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Jan 24, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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Coming up today on me it might radio. Where new Wii live that's plan junger. You have a place called and and the twelfth. Those who would double plays on eBay gourmet coffee. Or dinner for two so what your place where claim job. And that is we get by radio would not only on AM 680 WRK you know Boston's talk station. Had a go at Battie is there but I am today. It is today Iraq. Knowledge cancer with an expert on it yet what it was canceled due to impending snow. I think here. Right as this has been pending. That's they should that be here but I guess about where apparently. I'm like toward and yeah we've even if it's gonna snow this is. It's kind of snow and a bright light couple inches off my day off. Heard that the I drove the heart of the storm last night it was too late that we had there. The heart of the wind. To play it as heroes guys that the best program probably write you back harmony break all right coffee. With bureau wanted to present here around record coffee bean that's it your way available. At Rhode revenues tap in tap an effort market that if Shaw's and either find market for a New England harmony bay gourmet coffee. Roasted fresh data in North Andover ma Massachusetts. Today. You can win a whole case of harmony day gourmet coffee delivered to your door. Now weird for those of you that are watching us dreaming that streaming Netflix streaming. I like he's going now if so is that she's. Nina and I had glances. And yeah Olympic for a little. A little fun. So that I don't know what what the problem is but it will fix it. Not so technology pro yet animal O'Neal's. Batteries chargers he says some of the biggest cities were giving away today to our callers and lobster Q. In Hampstead you have to get a fifty delegates to get Regina pizza. Sue Chang series imagery and those street and Peabody. Captain Parker's. In west the armed masked. The village restaurant in Essex legal seafood Boston and Tomo and I say they write is dipped normal homo Tomo by T and sushi in Salem new Hampshire at three. And take 368. As south Broadway route 2820. Salem yet. Have been easy the easy part these are actually going to be given Natalie you know went to things. Wanna Koch and everybody. Because they used to call and try to get tickets again and coincident next Sunday. And possible via Skype you explain their views in the call he had as. So completely sold that sold out to the rafters as they would say. And so we're gonna try to reschedule another date for Kevin. After this one because this month sold out sometime in March that were open that Kevin will be available so we'll let you know. But again I this has renounced these shows you need to get in because we can only take so many people in that room and I telemann. Yeah an upbeat I told through weeks ago we're going to be sold out. Pretty quick and we were sold out about three weeks ago so you have to get in when you see Kevin again we're gonna try sometime in March. For Kevin. At the China lost. Our now. You guys. We weren't on and that's and last week. The last yesterday yesterday and beyond tomorrow or rebroadcast is tomorrow because they had the rights action date yet there winter meetings and fox woods alive yesterday's with they had. But so that's the only day of the year that we ever get preempt them now that he I was there to. You are part of an issue they bump those who could have been done invite the foxwoods that would've been nice. You know Desai and if you're gonna bump let's at least give us a Roman night the room that we use is probably taken by like where to users let's do we weren't there. And to which they they know but when I walked in the door I will only sleep there and out fox again have been spoiled. And I still evidence that is an ax reminiscent Scott oh era you know. Michael coming down is that I was thinking more scarface the banks are making extra little Erica at the frankly right here right it and maybe it could at least be Sinatra amounts borrowed O'Hare and edit at the executive ship all the restaurant having doubt in my at this case that angle. Six ships. Just a little. Oh you because you won a shift. Can only do dessert one shift can only do much sushi in the other shift when he's just there to back up the ones he's like a supervising the formidable and Mike wouldn't talk to any of those shifts at all. It's only you only care about the bartender came out that was it speaking we don't speak to your own shots when you know plays like that you speak to community use visual. Wit the mall with your hands yeah. I wouldn't return his only care right exactly. Now I turn on my FaceBook yes sir. Yes it IC. Having an IV IP announced. With a boat load and I mean literally a boat load of strip. Sushi so the Sissy that says somebody with us to with a group WRK entity ninety's. How much this solution so it must cost a fortune. Anyway that they were treated the act. And so you guys like you had a period. It was it was a good it was a good time great food up there and I feel like it was a post on FaceBook I mean we we had a blast that despite the outcome of the game in the news there yeah. Arrows there you're going to all the cooking you know back to all the cookie jar that's in our house right now cooking this morning Michael was there and guess who wasn't there. You anybody have any idea Denise wasn't there. I wasn't there. Well okay. What will it so peaceful lets us and check. I mean you know planets we don't want you and Carol fighting over the cookie that was that was a thing that I could simply won't won't Wear a walking around me and we were a little bit ahead of Scott Carroll. And should have been talking all my ability to go to Germany and a bigot it's one of those things you joke about when Europe please don't take. Which when you're at a bar you like I'm gonna take that their home it's like you know commission York. We're walking down we hear Scott and Carol chattering blindness and returner and she's carrying the cookie jar like a baby in my Q actual. Look a cookie jar from the arts took its toll. Could argue that not yet. You you know and it went to earn money Kong. Liked to make sure outward Monte Carlo was the first trip I've ever taken with carelessness. With the very first witness twenty some years ago. I. As we are loading up different view to go back to these states. I realized that I have evidently. Put my passport inside one of my back. And they have my bags all stone out on the sidewalk next to the bus. And I still a couple of towels than it was kind I don't know if and that that's. Well not since Alan that's been hit yum yum put your town put its value things. You always have your past four and with what you say yeah okay hotels are different story. Eyes anyway and it's particularly in I just mention one thing. I was so on FaceBook we sent history DOW argue that he and that will be on the reds games to. And and it is too that there's three new witnesses do go looking forward. And 22000. Whatever. Yeah to us through users to ninth and eighteenth 2000 me though he has three more years tree more than anything I drink yeah definitely. And he'd like to the to speak about a couple words for the pick your money even when she's in Florida assistant show portion of the city and July 12 but I could attacks every every episode of abused she not only text but she called me after the Christmas episode of the it must come. C'mon my youth you've seen me act before you see me drunk before you know the difference. Nor. My experience. That I sensitive as typecast in that role your mother's voice at least he's very lovely person. And a hard to believe. We're Steve Cochran didn't get any snow again arms aren't as an answer whether. Actually made a couple things that we're Gannett. The Scott tell me though when we're at lunch with somebody with the active group media group. That what the show's going to be about. Them to welcome today. People can call up in its battle eventually go in there and take your telephone. Or they take your name and address that's how we will be giving up many of these restaurant gives him its that we listed in somebody's gonna let a whole case of army bay. Gourmet coffee delivered to their front door. And it's all up and coming all we want you to do today. Is simply cause. At one triple 84346464. In lettuce that your favorite clamped out of place now I have mine. I wanna say or I have if the and I wanna make a lot of people Maggie may soon might sponsors go on and but I know the best place I just means you have to feel the phone calls when they call him met. I'm not going to be with a with a look at itself that we'll say FaceBook compete. Well in triple 8434. Or 6464. And out dead in my favorite place absolute favorite race plays for the best clam chowder and known universe you can also join us. Course on FaceBook go to wicket by Stevie. That's him. And I would invite Steven Jordan Black is on FaceBook and vote that way short and make you eligible for the rest I guess that it gets re giving away. And in addition to that. That army of a gourmet coffee and I have Simone my personal. Face FaceBook page. Some recommendations are though reasonable one. Might it Chico I know my critique us in these parts he had asked me. Have always going to be different for him on FaceBook and emphasize it to effort that name before. Mike is the play by play announcer of the Carolina Panthers on TV them hope and I east from here. Because he sent me a picture is mounting as of the two SATA mugs when I was with Marjorie clap route that remotely sure. And days it's still there it is mother's house and everything because anything to me and he was covering the snow out of the series in Charlotte shore this who. It's a few pictures treacherous. And dad that you guys this at Tennessee's own insurance as show that that partner ski areas north time a lot of people don't know that it. 75 miles north it's though there's a lot of snow in the mountains but anyway that's news news here he said it everybody's looking for we're gonna him on the show if the patriots play here. Some of oh my daughter she moves from here she moves North Carolina now are two teams are. Veteran we're fighting for this administration that is true and I've thought about it. Are right now before I open up the lines Scott asked him about added which are present