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Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump. 1/20/16

Jan 20, 2016|

Will this hurt or help Donald Trump?

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WR KL cooler report presented by Kelly financial services. The constitution. Is under attack freedom is being curtailed. Our founding principles are being destroyed. But in Boston deceived the American revolution. A new moon. That begins the jets sooner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal ball. And seeking our country that. This is America's voice of the resistance. Sooner report. Are you win. Couple hours about a very special place. This is a person who I've known for a long let respected for so long and incredible husband an incredible family. And somebody that when I heard that she was going to go as I was so honored you have no idea how water. And I would like to bring up if I might governor Sarah. Palin special. Special cars and thank you. My friends. Palin net goal is for trial. Yesterday. In audio off in front of a massive crowd as speculation. Was mounting and mounting and mounting. Finally Sarah Palin talk this stage. Saying she in many ways a hero. Among many grassroots conservatives. Is now go and our goal all in she's throwing her lot in with Donald Trump. Bypassing. Ted Cruz. Bypassing. Rand Paul bypassing. Ben Carson. Bypassing. Some of the other. Insurgent. Outsider conservative candidates in the grow she says she's going in with Donald Trump. Because it's trying to make America. Great again. And her whole rationale. Where's that we need the consummate non politician. To destroy this system off crony capitalism. And the Washington establishment. That has driven America. To the ground. Listen to Sarah Palin in her own right and I've got to say she was treated yesterday almost like a rock star in Iowa. Roll cut one Britain. Only one candidate record of success proves she is the master of the art of the deal. And be. Read press she is perfectly because this and that. Do let you make America great again. I. Every town. From the private sector not a politician cannot get Allen yeah. You actually have to balance budgets. In order to prioritize. To keep. The main thing the main thing and he knows the main need a president just to keep us safe economically and militarily. He knows the main thing he knows how to lead the charge so troops pay it because help on the way because. Then what is no report being able to command the fire. She said he would make a wonderful Donald Trump would make an outstanding commander in chief. He would support the military he would support our veterans. He would secure the borders he would crack down on illegal immigration. And he would care ice this is but. I can't say the word there's apps. While wall however say it but I can't say it roll it Britain. Troops pay air because helped on the way because he. What is no report being able to command the fire. Yeah. It. You are yeah people let our warriors do their job don't. Happen. Yeah. Secure our borders are secure our jobs and to secure our home. Make America great again ready to stump for true. Heir to the and the United States Donald. And really in many ways Sarah Palin said. It came down to one fundamental decision for her. As you know she has been at war really with the establishment with the media political class. Ever since she took that stage in 2008. At the Republican Convention to accept the slot the nomination to be McCain's vice presidential nominee. And she said look we have been at war with political correctness. It has put a straitjacket. On us. For some people it's now becoming with the threat of radical Islam and the invasion of illegal immigrants it's now becoming a suicide vest. Listen to Sarah Palin say say what you want about the Donald. Nobody. Has smashed the guards of political correctness. Like Donald Trump roll it Britain. He be the only one and he's been Willy he's got the guts to where the issues that need to be spoken about in debated on his sleeve or other. At some of these establishment candidate. Just wanted to duck and hide he didn't want to talk about these issues to he brought him up and that. And wearing a bit of political correctness. Likened to a site that. Enough yeah she was that Donald Trump talked about. Haven't to be debated and brought in to the forefront and that's why we are where we are today with good discussion. A good. He hit. And very competitive primaries where we are and now go to these lectured that well. You are all found in tiny eatery is what we're hearing from the establishment. Were angry just quietly. Modern now and then they tell us just chill. Okay just have to accept well mark Avant who we are mad and we've been had they need to get used to it. That's election. Is more then just your basic eighty feet. Anybody but Clinton. Look. Let me say this is a couple things that need to be sad and I wanna throw it open to you the great audience of corner country. I think without a doubt in the short term you have to understand the context of this endorsement. Crews Swiss clearly now gaining on trump. He was slightly ahead of trump in some polls model polls but in some polls in Iowa. He was gaining momentum in New Hampshire he was doing very well in the south. He had positioned himself clearly now it's trumps only major rival who could potentially captured. More than dot after the last debate on Thursday. Crews went on the offensive and you sought in the interview when he came