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Special Coverage of the NH Primary 2/9/15

Feb 10, 2016|

What do you make of the results of the NH Primary?

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Did all five here on the a great WRK. Oh go voice of Boston Jeff corner. Boston's bulldozer phase special corner reports were alive. From now until 11 PM tonight with. Election coverage the New Hampshire primary. We're gonna be taking your calls 61720666868. As always you can text that sets 68680. We're gonna have expert analysis throughout the show. Will be taking a lot of your calls. But I gotta tell you it is now turning into an ops so looked leak he historic night. For both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Both Fox News CNN and the Associated Press are now calling the Republican and democratic primaries. Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire primary. Offer the Republicans. Bernie Sanders. Has now won the democratic primary. For in new in New Hampshire it is now official. Trump is a leading with 4% coming in he's got 33%. Kasich. This is a big surprise. The Ohio governor and the moderate. Is that 17%. In a very strong second. Jeb bit tall. Jeb press two for English bush is having the best tonight so far really have his entire campaign he is now third. By 12%. Rubio. Is fourth at 11%. Crews so far they disappointing. 5%. Sanders. Is now in 10% of the precincts reporting. It is 5642. For Sanders. It's already been called for Bernie Sanders. His supporters are openly celebrating. They are dancing. It looks to be a very good night burning the these numbers hold. I thought they were singing last night at his final rally at the University of New Hampshire. And it looks like the moon bats and distorted still younger progressives. The hard core left wing activists. Came through for Bernie big time. He's now leading by fourteen points. If these numbers hold up in any way shape or form. In other words anything over double digits. I especially if you're going into the 141516%. Territory. Budget now appears likely it's going to be. This is a humiliating. Defeat. For Hillary rock. There's no question about it. This is eight. A serious blow to Hillary. He chose that her campaign is now off the rails. That she is beginning to fall apart. There is that it now seems that the Clinton's quest for the White House. Could be stopped by another progressive. Not Barack Hussein Obama. But the red diaper dope or maybe Bernie Sanders. So it now Sanders has already been called. The only question is how big will be his margin for victory. On the Republican site. There is no getting around this fact I called the eye can see it. I was in New Hampshire you can see all the passion the momentum. The energy for trump. In fact many of the exit polls said. One of the biggest reasons why people were voting for Donald was they wanted to send a message. To the entire Republican establishment. That quote unquote we the voters feel betrayed unquote. And this always say they shocked. I believe it's a shot heard around the world. But he Republican establishment. At the entire political establishment. That there is a populist movement he middle American rebellion that is now slowly growing and noticed. The populist on the left Bernie one big. The populist on the right Donald Trump if these numbers hold up is poised to have a very. Very very good night. I gotta give brittney credit she's got very good political instincts. And she was she in fact today she set out telling you right now. Talkative people of Dunkin' Donuts. Just getting a sense of what I was talking to people had voted she said Jeff trust me. Kasich and jet are gonna do very well they're gonna over perform. And when I asked her why she said well look you talked to people they said look we want governor shall we want people with executive experience. We want people who can get things done. And when rubio began to implode after Saturday night's debate. A lot of these supporters either went to the so called establishment vote began to go to either Kasich. Or (%expletive) Christie is doing a little better than expected he's at 8%. But none nowhere near what are Jeb is getting a twelve and Kasich 1716. He's kind of hovering around there were 7% reporting. But Carson is dead last he is that 2%. Carly Fiorina is 4%. And I have to say I'm not surprised about Ben Carson. He I don't think barely campaigned if he campaigned all in New Hampshire. He has effectively suspended his campaign and everything but name he's basically taken a break. I don't know what he's doing but he's taken a break. And that's cost him big in New Hampshire. My suspicion is if he continues to get in these low single digits he may drop out after South Carolina or Nevada. So it appears that Ben Carson may be hitting the end of the road the question then is will Christie continue after tonight. If he doesn't get to double digits he's put everything into New Hampshire. He all of his money all of his resources all of the stopped all of this organization. He's got nothing outside of New Hampshire. So I really don't see how Christie Krispy Kreme. Can continue. After New Hampshire but clearly he rang rubio is bell. Rubio now is that 109%. Of precincts are still coming in so as I speak to you now. Trump is the the winner he has been declared the winner his supporters are now jewel bullet they're celebrating. He is that 35%. Chris Christie. Is. Who. No Chris he is at 8%. So all you have Christie Fehr Reno and Carson at the end of the pack. But it is trump one a 3435%. Kasich 16%. Bush 12%. And cruise's now starting to creep up a little bit at 11%. 61720666868. Let me throw it open to use the audience. What do you make now we know this for a fact trump has been declared the winner. For the Republicans in New Hampshire. Bernie has been declared the winner for the Democrats in New Hampshire were waiting to see who finishes second third fourth. What do you make of these results or do you think are the big winners the big losers. And I got to ask. Are you surprised that Kasich and bush. Doing so well. And proves he's underperforming. 