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Fireworks at GOP debate. 2/15/16

Feb 15, 2016|

Who do you think won the debate on Saturday night?

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Remember the famous fight between Frazier and Ali was the feel real lot in Manila. This was done for a lot in South Carolina. I mean it what it was crime or called it our thermal nuclear war I mean I wouldn't go that far. But I gotta tell you Krauthammer at least got a point I mean it wasn't thermal nuclear was world war three. It was one of the most vigorous. Passionate. Intense. Not tying us. A rambunctious. Vocal freewheeling debates I've ever seen in my life. Now some people hated it I gotta tell you I loved it. I mean I had I cracked open and nice Diet Coke I have my popcorn. I mean it was a Scholl it was really really good. I thought it was one of the most exciting and fun to watch provocative stimulating debates I've seen in the long long time. Trump went thunder dome in South Carolina. In particular he went after Jeb he went after the audience. He went after some of the people on stage including Ted Cruz. I mean this with some ways was his best finest debate performance. He was very strong very forceful. At times articulate. Ted Kreutz. I thought had some very telling blows but certain moments in the debate. It was also I think one of the strongest performances. What I found incredible. Is after I watched a debate on Saturday night how much we're watching two different screens. I see Jeb Bush getting pummeled. I see Roby oh trying to out his Spanish sides everybody on the stage. By bragging about how he's the only one that speaks Spanish. And you've got Stephen Hayes at Fox News saying this was rubio is greatest performance of his life. You've got. Krauthammer coming on saying all there was a tie between rubio when jab there were just so amazing both of them they were incredible. Our senior and then. Was going on about all fish dishes mobiles tonight this was judge ninth all all while performance like I'm. I'm like what are you guys talk Knuble hooked pick up their rear ends kicked. From one side of the debate stage to the other. Okay now let me break it down. I think clearly there's no doubt about it. The death of Scalia. I think has now given cruise a boost I think there's no doubt about it I think it's raised the stakes for the Supreme Court. What ever you say about Ted Cruz and I know Donald Trump was trying to make an issue of Ted Cruz having supported John Roberts. And somehow crews couldn't be trusted on the Supreme Court pick month. I mean let's get serious. Every conservative supported John Roberts. It's not like cracked Cruz was the one that nominated him it was it was George W. Bush that was George W Bush's nominee not that cruises. Every Republican backed Roberts every conservative backed Roberts nobody had a crystal ball nobody knew that he was gonna flip. And completely betray conservatives on obamacare. So I think this idea that somehow cruise is weak on the Supreme Court I don't think that arguments gonna work I don't think that arguments gonna fly. I think if anything. You want a strong constitutional as conservative now to replace a Leo on the court. And there's nobody who can make that argument and nobody is gonna expand to more political capital than Ted groups. What I found almost some of the most interest in parts of the debate. I don't understand the Republican National Committee. Here you have the CBS moderator John Dickerson. Who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth comes from one of the most prominent wealthiest families in America. He was raised in a 35 room mansion on the Potomac. His family are big liberals. BA power brought power broking a power broker couple. Inside the beltway. This is a guy. Who was the political correspondent. For the left wing news site slate. This is the guy who after the Republicans took over the senate in 2014. Intermission rolled eight score read. Urging Obama to quote unquote. Pulverize the Republicans. Go after the Republicans. Destroy quarter quote destroy the Republicans. This is the guy the RNC accord reached a moderate the debates. John Dickerson the moderator. Came in with an agenda. How if trump and crews destroy each other and build up the rhino candidates. And he wasted no time. Almost one of his first not his first book almost one of his first questions out of the starting blocks. Whereas they found apparently. An interview that Donald Trump had given to CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Where a Donald Trump was asked. Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi. Do you think George W. Bush should be impeached. Over the war in Iraq. The pint trump said yes. Trump said bush should be impeached over the war that it was criminal it was wrong. And so please us now by John Dickerson is obviously a setup question. Do you were green now what she said eight years ago that George W. Bush should be impeached. Now realize South Carolina is bush country. They love W. They rescued him in 2000 against John McCain. They voted for in the general strongly 2002004. He's got what almost 80% support W does. George bush 43 does so he knew by throwing down a question to trump. It it's a hand grenade doctor potentially blow up the Donald. Listened to Donald Trump's response. Roll it Britain obviously. The war in Iraq is a big fat mistake her right. Now you can take it anywhere you want and it took yet. It took Jeb Bush if you remember at the beginning of his announcement when he announced the president. Took him five days she went back he was a mistake it wasn't as it took him five days. Before his people told him what to say and he ultimately said it was a mistake. The war in Iraq we spent two trillion dollars thousands of lives we don't even habit Iran is taken over Iraq with the second largest oil reserves in the world. Obviously it was a mistake so. George Bush made a mistake we can make mistakes but that would whose abuse we should've never been in Iraq we have destabilized. The Middle East cellular. So it's yeah. It's quite certain it do whatever you want you call it whatever you want I would tell you. They lie. He said that what weapons of mass destruction then walk on and they do that we're not there when no. Weapons of mess up. And a memorable stages runner gets attacked I got Iverson on target to do it five or six sides or just us. OK so operate there now. I'm gonna get you the substance in the second. The audience is blowing. The audience was staffed by Ryan hopes it all came out against both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In fact Donald only was able to get tickets isn't this for his wife and a couple of his kids. Ted could only get tickets I believe for his wife and a couple of his friends that's it. So there were bush lobbyists and donors and special interest in the ground. So they had stacked the audience against both Donald and pet. Now. Here's to me what I find incredible. Donald Trump is going after George W. Bush not Jeb Bush he did take a shot a jab guests at the beginning saying it took which drove. It took him five face first he said it wasn't a mistake and it was a mistake and it wasn't a mistake and it wasn't as good. And that kind of I guess it was a mistake. But pretty much were talking about the Iraq War. Dickerson kept going back to jab and back to jab and back to jab. Obviously to give him as much air time as possible now because the substance. I think Donald Trump is 110%. Correct I think their original debating this fact. That the Iraq War now how it's turned out to be a giant disaster. Now what happened to those weapons of mass destruction. Honestly my theory and I can I think reasonably defend it. Is that many of those weapons were shipped off to Syria. It when bush had that six month buildup to the Iraq War there were all kinds of transport trucks. Removing stuff from Iraq into Syria OK but let that go. Clearly. They didn't plan a replacement to Saddam. Clearly. Barack Obama once the situation had been stabilizing Iraq was stabilized. By so quickly and precipitously pulling out the troops unleashed a disaster. So there's plenty of blame to go for both bush and a dear leader. But on the point of the rock I think now importing 152016. Over the last couple years with the rise of crisis. We're all of these Muslim migrants now pouring into Europe. With radical Islam and ice is on the march with the extermination of the Christians and to use east I think there's no question about it. Iraq has been a disaster. However. When he says bushel I. That's the longer saying he made a mistake. Now we sell by saying I lie I think bush lied he says he deliberately deceived the American people in other words. Then he knew there weren't weapons of mass destruction. And but he invaded anyway. Well the problem with that argument really is two fold. Number one just think about it I mean how stupid could the guy beat if you know there were no weapons of mass destruction and you're claiming you're invading a country to go after the weapons of mass destruction. Eventually within a couple months gonna turn out there weren't any weapons of mass destruction. Total whole purpose for the war is going to be undercut by their invasion it's gonna blow up in your face. The other problem. Is that bush is CIA. Told them their weapons of mass destruction all of the intelligence agency said there are weapons of mass destruction. The British intelligence said weapons of mass destruction the French intelligence service said weapons of mass destruction the Germans the Russians. Hell even said Tom sole general said their weapons of mass destruction. So if everybody looked I said this this I phrased it to grace were kind of I say it's like we have a family friend. And every expert which you know every expert every dockers and launch. She's got a tour our former proper medical brain tumor proper proper. Okay you make a decision we got to operate and then you come and you can't open I had an almighty god delusional to work. We just cut this person's not open does not to work. So life. Everybody told you there was a tour. You may say there was an error in judgment you should have questioned more you shouldn't have been so quick to go to war. There were sanctions on whatever you can. Your other arguments you can make but the claim that he life. Well. Now we're getting a little bit. In two democratic. Talking points territory. Now we're starting to get into a moon bats territory. Called pink. Bush lied people die right now we're getting and to moveon.org. Noam Chomsky. But it gets even better. Roll it Britain I'm sick and tired of Barack