on our show a couple days ago. Where he started to really open up on trumped. For his New York liberal values. Apparent you know his previous positions on abortion on gay rights a special week. On part on bail outs on the Obama's stimulus. On giving money to the Clinton foundation. On supporting Rahm Emmanuel. Even as late as 2013. You could see that what Cruz was doing and he was starting to gain traction is like a heavyweight fight. He start now to really open up and draw some blood. On the argument that look I'm the real authentic conservative Donald Trump is in that was the line of attack. That Cruz was using. And it was starting to work I'm not saying in big numbers but you can tell in the polls he was starting to get some traction. That clearly rattled Donald Trump's camp. You can see they said wall this is start that we're starting to take some damage. And so what trump gave I have to say masterful. Was he played is ace in the hole this was his ace up his sleeve. Where now we calls and so are Palin who has phenomenal street credibility with a lot of conservatives. We're just as trump is getting a pact essentially on his right flank. For saying. Look out on look at his record look what he said. Does it really match their rhetoric as Croshere was trying to Adam hopefully trying to paint that on trop. Well now we comes with Sarah Palin. Many conservatives are now gonna rally around trump in Iowa in particular. Because they like Sarah Palin because they trust Sarah Palin. And so. What he's now gone. Is he in a sense is now gone all in trump ties to knock Ted crews out right away. Don't let a win Ohio what is here was cruises strategy. We win Iowa. We do very well in New Hampshire third or second and then we go down south. We go down to South Carolina. We go down to Super Tuesday those big southern states work crews has a very strong ground game. You then start knocking off the Kasich is the Jeb bit dole is the Chris Christie's. The other finals of the race and then you no longer have 78 candidates on the debate stage because there will be more debates. Then it's just two or three. Let's say rubio for the establishment. And now you don't have thirty seconds to answer a question. You've got 234 minutes to answer question. And Cruz is a brilliant debater. Is a world class debater. And so cruises people were saying let's drawn in to the south. Just bring the race to the south draw this thing out get them on the debate stage almost man all mantle and that's when all going for the kill. And so what trump realize there's none on on all week can't let him win Iowa we can't let him start gaining traction with these attacks that he's the genuine conservative. And apparently I'm not. So what he did masterfully. Was he said let's use Palin right now let's play the Palin card right now. I want a defeat crews in Iowa buried him in Iowa bury him in New Hampshire and then we just run the table. That's the strategy behind bringing Palin on board. Now. We know why. Trump called on Pailin. We know what Palin gives him a short term boost in Iowa. Okay it say not so much a victory I believe for trump as a blow took troops. Because it Blanche cruises momentum in Iowa and in some ways his momentum across the country. But what does Sarah Palin. That's the key question. Because she wouldn't judge doing this for free. Her endorsement. That's a lucrative asset. That's something she doesn't just her away Willy Nilly out of the goodness Everhart. So trump needs her and she came to Trump's help when he needed it. But what does she give her. And immediately the speculation. Newness. Did he promise her behind closed doors. That he would make her she is VP. In fact this morning. On the today show with Matt our. He's asked this very question. Did you make a deal is Sarah Palin going to be your vice presidential nominee who listened to Trump's answer. Because it's a non answer answer he dodges the question. Roll it Brittany. Back to Palin Ramallah which you consider her as your running mate. Well I don't I do have to start software that played so bad it would be something she'd want to do she didn't do that but and you know attest it was event this is 100% fact. Which came just seeing me in which he talked to me and I got to concede that you really like what we've sake she never succeed I'd like to do just I'd like to do that you never made it deals. Like so many people wanna try to make deals a beach just so I immediately like what's going on it's an amazing. Thing I've never seen anything like that politics a lot of people so that's this week to cover of time magazine this week bright but it. Which he said I've never acidity of it like it seemed you know what what you've been able to do eventually then determine quality but it question yeah but it facet whether a I haven't discussed it and whether about. What's he do what she's somebody I really like get a respect. That's certainly she could play a position if you wanted to you wouldn't roller at a BP. What I don't like and what they do it I mean I don't achieve what they do that you know I really don't get into it right now because site and so it's of course it's always good to me who do you have this in mind and I didn't even think about BP right now and I just want to win. She could have a position. And the White House I don't think she'd won a dual lit. I'm not thinking about it right now. Look I'll be honest with you I wasn't born yesterday that they didn't discuss her being his vice presidential nominee. Someone like her