6172666868. Charlie Europe first go ahead Charlie. Just party. I'm good how are you Charles Goodyear trooper. Listen. I I thought process I don't even like Malcolm that they don't want hired you know who the hell lot of lawsuits like all this big anticipation and it's over and a minute. Trying to desperately pop and 4% and I know want I want that in good anticipation you know army. But how. Well I mean you know Charlie I mean no I think to be fair to them. The numbers for Cruz and burning are just so overwhelming. That it's quite ought to mean you look at all the polls let's be honest leading up to the you know to the vote today and they're getting these returns from all these precincts you know it's still early what. 12% for the Democrats 8% for the Republicans. But you know it's pretty obvious trump one and Ber anyone the only question is by how much. Yes I think lute thought they Democrats absolute need much more than they do the Republicans you know that. Do you mean by that charge that they knew like 8% of the Arab Democrats are 3% of Republicans precincts can. Any other night in Iowa the same thing the Democrats they have much more reported. Older and not a wedge or Charlie I mean look I believe me I'm on the watch for voter fraud and all kinds of shenanigans. But to be fair it's your only there's only two people in the race. It's much easier to compute it's much easier to count the votes. Are you Republicans got what 78 if you count Gilmore it's what nine. So which as it takes a little longer to process everything when you're counting for nine as opposed to two to crunch the numbers and break it down percentage wise. Well I. So I wish you wouldn't get the results are really top a thousand can enjoy some anticipation this is psyched premature election they truly are are you happy I mean are you happy about trump. Oh absolutely I mean it's it's camp. I think I saw armed group when you Adam. And I wouldn't I didn't talk I think I couldn't that night that I would have seen him so. And now am I patent. Shea position truism number one prompt. Uptake and assure and I think he's gonna cruise. Right intended to present so I think it start and take this. Country by storm he's the right man for the right moment that's really what he has. No Charlie look I think there's no question about it and I said this in my speech last night. I said the political class in the media class better be very careful. Because I can see an unseen and all over the country. You have Donald and you have to recruits now speaking about Arnold in particular last night. There is a nationalism there is a patriotism. Their resume populism. There is an anger any frustration with our bankrupt a leads in Washington. And they are now facing a full scale rebellion. And look I don't wanna be crewed by got to be honest with you you what the voters did tonight. They gave the Washington establishment the collective middle finger not what they did tonight. And sold to meet the interesting thing now is the battle for second among the Republicans. It can cruise catch up to jabbed and Kasich. Because I gotta tell you I don't think fourth place. Look I don't wanna jump the gun deny it is still our leaders what 9% of the precincts reporting so we got a lot of votes would count. But I might fear for Ted is this if he finishes fourth or god forbid fifth. He may start fading. He needed I believe he needs to finish in the top three to continue to be a genuine contender. Any threat to Donald Trump now that's just me. 6172666868. Is the number. We're now joined by state representative. Jim Lyons. For a quick interview represented of lions thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Jeff thank you so what Saturn no good share on my pleasure at the other Jim are the gym I notre cruise guy. You know I looked at as well. What do you make of the fact that Donald the Donald is one any appears to have won in a by a big margin. And is now winning fights. For third or fourth maybe even fifth place. And and I think that you know are this good this for the state that was was wide open. Tore up. Second third and fourth place position prolonged time mounting. A mr. trump ever had a wide appeal appeal but those are the race most of South Carolina. And I think that it would do extremely well in Tokyo Leonard. Are cynical who loved Super Tuesday it. We're positioned well and end and all those states so I think you know this. Kind of what people expected that out but appear and you know that is. There's book imprint or all of I think that's what would it sit this is going to be a long campaign. And we clearly see that be considered and that can assert that principled conservative boost this summer recruits. Represented of lions what are you surprised. I'd kasich's performance. And had jabs I mean I'm stunned all be up Kasich honestly I kind of get. He's been there over a hundred you get over a hundred town halls. You know I have to say he's kind of likable on a certain level. So I can really get K cinch. But jabbed jabbed at 12% are you surprised. No not really ever do out there all bunched up another area will the other that you just put it out of coastal long way to go to night amid I think what we're what we're seeing is that there is some. You know come about a all of the attention this does kept this pit crews in the sun ultra open them that there are bunch Sloan and looked so good for polish traditions so. I think who sent him to do very well. Insult cal Leonard you know we look forward to. Two Super Tuesday and remove a lot of people. That have been helping him out there and I and I think you can look at the number there is a step it up cook intra I think he was only a career in notorious thirty days. If you compare that to basically hearing that you could put everything into this particular incident. In gently took it quite a bit also went up so well liked I think down the straight and now clearly. The final between. You know cultural but and into groups. Do you think is Kasich if these numbers hold up it will Kasich emerge. As essentially the establishment standard bearer or is that eventually gonna fall to jab. You know I think that that remains to be seen it all plays out tonight. You know. I think with what we are fighting notices establishment. It's going to be a distant third of that to look at part of history resources it would be a boat. You know people who really want to take our Washington DC at. Intent cruises is America still. We have been talking with state representative Jim Lyons he's one of the good guys up on Beacon Hill. Jim thanks so much for