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The Garden Lady December 19, Hour 2

Dec 20, 2015|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 1-3 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to the guardedly yeah. On WORK oh joy the show like 6172666868. Welcome to the garden lately I feel for sorry but garden lately. And I am here every Saturday afternoon from one until three we are live. We are talking Lance we are targeting interior plant that's your plans. What happened in your garden last summer black. Might be thinking about for next year. Saying how. Real complete plant geek myself I'm always thinking about what I am going to do next year. We would start up this second hour with that question I am my question today is due a pretty small tree. That you can grow easily in the side during the winter. And outside on your patio. During this summer. And do you want to treat that is flagrant. And is wonderful holiday decorating. Well have died got a plan for you cook precious Mac Pro car. Gold crest. Commonly known as gold crest Cyprus. Or lemons Cyprus. Sometimes I think having been hurt this plant referred to a secret Cyprus about. You'll find these plants in your cart and Sanders right now and they are right lime green I you know real bright lime color. Which is wonderful in the house at this time of the year and looks smashing. With the color red cell. If you decorate your house for the holidays or for the winter. This is a great plan particularly if you like red and green together and this lime green just makes the red hot. And the red makes lime green park and they have this wonderful kind of citrus for reference to them as well. Now this particular Cyprus is not cold party in this area all right it is down seven to nine plan itself. It after eleven Oregon. Or. Down in New Jersey your someplace where it's a real solid zone seven in most of this listening area. This plant is a plant you have to bring it inside in the wintertime and put it outside in the summer. But it's really easy to grow that way I have grown ones for 45 years. Doing this putting it outside in part suns over the summer not falls on parts on. And then bringing it inside and having it in a bright window or you know again out parts on window inside over the course. Of the winter so an easy plant to grow. A plant that makes you feel a little bit better about wintertime and plant that you can find. At your local garden center right now. As always you can see a picture of this plan and see how to spell its name. By going to my block coffee for roses dot cop. 617266686. Agent by the way all my callers are being entered into a drawing to win. The book duck eggs daily basis deal. Check it out very charming book. Let's go to line one and talk with Fred Fred welcome to the garden variety. All by an element. I have a question about them look at. Was glad I inherited this plasma trends and all of her daughter was relieved that I welcome very good. This this step ms. brown. And I haven't spoken halfway off and haven't had any flowers but it's still they are. There any hope of its current cauliflower. Is stem remained it's broken but it's at the stem still green that the part that all. Out. Is brown like Britt brown tries app but it's apps like a threat did too quick or it's just brown color. OK so them that get in effect and so yeah so clicked off off. And the reason I ask for it is that there are some or Kenseth talent ops as the markets in particular which is very common market so these days. That will put out a new loans bike from old spam on the scam is. Sample them alive but at the stamp is dead dad so. Yeah there. There is hope that you can get this to our end and I and I had to do it no matter what type of orchid it. Is it in the past or is it in the. Well you know it's certainly you know clay pot. Clay pot so it's an orca park. Yeah OK but I. I am and that difference that makes is isn't watering it if you haven't Orkut that is planted in a plastic pot. It only needs watering about once a week if you have an market that's an eight clay pot with orca park. You can water that every two or three days and you would just take it to the city can give us brits with her you know sprayer on the sixth. That's the best way to or water. And that's right just spray it you don't get picked up the plant and the roots wet it's you know I am sure you get wet but. Soccer and a lot of ground just keep going dodge stops. And well yeah strip for a minute so that whole root system gets wet. Which let what you need to remember about these plants Fred is that in nature most of them grow up and trees. Okay and they grow and places where there's a rainforest shower every afternoon at 4 o'clock Rangel if the now. You know after a lot of them every afternoon at 4 o'clock but they don't like they're rainforest shower on a regular basis. OK I want questions should I go at this Dunlop vehicle what the bottom my prayer on top of the soil. I would leave a little bit of a stump on it just so you know you're not hurting crowned the plan. And the other thing you wanna do is start