who loves to be in the thick of the action. Somebody like her who would love to stick it all over enemies somebody like her who would love. To be on a winning ticket and be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Somebody like her. Who. In some ways politically her career. Has flat lined ever since yours Sheila they lost the election in 2008. She's made a lot of money. She's done her reality TV show she's done everything she possibly could. This is now her chance to be famous again this is her chance to be back in the limelight again and for both of them to tell me. Mouth being. All all we never discussed that low all all she has walked up to me and said hey Donald you want my endorsement you know it's one of the most coveted endorsements. I don't believe it. I don't believe it. Now it may not be VP maybe they talked about secretary of energy or some prominent portfolio in the White House or whatever. He had all but they must have offered I mean look don't. This stuff is never done for free I've been following politics my whole life something was offered to Sarah Palin the question is wiped. Now. Let me throw it open to you it's now official Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. Does it hurt cruise. Does it help trump. And. Do you think there was some secret deal made between the two Obama 6172666868. Palin gold's big for trump. Good bad your calls next. How regret she is perfectly good. And you let us yeah make America upgraded. There's still this is all about. And because of Kenneth trump wins Iowa he's way ahead in New Hampshire I think he did nine point unstoppable and the reason I think these. Cases could be decisive is not because it helps troubled it brings him additional support. That it hurts Cruz for one thing standing between. Trumpeted success and I always cruise he attributes his success. In becoming a senator terror she now it turns against him. I think this is a major. Who owed him. And that's why they could could be decisive. 1248 here on the great WRKO that of course was my former chess buddy Charles cross timer on Fox News yesterday. Look I think there's no question about it Sarah Palin stuck the knife independent groups. For whatever reason she's a religious conservatives like him a Christian conservatives like him a grassroots conservative like him. If you look at the issues. And she's free to endorse whoever she can and whoever she wants circle announcements of free country a church Royce don't get me wrong. But ideologically. Politically if you're looking at the past and she should have gone with cruise. Instead she stuck a knife. Into one ever fellow Christian conservatives. And went all in with the Donald choosing your Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Thank you cap the morning I'm laughing in my car. I don't regret and that's the iPad and I can't pick and you know. I didn't appreciate going to be the president. So packer here and I'm Wilson speaking yesterday like I think that was the woman wants to keep an eye level. Any legal rights on them like accurate number radio. And things such as laughing about it at certain current and yeah. Susan do you think you think it helps Strom do you think it hurts pros you think can help Strom. And ward Shoemaker good VP would jewel like this year as trumps vice presidential nominee. Well I think she will help him. Because he has already a base of her own job where you're over. And but I don't. I think that show to promote his agenda. And of people without form and that's what they want and she will be a great compliment to him and his agenda whatever that might see. His presidency. Susan thank you very much for that call I appreciate it 6172666868. Okay. A whole lot more on this believe me I wanna hear from you. And there is a theory out there that this actually. Her strong. And hurts him. I thought dot. Your calls. Don't Koch dot dot. And 1236. Here on the great WRK although voice of Boston the the next hour. Long shell email from a revelation about Hillary Clinton. She not only receive classified information. But apparently it was more than pop secret super classified information. Clearly. Violating the law. This could be the email many are now finally conceding that will force an indictment few story next hour you don't want to miss it. But first. I call it the Brittany theory. Look you know my position on this I think the Palin endorsement clearly help Strom. It if only by blocking and blunt pink truck cruises momentum in Iowa. And Cruz really does need to win Iowa I think to realistically derail trump. Britney on the other hand and I'm hearing a lot. It is not just from her but from some of the listeners as well. Not social or in fact Britney doesn't think this really helps trump that much why. Because as Britney put economies said you know Jeff look a lot of Trump's appeal. Is to many Democrats. To younger voters some of the more independent voters. They don't like Sarah Palin I know conservatives do yes the base does. But many of those other people that were thinking of jumping ship you know what I boarded Democrat phenomenal for trump. This crossover vote. They don't either they don't like Sarah Palin. Or they've never heard of Sarah Palin especially the younger voters. And so this mind that this man actually. Turn some of the trump people off. Soul Britney says Jeff I'm not so sure this is as big a deal. As frankly mania in talk radio and in the media are making it out to be. I believe that she's endorsing him for our own product. Now how do you mean by her man. Cash and out of politics for so long she's all of a sudden coming back to a strong. There's I think that there is something ought not. So you think she's getting on its from bandwagon and she's gonna you know get recapture her glory her fame right may be a position was all right error. So you see here in many ways I don't put words in your mouth but almost it's almost opportunist this. Up next an age brackets are reality TV shows. She's an opportunist. Interest. 