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Oct 19, 2015|

Sound Off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Once. And this is a show that gives a touching perspectives on news current events and politics. What's the point 5% US population served in the military so home John and I. I hear you gotta give us some some of our view is so full of what we see with. Coleman hadn't it been a marine veteran as well as John and and myself being an army veteran. And Coleman was the former secretary of the Massachusetts department of veterans services. And an and and served in the Persian gulf war and and John was. The former Natick in new and veterans service officer and also The American Legion post 440 commander. And I just I served in Afghanistan myself but I just wanna introduce. For both you gentlemen Coleman and I don't I'm doing fantastic now are you done. Doing well and holier John. Just great fellow a wonderful Warren Columbus that Whitcomb. Good to hear good to hear. So on go right into it kind of throw around it's almost from the current news that that that's going on and you know I dialed in a fellow football. I don't know if you guys saw this but there are there a list just came out of fourteen NFL teams that accepted a taxpayer money to do. The big patriotic openings and halftime shows of games you know you see the American flag and you know a lot of times there's soldiers through what have you been doing so from the find out the NFL on these teams were charging. Departed offense and the Atlanta Falcons world will charge the most and they charged over a million dollars. To have these patriotic. Displays. You know courses is all taxpayer dollars on top of it. So Cuomo on what your reaction to. Our yeah I mean how can you not be. Disappointed in the NFL for accepting this money mean that is absolutely ridiculous. You know and I think it speak it. More than just on the face of a bit about why this is that what it does is it really sends a bad taste in the veteran's community and particularly in that. In the minds of of those young men and women who are serving right now that. You know that you know that that America really doesn't understand them doesn't appreciate them doesn't isn't thinking about you know that the real. In difficulties that they're going through and and and and and and the obstacles that they face as members of the united states military these days particularly as the world's it's a dangerous. And you know you know NFL team to make a buck off their back in this patriotic feel and it's just. You know to me it's you know it's it's pretty low. Deb you know that the the hypocrisy of it is wonderful and you know though luckily the patriots won on this list but I look at the list with the the focus being top. The second team being in the Baltimore Ravens typical way it be 100000 dollars the bills before both took over 600000 dollars. The colts took over 600 and and so did the Minnesota Vikings and you know after hole. Summer of the fleet keep hearing about ethics and and the sanctity of the game this that the other thing. Two of the major teams behind at the colts and ravens were charging the military does have a patriotic who. So but that's my little thing for it for them so lodge on what's what's your reaction to this. I don't know mixed field it's not happy. Got to think about why you you know do do do windows but you know pretty dubious to me to blow or bark when muscle will not support stupid to have put. I wonder if Pat Tillman and FL football player who loved. Gave up millions of blows to become an army ranger rim boom was killing blow deploy it and I think a bold ho Bigelow. When that happened haunted him and everything but what if you feel old books duo. Yeah I think you'd be pretty pretty upset. But you know I'm unfortunately for him on this is guilty of a installed between men every sound don't don't you know buying merchandise. So well a it's an anti in recognizes and realizes joint doctor LA cal but the patriots were now that last for a new so now. Pack kudos to them and I'm sure they could particular charge joy and I I know for a fact that they owner. Usually it's on from the mass National Guard every game and you know I've been a financial. When they have. Aren't the troops so. Let's hope you know they weren't there or not charging unit that Sarah isn't seem like from this most recent report. Next thing I changing gears a little bit. We've talked about it before. We can lagoon. You know and and and some of the things that first responders. All law enforcement fire paramedics over responding to. Her own overdoses and and not go opium epidemic that's a sweeping the nation and so it does have billed the state house. Trying to combat this a little but the states so states trying to take action. Well people don't give a little bit of a veteran view one man known common what are your thoughts. Well you know I mean I think New Hampshire Anke tea from from my services secretary this is. Truly one of the one of the biggest issues that we face is a public health. Public health environments. I'm here in the nation here in the commonwealth in particular. IE. I give both. Governor baker and and past Governor Patrick. A lot of credit for. You know putting this issue on the radar screen in and you know really diving and particularly as we see. Read the recent legislation that. That's come up around around this and and