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Feb 15, 2016|

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Freedom is being curtailed. Our founding principles are being destroyed. But in Boston courtesy of the American revolution. A new. It begins its jets sooner Boston's bull though. Cleaning up the liberal bull. Am seeking our country that. This is America's voice of the resistance. Sooner report. Are you win. Mobile seven the there on the break double. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number. You can access there's always 686 say the pop be president some day. Everybody. Before getting to the show it's going to be a crackling show I mean we've got so much to talk about so much has happened over the last couple of days. I wanna give a quick shout out. To the Dorchester boy he's darn neat Ballmer. Jason Kelly. Two spectacular first round knock outs Saturday night I also wanna give a big shout out to Peter Welch. Is jammed the boys that Peter Welch is Jim day just lit him on fire Saturday congratulations. To everyone. We got some real phenomenal boxing talent and a Dorchester Boston area. Okay my French speaking of knock outs. Trump grows thunder dome in South Carolina. Thus a rail in South Carolina. One of the most heated personal contested debates I've ever seen in my life. There was fireworks from start to finish we're gonna have not in the second and third hour. But first this hour. Antonin Scalia. Rest in peace. On Saturday. Just hours before the Republican debate in South Carolina. The death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Has now fundamentally. Up ended the American legal system. And American politics as we know it. Here is now the latest that I've been getting from all of the media reports in particular the local media reports. Because there are some people now that are getting suspicious. In fact Drudge is obviously getting suspicious. With a banner headline. That he's now slapped across the Drudge Report. And there's a lot of chatter on the Internet. Let me just throughout the facts. And then I wanna get you quarter country to weigh in. Scully 079 years of age he had just come back from a book signing tour in Asia in fact his last stop had been in Hong Kong. He fool to Moore ranch eight hunting ranch I didn't know this about Scalia Scalia was an avid hunter. And staunch conservative. Brilliant constitutional list one of the most profound and collects the Supreme Court as ever that he loved his family he was an Italian descent. Well one of the greatest Italian Americans this country has ever had. He was a devout Catholic like many Italian Americans he loved his family La Familia. And he loved this church. But he also loved the hunt. And so there's this ranch in west Texas apparently a lot of Hollywood actors gold air. Julia Roberts has been there Tommy Lee Jones has been there. A bump for a European royalty has gone there. A lot of prominent people have gone to that ranch it's got third. Thousand acres. You can hunt wild boar you can even hunt mountain lions. Will Scalia outflow wind but the invitation of the owner. And in particular the owner. Had about a party of 35 they were all guests. Personal guests of his. This was not political this had nothing to do what jurisprudence. A friend of scalia's was coming oust the owner said hey can I invite the justice as well. We do the owner said please invite them. So he came he was among friends at this hunting launch. Apparently according to everybody their president. Scalia 79 years of age was apparently in fine form. They say he was entertaining. He was engaging and he was very talkative. He seemed completely healthy and normal in fact for a few hours. He went quail hunting. They took him for some quail hunting the owner said it wasn't anything rigorous. It wasn't anything overly strenuous. My year old had a nice day they went a little bit of hunting you see the beautiful scenery in the mountains and the desert. And they came back they had a very nice dinner and they said essentially Scalia was holding court. It wasn't really political bait talked about Texas. They talked about the open doors. Today the outdoors forgive me they talked about. What life was like is he Supreme Court justice. And apparently 9 PM. Scalia said it's been a long day it's been a very long week I'm tired I'm gonna go to bed. He went to one of their best suites Colby L president today. He apparently went to sleep. Early next morning. The owner knocked on the door. It was walked no response. He then left with a friend of Scully as I guess to shoulder more of the ranch and the beautiful activities that can be done at this ranch they came back three hours later. Now they thought something was strange he's not just sleeping in something is wrong. They opened the door. According to the San Antonio express. According to the owner in multiple interviews with local media. Scalia was found dead. As if he had just was about to wake up from a nap. Quote we discovered the judge in bed they say his body was cold cold as a fridge. Eight pillow over his head. His bed clothes were on wrinkled. He was lying very restful week it looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap. Which some people are now finding suspicious. Is that he was found dead with a pillow over his head. Also. Scalia declined security. He could have had the marshals the federal marshals protect him he apparently declined security. But first. Day of the media was reporting to Scalia had died of heart attack. Now they're taking that back they're saying it was natural causes. What are some people very upset. Is that a local judge who did not come on the scene who did not physically witness Scalia. But apparently only spoke by phone. With the police officers of the law enforcement officials. At the ranch who told her over the phone. That's Scalia had died of natural causes and that quote there appears to be no foul play here unquote. So this judge apparently immediately without even seeing the body. Said that this was a natural death pronouncing he had died of natural causes. And that there should be no autopsy performed. And the family. Has also come out and said they do not want an autopsy performed. He has now been taken to a funeral parlor. Several hours away. From that ranch. His body is going to be transported to Washington DC or right suspect was going to be huge massive funeral. Now. A lot of other people in Texas. Are coming out and saying the judges. That they would not have so quickly pronounced him dead from natural causes. And in particular. That they would have asked for an autopsy just to find out exactly what was the cause of death. Because they originally claimed it was a heart attack now they're saying it was an art at dark. Scalia is doctor has come out and said that that he would he was not surprised that Scalia passed away. This according to the Washington Post. Because according to the doctor Sarah Scalia suffered from quote multiple health issues. And had several quote unquote chronic conditions. He won't state what those are doctor patient confidentiality. But he says look trust you when I tell you this he was quite sick. Yet some chronic health issues and this doesn't really surprise me. So whatever you wanna make of it I know a lot of a lot of people in corner country are suspicious. To be fair let me just read one text quotes 617 Jeff it wouldn't surprise me if Scalia was murdered. To sending Chicago message to the Supreme Court. He had no security he was away from home the opportunity was huge and Obama hated him. The cases to be decided this spring are now in jeopardy. And there were many cases to be decided this spring the contraceptive mandate. And his executive amnesties. His war on coal. Unions forced coerced union membership. In other words much of Obama's legacy hung in the balance. With a lot of