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Feb 15, 2016|

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Joan Bennett Jeffrey. RKL. Inside my career. Makes me sound off as a show lakers affection perspective on news current events and politics. We'll listen point 5% this operations serving military and try to give us perspective that can serve in the military. Ourselves. John over here to my right there is a marine veteran served in Vietnam War our knees The American Legion post 4040 commander. And Mike Sweeney's kind of are rotating out guess what has been in their few times. Afghanistan veterans like myself and I he still serves National Guard. Saw John I don't. And until we great photo great week to lose interest in. You know trying to do not free entrance to move some people go the patriots moved I don't know him well anarchists and I'm glad they're there. You know I I don't know yeah. How do what I thought myself. Moved in salute Broncos are rolling in Brazil William O when I started thinking that I didn't know what. The patriots. Lost quite true points of but it kicked out fuel extra points. It probably would have been a tie dinner and gone to overtime. Pats offense will stop the took a hangover and moved to France will hold them. We could of feel radically different. Number emblem will slow global and we would have beaten the heck out of a pimples and so does well that's where should have been violent death thanks for him up on ten right. Might play a little while Clinton. I'm doing don't do well yeah and then you did talk about the game and oh who tussle Kim knew there that they are these great plans when they're gonna do the defense and I think sometimes enough. Oh great plans have twisting and punched in the mouth of the football have to see him punch me he don't have pretty good and I think you just could he wasn't. Prepared well I wanna say you're sort of divorce or Google to remove. It's doing. The cookie reference you don't. But Mike this is safe going on certain military and gulf waters is is good until the first shots fired it's him somewhere down pitchers certainly gonna hold up to it. Think colonel to the semi over the patriots we're two. But speaking of those who pulled John you see this ruins it's usually the other police communities a little upset a boat beyoncé. And her halftime show there you know they that would Coldplay and Bruno Mars but I don't dance recital they had you know they'll fit to roll black Panthers and you know the date they marched around and a big accident not a lot of people are saying that you know what I guess so we are sort her bring his son. I don't know aren't very police from a so what you would what are your thoughts on the. Com but I know your big beyoncé fend off probably overwhelm us. Hey he's pretty into muscle that actually did a good job there plus and it will click to you know a few months and we're gonna hold shoulder don't live but you. I saw the yeah XP and I didn't really crop won't do what it was and I really do immensely and pearl will excellent couldn't ruin you know you're bell well. It was way you're good I was told that this was a black pin up the reference to what afternoon. But the old moral affront to the ball I don't think he's not a corporate villain you forward. And I think this is this the surprising part of it is in this is if you look at the halftime show. That's an NFL network not promotion that is not you blame CBS and I think you'll get but that's kind of a network and they are so. Afraid of offending and an outsider pages hands you you saw Australia and the problem. Into these strikes me as surprising that they would allow. Something. That young normally charged normally good ridiculously out movies you'll have to you have to sign off on a lot of good morning I saw the Jack solid what's the income it's like extreme sports and wasn't. Don't come back to you what I'm doing slow but that's me. Notable is what I and the police community have been pushing baca and I think in Milan and real brightly in a lot of ways you look via. It was in the movie couldn't turn he knows what we have boycotted that they'll the tone of this I think they're trying to make their their presence felt in terms of you know enough is enough don't do Jamaican police the enemy. Yeah Leon I don't play home on the you know I think the inspections we. Bill Connolly you know we we can really to police and you know obviously a lot of police officers are veterans who consumed so long. You know I thought I attend South America on their side and he sort of thing. So I think we're looking at two in those communities. Where there have been problems in these are problems created by the police necessarily mean there's always room for improvement and have a police officer steps out of life what their job as they should be. Prosecuted but if you are someone who. It give a community. I've met her a sea org that has a problem they use of the problems don't start with the police say start with the economics of the area. Now and I think if you and I believe strongly that if you don't. Take care of those issues you get the best trained and police force in the world different rules and you still run into a lot of the same Brahms and I think it's it. It's easy for us talk about police changing they're you know how they handle things about talk about think their core issues which is is. Are pretty damn fine men and didn't sit too well I would talk to someone talk to on the show before going on. The other good it's off a tough please it is too good to just enjoy and hindsight you know I'm disappointed when he we know we've talked about it you know from the military perspectives and that in the pool I think police are a lot like the still is. You know we'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six and you know it's awfully awfully easy for people to judge the wars in Iraq Afghanistan. You know Vietnam you know from from. It was Monday morning quarterbacks. I think I would see a lot of those police tell them let's play a lot of the reason why think when they're upset. On the plus side there are thought we'd do our drug to have a stroke would you. National Winamp boom you've hit the chilled out troops over and Afghanistan and sort of conceive and got a little nervous without without merit you know overseas don't know what it takes before and worked on her own songs and no she's dressed up like a maniac Saddam. It's just one actual pieces of meat in. So often enough to know she's she's done don't really don't know we're told Bloomberg News don't don't let me but they'll give us an I was up up there where we're Whitney Houston well I agree with that blood. People are stuffed into bush and I think that she manages to open was respectful. And I think that that's that's a pretty surprising part with the NFL that that's. Do what they're trying to the note they're trying to hit and no pun intended until the halftime show and the MTV any good programs associate with a suitable it's about making sure the broadest. Number of people can can can watch it. I think. Bringing politics into it. Really. Can be a little bit it shows these people are talking about it instead of talking about the game is why it's a little surprising to me