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President Obama Rejects KeyStone Pipeline

Nov 6, 2015|

In a news conference this afternoon President Obama announced that the United States would not go forward with the Keystone Pipeline because it was not going to create many jobs and wouldn't lower gas prices, something he said he has already done. Do you agree with this position?

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Several years ago the State Department began a review process for the proposed construction of a pipeline that would carry. Canadian crude oil through our heartland the ports in the Gulf of Mexico. And out into the world market. This morning secretary Kerry informed me that after. Extensive public outreach. And consultation by the cabinet agencies. The State Department has decided that the keystone XL pipeline. Would not serve the national interest of the United States. I agree what that decision. Well. Everybody out there. Workers. Especially you construction guys. People driving in their cars. You're paying at the farm bureau opened the frail little bit the last from very dear leader to you. We're working drive being taxpaying Americans. Bull blank EU. They dearly here literally several minutes ago. With dead dead dumbo like ears I'm dead Demorrio lied the bigger the ears got. Stay with that double form Biden on his right. And then Jacques Francois Kerry on his left. Both of them nodding like a bunch of robots like lemmings just running up and down the dear leader was flapping his mouth and flopping is years. And the dear leader after many years of supposedly review always consultations. Dead bay eight. Hand wringing. Did dear leader has finally decided. Me yet to the keystone XL pipeline he says we don't need it. And he says now the United States rejects. Keystone. Period it will not be built at least under his watch. And the reason he says is very simple. There are already create I swear to you. I'm gonna play the audio and a few minutes gives you aren't you gonna going to be you're gonna see jab jab jab jab you've got to be making this up. He's claiming that they've already created so many jobs. They don't need to create more jobs. It's slipped back Dave hit her golden dropped creates. And then some dead bid I don't need the jobs that's number one that only the jobs. Number tool there's climate change. And do we have to convert to a clean energy economy. And a dirty energy economy like Aaron you know oil and natural gas this is the way of the past. And the way of the future according to the dear leader. With the up and down the nodding like the tool between zombie. The two yes mend it don't portals that did the book form Biden as John front swap. Its wind. It's solar. It's electric cars it's it's it's anything but gasoline and oil. That's so twentieth century he's 21 century. And of course he says climate change is real. The planet is that apparel and if you build the keystone XL pipeline does could be yet. This could be a fundamental blow. To the climate that the balance and the climate. Too many carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions too many carbon emissions too much pollution. It's it's for the sake of our children yet the same all of the keystone XL pipeline. Pathetic. Prophetic on every front. And let me tell you the real reason why. Because this president from the outset. How has been determined to quote transform. America. And the way you transform America. Is you attack the very hard to the very lifeblood. Of a free market capitalist economy which is oil and natural gas. And so part of his green socialist agenda. Is to try to force us. Into all of these so called alternative energies. Very either Ari pipe dream. Or will drive up the cost of energy through the roof and destroy our standard of living. I don't know what discourage smoking. Who are we can't think. Oil will match Cheryl gas is the future. Worse shading on that kind of oil and natural gas. Are discovering more of it everywhere. In fact one of the reasons why gas prices are going down. Was because he couldn't get his hands on the fracking. That they are able to get in North Dakota South Dakota and other places across the country. And of course the saudis have now dramatically increase their output of oil and gas. And so with the Russians also having massive untapped reserves that they are now tapping into each driven down the price of gas. So my question is this. If we have more oil and natural gas than ever before. If we're drilling for it now better than ever before what's the problem. This project. Would have created a minimum 101000. Drops. At least half of them union jobs good paying jobs. And this guy is telling us we don't mean it. I have been saying this for years. For years. The Democrats. Are the enemy of the working class. And to all of you lunch pale blue collar union Democrats out there. When W finally learned that the Democrats are your mortal