key decisions. That we're gonna be made by the Supreme Court over the next couple of months. I'll be honest with you maybe I'm just naive by nature. I don't see any serious hard evidence that there was any foul play. It appears to me that everybody is kind of rushed to just jumped the gun he clearly was 79. He clearly had chronic health issues. To me I got to see a lot more evidence before I suspect foul play although the pillow over their head that's a bit strange but. You know who knows you hold onto your pillow and a funny way as you sleep I don't know. What I can tell you is. This. With absolute certainty. The death of Justice Scalia. Is a devastating blow. To the Supreme Court. To the United States of America. And to the American conservative movement. He was to mean a stalwart. And true constitutional as conservative on the High Court. He was one of the most brilliant justices the United States ever produced. He was a defender of the bill of rights he was a defender of the constitution. He was a defender over regionalism. He was a defender of the document that the founding fathers crafted for us. He was a great champion. Of human freedom and individual liberty. I grew up admiring Scalia. I love Scalia. He has always been my favorite justice on the Supreme Court. And I wanna say something else is this also needs to be said and I'm gonna get to the debate in the next hour. I believe the Republican Party and the conservative movement. All Ted Cruz now a huge debt of gratitude. Because I gotta tell you Saturday. Ted was magnificent. Scalia as body was not even hold. And he immediately the liberals in the media and the Democratic Party led by Harry Reid and the White House. Were already talking about Obama appointing a liberal justice to replace Scalia and permanently tilt the Supreme Court. In a 54 direction. And it was Ted Cruz. Who first came out and said my thoughts and prayers are with the Scalia family. We honor and broker and cherish the memory of this great man and great just this. And then he immediately fired a shot across the bow. Before anybody could say anything. But don't Ted Cruz came out and immediately said. Who ever Obama up by nominates to the Supreme Court. It is the duty of senate Republicans. To delay yet to block kicked to filibuster it that this needs to be decided. Jury in the election and by the next president of the United States. And by so doing by acting shall aggressively and so forcefully. To prevent Obama took quickly nominate a liberal justice he has now forced Mitch McConnell. And forced many of the other establishment Republicans and pretty much everybody else on stage. Ten now come out and say you do not allow Obama to nominate and appoint another Supreme Court justice. On the bock box Antonin Scalia. He threw it right back in the president's face. They tried to politicize it. They tried to immediately ram through a liberal justice. They knew they could roll Mitch McConnell and Ted crews immediately stepped up and said absolutely not. And by taking that position he is now essentially force the Republicans. To block and filibuster. Whoever Obama nominates and he will nominate somebody if you Cody would nominate himself but let that go. I'll get to that later in the show. The lives are already saying that Obama should be the nominee to replace Scalia OK but let that go. And so. Scalia had just died or they found the body hours before the debate. Listen now to debate moderator and Obama hack John Dickerson. He asks ahead everybody questions. He shaves the last one for Ted Cruz in the first round. Okay and to give Donald is due Donald said delay delay delay delay. But everybody knew it was scared that pulled the trigger first it was sped that I've gotten in front of this issue. Ted was not gonna give the Supreme Court over to the two Obama. He asks the question. But why can't the president and his nominee. Of course the president should get his nominee come and the guy's dead. Chile is dead. Come and now this is our chance to completely implement our liberal revolution he doesn't even let pat answer a sentence. Before trying to cut him off and debate Ted Cruz went Ted Cruz makes the factually accurate point. That never before in over eighty years has a lame duck president. Shock to both nominate. And get appointed. Confirmed. A Supreme Court justice listen to the exchange between Dicker send. And Aaron crews. On the debate stage the first question right out of the chute. Roll it Brittany patient. As the president shall appoint an advice and consent from the senate just to clear that up so he has the constitutional path. But you don't think he should where you set that date if you're president doesn't begin an election year in December November September. Once you set a date. When your president would you abide by acting. Well we have eighty years of precedent of not confirming Supreme Court justices an election year. And and let me say just as easily giants are in Iran were any nominate a appointed an election year. Or is that just over eighty years eight years of of not confirming for example LBJ nominated Abe Fortis Fortis did did not get confirmed he was defeated. Kennedy was confirming media. Aetna Kennedy was confirmed in 87 he was eaves and Paul he's putting. And he even pointed hanging media doesn't rest his defining or confirming it yet in this case it's both reflected goodness I'm glad I just wanna get the facts straight for the audience I apologize. It was obvious. It was obvious Justice Scalia. Was a legal giants he was somebody that I knew for twenty years. He was a brilliant man he was faithful to the constitution he changed the arc. Of American legal history and I'll tell you just passing tonight our prayers are with us friendly with his wife Maureen who he'd adored. His nine children is 36 grandkids but it underscores the stakes. Of this election. We're one justice away. From a Supreme Court that will strike down every restriction on abortion adopted by the states. We're one justice away from us Supreme Court that will reverse. Heller decision one of Justice Scalia seminal decisions that upheld the Second Amendment right to keep Darrell ours. We're one justice away from the Supreme Court. That would undermine their religious liberty of millions of Americans and and the stakes of this election for this year. For the senate the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not gonna give up. The US supreme court for a generation by allowing Barack Obama to make one more liberal appointee. And then. Data South Carolina one of the most important judgments for the men and women South Carolina to make is cool on this stage. As the background a principled character judgment and the strengths of resolve to nominate. And confirm principles constitutional history the court that will be what I will do a fine. Our meaning here out of the park. Look I think the death fiscally and now. Makes that choice of the next president even more crucial. And I've got to tell you you know while like Donald Trump and I finally got a great night on Saturday. But when it comes to picking the next Supreme Court justice. You know why truly trust the most out of all of them on stage. That group's 61720666868. The death of Antonin Scalia. Your reaction. And does this change the race in a profound way. Your calls next. Planned to fulfill. My constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. In due time. There will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibilities. To give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. Did cheerleader. Yesterday already calling for re nominated before for. He wants to ram a liberal justice down our throats. Ted Cruz has thrown down the gauntlet came out firing saying absolutely not and Donald Trump. Fall this time following dad's a lead. Said exactly what he should've said delay delay