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Paid Patriotism? 11/5/15

Nov 5, 2015|

What do you make of the Pentagon paying for patriotic displays at professional sports games?

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For patriotism. My friend Sarah this is one of the most disgusting stories. I've ever heard. I'm gonna get into it right now. Shocking story really I mean it's it's one of the most despicable stories I've ever read. But we're also gonna get into the vulgar profanity Lleyton video. By Hispanic groups targeting Donald Trump. They've now hit a new lol in the war on trump we've got that story yes it was a bomb. That brought down that Russian. Airbus plane over Egypt won't have that story as well. But my friends you've heard of pay for play this is day four patriotism. Yesterday at a major press conference. Senator John McCain as well as Arizona senator Jeff flake. Release this senate report of their months long investigation. In doubt how the Department of Defense has been spending some of their marketing and advertising contracts. With professional teams and professional sports franchises. And it's paid for patriotism. You know all of those heartwarming pictures that you see on your television. Or if you actually managed to go see a game at Gillette. With the troops running onto the field. We're waving the American flag or the giant American flag at the beginning of the game. Saying where they're honor our troops and no single Audi a veteran or somebody returning from Iraq or Afghanistan usually a wounded vet. It's all bought and paid for with. Your money. My money. Our money. It's all taxpayer. Funded. In a step in stunning revelations. McCain and flake in their report. Say that from 2012. To 2015. The Department of Defense spent. About six point eight million dollars. De fund this these feel good moments these military appreciation nights. Or whatever the flood the whole field being covered with a giant American flag. All six point one million went to the NFL along. Six point eight million to sports franchises in general not just the NFL not just football. Baseball hockey basketball. Even NASCAR. And this second biggest recipient. Was our own New England Patriots. 700000. Clamps. 700000. Smack peruse for allegedly hosting various patriotic marketing techniques and tactics. Making them as I said the second highest after the Atlanta Falcons the falcons come and they rake in 879000. And so according to the report. The patriots received 700 K. For if when they recognize a soldier at each home game in a sport that true patriot promotion. And they say hey look at this. One of our own local boys or girls let's recognize them and they show them on the field or whatever that's all paid for. That's not voluntary on their part. That's not spontaneous but doesn't come from the heart that's not because they really want to do it is because our taxpayer money went there are always say. Incentivize. Them to do. Tickets. A lot of tickets for the vets were the patriots brag about oh look at this what do we care about our vets who look at these tickets. Look at these executive suite tickets look at these tickets are that's. All paid for by the Department of Defense that tailgate passes. Which includes by the way I KG not Deb beverages the full DeBoer all of it taxpayer dollars my friend. Training camp passes. Hospitality. Suites. All of it paid for by you all and by me. And it wasn't just the patriots. Fan. Everybody in this area is in on it. The Boston Bruins apparently received 280000. Dollars for expenses. Including access to the vets. To wake TD garden luxury box for eighteen people. One executive usually for 25 people on a military appreciation night. So there the fans are thinking all all all the Jacobs family are all heart just look Adam putting 25 of our vets. And their families up and that executive suite normal normal home. That was all paid for with our mining. A marketing contract. From the Department of Defense. The Boston Celtics they got in on the racquet a 195000. Dollars for game tickets. And co sponsorship of events such as military appreciation month. There are Red Sox even got in on the our 100000. Ball works. Further many of their military appreciation events and tickets and so forth. And I'm gonna ask that question. Now I know Bob Kraft I know for a fact is we're gonna be doing a big event next week for Fisher house. It's our annual radio Thon to benefit the vets. Wounded veterans and their families through Fisher house so I know Bob Kraft has been generous to veterans issues and military issues. Because I see the checks. So I'm not saying Bob Kraft is achieve escape. But I mean to the Kraft family. Ted Jeremy Jacobs. To John Henry. You guys couldn't touch her own checks for the for the veterans. I'm not I mean really. With all the money pitcher making. All the revenue that's