Obama blaming god for all of the problems he's had. I could care less about the insults that Donald Trump gives to me it's let's work for him he enjoys and I'm glad he's happy about it when I look at him and I. I could get tired of him going after my family my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. While Donald Trump. Was building a reality TV show. My brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and I'm proud of what he did. That's the bald eagle on. Senator Kennedy gathering all run out of my mind. I. It's not that I won the lottery when I was born 63 years ago looked up but I saw my mom mom I'm mom was the strongest woman I know she's just. Not about my family. Or his family contacts about the South Carolina families that need someone to be a commander in chief they can leave now I'm that person got. And then trump doubles down. He then says wool you mean do you blame George W. Bush for the Twin Towers coming down and he said yes I lost hundreds of friends. Now I've got to tell you. He's right about the Iraq War Donald Trump is right about the Iraq War but. When he start saying bush lied. And then when he starts blaming bush for 9/11. When in fact we know that Clinton had numerous opportunities to take out Osama bin Laden he didn't do it. There was that huge wall separating the CIA from the FBI so the intelligence communities could even talk to each other. Now you're getting into the left wing fever swamps. Even Bernie Sanders. Doesn't blame bush for 9/11. Even Hillary Clinton doesn't blame George W. Bush for nine elevenths. And my question to you always this. Dear Donald Trump's got finished with those two comments. Where do you think gay war weary nation will say you know what. That Donald was right. And the bushes were wrong. 61720666868. What did you make of that exchange. What do you think it says about Donald Trump will it hurt him will it help calm your calls next. Great synergy. Ponying Gloucester thanks for holding and welcome. Yeah I couldn't wait. I can tell you all. Are aware that question about our first. What did you got a lot like actual true. During the Iraq War we're at W you're 00 just don't or. It was all or what I want American yeah that was all I thought was only supporting this war I know what shall I. I do not allow this war. I bought it I love I bump chest GE. Or all or. Like every line up all eat. You're probably lie. They're gonna bet now in order are. Our goal or acquire. Any or all of they are now yeah there's probably not and they're gonna eat. It and and. Tony ball that's. Do you think no really I'm not trying to set this up as a softball but really I'm just thinking of this as I was watching a debate. He has his mommy Jim Vito has his mommy camp and literally because as mummy camping former New Hampshire. When he said he wouldn't have his family campaign form but let that go. Now we as his brother bush 43 campaigning with him tonight in South Carolina. And basically now Jeff owns the Iraq War because he's now so identifying himself with his brother. Tony you sit nearest it pathetic this year grown men rely on his mommy and his older brother to help him campaign and help them win a contest. She divorced you know all of it right also this ball up you know Porsche while we see. Musical. The journal quickly strange. Or out there. Of course or out they're desperate they'll ask for an edge all the art. You know and and what it is all ears. Tony thank you very much for that call. Mark in favor all thanks for older I would go ahead mark. Yeah a couple things on my mind. Well firstly there aren't sure but again don't eat a lot air force general that will. Child who changed biological chemical weapons. To Syria. And the second is. Our Franklin Graham Billy Graham's side. Is go on the contrary. Organize very almost any field speaking out. Get out of mobile prayer rallies. All fifty State Capitol. You'll all the error and our jail law later you'll rarely several times between now and the November election. Thank you very much mark know I have a great admiration for Franklin Graham have to tell you that 6172666868. Okay my friends I wanna take more of your calls who do you think won the debate Saturday night. And it got really heated. Between trump and cruise. And Cruz. And rubio. Gold man bowl thumb memo. Right now to day as a candidate. If he supports federal taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood I disagree with them on the. That's amen. Okay his slider you probably are words that Jeb Bush. In 36 year on the great WR KOK. It's. George George. George W. Bush. Are now pictures being taken camera shots video. He's starting a campaign with his brother Jim beat them all on job. Trying to rescue his little brother or little jabbed me in South Carolina tapped. Yeah for president and your dad and your brother ran over president you wouldn't have been championing what you need personally. Know. Why I'm my own men. What if someone endorsed senator all our. That's something else that's a colleague or whatever but. My older brother in my daddy and my especially my mommy what I have my mommy at 8085 years of age on her walker. Hauling around in the snow in New Hampshire. Telling people please vote for my little jab not wouldn't do them for. I'll come on ushers the ushers me. Britain and it criticized for haven't Allen and tells it doesn't look a little pathetic that you knew the husband the Baylor. That's. And so you have a problem with I don't have a problem with happy. Going in with his mom mommy daddy you know I don't have a problem. 