you know I think the speaker of the house is also president and our legislators. Deserve a lot of credit for recognizing. Just how. Pervasive. And out damaging and dangerous. This this epidemic is. You know. We saw so many veterans. In particular. Have issues associated with opiate addictions. And what breaks your heart. Is that these addictions and a lot of these cases started through legal prescriptions given them I DOD VA Merom for. Wounds or injuries that they sustained. In service to our nation. And you know. People need to be very very careful about this with you know and and particularly if you know veterans. And you know people are served in the military and you know that they have prescriptions for for these types of things you know if you just if you see something that isn't right. You got to say something please don't try to let them deal within on their own child I think it's not your business. Mean you know the worth the last thing we wanna do is have these young men and women who serve courageously. Overseas in combat and surviving get back here. Lose their lives and lose their livelihood. That to appeal and a bottle. You know rather than you know when they were able to stand and be strong in the face of you know. I'm Baghdad with a gun. Day on its reporting and I think we see. Veteran wide is that it there's a lot of pride there. You know and and I think a lot of veterans wanna look up for other veterans. So they may have their own issues. You know they think they're fine. You know it does that think they can handle on her own I think it's under control. So I think there's this there's a special group veterans are. Maybe a little bit more prone to it as such as certain issues with self medication to like that. John what are your own thoughts. Well I'm a product of the sixties and so companies and and when I was growing smaller ones. The chart Ingraham schooled them and hard schooling from the blow towards me now call button something we don't put month. North towards. After. Might too much time in the militarily but it became far more familiar with boot would blow to from cut into. Chemicals. Some new rules you know it's true salutes them. That was in the seventies them at that point in time it was moved to cultural change is called dual master until then I'm then have to like high tone to help all that. And but. Back then you know it was a lot of experimenting. Going on and then. The war casualties from people go from we're. Good follow up as a result of it to let's leave it Moulds who people I go moved on from what was oh fairies. Put the world ovals especially. You know from the military who owns them. Donald drugs is a word with students will be in the heart rules the experience student also. What cool when Slaton and think it's important today you vote we find a way to help these slope the trickle group veterans. To deal with the problems that ago from the life out too well with groups who all all sorts of home. And yet John I mean in and the thing about that too is that. In the past us you Alan Anderson where it really so different and the passion and you you might have. People who are turning drugs. Illegal drugs in a way that was you know at that time marijuana and she sure. Cocaine her firm per heroin at some point. You know as you know as a decision they were making our herb you know not always on their own minds and you know more conscious decision about. But you know going to illegal drugs you know experiment to to escape prone to do you know where to fit in her social pressure. Right now the real differences you've got people becoming addicted. To heroin. When they started out taking a pill because their backers are finally you know I mean Dayton these weren't folks that you know were worked Furman went on and they were. They were just following their prescription. And and you know. This is no longer a problem it just affects you know finish a year or affection house you know misguided or you know. You know people on people on the edge of of the social. Of the social contract in their own communities in this is this the problems affecting you know middle age housewives. This is affecting young men and women you know she's military who you know to you know come mountain you know. And shot him rich they're back or hurt the knee. And you know all of a sudden through no fault of their armed you know find themselves addicted to prescription side. When they can't afford anymore and upturn in a more you know. Cheaper and and and more deadlier. Attention on drugs and aren't satisfied and you. We know komen whom one thing I would sort of spectrum of the sixties and so when these penalties for use. The weekly penalties were far harsher bloom is out today. And people still dribbled or wrinkle Wilson's former pro tools what was for the Rome. It's no enjoyment in the control enjoyment. Today I think. We'll look at them close and we'll look at never would probe of federal urge retreated. Viewpoint we would try and help prove round puts reveled in penalize someone for Dornan we're trying to Opel. And I think that's the word go we wanted to open. Yeah and I know all and I nicest parent veteran affairs on health care side that it mattered should future objective to look at pain management practices that that they're going and kind of other screening what they do firm when they do make these prescriptions to veterans. Soil no there there is