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Trump VS The Republicans. 10/27/15

Oct 27, 2015|

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have been trading jabs on the campaign trail. Whose side are you on?

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Tomorrow. Will be a major Republican debate in Boulder, Colorado. This time hosted by CNBC. And as we stand right now the race between Donald Trump and Ben Carson is heating up. Carson has now eclipsed Donald Trump. In Iowa in fact the latest poll now has Carson beating trumped by fourteen points. There is a shock poll. It's one full. Take it with a grain of salt by CBS and in New York Times which now claims that trump is losing the Carson nationally. 26%. To 22%. I wanna wait for many more polls. Before I believe that Carson is now ahead of trump in the national polls. Trump however is still leading big. In New Hampshire South Carolina. Nevada. Florida many of the early states. What is now happening. Is almost a revolution. Of the mind. Bloomberg. News. I would say Centre left. It's a financial news network they do some politics. But more center left not a hard laughter not MSNBC. They're not even the or CNN or NPR. But they are a center left news outlet. Has a very big piece. Now saying. Donald Trump. He's very likely to be the Republican nominee. And it's not just that Donald Trump is likely to be the Republican nominee. But in poll after poll after poll. Nearly 75%. Of Republican voters. Now believe that Donald Trump's victory in the nomination. Is all but inevitable. And the establishment. Is now stunned. Because whether it's the rise of trump. Or the rise of Ben Carson or in many of the polls Ted Cruz watch for him on the outside coming in he's the dark course. He is slowly but surely inching his way up those polls. The establishment. Is now being for early repudiated. Chris Christie. John Kasich. Rick Perry. Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham I think is below 0% literally if it's possible to be less than zero Lindsey Graham is less than zero. James Gilmore is less than zero. But the one. Who should fall has almost been Shakespearean. It's jeopardy at all. Jeb breast tool for English bush. His hundred million dollars that he started off with is drawing up. He can't raise any more money. Apparently now he's stuck at 56%. In the polls. His numbers are in free fall. And that's good owner costs. The big bond worse. That were the heart and soul of his support are now starting to desert him. And the reason my friends is obvious. He's out of busily at an out of his depth. And soul like up petulant spoiled little child. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Everything handed to warm his entire life. Man. And and there. The only game I am losing pitcher thing's calling me name written. Fair and today was supposed to be buying it and I'm a bush I'm on bonds who has won it turns. There was a lender and will that mean mean vs Miller main it was kind of enemy might earn him in a moment and moaning and EU. To George and older brother George C yeah well being beaten. They had a big power while with the bush clan over the weekend. Yesterday. George W. Bush was brought in by Jeb Bush. To speak now to the few big bundle hers and donors who are now getting very nervous about Jeb be tall. And George W. Bush came out swinging. According to multiple meteor reports. George W. Bush said. Donald Trump is dangerous. Donald Trump is arrogant. Donald Trump is quote not a serious candidate. He also lashed out at Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall. He said that it's very important that Republicans quote win the Latino vote unquote. Quote duel not irritate the Latinos I'm quotes. According to former president. W. Bush 43. Though Latino vote will be the key for the Republicans next year. And he said there's only one man. Who can win the Latino vote or make serious inroads and that of course is the phone Latino. Jay had breast tool for English bush. And so jab was taking shots at trump. George W was taking shots at trump and basically now they have told the establishment. They have told the donor class. They have to hold the Ryan all Republicans. That basically they're grip on the Republican Party is now loosening. And that they're in danger of losing their stranglehold. And now is the time to unload on trump. To do whatever you have to do to destroy Donald Trump before it is too late. And like the big peaks in Bloomberg. Finally I mean you read this piece it you'll like my audience has known this for months. But now Bloomberg is coming to the realization. I swear to you that the rise of Trump's candidacy. It's because he's forcing the Republican leadership and the Republican establishment. To face this very stark fact. Did division. Between Republican voters and the elites. Has never been wider. That golf has never been bigger. And now the elites are shocked it's like a peasant uprising. If