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Ted takes center stage. 1/29/15

Jan 29, 2016|

Who do you think won the debate last night?

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Constitution. Is under attack. Freedom is being curtailed. Our founding principles are being destroyed. But in Boston deceived the American revolution. A new moon. Then begins the jets sooner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal ball. Am seeking our country act. This is America's voice of the resistance. Sooner report. Are you win. Chris let's begin by being clear what this campaign is about it's not about Donald Trump he's an entertaining guys the greatest show on earth. This campaign is about the greatest country in the world and a president who has systematically. Destroyed many of the things that made America special I economist Donald Trump your little Teddy bear to me. We always had such a loving relationship there in the debates and in between in the tweets I kind of miss him I wish she was here. Chris I would note that the last four questions have been. Brand please attack Ted Marco please attack says Chris please attack that Jim please attack Ted. Let me just say this it doesn't debates are. I will now know what that they'd actually is a policy issue but I will say this guy she is if you guys say is ask one more main question I may have to leave the stage. Think that government and the book that is the book where you changed your position on immigration that he used to support a path to citizenship so to do well when you change the guy. Marco we recognize that we're living in dangerous times and we have to be serious about it that our words have consequences. Donald Trump for example somebody missed a mission as they begin to spin rate was listening. And. Twelve always here on the break W. Are okay although voice of Bob and Jeff Horner Boston pulled older. Okay my friends at the Donald list there bay took place last night. Apparently the ratings are starting to comment it was an okay night for fox nothing like that first debate which has won four million people. About 1213. Million showed up for pouring through the Nielsen ratings to tune in in Washington debate I happen to be one of them. And well look let me just say this couple things need to be said and I wanna get. You were feedback corner country 6172666868. If you wanna jump on the line. I thought what happened last night was really something remarkable. Here you. Seven presidential candidates. In front of the most dominant media outlet certainly among Republicans but in a we thing in general. In the country. And part of the prime. They were trumped by trump. IE I watched much of the debate I went back and forth killers want to sue was going on CNN. To the event held for veterans by Donald Trump. And I've got to tell you. The Donald Trump I event was rocking. You are the two former winners in Iowa Mike Huckabee Rick Santorum there. Honestly I think both of them maybe gave the best speeches of their life. It lies it was hopping and it was energetic. It was passionate. You saw some incredible stories army almost and talk about pure jerk hers moving stories. The one in particular developed in Afghanistan. Who had his leg blown off. And nor was there to help him so he literally puts a tourniquet. Around his limb and he carries his only leg down the mountain. And all of these heart wrenching stories about what our vets have to live with and Donald Trump raised what 56 million dollars. And I mean I wanna shoot the CNN ratings were. But I have to tell you. Here you have a major debate. On the eve of the Iowa Caucuses. In May be the most important on the maybe he most important election in our lifetime. And I got to tell you the action was would Donald Trump. The energy the passion the interest was always Donald Trump now Doug being sent the debate itself. I'm gonna get into what I wanna get your feedback but I was just an analyst I'm not speaking now as a as a commentator. Or. I say an opinion person just as a straight analyst OK not. Judging now bike shops stand sore who like I agree with on issues but just like a price fight. I think cruise. How to have a very big night he was on center stage. Donald was not there. He was clearly the top dog there in terms of the race because Donald plot their earnings to Celanese and second. So all eyes are wrong crews there were all gunning for crews. How to say this it was not his best night. I think he won the debate. I think he always wins the debate just on substance. Because he is just so Smart. And Salma eligible and has such a good deep grasp of the issues and he's such a well trained lawyer he's so articulate. That I think on points he won. In fact there was one moment we're gonna play it later where I think he absolutely decapitated I mean kneecap Marco Rubio on amnesty. Carrying to me. Key I think if they if there's a pulse left in rubio. If you because people don't realize that over 90% of the Republican electorate is opposed amnesty. With a Republican electorate with grassroots conservatives if they were watching if they were paying attention. Crews cleaned his clock on immigration. And that's why I think he was the winner last night I forgot to say it was Rand Paul's best night. He had more questions thrown to him he would had a chance to really debate and argue his positions. I thought he was forceful I thought he was punchy. I thought frankly if anybody cut up crews it was Rand Paul kind of stuck it to a pretty good. I thought Rand Paul delivered his liberty constitutional. Is limited government message. And had some very very good hits jury to debate I thought he came in second. And I thought Chris Christie. May be out his best night that the debate at times he was forceful he was funny he was charming. Rubio I thought was uneven. He had some good oratory at times she was at times she was quite passionate and quite compelling. But I gotta tell you you got rocked by Cruz. He got rocked by Jeb Bush in one of these exchanges. He was not it was not his best debate performance either. Jammed everybody's going on about how well Jeb did honestly. Jeb Timmy is a C plus. Gem Timmy is a typical. Rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mile he's a C plus. You know he did get a little moment against rubio Jeb actually Jeb be. Actually showed a little bit of toughness and actually you know (%expletive) rubio back. So but you know always Friday he's not even have bees a C plus. What the hell is John Kasich doing their honest to god I have no idea honest to god and then Ben Carson look I love the guy. But I thought it was just fall asleep. During a couple moments I sort when he was resigning the constitution at the end got the preamble to the constitution god as my witness I should be just fall asleep well. Like there were some moments Roy thought. Is he schmoozing now is a bust his bat file OK he's awake he's awake. Look nice guy I love the guy brilliant surgeon but he and Kasich to me have to go OK and. Had more. 2 AM phone cause then everybody here put together making life and death decisions. That may be true but you're retired now and that maybe it's time for you to just an olive oil Florida and get back a little bit. Because obviously after 103011 o'clock you're you're ready to go for good snows. Okay my friend so I mean to me it was basically cruise one Rand Paul number two. Rubio three year Christie three yet Timmy can go either way and and Jeb Bush read rounds out you know fifth place. More importantly. Crews needed to deliver a knockout blow. I thought it was a bit strange he did not come out strong against Donald Trump. I thought you should have taken it to Donald Trump in said he almost acted I promise a bit bizarre. Much is the Donald Trump was an on stage which is fine but almost is of Donald Trump wasn't in the race. Secondly let me say. I'm a maniac. And everyone on this stage. Is stupid fat and ugly and then your terrible search. Now that we've gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way. I mean you know as he was an attempt at humor. Though is okay area I