enemy. They're the ones bringing in illegal immigrants. They're the ones are flooding this country with cheap labor taking away jobs or driving down your wages. Very of the one sworn now raiding the Social Security trust fund you think they're protecting your social programs they're rating some. Dared the ones who were so opposed to economic growth. And of vibrant free enterprise system. They're gonna kiss away 101000. Good paying construction jobs. Never mind weaning us off Middle East oil. There is an unlimited supply up there in Canada in the tar sands in Alberta. Combined with what we have here and what they have in Canada in North America and there's no. With all respect to the British and all respected the Australians. Their original course or or ally or friend of the United States and Canada. I'm not just saying this can I am a former cannot it's true we have the largest longest. Unguarded border in history. Where are we kidding. Her practically Brothers and sisters. We could be 100%. Energy independent. Based on our oil and natural gas and out from Canada. And this guy with his arrogance and hubris. Says nyet. There's something so obvious. This project would lower prices at the pump. Makers infinitely more energy independent. And create a minimum of 101000 to 151000. A high paying. But good construction jobs. It's win win win. Environmentally. Completely sound. The Canadians are happy were happy. People who drive their cars just consumers of gas are happy workers are happy unions are happy. The economy's happy construction guys and gals are happy everybody's happy. Except. For the radical environmental left and the south east. And here's the dirty little secret this is what I learned in DC you over ten years. Washington. Is foreign occupied territory. And one of the biggest occupiers are the saudis and the Saudi lobby. And wean all how the dear leader loves to bow to the Muslim world. And rather than accepting this project which would wean us off Middle East oil and in particular. Make that shakes of the gulf. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia essentially obsolete for us. They say jump and he says how high. Because they're gonna find this presidential library. They're the ones that are given his half a 1000002 million dollar speaking fees they're the ones they're gonna make a wealthy beyond his wildest imagination. And of course you have that. That. Lucrative. High spending. Environmentalist. Out in California. Tom say year. Big time democratic donor. Who has basically how for the Democratic Party bought and paid for. Tom say here is a radical environmentalist. He's been campaigning against the keystone XL pipeline. And now the progressive left in the party is saying no. And sold to save Hillary Clinton. And to make her look strong additional division within the Democratic Party. Just to show you how much the progressive left now completely controlled the Democrats. The environmentalists said nets and Obama just said amen. And let me just make one final point. And maybe now this is the former Canadian in me. They may be this is the X cannot in the the Canadians. Have been waiting for this pipeline for years. They have had multiple studies. Say that it's clean. It's environmentally sound and it's gonna benefit both Canada and the United States. And they have been waiting and waiting and waiting. And they have repeatedly said. And this is across the political spectrum in fact I was there just a couple weeks ago to see my dad who's not doing very well but let that go. The left the center the right in Canada oh all agree on one thing. Keystone Pipeline is good for Canada and America in fact for them. They don't understand why Obama has been sitting on this for so many years. And if I can be even more frank with you. Too many Canadians were just sitting around a table talking when I was up there a couple of weeks ago. Derek is a slap in the face. Here we are a good neighbor frankly you couldn't get a better neighbor we love America. We had this deal. We made the pipeline we held up our end. We've done everything Americans have cost of us and then some. And now you're telling us the blank off. Now they're telling us to get lost. This is slapping an ally in the face. And then slapping him again. And I'm telling you what he's doing now is are told this to the Canadians I war I said. He I'm telling you he's gonna screw you on the. Pipeline knowledge and all eyes on Jeb you don't know Obama Jeff monologue Jaffe is a good man Jeff. Not always he's a peacemaker Jeff he would never do this Jeff okay. I had this conversation there what three weeks ago. Okay. I go he's gonna destroy you old. The way he screwed the Israelis. The way he screwed the polls the way you screwed it checks the way you screwed the Iraq our Iraqi allies. The way he screws all over France. I said you guys don't realize it you're just the last on the list. That's so it it's coming for you know. This