me screw ups that he did. In addition to NAFTA in the other campus housing. Let's not forget that he was responsible for eliminating class. Steagall which allowed the banks to grow to their idea gargantuan diet and need for that to ask the big oil companies that read. We get massive subsidies. To help them pay royalties he just happened to forget. They kill all of the things they wanted to share our number one listening to Ronnie about when is the last time Democrats and Republicans came together. Ralph Nader comes to mind when the RNC got together with the DNC to defeat net Ralph it was a candidates. And laughed and Utley is designed to lift up late and cancer think. I think it was bread beer said hey it's the math that matters and Keane said that Donald Trump spent about a million ballots. Okay pit crews about six million I forget how much mark of three. Okay what thinking is that old ball. Doesn't help all that quote unquote extra political party doesn't. That the people are speaking at Donald Trump spent a million dollars. And is winning all seven states Depp speak for itself. Polly let me ask you very quick question because obviously. Your very well informed on the issues. Baker for our you know you know I'm his biggest critic but. Baker's not a stupid man oh why would he spit in the face like this. Of all of his voters and so or not all but many of his voters and supporters trump wins 49%. Of the vote. And there he is today saying there's no way in hell he's ever gonna vote for Donald Trump. Basically implying he'd rather vote not that he would vote for Hillary we prefer Hillary over trump. YE's baker slapping his voters in the face like this does he wanna lose the next election. Well I personally think as I am talking with my many savvy friends. Who are as active on this says I am. And besides control taking control of the party that's where my friend came after research came up with. Now three distant dot org when you read the article. It hit the nail on the head. They wanna get rid of this social issues in the Republican Party take abortion. Take illegal immigration take those things off the plate. And just focus on the other things as if like the fact that Massachusetts spent over two billion dollars a year in freebies for illegal aliens isn't a huge problem in this. Brilliant Polly thank you so much for that call don't be a stranger Polly. Joining us now for a very quick hit. Doctor gray splitting liberals and their place. Doctor grace of moto she's the editor of politics and culture at world Tribune dot com. Incredible new site I write for them almost every week. As well as the host of her own show on WT SB called American heartland you can hear it every Saturday 3 PM eastern via streaming. And full disclosure. My better half she's my wife. Doctor grace what are your thoughts on the results yesterday. GAAP well first of all congratulations. To corner country for making their voices heard. And although across the country. Who are really seeking establishment. In neat I mean this is a remarkable remarkable event if you history in the making. But you know what occurred to me that when we started this election campaign. Many people were saying we don't want another bush and we don't want another Clinton. Meaning we don't want district public. To be run by oligarchs established Amelie as though it is almost like a form of of our stock. Well look. On the Republican side we kick our oligarchs. We know that Jeb Bush. But the Democrat they're open be the party I'll of people at a party for the little people. And what are they about you know there are about to crown their oligarchs. As the next leader. And did a remarkable election. Not a big history that trump is making but if we don't we're. And different key point that we've got a hammer out to the Republican establishment chilling now the movement if we don't win we're going to be making history in a different way. Hillary Clinton is a criminal. She had broke American law. And it will be the first time in American history. That we will all into power into hiding out of the land. A known. Criminal. Back the kind of history that she's about to make and we've got to tell you how was not putting around. You should not tamper with the very fabric of this republic which used to uphold the law of the land. Electing Hillary Clinton is basically saying. That our laws mean nothing. And it would be a great great outrage. You know Jack. This week I found also that it kind of been buried in the news Loretta lynch was interviewed by Bret Bair. And her interview was very very disturbing. Because what I heard in that interview humanitarian basis and actually see that. I make a recommendation. To her about what you do regarding this servers scandal. And cool gonna make the ultimate decision she didn't really wanna say what timeframe for the student she had a really wanna say. That's not the way. An ethical attorney general should be talking about this scandal and what I heard in her response. Is that typical Washington. When you wanna cover something not YouTube thing. You'd do if you responsibility. Over a large number of people use say a committee is in debt is looking attribute it at a specific person was being held accountable for the investigation. And the second thing you know if you are legally that result. So get future responsibility. And delayed a result writer I'm Loretta lynch. It's exactly that extremely disturbing. What trump and Hulu app emphasized to the establishment is this. Unite now and nine likely. Because if Hillary wins if not actual beat the first female ever to become American president but she'll be the first known. Criminal to become the American president. Brilliant. You know honestly when you talk like a serious turn me on. A I'm kidding Britney it's a joke I'm kidding it's a joke. And doctor grace I've that I've got to ask you this. You've been saying this now in private for awhile I don't want to say in public. You actually fear Hillary as a candidate you think many of us conservatives. Are taking Hillary for granted why. Yes and the fact. I would say that I heard her speak and I think he finally hitting her stride in this and I actually hit upon a scene that resonate with American voters. That FEMA breaking down barriers. It really hit to the art of the American tradition because republic itself was it out to right now all the barriers. You know out that had been in that had been erected by the old world. So why America itself is a country based on opportunity. Based on meritocracy. Is based on this notion that should be no Barry individual potential. And I think she finally hit her stride that's not an expert campaign. And going to be able to contract that means very brilliantly with Donald Trump see the erecting a wall like she said he wants the court barriers. I want and knock them down a look obviously I support from it and I think he should be I think you'll be a great president. He eventually win. But the problem is that do not underestimate how it's Clinton's message is going to be in tandem with the fact that. So much of the day. Of her base is gonna be voting predict direct self in track so. I think he's more of a fight and we are not anticipating. And also the entire media gonna coalesced around her in addition. Both criminal so they are going to. Everything to win the election I think Hillary Clinton is going to be a formidable. Opponent and Alter. A bear in mind. George hit an unprecedented in American history isn't the first time you have a candidate that half the women in order to remain free. So her motivation to win it even greater than Donald Trump. And her husband and that's great to keep a bite out of jail. And as it is gonna be inspiring to the entire media to protect her because you he'll move. He. Is gonna go to prison that's what's at stake here. Now you know why I'm married or. Doctor Gray's putting liberals and their place as usual you hit the nail right on man thank you for coming on the corner report and we'll hear from you on Friday. Out of my take care 6172666868. Molecule called.