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Rick Klein of ABC News on Hillary Clinton/Benghazi (10-23-15)

Oct 23, 2015|

ABC News political director Rick Klein gives his take on the Benghazi hearings between Hillary Clinton and the House Select committee

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This is the boston.com. Morning show on the voice of Boston PM six CD WRKO. It's a third for the WRKO boston.com. Morning show happy Friday everybody thanks for spending part of it was us Jon Meterparel. Can Kerrigan has another day off Mike Siegel. In Seattle still relishing the Seahawks twenty to three win over the San Francisco 49ers and live in shaping I think Mike Siegel had more. Support in the last democratic polling and Lincoln Chafee is out big surprise Mike. Well and you know I was not impressed with them with a all the respect to. Lincoln Chafee at the last debate. He resolve he was not articulate and I hemming and hawing about clearer about. Any vision that he had Jim Webb has got to of course. And he's a good guy but just didn't habit so it's it's gonna come down to burning in Hillary and she's at this point got it the question is going to be whether Bernie can. Raise enough money to giver battle and whether he can bring enough. See that it's a very acting thing because you look what happen to Joseph Lieberman in Connecticut. He was a moderate Democrat. And he had a you have primary election against a left wing liberal Democrat. And Andy lost and evenly had been a sitting senator he had to run as an independent in the general election anyone. So sometimes in a primary it's very different I mean there's a lot of people in the Democratic Party in that party's moving more and more of left. And Bernie is kind of vote hitting a perfect storm so to speak because he's kind of getting over there. With a crowd of people that are on that side already in more moving in that direction. Now we're fed up with the way the system is so. He could be surprised by Bernie over the next several months. I would I would that kill he'll he'll remain strong in sports especially in some state New Hampshire has been very strong Iowa's been pretty good as well but I still think it's Hillary's. Race to lose let's go to Rick Klein who's the ABC news political director Rick good morning your takeaways from the Ben Ghazi. Proceedings and whether it derailed Hillary at all do you think it herder at all. No I think to the contrary it's been different at its steam with GP dropping out as you reference despite not running with web dropping out with a strong debate last week it it's been. An incredible run for Hillary Clinton in the back that you endorse that eleven hours of grilling. Without any significant gaps or or throwing any blood from the Republicans are out to get on it. It I don't know that she's never been stronger the nomination virtually sensible Q now. Yet the above the one thing that I've raised earlier and that probably isn't gonna get a lot of traction but she did. Haven't consistent messages that she had a message to Chelsea her daughter that night of the attack and she. Also told the apprentice prime minister of Egypt the next day that this was a terrorist attack. And she was telling the American people that it was in fact an anti Muslim video that caused the attack she told those out. Family members of the victims that as well so but missed that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of traction. Yeah I I got to say you know they're they're our new. Of the motivations behind the attack early on it as evidence that need help or hurt her daughter the you know Sidney Blumenthal. They all seem note very minor in the big picture here and for the big picture I think most voters. He'll lights beer. This is noise and yesterday with a lot of ways and go long noise if you watch people at all for eleven hours you saw at all. But it didn't add anything new it's that he misses this is the smoking this is the culpability here is this something awful what she's spotters that the the changes the equation. I just don't see something. Bet that it changes the politics around the I think she's always saying. She answered every question that mat chair and took all of those it's over the course of web and hours and she spoke step. And chairman Gatti made the point that he wasn't sure what I knew there was that I have three read the transcripts to determine. Evening yeah I have a. Not a great quote I'm I think Jim crowded and a nice job of trying to keep that the bulk politics but. I think some of his colleagues put things in an odd directions but in this day and they are expecting that this hearing. The public hearing would produce something. You addicted to which change in the politics of things got the I think it's what disappointed. Is it a true Rick that the bottom line is that the Gaza just doesn't move the needle for most voters the wage jobs in the economy do. Yeah I think that's right I think there there's a segment of voters that think that they are the is that enormous gamble that the Clinton people around a go to jail. But there's also people that believe that format that it's all white water on the Britain