general consensus and and people trying to fix. The issue on what we shall see. Leo take a quick break. You're not gonna wanna missile we're talking on the other side of this one of the best military based treasures that are in Boston and so don't leave it's going to be good one WRKO am six or eighty or listen to sound off. Welcome back to sound off tomko total. I pulled this. How many and John recovery and we are sound off and I change gears a little bit on one talk about one of the best treasures in Boston my member's child I would go. Whom you know he didn't lose freedom trail you see the USS constitution I know it's been. Something that's been very popular for her own you know children's refer for generations in on Coleman I don't know if someone special on line and I hit it you're gonna introduce. Absolutely thanks Kyle so it is my honor and privilege to introduce you to 74 commanding officer. And the USS constitution he recently joined us here in Massachusetts. It's commander Robert euros up. Commend you welcome aboard thanks for thanks for being with us you to dance samba. Our. Truly appreciate they've the invite and the opportunity to talk about this great ship and and the city of Boston and in I don't know I don't know if you know which today is the main east 240. Birthday. Happy birthday sale. Yeah thank you very much that now that's that's fantastic so certain Tulsa before we get it constitutional little bit committed just a little bit about yourself and know. And you of the 74 commanding officer. Of the ship and years originally born and raised in New Rochelle, New York. And you Ari graduate. Providence College is that correct so you're familiar with the New England area. Very familiar with the New England area. Like you said graduated from college back in 94 so. Spend a lot of my formative years up in this area and it's just a great place to. Be in. Oh and I being in the navy I've had the opportunity be stationed in Rhode Island. A few times so I consider Rhode Island. You know home right now. And it's just. It's just great knowing what has so much to offer ever won it's it's been fun being appear. Well we're we're happy to have the top cops say tell us before we get into the shipping and tell us a little bit about your entry into the navy went what was it that. What was it that called you last serve serve your country and and and especially serving countries' naval officer. You know eight. I've always not that wrestled with the question you know I graduated college in and I respect in near city I was working. Don't stocks and bonds and you know driving an ambulance part time and I'd like both jobs put. There's just something I was missing and I've always been interested in the military actually looked at. Trying to get an appointment to one of the service academies her undergrad and then things happen for a reason and it and I didn't get that. Not that there was upset with Providence College. You know PC was. They were great for years. We don't wanna make us dominicans have sat with you believe me. Ditto definitely. Definitely not actually people last one I actually joined the military and and I thank jokingly tell. In 1991 amid the Dominican and a PC for the first time so. So no I. I was again I was working back in New York can. I felt that I could do more and it's something that always interest may and it looked at. Analyst at what and it listing to be a Mormon because there are striving and villains I had like that part of it. Maybe doesn't have to make stockbrokers. Now we're. Or ambulance drivers and compare that. Now put the corpsman you know Korman and or or a long tradition of the navy and the Marine Corps. So I was gonna do that and I had a family you know friends took an uncle who is. Who's mass chief in the navy and he says listen poppy you have a commission. Have a lock going to Korea. One that you apply for officer candidate school. Now men and there's a whole set of tests and interviews and and I I was fortunate enough to. Be selected to attend officer candidate to go back then it was a Bennett Pensacola Florida. And that says three month training process. And if you if you survive that you get commission has and then ten and I was gonna do it for four years and then there it would. What I wanted to do. Kind of when I grew up and I'm still asking and not almost nineteen years later you know what are my gonna do wanna grow up this this job has. Is this career has been. Fascinating and wild and you know right I always look around what what's coming up next and you know just a lot of options and you know. The people you meet as former military. Guys that you both now you know it's it definitely is a melting pot and every once intentions truly don't I don't care what. Which you dude it's time now there's always some sort whether you go for the money to they get better lot in life. You know there's other jobs out there there's there's always. A sense of pride and stuff patriotism. In everyone decision to join the military. So. Well we're we're we're we're happy you did and you know on and I thank you for that and thank you to. To all the sailors in the offices that are on. There are constitution as well as in the navy with you as well it's we talk a lot about. Less than 1% of our nation is actively serving and protecting the in 99 point 5% of the rest of the nation. And and and its you know we live we live in our country and with the