to fertilizer regularly. Yeah it once a month. I use whatever fertilizer you're using is that according to directions outshot them. You can my you can mix it real mild and after a lot at the plant a real mild you know application once a week. Or you could. If you have any time release fertilizers such as quote on hand you can put it. A teaspoon around the roots in the pot and then here you're set for a couple of month. Ago. Okay. Thank you very much keep it in a bright bright window and and there's every. Every hole that that that work that well go ahead and flower again. The other Fred hopefully you're still listening to remember. Is to put it sent to summer camp. Put it outside in the shade for summer but it outside the and that man put it in the shade where it's getting an apple sun. And then give it a square with the hull is every afternoon or every morning. And or kids many of them. Responds so well to that to be outside fertilized it throughout the summer just like your going to start to do now. In the side. And many people find it there work it's either start to comment to our. Or are. Or actually flower when they are outside and for the summer so if you. If you have the ability to put it outside in the shady location in the summertime plant will be. Dairy fairy how. I haven't Orkut right now in my kitchen that has been in our since September. And it started to come into power in September outside. And then you know it started flower out there and I credit picture we have to that it's still in full blown them kitchen. And really pretty so one of the advantages of orchids is today. Bloom for a long time when when their flowers start date most of them last very long time. And the one that I have in the kitchen is no exception to that but fertilizer. Frequent watering if it's an orca park and clay pot but less frequent watering it fits in a plastic pot. Summit orchids that are sold these days or are in plastic pots and because. Plastic. Holds. The moisture in around the rose for a much longer period. You don't want one at them as often or the school rocked so that's that's always the first thing if you have an orchid and want to keep it alive. From ear to ear and have a flower cam the first thing to know is how to water and that's completely. Dependent. On the type of products and and the type of curling accidents in as. 6172666868. All of my callers today are entered in to the drawing to win the book. Duck eggs stately. Raising happy and healthy docs naturally. By at least steel Lisa. Is the owner of fresh takes daily blog and author of fresh takes daily about raising chickens. And she is at Gartner as well and it's so fun certainly to have her on the program today. And one of my colleagues. Will win this book them so what how it works its will draw on name out of the hat after the end of the program. I will call you if you are the winner I look at your name and mailing address and I'll stick that decade X Gately in to me. Envelope and sent it off so. That's how to be entered is to call up the program now. We are going to take a quick break when we come back to your calls and I wanna talk a little bit about some common mistakes people make their yards and gardens. When we come back here on the currently on that you are saying. I. Welcome back to the garden variety on the album sorry and I am. You live that every Saturday from one to three. When we're talking about landscaped lawn houseplants flowers homegrown veggies shrubs and trees. To call in number is 617. 2666868. And all of my callers today are being entered in to the drawing to win duck eggs daily raising happy healthy ducks actually. But at least steel lovely Brooke from saint wins press. And one of my colors well that book I got a email during the break from a listener who said. Hole ripped please repeat the information. About how long bolts need to be in the chilly period in a pot because. I just put. My bulbs in a pot and I don't know how long to leave them outside. So for that caller for that listener I would say. Between six and eight weeks six weeks minimum all right that they need to see. At fifty degrees or lower. Before you bring them in the house to force them so whether that's in the garage foremost NetSuite we leave them in the garage in an unheated garage from people put them in an unheated basement or in a bulkhead. Buckets can be a good place you don't have an attached garage. Does that leave them and and just read on your calendar in our set yourself an alert on your calendar. Forest. 