but I think. He shows it but I I have to go back to the NFL approve the program. There's no there isn't one thing that goes on Rihanna for what happens by accident in terms of their programming so the question is did know did the approve it and I think the funny part the talking about Iowa. We found. Beyoncé and you don't Petit and Haley is the artist but you know she. Didn't when the police escort on the way to the show my. There but I think this but even if that if you can have you can get a police escort to the show is still to do should be police you know perform and I go back to. The men and women who were out there have a right to come home to a tournament situations when sometimes one police police caught Chris officer per car. Put him in situations to dangerous grassland have to do a job that they don't have the resources and so many cases again time. Hey you know I think we should be supporting them not just with the worst a lot of the same people who say these huge supporter of police. Don't vote for over guys don't try to get police did do the resources they need the local level to get the job done. Being you know the this much is just like soldiers when you go home influences thank you for your service is wonderful but that's the beginning of your your obligation the end. Yeah mine I think yeah I think there's a lot of apparel also took that trends and you know we know what month trial but I know what I would I come to a crucial one and one in Hawaii are doing real large stone and didn't vote put you on so you. Saw them to him square garden. Actually I was fortunate PX in the quarter select club extreme sports look Exel could go lawyer. Protests and hence the Floyd gave you know what extent enough food those. Who status to a minimum but I do not doing over Drupal will work slow time and good so I did I I was actually reloading and nachos. So it. Now I want that it until noon on foot you know definitely the more interest and about cholesterol and I'll stick to something that was not rehearsed might. Don John did you catch the the Republican debate in in those introductions were around. Ben Carson just didn't come out just stood there are other candidates like but I am and then Donald chumps that women have. Yeah mark should the need for human attention to what do we go to break moment looked larger consumer smoked one of the comes to the war room Massachusetts. And. I was at least he's he he he they messed up they called the wrong name and he just stood there and waited and it was it's funny because I as and so awkward yeah I was really. Bring cars and a natural born there. Beginning may be. Attention for really some luck some Stafford ABC pilot who didn't see that debate is in big trouble. Death I would definitely think so and then not and then they just forgot about John Kasich. They did introductions I thought there were over the assault want to podium for referred to a case that compressed. Deployed I. It's showing in the united and I understand you know there's your staff but I guess my you know at some point or another guess Carson here to there but some didn't practice at some and in planner with a staff meet his staff messed up but someone. Someone should be on the job about that. But it was it was funny to see trump and trump you know he is healthy dose of I don't care anyway and he's just cited stand with a my thought it was funny yes the rest of the debate was interesting though looks like rubio got a you shouldn't know what smackdown of Mumbai well. Mike Krzyzewski. We are repeat repeat the root my career repeated the same thing four times. Don't believe it it was a cookie cutter responsible you know bashing President Obama. And Chris Christie column well under the second and third times saying that you know he had Chris Chris had already talked about how Marco Rubio a strict politician had just as. Has always catch phrases and and and there's no substance behind it and the Marco Rubio went and and and did it and interest Christy called mall on it. So I can tell you. And they're gonna sway your vote for Marco Rubio. Not. You like to consume and consume up. Not Paramount you won't see what becomes the Massachusetts. Blew him you know. When I was in school I always you know sort of put things often Quinn and that's one dorm would be election. Put a little off when it comes true pulse thought yup contributions and nobody responds with. And one thing I'll be neutral saloon. Who's and support not abruptly and so we went Gibbs looks are mostly wanted to zero point I wanna if you concrete points won't be much closer we support it's. I don't I don't think we've. We've heard a single plan to jump thumb from from any other candidates. You know I would think would be real I mean it's easier a lot of fix this fix that by coming. You know what does that mean. What do you think what he does suggest then we. We said we said it before I'll say it again there isn't one veteran running. There's one veteran running. Hi at this point we had done the Democrats have a weird one member Shia Rick Perry is a freshman social both sides at one candidate who want to send her right and it's it's. So when they talk it's up to us to demand more than just platitudes. Find out when they say they support team curious veterans in the VA and what does that mean. You know what when you say that what does that mean that humans and as we found out over the last. Fifteen years you know perhaps stolen money and the problem isn't the only way to fix it that's talked about making sure that one of the veteran or offending member needs help that it's there it's. They're able to access it and it's not so far away that they. It's it might as well not be. Available for them and I think. If you've never lived there wouldn't you don't have family that has lived through it if you need we need we need is our veterans. We need to hold their feet to the fourth two into the fight parents say what do you mean when you say we're gonna give the veterans of best that we can do was I mean. Blew him away and I wanna give some crooks who are road. Our regards. Whole school was due to Cairo total and a while back I was talking with them and Carl mentioned some from the boat. Fully be tunnels we had the holes and 011. Well as we go to a gold Carlson can't mention it but we'll forty billion homes and what you envision. Me and didn't do it at least one or two would bulls two months before veterans now that should ducks here in Massachusetts. That's what type stuff. I want to zero vote on a national office I don't wanna hear. All chew its support of our troops and looks you know too it's patriotic platitudes. What's taught me something concrete from Kyle. I thank general very. Platform and a veritable approach to what Obama calls it should affect what you don't know but I mean that's what type stuff but should be Disco. Sloan looks like things on the other that annoys me and I. I don't speak you to vote but John you're the veterans service officer nick noon and didn't win my trip and went. I think we can agree there are a lot of benefits and services out there for veterans and I think the hardest I was actually getting veterans considine touch wood down. I'll know something we wanna help follow on on the show. Do