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Socialist Sanders praises Castro.

Oct 20, 2015|

What do you make of Bernie Sanders praising Castro?

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The birds. I've never heard that he did. Yeah. Some things and ideas official list. Bernie Sanders. And you feel the burn baby and still the burden. I've never heard that he pool deck guys some things and atheist socialist. Okay my freshman. Like I said this is the best audience. In their business the best tax there is the best callers. I don't normally do this but honestly sometimes you guys do a better job that I do at the communicating and idea. Dona always on about may be Lloyd. And our goal or something 45 minutes ago. She made a brilliant point. About how there is essentially now three parties in America. And we eat is the conservatives libertarians constitutional as patriots whatever you wanna call us we of course our country. The right. The patriotic right. We haven't changed. We haven't changed we these are we knew we are here to the same principles. The same beliefs. We go all the way back to the constitution to the bill of rights. Too limited government individual freedoms the pre free enterprise system. America as the most exceptional greatest country in the history of the world. We haven't changed. And we have been the center of this country. The center of middle America the center of the Republican Party. The right notes. Are really in many ways the old moderate Democrats. They are the old new deal great society liberals. But now. There is a new animal. A new political animal a new force. That is slowly now overtaking everyone else within the ruling class and within the country. They have completely taken over the Democratic Party. And they're trying now to infiltrate the Republican Party. And those are the progressives. The socialists. The marxists. The Communists whatever the collective it's the status it's whatever werder term we wanna use. Listen to Donna because I think she absolutely. Nailed it roll that Chris. What we have a choice about this and yet that we can either pick out their rank and I think people Republican Party where we probably can't predict the cracked the case plus or Republican Party is thin. Picking what they used to do. The fell to break that you could think being told that they need to ask why they tried in fact profit this signing an agreement dare try to abduct. We have it's quite long term maybe they're picking cannot stand where we are. Or will have to want something new but gigabyte is that and we don't want to be established as giving at entrapment really that car and drove it beautifully. Felt there was a subpoena which is what they've that they need to do and I keep speaking fun. I'm doing at the policy that we need mob that. Don't have to laugh greed that rhetoric that we here at the white greedy where fine where we are they aired the wind that left. I think rate is that that the democratic socialists and now that is third party. Bingo I mean I could have set a better. Reagan repeatedly said that its. I never left the Democratic Party the Democratic Party left me. Eat it got hijacked by the radical left in the 1960s. The anti war anti American increasingly anti Semitic piece knicks. They at least. The McGovern writes whatever you wanna call on Dave now occupied completely the Democratic Party. And ever since then since the late sixties early seventies. It's going further and further and further and further to the left too and now in many ways Bernie Sanders. Is the logical culmination of fifty years of optimism. You really he's hammer and sickle Sanders. Big big guy. The guy is America's Lenin. Additional I mean you cannot possibly get more further left. Except now I mean literally. You wanna forcibly take over everybody's property everybody's farms collect devise absolutely everything in society. And just start massacring people by the millions so outside of mile once talent. You cannot get more left wing and Bernie. So here you have I want you to think about this a self declared. Democratic. Socialists. A self declared socialist. Who if his policies are implemented I want you to listen to this look at. He wants government run health care. He wants government completely financed paid family leave. He wants to massively increase Social Security massively increased Medicare massively increased Medicaid. He wants cradle to grave welfare I mean literally cradle to grave free college. Free university. Free tuition I mean free everything. A fifteen dollar minimum wage as a starting point. He believes the greatest crisis over time I swear to you was global warming. He wants the government to completely take over the industrial manufacturing. Sector of the economy. Control carbon emissions I mean you know how bloody expensive that is. You put all of that together. It's gonna cost the country. Eighteen. Trillion dollars 1818. Bolt economy. He wants to. I tax the wealthy to 8090%. And now that cat's out of the bag. He's now we admitted. Not only am I gonna raise taxes on the wealthy quote a damn lot higher he now admits. Everybody who works for a living is gonna see a mother. Talks increased. Role the cut Chris. As a socialist socialism does not like the united probably fair to say that the rotten Goldman's former socialist government. But what do you learn them well he's that they don't know if not so ridiculous point now and August says. The one where this is something else hold on it's coming believe me this one. When I mean he's a Communist. Byron Donald Trump is getting blasted for calling Bernie Sanders a quote maniac in a Communist. He's a maniac and a Communist. Know that recently he was on I believe George Stephanopoulos with Steffi. And he said hey look your final acted. Not only are there rich gonna be paying quoted damn lot of higher and taxes that. Everybody's going to be paying a damn lot of higher impacts your. Raise the issue of taxes trump ray thunder