freedom and security that we have today. Because you know man Mike you commander yamana women like your your crew on constitution. Step up and and do the right thing for us thank you. Very much. We do want you you know as as as storied as you're as your career has been and as long as your career has been in the navy. We wanna talk a little bit about. About and other military asset here. That hasn't even longer and storied career and that's the ship that you command right now USS constitution. And I think for many of the people listening. And I had to explain this to a number of people even in the city of Boston. This is not a replica. This is not a I commemorative. Type of asset. This is the oldest commissioned warship it is still an active duty. Naval. Sasha is that correct. This. Correct and it that's not just been in our country but that's. Around the world. You know. The British have the HMS victory. But geez. Not afloat. We we still are we we still are well not that we are afloat right now we will be back in the order in about a year. But yes we're we're man can strictly by. Navy personnel I have my crew comes right out of boot camp also about 50%. And the rest come. Our our fleet returnees which means they've already been out in the fleet. They've done pours in aviation squadrons or submarines that are. We're surface ships and then then they have the opportunity to apply to come up here. Our Mike Sellers are earth. Have to go through rigorous screening process so you you just talked about the 1%. Of them in the country. That's even eligible for service and then there's. Even a small percentage that are eligible to come up to the constitution to be be par for cruel. While that that's incredible and so what what year was constitution for us commission desire. The fewest so if you were originally. Bill she's her you was laid down in November of 1794. But it took a couple years. You know back then. And there are some fighting about that we really need to navy and you know. How much was the costs overrunning. But it took about three years to build. She was actually launch point 1 October 1797. To in in about a week and a half for this deal breaker 200. And 38 per day. So while. And and and just to be clear she's undergone some repairs and some renovations of the years. But there is a portion of that the vessel that is actually original from from from her out when she was first out commission correct. That it correct so. You know if if you look at any ship even any modern day ship you know we don't drink that's periods. Constitution's been in 33 battles over over her. Her career as they ship of the line she's taken some damage. She's given a lot more damage out there and she'd taken some damage and we've had to do some work honor. But about ten to 15% ownership distill original what's fascinating is. That are keel. Her the backbone of a constitution is the original keel. Laid down 1 November of 1794. And you know they've done. The historians have done tests on the keel and they estimate that when it was cut down. They keel the log itself was over 200 years old well compact in the 17100 so you're looking at the keel she's over 400 years old now. You know which it which is amazing and she's been in the water almost all of her entire time. It NM thirty in an over thirty battles now and I just saw some things. So the constitution is the only active duty ship that's sunk an enemy ship is that correct manner. It's that's correct. The last Fergie just. Was. Retired. And worship at two weeks ago. The last frigate that. That had a Killen battle. That's that's unbelievable what what are some of the battles fetched that she was on. In the constitution correctly. They're hurt her big her big claim she she served during the Barbary wars. Back in the late seventeen hundreds early eighteen hundreds but her her biggest claim to fame was during the war of 1812 against. United Kingdom. She's fought against HMS sick Gary air the job. Bill on. Associate that the carriers are I think what. Projected constitution and the same. Outgunned. Alone the British were afraid of the American frigate to the British had orders to go one on one kind not to go one on one with. Bishop but ships of the the American lines so. Vietnam. Network Xia during the battle with the carrier she she earned her name old ironsides. Where. It was a fierce battle. Cannons blazing on both ships. And won the US sailors looked down and looked up to the captain has to cannon balls were putter is bouncing off her sides and looked up to the captain's. Or sides are made of iron and my captain. Reported back. Ironsides. And and thus the well began. That is unbelievable. I mean. To have such treasure here in the city of Boston and and especially. Especially one that has and original keel over 400 years old. Commander my my hot water heater has a ten year warranty on it and and ten years and one day. That thing guns. I guess we we don't build them like we used to anymore of that that certainly goes for a guy inside that's sure. Yeah it's. You know edit as we're doing so we are in a restoration period we wanted to try doctor. Back in May. And so. You know being an awards she's the last time constitution was in this state of her repairs it was about twenty years ago. And really what we're doing right now is we're we're. And so. Besides being nicknamed old ironsides. She really has no wire and onboard. All itself total