you simply can't go through grassroots advise Israel really you know I was putting people in touch with the stuff I don't that's a good option doing you know something you know not because it is politicians some of that. Can I get a little upset when I just you know they're they're bashing. You know although the benefits agencies via A what what have you. And you know. They'd they haven't done anything I think it's just turning more veterans and the general public you know off to a on top of the fact that I think when they they talk about veterans and sometimes that's always annoys me is they make it sound like world is broken. I don't know an end in need charity and New York that. The whole thing annoys me and it doesn't want Canada really is impress me at all. Number I think that's it we'll be doing that's a real key forward to make sure that when they talk about hiring veterans is not doing charity where did that then that better and they talk about it in terms of people who didn't cut. More on that isn't snow and it's what we do what we're supposed to it's it's moral obligation we have to help those who who need. Put him to. Again going back to a lack of experience in the military that lack of service they don't know the range of people who you who've come home from what they're dealing with an. We've spoken warrior is there you know and they've broken warrior. Small I don't know I don't know there that the soldiers who gave who can't get a job of keeping Jack amnesty. They're there they're people who really need help but think that what we need to do is talk to people about the success stories and show. In and beat it be the voice that much you know that they can they can help those who need help and get them on to. Productive careers and there's a trillion solution you truth is that you know you might want to help local drug Truman once they have to Mosul we'll throw would have sort of common mostly time which could commercial utility and as an independent and how beat up a little blunt I know a lot of places it never once for given stuff to veterans still bumps and what they. No pending notes call space state and we talk about that even in terms of value on different parts of the come on you you you talked up Alan the talk about hiring and firing people into the ceiling you know a it's a nice that we give everyone a parade but you know her that we may wanna take a little civil service to a low. You can't have a both ways you can't say do you honor some of service it is an about the parade as much as appraise a report by the community. You know the fabric of the community let people know about them that and that is just about the benefits about the they'd be status or jet that that this civil service the ability to hire veteran. Nation that veteran knows that when they come home there's an opportunity to go to school GI bill we talk about that. You're not doing it that that's exactly how we built the middle class post World War II we can't forget that. And absolutely. Not knowing that a ticket quick break you don't wanna touch that dial if you listen to sound off on WRKO NAM succeed the voice of Boston. Welcome back the sound off on total alongside John Pillsbury and Mike Sweeney. And I if you want to connect to a less you can always do that by email sound off from WRKO what you know about com. Endure on FaceBook and Twitter sound off on WR Cahill. Before we took the Graco are talking about services and things that are available to veterans and do my point of you might buy these things I think that. You know there are a lot of things out there and it's not perfect but there are a lot of things out there. And does the promise is connecting would veterans and audio only assistant to ruin the one to show so. We reached out to tip of the day you're in Boston until VA healthcare center. That represents so Jamaica Plain campus the Brockton campus. What's Roxbury and a bunch of other clinics. An and we reached out to see if they weren't gonna show talk about tomorrow some of those benefits you know services that are available from. From my view you know with a health care and and they pay keep Paco and so I cannot came down from from the OJP office and you wanna talk whatsoever things that are available so all of them to show on the second. Say things like cal appreciate. They are really can't talk talk politics but on. You know we can order said a lot of things out there from VA healthcare what are some of the things you know I think veterans from Massachusetts may not be. Knowledgeable about it and I'm aware of on terms of what they can receive from VA healthcare. Yeah I'd say it's pretty exciting stuff. And what I say that I'm I'm actually serious about that that that's true that's absolutely true it's. It is tremendous to be there to be you know thirty year army vet that it fit to be in a place it really makes a difference on a daily basis that really has a mission. It is a powerful place to be since there's a lot going on hand. Betty it's one of those topics that you sit novelist you know bring me in the head briefings when you know somebody kill a man had enough of this. He checked you know let's talk about healthcare all my lord you know. You know I tell folks in the air today and a few years ago I couldn't spell the end of forest are working yourself. That having been there now for four years and and seeing how the VA has served all my fellow veterans held serve my family my father. What were to combat vet you know it's just been. And is it really is a trend tremendous place. Bluetooth before we go and furthermore children. In what people mole. I've known you for a long time I knew what was the veterans' club for saloon either him and the movie. And I know. Good move out of lifelong commitment to a country until Cuomo from peculiar for veterans and we knew what good guy and yeah I really don't know ribbon program. Which I was forward helped beautify don't serve not only know. Guardsmen and women put reserve for slow drink Marine Corps for ducks yeah. Soul who did an outstanding job and immoral weasel in the field job in the world don't have people everywhere you appreciate it looked out so. But smuggled Clarke's old. Thanks John pitchers in both fighters and an orange the she's just ten bucks here. He's good for beer you should just talk. And as beautifully as. But they vote book where can you know we're really find the view locations that that are that are our local. Own tune in and helping veterans get. No in touch with with those well let's over the strings the VA's that we are in so many locations and do you know frame this veterans. Particularly put it in what I call hospital rich environment around Boston area particularly. There's a lot of other other options out there and and we see a challenge in a sense of veterans to say well I've got my my spouse's insurance my husband my wife Hillary got blue cross whatever so I you know I went wide go to the DA and upon my lord of the 81 isn't credible cost savings. Among several other. For reasons that the other two it is convenient we've got a three big hospitals bright your boss loans make up the Boston health care system. Tom Jamaica Plain West Roxbury in our big campus down and and none Brockton. And in our