value guys are a bit the other day it yup. And taken some shots at some phenomenal make deals is that the text is from San Antonio Texas. He came up here. In their little town of Milford New Hampshire and came out with a concept explain what constitutes. Well what he does he's a full service butcher shops are you going there and you just pick up all your products that you need or you know. All the steaks and chicken anything you need he has all that but he has something that is totally different. And as far as I know the only one in New England that does this he finances meat so if you wanted to buy and their different packages. For the entire year. You buy your meat and saved a tremendous. Amount of money forest moto though as rip about 25 dollars a week and you can bring home like 200 pounds of steaks and on time revised chicken you name it. Any kind of personally selects the menu tailored to your family. And many wraps it in a and a and a kind of a wax paper that is guaranteed not to have any. In that freezer frost for a year. So you do is pop it out and cook it. And again it's just twenty about 25 dollars per week is what it where it averages for that package and he has different package I think restaurant to get involved. With summit this 'cause he only takes the highest quality stakes available that's all users edit their call it at 1855. By swift right yes and they are so. Well we we scored we've we've got about. I would say about 45 revised at peace with that. And we brought those home and I cook them up and I know Mike Cook is up and and we had some too we all Harris the same night all of us root out good distinct yeah. What what that means to you that you could stakes it only that buy at a restaurant right. And it's so easy to make at home and all right it is a little bit of sea salt and some black pepper on a solid all idea. And and at a thing to a two are asking these companies usually likes. She is she she covers or steaks and stuff from usually quote the better quality stateless you have to do you just enjoy the mistaken. She's a quote surprised me Stamkos Joey hears me say at the more significant trying to get her to eat better stakes so I can mistakes. And I cooked it just though he's a black approval Cecil but this is really good like get into anything too. Which just takes us away. Cooked it on my little. We can't look Cuisinart girls yet again have some of Somalia you know like five minutes it was done to a perfect medium right yup. Well are you gotta do if you would like in right by the way guys out that we should tucked just individuals. In your rest term president talked to probably more restaurant owners. And anybody. And have over the last visited in years have been doing this program. In everybody's complaining about the vendor and the high cost of me. Well if you will then. It's your fault if you don't call a happy butcher because this is too great for restaurant. And which are about the highest quality beef here is I mean nursing homes have a they. And restaurants have it near historic and having to call a happy butcher call them they'll explain everything. At 222 elm street in Milford mass. As to 22 elm street Milford mass and as 603 years and number 60355413. 39. That's 60355413. Thirty one more time as they say 603. 5541339. Ito text that Mac that might now Mack Mike Scott and pat totally go and they annaly okay. The stakes are bigger issues yes 534. Who filming 603554133. And a the picture put up on FaceBook group leave them text. We were sitting up on what you can you haven't been the Mets who it do that with Michael it's that. An island and raised Connor yeah he's as well anyway everybody's happy those guys can get and it started in the phone now we're looking for. The best clam chowder in New England. He had that where is it. One triple 84346464. Again. Scott or take your name and address off the air made orbital is your favorite spot was that because I interrupted jurors that just a tease. That was it teased out that it Teddy now OK okay. At department of course Kevin Parker in west garment is it west campus network Weston was yes. It also it's won every award it here is to win and you in the class. Food network's it. That it is the best clam chowder not innuendo and now back just in doing. But all through the united states of this Clinton. The Food Network and they don't now ousted their best selling it in local markets took about two years to develop a process turf in a cynic in mass produce it stay the same yeah. And it was I added that. Staff a job. Our home and it. And so forth are great settlers of a grain of the car right those and torture. Them by surprise but the first was absolutely perfect touch. I've phone numbers phone phones to ring one triple 8434. Or 6464. Now. The light is on for those of you that may be watching us. And but today's a big day today it would be a super day. To have some clam chowder. Which of these halftime okay. Never remember the patriots in the first game to Carolina is the second game. Jamie's grow 63. This is a great place to go to watch a game boy and if they spent I don't know how much money but a lot. To renovate their bar. And television. A coup Truman's. To. A really stylized the Jamie 63 grown and on Columbian street in Braintree. Now with that of course and they've. Jim he's been illnesses 1967. And they have several other locations out Teddy about that in just a second they offer American contemporary. Meals. 63 beer selections Tony for craft beer aren't tie tap. And they were recently auriemma. They have the grow 63 sliders which is a gourmet burger only marinated. Okay. It's admit I'm sorry it's irregular burn and the at bat at satellite blinding me. And they cigar may buy a burger only miniaturized. Trio sliders email when each of garlic may Obuchi's. Bacon cheddar and avocado arena the red onion. Served on the growth of many real ocean bonds. Okay. They also have. Feared dining enjoyment. The little maker. The automakers afloat out of Angus ground beef playing grow and top with two slices of double thick cheddar cheese. Partial I slices of Hickory smoked bacon. And their homemade onion rings. Are right now all of that out of that is at Jamie's. Please make sure you say hi when you get down its own pat what they say in Chad appreciate it Jamie's growth 6363. Columbia street Braintree. It Jamie grown covered eighteen at the junction of route when he said it in Whitman and Jamie's grow and 360 Gannon too rude. In 62 man yes. Our right minds protagonist go to Michael in South Boston hello Michael what's your favorite place to go and it planned. Well acted stole. A threatened that he admitted through these pictures unit in it. It is jet pack is upset IQ I try to no local markets stop shop I Shah. And I think are true whenever a regular Richard in these hate Jack's just quit. But I would make a great dramatic impact at the end of the don't know it was a good Tokyo via the toe in yet to hear directly don't cinemanow and did everything it digesting it meaning at all Darren Manning an area. Take great people in. It is yet to get could be. The tests it showed America well that it needed food networks and not just me. You know that but to court I don't click occurrence that won't stop it goes from an Irish record stimulus expect that it it that the vikings are good. I think it's using those skills needed to wait wait says. Excuse me Michael is coming to your house reliance six back what what what what again. What was really negative it that's an Arizona Pitt. And it could mean. And look at packet thing at the desk which in the early in picture like it has really given me out in equally diminutive. And absolutely. I hit it's it's just a nice warm place so pick it up that is Stop & Shop or they're probably have a market to miss him when I know they'll. Or it'll be in will be giving away. They gets divvied two compartments ultimately Europe okay. Michael thank you I appreciate the call that was in southeast South Boston where so many movies are made these days that it had. I finally got around electing black mass we have which like. It was OK that is one of the great not one of the greatest movies ever examine is okay but those are. I let's go to Allen has got to the Medford hey Alan. I hit I mean are you know I am sorry I lead. All right your violation of this fight and that when that job market opens the door. Yeah turn house in Boston. They've always got it Kate can anybody explain what makes the best. I'm Howard as I've. What what I everybody. What I know what it felt what it is a second. And that. Yeah. You know it and they probably better with a oysters. Oysters. You go out patch or let it get mental well. You know I thought I had oyster Stew. And I think the on the ratio of I think is made of voice on the menu blues I think toward a third of December and it was a dark rainy night. And did they were very many do you own a restaurant and I said ideas and the and the move oyster Stew. And it well I wonder oh Paula it was so. Good. Is that village restaurant in Essex. I think giving our chief argument that. Are they now are so good up and ethics and the it is a little on. It behave bad foul pop. It used to be a bad idea at the and we got to admit they've got two weighted data as it. And man it's really good and it got all of a lot out via don't have they won't ball. This year she all that he should be taking it should be ballet and our people right up there ethic and edit bay biggest. Ardent opponent. Bedroom on the trade debate over the red barrel populace but didn't need that. I know what are what are we gonna get it. As it did give me the name and her game again. I don't know Jo McKay I thought that was her boyfriend my boy couldn't report it we used to get BS. These boxes and then Serb and that ignited her up. All right so low giving the name of the public more time in the exact location. I read out caught I believe that route twenty chill an ethics mask that fabulous little small place. Aaron you know she's been around a long time but you know the night right down to become prime coming from him Catholic nonetheless. OK that pretty well haven't. I have a GPS in my own mind now thank you very much for the call. Village restaurant is at the jacksons have won 33 and 22 in Essex at 55 main street by the way. They have many things other than that great and chatter here it Angelica is my Frankfurt court coolest brings you this segment of the we invite radio program that's the place that had that please remember. The Boston clubs are going. The Boston cubs it's a full pass and it's so choice. That I holes. Get them if dancers these doubts famously described. And my friend. You'll eat before the menu gets there they have fresh made meatballs and pop overs but the into thinking that primer for 1895 today. Cup of soup salad choice of four different entrees with potato and vegetable of the day 1850s they had a knife ran. Chris court coolers and Anjelica drew 114. At 249 south main street in middle. Your love dogs so we've hit 5:3 PM we're not just for gourmet. Sunday's ten to noon on AM thanks JD WR we have. Boston fox station. Hey guys welcome the KG just judge decide and what laid. You're listening to wicked fights on the radio. And they tell my wife in our position early morning while they chase ended before. There was doubling of food right yeah and all the sudden. 