delay. Roll it Brittany. Well I can say this if the president and if I were president now I would certainly wanna try and nominated justice and I'm sure that frankly I'm absolutely sure that President Obama will try and do it I hope that our. Senate is going to be able. Niche in the entire group is going to be able to do something about it in times of delay we could have a Diane Sykes. Or you could have a bill Pryor we have some fantastic people but this is a tremendous blow to conservative ism it's a tremendous blow frankly to our country. So I just had to be clear on this mr. trump you're OK with the president nominating somebody I I think he's going to do it whether I'm OK with it or not I think it's up to Mitch McConnell and everybody else to stop that it's called delay delay delay. Bingo Russ Europe next score head rest. Jeff I believe in the wishes of the family but I would like to see an investigation of everybody that was up okay that location. Including all crooks delivery drivers. In anyone that was than that immediate area. We we must get to the bottom of this. And let's face that you know the honorable Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. Was the most important person alive in the United States of America to defend the constitution of the United States. Obama has no respect for the constitution he makes a travesty out of result the buffers. Is pixel political hacks. And not constitutional scholars. And the Republicans must carry out there robe of office. To protect and defend the constitution the United States and block every radical that sit and bitch that he would put forward. I thank you very much for that call Rus 6172666868. Let me throw another blog on the fire. Do you think there should be an investigation. Or do you think he really did die of natural causes this is from a 781. Jeff. SR 71 Jeff I think that was actually asked lost about that question on Saturday's debate. Seven wanted to get to some things 781. Trump said at first no yes you're right. Cruz was asked last Donald was asked first but what happened was prior to about several hours before. Bolt hole hawk. What's how crews had jumped out first. On FaceBook on Twitter with this press release. Telling the media. I would really short firing a shot across Mitch McConnell vile. Saying whatever you do. Mitch do not. Give a vote to Obama's nominee. Filibuster to block is soft this at all costs. So that's why Dickerson didn't want a court whose first the ethical recruits laughs because cruise was already leading the charge before the debate even started. 6172666868. Your calls next. It is outrageous. They're Republicans in the senate. And on the campaign trail have already pledged. To block. Any replacement. That President Obama nominates but now I'm sure. Will all have a lot more to say about this in the coming days so let me just make one point. Barack Obama is president of the United States until. 1 AM Friday seven today. Mark K go go boy so Boston. I gotta tell you goal left is now on the warpath they want a nominee. They wanna vote they wanna ram this thing through. How notice. When it was time for charged Robert Bork. Who right there which Scalia may be good to brilliant conservative minds of the twentieth century. Yeah moon. Moon. Then they shot Reagan's nominee down pool. Then they called him every name in the book. Then Bork was I'll child molest or he would create a fascist America. Date they hysteria. And fear mongering that they drummed up that's why even the term board king court to be Bork. Came into the lexicon. That's why it took so long to appoint Anthony Kennedy that's that was Ted Cruz is point. It dragged on and dragged on because of the whole fight over the Bork nomination which the Democrats killed not because he wasn't brilliant. Not because he didn't have a lot of impressive. Books and papers and a long paper trail. They just didn't like is they're gonna like you see his jurisprudence. That's why it took so long. Because if that's what took so long with Kennedy that's why you dragged in dragged in dragged from me 7088. Home. In 1960. This is even the Washington Post but the report to us. The Democrats. Did Democrats passed a resolution in the senate. Saying that a lame duck president in an election year should not be allowed to pick a Supreme Court justice. Let the next president pick it let him have the mandate of the people and a fresh term. So. Nice I'm sorry but that's your resolution. That's not hours. Chief spreading bowl. Elizabeth Warren listen to this now she's for the constitution. Look at this now now that she's suddenly loves the constitution. Shia on FaceBook quote. The sudden death of Justice Scalia. Creates an immediate vacancy. On the most important court in the United States. Senator McConnell is right that the American people should have a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court justice. In fact they did. Where President Obama won the 2012 election by five million votes. And then she goes on to make fun of the Republicans citing James Mattis then a suddenly now she's a matter Sony and Republican. What happened to 2014 chief. Almonte happened in between he had dear leader's second term what about the senate resolution chief. How come we don't let the American people decide in an election. Ted Cruz. Was on ABC's this week which Steffi Stephanopoulos. Steffi was practically out of this chair. You are you wanna talk about being public enemy number one all if there mediated cruise before all might god. I think they. Forget he had the conspiracy theories about Scalia being murdered if I was dead I watched dead I watch my back a fiery. Hewitt to see Steffi. I thought Steffi was gonna jump out of this year but. But how could it reminded cheerleader remote hope could shoot all that you can't all live well you don't know. Roll it Britain. George the senate has not confirmed a nominee that was named in the final year in election year in eighty years this is a lame duck president by the way the only reason. Anthony Kennedy was nominated that late is that Democrats in the senate. Hadn't gone after and defeated two previous nominees Robert Bork which setting new standards for. Partisan attacks on a nominee and Doug Ginsburg's that was the Democrats that a dragged it out for many months to make it sadly. And ends. Right now the court is exquisitely balanced Justice Scalia. Someone I've known for over twenty years it was an extraordinary man principle jurist faithful to the constitution. His impact on the court was incomparable as Ronald Reagan was to the presidency so Justice Scalia was to the court. And this is a 54 court. This next election needs to be a referendum on the court. That people needed to decide and and I'm very glad that the senate is agreeing with what I call for that we should not allow lame duck president. To essentially capture the Supreme Court in the waning months of this. Residents citizens does that mean does that mean that you're gonna filibuster. Any one anyone that President Obama nominates land and you yes. At absolutely has should be a decision for the people are not doing got an election in you know Democrats I I cannot wait. This ban on that stage with Hillary Clinton or with Bernie Sanders. And take the case to the people what vision of the Supreme Court do you want to let our our. You know I mean he or Steffi Stephanopoulos. A new one on on national television. 