cousins the other big medical facility in the area up there in Bedford so a veteran DA remains a separate GA. Hospital system of course for all part of the New England network. And and then our outreach clinics are her. Everywhere he's running located Quincy. Framingham. Should spur Plosser a well right now yeah of Hyannis. Bowl win. New Bedford Northampton Northampton so that they hospital. Pittsfield Plymouth Quincy Springfield. And making them more and more robust and with the idea of the you know that. You can even get more services now I mean at least you walking you've got a primary care doctor or whatever and of course Sweeney's VA that you don't have to give up your other commercial care. But like a lot of protein that's a big misconception. And you my father included you know after all these years retired finally and look back he's in fine into the VA for you know particular issue for aside aside and and started. The real ask him what a great environment wasn't started to use all those VA services. And now kicking himself in the behind for not doing this thirty years ago and it could've been done. The huge cost savings you know and I'm telling him to get paid you know kind of paid off my college tuition without all the money would save or go to the tape anyway. Well yeah and you don't know I don't think people realize they only suing health care Saudia premiums and deductibles and and there aren't any of the idea I. You so the only thing if I show may have to pay new vehicle type. And a lot of actions only don't even have to do I'm sure you might try you seem. A plan. And I think when I'm glad you're here because I think with. Some of the misconceptions and I think we deal with I see in my office I was kind of people who say well you know I got a job as insurance in the think. I'm really need the VA and and then usually they are kicking themselves because someone else stated enemy they're getting they're not only to good health care within its means. When it comes to. Tall making their new coach quoted here is amazing in the but he really for a lot of people comes down to making ends meet if they can save money. And healthcare that's more money they can spend at home with their fans absolutely I think that that's that's that's I don't. Currently veteran who. As then at the VA for a long time what would you recommend that veteran do Sosa is a Vietnam veteran is an awful now. Forty some odd years and now he. Needs to get back your he has friends in the VA he thinks it's a great option. What what you envisioned it. So it's as simple enough if you go online to curb. Website savvy Elliott to do is look up to VA Boston thought cover our VA and just could put a VA get on the side and trekked you can direct to Massachusetts and wherever your. Region is. Call the nearest VA facility asked for Roman eligibility and they're gonna lockyer right end. And if we meet veterans all the time we do veterans exposed and job fairs and I see I know senator. Yeah and I say we it's and it's out of town via Sousa truck line seen as a thing of the VA here particularly here we've got a great director mr. ringing with. Director Dave Boston health care he's been great to last a few years he's been in and leading the the facility there. And he's made it clear that we operate. In partnership with all our friends in the community so it's not just the big federal government come and and it's. The day plus department veteran services plus. All the towns that are service officers plus all these wonderful nonprofits and military friends foundation and and veterans legal services and Harvard legal center and mass financial planners all these great people wouldn't. Nonprofits have been pitching and over the years so together we kind of look to take care veterans. Do you think that there's been changed since and would no reason recently that he is no longer counting assets for people who try to get into the VA health care system. I don't know have you seen an increase or should do you should should imagine he's been the night before come back. And I taught absolutely absolutely it's really worth you know on the challenge. The better of the challenge for the Beers and of course as a government program it is designed to serve those that are in the greatest need. But it really is for every single veteran and that probably haven't Massachusetts is not being overwhelmed at all or particularly in in this area. It's that and not enough veterans are taking advantage of it or not coming in. Many many are saying that but there are probably about a third of our veteran population of our 308 east thousand some vets in the commonwealth. About a third of them actually are eligible fully eligible free for VA care and they're not coming in taking advantage of and that's supposed to try to get mote motivated. So doing so when listening music either the veteran. For the family member of the veteran they can do it and and known fuel. Sit in a real web savvy should be this or did you just get on the phone since they try to find local veterans office get a NBA just say I want a pleasure VA health care. Izzy how long the process. Is that. Well I simple enough to send out a packet to you have you can reach out to me S and out of all the packets all the time and I'll and I'll give you might correct number here actually don't like doing that because south. At the DA and edit your PA as we call it tough for veterans out there this is your place to get connected it is not going to be this thing if get on the computer included in there and call the you know now you're not gonna get the recording here. If you call me I'm gonna follow through with you on widow of guide you through it and it's like call these programs they are kind of bewildering yes they are because all big government opera. Biggest or what's the biggest organization beside the department offense from the federal government. For better veterans affairs exactly. But the great thing behind all that to know is that it's made up just like our military forces it's made up of bunch are really dedicated men and women who are there. For the most part and I'd say almost every one of them that I met and do all the new employee orientation that almost all of them. We'll sit and I'm here because I believe in the mission in the VA it's not just a job for me. Hillary gonna find that out the commercial care facility they're great people other than to create great caregivers and health care folks are on the community. But you'll never find that level of dedication that you're gonna find that the DA because the staff there. Is dedicated to the mission of taking care vets they believe conventional. 