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Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Time To Buy) 2.9.16

Feb 9, 2016|

Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Time To Buy) 2.9.16 by The Financial Exchange

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Michael brushes that night owl and at 5:22 this morning. An article was posted on marketwatch.com. It says. Now's the time to buy stocks the stars are aligned and he makes a compelling argument for buying stocks I'm Michael Dario. Good morning so. Negative investor sentiment have to agree with you there nobody wants to buy stocks and that is that is. Indeed the media is become. Pretty bare if I would say. Yet they need to get. More bearish but I think in there we see a lot of ridiculous. The scare. You know. But it what about. Insider bullishness you write that as a reason to be. Optimistic towards stocks would indications he had that the insiders are bullish. Well in arrow there's surprise Seoul reach that track it's up our markets and it's you know it's controversial argue. That matters is where problems. Basically I think system is that it works. To our hats on eight and that is the question where you. Sent buyers. We eat oh where people but. That's seek an apostle so I like them were they don't know we're not looking at doesn't. Writes because in my back that's not quite a bit and you know I talked. Should you know how many to have a look at day. What about the Vicks index the SC BO we. Volatility index how how relevant is that. Or rule argument or about best generally speaking to meet our stock but the harder it is to our eight more likely. Or succeed great you know act right now. And the real easy purchases. Are pretty happy goes on it and get in trouble. So you know laps. August arms. That was. Really divide it stuck ever. Need our state same problems everybody. Saying. On duke Bhutto and April and march so that occurred because sentiments average now is now we have the side. It's really tough to bury it out of skiers. And and Anders about. And we extra measures sentiment that I attract. Viewed as it. And bureau. That means brought your. Agency justice better but key is are we going into recession will be. Well I think there's a pretty good chance chuck and aired disagreed on that I'm the the thing that makes me curious is usually a recession is coupled with high rates of unemployment. We're seen. That was seen in the energy sector bent. Then we're covering the news or just talk about the trades Mike can you can't hire apart try to get some home improvement work done on your house you'd pay a fortune for. That in at 20. You're out that but you know I agree accurate that's quite a that's fine. Our news that the consumers. So it's. Still strong wages weak growth as strong work week is growing. You know consumers key and I think yours. Is that Syria. Our means that businesses see profits contracting you pay to see our communities. And agencies may start to get scared and a back. Cap ex fire that's. Since such if that scenario. Two days. Numbers for that matter because they captured that effect I don't think that happened but it could and that's that's. Michael one question that I have for you is when we look at the pricing of stocks in general and obviously not get any specifics here. We talk about this negative sentiment but. Prices still in in some cases yet they haven't really matched up with that sentiment is that what you typically see in a situation like this are no. Where are. You know ROR withstood what's to PE and it's the brown is easy yet I don't think depths. Incredibly cheap but it's also down our. What's. 7017. And 1818 right yeah like 1818 and so. You know people have been Amy etiquette eight. Underwritten get to rounded 1450. Eat eat to start in start recognizing valued at Gregory yeah let's not keep it. It's not. But Tom. But it better and eight. And it's Bible our word to you or that's by the way in the were. These or back out to eat it underneath people support. And so. You know we are already. It technicians. But I agree not to achieve you know. But not it's certainly better. That. That you can't forget about Tina. It. Tina is there is no alternative to stocks right. Now they and that's you know the it. The it's it's a an argument that you can have blow up in your face that. You look at the alternative right weird truck and are looking at the 10 year treasury this morning 174. If you wanna go shorter on the Treasury's. Right ear you look in a seed to sale island get out of the market for two years you're making point 69 on your money. You're losing its creation but I. I don't know it mean. Being captured but I thought that this is I think that the you know I think you're there is out as well are expected. This is problem a lot of people start looking at it clicked it and you eat it means some people safe five to ten years writes I'd Terri Seymour one to three years I mean you got to. Why stop with it was a time as you know week in trader so it was just treating most people aren't that to have gain entry of. All right Michael we gotta get out but they are very much for your time. You know eight the year. It's actually refreshing to hear somebody bullish on stocks I can't remember the last time we had anybody come on it was bull brought about eight months ago. They don't want its bill on time hasn't it. Well it and make his point the S&P 1846. We know everybody in their brother knows 1820. Is that you know breaking pirates of the goes to 1890. Then. You know Katie bar the door but it hasn't yet we've been talking about 1820 on the S&P since January. I mean keep in mind it's only been six weeks that's where we're still. Fairly and this has been go O'Donnell talked here's a cardinal law has been if it ended today yikes now. I can play that game which is about anything right you know if if anything ended today. You know generally you know after one month nothing really gives you a full picture here.