coming on the corner report and we'll have you on again soon always a pleasure my friend. Child last 61720666868. You can text that's by the way 68680. This is from 603 some really good pacts. Jeff. Kasich spent a ton of pine year in New Hampshire no surprise second. Also us for crews there is no surprise. Republicans up here are fiscally conservative. But socially liberal. Five away Jeff. Here's what no one thought about was the New England yankees in New Hampshire. Being true to the establishment grand old party which Kasich and the portions of Maine. Interest bearing interest at 61720666868. Mort your calls after this short break. We. They 46 here on the great WRJ. All I've got to tell you. I'm looking at these establishment. Hacks on television and ha you mean it's it's like they've gone to a funeral or something if I did the first head and Iowa and now Donald Trump in New Hampshire. It's already been called forum a huge stunning victory. Trump so far with 10% of the precincts reporting. They dominant performance. Really almost they triumphant performance to be honest 34%. Beating the second place person so far Kasich by eighteen percentage points I mean he's cleaning their clocks. Kasich to back coming in second 16%. Bush Jeb did stall. Then I guess there's a lot of illegals up there in Manchester that somehow managed to vote. I think you got the illegal vote anyway Jeb 12%. In third. Crews. Four per in fourth place at 11%. And Marc gold a robot rubio currently in fifth at 10%. Bernie is doing the world a favor by cleaning Hillary's clock 5741. This is a nineteen point lead if this is point points. This may be one of the most crushing victories. In recent American electoral primary history Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. I'm. You want to keep an important and mother and her. May. Be harming you don't camps start they let me ask if something he is hardly ever I am also a right they asked. On the board I guess he's been keeping your looks and giving your heart kind. I come up there you know what he can't send people on the water board people can put those snowboarding camp. All that you know look in the eyes of the people need to be given all the answers about illegal stock. Jerry I gotta tell you I was like right near Univision when I was doing my show last two days. I know radio we're all okay I swear you on their vision he our our (%expletive) up I thought the president of Mexico dot. When you have when rubio is bubble burst you should have seen and Jerry and their practically weeping there. Well that's because everything goes down the troops. Jeff you know you've won at Texas City you know. New Hampshire people and people you know basically new englanders a lot of them. Fiscally conservative but it's been beat bit moderate. Too liberal on social issues. That's why I was seeing this mayhem in US economy is gonna finish third he's going to be Dutch beat up he's only one point behind him right now. But I think portable birdie finish now only keeps banging Wall Street all beat that drum. Jeff. What the order certain articles that were made public about Bernie Sanders. Concerning the democratic senatorial caucus committee. And 2011. Years and the whole slash chairman. For a retreat on Mott is being hit every summer for the last five years. With Goldman Sachs JPMorgan. All of these people he has benefited from it so so he is eight. Filthy hypocrite. Did Dick Dick playing that you know he is this big social democratic person he is the water. He benefited from from Wall Street too so the settling in that that therefore all of those idiots that believe it did such as what they are. Do you know another thing that's interesting (%expletive) is going down south. It's pretty standard since the sixties and been involved with the black community pretty heavily. On this you know how Hillary is going to be him out down south. Well I was gonna ask you that Gerry because now this is all the clintons have left. Look how much talk about this in greater detail on tomorrow's show but. Look I'm not a big fan of Dick Morris but you know even a stopped clock is right twice today. And Dick Morris has a great column in the hill which actually the best newspapers up on Capitol Hill but let that go. Where he says essentially now. Hillary has been reduced to getting her assassin it's her henchmen. David Brock. All these other guys. That do the dirty work for the clintons Bob Bob. And get them all out there and essentially all they have now is insults and name calling for Bernie. He says so access t.'s hold her. He's I mean they're just calling him minks. And I don't think that's gonna play well and to be honest with you Jerry they keep saying while the African American community is gonna come through for us down south. I'm not so sure I see Jesse Jackson with a Bernie I'm sorry Al Sharpton with Bernie. Iceland Congressional Black Caucus when bringing. He has a big meeting went out shopping tomorrow morning. So that that's significant but Jeff beyond that you know what I don't understand the light from the how people are seeing that cruises ground game. It makes Obama's ground game look like child's play. With the use of it'll what's the special the other night on cruise. On his campaign. Keep using analytics like they'd do it in the NHL and Major League Baseball he would get a lot of scientific means. To decide how into the target things. And that's what I think people are missing the bus all these other guys aren't doing their. So you think once this head south you think Cruz is gonna do much better. These little what about the SEC. Well that's what these people are counting on I mean these. Basically they think the south is very good ground for for Ted Cruz. Absolutely. Absolutely absolutely. Beetle and also I don't understand suggest. How Bob bought and all these people can go out there and didn't stop friend Hillary but yet. There is a super pac just waiting in the wings right now. To destroy Hillary they have cap room the capital Willie it's gonna be out this dumping constantly. With commercials in personal appearances and everything. He didn't Paula jones' artists come out and said that she probably would enjoy aired so. Well I Gerri thank you for that call is always very good points Gerri look Paula Jones. Was very recent rally for Donald Trump in Arkansas. It was one of the