6172666868. Okay San Antonio express is now reporting Scalia was found dead. With a pillow over his head. In fact if that's the huge banner. Over Drudge on us and Brittany have you ever slept with a pillow over your head now they're not like oh I'm never going to get over it. I gotta be honest with you in all over my face not me not over my nose or my mouth but sometimes I do put a pillow over my nights. Like because I like it is blackest possible but. A lot of people are finding that strange Ruth and reading go ahead Ruth. Well I'm telling you I am flank. That's the first thing I said that they thought about Elliott is first of all they have the best. Medical attention. Anyway if he had any problems I'm sure that it is well taken care of what I heard that. Why didn't have a security. This is my question if the president has security why don't the justices can't security. Number one. But two I think that can't close should be president. And absolutely. Obama should be watched I think that sleaze ball is dropped if something. Ruth that you suspect foul play. I absolutely. Absolutely. Because that he had a problem that actually. All making it would have been hospitalized. And everything else immediately. You know the attention that they can't. They kept the best. I believe apps double. If I put his family I would look into that absolutely. I am beside myself included ethnic you know I'm afraid they that's. They were clearly terrified by Scalia. And his. Is that. Potential rulings in the coming months. So a lot of the constitution. And that is why I love Ted Cruz. But so let's bring in the country back to the constitution. Thank you so much for that called Ruth's 6172666868. Is the number. You can you can text us by the way at 68680. This is from 978 Jeff I do hope they do with independent autopsy on Scalia. That did did they do the same thing they did to Andrew bright spark interest thank Joan you're up next go ahead Joan. I'll I didn't get beyond me it was yet. I think let's continue forever. And it as well this is this thing about Justice Scalia I've. Is it Lang directly into it I can't. Since I heard that you know I like to get it he and his. All that and I liked in the ass and they trade it in yesterday and they paste it in today. An end date a lot of good friends the Catholic church and fought the good friends and is. It was a good movie. Maybe he could do block that out areas that it happened. They look again ear you know and did so crazy it was verbal thing you know I can't let it stand. I don't actively and I cannot see them wine. And as you know is it too late to do and I acting as if he'd been god I've outlined four days that I'd days. It's been a couple days Joan no I mean if they still wanted to I still think they could my understanding Joseph now again this is coming from the Washington media. This is coming from the Washington Post and from the Washington examiner. They're claiming the family has said they do not want an autopsy performed. Now I mean I'd love to have an opt out found remember come on the show I'd like to hear it straight from them you proverbial horse's well. That it has edits this I know that I'm not the only one who said this fame I think he said the same form I didn't know. And it was also the question as they hear me. Now. Are you gonna have some and he didn't want security and he showed it to me you're Supreme Court justice. You're on a ranch. During the middle of nowhere you've got to have security I mean it is you've got to have security. Darn I Europe next go ahead dawn. He's capital Saturday night when I heard he died I had a got Greece I mean with effect and I I had second period doubt about it means bright. These things are important that we had a couple of recent Supreme Court defeat on his legacy that never wanted to shut down a power plant. That's a major part of his legacy lot of these great decisions like these that on him to read a cult. We're going into the presidential elections likely that Democrats currently is we get and the Republican presidents. That you present what probably happened in mom I can do that in court appointees iffy there it terms might have re constantly. But mom I think until that time period they whip people locking out common that a agendas but the UN. I understand agenda 21 is now called agenda twenty parody you've noticed they've reduced from the 21 century ago fourteen years away apple web app parked out. Anyway we have to air on that side of transparent because my question is what harm can possibly come from an autopsy. I the only certainty looking. Speaking at a 100% security on it we need it for history. And we need for accountability if anything less than Iraq I mean Campbell they had been out security postings suggest you direct plaques and now. McConnell and senate if they want to keep their frequent power and Matty job they'd better. Block Obama's appointment they batter out it gonna be peer pressure and apathy where the pressure. Donna listen thank you look at this whoever and telling people I don't think people understand. When Scalia. I'm gonna get to this in the next hour. When it was announced that Scalia who passed away. Common region some of the tweets homeowner region the stuff that was set on social media prominent liberals would dancing on his great. They were already in naming his successor. Big thought this is sit baby he's gone we're gonna get a liberal justice it's a permanent 54 court for at least the next several generations. And out of the blue comes dead crows. They didn't see this one common. Where he just they should not criminal we're gonna filibuster we're gonna block were gonna delay. Came out within five minutes. He said absolutely. Not and when he came out with that statement. Key port McConnell on the spot because I can tell you this issue take to the bank. The Obama regime said will roll matched away we've rolled him on everything else. So whoever we choose will get him in or hurt somebody will get in. They're already talking Loretta lynch. Loretta lynch whose name was all. Dubbed the bodies dead one hour war. Der floating Loretta lynch the White House is floating Loretta lynch as the next Supreme Court justice and outcome stead cruise before the debate. Saying we filibuster I will filibuster I will lead to charge you see he exposed the rhino was again that's what they hate the guy. I'm gonna fight. If I can fight why can't you find. And so before you know it Mitch was forced into saying yeah up. I'll have to wait till the next president is elected then you have all of them coming out McCain Lindsey Graham they all follow. Every single Charles Grassley all of them and then on stage they all fumbles have we. This may have been agree or disagree both form don't vote for him. This may have been paid cruises finest hour 61720666868. More or fewer calls next. I. You carry your next call ahead Jared. Hello Jerry and comrades are you are my friend. I've been better. You know I used the term curious. Thought it curious that that Justice Scalia wanted no security DTL. I find it curious that he was an app it on during eating contest that day. I find it curious that the yet people over his face. I don't know anyone actually sort of pillow on his face Jeff and I I've asked people. I find it curious that his clothes were on wrinkled and I find it curious that you be immediately bombed. I wasn't aware of I saw he was immediately embalmed Jerry. With within a short period of time after his death. Before his body was transported. Fallout from the big bend area in my fox. To be that the figure out if force base for the airport he was embalmed before he was sent back to Virginia. Just the nasty tweets directed at Clarence Thomas involvement Scully is debt more unconscionable. In nineteen. Sixty jet you're absolutely right that the Democrats filed a resolution. To block Dwight. What about Chuck Schumer. In 2000 several Busch shed eighteen months left in his term he stated that we shouldn't be allowed to nominate anyone. Jerry is always very very interest in points look I gotta tell you know maybe under strange. But. You know I often sleep I have two pillows when I sleep I have one behind my head. I'm like a pillow over my eyes not my nose or in my mouth but like to block out liar like a really dark. I'd like to see pictures when they say a pillow over his head what exactly do they mean. A pillow reassess those masks to your eyes use it markets. And masks hammered. 