617206. 6172666868. Faith Europe first call going head thing. Well the cot. Sorry all son's okay so there's absolutely comical to first hear Britain. Paul okay Paula sorry EC I thought your faith but now you're actually Paul I'm sorry about that ball. Fire or are at how. Buddy how are you. Good how are you good good good good what do you think my friend okay. I think Sarah Palin. Helps and the reason net. I think that crude Ted Cruz of the forget it great but just think Richard Nixon we're. Okay not trump is street Smart. Think we're our outrage at a picnic in the street Smart. And Sarah Palin brings that out. Archie had great cheerleader. And she's a street person she pre Smart and she gonna bring. That into the picture she didn't get the intellectual. Thing out of it and award the. You know grassroots discrete thing are you hoping history got myself I was actually educated under grad in a very yeah very nice school. But I have a PH Egypt and not leave from the university art knocks you know while real life. And that's why you don't that's what became successful and I'm a street Smart. A lot advocate everything else and I think got hit cruise. And so it seemed that they give me a little bit immature. It just comes up that you might sixties and he comes up to meet in a little bit short offer that well you almost like a I told you so book got and I think I excerpt from the timing is perfect. Of course she did for our own benefit every parties who do editing. You know we know we're not a charity organization all I'm here folks. Op I think she is got a lot. Opt hope the whole thing and as far as the younger voters I think she's gonna principal who yet I think she's I mean the energy level she has an incredible morning. She has. Like it energy enough. Paul let me ask you this jurists that's a that's exactly what bought my wife for complete region as we're talking about this last night. She goes look there's no question about it Sarah Palin's gonna energize the base she's gonna bring all over supporters into Trump's camp. It Blanche crews just as he was start to get some momentum at least in Iowa. She thinks look it's a clear win for fur for trump and it's a bloated crews now is it devastating is it. You know what I can the fight on is this gonna decapitate them mobile C. But it's clearly I think a win for Tron. Do you think it's gonna help them all sold blunt I'm talking about trump. The war on women in other words the sexism card that they keep trying to play against them because now you've got a very prominent. Articulate. Charismatic. Female conservative. Going all inform. Well well one thing is I think politically based anyway. So. The people out of order on offense of course it's gonna help trump. But dot. Most of the people that they quote unquote the base of law you know that kind of mentality a war on women mentality they're already made up their mind anyway. Interest and Paul thank you for that call don't be a stranger my friend. And Europe next go ahead and. Can't hit her. You and Mary and I am on the board are well you marry good or not. They are and the BL resting at L one again and I have to tell you I thought Arab near the RNC convention in 2008. She came out with gun believed and yet here and there you got gun com. She did a great job to bring to life McCain dying campaign. He got an influx of money at the last minute and a quirky lot and didn't go anywhere. They ram tasted better Palin did the interviewer Katie Couric elapsed in the mainstream media. Beat her out vilified her and I are planning and the women know better cheaper capable. Wonder how intelligent female and when you put her out Rick Perry. Clint then there's no comparison. You're a woman in a White House trying to keep it BP played a secretary of state each Hewlett kicks and cheering but yet. Merriam look at you like Sarah Palin oh law I I thought she was a great pick for McCain in 2000 innate. I think she's right on most of the issues. Britain is is like jumping over chairing the blue. Or whatever it's. Some. This is not in politics for eight years he now all your act I'll end up front what have you done even talking on fox has lost that job a it's there's something actually. Oh my god it's silly. Britain whatsoever. That perhaps. She says yes I. Heard you're probably still little little girl. Pretty. When vilified by the estimate mean immediate you can't let them get away at bat again. I mean we weren't what what Q what more a bench you know can I say that's on the radio Jeff pressure. Because like what can. Actually option pops. I. All products like go to 16172666868. Okay. Some think there is a great decision by Sarah Palin others like Britain. Mean today they're not sold on saarc but let's put it that way. Tricia Europe Max go ahead Tricia. You know why he. It's not odd man. Yeah a great idea EU Hugo brilliant product they were pale in perfect. But parent is along Politico he's not gonna choose her to be used by Brett and you like winners. She analyst there and heap more weight to