biggest events in Arkansas history. And we want quite a while packing the place and she came out and said I will vote for Donald Trump. Because she wants justice not only for her but for all the women that were sexually assaulted and raped by Bubba Bubba by Bill Clinton. And so Kathleen Willey is coming out Paula Jones is coming note look I believe me. This this is not gonna end well for the clintons. And so and what's even worse is the more they called Bernie Sanders a sexist I want to you want talk about the pot calling the kettle black really. That's like Hitler lecturing people on anti semitism. Do you you who you you're gonna start talking about. I sexism you Bob you'll. The one who goes around raping women and saying here but some mice after bite their lip here put some ice on it you'll. So look I gotta tell you say what you want about Bernie. He is speaking for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. And he just rang the clintons bells. At 57 press so far 60% of precincts reporting. For the Democrats Bernie 57. Clinton 41. 11%. Reporting trump commanding lead commanding he's already won but I mean a commanding margin so far. 34%. Kasich 16%. Ed Jeb presto for English bush 12%. And crews forthright now 11%. Rubio rounding out the top five at 10%. Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. The New Hampshire is really different point in me. I mean for the last two or three election cycles locally and actually. I'll be deleted literally beat and not actually achieve tell us how. In the old conservative we'll never win an election and and you know our our values actually shrunk for America and probably kept things are true that Louie never had a conservative really run. And give a conservative warmup before we afloat some Democrats. Will attract forty twice sixteen. We have a true conservative we have the could certainly did look on foreign trade cruise. And it seemed like you know everybody wanted grabbed for the blade Chinese rocket good mood and do things on the block and it's like. They're totally forget and how you know Ted Cruz has stood by and then defended that and there are quarter cent billion and. Mike let me ask you this as a crew supporter. Yeah he's currently now in fourth place now he's sniping on jabs heels. Jim Vito is only up by what 1%. And stir agendas in third at twelve crews in fourth at eleven. And I'm sure you got a lot of the illegal immigrant vote so I don't know how much of that is actually legitimate but let that go. What if cruise finishes fourth. Or is it a disappointing finish for the crew pretend. It would be and we laugh so hard to sell that you know lieutenant that is establishing an elementary age when we're really pretty and establishment candidate. Can unite Jeb Bush didn't period before our guide the conservative value could Turks conservative. Principal about ten crews can really make a hard message out that. Mike thank you very much for that call I appreciated by the okay joining us now for a quick interview. Is mapped Chisholm. He is a Republican consultant he's one of the best in the business he knows New Hampshire like the back of his hand. Matt thank you so much for coming on the corner report how are you my friend. I'm great it's great to be with you on this hectic primary night. Match. Are you surprised. At the results that they've called it for Donald and they've called it for Bernie. And it looks like both are gonna win with a big double digit margin of victory are you surprised meant. Not. Surprise it all really jackpot this story would be I would expect don't do well the question why it's without a real fueled game. Would keep it poll numbers where your poll and in. I think he answered that you know I expect another question what's gonna get sucked into your get third and daughter's New Hampshire. Not anyone thought. They're getting to drop out. What do you think you think Chris these finished tonight. I think he should be I mean I think you're a template that 10%. Pulling her out a vote threshold to get it delegate. Chris you're not get any delegates probably get your shirt what spell out on the ticker for tonight he's 80% related. Yeah and he he directed at the New Hampshire way put a stake in the grass court player around here said you're naturally going to be displayed at that if you come in behind. Jeb Bush and not just in case sickened Marco Rubio I just don't see where the support of money some trauma or. Matt what do you think Carly is that what 4%. Ben is that 2% he's deadlock while Gilmore is technically that allows these are zero but let that go. That band is 2%. Carly is at 4%. Do they drop out. Well I had talked to some people on the ground your New Hampshire in the sentence that Carly and disdain for awhile. You know I also heard that and cartons meaning recruits are on Thursday. Are you like you're that's about can bank Turkey let anything but can bench also who knows but you could see maybe Carolina person drop out. Jim Gilmore I I don't know I think once in attractions you know that all or her has spent Sochi on night. Not know what I'm getting off the ballot this guy I know him. The goal waved back all this guy does is live. To be in Prez I thirst for Derian in presidential races and he's just he stays at zero annual somebody's got off for a job when they match. Well many out honestly if you get a job and a trump or cruise administration. Could you do us a favor honestly give them some kind of a job. Let me give him anything have them be a janitor or. Whatever it of the floor sweeper up on something in the west wing let him you know what is that of hiring illegals let's get jam. And he can do you can clean the west wing he can be the clean air and into the vacuum guy. And be confronted gamma every presidential cycle dairy is a 0%. But but let go home. Like victory and it I'd rather see Jim Gilmore for special. Matt let me ask you this. Rubio. Very disappointing. Fifth place performance of these numbers hold up. What happens duty robot rubio. After tonight is he essentially done put a fork in it. Well on heat we thought he had a lot of momentum tomorrow I know a strong third place finish. When you who are out here campaigning it's much if you it has been you're bound to make mistakes and that mistake in the wrong time. So if he'd done and I can't say for certain but I think we just educate