106 year on the ground. WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Okay later this hour next hour. Who do you think won the debate in South Carolina. And the death of Scalia. Does this profoundly change the race. But I wanna before I get to that. You know I got to tell you. I'm always amazed and shocked and I guess I shouldn't be I've experienced it myself personally now for so many years. But at the level of hatred. The the viciousness. The lack of all moral and human decency. That you seal monks so many segments large swaths. Of the American progressive left. Within one hour are taught not to not written one hour. Of good news that broke on Saturday that justice Antonin Scalia had died allegedly in his sleep. Prominent liberals and Paul and progressives. Talk to a Twitter and social media. To dance on school he has great. Even. When a person has just died. They can't even do their basic. Human thing. She sing nothing. Healing after even say something nice or polite respectful just say laughing. If you want say aria you know are right he rest in peace but just say nothing. Instead they had to put politics and ideology. Very religion left is some. Before simple basic human decency. They not only celebrated his death. Vein mocked him. Listen now to some of this. These are prominent liberal editors prominent liberal authors prominent liberal journalist prominent liberal marvelous writers. This is Tomas every oaks viewers first out of the box. School Leo was a monster and no one's job in titles them to respect. Except mr. Nelson Mandela. Pull all god all that cool that's something different that's something different. Here is the journalist for the our guardian he Manchester guardian the one who broke Vietnam. These Snowden story. Glenn Greenwald. Don't even try to enforce the in applicable don't speak ill of the dead quote on quote rule. For the highly polarizing deeply consequential. And pawn in Scalia. Charles Manning who was a senior editor for Cosmopolitan. Magazine with a big fashion magazine. By the way liberal liberal but let that go. Quote the double is back in hell yeah day. This is from. And another prominent liberal writer. Hope Scalia is any place as blanked up as he tried to make our country. Listen to out a man's back. Who's the author of the bestselling children's book I swear do you. Gold the blanket to sleep oh boy and listen to these guys. And by the way these are the same leftists complaining about Trump's alleged profanity and language but let that ago. Here's at a man's about quote. I'm glad Scalia lived long enough to see gay marriage become the law of the land. And I hope that in his death throes Scalia was cognizant enough to realize. That Obama was going to be the one to replace him. That was another common theme. There are already calling for the dear leader I swear to you to appoint himself. To nominate himself. That's the deal. I think was cut between him and Hillary. He if you notice now it's been a couple months they had a high level meeting at the White House. And she's actually joked about it on the campaign trail but I think in a serious way. God wouldn't Obama did dear leader make an incredible Supreme Court justice. Because if you noticed over the last couple of months. Obama keeps praising Hillary Jay Carney came out and said all he's really rooting for Hillary and he keeps. Ignoring. Or downplaying. Bernie and Bernie supporters. When you're actually really think about it the true ideological errors. The real successor to the dear leader is burning. He'll continue to socialist revolution. But now all that can be Hillary's and the Obama has its own mice mice. Now they all she has nothing but nice things about her she has nothing to say but nice things about him. Because I think here's the deal. We don't indict you and you put me on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Okay wink wink. Because I gotta tell you on social media it was either Loretta lynch or their dear leader. They already they want him to appoint himself. But anyway I digress let that ago. Here is Anthony just Selma funny I actually support Scalia on this one M having died. Oh you're so funny. Jensen carp I hope Scalia died from gay sex. Here is a deputy books editor are they prominent liberal news site buzz feat was nervous. Saying that he racist bigot is a races in big it isn't quote speaking ill just fax. The BH. The editor in chief of bus fees as I said a prominent liberal news site Ben Smith. Apparently told employees. That it's all right took called Donald Trump repeatedly has almost like a definition. They quote recommendation is racist. Now always the one telling everybody. It's okay for them to openly celebrate. The news of scalia's death with a partying emotion. So there was this little mold she would like. Would it go with the party hop and confetti and so all of the buzz feed employee that's all they kept pumping out all Saturday night. Was that little party in a mode she they're celebrating their having to ranks third reading cake and they're putting out you departing emote. This is from all over Darcy another guided by its feet. Going on about how he's so happy that Scalia is dead. Just to whack now Scalia will know what it's like to have the government owned his body he's a writer for the Tonight Show we Jimmy Fallon. The comedians weighed in if Antonin Scalia had been merely an entertainer I would never any form. Motion capture another comedian club based in Hollywood. Just to make sure I understand your argument you want me to show respect for the death of an eight Forman. Who disrespected so many lives. This is now Sylvia killings worthless and that is the managing editor of The New Yorker. They're the big liberal magazine out of New York. She's the number two editor of their very powerful quote. Wish I could be a fly on the wall. For Scalia just chopped with a double. I mean I yeah yeah I. Here's one of this guy Charles French artists are never heard of him but apparently he's big in the lived in the more bout community. He's the author of a series of mystery novels writes books for several national publications. I mean if you don't want your death politicized. Don't lead a repugnant and profoundly influential political life. In other words I want you think about us okay. To be constitutional list to be what they're calling strict constructionist. Meaning you shouldn't judge the constitution. And interpret the constitution. As it was intended by the founding fathers. Don't have us impose what we think we want the constitution to mean but literally interpret the constitution as it was written. And as it was intended by the founding fathers. UNESCO Leo argued repeatedly. If you don't like the constitution. You're just amend it. It's an incredible document. But don't make things up. Don't claim there are rights embedded in the constitution when there aren't don't claim it says something when it doesn't or it doesn't say something when it it's. Well. What if this man do. I want you to think about this. Dean murder somebody. Did he rape somebody. You commit a crime and like Bubba video allegedly raped or sexually assaulting women now. Like Obama. Did he lied repeatedly about our health care. Driving up our costs four to 5000 dollars and kicking millions off of their health care plants and a did he cover up the murder of four Americans and Ben Ghazi. He was a Supreme Court justice. He argued with his ten. Even his adversaries on the court said he was brilliant. And incredibly eloquent. And this dish is your response to one. And these are the same liberals would keep telling us before right is world it is the writer of the bunch a haters. And if this is not both seriously. If this is not an attempt. To utterly dehumanize. And the great conservatives in this country basically turned him into eskom. I don't know what is. Are we really have you no decency. Funeral when Ted Kennedy the I didn't say anything. After words yes weeks months later I said look I disagreed with phenomenon I think was a murder were to be honest with you. But are on the day of his death a couple days after. Work my thoughts and prayers are with the family period. Well give anything good to say about honestly no shall I won't say anything. I didn't you don't dance on the man's grief. Mulch bin comic. It's almost reform package or not it's almost a form of pornography. There's a hint pouring. The way they go after conservative activists. 