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Stock Talk - Bob Lang (TheStreet, Google, UAP) 1.14.16

Jan 14, 2016|

Stock Talk - Bob Lang (TheStreet, Google, UAP) 1.14.16 by The Financial Exchange

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We're gonna go now to do little stock talk and we are joined by Bob Lang from the street and Bob thanks for joining us. Good morning Barry Scheck I'd be with you today. Absolutely let's talk first about Google here and what are you seeing when you look at this company. Well it certainly not a whole lot to be. Proud about it here all the technology is that a Palin Google Motorola stock that. That seems to have held in the tool that I like EU's Aaron shock is Archie analytic. Created by idea technology revolutionary and legendary. Don't buy an order partner even though it stripped down below the artery moving average on on the chart in undetectable so. I look at these sort of things. A nice addition to get into a trade if it don't stop and at this morning it or what stricter about it. That hurt tells me that fired. And it. This is a company that has had quite a run over the last five years now it's up about a 128%. Since the beginning of 2011. And you do still think there's some room to run here. Absolutely I think that you know by and large tactical. Standpoint. The stock is still holding strong the well most of the market has you know been under extreme heavy distribution which in and institutions are selling a lot of stock. The Google summary and seems to be holding it here in haven't broken down like I mean like it was out all the of the peak. Sect leader that we had it out there Brooke you. Would have expected it. Yep you'd think that when it went fire certainly gotten the market the gravity to strongest one that I'm Brooke much Google. There are no name that we have here is Union Pacific Corp. and what are you looking at from this company. Boarded you know if we if we take a look at. That one group. Really tell you what the economy's doing that it rail. This has been a stock that is broken down. Did that last summer and even an all and it made it made it is that the amber over. It's been an at double hop in October and Iran and made the I ninety level. And she's been making lower our local. This stock. The company has been copper for recorder or are on an. Was preaching double digit revenue and earnings but it went down to it in a bit. Middle of that you it in and been. But yeah percent it in May be looking at an at a bottom here this certainly group that I would pull it. If it does recover and it probably outlook that the economy is doing a little bit better. Well we talked about a company like this if if you're looking to. Move into it is this something that you're looking that is a short term trader has a long term buy and hold. Well I would pay at this point I would bail long term viable green did it will be too early stepping. Out because. Is still trying to. One box and I'm not bottom thicker. Thicker I think that that's where a typical into. Play but. Star on the bottom terrible that these are moving around here and and we we can keep the stellar really exit the trade really wanted to get out of it. When institutions in definite start by C what pressure on the thing stocks starting right. Very good will Bob I appreciate you joining us and thanks for the info air. Thank you to Bob Lang from the street and the two companies that he is talking about here. Google with a ticker GO OG and Union Pacific with a ticker UN peace.