37 years ago we look it's a movie is as saying he would get to governor Fraser is a grumpy today gourmet. Gears into us right now WRKO. 680 AM in Boston also WEE and I F them. Now IE three point seven HD two and that is of the WRKO. At. To what they don't understand is that we. Didn't just change the name of the show which you changed your name for legal purposes it's no longer pat Whitley it's quick bites for an accurate that would do what you bites. Racism by. Two gigabytes of the Stan. We get it like yesterday's and today's program they're about security and did you injury heat again we give pizza. Should Jenks 373 little street Pete but he can't Parker's down it was German. The village restaurant legal seafood fumble helped by a T and sushi save them at New Hampshire. And a lot of other things OK and you reaches on FaceBook to vote like visit FaceBook which it bites TV and potatoes. See it oh what if what we talked about really we're doing the best plan to outer. Now from this point it would take a lot of calls one triple 84346464. If one triple eight for dining. And oh wait for it cause. The tie up the line cinema devote to a vote before I do that I just wanna say one thing about Massa mean those. Who she nets at the end. I love this show and I love the fact. That we can do small restaurants and every animated name for themselves or if there small restaurant haven't meta name we. Like to make a name with them okay. Now this restaurant's been in existence is 1989. It's in North End. They have meals that are made just like they're not. They've been voted best of Boston but Boston magazine travel and leisure in the improper Bostonians. It's a great Italian restaurant. If that's what you're looking for then visit mass Ximian knows they got a wind so it host up to fifty people for private party. There's you to try to avoid Saturdays please Eric it's crazy there. I think a full catering menus available there gluten free pasta options gluten free vodka. In beer options didn't know there was such a thing but I do now prices can't be beaten this is the north and now. Lunch entree six and five to thirteen that if I now they have what makes him so outstanding my friend. Is that it. As specialty tree. Named after. Moss yet why. It's called it's. Fresh lemonade tequila in them and show. There's stuff veal chop it to die for and if you're an all if you're an old timer. You know of the fact that they have tripe. There's that one of my favorites. Is the idea in theory to try. That's old school that's field. Massive main knows who Jean it's had he had a tool seven in the past street. The north in Boston called the Amani is the owner please tell all the panel at least into ends and how well. Telephone number 61752359596175235959. I our telephone numbers one triple 8434. Or 64 the 64. Where is your favorite clam chowder placed diet of Nashua, New Hampshire is going to be next say Diane. Attacked that morning I love your show you're not it's such a great job then I'm match but in Manchester I think you're that was commuting. My favorite. Clam chowder is in a restaurant called the court and in Freeport brain. And it's if you're going to Freeport on the main street LLP in his prime you're left. About a block north. Analyst Paul side street on the right I'm sorry I don't have to be accurate I was driving. But I'm you you ask what makes grandchild is so good and I think there are three things. Predicted that consistency neither too thin roared through their. And let the flavored occasionally won I haven't and I Hastert they can and onion in the clam the clam broth. And then laugh is. The ingredients is there a good balance between Lamar clamped them what I'm gonna potato events and it's quite well we believe it LL bean and my friends and where would you like to go out to lunch and I bit. I would die for some really good clam chowder chip and a woman came up with a pamphlet. And that I overheard you are restaurant just won the Freeport. Claire chabot contest and we went and it's wonderful it's been a charming little house. Wonderful service small locally owned. Great gingerbread wonderful salads I can't wait to go back and I'll drive two hours to get. They are known dead than living in curriculum and have to tell you that he just five that my glasses. I mean all that description Lewis so right arm them. I'll. Pay you aren't I'm open about it. You talk with you big dance but at their place just hasn't felt that it's charming it's two levels. I can't wait to go back there. And it is and it's right across from what Allah did you say. On the LL Bean's on the big LL we will you know the big company store yet there on the main street entry ports. I'm so sorry I meant to get the answer but I'm afraid if I. And it might prompt and finally are there ever lose my weight through our apparently it's. MLB you know you're exhausted that Kaczynski air went out and. One block north of LLP an art from all sides street down tempo. Right. I thank you very much I appreciate the call from national call from Manchester, New Hampshire Corsica. Freeport Maine. I'm so far we have the we have the chart house in Boston captain partners. And data set the arm is still Peabody is going to be next peso. IPad how Leo wonderful thank you. If I'm gonna call in about deleting in my head. Okay what 81 front street I think it's superb and I Gary have its Devery fracture in my mind and we when he left here and it was at its protection. But I was surprised he was at eight that's Jeff kicking game was at a potty we went to black Sunday you seem to write his name chow back. And it was phenomenal I have never had anything better but we hit some good play got pepper queen who just protection. Again it really listening I have been to the landing I did not ordered the at. Then landing is the place where he would you're gonna can sit out over the water right. Exactly you can go by the end of faith yet and you and boating any there the end of it and it's got beautiful restaurant would lock repeating yes you can have up. And to do what more casual. And if they you have rough seas that there and debate you can actually feel the restaurant go up and down up and. Well actually eight. We have really glad he's on the floor in the that it will come up to relieve pressure and in love the water in and out. Now are at the landing and marvel that you can't miss it the only problem with it is tough to get part. Time. Thank you here's my telephone number we have opened my eyes out if you wanna grab on one triple 8434. 6464. Think about it this is imported to the restaurant because they will win. A certificate saying. It day. Are the best clam chatters have the best and chatter. In doing. No matter what state is on is is in the six states are viewing it. One triple 84346464. That's my telephone number Scott or take your name and address off the air. That's how we give out our dinner guests is giving gets to many of the restaurants that we listed like. Legal seafood etc. etc. etc. But you gotta give me a vote. Where is the best clam chowder you've ever had. OK so voted out right now I want to know where they're best damn chatter Abu acting guarantee every place mentioned. They were gonna try. One triple 84346464. Now I wanna tell you what I have an opportunity here. About what it is I do right I have veto. Who support me but if you know me is examine my living and eating it great restaurants. I have a problem. That so many of you have this year that would just goes up and at that. And that anymore. Because that's not a product that's produced right here in New England that I take right before meals and amazingly. Without any benefit. My sugar levels stay at a manageable level. Sugar down is clinically proven dietary dietary settlements. That block carves and helps reduce after meal sugar spikes. And that can help you manage your way to serving out his so sure that will work for you. They offered a sixty day money back guarantee. Simply go to sugar down dot com or call 800. 2784939. See for yourself just like me that tasty all natural Chu will shoot it down. 80278. 4939802784939. Go to do it today before this incredible offer expired. You go sure got that come just mentioned. WRKO. Lord tag WRKO. As a coat. I get 10% off this special offer. 80278. 493 then they also have that money back guarantee was right let's get back to the phone 21 triple 8434. 6464. Is my telephone number Gary is calling from Kingston mass at all Gary. Gary if you there that it is but pushed its foot they Gary. You put Gary's button but he still not there ninth and realized that so here's an average of one triple A Gary there. Oh okay and catch our Gary I don't. You're talking about the ball well charters. Are about our recommendation forward how bad. Enough. Marsh field. Area along the age. And now at its debit and Teva to name one more time would you please. But. Yeah. OK. And again and it's it's a new location they had. They are not a bad. I'm here for years and I just this storm well last year appeared to go acted out so they relocated. And they've got a beautiful location. It's I think it's green Parker. Yeah. And without fearful rushed for a while there I am charter was excellent. And that's it says says that eleven dangerous time. Sure but it I don't know yet. Well legacy Lebanese and have them that if they want to ratchet that up. Where. RA and ads in March VO best clam chowder Baghdad it now what we're asking you to do folks. If your first time caller we welcome you. Some great is serious TO percent whole case of harmony bay gourmet coffee delivered to your front door okay. One triple 84346464. Is a telephone number. Where. Is the best clam chowder. You've ever had it. Okay. And to get that recommendation. One triple A I've only if you're if you're listening to us for the first time or never called a show before. I know you sit man. And major vote so these restaurants need your vote one triple 8434. Or 6464. If you've heard. A restaurant. Being mentioned before on the program up they got to get multiple mentions in order win the best so you call up and give me the same thing I. Again when you Costco take your name and address and Lou get used to be it's out to you. Naturally no that it is currently one triple 8434. 