pouring in especially the NFL I mean all of our making money but especially the NFL. Record revenue. TV contracts. Season tickets. Marketing T shirts baseball caps and a coffee mugs it doesn't end. All of the money that you guys are raking in. You can't cut a 700000. Dollar check. And what I find most disgusting. It's the duplicity. Its that deception. I'm their honestly I'm watching a game and I see these four you know these vets. Are running down a Gillette Stadium I've seen him many times. These poor vets running down military appreciation night or whatever you see these poor bats in their uniforms running down the field holding the American flag everybody's clapping everybody's cheering. I'm thinking while it's nice above craft. It's OK Ari Ari bright took care of them took care of their families gave them some tickets honored them on the field. That's a nice little Achtenberg is a lack of generosity. Pay for. I guess. Except it's it's it's a department of defense contract. Here I'm looking at pictures again military appreciation. You see all these wonderful that's. All of them holding a giant American flag right there on and on Gillette Stadium on the field I'm thing that's nice they get to be on the sidelines are very close they get to enjoy the game bring their families Dutch a class tonight's. All bought and paid for all paid for by yes. The whole thing is a scam. And as I said this to Brittany. The very least. When you do these so called. Patriotic events are patriotic moments are. Military appreciation night or whatever warrior singling out people are saying all look at mammal all bloke we got them executive box tickets executive suite tickets. And offer them in the familiar for them in the family at least on the big screen. They could say bought and paid for through the Department of Defense using taxpayer dollars. At least gradually say no that's your money you're paying for boast that its. Europe paying for the tailgate passes. You are paying for all the the dud a dud but the little extras that they're getting at least. Truth in advertising at least let us know instead they've been pretending for how many years on all this is what we do. Just dishes jewelry the patriots do visual we go Bruins do visual we directs auction to destroy a weakness Celtics do. And I respect here on our home teams it's it's all over the week. The Minnesota viking X. The Buffalo Bills. All of them all over 500000. Dollars in these marketing contracts. An advertising contracts. And they're going on. The Minnesota Vikings Heidi. A military appreciation day. It was all pay for. I mean you wanna talk about Iraq kicked you wanna talk about deception. You wanna talk about the abuse and waste of taxpayer dollars. I mean with all due respect. We've got veterans who can't get health care. We've got veterans were waiting months and lying to exceeded doctor many of them dying before they can see your doctor. We've got veterans who don't have proper equipment to fight in the wars were sending our men and we're spending money on this. When these teams send their owners are swimming in so much cash. That they could pay for this I mean for 700000 dollars frankly for Bob Kraft that's dipping money. I'm certain that's stepping money that's so little box on the interest that he makes every year that's nothing. Now. Here's the question I have to ask okay I'm I'm being honest you like I'm in the confessional I'm giving you might. This is my visceral reaction to this story when I read it this morning. Brittany Chris myself others here and intercom we're gonna be holding our annual radio four on next week for Fisher house because we want to. Because we want to. And I don't wanna get into all the work we do for and everything behind the scenes but I'm telling you have no idea. I'm gonna be visiting people at their homes interviewing them act or homes these are retired retired fats which stories to tell. Upper forgive me for Britney. Medal of honor yes medal of honor recipients. A the first one in the Korean War we're gonna be interviewing him on Wednesday. -- I'm not complaining I'm just saying sitting in traffic doing everything that we can. Hank on the middle class guy. I'm content check. But believe me I I might I'm you don't believe me you know we're not swimming in money at the corner household. I've got expenses. Uncut and checked. Because I wanna cut a check because they appreciate what the veterans do but he's got ice. Rolling in and dropped much cash in that much though. You still gotta take taxpayer money. And then you still have to. Pimp get off and act like somehow it's all moment that's just what we do here Gillette the national Dutch is what we do what the TD garden we honor our vets. Volt I'm always working for it. You'll fall mean you frauds you and this is incredible. And so then next time. You're a Joseph leapt or you're at Fenway or here at the TD garden or for the national audience wherever okay. It was the stadium arena near you. And there they are rolling out the American flag thing all were honoring our vets were wandering are wounded warriors. Ask yourself this question with Armani or with your money. 