6 to eight weeks ago do you work putting them up this week say then that would be the end of February. That you could bring those votes in the house. I tell I set I would talk about some mistakes people make in the art and I do want to do that today. Number one. They've proven plants. Because. They think that plants have to be prudent. Or they want to keep the plants. Under control quote unquote that's a mistake people make an air tankers after a lot you know I plan that is shaped like around. I agree involved certainly by elements printed into Graham Greene all issues like how your plants. First and foremost. Plants don't have to be prudent in to a round greens are. And shrubs some particular palm trees most trees should not be prudent much at all. But the general rule of thumb to remember about pruning is that number one. Pruning should be done to improve. Appearance. And hell of a plan knocked took control size. That's number one. And number two Oprah and I was stimulate growth. So if you're pruning to try and keep a plant smaller your your kind of doomed to lose. 6172666868. Let's go to line one and talk with Gloria are welcome to the garden variety. Try me out. I would enjoy listening to your program on Saturday afternoon as a nice little break in the day. Oh I'm so glad that you say that gore. Now you just mentioned a bit ago. Kerry for orchid what you do for your orchid. I wanna know can you do you ever get yours to read the room. I never can get mine to rebound. Faster tempo while how watered them at all babies and then everything your supposed to do I hadn't flower. Okay here's the first to fall most orchids are on a sort of a seasonal cycle are right. So and being on a seasonal site call. That means that there either triggered in two. Flowering every nine months or every twelve months is usually so. I can. Say that Europe. With only one exception that I can think. You're not gonna get an orchid to re balloon quickly. Okay and the one exception is that talent ops as well put out sometimes and other blue stem off of the old loan scam. It's one of the few markets that does that so and that happens a little more frequently. But for most circuits you have to be willing to keep it alive and healthy for a full year to get to read our. That's an experience. That's well and continued to. Hero and now. Just keep on buying new land. That's so I am a product Gloria if you Bryant Park. Particularly if you buy it right when it's coming into our out when it's already in full blown right and it's starting to flower. Usually those flowers last for over a month. Now. You can't cry a bouquet of cut flowers that last month right. As you don't hear this plant that will you play share for you know a month warm war. And it's perfectly. Acceptable. After them sorry to say. Things coming. Yeah. Thanks for hair. So impressed when you say do you have. The the flat DO orchid it's still movie since September are you had a outside that you brought it inside and it still blooming. It's still in power that's right its intent to spikes in September. And now it is still full hour. Well. Well. That difference I mean took keep it is that number one it was outside in the shade all summer long. And number oh it was fertilized. Because I've I've put us a car I'm currently fertilizer on you know went outside and then in August. And that sort of constant eating and being outside in being watered every couple days with its rain forest shower. Those conditions that they like and this happens to market hours. Once a year and it flowers. Now. Lol well well. I still continue to do. What I've been doing in Iowa fertilizer I used against and that hope for the best. That's that's the spirit end and as I say it's perfectly acceptable to say you know what. It's much easier to buy new plant cage and it has to keep these are here waiting port. There are like yeah I had originally air our Q your calls. Yeah you know it's sometimes we we get hesitant to throw out a living plant and you know confident compost Japan that it will become compost it and and tap or talked about underneath your shrubs even if you don't compost pile you can compost something like that in place by putting it out under your shrubs. And it com posted at its organic matter will need to shrub or tree here you know whatever play you put them. So it's not that it's gone to waste it's it's out and out doing what nature does which is the old plants need the new. And you had the enjoyment of that plan and you don't have to keep every plant alive sometimes it's fun thing to do. Sometimes we want to do that but. You know we say okay let's let the professional grower. Growth this plan and then I will take it and it's you know just starting the flower. And I will enjoy it for as long as it looks beautiful and it doesn't. And mark and I can say goodbye to it and it's. And I think that's not only aid. Good strategy for a lot of people I think it's desirable strategy for a lot of people because you know let people don't have that much space either keep every plant. That comes to their house. I have been known to keep a plant for awhile justice if I can keep that could change if I can get it to bloom again. But then you know there are certain number of plans that go outside for summer camp. And they'd never come back in the fact that it's O. I am I am willing to take a vita plants that weight through that there aren't some plants and it OK you know we've had our time together. Oh dear it's rusted and that's when I got hit by us so. We don't wait don't have to feel like every single one needs to come back Yemen every single plant needs Tuesday. It's perfectly acceptable to let them fertilized