hard. To have his reputation. Yeah we worked really hard to be a legitimate candidate they're now take on them. Factor or no on Saturday Night Live there that can happen. So Tricia you think that this is just a short term strategic move on his part. You know but you don't think he's gonna going with her as his VP. Well. We camping I mean McEnroe well anchor again. Is why our secretary of energy she's very good Arnold oil drilling natural gas and be great drill baby drill. Yeah it can be made that Sarah Palin and she did great he knows that. And it today. By president he pinnacle print or something that the real winner. They're gonna bring him right and now what happens when you want to ask are they can't. No. I am Saturday Night Live and let alone for you know for the trying to picture him acting. So trick show I wanna put words in your mouth but which are saying is look it was a great move on his part for her to endorse some bullet after it was up politically brilliant. But don't put her on the ticket. Tricia thank you very much for that call. OK Brittany and I've this is never happened before I'd never seen Britney like this her Irish campers coming out go ahead Brittany you said that. Which is a she's a joke. Hello Britney. But Britney saw such a Kenny and talk. I thought I had a program it. I did issue a joke on site on her now I just said what is she done. So you you don't think she. Let me ask you this do you think that it helps trial that she came out and endorsed him yet. A little bit I'm 5050 on the map but for vice president stupid. It. Six and it's a group expects. 6868. Lane Europe next go ahead lane. Tried gap how Leo I'm good RU. I'm good thank you bet I will Britney he's about to jump out of it beat out about cracked my car I leave while these keep well. So in love with this move met Donald Trump and you know both closure. I and it's Ted Turner girl however. I am more willing to vote for trump should he went and I'm extremely concerned. Backing them as I know people on the last better yet they haven't you right now they he'll wait they're so happy should the part of that now I. I think the McCain Palin campaign and I can like try to chalked it up what horrible dream it it's where are all so. On I think we're great conviction and really what Eddie did that I don't. Leno let me ask. This because it's now coming out Brittany by the way got the story for Brittany was the one on this story full disclosure. Apparently in 2000 inmate. Trump came out and he criticized the decision by McCain to how Palin be his VP. He didn't like it. He did she was basically a lightweight he thought she added nothing to the ticket. He said he would have preferred Mitt Romney to be McCain's vice presidential pick in 2000 and so you know Brittany single hold on now in 2000 and a Donald was saying it look. You know she's not she doesn't pass Muster for McCain. He should've gone with Romney now years later okay he's not Baikonur is BP. You know he's basically saying wallet salt water however endorse me she's a special person is. Moby grapes and great for a little bit like having endorsed him more than Sarah Palin. So old Britney saying hey look he said one thing in eight years ago always kind of same exact opposite yours later. I agree a 100% and it went back. On Arab came in yeah she even when she first came out people that we're excited about marriage with the cheerleader. And all that. However are if you wanna cat that line that with conservative principles that certainly early and it aren't Donald Trump the parent IE I. You can understand why you viewing that I know you want to shore up that. Well they are at Iowa Aaron Kate I like burying or and it should be. By she was. Kind of choke back then not at my percent. And like someone mentioned the reality TV shell hit in the track all these things written and it. That's all it probably unfair and I get out you are already here by. Want some have accused brought honor thought I'd try it back went to really like Eric are you behind your eye. I think that it's short sighted move back could have on the went in that general election for him should he get the nod. Interest and very interest and thank you for that Carolina. Okay my friends look we're take a lot more of your calls I promise. Now let me throw another log on the fire. There are now some conservatives at faux news in particular. Coming out and saying Sarah Palin which read head groups. I want you to listen to the audio I wanna get your reaction. More worth your calls and talk dirt grace is gonna weigh in as well got a full show 61720666868. Don't touch that that. They're concerned about. This ideological. Pure. You. Do you think that at all and tell somebody like out. Phyllis Schlafly. She is the Republican conservative movement iconic hero and a term supporter. She's not conservative but. Right wing in theater clean and proud of glory years the art guns are the hotter in art religion an art but it yeah. Yeah. Yeah coming from the establishment. Right. 