was really not funny it was kind of funny but not really that funny. I thought he showed of just taking Donald Trump all part. And he didn't do that. He wasn't as aggressive as he was another debates frankly wasn't as aggressive as he's been on the campaign trail. I mean he was paean off launch from. Calling him a narcissistic with the messiah complex similar to Obama. He was exposing his big government progressive record. He was going on about how he's not a true conservative. I mean he was doing some real damage none of that came onstage last. None of or very little of it. And so I don't think crude Q1 but he didn't have the kind of debate performance I think he needed frankly to really take it to Donald Trump. Now. What is clear to me is that faux news last night it was mission destroy the insurgents. And even though Donald Trump wasn't there. They still had to take a good shot against Donald and the whole night. All they wanted to do was bleed Ted Cruz nick come here nick come bear. May get around to a dot com get Chris Buick dot com yeah rubio to attack them get Kasich to attack them get a judge to attack come. There is Chris Wallace all your tough talk on nicest but he is it is is tough talk enough to head is stuffed up enough dead. In other words they just kept trying to Cottam and cut them and Cottam. Here to me was the key moment of the event the key moment that the debate that I think exposed. What a sham Ryan known network Fox News has become. A Muslim activists. Who on her page her FaceBook page I swear to you compares Donald Trump that Adolf Hitler. There's a picture of trump and Hitler. She's a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. She's there what a sweater fuel to burn she's out are all out Bernie Sanders supporter. And an Islamic activist who compare strong they hit four. That was the ambush they were setting off for trump basically a column my Hitler OK while they brought her in anyway no bill and more. Listen after her Oscar for question. Because they had Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace so all we've got such an important YouTube question from this woman a bill in order. Roll it Britain. I'm a violent act and the muscle American born inmates and he left us with creates beanie and like somebody else I need to it. It's funny fifteen member at hate crimes against Muslims in the US has tripled and on social media outlets and a lot of time. I've seen many attacks directed towards the elements funds. This culture of hatred it's only driving I sensed to radicalize to recruit and incite violence. Ask president what would you do to address this toxic climate and promote increased tolerance in the United States. Case operate their. No vetting. This is all BS there are no hate crimes against Muslims Muslims aren't being persecuted. Nobody wants to take away their citizenship. It's all I mean it's literally all BS. But they are they hotter there. And guess who they direct the question to. Guess we know she's talking about trump quarry they direct the question and nobody else just this one person. You guessed that the guy who's been spinning launch romp for the last couple weeks. Jammed press stalled for English bush. On this one ball forget Spanish now he really knows how to speak English listen did you bit dull. Roll it. Brittany. Governor bush Saudi answered no bailout. Well first of all I think it's important that we were running for the highest office in the land. We recognize that we're living in dangerous times and we have to be serious about it than our words have consequences this series thought trump for example somebody made a mention his name again dispute Berry was listening. And it's mr. trump. Believe that in reaction to people's fears that we should ban all Muslims what I creates an environment that's toxic and our own country Cabela's a rising entrepreneur or she wants to pursue the American dream she's an American citizen she should not feel uncomfortable about her citizenship. She's not the threat the threat as Islamic terrorism we need to focus our energies they're not these broad blanket kind of of statements that will make it harder for us to deal with devices we we need to deal with a crisis in the cal fate. We need a strategy to destroy crisis there you can't do that without the cooperation. Of the Muslim world because bear as threatened as we are. And so I think it's important for us to be careful about the language we use which is why have been critical of Donald Trump. Disparaging women disparaging Hispanics that's not a sign of strength. Making fun of disabled people we're never gonna win elections if we don't have a more broader unifying message. So a question about Muslims a budget we being persecuted. In the United States and it's all against trump. She bit vilified smear trump racist racist racist. Then here's the stat because I warned Ted about this I said they're not just gonna knock off trump wanna knock you off. So Blair's Chris Wallace. And he points out to the crowd Iowa governor Brad Terry Branstad. Longest serving governor I think in American history when it was a six firmer whatever. Despises screws in fact has been saying to everybody in Iowa I don't care won't you vote for. George don't vote for dead because you opposes ethanol subsidies he's against the establishment he's against crony capitalism. So they actually single loud Terry Branstad. Darius they don't show was signed by the way who's a lobbyist for wrap them all but let that go. Bears gold dairy and everybody's cooperate always love you Barry we love you Barry. And then straight to cruise. Senator. You oppose the F and all noon to eight Q oppose ethanol subsidies. How can you win in Iowa because ethanol and biofuels. Commercial or important to this state. Even durst such popular that their popular governor wish all popular even he opposes it dead. Meaning wink way this guy's own lack call today even a wrong governor can't stand them come. Ted I gotta say on that one heated right out of the park roll it Brittany. Well Chris I'm glad to discuss my views on ethanol energy had adding god has blessed this country with enormous natural resources. And we should pursue all of the above we should be developing oil and gas and coal nuclear wind and solar and ethanol and biofuels. But I don't believe that Washington should be picking winners and losers and I think there should be no mandates and no. Some cities whatsoever. And I see my tax plan that I'd introduce its available on our website it's a simple flat tax for everyone to produce enormous economic growth. And it eliminates every mandate every subsidy so there's no subsidies for oil and gas no subsidies for anyone. It is true that there are a bunch of lobbyists and a bunch of Democrats in this state spending millions of dollars trying to convince the people of Iowa that I somehow oppose ethanol it's not true. I've introduced legislation that would phase out the ethanol mandate over five years but that is in the context of having no mandates whatsoever for anyone. And I would note there's a much more important government regulation ethanol and that's the EPA's blend wall. That makes it illegal to sell mid level blends of ethanol and gasoline. I would stare down the EPA's blend wall which will enable ethanol to expand its market share by up to 60%. All without mandates all without any government mandates whatsoever through the marketplace. Final note finally Chris. There is a reason. That Iowa's congressman Steve King perhaps the fiercest defender of farmers in this state is sharing my campaign because he understands that I'm committed. To a fair and level playing field for every energy source without lobbyists and without Washington picking winners and losers. Honest to god I love this guy up I love this guy. Okay my friends look at the debate it was good on policy there was some very good policy debates going on. I thought there was more substance and policy without Donald Trump there to be there. But it wasn't as exciting or interest me. What did you make of the debate. Was it good without Donald was it worse without