other plants I've missed. We're going to take a break when we come back more of your call she'll be entered into the drawing to win duck eggs stately. Raising happy healthy ducks actually a charming book. At least steal 6172666868. I'm Alfred. RK. Welcome back. The card lady on C Alfred I that we are here every Saturday from one man show Reid park lands and gardening. Talking today about. Mistakes people make out there are. And I mentioned pruning. I think one of the biggest mistakes people make it their landscape is they water too shallow Lee. Too often. And how that can. Express itself is number one either with an automatic sprinkler systems that is set to go on. Every day Eritrea the day for fifteen or twenty minutes which is the worst where water plants. All our hand watering people often hand water. There are flowers and their vegetables. And you know he kept for long before that plant gets a really good deep soaking. What what's the problem with hand watering a watering every other day for fifteen or twenty minutes the problem is. That you only dampen the soil down in Churchill now that's the reality. And if you're only getting the soil wet down in Churchill. Where is that plant's root system going to be going to be in the top. Inch or two at the soil. So that's a plant that's going to wilt at the end of every hot days that's plant it's going to be not as strong it's a plant that's not going to. Produce as many vegetables. That's a plan to. That is now more vulnerable in the wind turf it's a perennial. That is outlawed and that is more subject to mosque growth and grub damage. So for for every reason I'll watering deeply less often is better. And if we think about that that's how nature waters right it doesn't rain here every afternoon at 4 o'clock like it has entering forest. In the rainforest plants are adapted to that kind of water. But here in the northeast it might rain for a day or two and then we have a dry period. And and it rains for awhile and then we have a dry period and that's what plants are adapted to and that's the best. Way to water plan so you are far better off if you have an automatic sprinkler system. Set it up to go on. Less often every five or six or even seven days for a longer period of time. How long well it depends on the system itself but what I would do it Tyree who is get a ring gauge not a cottage cheese cart. Not a tuna fish cam. Because that doesn't majors. Cubic inches of rain which is watering gauge majors. Kettering gage put it out during your system on. And see how long it takes to deliver between three quarters of an inch and an inch of water. In the ring and that's how long to leave it on once once a week. If mother nature would deliver an inch of rain to all of us once a week we would not have to. Irrigate except for new plants we wouldn't have to water. Shrubs or trees or perennials. Or even established annuals or vegetables. My gardens at poison ivy acres where I live in garden. My curtains get watered once a week. It's. If it has rained and some of them actually some records get wandered every two weeks. Or every three weeks depending on the plants have some. Drive bedside call them that are plants that are more drought tolerant and those don't get water actually has ordered that every three weeks. 6172666868. We have several until a good time to get through and all of my. Callers today it will be entered in to the drawing to win techniques Gately raise happy healthy ducks naturally. I at least as steel. Lisa grows races ducks and chickens and grows herbs are the main. And this is to really charming park even if you decide not to grow. Ducks raised doubts and not to have duck eggs this is a very interesting book and refineries as well. Let's let's talk about another. Mistake. People make an errant landscapes at this mistake is. They sprayed pesticides. Line Italy before they know what the problem and it's. Don't to adapt diagnose a problem for us don't just grabs a thing on the shelf. And sprayed it area are hoping that it'll solve the problem because. If you're using a fungicide in your problem is and inspect the front side is going to help. If you are using up insecticide. At the problem as a fungus. And that's going to help as it so I don't just spray lightly get a diagnosis before you treat and sometimes be willing not to treat it all because that's often. That's just fine response in the Arctic are. Let's go to light Latin. And talk to live is welcome to the garden variety. Hi DL I live from Winston at that time off cape today and I put cure. Station on in the Boston area rent I'm enjoying the show. But nice so glad you are list let. I have two quick questions and I hope I'm one is I go to my properties that hand. I'm gonna say a helmet call addition rob the interest it. I don't know what it is at this time of year it looks like. That combines coming out of the ground kind of how cops circle and they are beautiful late grayish almost up with a while back she'll have. Would they be a true. And so it's so it's a bunch of canes coming out of. Yeah yeah yeah pushed it has you know