1256. Here on the great WRKO. That of course with Sarah Palin yesterday in Iowa she lit them on fire. Endorsing Donald Trump really a way taken a veiled shot at so much of the establishment but at the cruise camp. Because Cruz has been arguing hey I'm the real conservative not Donald in this race. Okay let me throw one more log on the fire. Greg Gutfeld on fox yesterday on fire I was at fox and the fire against the five. Said hey look. I'm not a big crew supporter don't get me wrong but. Cruz is a very devout man he's a Christian conservative religious conservative so is Sarah Palin. Why would one fellow religious conservative. Not backed another religious conservatives. And tell him he says you know what. She stabbed her own. Listen to Greg Gutfeld. Danish did she betrayed dead crew stats the question roll it Brittany. Might I. Might try not to let it. Back to let it affect me at all if the people who are religious who were certainly abandoning their religion for him. He goes on to mend say look she's an opportunist. She just jumping on the trump bandwagon that's all this is Roland Britain and since it's kind of odd to me that she would back trump over Cruz who's more interest in getting through to people and fuel. Palin's endorsement is massive because it will definitely get Palin's poked. And I think that's really important and I think it is bigger than Hillary Rodham Clinton having top secret classified information at our email. So I'm glad that we were suckered into leaving with these huge huge announcement. But the rug here is you have a staunch route religious conservative. Tossing aside a Stotts religious conservative for eight Rockefeller Republican and it shows in a way the opportunism a well. Of a lot of top conservative leaders when they see the bandwagon they jump on the bandwagon. Britney brown Britain's. So that's exactly Britain want to say about one. Woodward that's what she's doing she's jumping on the bandwagon she's a pass back eight years ago. 617 to a 666868. Is the number. Sarah Palin. Good move bad move endorsing trump you think it's a good thing for trump and did she betrayed that cruise. Your calls. Next. 106 here on the great WRK. Falls off boys of Boston. 6172666868. Is the number okay later in the show trust me I'm gonna get to it. Huge. Huge you cannot overstate the importance of this story. Now super classified information even more than top secret. Numerous emails were found on Hillary Clinton's unsecured. Home brew. Server. The pressure now to indict. He's building and building and building. But first the endorsement of Sarah Palin of Donald Trump yesterday. Lot of reaction compacts that's. 686 say this is from 781 Jeff. Greg Gutfeld hates trump more than Dana Perino does. No one in the Smart set remotely gets it people abandoning religion to save their lives and freedoms to be able to exercise. Their religious freedoms in other words Palin wasn't betraying crew is not at all she's just pick in the best candidate out there again it's 71. 978. Having Donald on today laughed out loud. And (%expletive) were very close what he'd trump campaign. I think it's either going to be tomorrow or Friday were deathly gonna have a mom for big again exclusive newsmaker interview. 603 bingo written emails that Palin has been interest thing. 978 if Palin back crews you guys would be crawling. Like mindless idiots are raid array for cruise hypocrites. 978 honestly I don't know what planet you're wrong or what show you've been listening to this is a big victory for Donald romp. I'm a big Sarah Palin fan. That's all I've been saying for the last hour Brittany disagrees. Now unlike the left. We don't have censorship here unlike the left we don't have bought control. We actually believe in freedom of debate in freedom of speech and and and and freedom to disagree. That's what it means to be a conservative. This is on MS left BC. 6172666868. And then Brittany Britney gave me a lot of texts it's all britney's brilliant so incredible I'm with Britain. Brittany I'm on your side Britney her time is over okay she did it give me a couple packs most siren gold Donald. Brittany is 100% correct a meet up with respect him a text is now Brittany. 6172066. Sixty its life and she up prince amount form as we get so many of them and then she highlights the ones that she thinks I should be reading. And I'm kind of noticing she's highlighting a lot of home that I agree with her. Okay doctor grace is on very quickly for her take him and I wanna get back to the blazing phone lines. She's the editor of politics and culture at world Tribune dot com she has her own show every Saturday. 3 PM eastern on WTS be in North Carolina full disclosure she's my better options my wife. A ferocious conservative. Doctor grace of woke told doctor grace. We were supposed to have you on Friday you just called and what's on your mind. Loud that I'm here to step in and defend Michael Britney. What I wanna made that is that look up or the Arab Elena literally source trump. Trump should take the endorsement. However from here on and in. He should hold their right arms length and I'll tell you why. Parents feel it has failed at everything that she has gotten. CEO. John McCain and she bears equal responsibility for that hill later she built in 2008. She then subsequently failed governor aloud if she does feel on the electorate and with her job all the heat at about a lot to look at and civic is. Because the whole nation would have rallied to her and helped her pay her legal battle she could have held on as governor of a lot but she L. Then she tried to be a celebrity and she failed under celebrity none other reality T op. They've tried to be a lot commentator and she failed at that she can thank the same. Big Auburn Allred and common sense conservatism and she got really boring really quick. So Farrah Palin is a complete and utter failure and keep an opt for two this gap. She Oracle's wherever she ain't her own self interest is going to be at that. And felt he bailed on the people of Alaska. She