is gonna badly damaged Canadian American relations. It's gonna alienate Canadians. It's gonna hurt workers here in the United States and it's gonna kill consumers at the pump. I mean this guy. When this guy said he wanted to transform this country he wasn't kidding. We can't elect a Ted Cruz Horry Donald Trump quarry Ben Carson honestly fast enough. I need to election now nevermind a year from now. 6172666868. Obama rejects the keystone XL pipeline. Good mold but wolf Mike Europe first thanks for holding and welcome. Ship earlier really got surprise. But it would I would say I think that the prime minister general. As an outright district don't know just follow up if you can get jump right. Yeah but not on the pipeline. All he was very much for him he would kill him politically I mean Mike in Canada. Its legacy because America's so much bigger and so much more powerful. Where you know important issues to us for Canadians are like hugely important. That all they talk about is the Keystone Pipeline. Because they see it as you look a lot of drops for Canada a lot of drops for America. They figure why don't we gave you guys oil instead of the saudis were friends. So they view this really almost as a slap in the face. Europe the other thing joy like that make a point of this that oil could go somewhere. And elegant confront the Chinese US soldier industry. So guess what they're the Canadian and say look we can dump this royal so way to try to go to buy it. So we do it you are the which equally keep giving me Apatow the art to a tarnished by editorial I mean it's almost try to urge. I finished I didn't really put Redick. It just store I don't know how the American people look partly this year at just completely. Taking this guy's got. He should have been impeached. People out of rock or not think courtroom throughout trolley is stricter drag on it or you bring in your rap alone carry a bomb. Eight up on stage. Amen Mike while in fact look Mike you kind of stole my thunder a little bit there. That's exactly what that both harper the conservative prime minister the former one and now true at all the liberal current prime minister both have said. I mean much it's almost pleading. We don't wanna have to sell it to the Chinese. The Chinese want it to waiting for it they want gobble it all up. They're saying we want to sell it to you. Because we're friends were now ice for Brothers in arms. We fought two world wars together in Afghanistan are fighting together I mean more your biggest allies. This is why for them for Canada honestly this is almost become personal for them. And they're out there almost like insulted like but why but why here's our hand of friendship. And you keep rejecting why. This is a disaster on so many levels and Mike is dead right that oil is going to go straight to China. You know what we're doing. We are slowly building up Communist China's economy and military. Piece by piece. It's like what Lenin once said that the capitalists of the west are so stupid. He once said this they'll sell us the rope that will use that hang them with. Our third Europe next go ahead Arthur. Well there's there's not Barack Hussein Obama but not sure because you know what some risk committing a criminal act electors just. Your outlook for the motive of who's sort of benefit. Eric and you'll have to look the one place where you finish shouted we're projecting that he bowed out so what it hours while we don't want widger. Arthur so you think this is all a Saudi power play behind the scenes. Well look to Obama British troops that they don't they keep selling as well because we believe because you know what I don't gonna go to China you know. Everything worst ever done OK nothing I have ever seen him that would do. As either has benefited this country it's that you that benefit the congress on its others the other Muslims. Everything you ever thought. You're completely right Arthur I mean that the evidence now is overwhelming. 6172666868. Okay did dear leader after how many years. Of rear view movies and hand wringing and studies. Now has come out with the full support of Joba both formed by men Jacques Francois. Hillary Clinton as well saying yet. To the Keystone Pipeline he has rejected it. Good thing bad thing. All of your calls next. The pipeline would not make a meaningful long term contribution to our economy. So. If congress is serious about. Wanted to create jobs this was not the way to do. They're not always Obama caving in now to the environmentalists. Laughed in his party. And of course the saudis. Saying there will not to be a keystone XL pipeline he has just effectively killed it. Philip Europe next go ahead Philip. Don't outgrow it you very good location where it would take my follow. And vote tomorrow I would gladly. So part of all of my whole. It totally out there and talk about the pipeline. If you pay they're gonna call. Quality. Clearly. Part of saw the because it is fair and open if