6464. He can't remember that 21 triple A for dining. I want to say hello to my friend nick you have if he's listing today. And attacked and taken and quite a while if you like your form great place to go for steaks. I hope you think about to reach his prime. That Teresa prime is located at to have twenty elm street in north rating masks. At that twenty elm street north rating mass at two right on the middle inaugurating line. They have that this a great place for steaks one of the most beautiful restaurant delivered Il ever go to theory ever ever ever ever ever. If filming on New York's or line. Is so pretty in his so classy it's a recipe you place afire outside. And so I can say is on the golf course button and the setting she's spectacular well anyway. They have a 35 dollar pre fixed menu every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 406 via. First course. Virginian soup or house. On trade. Banco question chicken breasts with the ruler tried college cherry tomatoes citrus they only and the shaved parmesan cheese and a stakes. With mashed potatoes and the spares and seared scallops. Rated fragmented at a you had the idea right cream related traffic Kate producer those of the three items Teresa's pride. Twenty elm street. That's route 62 by the way north rating here's the phone number ballet and it give us the data come come to act guarantee a computer to write to your. Table next yeah I enjoyed it Mayo and he says they. It is in your what it cost he has to please you. Okay it has here what it cost it best to reach his prime. I told you realized here's the phone numbered and north rating 978. 276. 0044. I miss him back to the cause we're gonna go to patty is gone from Bentley patty your next NW RKO. Oh hi Betty how are you. I'm great how you act could not be better east note and alive. Governments Oden up now at gas and Michael related you walk okay. Eric yeah I because it's at about having you back. Ulyetza together we'll do I mean I went to got a plumbing. Well I played actually one is that wrapped up one as a eatery of any need and the catering company it up and that. All of these leaders. And the product of the stuff I think I ever ever yeah I did addict with a couple of them. Well and give me a favor I. I'm having trouble hearing. Today for several reasons. But what is the name of the poor indicator price again. It can't creed I think it's CR EP creed haters can't edit. OK at the Beverly in the and the other place I'd reckon I would I think it's I don't know but it right. In the air right up there is but Crockett Newberry where. And then in Montana. Yeah it's great they're great great music there on Sunday night through and some of the Iranians who. Yeah I guess who they're excellent it would get clamped shutter is delicious. And the residents pointed you know them. You know yeah personality is that I I have yet to expand that might. Great play. Me that game open Bill Clark knows. I catering to Beverly free catering to good drive it pretty good experience anyway have been very. We'll be back with their records women aren't going from Drake hit. It definitely out there and their branded name one triple 84346460. Working here remember that we're asking. What's your favorite place. Slam each. One triple A board dining. At the. All American tavern food escape king's side. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Here at the all American tavern. We did area. Leave Hungary. And this is Scott with the Euro this in a wicket bites radio with pat Whitley for a beautiful Sunday morning he had a little bit cold look at the area's best clam chowder. If you can help us let us know 8884346464. That's the number to call right now. 8884346464. Now key on what might be strolling downtown here where like me to remind you. That this week Monday through Thursday. Is there wine week in what does that mean. Well they have a three course prix fix dinner. And it's served with wine. Each course. And the price. An unbelievable 29 dollars per person. And this is a five star restaurant they want the restaurant of the year award but two years back that's how good they. They're located in downtown payroll. You'll definitely need. Reservations for this again Monday through Thursday at this week he 2105 B stroke. There wine week. And when they served for on presidency. Chicken parmesan or grilled swordfish. Tenderloin meatloaf or baked haddock Oscar. Okay Tiant one a five Easter a 105 Washington street in downtown here world. The coliseum restaurant that's we find any relate to desk got at the Breckenridge shopping center in Salem New Hampshire. You'll also find pats favored dash. State up at Whitley it's very easy for him to remember right that's when it's as read a menu. Not easy for him to remember but it says stake ala pat Whitley because is that bad state. That money can buy. It's prime New York's growing stake and it's that are cut and answer with broccoli rob. And don't forget about their VO coliseum. It's too milk they deal cut its stuff we're part per shoot don't. Broccoli mozzarella. Little bit of parmesan and Romano cheese bagel and a touch of garlic and that it's breaded and it stopped with mushrooms and sharing one's thoughts of deal coliseum. The coliseum restaurant route 28. Brokerage shopping center in Salem New Hampshire. And that China blossom in north and over if you're looking for an all you can eat incredible Chinese buffet please think that China blossom room one point five in north bend over the critics' choice the best Chinese cruising north of Boston. And by the way. Roy Kay Chinese buffet at night has prying my career of that that's right it's delicious. They China blossom room 125 in North Andover. Can't pay their daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining without the trouble. You have them beverages you know with all the food that's famous and then I'm done that leopard Collins. I'd friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurant and hey broke and Nashua. Tell us his word ago. Tomorrow you've always wanted to do this weekend by TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter. So you're listening to weaken bites on AM six AD WR KF Austin talks. Nation. And this program on WR and WTI and 862 is. Hello again it's a reminder. Right now wanted to serve as reminder for all the people said they would stay away from going out to restaurants because I. Okay that is what they called disposable income people figured that'd have disposable income. What you got it now. I mean we get any cheaper debt though they only knew just by their again. Thanks so what's your excuse this year. That. Little one of these restaurants it to hear mentioned on the show all right we're talking about the best slam title where is it we're gonna go next to rich in Weymouth hey rich. You don't get thank you share. Well I'll tell you in my my favorite clam chowder is sure bet what I think it's the best seafood restaurant in Boston and the other at the Atlantic this company. On oil and street kind of diagonally across from the Prudential Center and then have to charter and they also have on the menu there's not a lot of places serve anymore is what urban or. Yeah it no doubt why is that. I want the is it to labor intensive lobsters their majority on. I don't know just no nobody they're done they Aurora. Very few places serve lobs over. Administered to. You know up and we go in there a lot on a Saturday night you have to have the chowder neo lop the riddle. I guess against violence in the fifties and sixties right and a we had a lot to serve ago. Absolutely and m.'s ticket price I shouldn't I shouldn't think Thames pitching is speaking theory. Well. All right I got to go to Atlantic fish are having on Boyle as the street in Boston. Yes sir I thank you RTA is calling from Drake it hey art. At mariner cargo armed giants like that bash for a charter and I really deep gash you know launch troops. It sure huge restaurant. And touched New Hampshire Susie is a risk for. Yeah always always shared storage. Eight you can joke they got the jitters by hand you can chose the question not control what you're very very very flavorful or ample rock. Made what general fashion rule you can children are on the chalk edition and charged off ordered up against anything. I'm charter. I know how to make sure I got the name guys Susie restaurant. Grant you sure why are. Captured in tool set but down Hampton inn and true I gotta correct that I did all right. It's disease. Restaurant I'm sorry Susan pub and restaurant. Dire which is diner. Most noted that went on to a C it and make it. I RE great to hear from you him a friend Jane is calling from. Well Sam who Jane. Hi it's MG and Janice if that was an up and I've played a claim chatter it would down employment credit and it appeared that group wait around him. Pull up all those big chunks of clan just so good. Couldn't be any friction that. Yeah that. Aren't advantage thank you very much one more call this hour I don't know Marvin is code Medford hill mob and you are my expert on plans. Are you ready yeah. Larson's fish market in Chile mark on the vineyard. I'm not a clamp get out of it and they have the best Clinton chart I have ever had in my life that he it's consistent I mean really there. Coming years ago and it was just you welcome to a little windows he'd get a decent outside heated it was incredible. And vertical cliff Joseph. I innate you should just. It's not it's not made so good by the time in the place where you are if you missed what I'm saying. I have just sit that that. What was that does story you want to talk about agency's budget Berkowitz and somewhat fluid goes on vacation they got Clinton touted he. The dead and told Roger it was better than did some Brothers and it was mine. He realizes he was the vendor for at at at