3040% of his serve that's ourselves there are some. It wasn't something not too would sit on that and in new England and all what all the great healthcare facilities I would have you know oil and only the list from a the freedom that Beth Israel. Can you have an Mass. General. That's 70% of doctors knowing what. That doctors and nurses from that work in New England who once employees at the via. You know no apparent that kind of struck me and you know you are you know I've gone to India also on pace myself and you do you're its its world class healthcare. You know with some of the best doctors and nurses and and healthcare employees up there. Yeah want to have a couple of observations. Are true. One is that our normal quote grossly country neighborhood can cure in Massachusetts. Who you know you are an important sort of model. For an professional. But the average principal. And I find footprint and definitely follow what perfume you know you'll make an appointment what do moved they're gonna call we'll make sure book. You know you are common noon you have personal transportation. Average premium orange were recorded there. Tony in terms of clone human sort of figured. I think that when you heard of its population memorial forward Joseph fruits village took no good. Veteran formed a bold to benefit some sort of listens to them the Bjorkman thought you can imagine that soon. Result of both the new unity and the calm while the floor with them. Miroslav surface soil for Cecil sold shooters from working to make sure they're on form. But dumber gore efforts to undertake the way of a rapidly. Aging veteran population and unfortunately you'll remember him Scola. In any different I expect good as these threats don't rule book. In the end a retired and they go on the fixed income you're gonna see you increase in demand and full service and so pavilion they thought. Ironically you're gonna do soon moved to increase in the number rove brought some of sanctions would split and increase from two million children sort of seems. That's always Motley you don't got to capacity we got the capability and guess what if but we don't have it that. The moment is as debtors can do it's like any program more than cab hey we're gonna build upon and until we you know what are pretty true for big. Transportation and become a Perdue should yes and you're also going kill animals a reduction of some of those so patient clinics. Good tremendous scope for the wilds of up to go to a place. Clean solo home sword gun commend the junior from doormat. Yet you know. John. You know preaching to the choir here but it. That this thing is we all know we all had stories we salaries great everything's great everything's great in in you may be the veterans and they're saying. Well that's not experience I had you know I remember right you know somebody was really jerk to me what you know we should watch ladies and wait and well ours are. They didn't have my client adapt well yeah. You know any any big organization did a challenge and and the important point rivers that these people really are dedicated to excellence they really do beyond and above anything in the commercial care facility. Have a breast care and a our best welfare act at heart. And you'll notice that it's because it's a public entity because the VA is a federal system unlike any other you know for the week. College socialized or not but there's a federal care system. And that's so kits because it's a public system against public scrutiny. Whereas in GH tufts deal any of the of the different schools are affiliated schools and programs don't necessarily have that public scrutiny. So whereas. And so we don't hear the story in the press a lot of times that's a positive story will we hear from other negatives. But right now in Boston you can find your shortest wait times at VA Boston health care. You're gonna find the highest level of satisfaction latest Rand study shows at the highest level patient satisfaction overall. He's not in the commercial care market that's what the veterans of the DA did not hear that on the news I'm sorry to say that but it's that it's a fact. And are our pharmacies for example have the highest satisfaction rate of any. Medication delivery service in the nation's DA pharmacies you don't. I mentioned you were polled only salute to some of from medical pros who wolf positioned somewhere and trying to turn it into your attack. And I think to some of the kind of slumped toward cove apartments should put some of the mother Colo schools what kind of. Yeah and I know this is trophy exciting for a lot of folks but I'm I'm Italian veterans particularly that. What we're saying here is that when you come to to the VA for care you're getting top notch top of the line folks most of our. Physicians and caregivers there are many of them are duly appointed so we have. Harvard we had a professionally she ship with Boston university and with the medical school and and a Harvard Medical School. And these same positions that you'll see in the hospitals walking the halls within DH other premier hospitals in the area. They're also spending a good part of their time at the VA because whose loved working with veterans. Do you see a difference in non. Returning veterans. As opposed to veterans you know John just mentioned veterans who have that could make you talk post Vietnam veterans and older so no we're transitioning into retirement you have to make that decision. Do you see a difference in the way the preferred access to health care done. By Kara you know so let a young so a young veterans coming home now is he. Open to different things are important closed off to different things as opposed to a Vietnam veteran of the Korean War veteran. Yeah yeah my dad flew I actually showed up late in the family my dad flew bombers in the second wars between eyes in the Pacific so. They ninety years old he can actually get on his computer and go in there and find things and that is not the rule. So. We got a lot of Vietnam era vets who will tell you yeah I've got email account but it I had one tell me the damn I'm kind of computer ambivalent so. Contiguous and is obviously let what are younger generation vets are what we call current generation that so I definitely so indeed. Folks are are much more. Able to access online data are online programs etc. and and he's our VA apps to to immediately access get information. He's got two my health ethernet. You know he's been electronic so. The a's led the way by the way all these programs across the country before any other medical still in the country had an automated record system DA started that. Back in the 80s90s started the whole automated records process for the first wanna put in all the safeguards. Clinical electronic safeguards are for caregivers. In the telemedicine and a gal the all these tremendous things he's been it has been cutting edge in because of the government in public funding it's helped do that. Com but one of the things we have as the my healthy back account which lets you. Look real time at your records after you come back from appointment to get online ticket I don't know what the doctor told me I should there in August and had he had not my hand like okay take this do that water. And and it's right out hey get out the door and remembered but to go or at home get a might not healthy that look up there are the docs notes that put in writing and after the employment all your medical records whether military or not when you can DA really matter workers will scan meant for you and there you have. The complete safeguarded set of all of your medical records so. Plus an Easter accessory if you want to for a formal want to. If you want to Florida for the one took and you need to use the community room could produce totals were consumed the B word of the good. Yeah there's the old and