Donald. Who do you think one who do you think lost 6172666868. Your calls. Next. A 774. Board chat room. One by a landslide last night. And we finally had a debate on issues without trump. One thing is certain trump has no business running against any of the candidates he's a joke. 50 wait the winners last night trump and his supporters and the veterans. Losers falling use. I see trump taking Iowa then steam rolling across the country. Maryann in New Hampshire thanks for holding and welcome. Pay gap diplomats say I watched last night I couldn't stand CNN that they did that mean with a bunch of at and you know there again anyway. I don't count on and on C span and I'll tell you is masterful Jeff I didn't watch box on them as an am boycotting him at the moment. What happened was they call in line and they had a Republican mind Democrat line in Iowa voters line. Call came in Jasper. Not one of them are voting for anyone but China Democrats local Iowa and it was the main thing gay because spot but that was wonderful because what the understanding here is United States run for president is about. The red white and blue spot all of us together. It spreading his message to Democrats and independents. Let everybody know he's not gonna back down. You hit things. Within 24 hours he did something and now establishment GOP it means previously have to put some life back together the better and twenty hours. Not gonna happen. Secondly everything will it. People that watched it it was heartfelt to have people say oh we use and the veteran political game I tell you got in a Bob issued the united including. You know in as an illegal immigration and trade with China he piloting veterans they definitely support. You know getting him health care for these guys and help them and we heard from the bad parent hearts and child that was very moving Jeff. Election and he's there was no cut it way and the currency and what not aren't balanced. She was black and white this is what happened and take a lot and I love. I'm Marianne thank you very much for that call 617266. 6868. OK we've got Mike Siegel long coming on next to give us his analysis. Always take many more of your calls. Last night's debate who won who lost. Do you think it was better that Donald Trump wasn't there do you think it was worse for the lack of the Donald. What do you make of what happened and in the end in the showdown between fox and Donald Trump. Who won who lost. All of your calls 6172666868. Don't touch that I thought. 1230 is here on the great WRK. All of the voice of Boston 6172666868. We're now joined by talk show host Mike Segal you often hear him here on WRKO. Mike did you watch the debate last night. And what what do you make recruit one who lost. Well I don't have frankly. Jeff I think it Marco Rubio really did a good job. I think he handled those questions very well about the immigration issue. He the he just throws to another level of kind of being presidential. I thought and crucial under the gun. And I thought it was ironic. What he said the Chris Wallace Jeff. That it was gonna leave the stage to go one mortar attack at question one more mean question. And I thought sort of a wait a minute of workers also would sit orbit you must agree with mr. trump for not being here because of the mean questions street saudis. The very attack Indian and Donald Trump. Was the very boring that he did and whining and did that what I don't think that helped them. An and I thought that Chris Christie. Came out well when he talked about the fact that that Hillary and bill would no longer being public housing. The John Casey hit a good job talking about K McLean. You know being very steady and slowly picking up what he's doing pretty well assure you well know north of us. A soul I think. There was a lot to be sent a lot of them and that was a lot more substance to what they can because that wasn't there. I also thought Carly Fiorina. Was very strong words against summary which is not getting traction. But I think she will reward you could go after Hillary and you may see possibly. A Republican pretty girl for the vice presidency. And running with them because she'd be a great attack dog a weapon Hillary Hillary is the nominee. I think overall it was a good. A substantive debate I think several people did well. I think grant albeit stupid well four has been although he's not gonna get much in terms of numbers. But if they commit himself look much better this time around and eat they ordered out how well have there been changes in positions by a cruise. And I think also. Rubio made the point at some level it but it you're not via. Icon of conservatism. You know you're not holier than now and so we were sort of that we all have conservative points of view about that was. An important point to bring up I think it. Inevitably was gonna get it decreases your number two. And bottom line was that he was the one that gutsy attacks rather than Donald Trump who are Jeb Bush did very well less like for the I think for the first time. Very strong and I think kept on talking about I'm hoping is Teddy bear and talked about the family and loving his brother and his father being the greatest person on earth to. And any except that they haven't been dealt an important thing for this too shall almost it was a good night from most of them. You think do you think crews helped or hurt himself last night. I think he heard and saw a little bit I mean I'm gonna remember that comment about one or mean questions. And we are may have believed the stage I was stunned by that that I got a lot of play. That they but I I thought that was. There is if you think Donald can't handle to why are you doing the same thing it is. I got my reminds sense wise to be fair cruise he was kidding I don't think he was serious. I think you is making fun of Donald and that's why rubio even piled on. Saying yeah I Al won't walk away either fire have a tough question I mean the audience was laughing so I don't think deadly serious Mike I think you said it kind of jokingly. Maybe that the joke didn't play off as well as he'd like to. But to me I got the sense that mommy that was just kidding around our in our that you were serious might. I hope I hope that's the case but they're they're different than just the perception. It made the point crew sort of follows that he's he's not a good jokes there because I actually took him seriously and I I didn't see it I didn't see any format. But you know what it was very funny at the beginning when he talked about. Leo well world where that big pat on the stage all the facts and that advent Euro while he surgeon. Now what we got the battle portion of yours so I guess but that was felt good line at the beginning and I took that it's a battle to joke. But maybe you're right maybe I misread that and if that's the case that he needs to think about. How he presents is comedic side because that is pretty well at the Taj. At at my goods and I'm here up against the body but so you're going on vacation Mike you're gonna go to you're doing a nice tour of Italy and you want. Dolby or kill listeners that come with few. I want Jeff corner of the that the coach what he Jeb. The authority of the country get big we're gonna have a great trip. Its sense of cabaret I'm so early it would do this and meet so many of your listeners. And enjoyed eleven days in Italy with that but ultimately just one of those countries that you could just soak up culture it is phenomenal. Because we're going to be visiting Vatican City in role of course we're gonna see the Sistine Chapel go to Saint Peter's Square and receive the coliseum. Maybe even people who wanna throw corners in the tribute out you'll be able do that make you special wish. As we've been in the bowl records in the fountain. We're gonna go to the Korean countryside. The agency Leo. Or we get so we're gonna go to market teeny Terry we're going to piece Ceci gleaming tower Pisa we're going Florence Milan yet we're going to Venice. We're gonna have to I'm gonna pick in gondola ride in Venice. You might wanna try one of the Italian Jawad also spectacular. We're gonna corporal. Where they have the opener coliseum where the gladiators fought 2000 your go to the debt today it's an open air opera that they shall there. Now it also cruise on lake which jury. We're going to host or the arts section of the lot a wonderful city. And that we fly at all of levity dictation. It's spectacular. Why empty travel was handling all the details I would urge everybody to call Y and Z and join me on display as a separate Olympic trip to classic. It'll be tripped one triple eight. 