would what is now would it halt. Put the outer hall from the water line down his his. Covered in copper copper sheets. Approximately 3400 cheats to be exact. So that every twenty years we take copper off we inspect the whole. And the boards the planks. We replace what's necessary and then we. We put you copper Ron and then we put her back in the water for another hopefully 20/20 five years. So yes. That they don't make them like they used to put you know we've deftly takes a little bit of maintenance to make sure she last for another 238. Years. So fantastic sent and that's a great point we wanna national. Commander of BM. The fact that you know people drive by and that they used to seeing that iconic site. Coming over the bridge or are looking over Charlestown and you see all that I'll be out the mass sop in the rigging and and and constitution and traditional birth. And now people are driving in this scene Erin dry dock in the master kind of down. Some people might be confused about whether or not she's open for business opened for tours. Can you tell us. A little bit about you know the experience right now is she opened camp people go visit. Is there is its own ability to interact with the crew into the ship. Oh yes we we are totally open and then we're open for business. So right now we're up been. Through the rest of October we we're open Tuesdays through Sundays and then every holidays Monday week. We have some cruised up that we need to do so we'd limit people on board on Mondays but tee seep through Tuesdays through Sundays. We're open. From about 14102. O'clock in the afternoon. 5 o'clock at night. People can come down take tours. My agent my ciller's the active duty sailors. Are the ones to take the people on board. You can get a different view of the ship. In dry docked they you don't really get. While she's in the water it it's it it's definitely need experience. Get just a quick story actually oh on Sunday we had a gentleman. Come on board effort toward that last time is on board was in 1933 when. When the ship was doing her three coast tour and he was able to go on board. In San Francisco or San Diego. Which it which is need it and if you look at a web simply we have a couple pictures of him bump below decks. It just fastening so we are open. In the winner. In November will will go down to kind of winner hours just because of once sunset is so war. We're gonna be open Thursdays through through Sundays and then on on any holiday will be open. And then. On weekends we're open from 10 AM. To 17100. That's great that that would be 5 o'clock. I know I know I slip into it all the time believe me. So that you Kurt bring up a great point commander to about the fact that you know if you have seen if you've been constitution and and a lot of people in this area. We'll say oh yeah was unconstitutional and I was in second and third or fourth grade. One it is it is a very unique experience in and there's a lot more you can take out of that not just for young children but as an adult as well. And secondly if you you've visited it while in the water. It is unique experience you get down there and CNN dried got to be able to see you know parts of the ship that you usually would be submerged. And and I would really recommend that if you if you've seen it before they announced it again particularly in its current state could you get a really good sense on now on months. On what makes you tick how she's built. And and just really what makes this unique I unique. Treasure and and you know from Boston and for the nation as well. Today it it's truly fascinating I can remember my first time by it was a Columbus Day weekend in in 1980 that the parents. Took us up to Boston you know being New Yorkers. But my parents actually bad while they were in college. And appear in Boston. They they always look her a chance to get away and I want my earliest memories of a family trip was. Was up here in I have a picture of my dad my brother and I standing on the deck in 1980 so. You know coming back to look at it and in just being a part of it I had never would've thought so what. I tell everyone come down take take a peek at and they come back and mean in seventeen what were back in the water fully raked in in sailing again. Oscar yeah that is home. How how many tourists. Does the constitution typically get on visiting or visiting Boston learn more about it. It's it's truly depends upon. The days a year. Them just what otherwise less if you were with this don't know we can have as many as we'd like put. Right now even in dry dock we're averaging about 2500. Visitors. A day in in the limited capacity. On the average here we can get over half over half a million people. A port just dug visiting constitution so. It definitely is a the cornerstone. Of Boston in the Freedom Trail and the navy for that matter. You don't want wanting to commando wanna point out is it's not just the ship but you also have a fantastic museum. Which is run by a nonprofit organization right right next to constitution. The USS constitution museum which I know you work with very closely and it they have some fantastic exhibits in there about the history of the ship. Did they do. And actually. The museum actually we've given them some copper so if you want if you come down to museum mutants. Sign sheets of the new copper and in your name will be part of constitution for. For the next twenty years until