show let's talk about it. What we have seen Georgia in the last thirty years as most Americans slow with a massive redistribution of wealth. Unfortunately it's gone in the wrong direction it's gone from the middle class and working families to Donald Trump and his friends the top 110 of 1% and yes. Let me be very clear. If we're gonna make public colleges and universities. To which should free if I believe we have to do. In the 21 century yelled we are gonna have a tax on Wall Street speculation. Yes we all gonna ask trump and his billionaire friends to pay more taxes what we're yes we all gonna Andy's. Both come up with outbreak but it'll be damn lot harder than it is right now I kids might you say the rich getting much much richer. Adding there were effective tax rate of Warren Buffett often reminds us is Lola. But the effective tax rates of truck drivers are nurses. Yeah the wealthy have got to pay why corporations he says is what it takes is made billions of dollars billions of dollars a year in taxes. Billions of dollars in profits won't play a nickel in Pakistan that has got to keep at it and it more it pretty easy to NASA denying these 2% margin rate is certainly too high. And he said no so how high are you know it's. That Todd Margaret we talking 50% 60% of work did you wait this is what we are working on right now we're gonna end. The loophole that allows large corporations let's bearish than money in the Cayman Islands. And in some cases avoid paying all federal income taxes we all got to raise the State's. Pax so the trump and his billionaire friends will and their families will end up paying more in taxes we ought gonna have a tax. On Wall Street speculation. Trillions of dollars have flown low class little puff 110 of 1%. And we have got to would prefer you want Silva class in this country is disappearing. They need help they have left of wealth and income inequality the wealthy all gonna appetite for all of your programs you have to do more than tax the top 1% how far below. The top 1% are you gonna go ten bodies. It is true that we have to go much for like just indicated you've probably proposals but we have c'mon burning the proposals like we have to provide. Public colleges and universities to wishing for you will be paid. By attacks on Wall Street speculation. Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. A huge need out there creating millions of decent jobs. Will be paid by doing away with a loophole allows corporations let's players than money in the Cayman Islands tax free. We have. Huge amounts of tax loopholes that exist for the wealthy and large corporations we're gonna address that issue. And protect the news has no access excellent top 1% no tax explode the top 1%. I did say that I think if you're looking about guaranteeing. Paid family and medical leave it is with virtually every other major country pats. Solvable in a mom gives birth chills optical back to work in two weeks ago and bill with the family battle among kids play home with the kids. That will require a small increase in the payroll tax. Among blood. Senator Gillibrand legislation and we can accomplish on all birdie wall increase in the payroll without. Bury me your last seven all of us get these Immelman on all he says it's going to be held a lot more in a small stocks. And the payroll tax everybody who works to raise the payroll costs. C'mon birdies they get my friend looking. You know highway. Good start right. I saw little old me. But you. Your mind he is our money. There was paid for U win mean. I want your money and give me your money. Out. So you know in fact you have to raise the payroll pack. Some massively. Even start thinking of paying for these programs so it's not just Donald Trump and his buddies. Everybody's gonna get a hold it under burning. But now listen to this it's all come out so we know all that Bernie Sanders honeymoon in the Soviet cube. We know all that Bernie Sanders. As an adult wrote articles literally. Fantasizing. About rape and women. And going on about how women actually like to get raped and gang raped remember Bernie was big in the free love movement in the sixties. He was Wendy's hippies on the Communist. In the commune. He was also a big supporter of the Marxist sandy needs those in Nicaragua. Who massacred many of their own people and turn Nicaragua and to present state and a police state he hated Ronald Reagan. But mound listen to this. Eight caper is now emerged when Bernie was that when socialists Sanders. Where is the mirror Burlington he was on local public access channel we love that channel. I remember Bernie can I was sixteen years of age might troll and Vermont are very close I remember socialist Sanders that. Frankly I get more hair then but let that go and he was going on in that interview I swear to you. For a raise seemed Fidel Castro. Communist Cuba. And why it is burning love Communist Cuba. Because she says hey wool wool. Castro look what he's done. He's educated to kids in Cuba he's giving kids health care he's quote totally transformed. Society. I love the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. I loved that Castro's in Cuba. I love communism. My only complaint is will it work so well why don't we have it here in America. Roll that Chris. As a socialist socialism is not right in the united probably fair to say that the wrong Goldman's former socialist government. But look you you've learned them well he's that they socialism or anti capitalism. He's much less prevalent. The nationals. Basically what this thing is we've been on the fall of Marines. If you know the reason stole this Mosul that ash heap on the phone W. By the status quo on Claremont Pomona will be on the fumble any America's fungal. He finds his sincerity as soon as leaders I was impressed how these. I will be intact but every editorial writer of the progress was being moved on to. Maybe item. Yes I was impressed by the intelligence and by the sincerity these are not political. Past the