picket the results hole. That they do better I think some of the establishment support for him. Might be looking to go back to Jabber buy a new home. Why do you think Kasich and jab did so or so far appear to be doing so well. Well cute became the New Hampshire and he did the campaign in the New Hampshire way made it harder cluster are all. And talk to the voters answered their questions and on that that does resonate with people here as far as Jeb goats on. I think you know. Millions of dollars are spent director rightists. Once bee eater what Chris Christie. Tries packed asserted attacking Christie. And I think it allowed you know and and they've been spent a lot of money promoting Jeff and I think that they're certainly out there when it and I money. It showed. Do you think going forward Matt trump we'll obviously have a huge momentum. I think crews will still be a force obviously to be reckoned with. Who do you see as the major establishment candidate. Going forward into South Carolina Nevada and eventually Florida. All from what I understand it Chad has eight he's seventeen monitor and Nevada and they're an order partner for a lot of as our case secure I think Casey could make some way to South Carolina but Chad those who have a lot of I'm Stanley support from what side W camp in 2000. So I don't know this Belgian critical luster on anyone and I think that wouldn't be their fault won't be that are moving forward. A lot of people in case it for now and and you don't know. Pretty good job of bringing a message in New Hampshire voters and I guess we'll see to be determined. You know that's what britney's been telling me the whole time she says watch out for Jeb. He's got the abortion named the bush network the bush team you never count the bush is out. You never one count them out and you know champs expectations have been very well and now looks like he might get their place to keep it 38 might rally this folks I mean the thresholds. Chew well the judge supporters at this point is very well has a good friend. And GOP operative told me this morning in a taker that. We've been talking with Matt Chisholm Republican consultant. Matt thanks so much buddy I appreciated god bless my friend. Check out what you thought you take care 6172666868. Is the number. Huge night for Donald Trump he has won the New Hampshire primary. The only question now is by how much. Bernie doing the world a favor. Core rushing Hillary he's also been declared the Victor let me ask all of you this. What do you make of the results. Are you shocked are you surprised. 61720666868. 648. Here on the great W large scale although voice of Boston. Special. Corner report addition tonight my friends. The New Hampshire primary. OK Donald Trump has now been declared the winner. Cano and a short game. Clearly dominant performance on his part. He now is our firm command. 34%. Kasich is second to governor for more IO 16%. Crews. How is now just moved into third place. I 12%. He is just past Jim beat doll. Jim bid to always hanging around in fourth job sniping on cruises feels he's also a 12%. Rubio fifth at 10%. Christie now 7%. Fehr Reno 4%. Carson 2%. And that's what 16% of the precincts reporting. Bernie is I mean demolishing Hillary tonight. Everybody's feeling the burning New Hampshire apparently 58%. For Bernie. 40% for Hillary Bernie's been declared the winner which 17%. Of the precincts reporting. Jack you're up next go ahead Jack. Hey that particular microchip a real good are you. I'm gonna actually. It took a lot of it but let me finish I like the result should really look at right now Alicia now. So let's do what happened 2001 when he took very can defend airshow. Do a lot of moon he had general election we'll have that happen how it will. We perpetrated by at all. The wealthy and well yeah I love in the glimcher Al lineup. To ask you the process. So they don't shape. We know we have a general election finally have a child tiger. They can win 86. Article political action. Let the campaign looked like Doris Day however they protect. Affidavit door and related sanction acre or less whatever straight. They connect. Hey Jack I've heard that I deal before it is called now a national primary. Or almost like a tournament. I've also heard like a kind of up a New England primary. And SEC primary. Let's say the Big Ten do you college and I'm sort of in the midwest. A pock. You know the pact was at pac twelve or whatever it is. A West Coast primary in other words sort of the region's 456 primaries but regional primaries. Look I gotta tell you honestly jacked. And like this system it'll tell you why. Just for this reason. I like it that the small states like Iowa New Hampshire small markets small states we are very strong democratic traditions and small V. Town hall democracy or caucuses. Which forces people to really the candidates to come down any very local level. And meet people engage with voters because if you had a national primary or even a regional primary. Well don't you would just focus on the big states. Where you have the big numbers the big votes or the big cities. And so this is why we've had this primary system. Where you started some of the smaller states like Iowa in the midwest new England and then you begin to roll off to other states. Now Jack I gotta tell you need be with the Democrats if Hillary really implode it's. You may see Biden jumped dinner somebody else jumping in I think there Walsh Bob Bernie Sanders cold. But this race between trump cruise and let's say Jeb who as a lot of money behind him I think it's gonna go all fifty states Jack. I I mean I'm just telling you right now I know Cruz is ready for a long slog. He wants to drag Donald and to the south he wants to have more debates. Where it's not seven or raid on stage but two were three candidates on stage. The establishment is gonna keep pouring money into jab or maybe Kasich but I think will be jab. And so Jack I think you're gonna have a EE 404550. State race. Well that would be interesting now the great defense Donald Trump. Well I'm glad I wanna leadership and that shell. But you know the real winners and I don't support him but just look at the number. Don't think are torture and that they're basically either going to be going home in what your reaction even contract. But you're right import an old jacket it pains me to say this but yeah