the but he was really great and his wife. It's it's a fish market tell anybody the husband or wife who has been had been a fisherman and they decided this the locals caused by its. You know by giving more visual and fishermen and also having a small little big but they also had to stop people out there that would blow your thoughts on. Back Trent Larson's face market on the vineyard I'm pat what they basically invites on the radio six AD AM WR Kay ago. And 93 point seven. HD two. And WEE. Not just four more days. I am radio and TV news. On this hour of wicket by its radio we continue our surged to a new England's defense clamped down. Have a place let us know and don't know. You may win yourself a whole case of army gate gourmet club delivered directly to your home here than ever to call 888. For three or 6464. Mitt does we invite your radio without lately on AM six AD WRK. Boston's talk station. On today's program we're asking you to vote they shared a few moments ago for the best clam chowder you've ever ever have. Ever had where is it in New England that's a pretty big call and vote. Is there a lot of great places with clam chowder Bedford gay darn good. If sentences as they go David Bedford and Asia right now we're looking for the best clam chowder there. And one triple 84346464. That is telephone number would tell you about some of the people that have won in the last hour. Guess David gets regularly gives this gift certificate to lobster Q Hempstead New Hampshire. Regina as sue Chang had 373 Lowell street and Peabody. Captain parkers cubs Diana west the arm at mass this village restaurant in Essex. Though legal seafood in Boston Tomo about G and sushi in Salem New Hampshire. I'm gonna go to. I'm gonna go to almost this week you know I was there when they did it TV shoot. That putt on the tapping acting grows they are as a part of their restaurant in good news has some of them have better. And that's where I'm gonna do nine as Tomo. 368 south Broadway route 28 Salem New Hampshire they're open to day. This program this segment of the show is right to bear Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. They had locations everywhere. They got wide open a couple three years ago. It's where our second baseman. Fixes them. PD. You can see him from time to time. At the Abel is history okay. Between you mean and that's very near the fairways which I say thirteen thirty boy as a street Boston resident. And foxwoods and are they just they're everywhere we view of pizza might we get the winners and there are and Freddie right now and those got a bit that a few seconds and. What sort of do now look at Michael soft Boston he's going captain parkers will 668. Route twenty west yeah arm he had come up he was their first caller it was and he loves he voted risk camp park convenient yet. Patty of Beverly were sending her to the village restaurant opened at six master at 55 main street Essex it's a village restaurant. We dig clams dot com now they'd known hand. Good them two out there yes they have analysis dues to that. Don't. I so assume that it gains so here's what you do. You give us a call right now one triple 84346464. That's one triple eight for dining would you please. It says that is in here my QA to phone to a triple late fourth 346464. Where is the best clam chowder in Newington Scott. I just have a correction from last hour often had dad's ocean cafes the name of the place we were. Who mispronouncing the name had dad's ocean cafe. 293 ocean street in Marshall they got a recommendation for best clam chowder Iowa it I didn't express and images left out ocean. So it's had deaths and end. Andy issue Marsha yes Nokia and I am a bit that's it might they're politically and Jennifer take out yet the lobster tail in North Andover. Little self takeout place. As incredible clamped that are often grow like a plane to go on that they'll plot and it's it's militarily expensive will have a place in New Hampshire they have a place in Windham New Hampshire restaurant I've never had at the restaurant. But I can tell you the takeout place we could buy it it's a fish market. We can buy that clam chowder it's excellent north end of that in the butcher boy shot and sent on route one point five yet. Okay. At at a. I phones are going on triple A 43464. Or 64. This is the hour court threw out so give away a whole case of harmony bay coffee which you can all have just simply about participating in today's program. If your first in Kabul and reload here for ten dollars. One triple 84346464. Going in like it's on FaceBook. And vote that way and be eligible to win many of these restaurant gift certificates okay Lisa from Lawrence is next Haley said. I tried pat how are you very good thank you man I actually have three places for you. Birthplace is Nick's place in Lawrence Massachusetts. And he's also a both feet and seafood so you know the fact that he's seafood he had been excellent clam chowder. My second place is the chateau restaurant in endeavor math. In my third place Clinton and what award winning clam chowder and that is the locked in North Andover Massachusetts. Are right now living ovary to edit these with you which are gonna can't. Next place where is that in months except 195 low street. Okay that would be pretty much and and that's pretty much a roast beef place but they have their agenda and seafood now. Now the chateau of their several shadows who won the soreness than the one off route 93 rabbit the Merrimack River. Correct yeah I made they had several others and of course though laughed. That say candidates is business and lineage back to the legal seafood because they were executives just the owners. Oh really and they weren't they weren't award winning yeah. Charter tent and also for that for Nick's place in this spot now also have the plate and Winthrop Massachusetts. And and let me tell you wouldn't expect it you know I just took a chance in order deported if there. It was phenomenal. But the fact that they have fresh seafood there too you know. Debt net of each other or the laughter is its own rule 125. In North Andover right next to Joseph Fisher owned by Jim Dietz. As we say it's oh ops is owned by Jim Dietz of go fish frame and great chefs Jacque. Is the is the shift there. Next time we go there would get a court usually when we go there. I you know you know what I hate. Between you and me. I I it says that my favorite place is the place at one and I'm a billions because of Food Network says it but. I had been a judge on a mini occasions. Four best clam chowder on the Boston Common. And the it knew was just for Boston was four doing them and camp Parker's pub. I rode out hurricane now they are they were voted best clam chowder in the United States by the Food Network. And while they they even Biden out savage them places like that the first one I've bought there was an accident related to set the when Alan batches little sandy as of this point. Really negotiate daily. Taste it out yet lamb stepped up to turn off yeah seriously. You know. Could have but and today in who worked so hard not to have that. So it is right if it bases Jerry when I go down there Taliban when they say it some some sand get through the all right Lisa thank you for the call. Think I did say they would vote for your favorite clam chowder restaurants now since the patriots are playing today. Why don't you this is while we go and Asia. Wanted to take one of these restaurants. Called them up and let them have claimed had a waiting for you and you civic halftime. And that in their great idea. Michael we didn't ask you worry your favorite time to out of place. Legal legal yeah it Nazis. And whenever I mean what it's not if you had to go to home. Illegal is also is they doses illegal and it does tap into this idea if you're. I so writer Berkeley to because they appreciate you yes. Checks in the mail it in. So it Eagles then receive the vote. Well. I won the little that hasn't gotten that I'm surprised there in the short but I'm not gonna get my vote. You know but you know what you petition. I'm surprised they're not getting them I don't know if they should I think they're OK I grew up on a but it wasn't like. And do you know once you tried what you got past the I can drive now slick and find other places to have it it didn't blow me away which way I'm really. Gonna give him credit but being emotional person surprised that more people have called in about it. Now you would you do me favor yeah been by cause and that would you tell us drone. Emigres 09 to one triple 84346464. If you can't remember that's what Tripoli for dining. Here's exact comment from a Clijsters a whole bunch. Great clam chowder places that would be if switch Massachusetts say jam. It always very good thank you here. Korea about its approach called it which clam bake. It's further down the street it felt great that they couldn't. Fish market also. That they are charter reform ideas which. They're shouting that record as you move down it is without a doubt the best in the church are Jewish and it's great where is it in Ipswich. It's it's on high street gone past. The French call embarks towards downtown. And it's its own right inside. I don't know we have snowmobiles would get a better. I went to the contest in which I have a big win was the ball spin or initial tension and it's quite what was. Fight the fish market if switch clam bake high street in. And an Ipswich Massachusetts. I got it thank you very much Jeff I tell you what. How would you like to in a gift certificate to. Teriyaki restaurant that area ski stepping act the restaurant. Well he's not there now but I'm that he would like one. If not LT you have leaders in a yes Chatham worries no Elmo you told yet. So more so manager. A page out of the exact interest rate now actually cousins just put up for an of the recent. 368 south Broadway it's reporting eight in Salem New Hampshire their phone number is 603893. 