you let me. Yeah of course Obama it below that it paid everything. Off. Well. I don't know how to blow to that the power the pipelines that are out there are reasons. I'm no economist at red or dark about it all I don't see how it's beautiful. You know our club forward can give. But and until. It's LD. Iron fist on the Oprah so called OPEC. President. That it surprised I'm old and I vitriolic in and ordered all rebel group at Ryan's more expensive. Well I mean look my attitude is this Philip the the more the more supply the more drives down prices. All they're you know just because your questions there. Although it didn't know contribute builder don't know refinery up. Well quoted I'm not committed many more fell off. I'm an excuse me when it. I don't you know I had good they're good now and how horrible it. I mean I mean we are not gonna go back to Canada and our you fill up. Our job. I mean I let this year well it. There are liberal to drive this girl online review if you want to act well or not you're not 100% agreement brings an opponent to hit it there were no it. I. Greg get rid of that call fellow looked to me go more gas and oil the better. Build that pipeline creates jobs increases supply. Drives down prices and it breaks the stranglehold of OPEC. To me it's win win win 6172666868. And that's why Obama said. No no no. Obama rejects the Keystone Pipeline. Your reaction your calls Max. Okay my friends 1237 here on the great WRKO. Going through some of the Canadian web sites you sites they're livid. I mean boy are they livid. Doctor grace my wife was texting me. Reaction from Canada family members up there are very disappointed very angry they feel extremely betrayed. Are right. You wanna have a good laugh. This dear leader one of the reasons why he said if we have to reject the keystone XL pipeline. Is because we've already. Created so many jobs. And reduce gas prices to such shares such lawless. Dismal points. He's he's already accomplished. Everything you could possibly accomplish. Raw role cut 101. Chris pipe. Lineup would not lower gas prices for American consumers. In fact gas prices have already been falling steadily. The national average gas prices down no doubt about 77 cents. Over here. It's about a dollar. Over two years ago just down a dollar 47. Over three years. Today and 41 states drivers confined at least one gas stations selling gas for less than two bucks a gallon. So while our politics have been consumed by a debatable whether or not this pipeline would create jobs and lower gas prices. We've got ahead created jobs and lower desperate. Honestly this is one of the most asinine things I've ever heard in my life. How about well we created we you know we build the pipeline and you create. Even by his own logic if you accept all of his premises. You create even more jobs I mean I'm sorry do we not have 93 million Americans out of the labor force. I mean do we not have fifty million Americans in on on welfare 46 million Americans in poverty. I mean the way this guy's talking honestly think this is Hong Kong. Do you think his utterances Switzerland look give up a zero Y a negative unemployment rate at just attack attack build anymore because you don't understand that. Just everybody's work and there's so many people working. And I bug them. Does that will work the point having more jobs. So it's let's say 230 A gallon well they build the pipeline drive the price down and market down another 4050 cents. How about that. Drive gas prices even lower create even more jobs. And we adjust and my. Ashton. Could figure that out. No the real reason as many of the techsters are saying. Is that he's in bed and owned by the leftists and his party especially the radical environmentalists. And the saudis. Saudi money and Warren Buffett's. Who owns a law and of these transport. Rail cars that ship the oil by rail instead of through the pipeline. They said they don't want it and he said OK 61720666868. This is from 603 Jeff the enemy is within any wants that downfall of the USA. At all costs. 978. Jeff Obama doesn't want the pipeline because it benefits Saudi Arabia and Warren Buffett bingo. 603 Jeff I used to tell my friends in Montreal. That Obama was not the great guy they thought he wants I hope they believe me now 603. That's what I told my friends in Montreal a couple of weeks ago. I now they believe me it's a little late but mound they believe me. Marley Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. I know tomorrow you're here. Thank you so much I really appreciate your show it's it's it's have to thank him. Quote we know that all the political reasons or manipulation. But you know what I am opposed to the site I cannot tell you what. What I found that you logically. If you read pig in the pipeline thank Rick Harrell. You'll find out you investigative reporter and he interviewed the guy. Who made the computers that goes inside that high line. That what it was born in between