61720666868. Walter in Wilmington thanks for holding go ahead Walt. Thank in particular culture my pleasure Walter you know I. I am in Constant Contact. We good buddy Hank you know tank that's well yes. Okay. The question I think that me chain and a lot of it is number one. Industrial Ali. It does they always say to immediately. And bomb the body. And number true. Today. Say. Not to open ought talks. Don't think Emily my point being that the car or not. It's seems to me would grow out of the already to immediately embark applauding with the action it. And bombing the audience some correctly trying to destroy. Any possibility of coming up with which. There correct. Walter look I have to tell you all I can just tell he was what I know and what I've read and read a lot over the weekend. The family at this which is being reported the media says the family did not ask for an autopsy. So and now I found out the body has been a bomb. But I don't know exactly in terms of B immediately who ordered what. I can only tell you this with absolute certainty. According to the owner of the ranch. His words not mine. They found Scalia in his bed. He looked he said like he was just about to wake up from a nap. That they found a pillow not underneath his head over his head over his face. That his bed clothes were quote un wrinkle. That he looked very vigorous the night before in fact he basically held court for three hours by the way I can. I was in DC for many years she was known for that he was a great talker a great dinner speaker. Very intelligent incredibly well read. So he basically held court he talked he chided it was mostly taxes the outdoors what it's like to be a Supreme Court justice it wasn't political. They said he had a good vigorous day they went. Quail hunting you didn't do much hunting himself but nearly gets out of the GP looks around he sees the mountains he he looked very physically fit the big equals in a big meal. He lot of good appetite everything was fine. The judge without even reviewing the body. Us law enforcement. What did he bio law enforcement said natural causes. So the judge said natural causes without even ordering an autopsy or even witnessing the body. She then asked if there was any foul play law enforcement folder lol there's no sign of foul play shall OK so she signed off on it. The whole Saturday night everybody in the media was reporting died of heart attack now they're saying there was no heart attack. Now they're saying it was just natural causes what natural causes we don't know. Here's doctor has come out just to be fair the doctor has come out and said he did have serious health issues. I would suspect diabetes I don't know can speculate I would just suspect diabetes he was that it's gonna tell you know we elect a good pass the meal we. Feel like pass they like lasagna IE to recognize colossal wind so he was a bit of a heavy either you like heavy rich who. But. He's serious several chronic conditions. That's all the doctors said. But you don't know look I'm going to be honest with you. When I first heard the news acrylic I'm in the confessional. So. I mean honestly industry in my gut reaction. Something doesn't smell right. Some things this just is a bit strange she's why we have no security. He just dies like that is just so rare for Supreme Court justices to die while they're still on the court. Usually they retire because they're very sick. But then when I began reading everything and he died of it there were saying heart attack heart attack heart attack heart attack. And then the family didn't want an autopsy and it is one a quick funeral. I thought OK maybe the poor guy just passed away of a massive stroke or something I mean it happens. Now to be honest with you that pillow over their head that raises for me a little bit of a suspicion. Now I do actually put a pillow on my chest. Sometimes as we put a pillow over my eyes and a toppling it I do do that now our general fund weird but that's just the way I am. But you know what now I wished there would be an autopsy just to put this thing to arrest personally. 61720666868. More or fewer calls next. Com Europe next go ahead Paul. Sooner or six DD RK you know working non president's state that's rare bright blue doubt about it thanks so much time what's on your mind by the gonna. She Jeff and my prayers and thoughts go out to this collegiate family. Chad this is highly suspicious. I don't care what medical problems he had I want to hear from more greens Scalia. Jeff four also. Curious. Benedict Arnold of Republicans. Have been betraying not since the days of Ronald Reagan left office. This administration. Has been riddled with scandal. Is stable point. And a an Obama. Nominee if state confirm. I tell you Jeff I hope Ted Cruz leads the fight against this. And my final point is mr. trump. We need a lot Planned Parenthood deep unpaid. Stop telling us. About the good part of Planned Parenthood. They already bloodstain. On our nation. And that's why we lost star blessing god bless you Jeff kronor. Thank you so much comp 6172666868. Varying interest and tax I wanna read this text everybody needs to your list. 617. Jeff I am a practicing and it is an outrage that no autopsy was done apparently judge ruled that quote on quote natural death unquote. No medical examiner. Couple question marks. I'm not black helicopter guy. But it is rather easy to poison someone. Only an autopsy can ruled this death as quote unquote natural. Interest and very interest Mickey you're up next go ahead nick. Stay regular gas. Does a great. You know it's yep I wonder do we actually just McConnell and the rest of them you know Lindsey Graham at center for instance. What they did to totally. Obama doing the via the unthinkable but not his problem thinkable. In a recess of course viewpoint he can make such an appointment. I haven't agreed yet McConnell. You know canceling that you upcoming recess cells and any recess is arrests yet. Because that would obviously be the to a wide open I don't know we can trust McConnell does do the right thing here I have no idea. The other side of the coin. With the guy to cruise risk is bush in in in trump vs bush. Jeb Bush that is. They'd they'd have to you. Go at stake is right it is in Florida. He was he funded planed parenthood of Florida beside the number of bills that actually went against pro life in Florida. The people can look them up yet the history of that in yet he has been here to go after trumps. You know apparently or was standing on pro. With pro choices such. So that ethic about. And yet it does smell I have and so what happened yogi. The immediate and bombing if that's what happened of course let's. In the ago you'll be able to have any evidences are as any file plays so well you know what we'll never know wasting there. I saw as they get did you have ASCII you'd think that McConnell will do the right things at. Do what does he wanna do the right thing no I think what's crews did was basically put the proverbial gun to his head. And he basically said you better not do it because you'll be blamed. And that's why would cruise did frankly. Our Saturday afternoon before the debate was absolutely brilliant brilliant. 