61720666868. Let me ask you this. Is it wrong and immoral and deceptive. To be using taxpayer dollars. To help fund and pay for these. It picked gets these events. National anthems even. These tailgate passes on our dime is this so waste and abuse of our money. And frankly do you feel deceived and manipulated. 61720666868. Ross' Europe next thanks for holding go ahead routes. Jeff I believe that two times a week now it's been that you'll and I have been somewhat of a disagreement. Ball will Harris patriotism shown anywhere and more in the United States of America. And that's that us sporting events most people and go take your attic America. Well the first thing NATO. Is they they they played the National Anthem what happens up at seven athletics. They say god bless America. If we're gonna spend some money. Dumped have promote patriotism. Why got a sporting events. Russ you make a very good point but let me ask you this my friend. Why I mean if our patriotism is so real. Why do we have to pay for it. If Bob crafts patriotism is sore real. If Jeremy Jacobs is patriotism is so real if John Henry's patriotism is so real. How come they don't pay for these tickets how come they don't pay for these events how come they don't pay for what's going on the field. In other words a Russ Howell shallow or superficial. Is our patriotism. If we have to pay for it. But I don't look at and a ballet you know I I think that where potential deadly by giving some of my tax dollars. So at least patriotic events I don't sit and how that I really don't. Would you arrests how about it they just at least let us know all the big teams aren't foot in the bill but we are I mean would you agree with me on that. I I I agree I've I've always in favor of disclosure. Thank you very much for that call Russ I appreciate it. Suze in Europe next go ahead Susan. I asked about that one might not even believe I'm. And a half I don't perform and I don't. It Aggies are you serious. Are there. On line good and. So we're spending money printing advanced. Mail out our other you know our our. You know are out there that but yet he had Robin would pay for his own uniform code right Alley in South Korea. That's disgraceful. On Susan that is disgraceful and I have to ask you something else who you look I don't know maybe it's mean gave him a little naive. You know I mean as some people were saying while month's surprise. When I'm watching gain more really and I exceed that of the vets running on the field waving the flag right see them honoring special you're wounded veteran. And they say based on a nice box office suite. With the wife and the kids omelet that's a really nice that's a class act that's a nice gesture. When I find out that word the ones paying for and there are kind of the fact though they're the ones claiming credit whether it be the patriots are that the Bruins are the Celtics are the Red Sox come like. I feel deceived I feel had them MI wrong. No absolutely not TARP and fact I'm an attorney my heart and the teacher I have two boys. And I am not a sport of Britain my family took patriots game. Like you. Can't do it. I mean the tickets are honestly season tickets are are outrageous. Even baseball which remember was always a bit cheaper because they they so many replaced many games a year. Mom the parking was 45 box the park near Fenway I don't know marries at fourteen ball. I don't like nine dollars in order we're not at all. I honestly and people do it like I say this degrees all the time. I see Fenway pact aimed this year you know the team is that good but generally find ways Gillette Stadium is back at the garden is by. I'm like a 140. Honestly I don't want. I don't know I think not a lot of credit card. I think you're right Susan well Susan Jennifer are you are. Well listen thank your son for his service and god bless you Susan 6172666868. Right or wrong should our tax Payer money through the Department of Defense the Pentagon. Be paying for all these patriotic moments and events are these big games I say it's moral stopped it it's our money. What do you say 6172666868. Mort your calls next. 1230 here on the great WRKO. Alex Europe next thanks for holding and wealth. Hey Jeff how are you I'm Alex could make it life and I sort of way and we all look at both sides. Of are more Vietnam I'm really preached that they see. That capital opportunity go to the games. All but on the other hand it is changed rapidly it all the other apple team sir are. Just take credit board. I gently into law. That's why Alex to be honest I think the issue we split it up on the screen you know