made millions of dollars and not. Looking for act number two. And what are you build she waits the wait and wait to see where the wind blowing. And she finally jumped on what she thinks is going to be a winning and gulag and Donald Trott. What extra rationale or endorsing. What she can't come out and say. He's a more conservative of the two because that's not. Clear that more conservative everybody else that. She can't come out and say that he's more socially considered because had crude is that she comes out with its argument. That chime in the one that's been a breakup crony capitalism. But she sang it in the context of Iowa. Where recruitment the one who uphold the ethanol subsidy. And try and support ethanol subsidies. Such is actually on the I a big guy Eddie or crony capitalism when it comes to Iowa and let me come a little drilling. Well the very Iraq should now that she's using. Bogus. She can't meet opportunistic. Self interest is at the creek and brought. Now trump. It definitely take a endorsement why are people like her endorsement. But from here on in ER. At arm's length sheet is a political looter. Well. And Iraq got a race I respectfully honest I have to really disagree if you look are a couple of points. When it came first of all mimic I followed the McCain campaign as you know the only good thing about the McCain campaign whisper. They would have been slaughter. Had it not been for her when she turned out conservatives in fact not only did she energize the grassroots. But this I know for a fact. When Mick maniac wouldn't go after Obama for all of his radical associations. When he would mention reverend Jeremiah Wright. Bill Ayers Bernadine born I'll tell you it was Sarah Palin behind the scenes but she's the VP. So she's got to do what the candidate wants but behind the scenes day after did you take the gloves off. This guy socialist unmask him hold on hold up all month. So in terms of that campaign. The only thing they had going form with Sarah Palin. The only one willing to stand up to the Obama juggernaut with Sarah Palin now when it came to the stimulus. She led. When it came to obamacare. She led when it came to the NSA spying program she led. When they shut down the government remember that. And they were going after the veterans up but the up on Capitol Hill. Closing down those World War II memorials she was right up there with ironically with their groups. But there they were fighting the Obama machine. So I've got to be honest with you. Look she's got a right to make money she's got a right to cover on reality TV show nothing says in life she's not. She got a family defeat for God's sakes that's special needs kid. So I don't regret her lap I don't got Roger having a reality TV show. I don't begrudge her being a Fox News commentator now we're Shia great comic national will be honest with you know. But I don't begrudge your dot. But when it comes to being a principled conservative. Who has stood up to the establishment whether it be the Republican or a establishment the rhinos or that Democrats. Doctor grace I'm sorry. But Sarah Palin's demeanor. A I and that he should take her endorsement people like Hershey taken some good principle tradition. But on the whole. She has not been a winner and I with the John McCain campaign I agree with you she would energizing at first I was that's a big part of our arts. But then when she started to open her mouth and she was incher here. She clearly didn't have enough knowledge of national or forward a fair well come out gladly I'll and responsibility. For that all. I'm on hold on hold on our immigrants hold on hold on look I will give you this nobody I'm series you're a doctor your your your brilliant intellectual K yes I understand that. You know we all can't be as brilliant as you look at debt that. But you don't but I mean look Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter. Michael Dukakis. Joseph Biden. Barack Obama. You can just get that debt dar re able to lead on the world stage they've got some kind of brilliant foreign policy are you kidding me and we're outstanding and. What to watch Obama were able to answer questions that the Pratt also there's a wish would be. Acknowledged it was very very weak some of those interviews with Katie Couric and on that I don't believe the ocean liner interviewed. One interview doctor gray slut and asking this interview and rooting for her. And she was an embarrassment to all of us that's what about an. Flatly she has been ruled. She has mastered the material a little bit more but that I'm what I'm trying to save their job. She off all bumble she made mistakes are not an option market ready for what we say about Rick Perry right we you don't lack. The good governor. What ready for prime time. At the climate that we she wasn't ready what are all the liberal media that was after she wasn't ready and she how McCain Ers but that. Two of them together they are from Al. And subsequently. She doesn't responsibility for that Eric she blames everybody children are hurt by the fact that she just cut runner or the lack she blinked a lot. Look there's a lot hair that lead people to pot. About her and incorporate an opportunist and I think that it's trump affiliate hurt himself too much with our. It will in the long run damage and and spoil his credibility. Because she got too many failures in the last couple. Well look let me just say this doctor race you can say whatever you want about Sarah Palin. But when you laskar point blank how many states