the next restoration. But the median. The museum in and in this effort just phenomenal they they help interpret the constitution. Through you know we we talk about the constitution. In the war of 1812 which you know we look at constitution. From its inception all the way up to its did today. In the museum does a great job giving the full perspective of constitution. And I have sellers and interact with the constitution museum that are over there. Talking to the visitors there. It's it's just a great great opportunity. And that in the National Park Service who you know the National Park Service actually is is the owner of the Charles town Napier about the need me anymore. That happened back in in the late seventies but the park service also has its a great visitors center that gives you the history. The military constitution. And the need me in Boston. From the 17100 all the way up to the 1970s. That's great we got to take a quick break all but on the other some wanna talk a little bit more about the constitution with a commander Robert your Osama. And you are listening to sound off on WR Cano and 680 don't touch that dial. Welcome but I took her word according to John we're. This every week we discuss those benefit services for veterans some freedoms. This week's benefits since the all white stuff all light off all one dude Kim management. Each viewing medical for also would be you know so operation enduring freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom or operation new dawn. Kim management team employees to coordinate patient zero activities. And ensure that service mumbled some veterans are receiving. Patients slanted integrated cheer and benefits. All all we go forward off all one dude erode veterans will scream for the need for case management services toy demo five veterans who may be your risk. So the viewer Kim in the field early and provide assistance. More information for connecting with always always go full light of all when do care management teams can be found. At www. All you elf whole side of dog February dot gov. That's the bottom of food for the week thanks for whistling see you next week. Welcome back to sound off on how total cycle host Coleman knee and John Minko very normal line we have commander Robert troops affirmed eight. USS constitution and giving us a little bit of information boat about the constitution and summoned from the history about it. So so welcome back commander. Thank you very much. Thank you for being on the show and which is have a couple questions left what thing. You know what kind of curious fair for the listeners as. You know what it would all the little things are going on with the navy you what what are we keep the ship commissioned on the north not in normal from the army so I don't think we have. Tanks that we're still using and you know and I know we're not putting patriot missiles on the constitution and launch from the Middle East but. Q tell us a little bit although you know what why we have it. Yes oh without a doubt com. You know our mission is to promote the under you're bigger and this is right out of break from. Big name is to promote the understanding. But the navy's role in in not only war but it peace. And that participate in public event as. You know we are. The bridge is one of the bridges there there are many community outreach programs that the navy has. The blue angels. That it. Navy LeapFrog. Just like the army and Marine Corps in the air force have constitution it is Warner lose. And he said. That promote the understanding of the navy in not only is it. And yesterday. But in today's. Today's world you know why do what is the country still need a navy and a military. So. We help promote the understanding of the navy's role. Erratic history and America. And script so. And keeping with that theme commando. He's just taken over I know. For. Captain John currents now who's. Is that gone up to I've gone up to a Northern Command up in Maine there. But I know you've you've had a chance to meet with the crew even chance to meet where you're you're you're chiefs and and your officers as well. Did you sense. Time for these young men and women now that you have under your command. And and what drives them what went. What impresses you about them that the ordinary the general public might not known necessarily automatically assume now. What is there's a lot of things that impressed me. And you know you just imagine you mentioned captain Kearns before whit what. Is amazing is. As he gets he transferred from the oldest commissioned warship afloat and the world he's he's opted bath Maine has the prepared to take care. Take code. Take over. The newest modern day the story that the navy is building as to whom all class is going up the US response torso. You know off or spread between. Yeah. This seventy. Forget built in the seventeen hundreds to destroy herb Tilton in. In a 2000 so. It it's just amazing book. What impresses me about this crew and it has say look at. I was having this conversation with Miami executive officer my tops off this morning. We're looking at date and we're getting great dislike some new sailors. You know when I joined back and in the mid ninety's. We really were you know we're post gulf war one we were. He hadn't even hit. You know. Everything else that's been going on in the world but we work do we were. Drawing down we were returning into the eighth peacetime