which are seeing now is being paid for by the taxpayers were. The Department of Defense or whenever. Absolutely and then 34 years they've been pulling off this scam. Oh yeah yeah it is assured you know but but on the side that I am glad that these acts out hopefully it. And I don't mind might explode outward up my son was Corey. And I remembered yet papers. You want yeah. Just incredible completely out of the service you eighty I didn't have to. I can't believe we're the government is nitpick at our troops are gone but a lot of allied. And they have to hate Eric. Crisis gusting arming honestly Alex you may I mean I got to control myself because honestly my blood gonna boil. Miami news just it's it's disgusting no look Alex I'll tell you this right now. The American people and I so I'm speaking for corner country right now I know I am. So appreciate in value the service of our vets we are more than happy to take care of rom. Not just when they go to battle but when they come back home. And if they want to enjoy a pats game or bruins' game were happy I'm telling you first class all the way. But don't stand there like Bob Kraft or the Jacobs family. And say oh we love our vets and we appreciate our vets and this is all about the bats. Pretending like you guys are paying for our your pocket when it's coming out of our pocket. That's honestly that's the part that I find disgusting. And so all the next time you see an event at Gillette Stadium. No Bob Krause if you're too cheap pick up the check at least let everybody else don't work cutting the check. 617206. X 6868. And by the way I swear to you you want and all it's a drop in the bucket let sleeper. An Olympic on crap I'm just using him and his example because he got 700000. Okay but I could citizen thing about the Jacobs family or John Henry year whatever. 700000. Bulbs. Only pays Tom Brady's salary for the first three quarters of one game who. I mean it's it's let's groove again. I mean seriously. I mean you can't you can't cut a check for 700000 dollars or you are you freaking kidding me. 61720666868. Jeff corner on the warpath. Your calls Max. Hey old Jeff Gruner plus his bulldozer okay my friends. Tonight at the arsenal for the arts in Watertown. We are going to be holding a very special town hall event. To discuss really the corruption in crisis our DC have. Why are so many children dying. And what holds for the future of DC have can we curb. All of the incompetence and corruption at that agency. This is about our children my friends I urge all of you to come. If you wanna come show up at the arsenal for the arts in Watertown doors open at 6 PM. 7 PM we will officially kick off events. State representative Sean O'Connell will be there state representative Jim lions will be there. They will speak about them really being on the front lines. Of what they've encountered with DC have. What are the fundamental. Systemic problems. Special guest on stage with us will be Jennifer Pelletier. The older sister of Justine appellate here. And I'm telling you. This is a story for a Hollywood movie. You'll find out behind the scenes. What DC have tried to do to adjust Tina. There people who tried to destroy her. In many ways kidnapped her how they try to destroy your health. And what it took to savor and what Justine is living with today. It's an absolutely gonna be riveting night. I will be there. It looks like doctor grace will be able to make it I want my bambino is still be there ashen and Ava because it's about the children. And the future of of them and others in our state so if you wanna show up for justice for bella bond. I'm Jen and find out what's going on with Justine not show up tonight. I've says starting at 6 o'clock 7 o'clock and officially starts. At the arsenal for the arts in Watertown. I look forward to meeting all of you. 61720666868. Lines are loaded. Brian Europe next go ahead Brian. Hello Bryant. David okay. Jittery Europe next going to Jerry. Prominent and you. And run out there and all of our. But yeah. Enabled. Via bowling. If I feel like it art art art in an op art yeah art I like my book and make them and you know you can't expect debate no debate the exit. Jerry I got to ask you this I mean what do you make of the fact now. They've uncovered nearly seven million dollars being used to pay sports franchises. To honor our veterans. It gets events. Veterans appreciation night even tailgate Gaza's. And and the patriot patriots are right up there are 700000 dollars. Nice stuff yet say it did deception in the lie in the way would being misled. Let's say attempted to put the to take what we will lead to believe it's hot warming spontaneous moment. It feels dirty. It is feels dirty. Jeff I brought to respect. I've got some advice for mister Kraft with all due respect mr. Kraft mr. gross backed mr. Jacobs in this state Henry. Take that money it's that always