this is a middle American revolution. That peasants are so angry. I waved their reliefs keep kowtowing to Obama and surrendering on issue after issue they now want a fighter. And when Donald Trump jumped all over illegal immigration and said I'm gonna build up wall. And I'm gonna stand there as somebody who's been part of the game. Who's played the game. Who's been on the inside of the game. And knowing how the elites. And the wealthy rigged the system. And I'm gonna site we few. They're people. To overturn. This complete corrupt system that has developed over the last one in five years. Now all of a sudden they have almost a juggernaut on their hands to deal with. And so Karl Rove doesn't know what to do. Jeb Bush Jeb bit the bush crime doesn't know what to do. View media elites don't know what to do nobody now knows what to do. And so expressing his frustration. I swear to you. ID recent event in South Carolina. Pathetically. She starts to wind. Rolled cut for Christie. This election is about how we're going to fight to get nothing done that I don't want anything I don't want any part of it. I don't wanna be elected president to sit around and see gridlock just become so dominant. That people literally hearing good decline in their lives that is not my motivation I got a lot of really cool things that I could do other than sit around. Since being miserable. Listening to people demonize me and be feeling compelled to demonize them that is a joke. Elect trump if you want that. On Jauron Jeb be. Just these mad. I mean first of all who talks like this I've got a lot of cool things to do like what some are more boards. And literally rake in more cash by. Pimping out the bush brand in the bush named sit on boards and collect checks what go play golf in Miami. I mean he's AI if I've got a lot of cool things to do my gash in doesn't. Mile and we only lose in the Clinton and have him home loan maybe I'm. Lebanese presence. So. Low. Well Blair's been ill. And. They know where Obama. Nobody mum. My my there are very gitmo mom my my. Even Charles Krauthammer. Not a friend of trump in fact an arch opponent of trump. Who early on all like Jim beat dog he also likes Marco Rubio. Even now the establishment. Conservatives. Are saying yes. This was prophetic. Roll cut three Chris. Continues neutral Peterson was pathetic. And pants. I mean there's there's not. Very presidential you look at that to sound bite to trumpet the Carson and that I'm excuse me the bush vs the Carson how do you react to personal attacks from Donald Trump and you can see why Carson was running about three times anyway. Gracious. Carson is completely self contained. And he's very calm. The idea that he's less and energetic as rather amusing for a guy who stands. Has stood for twenty hours operated. With complete and total concentration have lunch surgeons at work. And that is the most grueling activity. Imaginable so the idea that shouting and screaming into stipulating. What is a sign an energy is a rather absurd but Carson's demeanor above all yes the fact that he's an outsider. I think explains this the reason he's he's been propelled and one if you look at day to break down in a place like Iowa. Who would lend their running about even Carson and and trumpet among women there's a huge gap it's not a 31 get a two to one. And I think in some sense people have a sense that. If you wanna go for an outsider you might wanna try to calm. But I mean he's got to take it day get a trump but let that go I mean he's right. I mean this they were pathetic. Petulant adolescents. Verron trouble. JB is in trouble. The establishment is in trouble. There rhinos are in trouble and now everybody knows it 61720666868. What do you make of the fact that now it's been over 100 days trump continues to lead in most polls. And now there is open panic and frustration. In the bush camp. Is this the end of the rhino is 61720666868. Lines are loaded. Jeff you're up first thanks for holding and welcome. I think it very much depth as far as the candidates are concerned. I believe that trump card that includes will you leave so there and I and I love all those candidates. And had to leave it there a week Republican or Democrat would get a group of people who want that handout. Make up the majority of this country. And they want their hand out they've been able very candid don't give a bit handouts. But let's grow as a country basically basically. This simple as that. Well I mean that's what Michael Savage is pretty much my good friend doctor savages I hero. Yeah he thinks it's over he thinks there's no point fighting anymore the liberals of essentially one yeah because there are just more takers then makers. Exactly we we hit that tipping point it's just that simple. And and and the thing is. If we are yet to get the country that we have to start throwing people out of we don't vote people out. We pretty much screwed because that the that the particulars but