the stand in the middle. Class individual came it just beautiful at this time of the year. I don't know what to do because it's just rain in the in the in the summertime. Aha itself that leaves are green in the summer. Yeah and there. Define themselves which. They're probably four feet long as well you know kind of did so perhaps circled their light powdery grave it's almost my elect cute kids. Well I'm not sure how light patter agree without Tyler Q I am not sure what that would be a last. In less hits possibly that stems left from about his Chia plant kind of look that way. But it's not but it's not. Light Blackberry. No no no this issue to be tennis star. It's an actual stock you know I'm not sure if you. If you can snap a picture of that some time to get in there and apple get close enough snapped a picture. Beautiful at the time of the year and I just maybe it was a very because. They haven't laid out in a perfect square in front I think it great signs so I'm wondering if it's some type at the very. Well because it fit if it is so buried. Pets that has a lilac cute too that's the beauty Gary bush. And and an impact next time your buy a computer go to Google image hard and very. I didn't beauty Barry I don't try it it. And and see if that's yet because goes. Have kind of a fountain shaped. Just like you're describing yup and at this time of year it it's normally looks like just a plain old green which rob yeah. And then at this time of the year when of when leaves all you see that each stem. Is it held and and the very stiff right next to the staff. Oh I couldn't count were buried on this in my defense so so that you know they're they're sort of right on the stamps yet gives the holes to him that lilac color that might be. It's just beautiful it is an idiot because you know Santelli at the guidance the second question I have is you know I'm cleaning up things for Christmas. Yeah I found some Dutch iris bulbs that I couldn't get in the ground. So I those girl food no. I am I do they feel firm added you know if they feel firm I would put them in the grounds you know as soon as you get back to where status left. Yeah because if they feel if it feels firm they should be all right if you keep them however sometimes people say well maybe now I should keep them. All over the winter and then plant them in the spring don't do that yeah they allowed. Exactly. Because what what they do this in order to stay alive they use up their energy OK just tried to stay alive and then they don't have the energy left to grow and put roots are okay. That it plant them now even though it's the end of December almost out around it and so it out just frozen and they will start to then put out roads and and they should be okay. OK I thank you so much and I'm enjoying yourself. I appreciate your com thank you so much its own eyes. I have Capel some years. Ago. A lot of fun. I have lived for error by the way for three years north of Boston in on the our shore. And so am I am also cartons out in the western Massachusetts. In that area as well so in addition to Wisconsin. And Southern California. And New York State. So I am very familiar with the various. Growing aspects in many parts of the country and I am pleased that you are with me. And I think you are gardening your gardening western Massachusetts. 6172666868. My colors today. Are entered in to the drawing to win duck eggs daily racing happy healthy ducks actually at least its deal. This book published actually wins pressed. And very nice. And colorful book and have fun fun worry as well. We are going to take a break when we come back more of your carton calls crimes often Ari that are mighty and W are. Welcome back to the dark lady out of our hands and it's my great pleasure to be here with. Saturday. As we talk about flowers homegrown vegetables house shrubs trees. Landscapes lions. 6172666868. And difficult to meet today on error. And security to the drawing to win the book loudly our eggs daily read happy healthy tax naturally. By at least steel. How we have been talking today about mistakes people make and they are on another and it is people don't clean out. There's prayers after days race. And that. It had trouble. People forget what they've had in his prayers number one. That sometimes. It hell. Either birds they're spouse or their guard help her or what ever grabs the wrongs sprayer. Disasters strikes and I kick good example of bats I had in person emailed me saying that Sheen was. Taking care of property where client. Well that client was. On vacation. And the person who was on vacation had requested it cheese spray the plants. With the flow your feed. Think it was either compost key here may be as efficient team at emotion. And clients it is in a garage. Next door this year it's which cry she's that's prayers grabs. And cheese parades all of the etched upon us and containers. And and all. And that's prayer works failed with curbside. And so naturally. Everything that. Now this was a situation. Where a homeowner lets keep this prayers filled with various things to hold true which sprayer was