a misconception about. You know the eight. Being connector not being connected no it's all part of one system countrywide nationwide that's exactly true that you can't going anywhere in the country if I go with my other you know don't local care. Hospital but if I go out to a California I'm in San Diego and I can you know come down with some disease and creeping crash and I go into the hospital and live online and they got my he car and everything that they don't have in my neck or medical records I walked into the DA. He can within a matter of minutes accessed on my records in Boston get my complete medical history. And and then really have a good idea of how to take care of no it's grim look so you do mostly what mold Tom Kelly yeah how it had confessed to. Johnson spot. And look right now though all know there's also mobile application. You know it's really user views were and remain iPhone and to ensure no DN tablets. You can look up anything from a from via a health care than that they even of the benefits and that's who solves it's important pretty good and pretty easy to use. Yeah it NN pentagon back to the who's the way for us look at looking at the philosophical side of that if you wanna put it that way. Following the health care in many ways is east to hear my grandmother tennis or other people find something that all people would say is if you don't have your health you don't have any thing. Thanks so I think yeah okay whatever that means. Which you know what it's kind of true is he got money get a job he had great talent whatever you don't have your healthy if you're going downhill your fight some. Great physiological battle there you really are in dire straits and you can enjoy that he can enjoy life foods that's what we've. Button pledged jarrah. Or. Our efforts to support and defend the constitution which says that you know we have the right to pursue happiness if you're sick and if you're not taking care of yourself you can't pursuit of happiness you cant have a like you're supposed to have. So getting into health care actually is. Excessive when we say in the in the military or senior army you know the Smart soldiers sold that takes care of himself he got all those people out there to take care via but if you if you sit there and and and complaining mound that nobody taking care of me it does you got to take that first step to get to get motivated and and go out take care your current take. Are steps to get me there so you flip to from the modern marine crew would start and we're supposed to ward still adjustment Wolfowitz foot problem. Tell us I think John about the point because I think a lot of people on the military the mentality of you know. Take take care of themselves wherever the other guy were able to next I'm no lawyer for the gets lower ranked Wimbledon again it's more hurt and harm you know you gotta kind of so all your title of that and the other side there's certainly no disarmament of the penalty for treatment. We don't come from sleep modes of your soul are you can tell you how many times woods told people they should be who pulled into the hundreds of Burma for its frontier room. Deloitte and I don't want or don't wanna take away from someone else when. Tonight we haven't got some easy whistle no real soft America and everything you need if you think about it curious family you know if you wanna put into them and those in terms they. It's exactly one week. We still my lines that's kind of what I was trying to drive them across a rumor a look at your paper. Hillary you re a good point John and survivor's guilty it's that we all deal with an argument you wanna be that guy going to be that guy you know and here if I had a dollar for everybody who said. I don't wanna take you to someone else needs it you know we we do well retired I'm Susan very good point. Now he's got a lot denied that he is absolutely I mean that's a great place about being there so. When you walk in the door the VAD. It is a unique place. You you're seeing people. You know I'll I didn't I was in the military thirty years ago as say a forty Vietnam you know I didn't make two years three years got out. You know like it change you forever and you're part of a network these you'll never be able to cut those ties because it changed forever when you have for your military service Beijing something. Hi unique and and and usual in this society which is a veteran who has lasted less than 10% of us in this country if ever worn that uniform so. First of all that's at any area got to realize yeah you're unique whether you like it or not you're you're you are unique. When you walk into the VA there's a special feeling you want no place else do you walk any I've seen two of our medal honor recipients there they go their regularly. And and when they go into the VA they understand there's there's a sense of mission the dedication a purpose or because a lot of the vets are working and we say the salon to that. As that's where. We're not working for the VA were working for veterans now we're taking care fellow veterans to get paid by the VA can pay by the government were brought they're taking care about herself. When you walk in the door they're gonna get that extra quality care that you're just not gonna get in the air commercial care. And any stats are so great because they do they don't want us to take up other people's resources. Know who took them straight from rampant among your own personal experience when clicking the bold. Home of the new kids for an comprehensive records and then also there to do a comprehensive care. I want to diluted total form X four months ago Schultz. And they have a great system would dorm could put you on the scene the boys come true where everything that's for Myanmar didn't really happen what put. And then the guy tunes the grievances but we want to when these two you when tool you weren't going to cover colonoscopy. I'm like why. Everybody had their records and I couldn't see me go more pub are neutral so employees or any player so seriously and they are one way to products and the guys seem well you know what. Welcome at a medical records and time for call and I. Susan sedar care I in his own teammates and they'll work things are clean that's right they've got all your got you don't complete picture got. Can and it does go to it and John damage right to something because. You know I'm as excited about can colonoscopy is most of us are. And I really don't want. Eliminated because of something that it for all veterans you say and I've met some great veterans out there relative value values that you can't via yeah I know it's great stuff but I'm not broke get you know I'm really not broke yet okay so but what you don't Hacer what did you do it. Now as a marine Vietnam outstanding mobile equipment what he's merger mission there I was machine Gunner are you running in sixteen of the Hart yeah all right. Seeking back under control. And you took that and sixties through the hard in the corner and you ran down tell hall and then now and on hand here and a shin Han now bursting into his tremendous maintenance and take care of those. All militant whenever richer and everybody in the military speaks for dinner maintenance tens of services we all know that PM