foundation week donated donate to each year. To take care of veterans here in the bought Massachusetts area. I'm sorry that's what should be done here. If that really truly want to show that it decent people. Will take what I'm saying right now I hope they're listening a lot of on this listening. Take that money pull it together in every year. Donate to bounce donate to that foundation with a set amount. In the ordeal I think his future. Mark it's mighty says step by the end of this year meaning two months with within six weeks. He is gonna do away with veterans homelessness here in Massachusetts and in Boston. I think he's reading. I think it's that inside the pipe dream. What is he thinking (%expletive) Well I mean look I've Mohammed Marty Walsh is to me and out so honestly he's a disaster I think the guys a joke. He's driving this city into bankruptcy he really is he's driving it into the ground. He's the one that now wants that not only you turned into a Sanctuary City. He's the one now that is asking for thousands of Syrian refugees and I've got a story on this. This idea that these are somehow for women and men and young kids and there was up hole Don in Europe the first pole all these refugees coming him. 25%. Of them openly admit their ice is sympathizers. Point 5%. Are saying he's Islamic state is well I like Islamic state trip trip. He wants to bring thousands of wolves into the city of Boston. Forget taking care of homeless veterans we're gonna have to give him a gun song. The go after the bodies that mark Mohammed Mardy ended earlier bring an end to this country. Unless you it's shameful. Come lesser Jerry. Ryan Europe next go ahead right. Age sorry about that last time there. Good morning also are OK so you work Britney put chew up as Brian. What's your name is really Ryan. That's. That's that's OK no problem don't mind me it. Area where it should run. You know my question Oprah so I don't want to give me a terrible situation. And I'll just tell you why we haven't heard back from these people we haven't heard a response from them for you know the crowds. The crowd chanting anybody in all its target those. There's no doubt they took the money and you know maybe that product why but on the other hand these people also do great things. Did open her charity scholarship park and in the muddy and then just say no great. Don't at a bar and bowl with the other charities bureau and you know how do you know that they weren't. Awkward you know what to do this in the slogan pay property but. Baby crap didn't even know art group of people out of work and I'm bill we don't know we haven't heard from them on the issue. Well I mean look to be fair he's a mean Ryan he he's admitted he knew about it he's spokesmen have now pulled the globe. That they've been honoring members of the armed services and games for decades before but only took the money. A look Ryan here's what happened okay and is this is what's so corrupting about big government. It hands out all this month and it will get his 700000 dollars. That's nice we can put that into the military honor aren't the vets account. Don't and we just won't tell anybody that this came from the taxpayers. A simple adjustment will wave the flag will fly the jets all over there aren't oil rich area. And don't know what is it DR forest basically we're taxpayer money. They give ourselves good public relations. And our stake and I hope that those crops and to honestly I think that was grants and well sometimes just I guess that you're a sensationalist or say things. To attract your audience now I'm Brian really idol. Need to say things like this I mean really it's a fact wrestler but he so outraged well look I'll be honest with you craft to set up a beautiful YMCA in my area. Allred you Fisher house next week he always is very generously to Fisher house. So I'm not saying that Bob Kraft doesn't have a heart and that Bob Krause not a good guy. But I human being and this is why I'm against big government because it out. I against a government toolbar. The other side of the issue his deputy you're talking you're attacking these business owners and make it sound like they're being greedy I just don't see it that way I think that's. Look I don't office being greedy but it was to set up it was deceptive. Wallace. I mean I don't and that's right first of all gonna end of the artists and there admitting that they should end the practice. So if there was such a great thing why are they admitting that you and the practice. Because as we know c'mon let's let's be serious are true was the French. When those vets are running down the field and they're waving the American flag and everybody singing god bless America. And there they are with the microphones we honor our vets we love our vets and look at and are bearing the box office box office suite. There they are with the wife what the kids