74413. 37 what Tripoli. Seven or four. Thirteen 37 jointly Mike Siegel a great time with us and build it for what they have to talk about that the upcoming presidential elections to cost me a lot of fun as well. Mike have a great trip my friend thanks for coming on and take care buddy. We are jobless YouTube my friend 6172666868. Is the number. Look I gotta say I mean I know a lot of people are saying rubio had a great night in fact. Shock cobalt talks I swear to you don't moment the debate is done. They go to Charles Trotta climber Megyn Kelly Ben leads the show after the debate. And shocked. I swear primer says all you know one. Jab orange about bottle is best night ever. He actually won I shall listen across timer saying not on on all forget perot's forget Rand Paul for them off. Big winner. Was jabbed press poll for English bush. Roll it written. The absence well I won't even say why there was it was a very spirited debate it was much more substantive. Then about any other hand. There was almost none of the how many times in the insults. That when I heard in the earlier debates there was a lot of the hard. Questioning a lot of tough exchanges. But it did not have anything to do. I thought with the kind of personal level that we've heard before I leave it to the viewers to. To figure out why pocket stopper secondly I've flowers interestingly. Operator. Why can't he just say Donald Trump. This is the ice where the wind for now I think what fox Hughes he's got them sold rattle. You know we we attack number one we attacked him he attacks us a lot of wanna mention him by name because then Donald Trump's gonna look back in. So you know why they weren't insulting each other you can does so I'm Buckingham my little game but I won't say is laying. I mean grow a pair. I'm so seriously okay but let bad golf shall now I don't know what planet he was on I don't know what debate he was watching I'm sure he's. Unlike Croshere was kidding about leaving the debate stage. This guy serious about jabbed jabbed. Having won the night roll it to Britain. Secondly I thought it was interestingly the best night that. Jeb had in all of the debates and I might even said he might have the best night of the of the group. In this debate. What are you smoking crack are you kidding me so I want you to think about this. On a Republican debate stage. We're in nine out of ten Republicans say no way can we ever support a candidate who backs amnesty. Jeb Brit ball sits there for almost two hours saying again and again I love amnesty I backed amnesty. Amnesty is the consensus position we've got to push for amnesty I love amnesty. And these are real crimes these Ryan always had fought one might all autumn night then. There's the big exchange between cruise and rubio I'm gonna get to this to me I think puts the he caught out ruby those heart because he expose them for the parole open borders. Roll amnesty. Pro chamber of commerce shill that rubio is okay but let that go. Right away ghost of Frank Luntz. A pollster who by the way he used to be rubio used to be one of his clients. Rubio actually gave him a lot of money before he fox didn't disclose that that conflict of interest but let that go so mother go to frank wants. Who do you think won the debate well we chose these two MI you win over voters Turkish written them we don't know what their views are. And it's incredible. Mig and when you played that clip of rubio first being against amnesty. Didn't mean for amnesty. Then being against amnesty and now being for an amnesty again. The audience removed it. The audience should it was only trick the audience so don't Michael this is the man that has to be president of the United States. Duff flip flop Burke who lied to his constituents about amnesty. And now in fact supports open borders. You have to hear it to believe it it's like up but I'm Kim village. Roland Britain mega you asks probably the toughest question of the debates. You gave the candidates no room to wiggle. You pressed him and he responded. I want to begin with the most important and it pack for a moment of this debate. It was your challenger Marco Rubio and watch how well he did an immigration. Take a look. You why it earned pat just absolutely we are knocking around at the deport twelve million people. But we're not gonna go or out handing out citizenship cards either that would be a process we will see what the American people are willing to support but it will not be on. Positional executive orders like the ones Barack Obama has forced it. What's your reaction. Queens but it's. I show the audience at home. And I don't know as a whole stupid chart paying and the numbers are going up the moderates or conservatives. Are you a Coca here the words losing its losers here adores you. One word to describe rubio. You're supporting mark review relations. One to the world if you're right you're going home. Most likely to vote room more emotional Angela that impact of race in debates incredibly order for subscriber. Organized. Are. Credible. Changer electable attractive opportunist so tough. They are told there are rules should not know what. The developer George is all they got this guy in here does not here are short Jeff corners there while we're going to be one word to describe MB essar. I can't say fully but it'll be Yasser that's what he has now here is this exchange. Between rubio and crews. That door Ryan all of our short like a like like this autumn like this the Kremlin out of the old Soviet Union or the propaganda. To try to convince you that rubio won. So rubio they've got it on tape. Rubio says all on against amnesty 2000 immigrants amnesty 2010 I'm against amnesty he's campaigning say I'm our fight for amnesty. But then he supports the gang of eight. Then he betrays everything he told his voters so. Now fox as the try to destroy cruises credibility. Roll it Brittany with citizenship off the table. Was that all an act was pretty convincing. You know the amendment you're talking about as one sentence it's 38 words anyone can go online at Ted Cruz dot org and read exactly what it said. In those 38 words it said anyone here illegally is permanently ineligible for citizenship it didn't say a word. About legalization of the bill I I lost the billion or amending allowed citizenship and legal but Megan. The bill was a thousand pages I introduced a series of amendments each designed to fix problems in the bill the fact that each amendment didn't fix every problem. Didn't mean that I supported the rest of the bill and I'll tell you who supported my amendment. Jeff Sessions the strongest opponent of amnesty in the United States congress. And he did so because taking citizenship off the table was important and it revealed that hypocrisy of the proponents of this bill. Who were looking for votes listen. We can solve immigration we just heard an argument back and forth that we can't solve emigration. I have a detailed immigration plan that is on my website Ted Cruz dot org it was designed with Iowa's own congressman Steve King. And Jeff Sessions. And then after the break. Crews delivers the kill shot. 6172666868. Is the number. That guy who put the poison pill amendment. That destroyed the gang of eight which was to give amnesty to eleven to twenty million illegal immigrants. But by the dear leader back let Chuck Schumer backed by John McCain. Backed by obviously Marco Rubio and now falch users trying to tell us that the guy who killed the gang of eight. Is the real squish on immigration. I ya ya I got. When he ran for election and state of Florida he told the people of Florida if you elect