marriage as a last and Texas. And so anyway this computer was set up so that if there was paid break in the line in an oil was limping out. It would squeal like a pig and and machine with these big field and they would be allowed to go over there that. Well they put him in charge are monitoring this because he invented yet. And Lauren day they that the computer squeal like a pig he called that you know via. Well company and told eighth as the problem has all the dairy California. And they that they can't shot up. You get that thing there and you give a papal. And he had to do if you want to keep his job though this is what the book that is about taking in the pipeline. So when I'm getting at here is you'll never get any honesty from any see oil companies they have oil spilling all over the place. And the second thing is you logically speaking. There are on the earthquake in Colorado and Texas and Arkansas are all that area. You won't get this news on our our exit Clark usually get it if you Google it. They've had to call moratorium. Because it's so much for hacking going on CNB. Earthquakes are increasing. And they know that seeing new metrics while the post opened up by the end of this year than you met is the start of the C. The the lake as a captain the United States and come all the way county Mississippi into Gulf Coast. And they are and they are like Gailey expecting it to a to open up by the end of this year. Sell it we are not careful we are like on a ticking time bomb if we are not careful with how we handle our hand. Which is. Different kind of rocked in Canada. They're stronger and they can handle that I operations. But the United States can't we're ready to blow actually. So I would be great if all of this would work out very nicely. Where is where I'm kicking camp on the geologic play. Marley thank you very much for that call I really appreciate it obviously fought full year you realize. Look I can just tell you this Marley. I'm not saying I'm the world's biggest expert on the keystone XL pipeline but from what I've read and I have read extensively. It's very environmentally sound. Pipelines are much safer to transport oil in the way we do it now. Tim mead has been environmental study after environmental study after environmental studies. So this idea that somehow. The pipeline or fracking even is causing so much damage. To the to the ground into the environment I honestly I don't buy it. You show me the evidence now changed my mind but from what I've seen I don't see the evidence for that. As for the pigs squealing. No all. They did tech third this sensor was a little bit too sensitive. Data was Hillary Clinton's private jet. You see and so when Hillary was flying over that particular part of the pipeline. David sensed the pig the pig was Hillary and that's when the censors went off. That that's that explains the pigs squealing 617 to a 666868. Russ Europe next go ahead run. Jeff chablis the same Morocco bombers turning Nikita Khrushchev and or profit. In the going to be quoting him instead of Nostradamus. You know what really gets me with this president donkey butt and as I army of man made global warming saps. A scroll and the poor and the average American who was living paycheck to paycheck. You know Jeff I estimated you know what to reduce costs of fuel whether saving me per year we're talking close to 4000 all applicable that. 4000 dollars that I could be spending on goods and services. To keep other people working. You know if Somalis alive today he would embrace the Democratic Party. It and let's face it the leaders of the democratic package to the Democratic Party should rotten how did nothing but a bunch of lying scum bags. Russ if you don't mind me asking if I'm being too personal don't you know. How much do you spend I mean you tank up what once a week twice a week. Not twice we've joked. Plus plus I'm heated with the oil and all competing with all year and again let me tell you when when oil was four dollars a gallon. It was costing me every three weeks but bought 850 well OK I would 12500 square foot house with four better and so okay. And then it's the cost aghast when my troop cuts that's why I estimated at around for the optional. OK because you got to remember I mean I don't I don't I don't keep my home with with oil but we are great strides I drive. He used to cost me 62 bucks that tanked up it now costs mean for. And I tanked up twice a week after drive out to annoy you about drug rushed into school which is equivalent for half an hour from my house point five minute but I got to drive into work. It's almost an hour commute is so I'm about one half hours on the role every day. So white tank up twice a week. So just for my car I'm saving about I'd say about fifty dollars a week. On this the cheaper gas. Grace I say she takes up once a week so 75 dollars a week is what I'd say right now on gas. That's what they do the math that's about 300 dollars a