CS slowed. And that and that is something that have hit it just really quick clicks with veterans' message surge so you tell me you had to. You make street took your equipment like exposed to in you have this exceptional system this body you've been given. And but you're not gonna take care that negative preventive maintenance on that. He got to be proactive and take care that he just looked at me said. She's here right now and that any kind of Bolivia is okay but you're not a. The for the veterans in there who. Goes once and then like most people who young don't think they need to go back to the doctor or they get they who that person we just talked about who says they have health insurance now I don't need to go back. Could you explain how much of a pitfall that is because you you leave the VA and you never come back. You if you gonna be a my understanding is that you go every few. Just your general practitioner once you keep yourself active and this is your time that's because they think that we have many many veterans who. Do the Harvard beginning into the VA and then it for a month bunch of different good reasons and might never go back and another visit to satisfy the just because if health care somewhere else. And could you maybe some of the pitfalls when that ends up leading to no not being able to get him later in life. Yeah Mike it's that same thing like I said it's being proactive being just part of discipline away but it's just good common sense is that you go in and and with the DA would I tell you better when you're in the door that's great because I got a lot of veterans who are. Over income for the most part. And and are not necessarily upfront to walk in the door wears a lot of veterans and have that benefit and aren't using it it's a real shame because he ideas. Which you wanna do is get in there and start using it every every year to eighteen months I mean just if nothing else going to have physical. And and keep that open and what that history of courses and make sure that your entry and the jury near preventive maintenance done. And and here also keeping the system going because the reward is to use the DA was stronger it is numb and and so so the rule of thumb is every one year to eighteen months or so get in there. Get checked out whatever but a lot of folks get it what's it like my father started using it for a couple things annexing you know. It's great care it's a great place to be peace is it for everything now and I still as the primary care somewhere else but for the most part you know it does everything the media. Do you have a dialogue with the income threshold is for veterans again visitors who have to. There's an endorsement coaches let's talk low on the other side of this quick break real soon sound off in the DR Taylor I am succeeding the voice of Boston yeah. RKL. It's. Cool cool cool cool. There's a. And welcome back pieces are rude and crude production on the loose. Suddenly and we normally know talk to build Obama for those service for rove veterans and their dependents. Tell you wanna talk not so much a bold a bit on a federal service but a bold souls who administer Obama. And why you know at the K. There was a convention for the Massachusetts. Veterans service officers association. And there's you may or may not know every sodium tile was required by state law the help of a considerable sly awful slump. To help you Ericsson lets you rubbed them for some services some right now these veterans service sorrowful songs are going to retreat to be trying to him. Updated one of the current benefits and services. And there's we have been hearing earlier today do you know G yeah it is a major road. Hartnell with those in providing these services soon. Use him in criminal Bernanke's view will be you're actually got their convention what your total sweet slow. I want you tune of billions sold spoke to do expertise. And make sure if you have any questions what's so well book that you contact. Your veteran served a sorrowful so at your local suited your town hall. And one of opening a wanna remind you would sort of the last couple weeks that Friday February 19 the seawall Gina Dillard. It's one win. Gorgeous and bloodiest battles in American history. 27 mobile Savoy on the world war others. It was state of good uncommon drill was of Coleman literature and and right now we know of probably seven already the schools you won't change votes left Bill Nuttall state holds slim. Friday February 19 go to Lebanon young coverage you would come and meet real American hero. That's the world according to jewel on talk to next week. Welcome back to sound off tomko told alongside John children Mike Sweeney joined playing in studio guests that they've picked up from VA. Boston and Mike before we took the break got to cut you off there are no one's asked. Questions of VA health Carroll's ability. Yes or jump or you don't just him or her talk a little time so we end up with. A lot of people who are looking to apply and we see if you're eligible what does that mean. Foreign. And where can be found in information and another country with a right now. So you can start with big picture yet. Anybody that raised their hand took at oath then as the saying says you've been pledged everything up to and including your life. That's an American veteran and have because of that you've earned this great benefit to really hit and then as I tell letters and we were talking earlier about these these wonderful floats and say hey I don't wanna take it from somebody else you know early that for folks really need it. Well guess what everyone of us raise our hand ticked at us made a pledge to country. You invested in that this is an investment that they tell young kids today hey if you wanna get the service of Thatcher thing you should absolutely did best investment you'll ever make. Pays off dividends for the rest your life. The challenge a bit with the DA eighties again we have about a third of our veterans in the commonwealth that you CA healthcare and what we're third in the we got about a third of their eligible and not taking invented yet in the their about a third that we say. Art necessarily eligible upfront because the who other events for state and specific qualifications such as having served in the gulf war served on the boots on the ground Vietnam or in the area. Recently returned within the last five years are coming off of active duty in the last five years and having been deployed to Iraq Afghanistan has senator. Those are all what I call walk in the door. He'd be walking DA automatically and you're going to be taking care to hear your enroll immediately the other great one a lot of phone service connected veterans that have service connected disabilities. Through the Veterans Benefits Administration the DBA. A lot of them don't realize too that debate because of that service connection they're receiving a check every month from the DK I DBA. They're really taking these deep AJ veterans' health care so we're telling them hey look had to get a great deal you can walk right in the door. But the so the income limit that set the other deep fault rules based on on an individual's income. Congress set these limits I think it's the last hole was set in 2003. The income