me I will lead the fight against amnesty. When I ran in Texas I told the people of Texas if you elect me I will lead the fight against amnesty we both made the identical promises. But we came to Washington we made a different choice Marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was politically. Contagious I honor my commitments and as president I will honor every commitment. By buying rubio all. Mike can brighten thanks for holding and welcome. And I share. I believe what I witnessed fluctuations. Does belong to go much to victory. But establishment. I do I believe that I watched. I watched the two people they have artists. I guess it's I watched the panel I watched a crow and global. I believe Lashley. Who disobey the benchmark or emotional much to victory. Photo right Roche are the seven Republicans. Who are all important. Cruised I don't know what you election. But he was stumbling. Use. Caught flat footed they would basically saying how much he hated in the in the Charlotte. You know that they're shoring limit despite these. Shortly relate alleged it was a look at the beginning of oil homage to victory. Established. My very very very interest and okay my friends gonna get all of your calls after this short break who do you think won the debate last night who you think lost the debate last night. Job Newton and Donald Trump had his own event. Did Donald set up Ted Cruz a lot of people are saying about we dawn rolled out. Everybody was gunning for head. Was this a plot by Donald Trump. To have as enemies meet captain Ed crews forum 6172666868. So much more don't. Touched that side. I think what's interesting about where that liberty vote goes to my father brought to the Republican Party is. I don't think they're necessarily going to go for Chad you know Ted. Didn't show law. We had an audit the Fed though which is the biggest thing my dad had been at birth to add advocating for for thirty years. Ted didn't have time shoving is only Republican didn't show up for it. And so I think the really bad food is going to stay in the fall household I think more of it's coming and it's gonna grow. The NSA is another big issue Ted said he was four. You know NSA reform. But Kenny told Marco Rubio and I voted for the bill because I'm for the government collecting 100%. Of your cellphone records. I don't think Ted can have it both ways. They wanna say they're getting some of the liberty we don't see it happening at all we think we're gonna do very well. Iowa floated that Sadr. 107. Here on the great WRK. Although voice of Boston just the case. Bob how they were planning for Ted Cruz last night well speaking of senator Ted Cruz. Join bill Kelly he'll be hosting a very special event with senator cruise I will be there as well. On Wednesday February the third two days after the Iowa Caucuses. Next week. But the Keefe auditorium at elm street middle school in Nashua, New Hampshire. Doors kick open at 630 the event kicks off at 7 PM until 9 PM. It's gonna be packed to the rafters. You can meet Ted Cruz you can ask him any question you want it'll be an evening with him. To ask him questions. See what he stands for. Talk to him meet him. I will be asking questions so will bill Kelly he'll be a very very special town hall event. I hope to see every single one of you there right what four days five days before the all important New Hampshire primary. It's going to be historic. It's gonna be an election for the ages. Crews. Rand Paul. A Donald Trump all of them are going to be in the middle of the fray next week so Wednesday February 3. Join mean joined bill Kelly and joined senator Ted Cruz. For a very very special town hall going to be at the Keefe auditorium. Elm street middle school in Nashua, New Hampshire. Doors open at 630 event kicks off at seven tickets are free. He can bring a friend called leaks spouse whatever. Call 88881881. 8888018812. Reserve now. Or you can go to what event too bright to dot com quoted www. Bright BR. I TEE. Dot com event bright dot com or call 888800. 1881. Okay my friends you know my position on this. I think ultimately Donald Trump won the night. He is events was electric. A lot of people skipped the Fox News debate. He won the hearts of many people with some incredibly moving stories. About our suffering vets. He brought with him the last two winners of the Iowa Caucuses Rick Santorum Mike Huckabee. Raise money for that that's clearly trump trumped fox. Further debate itself. Crew was I thought had a very good night I disagree there was some of the callers. I don't think he did what he needed to do to go after trump and knocked out trump. But I think on points he won a far Rand Paul had a very good night. Christie if I was okay rubio at times said flourishes. Jeb was maybe his best performance but his jab and so in the end was it enough for Ted Cruz attached Donald Trump we'll find out on Monday. Com Europe next go ahead com. Give scooter six DD RK no. I know of no better way to end a week that was Fred bright blue dynamite. It at at at thanks so much Tom what did you make of last night Jeff. Three comments on fox and then I'm gonna tell you something about the debate. Our number one I think frank wants to pay might be worse and then George wells. Number two just keep our crowd would it's tough for me to listen to him because (%expletive) bike can't get it out of my head. Thought both broke bill off for five it'll also start terrorists. Would be good swaps so it's hard for me to listen to that to him. And three. Kelly met again. That little piece on the Islam all phobia. Was trapping. Dripping with political correctness. Now just might point on the debate. We want to make America great again. We have to start with undoing our moral decay. My two favorite points of the debate were number one. When Chris Christie said in his best accomplishment I'm paraphrasing. In New Jersey was these funding Planned Parenthood. And number two feet. And I know Markel hatter but kind of hurt so so night but when he said I am not as savior. Yes this. Christ is our lord and savior and he died for our sins. God bless you. Marco Rubio and in Jeff finally. I hope Donald Trump. Michael Savage that Billiton on conservative. All the Judith Catholics out there that have been nice thing that's in the back for forty years. And it population control Ryan knows heard that and pray on it and change their ways god bless you jets. Thank you very much Tom nor I saw that would slightly a bit differently I'll be honest with you Tom. I thought I thought Christina won the lines of the night. When you know he's asked by Brett Baer. Well what department would you get rid of where would you cut spending. And he said all you know I'd like look around my oh my god we're Roy began and he says you know what I cut funding to Planned Parenthood. And then Brett Baer says storm ball anything bigger. You know I think bread bear meant like you know I mean a bigger chunk of the budget but I thought Christiane a brilliant comeback when he said bigger. What's more bigger than. The mass murder of unborn children what's bigger than thousands of babies being killed and sold off for their body parts. I thought I gotta say that was dot so lying that I'm gonna remember for a long time. But no on the Marco Rubio I looked at a completely the opposite. I think this guy is such a megalomaniac. That he's almost like trying to reassure us on an all I'm not the savior. I'm Arnold time magazine about big piece on me with the front page cover ill savior of the Republican Party is either savior for conservatives not at all. Jesus is the true savior look at the big word for it's not me. I know Fox News does and I know the weekly standard does and all the Wall Street Journal they think I'm the savior. But not on on all mono I'm just an open borders amnesty free trade shill. But Mon all mama all I'm not the savior I don't walk on water him up the son of god. Close but I'm not. Does Jesus. Bats that's Jesus. And I are so I'm looking at this and I'm like all. Want to megalomaniac. And you guys at fox and the media establishment. Are saying trump is an arsonist. You