one more thing give these numbers hold up I can't believe I'm saying what a nightmare for me. Jab jab to me is like a vampire zombie. I yeah I'm telling you you can't put enough bullets into this guy. Every time you think he's gonna keeps rising. I'm accurate on what you want these horror movies. And large they will just use common boom boom. And so I mean because it's true he's got name recognition in South Carolina. They obviously Norman four or not he's got a ton of money. And I CNN. Is already going gag. You would think Jeb one tonight you're doing the same thing would Jeb regulator with rubio went on to. Yeah it's all chipped Jeb over performed Judd Jeb exceeded expectations. Don't count the abortions so don't count share about now what now CNN loves abortion. Now all of a sudden CNN. They're good they're both liberals who hated his brother dubbed yet now all of a sudden they love the bush name in the bush brand. Temporary though because you know at all in all yeah of course you'll get and we can retain. General reduced to rubble in our editors don't want to bumper cruise we know what their game and it's. But yeah when I'm saying is the mainstream media is gonna prop him up. And not Charles Krauthammer I Yani Yani I mean you know his hatred for Donald Trump and for everybody a faux. You got to see him tonight because white is a ghost. I mean I should what I'm sorry Charles it your mother die I mean Britney maybe we should send him flowers are roses or something because really it's. I know people who lost their mother who don't look aside and depressed as Carl's crime republic. And you can see on his face it's not just that trump one. But it appears that he's winning look at 35%. Kasich 16%. I mean it's almost a 20%. Shellac too. He's gonna come out of this with so much momentum. It's gonna make the establishment. Shake to their very foundations. Some people may be getting harder cut to Mike I'd be watching the news right now because a couple of home biggest may keel over right there on the sent. It with the you've these numbers hold up for the Donald. Bernie Europe next go ahead Bernie. Just. Q could burn Bernie Sanders clear and bookmark each. Like I like the color that. I want to play a couple things that Bernie congratulations. Bernie thank you. I'm beating ability like so redheaded stepchild of Super Bowl Sunday. Just. So there's two things don't wanna say when I have my victory celebration tonight I want you debt because there's such a principal. But I also have a big announcement to make just tonight. Exclusive preview on yourself. I want to name my wedding date I. Good friend of mine and you'd better hope all of this name it I'll do high net ridiculous. I'm. Read it wouldn't be Barney unit running mate of senator Rick no we were all thought the basically my I remember I. Flew me. But aliens the buzz the audience in the business it's a rarity you. I love you guys did a non sexual way bring me. Play it up a little bit this is for you Bernie. Purely coincidence. You caught that we saw last week. When I'm feeling the burn my feeling the burn. And okay. They love Mark Warner. I'm. These men and. My friends who will be back after this news break with more expert analysis and you work calls. 905. Here on the great W large scale although voice of Boston. Thresholds quarterly reports tonight. New Hampshire primary the results are in 6172666868. You can also text that's. 68680. Okay Donald Trump it's now been called its official. He has won. Any huge landslide it huge. Bernie Sanders has been declared the winner. For the Democrats for the primary in New Hampshire. As things stand now it is 58%. For Bernie Sanders 40%. For Clinton. It's almost almost 81 Pete point shellacking. If it gets to 20%. It's going to be one of the worst humiliating. Nights in the clintons is history. No mean no question about it you're gonna see full scale panic in the democratic establishment. Tomorrow morning. Trump right now. Is in commanding lead nineteen percentage points. This is I mean this if this holds up as well. It is a dominant. The impressive. Performance that will shake I believe. The political landscape. Profoundly changed the landscape in this country it's now 34%. Trump. Kasich is fifteen. But. Bush and crews are fighting it out for third place. A 12%. So it's neck and neck between JB tall and crews. Rubio is in fifth place with 10% Christie eight Fehr Reno for Ben Carson to. So as things stand right now the real fight is on for second and third place. For the Republicans and right now. Quick story and then I wanna get back to the blazing phone lines. You conceal and jabs body language and I remember I mentioned this to Britney a couple of hours ago we had a quick dinner before we got back on the air. As we drove back from Manchester. That there was something about abortion is body language the way you wish talking to reporters. Talking to some of his supporters. That. You can tell is internal polling was saying you know what I think we got the illegals helped. I think both Spanish language ads and the way they love your fluent Spanish. Obviously in the promise of amnesty and nimble bit. Doug did Jeb you're gonna have a good night Jeb be. Jedi you're gonna do well and so. Surrey big guys like even 13 place. Listen to this. They are already be establishment. Are already laying the ground for the sellout and the surrender and the betrayal. Listen Dennis. Speaking to some of his constituents I think what all want any of them both in English and a Spanish but this one was an English. That jam out that he will march gave gold President Obama. For any problems or challenges that he faces should he be elected president this latest quote. My pledge to you. When I'm president I will not blame Barack Obama for a single thing. He told listeners at the national our country club in Nashua, New Hampshire. The day that I'm sworn into office I'm gonna watch whatever it is it's. I am really tired of politicians. That blamed their predecessors. I have a personal kind of feeling about it having watched it for a while. We are because nobody was blaming his brother your right Britney but I'm looking like watch. What are you came to me about. The nineteen inch on nor the Republicans had a hand in this please don't get me wrong the congressional Republicans. Over half by the way in New Hampshire in the exit