8880. And of course they have about Shia on one side of the restaurant that happened hockey. Cooking which is always fun always entertaining and delicious. And of course great sushi bar. Beautiful just bar atmosphere in mice dining area if you can go and and yes it walking your of the Bhutto as she walked him. And no one knows you mentioned earlier in the show the boat we had at the T guard and they have even bigger boat but sushi at Tomo that is quite. Press of the I was gonna say that what the she says it to a Latino. Where you live tenement you know our research purposes only he had yet to receive if you damage shooting film which we haven't seen yet. No we have a will be on the every thirteenth episode of two bites somebody actually called him. Called us from his parking yes with the police it's well how we get the idea I think that it and probably one of the it is that. So that's how you it is the recommended. Sushi place analysis she place a clam chowder I don't shout it has the best clam chowder there it is our right. And you can live battling that says fifty delegates if it was not to ship it excuse notes of it out things. One triple 84346464. Lab mortgaged idiots and a whole case of harmony bay gourmet coffee will be given to one of our callers this hour. Okay that's happening this hour. So. We've your favorite clam chowder place one triple 84346464. Our next daughter is from Hilda who's calling for an end nor well hi Hilda. I. Will have three good ones on the boat show okay. First one of the two would grow and mature man yeah. Second what is headed. On my trail by repeat that was very good yet and the third what is the eye infection and a although. Boy am and I sits in a long time. Mean. It's a great place great feel of the whole problem and a wonderful restaurant everything is excellent. All three they're very good. I write and I six I eight in Plymouth is a is there were extracted a lot of people wanted to know would ago. When in Plymouth is that the place you in the that I see with the area where the Plymouth Rock is. It's supper. Before you get there but to consider the main flow from well you may be that dominant second floor and that overlooks the top terrorism. Dish back at them all that off. It's very good for everything. All right I have it thank you very much for the telephone call Cathy of Marion. Is next and WRKO hi hey Kathy. I know I am that thank you. Now I'm crying about in the park propelled. Restaurant in new port. It's that one Bannister awards red in the water. And they've been the best background chatter it's. Not too if it's not sick it's sort of a very light they've been a little cream in it but not too heavy Indo and it's absolutely superb. He's called that Clark cook house and it's and one Bannister in Newport around. Pointed it toward report on the water right here on the wharf. Limits has a great place to go to daylight. It's financially have agreed. Sunday brunch with payment yet typical place. Nam Michael that you can't go there I'm a believer in the next time you try to go to Newport Yemeni found a great place tell where you went goto other hotel viking. Of those lovely place especially for summertime now wouldn't now I don't know. Yeah but nobody actually on the roof yeah out we will we will lose a roof deck bar that it was beautifully you can overlook the whole city and play corn hole in the heavily special. I specialty nights like your bacon in cigar Ernst and scotches and stuff and but good times but right about now it's. COLT. But they've got a bright going out and equipment and the water and no interest. Don't I sort of a majestic got a letter anytime and I am sure our rates that Clark cook house a wharf. And to work Bannister went my doing. Bannister wharf and it is located in Newport, Rhode Island thank you very good about everything on and I'll go ahead of time 4018. Or nine. To deny they're there. Thank you very much in code yet that Rachel's coming from Lowell Rachel your next NW RKO. Hey have been the band thought I'd love it and neglect I'm off I'm going to tell you that you know com. But no name I've gotten popped and I haven't been that union which party is. Maybe why. And all my friends and anybody and you were coming up to Bob and I always open go to finale looks are not lying and they come up in the summer you had come out for the line of people aren't just getting. And they're my friends aren't conduct that is about a lot. The without. You know it's a great about it it now it's free parking their name another place you can get free parking in the seaport area. Not mad at other out thank protect my car wanted to thank you though that what they do that's my favorite Jimmie has the fish out. You literally cannot be achieved if you can we have it on TV you put a spoon and stand straight out. And it's really good elected to you know the dip the bread and you to make that made on. All right thank you very much for the telephone call my members one triple 8434. Or 6464. We're looking for the best clam chowder where is it. One triple eight. For dining. On the chance here. To talk about Emmons of Thailand I haven't done that Iowa. There are located one noon place at 287 cent a street Newton corner. And 27 gross street Wellesley student wants. And they pride themselves. On low level of consistency and that so true. Wait till you try there pad Thai everybody knows. Had time in Cameron's does it better certainly nobody does it better candidate. They say it's the most famous Tyne knew this serious fried shrimp. Spice tofu ground peanuts it's peanuts that make it the exit bean sprouts and Thai spices. On the cost eight dollars. You fill up on a full. Now if you go and effort there Nancy went for so they get prices every 312 and fourteen dollars for our country after vets say but for lunch Monday through Saturday. Price is seven to eight books. They had a bad time for that they have the chicken cashew nuts for that. Then there's an enemy you seven days a week. Graham my shrimp stir fried shrimp would ginger snow peas tomatoes baby corn. By that and spice yellow bean sauce with thirteen fifty the medallion support him in David a business. They've been in business. Moved. I'd say about thirty years. At thirty years now so Sam has to be Dylan something and rightly feared if you see Sam. That I apparently says hello I am in some time and one Newton plays 287 Sydor street Newton corner and Tony seven grove street in Los accent. That's should be easy Peter member malveaux where. In the southeast Asia spending time in Chinatown. Leeson would you want place. Every day I love to go to restaurants where the restaurants have something where they too might call and experience. Here's what happens when you go to Chinatown so. You walk right through the they'll. And when you ought to weigh the hostess stands. You'll notice behind you glass walls. And these walls that you see everything that you Chinese master chefs are doing. It's quite an assembly line. That's what I think you'll like runaway. Some of the other things July of course the great food. Chinatown stone has won many many best of they have award winning Hong Kong Mandarin and says one cuisine. So enjoying a distance where what it means with a rivers meet Sosa as you know a little bit on the spicy. General Rouse chick is Krispy checks of white meat chicken so it's English as special sauce. And garnish with the broccoli. They are really known for their China aid Chinatown spiritual Iraq if so may the contenders there is nothing like them. And so when he's on do. C hit this they had a lease and William long they're from Shanghai China. Lisa and William long. At Chinatown route 27. 103 share in street in stoked in Massachusetts. It. Now I am Ameren excited about this racetrack because. In my book it's one of the top five in all of new England and so be tried and I hope you tell leases that I said that because it's true. Leeson would you want this is in Cobbs corner Chinatown route 27 won all three share in street instilled in. Massachusetts. Now while we're here to sell these daily talk about another Chinese restaurant. That's located in Bedford mass that New Hampshire Bedford mass. This one has award as Mittal has won the reader's choice award for fifteen years in a wow. And fifteen years zero. I to four million available for dining and private functions catering and take out they spend about a gazillion to harnesses the spent a lot. Alice as their daughter go on by some TV from the remodel a bar. And she about these circulate TVs it cost a lot. So when you go when they have the they have backed chairs and tables. And to elects the game's never miss a thing and it will be an HD. And high definition to the fourth degree. And at degree or most of let the food. I my favorite dish Ayers the shredded chicken with string beans I know it sounds simple. But whatever it is they do to it and I don't know what it is. I should find out that by the way they they have that they're FAA and let the thing they have what everybody else. If you want an opportunity to go to orders in a really great they have a no walk a great wall special duck. With a very special sauce. They have deck is twelve nanny found the hole is 22 knives. The great wall 308 to be great road route four in Bedford when I saw Alice last. I told her. Alice. The year. I have been to Shanghai and I have been to Hong Kong. I've been to Peking. And I've had the death. They can that touch yours. You're so far superior. OK so unbelievably far superior to what diet and when I was intent. And abetted by I think it I experienced that if you go to there at dinner. More rubbery tasty. Nice here. That great wall 308 to be great road route four in Bedford mass. And of course Alice this year host douse sue. Will be your host for sue Chang streak 73 low street and Peabody. They have the grill rack of lancer was black peppercorns SARS and stepped Chinese vegetables. The luncheon specials this is really beautiful restaurant packet colonial mansion. I senator very historic plot of land. And when you get in and I mean it's classy through and through. That scares a lot of people away because they say oh it's too expensive would you go and therefore much. Although luncheon specials are served weekdays from 11:30 AM to 3 PM with a choice of potter sour soup or egg drops. And luncheon special prices range from 575. To 650 you can't beat the act. Anywhere especially for such a classy joints. Try to Neptune basket tramp and scout so stay with mixed vegetables answered and it delicious Taro root basket. Suit jinx. At a soup 373 of those street and Peabody the telephone number there is 978. 