guys are saying that trump is the eagle maniac when this guy actually seriously is trying to say not only. It's Jesus it's not mean. I yeah yeah like a Marco thanks I didn't know that but okay showed. Awesome you're not the son of god you're not the lord king and savior all jesus'. Thank you mark call saying we're not you establishment guys where would we be 617. Do we have that Britney. Okay here's Britney. Oprah I thought your I don't know try to get it 617 to a 666868. Joseph in Florida thanks for holding go ahead Joseph. Yeah. Well I'm actually a supporter however I will pray you'll I know crews did. And I agree to a cruise what you did he did put poison pill and bill I've said that many times. Okay we'll give them amnesty that they can that. Apparently comes. Out. Let the Democrats and articles. And that's what he did what he did it so I iron my happy guy I mean I support trump. But like you I have read candidate I will vote for them idle the rule is people will vote he wins. But I adequate ones I have Rand Paul and I at Trump Ice I'm dropping the mine that bought but we've got will obviously guys. Which is what they call Italian. Problem bonds. Because. We've got you know we've got we've got to we've got choices here. I think the problem I have with the whole debate is that. And that is why I'm supporting trump is we have two big existential issues immigration. Mass immigration and the India the it. To Pacific. But simply trade agreement interest them that the partnership that's our issues. Does Google make or break in nine states and everything else. Is important but as important resistance if foolish loudly as the existential issues. Well it's whether we remain a country or not. I mean really that's when it comes that's what I mean that's why. See that's why I've been trying to tell everybody now look you know my feelings and a pit crews. But the country to shape the ball trump. The country shaped with Rand Paul. Now. I am a constitutional. List I mean directly I mean I'm so I'm more confident about the Supreme Court frankly with the crew that would Donald Trump them into a certain issues. But no on Obama tray he's gonna kill it all home on the key people he's gonna kill it. On open borders they're gonna kill it on amnesty either gonna kill it I mean on these key issues to particulate. Shall Toomey the country wins. But Sumi Timmy ultimately that's might add that that's my larger goal that's my interest but no why. I've got to say that's okay I I really really have to say this to mean this is. When I'm seeing now. Is something orwellian I've never seen anything like this in my life. The week. The establishment on the Republican side. Is showing the pink for either rubio all or Jeb Bush. Now we're finding out that Frank Luntz member of the same or after the first debate with Megyn Kelly trump is finished. Doctors focus group all major annual marked amount everybody's starting against drop all my dog last night same thing all Mike ought. By the way you would want my biggest client shoe line my pockets but let it go. All ritual real all rubio was just phenomenal my god nobody came in voting former bush is leaving voting form. Guys what planet are you living on. Seriously what planet are you living alone. So Camille tell you with a big loser is honestly it's fox. And I don't know if you saw that spread. Never mind Megyn Kelly now being on Vanity Fair that GQ spread that trumps people I've been tweeting out. She's install at all it's she's in this leathers I mean leather skirt. He's the only thing you don't see frankly are the you offer Gena Sabin anyway it's. Italy and believe me it doesn't leave much to the imagination. And then she goes on Howard Stern. With her husband. And their bragging not just about what great sex they're having but what great sex they're having a she's pregnant. You know I was pregnant or not that sex was great how we are was grain it now when he. And Roger rails and faux news are trying to portray her as the second coming of Walter Cronkite. Which I ya yeah I Vinny Europe next go ahead many. A hijacked. And and trump did not show up. That the debate it's clear that he is still controlling that news narrative. If trump does win and anything can happen in politics and crews could become the front runner. Trump is showing us what he would do as president regarding the news media and fox and news media and fox. Are the biggest obstacles to freedom and the American way of life. Trump putting them in their place is part of making America great again. I believe the winners of the debate as a result of the trump protest or the American people. When I opted to take a punch in the face. America wins out two final points you mention what's joined the basic doing on the stage. I believe he's running for BP. The Ohio governor says he must be part of their Republican formula all aren't always has been. And you mention one other thing here. Because crews. Did not take. Trump apart. I've got to ask you do you think at this point. He's running for beat people don't know what your thoughts on this. Then you look outside look I gotta tell you I was baffled. I thought he would come out swinging. He should've come I'll be honest with you be sure to come out swinging. Well now's your chance to really make your case. And look even trumps people look at got to be careful how I phrases. Even trumps people have conceded to me in private. That some of these toxic Cruz has been launching. Their start in that field the damage. I mean look it's a Republican primary. When crow starts really going after trump spots support for whatever bailouts or TARP or Obama's stimulus or whatever. And it's it's it's causing people doubts. And so he's been he's been bleeding he's been making. Trump now on the campaign trail. And so I thought will now you got to come in bearing when you have a chance to finish your opponent you finish your opponent he's just ceded center stage do you. I understand he's got a big event. I understand it's a rocking event I understand a lot of people are listening a lot of people are watching it again it but still thirteen million meet people is thirteen million people. You got a chance to really. Help put the knife into this guy. And he doesn't humored joke which I don't think was that good and many tries to be kind of presidential. And he's above at all and I just he was acting almost as Ziff trump was no longer in the race and cruise was sitting on a league. I just found this debate strategy. Obviously have been disappointing it was a bit timid a bit cautious. And I would've liked it everybody commented on the everybody on stage said you know always always much more aggressive. For someone reason he wasn't as aggressive as he was in the previous debates. So I don't I don't know what's going on I don't know if this is calculator on its part I don't know I don't know I really don't know. 61726668681221. The great WRK no more if your calls next. Keeping you connected at WRK oh dough boys of Boston. My friends. You've heard me tell you about trivia it's a powerful all natural treatment for your fitting receding hair that contains a unique blend of plant extracts. Giving you the Fuller thicker healthier hair that you want my friends pro VEL works. For both men and women. Perfectly safe font color been treated there. 