6172666868. Is the number. A couple of other interest and tax on the other side. 50 weight Jeff I believe there was no foul play. He died in his sleep he most likely experienced distress. Jury to deep sleep and somehow dislodge the pillow in response. Another nor the same 50 wait Jeff. The family knew his medical condition were probably did not disclose it because it may have forced him to retire. Generating this administration. Interest. 617. Jeff reminds me of bin Laden's body being dumped into the sea. Bill in Sudbury thanks for holding. Way bill. Hello captain Jeff. And I they show it really making me crazy because you're really off and hit land yet. No president is ever gonna turn down the opportunity to put forth a name for Supreme Court justice right up till every last ditch. Early analyst about a dozen based in a drop for the past seven years. Totally used to create some kind of staying up to put the main port no president of the party would ever turn down the opportunity. To put forth a bank. So this show now is count me in both sides at a play that pot you know I thought Cole stainless. And preemptive I thought at worse. Without any pain to oppose I don't know why you could say about almost anybody and we. Tell you why Norman you're right Nobel look you're half right the president has every right to nominate somebody and most presidents would try to nominate somebody I agree with you. Descendants of those jobs to advise and consent. So the senate has to approve it they have every right to block it. Now my position is this instead cruises position I think is a 100% right. This president is now a lame duck president he got destroyed in the last mid term elections he's reviled by at least 50% of the country. He Timmy has no business putting his in premature on the supreme court judge should be left for the next president who will have a mandate. So. Describe yourself as a strict constitutional or not really. Because I am I mean I don't know much clearer this can be president LaMont hill where does it say in the c'mon guys let's get serious where does it say in the constitution. That the senate. Must accept any nominee the president puts forward. Where does it say in the constitution the president must accept any nominee that he puts forward. I'll entree and got a book constitution says that the president in the older one. Okay put forward a navy Austria he shouldn't do. No what I'm saying she can go ahead I'm I'm not I said I'll say it again. He can do it if he wants to do it I don't care what he does anymore this point what I care about is that disappointment be blocked. Period and I'll tell you why I really care about the merits of the person. He has a at this point he is a lame duck president. He has no business putting his import permit her on the Supreme Court. This should be an issue because that that the future of the Supreme Court hangs in the balance. Issues like abortion. Contraception. Executive amnesty or bomb a care an entire industry the coal industry hangs in the balance. Every track a seat on the court get real true. Very well and this is going to be a very big vacancy. So let it Democrats and the Republicans. Fighting it out in an election. And let the American people decide wire initial against the American people deciding this. Not and you usually usually you always say I'm constitutional yes the constitution so at this point the constitutional picnic at the the president for a name yes and we thought it connects to an old don't know below normal no disabled on. Did they give judge Bork an upper down vote. I'm doing that none none none at all pulled out. Guys turned on the music turned on the music this is very key point. When judge Bork was nominated by Ronald Reagan. A man who wrote numerous books consider one of the most brilliant legal mind and his entire field he was a conservative. But clearly brilliant even more brilliant potentially than Scalia. Did he get an up or down vote. Yes you get an up and yes eventually yes eventually after they scorched him. So much like a little Bulldog my point is that this. Question now do it Democrats be born name and get put forward and what are pulled. Any body who Ronald Reagan you gleaned out of our. And I have to go to Ronald really get let me ask you this just Mariano. They'll bill easier forming at the mouth easy. How are you reading a Harry Reid eighteen months before George Bush's presidency was over. Said. Noelle Bush just this nomination or get past a democratic senate we will bought. Are you don't want like my sort of saying well that's my point so when the Democrats did it it was brilliant politics but let me. Will unveil our bill bill easy. Check out this law it's a resolution passed in 1960 by senate Democrats in the Washington Post. The senate Democrats passed a resolution in 1968. That mole lame duck president. Can nominate a Supreme Court justice in his final year. Do you know that. Okay we'll enjoy your facts before you hit it delegations. We knew what you described 1960 Lawrence constitutional. Excellent blocker all set to be and this is an idol I know I know I don't know I know. I don't look. There's a law a resolution passed by senate Democrats so it's the law of the senate number one. Number two the Democrats did it to George Bush you guys never complained and number three most importantly bill. The senate has the right to reject any nominee put forth by the president. I had to filibuster before he got bit. Why don't rejecting any I. I'll tell you why. Because he has a lame duck president he has lost his legitimacy. His mandate to put forth a credible nominee. Let this be decided in November. Why I don't why do you. Or why do you fear of the American people saw might. Spirit and all my problems and it definitely. Election you'll definitely a senate. I'm not afraid that. By my did you get auto debt are pushing him that this shouldn't there. I'm not gonna do our job because you don't. Call me now. You don't bring all all in all. I'll tell you this is there a filibuster rule in the senate I know you guys wanna smash it I don't you guys wanna get rid of it. Since the founding of this country and there everybody relax they'll they'll relax and we are forming at the mouth. Is there a filibuster rule the senate genius. Spirit OK so why can't the senate exercise the filibuster. Get short what's your problem or so what's your problem. We got Tony is not constitutional. It's completely illegal it's completely legal it's completely constitutional. You just don't like it. It's completely they don't completely. Constitutional for the senate to decline to do they urge you all know started flying solo. It's our job they have a right to represent their insurance bill listen to me get this through your thick can't. Join the liberals need to understand this disguised not a dictator. He doesn't get to decide everything that he wants. He lost how can I ask bonds went his relaxed are foaming at the mouth again. Listen he lost doubts he lost the senate he lost congress. Now he economically till he's blue in the face the senate must decide whether they will pick it up and taken up and they have a right to say no. Now we are now hold on relaxed the senate Democrats pass that resolution so if you're gonna blame anybody blame the Democrats. When Harry Reid did it to George W. Bush you guys loved it so bill the shores on the other foot. Right I'm sorry Galena himself. What to blame their appointment. Right okay yeah 1980 tricks. Yep well yeah so it's a lame duck is the final year of a president's order did it after the midterm. Yeah okay. Adios adios. 