6172666868. Okay my friends some of the biggest fireworks though it was between dead and O'Donnell. And so of course people are asking about trumps ideological core does he have an ideological core. They talk about some of his previous position that he held on abortion and or. Gays or you you name the issue. And so they asked the question of Ted Cruz. Well what about ideological flexibility in other words is Donald who how to we say ideologically inflexible. Listen to how Ted goes after Donald. And Donald goes right bracket that role that Britain your response don't flexibility. It. EE is a good thing but it shouldn't you shouldn't be flexible. On core principles. Like now he is an amazing entertainer. But his policies for most of his thank thank you much appreciated for most of his life his policies have been very very liberal for most of his life he is described himself. As very pro choice. And it as a supporter a partial birth abortion. Right now to day as a candidate he supports federal tax Payer funding for Planned Parenthood I disagree with them on that that's a matter president. Channels I just liner you probably are words that Jeb Bush. It. This guy lied let me just say this guy lied about Ben Carson when he took votes away from Ben Carson. And today we had robocalls. Saying Donald Trump is not going to run in South Carolina where I'm leading by a lot. I not direct vote. Looked at headquarters this is the same thing he did to Ben Carson this guy will say anything. Nasty guy now I know why he does have one endorsement. Of any and his colleagues are right John I senator permanent planet errors that nasty gash on. OK stop right there Britney now. If you notice. First so I thought in some ways trumps counterattack was devastating. Because he went to the core of what instead cruises appeal which is his credibility. So by ping ping essentially his goal was liar liar liar. Trump school was to paint crews as a liar liar liar liar liar and then rubio play that cut a bit later hopefully. Piles on Whipple wire narrative. However if you notice in his counterattack. He doesn't actually rebut cruise a specific charges. He never says you know I was once which he was pro abortion he was actually in fact for many years a supporter partial birth abortion. And say look but I changed because of this he doesn't address the as for Planned Parenthood. Now I mean I have the audio I had him on my showing I asked him. He supports taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. He bats now to be fair he says Yates view abortion parked. He goes look I don't like a big doodles abortions. But in particular under the influence of the bronco queen loves his younger daughter he says look they do a lot of things very good for women's self. The problem is when they get the funding from the federal government money as they say is fungible. So. You may say look I just want you to use it for healthcare the problem is they use it for abortion. You can't just say only for health care you give a block grant to Planned Parenthood. They usually how they wanna use it. And to me to be honest with you to save that Planned Parenthood. Does good things is to me like saying I'll Schmitz does good things. I mean literally while you don't they do a lot of great research and development. And you know they do a lot of things about the German aryan race and but got. The crowd there's the killing of the jewel was. You know although I don't like well the money's been sent Bausch roots. It's the same thing with Planned Parenthood. Their harvesting. And trafficking. In dead beat beat parts. I mean honestly you don't get more disgusting. More evil more vital than that. So when who says Ted Cruz is a liar. On what you do support you do support federal funding for for Planned Parenthood you do. I understand your argument that if you become president is gonna try to find a way to basically have the money how strings attached. You're gonna try to find a way to only fund healthcare part and not your portion part I get them. But as things stand right now when they were fighting to defund Planned Parenthood this is your phone act. Paltrow sing it low let him fund it. He did. He was pro abortion he was. He was pro partial birth abortion he was. Well there's some effective rebuttals you connect or not. But pit crews didn't want me and he just didn't. Now I don't know if Ted effectively. Frankly refuted that counterattack. But here is dead now. Trying to essentially counter Donald Trump's counter attack continue Brittany. I will say it is fairly remarkable to see Donald defending banner after he called and pathological and compared him to a child molester both of which were offensive and wrong. But but let me just run he noticed Donald didn't disagree with the substance. That he supports taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and Donald has this weird pattern. When you point to his own record he screams liar liar liar if you wanna go where it's all those words that don't. Why do you go and watch the video go to our web site. Where did it seem that out out on own mouth. When we as it is