and I think for most voters frankly all I think category now. Let's just stop and say about. We we saw appalled that this week if you see it half the people think it's such a habit for coming. But half of people also we Republicans are out of that for political so that the sort of open at this thing we prepare that much. What about Bernie who's raised enough money that could be credible enough to run for the first several states anyway South Carolina New Hampshire Iowa. And you're picking up before a left of the Democrat party is this gonna give Hillary any problem do you think. Politic support to back a vacuum and if there have to be the kind of impact Hillary on it's not clear is that ethically ailment we in election. But you're Bernie Sanders right now you're looking at now oh postal one on one shot formality of the democratic on the rates. Course and feel for Tamoxifen as well but it is just a much more clarified field we have those five candidates on these two weeks ago now we're out and over the possibility of six. Now we're down the tree. And it is a lot of clarity in this field the what's considered a short time ago so strong that Hillary is. It's going to temple in her child workers but I don't know a lot of people were gonna put money today on anyone other than Hillary Clinton when an outpatient. What did you make go to the latest Ohio poll Rick for Ben Carson the quinnipiac poll as the more register poll was released yesterday. Yes a nine point lead over trump Jamaican thing Iraq. I do I think Ben Carson and undeniable appeal in the in the early going I think people. You know isn't money drop against self bump in Iowa and out people maybe getting that back and looked about whether that support from we just got to use different three solid months. Trump trump come out front for the popular people have a new game now to new poll that Iowa. In the course in the bank Parsons suggest that something real was going on it was the shopping around that made it important you can from the establishment candidates that trump doesn't happen in Trammell will be. The above the other thing about Ben Carson is that he's getting a lot of evangelical votes Iowa's big evangelical state. I think that the better test would be New Hampshire determine if he can maintain that in the state like New Hampshire that doesn't have that big evangelical vote. Yeah I think that's right in and I think there's definitely and at its candidates the whole range of ways but in where we're been course of land you know. Which put a lot of money on in the nominee either I don't think so so it's still a progress on the Republican side. It is easy it's just no way around where that stands right now. Is Jeb Bush gonna hang around and he says he is put he doesn't seem to be getting any traction at all. And you know Jeb Bush is in the top spot I don't I think you got the resources to it that collapse for awhile and that to me that's me it's a real run for president but. He just has no energy in terms of the happening right now in in you know coming get the places now where they expected to be. They're play is a long game and that they hope that this pay off an early statement that the only ones. Let's standing by the end of it. But it is it's the bank shot at her bank shot that forget that. Giving Donald has a shot of actually being the nominee. Of course yeah I don't utterly impossible but never thought of as likely but I over it's impossible and you know they're reflected. Do week of new polling. Suggesting the strength it it becomes more likely. But I it is still a baseball we play and I think it's remote the movement we're seeing in the race right now suggests yeah chopping around up steadily yet. Do you think there's a point at which has kind of acerbic. Characterizations of guys like John McCain and his military background and some of the others Carly Fiorina is looks. And he continues with that sort of thing you think that might catch up with a sometime or people just glad that he's telling the truth is he sees it. Every time he is that something that you think it is but one that people are gonna start reacting and it has the opposite effect. No I'm beyond predicting but when you open John McCain's service record that would happen but what you need. You know property of the but at the comment about making tally. When he needs comment about partly looks that you referenced you name it and it looked awful but it doesn't mean that have an effect. So I just don't know I don't know where it lands for now from I know that if he does on the minds in the people interact. He's the Teflon Don forget about up one barely a quantum dot but Rick Klein ABC news political guerrilla director thanks so much and thank you. This is the WRKO boston.com morning show it's 844. I'm Giambi to Perot Mike Hsu you joining us on again into Mike's thoughts about the FBI investigation will it go for a Hillary will maybe hear from Andrew Nepal Thomas who was armed with Fox News Channel. Last night will maybe get his sound as well and get his take on where that's going also more of your phone calls. You're take on what happened with the big Ghazi hearings yesterday 6172666868. At 844.