the union acts. The academic acts what would and asks outnumber the producers the country in due time the move thank you yeah. Thank you very much Jeff look I mean not you know maybe it's my ball in jeans. Maybe it's the Croatian in mean. But to me it's always no surrender no retreat. And Donald Trump I think is gonna go very far Ben Carson is gonna go very far what I look at this is almost the exact opposite. I see the establishment. Progressive wing that is dominated the Republican Party now collapsing. I see the ruling class crumbling and in panic. And if trump and Carson and seen crews can continue their search. The nomination is hours. And once we have the nomination. Then it's just Hilary mantel a woman no. And if it's trump vs Hillary or Carson vs Hillary or Cruz vs Hillary. I don't care who it is. Hillary will lose let's put it this way I wouldn't bet the farm on her 61720666868. Joseph when Europe next go ahead join. I give up any super making me laugh you'll make my day I'll thank you so much to learn. I'll need to make my day and I happy Italian today and you know what trumpet trumpet model. So I don't think I do you think that Chad. Crying like this like a little crybaby. I'm as a sign that that basically trump is gonna win. He's gonna win because he's that good bad and we need to out a lot up and we need to booby trapped the tunnel started taking the drug anywhere. That's what is so much drug and people dying all the you know in this country. The big wild with a booby trapped Arnold. Joanna sort speaking of drugs and heroin off below I've got a story for you in the next hour JoAnne. Trust me when I tell you this set thank you for that call JoAnne 6172666868. The empire tries to strike back. Bush is now lashing out at trump will it work 6172666868. All of your calls next. Vinny you're up next thanks for holding and well. I know you have that many. Just. I agree with you know and some of the other callers that they had been. From the beginning of the end of the Republican Party and it clearly will be a strong reclamation. Jeb Bush. He does not want that the president of gridlock. Disillusioned. It doubled the pollution it is. Do hey. But they won't have gridlock but people don't want that but I am curious why did it take a long. But the Republicans. Don't realize that it didn't know when they failed won't vote who opposed. Obama if the Republicans but the credit for people would say enough is enough. I I mean I just don't under there and how they wouldn't believe that the people but Boehner the Republican voted and supported what remained I want. The solo and back is the list but why we have trump fruits and part of the what are you up on. Well Vinny because they fought like for many years that we had nowhere else to go. So we would grumble and we would whine and we complain and you know you call up talk shows in the event then your angry. But in the end you'll hold your nose like Republicans have always done and go with the establishment candidate. And now through their shock and horror we have real alternatives. Real options and overtaken them. And they don't know what to do about it. Another complete panic but Vinny let me tell you what I think is most revealing about this about jabs complaint his meltdown. Not so much that he so immature and so adolescence and sold fried Giles. But when he says. When there's gridlock people's lives diminish. I want you to think what a progressive big government mentality that is. You mean if there's gridlock which is by the way how the founding fathers intended it. Checks and balances separation of powers nothing much should get past the Lester is overwhelming consensus. So if things are gridlocked in Washington. Our lives become diminished. Are you kidding me. You think he thinks we're not dependent upon government. Honestly when Washington passes nothing I'm happy man 61720666868. Tomorrow. Showdown in Colorado. Major Republican debate. Trump continues to lead. Carson is now gaining Jeb Bush is openly whining. Is this the end of the establishment Republicans as we know it. And can trump now win your calls next. Horrified and those again. Who is very little in the cold I'm just go yeah. I just look at this whole fight for so. I think I'm gonna stop talking about him. But you know I sort of thought he was like going to be sort of thing. So well pushed the start talking about I'm gonna have to start hitting somebody else. I had they have to be banned cars and if because that's Jeffrey itself is sinking like a stone. And so now Jeb big thaw after meeting with his brother George W. Bush meeting with mommy and audio over the weekend. They're now lashing out at trump saying he cannot dwindle a penal vote he's too arrogant he's too brash. They're saying he's not out well read enough. As if Jeb is a genius but let that go. Then he's quote not serious enough to be president of the United States. Lists and did your bit off. This time in English. He's