stubborn that they don't literate there. He's talking about Daniel Ortega this may ring a bell for many of you if you followed the that Nicaragua the Contras. And Reagan the eighties. The man was a mass murderer. Ortega the man was a mass murderer in the pay of Castro in the Soviet Union. He slaughtered his own people he threw them into concentration camps he loaded up the prisons he created a Marxist police state. And this guy there's Bernie. His guy. I was impressed but I was impressed right in that oil players. I went down on Nicaragua. Boy they kill their Republicans good here we got to put up what I'm here they got elected found their at their own attempt. To rebuild quietly yeah ice. Five. I saw little old me. Golden. But to me. You may go way back in both the 1961 million that you look. And everybody was totally convinced that Castro was the worst guy in the world all the Cuban people that Iraq is open rebellion against the OPEC. They thought that he educated kids gave them health care truly transform society don't about the say that duke it out after a few Rupert they'll certainly not. What just because Ronald Reagan dislikes these people does not mean to say the people in the wrong patients feel the same way. That's what birdies socialist Sanders. After praising Fidel. And 1985. When he was my hair and manner of Burlington. I mean you want to talk about a moon bats more about. So we'll yeah he educated their kids who gave their kids' health care totally transformed society yeah he's also impoverished Cuba. Their biggest export is people. And he's turned it into Reyes Fallon is hell hole but you know besides that Bernie it's been a complete success. This guy this guy. Is one of the top candidates. For the democratic presidential nomination. Need I say more. 61720666868. And by the way. Notice the media never says that the Democrats are too part of the left. It's always the Republicans that are too far right. You don't get more left wing have been burning. You just don't. 6172666868. Hell I think Landon is still the right the burning. Weighing Europe next go ahead Wayne. Let's go argue of course that well wolf from Monday to let that go to voyage shoot the floor is yours my friend actually at work and job I wanna failed to get where I want you to hear this. So when it comes true okay. I I would want to predict a desk. It's going to be truck conference that's going to be the cut mark my words truck up from fox you know. Good yes yes now the country to get content you gonna have a whole country. And I biggest enemy right now out of that Republicans is Hillary cleaning and and we gotta what you said Craig out there that they don't get is stuck together Christian this is where we got a buried Aristide at 51% right now. If we can knock her down to like 30%. As who gonna jump no way. And take electoral votes away. I told you and blue Obama buddy. By the bustle I don't know don't call him. So while Democrats. Don't play in just think that's what we need because right now a public and a fight each other and you'll say what the Democrats say. You know divided incompetent denied that we can't we just got unite in and I try and constant cool. Get the legal one I'm telling it to me trumping captain on the ticket for the Republican bank and and Hulu is going to be able that you shed light by talk you don't know. Secretary of state amateur there was some good position on. But I would tell you gonna be truck. Content that's going to be the ticket and that's gonna take America back to in America the great to get through it all these could you bring and it is still in question hope we would put some critical issue all along because that. Who only take a political wanted to come over me. And if you get them all but I'm even American Jeff and my biggest Americans go out and I'll leave you and I'm mainland. Yeah my friends I know you're a patriot you called a show often. The audience loves you Wayne I have to ask you this what do you think is. Honestly who school here who's crazier. Burn me or Hillary. Our don't know I put tiger that's what I go to to quack that's that I could only look I'm holding a gun to your head right now I have your wife and kids hostage. And I need an answer or they're gonna die when. While I think I I'd say Hillary can see what you go immoral yeah I'm quite a few more evil one more you know. Klein told well we could Gilbert and we could not get off you know I mean I think he can be brought a complete. It can be scroll down a bunt but really he is he is he will and while I mean mean mean we need to put them on American Idol. Yeah yeah I think he's gonna you gonna croak to a lady or old apple would have to worry about and we could get off to a valuable for e-book by Hillary. They keep they would take a brain so important on a computer and Ecolab at all yet. I'm saying Hillary is scary. Can tell you bet that they could go on to have gotten this if we need to look at everybody knows I swing like there was a movie about this shelf. I don't know if you know check you know for me Jim or Jack who played is exactly what happened but it does he. Say it and they're good damn government trying to cover it up. That paid big ought to know they late day in a number Catholic opening we can object to the all but exactly what about the mentality of oh we. And it's really good at the end kinda got caught you know hide in the tape that show that says that terrorists attacked the made that military. The word wasn't Bill Walton was coming out. Yeah exactly what's going on I mean does the same exact thing. The gut feeling how was this war. Always the music was it wasn't as good as this gimme some burning. The December and I asked why couldn't you. It was under my wing come on you tonight to gather my friend all of us are you're not a good country everybody in America are you gonna get your money. Yeah. I. Ice. Yeah. Yeah I saw. This guy this guy bull and leaving a New Hampshire. And I don't want us. God as my witness. Go Hillary.