polls. Said they felt betrayed by their own party that's why they want to give trump such a big victory in a big mandate. But let that go so believe me going although Boehner is the much cardinals Pope Paul Ryan's a Ryan hall's. I mean they shaft at us and screwed us good don't get me wrong. The nineteen trillion dollar debt. On whose feed is hooked. The disaster or any rock on Wall Street is the Syria on Wall Street is the Libya on bush he doesn't. 94 million Americans out of work on the course feet is the act. Or obamacare. If not isn't Obama's legacy what the hell is. So already. The god forget winning forget even finishing second. He may not even finished third where Ted is now in third place okay derby dozen for the ball a 12%. He married and finished third for God's sakes. And already dirt telegraph and who all know at all it's going to be go along to get along Walpole. We're gonna mix we're gonna nibble at PA Jews of Obama care. We're gonna need be slightly change foreign policy just go a little bit. But in terms of Obama's amnesty black continues open borders back continues. Common core duct continues NSA spying back continue its. All the war mongering in the Middle Eastern dot continues. It's fumble that the spending to record that the deficits dot continues. What do we need you for. Who really. If it's there is no difference between I haven't finished for awhile between Hillary and bush on the major issues. Foreign policy immigration. Trade you a little common core. NSA. To small difference. I mean you wanna talk about being blocked MP four it's unbelievable. So the door owners are saying jump and he's already saying well why. 61720666868. Is the number quota we have on Britney. OK where where are representative William Gannon is on from New Hampshire. Representative Gannon thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Jeff first I want to say I love your radio show I love what you've done for the kids Matt's chip that and I think you're very good conservative. But it's Ali don't and student. You'll and how are you and your hatred of course but you're just think common core chip Jeb has always been state straight keep it at. He tendered and Florida because they were the fiftieth state education. And if you want to be governor of the stupidest state. Sodium tablets great I the end it. Immediately every third grader if you couldn't read the third grade level yet the state tax so this first year its patented big box. Now they looked up Christiane that the kids are doing great and Florida to be potentially emphasis uneducated. So you eat is not a common court you want the states to decide there above every state they have that standard. But he wants the states some felt that he always advocated its rights. Well I know and talks a good game but I mean he's for common core he has. We don't know coming Couric what he's changed his position our what are senate at this stage it individually decide their own hero yes. On how to implement common core but he doesn't want to overturn calming Cory what's common core. It might like question kilos you watched I like every other OPEC any Republican it will be state. And I like I just liked most about it is that it that it. It's great things in Florida he cut taxes because the side government and I was really really happy when I looked up the record and ninety. Trump alienating everybody you know we would decode is best friend you. Bet trends look crew two weeks ago. Beach I mean words I would every year in front of my kid. And I just think it's an embarrassment to the country that had him out there and vote or F spot every other segment speech. You know go and after Megyn Kelly women they're period. Attack in months slump attacked many Indy to direct and him I just don't want the Kimmel leading the country any other true Republican. Like Ed crews are open out Kim if you went. Just I will never I don't go to the convention on the belt yet I never backed charm and. But here's what I don't get you want us if bush manages to wind is somehow. You don't want us to back. Or Ryan knows rhino and establishment Republican. You're asking me to pack someone who would wouldn't it in new York at the end tag and last year Q is. You know he didn't believe in abortion and he believed in partial birth abortion now this year is the champion of being pro life. You know it through the Bible around Iowa but the cell is the thing to do you play it became out there. And I I want a real Republican I would be buried after looked recruits. A true Republican and really when ICM is not going to be out of order he really is a deeply religious man and dog I'll just say. How I don't know how you can Beckett might get totally respect you wouldn't say elected crude I had misty and that currently he is a republic. Knowing nobody but represented I have to ask you this our New York. Trump was a businessman before in all fairness he never thought about political issues very deep and. Well he's trying to 2000. That is the third time running. No I mean he thought a ball running in 2000 I don't ever ran and did the reform party was asking him to run as subtle considerate but he never ran. Made or are we ran Pat Buchanan. In tooth out. Without seeking to new cancer drug to. And run security competitors. OK now what are mean especially okay whatever it is serious sustained way is now aren't. And look I mean I have to wake up I got to take a mad as word. The man says he's pro Second Amendment I have no reason not to believe him the man says he's pro life I have no reason not to believe him but I'll tell you this. Here's where I think all of your making a big big mistake. Let me tell you what he really does believe in and this you can take to the bank. He's gonna build a wall. We need that wall. That is not anti immigrant but it's not anti Latino Jeb Bush is lying about trump when he says not. We do need a temporary moratorium. On Muslims coming into this country and I'll tell you why. Because ices has bragged that they've infiltrated the ranks of refugees from Syria. And from and Muslim immigrants coming in here the FBI itself has admitted there are now ices cells in all fifty states in the country. They have 900 active investigations. So any country pull out any country that wants to protect its citizens. Costas say you know what we have right temporarily control who comes