5313366. That is. That's sad that they across. From the north Romo and right now I've done everything that need to do is Torre's Asian restaurants are concerned. Here's my telephone number 21 triple 84346464. Which it one more break and when we come back from a great we're going to be giving where Esther I guess it periods for those of you. Voting for. Liked. Best clam chowder where is it here is the telephone number remember in the next Torre menaces. You do address target or people who do that a morning birds. One triple 8434. Or 6464. Penalties department of a gourmet coffee delivered to your friend bill. I don't vial one of the gap that places them wayward today Teresa prime at twenty elm street and operating. I told you earlier about a phenomenal steak restaurant this is a beautiful uses for things. And voyage about scaring people away let act got a deal for you here. Teresa is crime has a 35 dollar prefix menu every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday for a sort exit via. Ankle crested chicken breast for the Rugova. Etc. etc. Anger steak mashed potatoes and spares fancier scouts. Veterans that are. Greenberg layered traffic case. That's pretty good deal data nick yadda is here how much it cost him he will please you. Teresa's prior to when he elm street that route 62. And ordering. Captain on the TV episode up weakened sites. This Saturday morning at 930 on nesting. Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is weakened by its radio London AM sixteen. WR PM often talk station. Hey guys welcome back I am that would leave this is wicked bites. It should be America's first and longest running restaurant program. Let you call the phrase you're seeing from feet to the gourmet. Sometimes when the time is right and we are feeling like it. But you vote for special things clam chowder you can't get him carrying place. And I don't care. How much lobs do you get the places. Still has that you know like Washington DC. I'd do something. And that's been like in an even you go to Rhode. That's not Maine lobster and you can tell the difference. I. Right now and now our plans are special to shows our football team dammit alright. If you would like to try if you like Devoe the year favorite clam chowder restaurant. We've got places Newport, Rhode Island we at in the main would get them in Boston. And day you can go to the W. You've got a FaceBook. What it bites TV. And like this and vote that way. One triple 8434. Or 6464. And I'll go back and list are some of the clam chowder restaurants. That you have been voting on they do that now game quickly Larson's fish market down on the vineyard. And woods in Plymouth. Susie is a restaurant this interest. Which is located in cuts in New Hampshire. It is these pub and restaurant Atlantic fish standard. Boy is a street in Boston. And for catering and although I here's one the grind. And Newbury port your favorite place been listed at oil and that your follow. Once and by the way camp and partner it and a lot of post chart house in Boston. The red bell pub at the route 22 in Essex. And this sounded interest in from a car Manchester, New Hampshire. Corsica. Which is right next to el Al being up in Freeport Maine. Than landing in Marblehead. Also. Recommend. Imus impact your telephone calls in though and make the announcement of the F. Our debate gourmet coffee winner. And just a second 100% pure Arabica coffee beans a whole case have it will be sent to your house if you look at you have to. Wait for an email was sent to you John Denver's is going to be next say John. They kept what's going on a ball game today. Actual yeah. Where you are just colony to tell you what you ask you opened for Valentine's Day weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday. The U famous women just T hands. You know on bicycle lanes. Yeah I love that about Atlanta and I at all then. Friday night. We could celebrate your birthday that we do and what not and also your pit it was everybody else. You have to those of you that like we usually do yet you know why I said you know when all his stuff was sold everything has to August there goes my birthday and I got a letter from their. Iranian government that did not know still celebrated. Yeah no question about Beckett waiting for awhile yet but how about what I what it is I love so. You remember well drought kicks replicate best Graham not a question about that also. Manage best grand K the cream cakes that crab cakes the world so tell me about this Valentine's thing. Well going to be opening you know for the dinners. From basic sparked two no reservations till 10 o'clock I guess. Friday's second Sunday I don't know what the menus are yet but if you give me some right ears you know we're going to be make it a lot. Yeah. Oh right now caught takes the hour right now I get clamped chatter among mine's a and let's at an event that nowadays. I don't know they went and Tiago who disobey it he got a secret she asked for you know analysts athlete you know would I give up. Yeah eight unbelievable he really is on Rio. And remember that you get vicious and I don't know where they got the name for these chicken dish had never heard that I got a chicken and that'd explain what that went that you get the issues with the name. Well Peter had got his own restaurant in a prior life that was called tryst. You know. And his chicken dish became very very in this so that's where it's culture contrast. Okay CA I know that now. But all that plaza die never heard it took interest buffaloes are for a well we have tripped and you might do you think about things I sure am having you know that. That I was thinking about that before Graham John right NASA so as so what it's going to be. One more time down the Valentine's Day. So. The twelfth which the Friday night so right now it's thirteen and of course don't find itself on Sunday fourteenth. You can't but I was opened its in armored called surely up to a you know I don't expect we're trying to you guys internally and you know over Connecticut who surely. Dell was one of that lately and in his limited okay are you. Yeah I and that of course you make the funniest gay premiere the funnies cakes and aura and but that sometimes they're too realistic. What's an ever that people call. For our reservations for this. OK it is 978. Or 6813. Are at eight. Again that's our certainly or six say when three and it. Kind gallon 398 Baghdad a Baghdad give me abuzz that I do appreciate it. Let's go Vincent I've built Erica is next leave a that was Jacko and at those this I'm sorry nobody told me. Not in now I know can't tell one you know I genuine advantage in next NW RKO. All right pat you sooner. Yet yeah. Believe that a lot of a lot of clinch the clip show a little bit. I'd like people child off the shot that I met this program and the vote went chartered. I had I had a pretty good plan each other legal it was a government I only get involved. So our agenda. I would tell it tell me when I got you on the line. Which affair replaced receive food chatter. I liked I know people who saw Charlie worthy. Evidently. Absolutely absolutely. Well we are like that fellow and my micro Baghdad at that and I appreciate your car runs coming from Lawrence Iran. It that there are going to be can't man MI my life is gonna divorce may soon so it is does this let us. That's really what you believe. That. It Mike he's clinch our current Nextel brought down that that was pretty good yeah you know mark in the through it and they and I go to the fish but. Go to complaint spirited bigot an ATM machine it take to echo and so you know yeah I that's my only complaint. Got my only competitors believe you sit outside a degree hit in the summertime. And he's Lebanese have an act it's easy. Actually we have. That the Arab or Arab neverland to as that that. A to have a jury whether we're in a mine and the guy next to me and pretty good buzz on. What where you are a series is that our work on insect control. And eyes as even workaday that is that February this is yeah each year you know what he's that you don't have any anonymity green is in February due to hit a and yeah. I. And it it is anti Tom appeal that is going to be next eight. Wanna look at that I'd be remiss if I didn't vote for. Cap and practice OK yeah and guard may have three years and it's consistently. Good. Actually great yeah it and it's also great pleasure stood dying to get in that it would hear your cup. Clam chowder and everything else steps. Along as well. Yeah and you can sit outside to in the summer times that's time for now because event that the fireplace out there and all. And the summertime for school night is true and nice really is right down there. Actually a long journey may have the pleasure of old are they only got twelve or church about. Only if little has not been. They don't object Jerry could shovel that himself. Into a back. Half hour right thank you town Bryant's guy from Woburn. Jerry Manning which argument who owns that Kim Parker. Brian you're next. They've got I don't today I'm doing really good thank you. Good I had a good spot percolate charter is around the embassy suites and walk them has they grow our work. They got I'm telling other great at clamp shut are very we drove it just for that no kidding. I am an DoubleTree now its embassy yet. I'm writing it down so it seat is C embassy in ports and name of the restaurant in San. XP out to grow at Bob's book. McCain and wall yeah. But also I don't mind if I'm not sure what action number oh where all the hotels are you know there right off the exit. I know exactly where you. The more data that tell elaborate at what the trip. I'd I got to thank you very much for the call. That was Brian in this is Marcus going from Salem New Hampshire Kmart. Mark you there. Who didn't do it duped. Glenn of Beverly Massachusetts. Is next then and then knew there. Yes vote backed up it will go big big today. Bad big big big day today you better believe it man. Well wedge in ethics for the best blimp shot or actually the best move of the best clam chowder to actually gonna get some. Village clamp chatter they don't watch the game. Hey that's great now at a tea. I did you I don't know if you've been how long you been listening but I went out there and I was having hmm with my wife. And my son who came up from Dallas. And that we are having. That might be similar to any theories related night about 9 o'clock at night that it was raining as a matter apparently drove up there. And I was just in the mood for oyster Stew. And he has said on me so those who want to give me some voices to laugh at him cause nobody's in a restaurant just before Christmas are related night I think you were detonated himself. Boy who is that. Oh and that's the real special the air and that's yup you got on the menu you'll know you're there. It bit bright bright spot rate each