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Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu on BYOB bill (12-17-15)

Dec 17, 2015|

Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu discusses the unanimous passing of the bill that lifts the ban on bring your own booze to restaurants in the Boston area

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Yesterday it was the last Boston City Council meeting of the year is correct and the exit too long time Boston City Council members. Sat through their last meeting yesterday. And number of things that occurred yesterday when we get an update we're joined this morning by councilwoman Michelle Lou good to have you with this morning Michelle. Good morning. Was a feeling in that last meeting of the year because so you have to councilman. Who won't be back with you in January faces that have been their for a long long time. Yes it in the very heart cell environments we targets started out the meeting right. Latin remembered seeing again and then giving our tribute to councilor Steve Murphy and Charles Canty. Who between the two of them have over fifty years of service on about the City Council. Do you anticipate that the council itself will be dramatically different wind these. To step away and the two new council on her bill global consumer drug Baghdad and attuned to councilman Kevin. Orbit. Hit a very different feel I won't the that you remember that we're losing house has been their car. Quite a while they've entered a main gate of the council a couple of yes cute and the only person to hold. His feet past and that changed since the system change from an all out large wooden church. Representation to turn them all and any time we have an account is coming in and I joined the council which three other new members. It was it was at that action action in tone and dynamic and especially with this shift at two longtime members leaving and continue coverage stringer will be all the different days and earned. Sure let's talk about the BYOP. Bill. Yes we're very excited that we. You heard it yesterday I had to pass the ordinance which and ended boxing ban on BYOB. Aren't the measure goats and they are lost now her signature and he said that he looks kinda. And and then from there. Box but importantly it's highlighted regulation that we can give it happened. Vincent. Those are who don't know what this is stepped them through what this means for restaurant owners. So are so we're talking about bringing your own beverage limited to beer or wine and and our our proposal. Does and more regulated way it then than many other street in town where we wanted to preempt my cup safety and can't protect restaurant owners so we have it limited to latch on to thirty feet or under. In the neighborhood outside the downtown area the goal at that spark economic vitality in and get more restaurants open and marsh specious. It gives consumers more options you can credits use a lower cost meal because you can bring your own alcohol and and our goal it against you. He's some more light rain and humor pregnancy her neighbor her. And diners will be limited to a bottle of wine or six pack for Koppel is our right. Yet that's that was the proposed. Regulation from the council again there will be a public hearing in front of the box and licensing board as they can try. What GM. Final final regulations should be. So who was opposed to this idea. You know I think it's mostly an issue of education and letting people know what it wasn't like it wasn't. When you first say I'll bring your own everybody starts thinking about wearing her underage drinking and I'm drunk driving in you know that pizza place. All of a sudden where he's got an account churn and then the decree Carl and made forward. People you know bottles and the cable. We're really talking about doing be happy and we is that it just is regulated as a liquor license. And really targeted at smaller restaurant. The wanting made that clear for the opposition from. Existing license holders who worried about competition and perhaps from residents too worried about underage drinking each that would that was cleared up. And and these are not restaurants that maybe would ever have a liquor license because a liquor license would a be too expensive and B is just not enough of them out there correct. Correct and there are some station where having the liquor license doesn't make sense if you're talking about. 30500. Square foot space. That doesn't refrigeration that you're going to be a discreet and there is alternate. He short chute you're not you'll have room to store six packs of beer and bottles of wine in their so. How we want to really make some of these smaller. Space with a smaller footprint viable correct shocked as well. I'm sorry go out done posted it is there are some opposition to think from from restaurant owners who were worried that the initiative. Could devalue their beer while what licenses are cheaper expensive. Yes and that's why who worked very hard to make sure we abstract the right number. That we analyze all of restaurant that you have white liquor license and at this point. And haven't out of about 560. With what the collection has over eight. Have thirty feet or under right now so we didn't think that that's small demographic we're really be a lot of competition. And Randi Kaye talked to a lot of other cities that have BYOB. On the integrated actually makes her more vibrant restaurant scene overall when you have more restaurants open. It actually helps get people out the door people dine out more often. So windy anticipate this could be put into action. So where. Hoping for. The implementation by the box by teaching board. Our administration that's what they're there and their goal is here she implementation by the end of 2016. Or so we're get the proper started in the new year and interpret act. Well I think it's really great I love it so congratulations to you for educating everybody and pushing this the way you. Make great holidays Michelle. How are your all right yeah that's a city councilor Mitchell Lou six or 72666868. Or number. Are usually with the oil be restaurants and would you it. Go to one I have one in my town lava like I said this when we talked about this before. It's a ton of fun. And I'd like to know your reaction to this excellent 7666868. To number would you go to a BYOB restaurant let us now.