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Heather Long (CNNMoney, Black Friday) 11.25.15

Nov 25, 2015|

Heather Long (CNNMoney, Black Friday) 11.25.15 by The Financial Exchange

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Yeah. Exotic candy or Terry in studio today Barry Armstrong out on vacation I was just enjoying the bill. What would bumper music Michael McDonald has really thrown of back here is outstanding classic. You just let this play for a little while you know I can't tell you and I times I've played us on the right path I think about it. Absolutely. We just finished up trivia asking the question what is the name of the emperor that Darth Vader serves who's obsessed with bringing Luke Skywalker to the dark side. Candy was the winner. The winner is Vincent from my home state east haven Connecticut he gets himself a travel on a financial exchange travel. Very good we are now going to have Heather along join us on the line he or she is a reporter from CNN money and Heather. Thank you for coming on today. Yeah I don't particularly across the silly idea of style aren't. Yeah we're doing Star Wars trivia all day if you listen and you might get a prize later on. Let's let's talk a little bit about Black Friday and knows that we've heard a lot of different opinions out there about what retailers are expecting what's the consensus that you're gathering from the sources you talk to. So are. I am glad it's kind of the appellate Q Black Friday is and so a lot of the major retailers the world might at least he's been Nordstrom the best by the the world actually. They're not that big go to burn out about this holiday he's been Black Friday or otherwise they're obviously still heavily discount they're well let's get it started like yelled at 3:11 AM tomorrow. But they've now been warning that they don't think things are gonna be a whole lot better. On the front side. Good companies like image diet and Hasbro it's at the plate company that don't like the rights to Star Wars are having a terrific air. And they. Very upbeat and so they're stuck. We're seeing in terms of the other major shippers the you UPS and FedEx what do they guiding about how much they how much activity they're going to be seen. Yeah good because about bella online ordering and get their heads they're definitely saying that that's going to be a huge trend opposite thing. Also benefiting from an extra fuel surcharge that there are able to put on this beer. And there into the paint a pretty good holiday has. How is it possible they're able to put a fuel surcharge on the serum gas prices low as they are. Yeah that's that and that's the question a lot of people's lives but welcome to big business when you have them more or less the duopoly. Do we have any sense of what some of the major trends are going to be for holiday shopping this year. Yes sir I just back highlight factory that I'm keeping an eye on I think most people I don't know about that your star Lawrence obviously here that there's are calling and and that's been great because they're the stock up almost 40% this year I love the fact that Star Wars did in the top tens hurt to play went slept for both. Boys and girls is great that these. It's obviously it's don't get staying at another huge strands that it he'd like to save a retail. Did you say self gifting. That's your right to understand that the people wanna have that little rewards for the they're out there they've gotten instantly everybody on them as the Billy pretty dead but they get on the billboard might stop. When The National Retail Federation that these surveys that hey you know luckily bigot by the here how much do you think you're gonna spend and people are they gonna spend about that they were at 800 dollars again this year. The white area there and bedding they were probably spent more on it on themselves. So yeah. So this isn't a joke deeply that this is a real thing. No doubt been the real thing to retailers. People actually going to talk about it now and the killer retailers that they are purposely catering to them. They I understand that people want to buy things and not just wrapped up where the holiday is but also further erode. Pleasure right on the spot. Unbelievable it's the downfall of American society I think yeah I tell you I think that's just a very well hidden secret I think we've all always wanted and we do. To steal some for myself for Christmas tree self yes it's just that now we're calling itself you know I'm an upstanding citizen I buy gifts for other people and expected to do the same for me I will be unhappy if they don't get me when I want to. We'll get a 400 dollar pair of underwear OK we just today Astoria looking now look what look up yeah gimme to and I'll be pretty happy Heather thanks for coming on this today. Again my prepared and again thank yup I'm gonna be working and it all holiday season Heather along for CNN money.