better in Spanish but on this one it wasn't bad is it was a pretty good on this one listen to Jim bit dull. Saying day. Trump paid doesn't speak Spanish. Tiny laxity humility and seriousness. To be a good commander in chief role cut. 127. Chris why would Jeb Bush be a better commander in chief well the problem with trump is he gets is he gets his. Policy advice from the show us. He's not serious. I mean if if you're gonna run for the presence the United States she should take the time to explore. The challenges that are faced talk to people that have proven experience. In the field listen. Have the humility to listen before you have an opinion. And then recognize the power of the presidency as it relates to crafting foreign policy and and then do it in a way that is true to our values and I believe I have those skills. Look I've lived overseas and I've traveled extensively overseas of them business overseas share we did trade missions when I was governor but just as the warden. I have the humility to liberate I greatly respect. And it validates my thinking about the role of American the world I believe I could be a good commander. Truth. So Jeb bid dole now says Jerry he's a serious one. Identities that you know basically he's so Smart he Sosa stand there obese those are Reba early so serious. He saw season he's so experienced. But whining lying to stay he's not winning he sounds like he's twelve. Rural occurrence. I got a lot of really cool things that I could I. Net water really cool things. Latter really cool things I could do you know like I don't have to be doing that's got to put up of this indignity year. You know campaigning. Shaking people's hands. It'll hockey having to be accountable. Know my name not giving me automatic victory. I got a lot of really cool things that I could do other than sit around since being miserable. Yeah cool now men you're really cool man at at at a really cool man a really cool so let me ask you this Jim biko. When you say that illegal immigrants who come to this country. Many of whom murderers. Rapists. Gang bangers sexual predators criminals. Violent criminals. As quote an act of love. Is that serious. Tell me Jeb at all. When you tell us that we have to accept. Socialist big government education. Which is being an absolute disaster like common core is that serious. I got a lot of really cool things that I could do other than sit around since being miserable. Tony Jeb bit duo. When you openly pander to the Mexican government. And openly say America's borders should remain wide open is that serious should be well I really cool things that I could do other than sit around. Still being miserable. I got a lot of really cool things that I could do other than sit around. Since being miserable. Okay let me ask. Part of me Brittany. But out of there is serious. But is serious and Spanish. But are they serious since OG Garvin. Is it good I'll day. Joseph big army. Adding yeah yeah and it is big men because you see serious it doesn't roll off the tongue very well for Jim beat the government. Is it gonna have a jab at all. When your own brother put in rules of engagement increased by Obama. That major victory in Iraq all but impossible. Tell me Joseph beat dole when you supported Hillary and Obama's war in Libya. Which destroyed that country and opened it up to radical islamists was begged an update. Jim bit dull. How about the nineteen trillion dollar debt. That your fellow establishment Republicans hope to accumulate with a dear leader was that the ground the gbagbo. The closer and Banco. Okay you wanna talk about serious. You wanna talk about why the grass roots and middle America is I mean I'm talking a prairie populist fire why they're so angry. Why trump now beats Hillary in every single national poll when there are neck and I wonder go one on one. Ben Carson beach certain Ted Cruz beach here and book Donald Trump cleans her cloth in every national poll. If he's the nominee and she's the democratic nominee you wanna know why Americans are fed up of the ruling class listen to this. I don't mean to boil your blood I know what's the lunch break but you need to know what you more political class. Your rulers are doing to you listen to this big hat tip to CNS news. As they crunched the numbers. It is now being revealed. That before they parachute. Paul Ryan all Ryan king Paul to be that house speaker either tomorrow or Thursday. That dog bonehead. Is gonna do one last bonehead maneuver. He once the cut I swear to you one more deal with the Obama though mother of all deals. Word they raise the debt ceiling again. And this time put in not a one year bloody eight school year budget spending agreement. Which blows the caps. On all the spending to sequester blows it wide open. It funds Obama care for two years it funds Planned Parenthood for two years it finds the executive amnesty for two years it finds man. Everything Obama wants for two years. It's the final