and everybody's cheering. Everybody's thinking I love the pacts and I'll look at them they got the box of events. When in reality that was our money. Now they put up on the big screen. All of this is being paid for by the US taxpayer thank you Department of Defense or thank you mr. and mrs. taxpayer. Mobile I'm the impression was of generosity and arts. I. I mean Ryan look I'm still up pats fan don't don't get me wrong I mean I still think we're gonna win at all this year but guys don't pick among. Or you're gonna take the money at least say yeah is being paid for by your money not by German. John Europe next go ahead John. Yeah probably who I'm good how are you I miss you want morning commuter you're gonna come out. That's a that's an upper management decision John up this is beyond my pay grade. Thanks very in this that you are very happy that I have veterans were benefiting from this. I going to these games and the appreciation network show to them. Whatever the Department of Defense has all this extra. What they're free cash the government won't bet secret Guatemala just flying in the tickets which they giving you really just owners all this money to put in a pot. That's really infuriating and last call doesn't it we don't have a clue. You think if she was walking down the street and sent I don't got hammered her up a terror that they do in the. They wouldn't care where they wouldn't care. It's on your completely right they wouldn't care about. No and that's what I see that's another thing that upsets me look blue please I love the vets. Let's. If they said to us look we're gonna put aside a little bit of money a little fund. For the vets because especially football hockey baseball don't get me wrong rust while they love both sports but I know the vets overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are always watching it if they can they love to watch the NFL they just love it. And the comeback home is a nice homecoming or whatever. And you know we pay for them to enjoy a game with their families. I'll pay I'm going is my taxpayer money for that all pay. But tell me that it's my money. Don't pretend like it's your money wasting my money and the one of them was the one in Minnesota. Where they had a homecoming night. So they're bringing back these vets who've just finished their deployment. And they're they are and on the field there homecoming there with their wires there hugging them and family members and average crying and it's there waving the flag. And everybody thinks all the vikings all look at them assault considerate for the vets. It was only marketing stunt paid for by the Pentagon. They paid for the old thing. Now I don't mind that we're paying for the whole thing. But the vikings are acting like August which Hamas axis this is what we do for the people of Minnesota Minneapolis saint ball. And this is this is how we are these are values. It's that the Department of Defense has its money. Give it to them that's one every now that seven million dollar of that total was how much of that what percentage of that went to the lead so that around the country and what. Fraction of that went to the actual ports. John graceful. It's disgraceful I agree with you thank you for that call. I can't squeeze one more and amid Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. I'd ship first of all its fiscal January. I don't know as a veteran I actually away from all this. Glory. And back gratification to a I think most centric I would agree with you that it's over done. The fact of the matter what you do is genuine I know this refractive witnessed it you would do it because. I really love the restaurants. But as far as that the patriots he talked about greed mr. O'Grady has been reportedly shot seven and again. The fact of the matter is it's it's that the US is part of a rumor that the person that as a fund raiser for kids appreciate. There were about a lot of money and that and they it broke up oppression and have a chance to. Is that Marat. Thank you very much for that call Mike 6172666868. More your calls next. This is from 774. Jared from this point on when I hear the National Anthem. Paul be wondering who's paying. This is from 617. Jeff don't forget the Bruins. Also are leading the NHL and billing the government for having the troops appear before the game Jeremy Jacobs not surprised. That's the only thing they leave the NHL and that. Okay Mike you're up next. Go ahead my side your partner corners expert of all I have no spot or might act party goers to support and aren't any of that for our troops. But what they should've done what they should lead approximately where the scene. That. He organizations. We're not seeing. This is a perfect example. Of what's going on in the sports world today I can barely afford it like it was four. Bingo I could've said it better myself Mike thank you for that call.