into our country. So it's not bashing immigrants he wants legal immigration he's not a slam of phobic. He wants to put America first and on meg and Kelly I mean I don't know are you a mind reader or something. Oh what are your heart you know easy and fun ever bury it he wasn't making fun of her period. I'm out there they handicap gentleman that he imitated mock. Well lead as well and so all the I don't know which he used to do what you do you look to pitch you're good but I that you want to you're presenting a is that it could may and I. No I look on the cruise guy all the way don't get me wrong but if I'm not Smart was in the White House I'll tell you this. Putin would be quaking in his boots I should be quaking and the Chinese would be quaking and I'll be more than I don't remember a president of the United States. Anyway. I doubt that aren't here are sure out at for Jeb. Just the other thing the guy finish his may be third and you guys are partying like he won. Part where I mean you're trusting Donald on the night of the victory you guys are even big enough to congratulate Obama I surely you're not gonna vote for the guy at the convention. Jen I put it out says insect. Rubio I swear the moderates that we're 60% of the party. We're gonna come together and back irrational may have been kept Cruz Peter rubio. Became sick we want some news. He had not just so I wrote that it had you know although what what deportation you talked about. How are you gonna go to Lola Lauren and deport these parents of these kids today this doubt them and thousands of illegal. Whether or not how we can physically do that. Well you know we've already deported ten million you realize that. Under bush and Obama we've already deported over ten million illegals so infrequent under abortion Obama why can't we do it under trumped. But the bigger thing is representative. I'm just enforce the law. Cut off welfare. Cut off all the goodies enforce the law and don't hire them and they're gonna go on their own look they know a lot of. Come here look back. Out in projects it will mark the kids were born here. This you know what if you got four year old a six year old man you're old you're gonna you're gonna have to go and the National Guard and take the mile. It just didn't happen our country. We're a little bored and America right so they're American that's gonna take. I don't I'm not sure anchor babies frankly are Americans there's a lot of people who can pass that but let me look hold on but look. They can do and nobody out this. May be the parent should've thought about before they came into our country illegally and broken or lost. Charmed contribute right I mean I don't I don't actions have consequences. Didn't detail I want to thank you for being a good Republican again I would love to back to prove that you took McDonald all those traditions. From the life issues just the last years were Canadian health care he's flip flopped on every day. It's like you are watching it does John Kerry and a couple of plopped commercial. Everytime I see anything what I'm just shocked too because I know. In my heart that Donald Trump is just a year earlier held opposite position. I don't like if you change one or two issues across the board there have to be two to twelve major issues. Not to mention the fact that you know we try to head you didn't know what they're talking about the amount afford to debate before he can not just into a signatory parties work. In mediation agreement. I just really it if I loot and maybe I am too moderate. I wanna lose to a true Republican might take first. Not incidentally. We're up against the and it's been a very good debate and helped please I want to call back again until you're always welcome on the show. But I got to ask when they dry out and I'd break under there have been driving it up. It would be like perhaps but I really don't know what will have you on again when you're you know sitting down to rent an office whatever when he's ranked. And over the corner something. But it alternate in the morning and I just finished so all of our guy here and annoying your frigid possible I hear you. But let me just ask you this very quickly this is what I find a bit surprising if Donald Trump should continue his momentum and win the nomination. You're saying you're delegate going to be at the convention and not gonna support him. Why can't we solve pulled on why would you consult. The Republican. Voters. Of New Hampshire on South Carolina. All of not a not a week to think about it the night of primary and the number one excellence all the voters of the party if they want this guy to be their nominee why why would you do that. It felt good about it in the foot if they outfit that what are. To the convention is the nominee maybe get a different ethics to an academic I'm excited I love my eyes. I think interviewed as all of that and you're at 3% how he's been through 3%. And I look at the polls and I can tell that our numbers are committed to retreat I knew we were gonna be in the fight with rubio would Kasich and first. And just so I think that the new schedule you guys are trying to Berry burst on purpose but maybe tomorrow. Well he's got 11% now so I'll give you this much she did break the double digit barrier. Nobody can he strike out looking to have a good shot at third. Yeah for a cruise is third at twelve bush is on eleven. But let me ask you this congressman what how much I mean are you the illegals came through form pretty good and I. No don't hike isn't enough he's saying I'm just kidding I know I'm kidding I'm gonna need to have press perimeter project. I hear other issued a what you almost across the border and everything except the presidential. Other than that I think you and I would be straight about it. Just that's one thing when I agreed not deal would goodnight. And representative listen congratulations. On on your guy finishing fourth third third. They're always welcome back on our show. We need our rush defender. Thank you don't we do in England keep it in English okay no Spanish. So what are our where. Our debt there gob bless. 617266. Since the it's it's the I swear only Rangel it's. Celebrate or die finishing third or fourth or. I mean is it just me or six months but honestly it was a good spirited debate and I enjoy that 6172666868. Don't touch that but she's yeah you'll talk.