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Scott Brown endorses Trump. 2/3/15

Feb 3, 2016|

Will this help or hurt Trump?

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Orders through any special interest or the so called establishment. I thought was in the best friends in the interest of the people in this country. And it's important that when someone has the privilege deserved. Whether it be and local state or federal office that they certainly interest have viewed the people of this great country. And if you recall when I ran for the senate I was a consummate outsider I was not one of the so called Beacon Hill crowd this jobless and all our. That democratic regime in Massachusetts. Right now all anybody. Addressing issues. It's our elected officials to do better. There's a model Scott Brown. Ice where is good for a while. OK in my Bruins. Iran tonight. Doors open six. Who loves mental. We've been showing us this. My show. Here's the model as soon as you. You change agent or your. I'll take some and it was actually had a private sector job runner up it's Randy Johnson signed the front of the paycheck flow I know there. It's not generalize things done and why should I think a great job. A new and different I'd. You can eliminate. I trillion dollar gap. And financial house in order. And that is Donald Trump. Donald thank you just off on the Michael Michael. I got my clock cleaned in New Hampshire. Did she mean nobody wanted to see him trying to stay element. Girl I know though unless trump fights and all ultra nationalist. I just ms. trump can you quickly on his VP. Join me. Tonight. I DL middle school alma street middle school to be exact I am now sure New Hampshire Arab Bovender really gets going at 7 o'clock. For re very special. Town hall which senator Ted Cruz the place is going to be rocking. Go to event bright dot com there's still time to register free tickets you can bring a friend call me whatever. BER I TE event bright dot com or call 8888188180881881. It is being sponsored and co hosted by bill Kelly. I will be on stage with Ted Cruz we're gonna be asking him some very tough questions. And then we're gonna throw it open to you own the audience. Ask him anything you want literally anything I look forward to seeing all of you for a very special electorate tonight okay my friends. Speaking of the model. Scott Brown. I have big home on world Tribune dot com world Tribune dot com. It's also one wrko.com. It's going everywhere. I know the trumps camp ever they've read a lot of them are breaded it's going around cruise camp a lot of people are reading it it's making the rounds believe me. And it's about Scott Brown's endorsement so please you can check it out read it for yourself pass on to your friends. As you just heard dual model yesterday at an event in Milford that Ann Coulter was there I believe how we car was there as well. Before Donald came onstage. Scott Brown. They Ryan knows rhino. In endorsed Donald Trump. Trump warmly. Embraced and accepted Scott Brown's endorsement. Now. As I argue in my column. I think for the first time this is say the first big mistake on the trump campaign. I thought he should've done a debate in Iowa and he's now saying pretty much is going well I think you're getting a little bit of mistake there are should've done the debate in Iowa. But it didn't kill him I know he lost to Ted Cruz but he's still went up by 24 points a New Hampshire. He's a lot of very strong lead in South Carolina very strong lead in Nevada he's still the clear front runner. Scholl you don't not doing good debate that's gotta hurt him in Iowa but in terms of game changer no. This alliance with Scott Brown. Mounds and this it we're gonna find out now we're next couple weeks. Is this just an endorsement. I'm hale take an endorsement from somebody who's known Mike Scott Brown is in New England. And basically say thank you Panama on the back and then move on. Or because remember trump once floated the idea it was a joke. Or Lisa came across as a joke that brown would make an excellent VP pick. As I pointed out in my column. Brown is the exact opposite of Sarah Pailin. Brown is the exact opposite of many other conservatives who have come out in favor of Donald Trump. Brown. Is not just stay liberal Republican. Ground as they're arguing my peace. Is a turncoat. They Ryan know who betrayed not only his supporters in Massachusetts but his supporters in New Hampshire. He is pro gun control. She voted to raise our taxes. He is somebody who never advocated for a wall along the southern border now all of a sudden he's for big wall. He is a man who was instrumental. In crafting and passing Dodd-Frank. The key part of Obama's socialist transformation of America which enabled the federal government to effectively take over and completely controlled the financial sector. In trenchant too big to fail. Do you wanna know why the big banks were happy with it could basically were on the hook forever to the banks. The big banks thanks to Dodd-Frank and it killed small banks. Credit unions small businesses because it dried up lending and credit for them it was an absolute debacle. She never met a government spending programs he didn't like. This was a guy who talked about wanting moderates on the Supreme Court. I talked about his love for justice Anthony Kennedy even said Sonia Sotomayor was a good pick. This is a guy who played both sides of the fence. And stubs his own supporters in the back especially the Tea Party. And now this is the guy think. That's coming notice this big endorsement for Donald Trump in New Hampshire. Now people make mistakes. Cruise's made mistakes I'll get to that in a second. Reagan made mistakes people make mistakes gave no one's a sun king Nolan is a dog. So maybe it's just a mistake or maybe just taken the endorsement and I do what I gotta do to keep my lead in New Hampshire but I can