other great mood and we're not too far away so we like going. And Kevin is one of my money my favorite all time friends he's just great great great guy he and his mother is alive. Are Glenn thank you very much this go to Salem New Hampshire now is try mark again guys is it mark your next NW RKO. Yeah I wanted to give you might what I think is the best clam chowder here anyway is so common in a way camp that your. So we are not good in. Yeah I think they're in the food distributors to put a note and charter Day of The Dead and a favorite. I got it thank you very much market. Though a bit of they've been there many times including I was that there are coming man up and who drew who actually. In New Hampshire and amounts. Eileen visited Newton is next NW RKO. IA EK mom my favorite. Favorite favorite child differ from clam chowder or seafood is Carlisle. And went prep no. And it's Saddam did have a broad array of Saratoga and Benny demonstrate of course it is well you know people how you connect eaten there before. You have total went up and it's on the bridge but it's called on south main street. And remember the five people last summer you have to go to in the summer because they're eating in outdoor areas they have table food and it's on the Ryder what the boats and the doc and it's the fishermen that to the fishing. And Butch Otter overt filled the cup for the got to live from and the father of a cat person but just the turnaround. And then a lot of Ferrero and the fishermen platters I can't say enough about the calendar. We wish we are just got out there yeah the crap out of because they get there on fish. And you don't really have a choice. And then there is that they catch that day which you. Makes it a perfect restaurant because you know they're not used in herbal fruit yeah and there on number 8617567. 1619. And over empowerment they don't take credit cards that they have an ATM machine which is really bright. In and these kind of places you know because in not only a bit. That's quite common now one time it wasn't that sometimes you go in there before and expecting to do you know pay by credit card and find out. You know out of gas either Beth and with him aren't right right but that now they put the ATMs and then that helped make my. Hey you know it's funny because you have enough cash in your pocket to pay for it because it's not over these methods. All right thank TO I do appreciate because you know I have. You guys know they'd you know I've got deep a lot. You know comment rather than going great restaurants. Doctor goes in my personal physician. For lo these many years. As you know god doesn't have a cent to humored as he's missed the game it and jam going at that all of these restaurant the edit what you shoot that well. Mr. Our buy anymore. 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Now I've been little bottles has a when it eat you put in the parking problem. You know we have you heard bill addressed jagged mentioned several times here. And Allan mention one more time. They have been first to as a friendship they have been advertising on this program which helped support this program. Since October 3 1992. 1992. And it could've offered. If that is the show is on the back in 1956 which it was not values that go an army backed him. The village restaurant back there and had five boasts a seven counter tooth. First opened its doors to the ladies of cape and they serve fifty cents glam girls. Eighty cent lobster salad sandwiches and 25 cent cup of town. They're chatters toga and great vote today. They have been recommended by Avery national magazine that there is in the local newspapers arrow. Let alone the item itself. He had an opportunity draft NC have any member of the repeat them. Lou and it's Kevin's wife whom I would reach at the door. 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And it's fortunate wicket by its radio is brought to impart by rare coins of New Hampshire that's worn mills place if you're looking to buy rare coins cell rare coins he's the man Mikhail. If they get about buying gold buying silver. Or maybe selling goldmans over he's the man the call because of that you honest advice of what it is worth. Plus he travels the country looking for rare coins and pays the highest prices due to give him a call Warren mills of rare coins at New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 802257264. Where pointed at Hampshire last a rare coins dealer that you can trust. 802257264. Restaurant they've only Bo is looking at the gateway of Boston's historic North End at two or three causeway street. Steps in the TV and garden. And I would highly recommend if you're holding a function there with the your school and looking for place at the stop the north and for lunch or dinner. They are function room upstairs in the at great prices and you do it family style that's my favorite. And what family style is did you order the food and they bring it and they put on the table. And then everybody kind of grabs the portion that they want. Their menu is authentic you know from the roots he region of Italy. And you'll absolutely enjoy the restaurant open seven days a week but that function room if you like more information. By the way they can accommodate groups from 2235. People in Iran and the Freedom Trail. Is an amber for more information 617742. 4143. Football restaurant date to 83 causeway street in Boston 617. 7424143. Salvador's restaurants there's many locations including Andover Lawrence met for South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. Think large portions and open for lunch and dinner each of their restaurants in each of their individual locations whether it's and over a large or Medford. They have a separate section on the menu called the shafts playground. And it's. Allows that shaft at that particular location to prepare what he likes to prepare yet called the chefs playground to find it at cellblock towards restaurants. Again Andover. Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. I was going to call Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eateries in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that it is no better feeling. Traditional northern recipes friendly portions at family prices come hungry leave happy. Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard road Quincy. Captain on the TV episode up quick insights this Saturday morning at 930 unnecessary. Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is weakened by its radio London AM sixteen. WR PM often talk station. That would BS okay we're at the winner coming after just 12 in the whole case of harmony made gourmet coffee delivered to your front door I don't know if it's too late probably should have done this earlier. Down sausage company. If you walk that it's never too late to ever truly an economic ability to pack it. You know they can't just they can communicators shore we're investigate reports that dish yeah. You probably. Right over there and it's. Ravens take tips Renault and where were done in five minutes so you can run right now yet. As you well now that the status of the residential area that was so that I have to go do it. He would ground beef if that would mean you know about this revived Porter house stakes are so many things that they do. Sevens and rams. I mean they ought to know how to do it they go to for over seventy go to an eighty years now is David Delhi but a jelly belly. Now. It's down sausage dot com okayed this remember that downsize these dot com. Did Riverside park and mold and agreed telephone number there. 78132413. 107. At 132413. And now the China blossom. They have television sets everywhere. If you wanna sit at the bar area which is about Fe area. It be a good thing to do you know watch all the games all the TV sets will be on that. Both games. Now this is the place if you win and their day. After about 4 o'clock you get to eat all of the primary but you can eat. Now listen to. All the primary of the you can eat. You listing. All of the Arab world you can. All of a king crab legs UP. All of appeal any shrimp. You can meet all of this sushi you can see all of the Peking duck you can. Do you believe that all of it. After about 4 o'clock this. And of course it is activist and advocate. For huge tray tables you should maybe even more and it. That you get out everything else they'd be much and try out things like that general. And happy family thanks like OK in addition to what I used to list. China blossom is located on or 125 in North Andover mass. It is on by Richard and condi and lovely Jan will be there today Hampshire next week we're going to be there Scioscia next week. Forward Kevin Collins maybe in show. You know started the doors open twelve known but it felt sold out so don't try to it has been sold out for a long time. We found again Kevin intents Aussie many of you hopefully. This coming. This next sent. Two vote. That's a rule went 25 and north and overturned have been some McCain though laughter restaurants right now on the street for a that said Jim Dietz from Jo fish thing. I. Is this is really catching expect to find this on sixty minutes was. They come up with five U 500. That's 500 calories your list items. Bikini spaghetti. Thanks that I'm. Now they have classic favorites elected chicken parmesan or redefine. They get what is redefine it just means that they've always known as well. You know intimate to a five years and fusion that. But. It's allowed out to be an example like chicken parmesan that redefined it lightly seasoned and growth chicken breast. Finished. In the Evan with much or lesser of two over zucchini spaghetti. The marinated. Roasted tomatoes spinach and garlic butter garnished with Shea apartment. Oh all right that's the laughter restaurant rule went 251140. Osgood street in North Andover. The last. Ito's Jimmy gates apparently since about okay studio could. Room. Who won the case of harmony bay gourmet coffee that will be delivered to their door and went down my Michael Beverley. Michael to bet and I it to he has won the whole case of harmony they Wear makeup will be delivered to him as and it will. I'd we are going to be would it by Stevie win tomorrow at 2 PM on nests over the Red Sox and the Bruins. In Saturday. Saturday 930 will be about. And Nixon did Clinton WRKO radio you guys have a go past a salute at I can say hello patriots. We've hit by its radio with pat really gets representation. Of quits media incorporated.