there are in the United States she says fifty. The dear Peter that didn't happen. Right center so I swear the media would cover again and again he kept her for the 57 states and America. So all you can say whatever you one caller bam ball and hammerhead hey at least she knows how many states there are in the United States. Outlook at live with that she was just not ready that she has improved I'll grant you that. But I'm never took responsibility for her role in the failure of the John McCain campaign and I think that. Romp. If he truly want to present himself as somebody they're gonna eat. Crony capitalism. And beat something new and refreshing. You know you've got to be able to present company knew under threat or not. I got a cold wind and other callers on but we said look it's not a doctor ratio mean. And one final. And it's a very quick answer okay. It's girl power they're ganging up on girls and him up on. Would you rather not ever endorsement would you rather resorts. What mark anybody that I just you know sort out. Tactic every endorsement app nobody would take the endorsement like it some local Italian guy. You know all in and pull Carville or summer and not be used to recruit wouldn't like an endorsement of course that would love him. You didn't interact that I think trump should take endorsement of course it is sort of you you've got traveled all. Like the endorsement but here on and I direct the. Talk you're single or whatever you do don't maker that VP. The great her anymore than for the next couple of days more art and more on while he answer and I always campaign with their denial I think after Iowa maybe one year that much but he needs of the night at. That this learning Boehner is gonna pick up one thing. Crude is and again call me capitalism in Iowa and try. You mean on ethanol subsidies. On ethanol world that's why the Governor Palin are not. And that's why the governor Terry brands that has been saying anybody must win but crews in fact you know what Britain since you've got the clip roll it. And I think that Ted Cruz is ahead right now but what we're doing is we're trying to educate the people of Iowa. He is the biggest opponent. Of renewable fuels and he actually introduced a bill in 2013. To immediately. Eliminate the renewable fuel standard he is heavily financed by big oil. So we think that wants Iowa and realized that fact they might finer things about him attractive it. I think it would be very damaging to our state and that's a reason why. He hasn't been invited to this because he has supported renewable fuels. And I believe that would be a big mistake. For Iowa to support and I always had the balls but the only all accounts is on the daytime caucus night. And I think it could change between now and then I think this event is an important significant. On step to helping educate the voters in this state in this state is where it all begins. So I mean that Terry Branstad there's the Republican governors saying hey. Cruz is against the ethanol mandate cruise against all those ethanol subsidies he's the only one against you know crony let's call it phony real. Crony capitalism crony socialism. It's greats Ted and they're taken amount. Yet you think that Sarah Palin and her beat has been energy and actually hit on the key test can it be illegal. Like I've said all subsequent endorsement but I. Could be important for our pillar on it doesn't make sense you are all right and it doesn't make sense. And there again I feel that she's not a truck or at each person. OK so basically you wouldn't take her endorsement then. I don't put my word. OK isn't it how come I don't get like what I just what you want for like twenty minutes talk a little get twenty minutes on your show. Twenty minutes on my show but I don't appointment it's on your show. But how are right albeit at a out out at it in at any age group that we Matt let. One inner circle yet the inner circle patriots people got a wonderful dinner with them. The Iraq. Or rock you while rock everything on that let you gob bless you doctor grace okay bill Europe next go ahead bill trying to regain control additional year. Go ahead bill. Guess everything that happened the last two days has been damaging to the Republican Party and our chances for a when any election in 2016. I mean you know I dug up by being picked crew support I've read this book. And it took me awhile to warm up to. Donald Trump. And no he's won me over it slowly and I was really starting to think I could support him. And then he on came out against a Ted Cruz in a vicious attack which is not going to help anybody. And then it you know he's violating the eleventh commandment Ronald Reagan made famous and then to cup and Lockheed down. I'm gets there there appear on Sarah Palin might help him in the immediate future in Iowa. Over the long run it's going to trip him in the general election because Erica Allen. And I was on her bandwagon initially but it I agree with grace a 100%. And I think she's an embarrassment. To the Republicans he's an embarrassment to conservatives and she's an embarrassment to evangelical Christians. Junior hit and I say I I loved election Frist was nominated. Or on McCain's vice president I I love that she did a tremendous speech at the RNC convention. She's great but then she went downhill. I'm Joseph Biden is correct cleaned her clock. On on on television. Bill at tell me how you really feel. Bill obviously thank you for that call I appreciate it 6172666868. Okay. All of your calls that's.