tell you this. This is not gonna play well in the rest of the country. This may play well with some of the Ryan knows here in New England but I'll tell you this down south they don't like Scott Brown. In the heartland they don't like Scott Brown. He is the embodiment as I point out in my column allegedly of everything that Donald Trump opposes. This is the guy who basically sold his soul. To do everything he could to be part. Of the club. He was sold desperate to be a senator he's a carpetbagger he went to New Hampshire and the New Hampshire right said that plus. We don't want you here take RA. Now this guy who's been doing everything possible to be part of the establishment and also moving overturned establishment. No it's like a guy who wants to be part of a fraternity. And they rejected number I don't want a little like dummies olds are female look good in pictures. He may have a sexy body. You may look good in his underwear is have been doing some pictures of underwear and stuff. But does sorry we don't want change part of our club is suddenly says Mohamed does the fraternity. Take a Malo to. If this is a sign and I'm saying if a very Machiavellian shift on the part of trump to pivot to the so called center. It's gonna destroy him. It's gonna be the kiss of death. So what I'm hoping a frank Dwyer wrote a column it's a shot across strong smile. What I'm basically telling Donald is don't touch squad brown with a ten foot pole. Because it's a poisoned chalice. And you drink it archer apparel. Had Lewis Melissa good. Credit Gary the right things are gonna happen and will be behind him a 100% we have to review because. They vice president. So I you know I highly central casting good guys central Afghanistan. And honestly. May be 1015 years ago now or Sears catalog. Now honestly Sears catalog and you know. May be may know maybe Macy's or something like that and that's about it. So obviously you shilling for some kind of a job he's trying to drum jump on the trump bandwagon that's what this is Melissa Scott Brown we're talking about the now he's a born again nationalist now is a populist. Now he's an insurgent now is an outsider. Donny wants to bring down the establishment are you kidding me. OK so. But leaving Scott Brown aside to let that go for a second time. That Donald last night. Was roaring. And he came out swinging against Ted Cruz he's now got a huge twenty point plus lead in New Hampshire. He has come out and said that crews effectively he believes stole the election in Iowa. Because of some of these what went on with the Ben Carson camp. When there were flyers sent out after CNN announced that Carson was leaving the race or suspended his campaign. Cruises people immediately sent out information to the voters saying hey crier Carson is out to. Please come in caucus with us. CNN then corrected that saying all along we jumped the gun he's definitely and he's not going anywhere and Ted Cruz did not correct not to. And he's apologized. To bring Karstens people. We will not know. How much it hurt in terms of Carson support how much of that helped crews we just don't know. But that Carson and camp is saying it was dirty politics. Palin now is coming out blasting Ted Cruz saying that Ted Cruz is lying about Donald Trump being. For big government health care that he's lying that Donald Trump is for amnesty. Then he's lying in bed trump in many ways. Is a progressive and a heart. And so now cruise's taking a lot of fire from Donald Trump. From Ben Carson and from Sarah Palin. And last night. The Donald lit dome on fire. Listen to him. Saying if anybody ever messes with the United States if he's president if anybody ever bears to attack us well. Let you guys who let me just play Donald's because frankly I attend one of the words I can't say hopefully we bleeped out roll it Brittany. If we are. Somebody attacks us. Would you rather have trump is president of we're attacked. Will he says. Yeah now there's just things bake in a potential because he hates Obama so much put. He said Donald Trump is a genius. And he's the real leader over in that country. And these people that I'm negotiating with all the time these people on the stage with me they said. So foul up what gluten a Russian zest I took a disavowing that he called me genius and I you crazy. How. Would I gotta tell you the one thing I like about trump is that he's willing to work with Putin. And form an alliance to destroy crisis. In fact he made a brilliant point last night which is why are we always doing the fighting and the dying to. Why are we always expanding the blood and the treasure to defend Japan. And to defend South Korea to defend the Middle East to defend Eastern Europe hey wanna come slices. Who live Putin the Russian space for some of these million dollar missiles and his vast army. And then he went after Ted crouse. Saying that he's a Canadian. He was born in Canada then he deceived the American public for all these years about his dual citizenship. And that the Democrats are gonna show him and show him big. Roll into Britain. And then these attorney general. In Iowa is investigated by that time there'll got the election's over what can people do we have. Running for office. Now. Really dishonest and I think I know why you know why. Because he was born into an. Happens to be a problem cause and happens to you watch the Democrats they've already said they gonna show him. He gets the nomination negative sue his ass up. Actually using the country but they're gonna sue him. And that's a big drop I wanted to be. 61720666868. And let me ask you this okay double barreled question. Scott Brown's endorsement though Ryan knows rhyme no endorses trump. Good for trump does for trump. What do you make now of the Donald escalating his attacks on Ted Cruz he's up by over twenty points. Will New Hampshire being dead cruise's Waterloo. 617206. X 6868. All of your calls next.