threshold so a veteran. Between a veteran and a spouse depending on what their income as an hour it's that are. But it's right around 42000. In the first single individual. Better with list with a dependent pins if given number of dependents and how many are there with you but he can go up to us. They can tack on for certain areas in the 10% or so that the vote built in there are roughly I'd say around in this area anywhere 4050000. Dollars. It would if you're over that income amount that we need to look at some other ways to help you get NBA that's not that's not a no go that just means we need to look at it. Counseling find another a lot of things so a lot of times we'll find out to veterans that had never thought about this thing that bothered in the back to me in this and that. That's a disability claim and once you put that disability claim enough money send in the government's got to stockpiled nobody's gonna use it much you get their take advantage of it. And once people put in disability claim a lot of times then. That immediately let's take claim is approved immediately start getting checked from the VA couple hundred dollars a month or whatever and opens authorities VH ABA abbey healthcare. She's shall clear one of whom were guards do them any good for me. Royal pavilion for the institute who you are key ring loss. Just a guy. Portland cut kid from NORTHERN IRELAND. Are you are the menorah for slicker what do you lord came over here or were cheerful when you're good draft to move your and sort of from career. Denial and does what it's welcome and she's sort of entrepreneur and don't know. So throws fluff but it's interpreted. She was interpreted. And so are useful for a soft. We can't help you because you were from the Republican from Oakmont the second half hour or so annually or I'm younger you know but the more limited so that once we finish solo prejudice there. If you Google do you Mormon stuff. Program. He's the guy got flooded consumed regardless you renewed he's getting a walkman for his wife Susan got a whole bunch a word for word of the moment. Well that's one of the great things you know that that starts from the day you put your claim then you know on these things are always a challenge and I tell you we've they've won not on the war but they've definitely turn the tide a huge way on the DBA. Claims process our friends down on the JFK Rowling. Downtown Boston have really gotten over that they can't stay in their room where they've processed it down to where there. Rapidly within you know two or three months many times skating claims to trust there. I want people real lawyers to do veterans service officer Bill Walton felt considerably softer also remember a civilian trial hall come helpful what these claims. And combing local Massachusetts have some awfully slim majority of kid going from which they won't for kids for you can help you would give you record. I talked I talked to veterans all time and do not say OK so you know your health care wanna get in the health care thing get my in my area. Medical needs taken care but what about this claim disability like he do that for a no I work at the hospital can do them or for you got to talk to the BBA and law how to do that. First place ago it's not necessarily saying I'll go to the GA website I say what town do you live in not Massachusetts what town you live in. I'm Tanya one team one fight on game one fight that's what it's all about and it it doesn't matter your common a veterans service officer for talent part of the CommVault services. We're all more can that same mission together and the best person to get to. If people like you John and Mike have there and inland and you guys that are the pest wants to contact about it at this units move in revenue. Hundred different events and you've been pretty much all of them. You're out there we used to people you work with and then their other and they talk in these actions don't. In the community and yes I most recently reread your car show and I'll be showing you out there you. I think you were out talking a dictionary words here they need to do the right thing now but how often did. Maybe give an experience of its people listening who may not be effective immediately and remember that veteran had they think sometimes you get a hold. The family member to get. The next thing you know helping grab the the husband or it's the sauce whether scrutton and do you see that a lot of B. And do you think that that is something in the VA but you know that's one of the benefits out there might connecting to the stands as long. Guess so VA healthcare is for the veteran and as we kind of had been talking about this city it really is geared for the. Are now veterans that are that her have severe disability however and are unable to care for the solicitor. They're the primary. Breadwinner in the household they had that there 17800%. Disabled think it is they. They are then of salmon numbers are then authorized season DA as well. That's. You know. Folks around us and you are our friends family members we don't do what's best for ourselves a lot of times it takes that friend and family member especially if your health. Sometimes need to you know a lot of us need to do the behind and and special military folks who just are not excited about going in for health care. And then that's not the place that I think is the most exciting. Place to go and but I am but I have wise folks around me people care about Maine life it's you know your spouse should friends who say look. Do this stuff is good for you get in there to your PM CS hand and a how to get taken care of solely on unfortunately guys what were on time we all know there are a number. Oregon I don't know yup I did when you put that that contact information out. You know and and you know we like to joke around to show a lot to sit out opening segment but this one certainly is an important one. Just in Massachusetts is it is over a 100000 views aren't using non VA healthcare system and girls were four. Possibility of that number so we can we can help fix that. Threats and everybody's got their pen and paper leave it to. This an 800 number for VA Boston and out more hockey up with state where you happen live it's for VA Boston 800. 865. 3384. That's 808653384. Or give me colder BA boss Nate 57364. 59348573645934. And now we're looking for data coming in being part of it that part of the veterans team there. Personally no excuses guys on gals on discerning porn as a mobile app you can get on no way. There's certain GA New England number that's when he fought for BA cares. On their web sites everything just look up what you don't know when Linda VA dot gov up nicely shall reach you can do Boston Bedford. You know Providence off of that matadors had a who penned some dinner locations. Worldwide interest in New England. So one thank everyone for sure listen to the show. Dave very would really appreciate you being on the show John Mike you're both great as always and tomorrow let's hear it but you're Cahill and succeed would like to say thank you to those of you who are listening we're veterans as well as your family members. Wanna thank you for your service our great country and felt so don't even listen to sound off and WRKO. AMs.