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We always had such a loving relationship either of these debates and and between in the tweets I kind of miss him I wish she was here everybody else was in the witness protection program when I went after him. On behalf of what the Republican cause should be good. They're tough guys Chad. Yes he's really was running for a new jab that's why the initial buzz of the babies scared of you Jeff you're the tough guy job. Andrea in Rockport banks were holding going head injury. Hey can't I think I got a cannon morning that Avnet plaque all data Andrea well come back injury. I think that and I've been working and that sort and I sure wouldn't and we remain. You're not that you gotta pay the bills rank this. So means well not everybody can be on welfare and. I don't get paid for that. And yeah I'm not that popular dogs I'm Democrat to get through through them. And and a family that at fox knew what the heck is going on each time and Ali here is. Bad things about pumped pumped terrible time terrible did not one point can also commented on any shell. Except maybe Hannity. Debt like Tom solid action on an incitement not gonna decide who's the president I'd say. I am really shocked to death that I'll both people particularly am really shocked that brought the act. I just don't alive and doing exactly what that count on to do it looks really forced they I'll look like a bunch of and I'll check like you know little might you know that will just do whatever they want help and I'm surprised some people up and stepped out. Both unreal look I can tell you I know many of them I was in DC for many years I ran with that crowd. Look who pays the piper calls the tune. And they write them Murdoch and Ailes right some very serious checks. And they're making a lot of money. And so when they say jump these guys say ally. And to be honest with you that's why I don't do TV I don't. I I I make a lot less money and full disclosure but I'm independent I. Look don't take my word Ford asked the people here to enter calm my editorial independence is not for it is not this not for sale. That I make that very clear I never debate why negotiate a contract over money. IR negotiate primarily over editorial control. Because once you see that as a journalist you're finished. So what your shooting at Fox News they're being unmasked. This is now becoming 88 trump bash network it's a hate trump fast. That's what it is because the order has come on from it can't come on out from the godfather. From Murdoch NL's take amount. Anthony in east Kingston New Hampshire. Go ahead and. I am a bit by a war. Are right on both words to go to learn. Network based on the girl and some. The watch page boat the last spot Republicans. Voting base and she now apple ought to debate has split the Clinton I don't look almost. Skews the Republican athletes Clinton. And I are you beyond me. I. Are you guys yeah you guys guys. 6172666868. Is the number. Mort your calls doctor graves is warming up in the bullpen. Don't touch that side. 137 here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. You can text that sets 68680. Joining us now as she does every Friday at this time. Is none other than doctor Gray's sporting liberals in their place. She has her own show every Saturday at 3 PM eastern on WT SB. In North Carolina you can hear it on the Internet via streaming. It's called American heartland where doctor grace. She's also the editor of politics and culture at world Tribune dot com full disclosure oil shall write for world Tribune. I think he's won the best news sites in the world. And she's also my wife my better half. Doctor grace great to have you back on the corner report. You saw the debate last night who do you think were the big winners who do you think we're the big losers. That the big story right now is that the Republican establishment. Just got on the scoreboard. I tell you what happened. It was that the all the bases are loaded it's Trump's own up to that event adds to the it's a debate. He couldn't hit that Grand Slam. Feel on possibly to victory run the board from Iowa all the way through but he didn't show up. So wealthy that back it's pit crews. It pit crew had an extraordinary. Night again hit the Grand Slam. Strong night for an outsider. He could possibly feel long to eventual victory. But neither of the two men did it. Tech crew didn't do enough. However had crude is winning the closing arguments in Iowa on the ground the last couple of days pet food is winning all of the closing argument. Had he blocked those closing argument that the debate stage. We would've been having different conversation today but he didn't. No huge mistake but he didn't hit that grand slams so what happens the other team went up the back. And that big news is that for the first time we got to see to read people shy in the way we hadn't seen them before. Jeb Bush shown for anybody out there. I I serious sir are you got on my chin up. Telling you I'm not mean you and just talking about to the public at large. If you're if that was meant type person. And you'd think that a pathway to citizenship is essential for the Republican parking lot of people out there. Jet polish but Jeb Bush made that argument very effectively and he's been consistent on Matt so he solved. Marco Rubio did not shine on the question of amnesty or immigration because I think he got clobbered by both jet on the one hand and crude on the other. But he put together a different kind of argument and it's gonna resonate well according to the Republican Party. Which is that he's nonetheless a conservative. And you don't want is going to be able to unite the disparate elements of the party. And he's shown in his attacks. I think Hillary Clinton and then demand that is going to be a fresh faced for the Republican Party. So because there was an opening Jeb Bush had a couple of shining moment. Libya has some shining moment. And Chris Christie politely saying to you right but I do in your year I was saying Jeff is that the best communicate or the Republican Party. Chris Christie has some shining moment it was not just can't answer on Planned Parenthood which was excellent. It was also when he said. That he was there at 90911. On that date and he didn't know where his wife wedge for all those hours. And talk about that experience that very same thing as I did on 9/11 with which you'll on the road heading up to work and my sister Rhonda wrote. I when the Pentagon was hit not knowing what you guys were what was going on trying to reach both of you. When he spoke. About the reaction to 9/11 in what we all lean toward. I felt a certain. Connection emotional connection and he was able to do what kind of get the candidates do communicate effectively but also pull the heart strings. He also had but the funniest joke of of the night went he's. He said that his Washington speak I quack. Up because yes my eyes were glazed look they're going back and forth about poison pill would not put it that Elena like oh my god and I thought he had the funniest moment in that regard. And he is coming on really strong. As the prosecutor I beat Hillary Clinton. Now granted the bridge gate scandal really hurt him a hug to Obama really hurt him on some position you know obviously I'm on the Tea Party person I'm an outsider. According to the outside it but. What I'm trying to say is that I'm not at an analyst. Because. Donald Trump didn't hit the Grand Slam because tech crew didn't hit the Grand Slam the other team for the first time got on the scoreboard. I'm not saying they tried to gain but the guy at the scoreboard. And I do not think that Donald Trump did himself or the outsider cause any favors. Because he didn't campaign aides were saying with our god you guys are always gonna get one to two million viewers. They came across as funny. As arrogant. Guess what Fox News did not get point five million viewers but they got 1213. Million viewers without Donald Trump. Which is pretty much the same as the Fox News business network brought in the other two debates with trump. And these subtle message that is being sent. I'm not think it's the key parties across the nation is do we really need him in the party and it was the first time we couldn't ask the question because he wasn't there. That was an unforced error when you're dominating when you're winning you don't stop playing until you hit the Grand Slam in your team has won. He dropped the ball and it was a bad mistake because as I said the establishment is now on the score board and in many ways. In a lot of contest you're gonna see this rate is still up for grabs. The Tea Party guys we have not heal big deal yet we haven't beaten the establishment. And as we can each other up we allow the establishment. To get to their first. And their first point on the scoreboard. How mean like I'll be honest with you doctor grace. Hi I