supported it when we were battling over. UN on the line and had Planned Parenthood does wonderful things and we should not if public. One engine but not as it relates to abortion that I hate and I'll if they wanted to wonderful visiting out there are wonderful things having to do with women's health is not. I just want to recount that'll take hot on the town looks like that's that's what are gone down. The reason principle matters. The reason principle matters sadly was illustrated by the first questions today the next president is not a point 1234. Supreme Court justices it's Donald Trump this president. Fuel point liberals if O'Donnell is busy yeah. Your second and then it'll Al. That's Collins general manager turn this around. Roberts. Hey prayers we've got brother wanted John Roberts to be in the United States Supreme Court they both bush and deep twice approved obamacare. I generally don't. Are all on what's my name is mentioned to us all on we're gonna. Where they're in danger of driving is in that regard. You gave us senator rubio it's not like you don't think you want to talk all you had a liar I understand you guys are on deck I'm also here on that and also one of my hero. The rating on bottle Reagan. All right so they go on I mean that because of it a food fight but. I mean look. I mean Donald I don't know how to say I have the paint. I ask you do you support federal funding for Planned Parenthood news suggested to a lot of good things. Wonderful thing was how we phrase that he also sent a calamity on several occasions. I don't like the abortion part of it. And once I'm president I'm gonna try to make sure they don't get the money for abortions but as things stand now he supports funding plan a and you just balance. I mean there's nothing that Ted said that was all he just wasn't. And so this idea that somehow Ted Cruz is a lighter it's just it's not true it's just not true now as for John Roberts. Look Ted Cruz was not pres I look I covered that I can tell you right now with absolute certainty. Ted Cruz is a disciple of Antonin Scalia and Antonin Scalia okay. He did not his first pick was not John Roberts I know that for a fact. He wanted one of his top law clerks to be the replacement to the pick for bush when he nominated Roberts now the support Roberts yes. The soda. Shorted every conservative sorted every Republican. I mean how would we know in 2005. Bedard shortest which stabbed us in the back and vote in favor of obamacare. That's what happens when you start nominating justice is with most serious paper trail. That happened began to happen after Bork desert breeze a fort but afraid to get abort. But no I'm sorry on fact he's not a lawyer when he just isn't. Well doesn't mean Ted Cruz the best start for president I can still see a very strong case for trump but what I'm trying to say is I'm looking at this exchange. But I gotta tell you. Ted's got a problem. Because this label with him being a liar it's starting to stick. I'm just you keep calling somebody a lot year. And you don't respond forcefully in terms of defending yourself people are gonna start believing it. And so carriage problem is he's allowing his opponents and immediate to define him. And that's why he's still second in South Carolina but if you want to win those big states on Super Tuesday. The big SEC states. On March 1. He's got a he's got to start defending himself and hell of a lot better. 61720666868. Is the number okay. At a press conference just several minutes ago and this is now breaking and Hannah and South Carolina. ID presser he was asked questions about Ted Cruz. He then came out and said quote he's an unstable person meaning pit crews in my opinion. When pressed about whether senator cruise was too unstable to be president. Trump considered for a moment before saying yes in my opinion. He doesn't have the right to serve as president he was born in Canada. He then said this is now breaking news Donald Trump said that he will now file a lawsuit. Against Ted Cruz if the Texas senator doesn't apologize. For claims made in recent campaign hats. So he's basically saying stop it with a negative sides or I'm gonna go to court he says he has standing. And I'm gonna get a ruling that you cannot be allowed to be the next president of the United States could you were born in Canada. He's printed lies he said I'm pro choice and pro life he's printed lies I mean there's so not only prints and I mean I think he's taken a look at. What he did what Ben Carson was terrible I've never seen anything like that was a total life and by the way ten minutes after the election was over to caucus. He went and said oh I'm sorry go bend. And then didn't accept that apology the way I look at. Okay didn't accept the apology so I don't wanna be in a position where it's Saturday evening and I get a phone call from him you know I'm really sorry about that my staff did something. But he did three or four things innocent princes he talks about. Me being against the Second Amendment I am the strongest person running in favor of the Second Amendment I'm a member of the NRA. My sons have been long term members of the NRA and their extraordinary shots. That day I mean the whole thing is incredible so what he does is he'll walk up and just say something he said I would appoint liberal judges Donald W sought. Donald Trump