switched. But you know whether that person sprayed either misunderstood where that sprayer what are they were both by the garage door whatever. It would not have happened. If this prayers had been cleaned out after every use that number one reason to clean sprayer. The second reason is that sometimes these products actually to raid went there in water mixed up my water in this Spurrier. And they degrade overtime and either become less effective or more effective war frankly toxic. By adding. Bear in this year. And aging air over so don't get all mixed up enough of whatever product you're used. To use it all up in one application. And after you're done. All up and after you're done rates at the sprayer and leave it straighter and it's better equipment. Ones. And you don't forget what lies. It will make the mistake of spraying herbicides. On something instead of tech decider or whatever so. And that person who emailed me about this she was hoping that there is something that you can do. To. Bring the plants that she sprayed the sticking with her side back to life. Unfortunately it was it was too late at that point and am I if you immediately know sprayed something that herbicide used it. And it sectors that are aside if you immediately know immediately. Wash the leaves off with water squirt a whole lot of water. Follow that plan. As as for a long time. And that can help because most herbicides are taken into the plan true. The foliage overtime. Most of them art. You know some of them have some instant cut and knocked down power but most of them actually kill the plan being taken in two. The plan over a period of let's we have time for a couple more mistakes people make out in the yard date mode aircrafts too short. This is comes from the fact it. We complete a short. Week. That it. We've all thought that one either but just that reason that it stay. Number it. Sort of ignores the fact that grass is eight. Yes it a lot. It's sort of the background for everything but these are plants here and can you imagine any other plan you can cut down to a couple inches. Would be healthy every week. It out grass takes a lot of abuse. That Mo is stress democrats' plan. Because you're kicking awaits its ability to create its flow rate cutting off. Of the plant. That plan does not photos. Very well anymore because it's a good portion of its factory has gone. So that's number one reason why cutting grass too short as domestic reasons that optimistic as the short. Line. The more light reaches the surface soil. If your a lot of longer those late grant shaped surface of the soil well why is that important. Because wheat seeds most of them Germany in the presence of light and so when you're cutting your grass short. EUR. And fighting wheat to germinate and grow your in your law. Guys are you know giving them more light and and you are that. Little wheat Germany's there that your letting life get to that little. Tiny lead plan and it's going to grow faster so that's another reason why it's a state grants to shore. You want to cut grass at about three inches and even if you stand. On ours and our. We have a lot more that only three inches hi I want more so it's. A that's the other error. Mistakes people make in there art and art. They forget to their soil organic matter on an on going basis you know many people think about fertilize. But people forget that organic matter. Is even more important because organic matter only. It's game mild or wise or greater. But more importantly organic matter helps oil to hold on waits to hear it forms a place for all them beneficial. Micro organisms. That help plants to grow. So. By forgetting organic matter here recently I am forgetting to keep your soil healthy it's so. Why application of compost compost manure and I mean in. Each. Once a year that's all it takes it doesn't take. Of compost compost. Or. An application. Are all each application of shredded leaves used as it's sort the matter. How steep the soil. As well. And you have too much urgent matter absolutely. War is not better in just about anything. In life right. More is better. Another mistake. People make out in there landscape. Fertilize a thirsty. That's 10 that's a rule for. Good common sense gardening whether it's your house plants. Or with your outdoor. Never fertilize. Yours. You've won a lottery plan well first. And then. It's time wise except that fertilizer. According to directions and fertilized after. Them. Well watered so that's important. Am to pass it on my list of mistakes people make art art. Is that plant is stressed people are likely to think fertilizer. Eyes or my answer. But consider everything else first consider water. Consider it cultural conditions that the plant in Peru considered the answer. Veterans that are you know everything else before you consider for. As usual our time together has low. Thank you for joining me today on the partly keep in touch the cart lady on Twitter. My FaceBook page is currently. Attached that way. And my website currently. Actually do. Next Saturday. For those are celebrating Christmas merry Chris. Yeah. I.