mean look first the ball yeah Christie did have some moments. He's a very good communicate or when he's not swallowing donuts. So yes when in between donuts he's not about. Right I'll be honest if you Chris Christie. Look he's gonna collapse in New Hampshire I mean Chris Christie I'm telling Jimmy at 34%. He's got off the only place he's got any kind of a ground game is New Hampshire after a New Hampshire he's got Matta he's got zero. So Chris Christie unless she gets a deal as a sponsor for Dunkin' Donuts or something he's gone. Good Crist were rocket here CO Chris Christie anymore he's gone. Odds for Jeb big tall having denied him his life I got news for you. Jeb is never gonna win more than 3%. Jeb is a loser Jeb is an embarrassment. You can you look you know. It's like about a horse. You can put all the subtle you want on yeah can he beautify it all you want. You this this horse can run. So Jeb is going down. I.s for Marco Rubio all look this is a Republican primary with all due respect I'm looking at Fox News summon what plundered these people living on. In a Republican primary. You have the witty it stood to the finals rubio and Jeb feet tall goalie I'm just happy it was done in English and none of Spanish like I understand it but let it go. They're going back and forth don't you supported amnesty model you'll supported amnesty McCoy you supported amnesty. And I'm like do you think this is winning over the Republican electorate. And these guys are sank whom all all there won't find form last night. Look doctor grace I gotta tell you this there's only one person that can stop Donald Trump. And that's Ted groups. The only question is did he do enough last night and does he have enough of a ground game. To be able to catch up Donald in Iowa because of Donald wins Iowa it's good night I read. And I gotta tell you doctor grace with all due respect this is a varied different election. This is an election that's practically unprecedented. And you can have all the money you want you can have all the donors you want you can have all the media support you want. The American people are now on Tora leaks they are. And so to me. The big short and all tell you what the big stories the big story is that Donald Trump cut faux is viewer ship in half. They had 24 million the last time. Now there are down to what thirteen twelve. He holds a rival event. Did you watch everybody's tuning in to CNN. He drags it not to be drags in Santorum he drugs in the people who won the previous Iowa events you've got to vets coming out with these. Heart wrenching stories have the country's crying listening to this. You've got seaspan the phones are lighting up from Democrats and independents saying you know what I'm gonna go for the Donald. So I gotta tell you know the real story is this dot house all faux is over. They overplayed their hand they thought they could play kingmaker. They went after crew stopped on an escrow turn off people. The way they were going after crews it was so obvious. They put up that prophetic Muslim activist Bernie Sanders reporter they drag her and to tell us how racist and Islam phobic we all are and then drove out one did you beat dole so we can smash trump. It's over. The establishment is over. The rebellion is on the horse has left the barn all we gotta do now is culpable it's. Jeff this look at what happened very recently when we overthrew Boehner. Right to we thought we overthrew the establishment over the many establishment and who's not getting there. Paul ride it will make the argument and everybody was making that argument could be out not you but but the rest establishment. He can unite the whole party. Marco Rubio not in that argument as the Tea Party candidates are fighting one another. And so he had a very Gordon night except for the issue of that misty but he thinks something else he said. But we do have to secure the border now I I'm not foresee it not just talking at an analyst I don't support it I'm just saying objectively he did. Scored some good points so is Chris Christie and so that Jeb Bush and we believe you scored GAAP based court. Because trump and crows didn't feel the deal that is what happened last night now. Crude is playing brilliant cut down gain in high a lot. And I think he can probably win Iowa trump overall has had a spectacular campaign and it's gonna do very very well in most of the other states. But for the first time what we saw last night. Is that the establishment scored some points that's what I'm saying. They did better than they have in any other night you know why because every other night did two outsiders crushed establishment. It was the first night but that didn't happen. Doctor grace putting liberals and their play soaring this case playing up don't rhinos but let that go. Editor of politics and culture of the world are doomed them and me on your group remote but. What. Who really I gave you so much why did I do you. All right what we continue later all right we'll get we'll pick up look colleges say is this one will see the votes in in in Monday and we'll see how well the establishment balance I. I wouldn't put I wouldn't bet the mortgage on a sweetheart that's all I'm saying. How are nicer at all. All right guys for calling in all his appreciated. Always leads somebody to prop up the rhinos 6172666. It's sixty and my god jab at that. Judd not a great night last night omelet dot. Jerry in Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. I. And all my. A quarter remains that it was going to happen now and that there are young idealist secret. Joint base car. Rossi helped Arnold and all people aren't big board but triple peaks form book killing nick in. I. Yeah I thought Rand Paul had a had a real good night. I thought Cruz had a good night. I thought Chris people what you said when he was spit out can always had a pretty good night. In should be dealt with like for the fifth. And cut and I think he needed them. Red bullet something. He it was a really sleepy. The art are first gonna fall asleep I couldn't believe it. And chipped it thought would not setting any of these people correctly and I wanna talk about Marco Rubio full minute. Constitute you know everybody keeps talking bulk food whether or not he's eligible for it being mentioned Marco Rubio. You know when bill coating that is apparent dispute Castro. That's impossible. It's an untrue statement because in 1956. When his family left Cuba. To the United States his father or mother. Food giant skilled Batiste was in power so that's a false statement right there. Didn't even want to it's his parents didn't become citizens until he was forty years old. So we basically constitutionally. Ineligible penny went challenges that he's he's not natural born according to constitution Jeff. I Jerry you're right I think you're right I think there's clearly cloud over him. But more than god Gerri look you look at his support for the gang of eight for amnesty for open borders for TPP. For Obama trade. He wants to bringing Georgia and Ukraine into NATO. Is this man and same. Source world war three with the Russians. Now we can't look at the elite is passed to beating that improperly. If we market will be it was passed from the time he was a child would keep the trade that. In what reality is is two different things. His brother in law who is married to his sister. Who he worked for as a teenager is a convicted drug trafficking he's one of the cocaine cowboys got itself Miami you know. He did thirteen isn't she'll welcome you gotta Mark Twain once early when he was elected in 2000. So you know this guy has a lot of shady sketchy thing is fires real estate nonprofits. Can supporting what convicted felons. Drug traffickers. And Jerry Lee loves that credit cart off. He loves Iraq and it up on the parties credit card. Chia. Played the shell game with money like you wouldn't believe we looked into is cap. I wish people would look into is due out in vet him. Because I've looked into it and he's got a lot of shady on the he would be dealings in his caps. Gerri thank you so much I appreciate it 6172666868. Mort your calls. Next.