6172666868. Look at the more bats what got a gut. Rendell you're up next go ahead Brenda. I didn't trying to you've been bell. Yeah I'm going to be and yeah that bell well well well let back out. Have you seen any of the moon bats lost their minder are in. And day out it's sort of annoy them right. And Atlanta at all because it is. Yeah and you say that I'm in our call it add you to my heart that I hadn't seen it and I think they withdrew any. Yeah. And that idea debt. I want that Colin actually out comment. About the odd men to. That were made on these I haven't evo. I mean we can't even know what it is it's eaten out at me Anna and use that what I wanted to say moderate he. I didn't murder anybody you know rape anybody. There's no I and that's allegations against him. What I know Hewitt they devoted husband. And back. He was a highlight the copy that Christians Christ followers. And so. They beat Pete I have Marciano am and I I'd say that since the late ex. They our bipolar specialist Scott bird and Marc rich and what I find to be interesting and that you're that you can clearly see that division. There are actual world OK there is though that I. That and they don't call well respected and that is the world shall and it got them securely attached showed that prominently. They. The root act. They made it they hate it they hate it why do you think that they like units were the constitution they want to know what you're locked and the Maggie thank you wanna get credit it. The air and Shaq and the error on that Iran. Yeah they had our little gods I mean to say thanks so owl and they'll be too began. To collapse. Dissident Mussolini did have and pulp I should. Now and give them guided me I guess I'm pretty not a good thing about those people in my head but you know what I'm gonna say that. Saying something. Over the last back. I'm allowed how Ben and to know with such evil comments. I haven't got time wrapping my head around it's you know I found an interest in broke their luck quote it to about that I have dad got you I should be a distributor that's such. In my acting Bebo. That would again some influential think action actually in this shape and that let them that Allah. And let them at the end. Of the world spirit there at the world spirit. About a dinner Harry yeah nothing lasts the most quote normal for our league next hot definition of that or. And looked at proper definition poorly next we must say we're too and he. That was exceptions. But sure it will probably not able to have been Christ and I think he said that because. The chart that I I don't like the entire church. And I handing out. Okay you laughed I yet I average and then you Betancourt a country acts but about all I had people that on the sideline. And went keep life that they touched. Shifts its diet went it eat it adage is quite apt. About the main candidate Jack that I hitched to say thank you Brooks uniqueness stand pat Gillick. It's grown to hack it absolutely. Groups act. I'm with you Brenda thank you very much for that call I mean look. I mean he was a human being for strikes. All he did was serve on the Supreme Court OK you can disagree with them a 100%. But. Total war criminal. On a mass rapists. Notice they have kinder things to say I don't left dies I should worry about dictators like Castro or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela when he died. All all. Then the Kennedys were in morning. Boom boom then if you go to guy all ban all all all the prisons are falling Caracas where that doesn't matter. All they love you girl. I mean it's just it's incredible it really here is the hatred. And and I'm the extremist or you can. That's what it goes at the movements. And know look. Were in the final year of this losers presidency. Have to country can't stand him. They lost the house and they lost the senate elections have consequences. Now go ahead and nominate whoever you want and hope Loretta blanch watch he may even go achieve spreading. All the fortune native American he's gonna try to humiliate and go ahead mommy made until you're clear blue in the face. They have a right to sing yet. In fact they have a right to filibuster. That's their right dot the prerogative of the senate what they don't tell you and you notice that a wanna mention that hot day. Officials already passed by senate Democrats in 1960. It's a resolution in the senate thus far it's not not been overturned yet. That mold lame duck president can both nominate and get appointed a Supreme Court justice in the final year of his presidency. Guys. Dave did it because they hated Eisenhower that's where they did it in 1960 but it doesn't matter. Ice troops on the other foot. I don't know also tell you. John Europe next go ahead John. I eagle and you know what I heard that other caller will be crazy. I look at Obama it's like the worst president but all the bad he'll keep it would. Cobra golf. Look at the executive orders she eat I don't immigration. Look at being gutsy with a 150 billion dollars irony ARIAD deal all these bad deal. I deep Republicans better do what they. They have to do here in block that nomination it because they have done nothing else it it did it they gave us Obama did it do anything about it. They need to stand up at the latest thing it'll Obama is gone and it cost us the presidential election by a picket but they need to. And up. Bumping into stopping him blocked the nomination. John look let me tell you what happened okay this is what happened. Scalia passed away. Did dear leader was playing golf because she was shattered my open caller do sim given other respect even put on a high but let that gulf. And right away they said cool this is my legacy old. Abortion partial birth abortion won't get it. Never challenged to gay marriage again will get it obamacare we've got it contraceptive mandate we've got it. War on christianity we've got it we can destroy the coal industry we got it the executive amnesty we got it. He was already flowing a possible nominee and then all of a blow. Ted clothes. Comes out and said before that the Braves ma'am MM MM map to admit she and everybody else. I will stand up and filibuster. And you better do the same. If it wasn't for dead crows make it's that a bank managed to squish would do what he does best. The role. Are up next thanks for the whole thing and wealth. Idea. Usually. I don't call all the political shows that must call the sport shows salon but I'm a conservative. And I think many of you not only yourself but many people like Mitch McConnell. Well not not reacting appropriately explain why. Of course. We don't want Obama tool appoint somebody. It's not suitable let somebody unsuitable work group replacement even know we can't get a replacement Purcell. Because conservatives. That won a gold operate according to the constitution. We've got to be consistent here. Now he'll make Donald Trump and taco. I I think we have to be careful. I think we simply have to keep this to ourselves. The time for all the political drama. In the senate is going to be after the nomination is on the nomination after the year the choices made by mail bomb. Then. We can go line. We can't start objecting now which is falling into the trap that the liberals that's how they behave we have to be core. Which is simply wait we all know we can stop it we know he's not he's not Smart enough. To nominate anybody that's suitable we know that. Know your pathway I gotta tell you got through your wrong. We can't if if there's a vote on the floor Obama will get his nominee and I'll pay you why. He's gonna get 46 Democrats. And you have enough why no Republicans. Like Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham believes. Who ever the president nominates just because you nominate that person should be approved. All you need is still spotty. And you'll get five rhinos. So Obama will get his pick dots why the liberals want a floor vote they wanna vote. Because they know there's a vote they can get enough Brian else. That's why crews come off but the files brilliantly by saying home doing your job filibuster.