betrayal. So he clears the decks for king Paul. And under dog bone heads leadership. Under the Boehner is a leadership. According now to CNS news they've crunched the numbers listen to this. Boehner Obama spending deal it's. The Republican establishment. And the Democrats. This is what the ruling class has done to us. Since the Republicans won a majority of the house in the 2010 elections. Boehner was elected speaker in January 2011. The first budget the first spending deal he cut wicked dear leader. Was on March 4 2001. Sorry 2011. Initial from march 4 2011. He has been the speaker of the house all spending bills must initiate and be passed and authorized by laws through the hawks. So went out the house Republicans agreeing to it none of these spending deals could have been done. Signed by Obama initiated by the Boehner lead House of Representatives. The federal debt. Under Boehner Obama's spending deals listen to this. Increased. By three. Point 97. True trillion dollars with fifty. Since Boehner cut his first spending deal with the Obama. March 4 2011. In other words in plain English. Boehner and the worst publish many Republicans. In collaboration. With the Obama. Have added nearly four trillion dollars in new debt. Under under this spending deal's approved by the Boehner led Republican controlled house with the Obama. That's nearly 43 point 97 let's not get around four trillion smack her group's. What does this mean for you. For you. Now remember he was elected Boehner was to stop Obama. To roll back the spending. To balance the budget to repeal obamacare. Instead the exact opposite has happened. Dave unleashed this big it. What is the legacy for you for me and for our children and they wonder why are Americans are mad now why are they mad hype. What are we shouldn't it was sort of grip establishment why would they be angry. It now costs just to these deals alone this four trillion dollars. Equals. 33832. Dollars and 64 cents. Per household. By increasing the debt between Boehner and Obama in just the last four years. To a nearly 4000000000003. Point 97 trillion to be exact. They have now what humiliated and imposed upon you and every single American family household. Thirteen 3832. Dollars 64 cents per household worth of debt. You have to pay for that. You were children will have to pay for. Your grandchildren won't have to pay for that. This is criminal. Let me tell you what they've done to us. If no one else has the guts to say it I swear to you I will. They have injure shafts. 33000. Dollars per how shall hold. Jurist in the last four years when they were elected to stop Obama. This is what the ruling class has gone they have been Jewish groups. They have been just stuck it to us. Bend over. Grab your ankles. And enjoy. Because dots this way they've done is they've rapists. This that's what this since. This is a prison rape. That's what basis. With all due respect. That's what this is. And when somebody comes along. And says and. A man and and a man. There array of Bangladesh coral window shops being none none and then now it's over. Now you live within your means now it's time to cut spending and balance the books and those guys have just witnessed the biscotti. Started Donald Trump that's got home I got good quote. This is politics. My friends. That's why the establishment is gonna go down. The sooner the better. All you gotta do is kick the door down and the entire rotten structure will come crashing down. Then Europe next go ahead Dan. They kept I think I'd trump I have active have a beer I think he should probably lay off. The bush criticism only because I think he's. He's he's come across almost like a bully. And I think you need that now start. Citing put in his sights on John case I think these thousands the prospect area. And my the only why I don't like governor Kasich is. But the last debate. He said he would not increase taxes on the paper portion of these hedge fund guys that Donald Trump says they need is that thing the going rates and that artificially low rate. Yet that the bank governor. That would map the public union. As the Dem support over some more money and they you know. So petite stick is that and protect as police and fire it does have a problem on after that but he he protected. The 1%. What I thought. I mean look there and if you look it might look what I think trump needs them now realize it's like a cage fight you knock them out. A hit Jeb Bush is loving they're no shattered and Rick Perry he's out cold. I think there's no point they keep pounding his head and he's out there. Donald moved on and that that you've got to ruby go to take down you've got Kasich that they found you rep Christie to pay down. And if you're not careful. You may get a right to hook or are right cross that you don't see coming from Ben Carson. 61720666868. Good to Donald vs the bush is the war heats up. Who do you side with and do you think the Donald has won all of your calls Max.