month. That's 3600. Dollars a year. Or messed up peanuts for my family. Is it exactly okay. And Jeff I just gets so discussed. How ignorant the average American is that cannot see past these lie and SOB is crap all. I'm with you buddy. I'm with you all the way thank you for that call rust Eric Europe next go ahead Eric. Thank you Jeff for taking my call it is an enemy of the United States are granted this guy out to back in 2007. The rule. The danger talks. Like you are soft this. They need to do and the king of the U the did the lawyers. Are lumped. C.s and d.s yeah. Incarnate. He is put out most radical extremist minority. Of the minority in their position in the air here. It's if you're sick are. Eric look just to reinforce what you're saying okay. One of the reasons why I left Canada caught as my witness. Is that I was so sick of the liberalism in that country. So when I say the Canadian Conservative Party. They're not conservative in our sense that Canadian Conservative Party it's like led by somebody's electoral Lieberman. Hey Joseph Lieberman. Is a quote Canadian conservative. So when when I'm saying the Canadians are for this deal that means the soul left in Canada is for this deal. So all the environmentalists. All the left wingers all the big liberals the liberal liberals. They have looked at this and looked at this and looked at this and even the radical left in Canada. Okay which really I mean compared to the United States is roaring only way to the left. And they're saying. Decision firemen totally clean. It sounds. It creates jobs. It safe. We win America wins everybody wins we don't wanna sell to a human rights abuser like China. We want his keep with our friends the United States so just show you. How radical and dangerous Obama it's. This guy is further to the left. Then my former professors and classmates in Canada. I mean I Eric that shows you the Canadians look I'm. It's all over doing their score der der der scratching their heads they're literally befuddled. To elect but we don't understand we thought he was one of us I mean world left wingers he's a left wing social Democrats the social Democrat or pro environment. But this is this is pro environment. And Moises create jobs this is for the quote working men. This is for the unions. This is for the little guy this is for the blue collar people are thought we were for the blue collar people are over for the working class. They can't make heads or tails out of this and the reason why they can't. Is because even in the Canadian left both Canadian liberals they can't believe a man elected to lead the country. Would hate his own country and be an enemy of his own people. They can't wrap their mind around. They are good job. Only said that Americans are duration of a dismissal. Read Jill blue chip. Stupidly. You go on and on and minority. Split Eric thought he'd like terrorists will use this children. That's Obama. Eric thank you for that call my friend Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. Karma that you might slam how audio. We've got automatic got a problem where there. Are according to my. Owning. Your own good to hear what you say about Obama my. I gotta tell you ideals secret. At all or else polite bow up. Thanks guys that they Opel from pride baby Boehner his ears and roll and roll and coral. What is named lie in all the right in the I. I'm gonna tell you that dirty little secret to everything that's been said is true. But what's not being said it's all over the European news I don't know I think you picked up on. All of the people involved with the U wins. The talking about the carbon tax that's gonna be levied on the west yes. And you know who is going to control that when he leaves off despite 2018. The idea lead he's going to be put in charge. That the little secret that the. The media are in the United States is not telling everybody Jerry being all she app when he. What is victory lap in his library. And everybody's done to get in and potter and his bride. That is when he's going to take control if he is gonna tickets are like you wouldn't believe he's gonna keep. Opportunity in the end up in the unity. Right now Europe is getting reports over Europe. Did talk it is good or not they use. Natural gas and oil. Did talk they don't drive much there is not a lot of tried to Europe this year note Jeff. But they're gonna get pounded with what he's 60%. Carbon tax the users tax. Jerry used you are related table do you set that table brilliantly. Because what Obama why is he rejecting keystone now. Because he's setting it up for the big climate change conference in Paris. At the end of this year in December. And that's where they're gonna drop the bomb on the carbon tax. It's the last chance to save the planet. We have to save the planet from fossil fuels we have to go it from dirty energy and so the only way to do it. They convert to wake quote clean energy economy. You guessed it. A massive. Carbon packs.