is gonna point liberal judges I named to judges that are. And I named to go to the debate I was the only one that came to judges that I would appoint those two just a could be somebody else. But those two judges are highly respected conservative judges. They'd be great judges to a point. But he just gets upset if Donald Trump gets it he's gonna appoint liberal judges. Just the opposite but the only way you can fight it and the only way I confided his all the press here but most people get excited but he's a liar. So go up until absolutely lied fact. Henry who is lieutenant governor. Said I can't believe that things he said because he understands the views on everything and he just comes out and boom boom boom absolute lies. Now he'll apologize but I don't want an apology after the election I want to apology before and he doesn't I'm gonna bring a lawsuit because in my opinion based on what I've learned over the last 23 days. From very top lawyers he doesn't even have the right. To service president or even run as president is born in Canada so I will bring that lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. My prediction. Tanker was is not gonna apologized and I guarantee you which means Trump's gonna have to fall through and sue. The problem is trump has repeatedly said I consider as recently as last week that he wasn't going to be the one showing. He's only just raise this because Democrats may sue. Now he's saying he will personally sue. Geist is it me or is this getting unbelievably. Ugly and nasty 617266688. Ban in Dorchester Europe next go ahead then. Oh. Hired them to be who's been. OK Susan NN Somerville go ahead Susan. I get. I don't wanna talk specifically about abortion. Yes no doubt I had went out and what they call. Error that it causes. I have an abortion anyway because I wouldn't want to knock on the ground. And if I had had the baby. He would've called it a live probably for a party yeah. And you put it in black comic and nursing home type setting and it would affect a lot. It would add all kinds of problems and then basically what a guy. So I had an abortion. And I memorably an abortion until I actually Asia where I want it to the child into the world for yeah. To offer and then die. I and it's well on the. Seclusion so I figured that's it. I tell you you like Donald Trump's position on funding for Planned Parenthood. I'd focus should be funded so people who'll. I would my position and couldn't afford it I could afford to do it. Through my own insurance. And I think people are their women out there that have to make choices like that people get great. And set things like that and they just can't. Have the baby. I mean. Knowing that it's Susan look I mean even Ted Cruz myself that we are obviously there are exceptions for rape or incest for the life of the mother of the health of the mother. But what Planned Parenthood has been doing if you saw those videos. Is basically experimenting on children. And Andy they take the babies they they're they are boredom they kill home and then they start harvesting and selling. Delivers. The heart. I mean literally there's they're harvesting body parts. I mean this is this is something out there out of ocean its. And that's why to me I am dead set against any money going to Planned Parenthood look Planned Parenthood has so much support anyway. Let him get private funding why should we have to fund it. It's sultan yes Susan I gotta tell you to meet Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a front for concentration camps. I think what they do was clear murder and I wouldn't give one red cent. 6172666868. Mort your calls next place O'Costa. This is from 50 weight Jeff I've been a long time listener and I agree with you when 99%. Of the issues. But I feel you've lost your objectivity reporting the Republican race. We have no malice intended to sound like a boot liquor further trump campaign. Perhaps aspiring for a position in his cabinet. You say your Cruz guy I think you need to reflect on your inability to be objective. You come off as an opportunist for trump a very disappointed fans. Five away just to let you know on the record I have told both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. I will not be taking any positions in their administration. I'm gonna remain in talk radio no matter who wins even though frankly both would want me to serve Heidi. In senior positions and our government I have said no because my first responsibility. Is to you. I call it the way I see it Jim in Boston I've got a minute. Go. OK and don't all of its its trump is right there. That it's bush spoke about third World Trade Center could only be it conservative. Compassionate conservative still remembered. He pushed for and feel along with which the change. You know he had that she could see. Conservatism. That was going all well and he knows go to. That were out voted nineteen hijackers not being investigated. Because. We had but it pushy pushy feeling towards you know it's illegal and it's. Salient. They didn't get investigated. There's no one can festivities. So HMO disarm up again when you're basically saying that you think trump is kind of right to say look this happened under Bush's watch. And he was soft on the border in regard burned Iberia. The cooler report has been presented by Kelly financial services.