military. As we always prepared to do. You know our nation's work. But distillers. That are are joining today they know. That. We've we are not peacetime military anymore and we and there are still. Joining. So that the sense of pride and patriotism. Within the nation. I mentioned that earlier it. It's it's astounding you know it's a tough choice to join the military today. You know that the chances of you being deployed somewhere or is this pretty great compared to when I came. So it's it's truly humbling to see. You know I have sailors from. All over the country. Some in the middle of middle of the country which never seen the ocean before. The majority in the navy. A couple. Sellers or were born. You know overseas. That have come to the of come to the United States. And wanted to give back for their new country. It so. Stepping up and in the ball great generate and to volunteer and serve in today's navy is this still truly won the most impressive things I've I've seen. And still see today. Dish it's it's it's humbling to be a part of. Bob that's that's fantastic. You know commander I know you've got a lot on your plate. We we really wish you the best in your I knew command. Really want to please pass on on behalf of all of us and thanks to. Your staff as well as your as your crew. They are incredible represented is not just in the navy but did you Boston proud and in their huge asset for us and we. We are very very appreciative and and wanna continue to show our appreciation to the offices in the current constitution which is such a national treasure. And it's been an honor and a privilege to speak to you today and and don't be strange if there's anything going on a constitution you wanna get the word out. Please give us call here. I I'd definitely look thank you for having me on in again please. Is if you're listening we we are open for for business and come down and visit the constitution in it and talked to sellers directly. Thank you for having me on and I look forward to working with you or over the next couple years is as say. In the seat of CEO and here. That great things thanks a lot and all as their website or anything that it people could. Take a look at. Yes so all I should've had that up or earlier but. We are on FaceBook you know somebody you know not that I've computers on board the actual ship put we do have a FaceBook account. And then we also have or or web book. A regular email address. There. It is WW dot navy now. Slash local slash constitution. But if you Google constitution and in any of the web browsers you'll find this pretty directly. Right great thanks a lot of commander Robert Rosa from the USS constitution thank you so much for your time. Well they had some good information of the USS constitution and tell what was that like one another first wants the constitution. Good question and RR with side and you know to come Teva and active missile. There are words over the union are so. Well. I'll tell you. Constitution. Whose you guys from the command appointed a great queried. Troy issue. Model with publicity you blossom before the country and when I was into it. Cuomo was commissioned. I got to go unmet several times and as I grew toward adulthood they're always. Amazement. Ovals guys could function walled excellent panel and to renew what to put fans the way it is sub happened. How you left the function like that in them sweeping quantum some you know book. Missile all the please would you might consider remote stalled and then it then it's unbelievable what they went through. Davis you know John it's funny you know we've we or Kenya about constitution but as someone who brings a perspective Vietnam era vets do. To this to Michelle. You know constitution. Very few people realize this actually was in Vietnam. In. In the 18100. And who got into a fight went. Local ministry and government and actually shelled. A little bit the non. And so I and is a sailor who I passed away on constitution from consumption steaming crock. Who actually is still buried in Vietnam so I'm on him for a structural is you know I'll tell you it's it is an amazing asset to have here and and you know when you think about the fact you know and and and my kids don't get this I think and I mean that my wife gets his but I think a lot of people who listen Michelle. Have an appreciation or released get fascinated by things like this you're looking at you're looking at a keel right now he's your receipt in dried out. I mean John Adams wrote you know commission that that ships get built and and president Madison actually. Sorry commissioned. I mean you know that's pretty amazing when you consider that direct relation history and just how. You know how lot impressive it is to have something might that he embassy and and something that we can take advantage of them and study and you know pass on our kids so Coleman Newfoundland and Truman and over and I have since I was little like. I did on several turnarounds which I've been you know a fortune not to be a one. But I was on one launcher and actually put sales. That was under. That was under. You know not not that cap to bonds but. Captain on or before him. And that was really amazing. You know it's it's. I don't know I am history geeks so maybe I am I get more jazzed about this a lot of other people might. You know the idea that you're your on you know on a ship and harbor with its sales up and you know you just thinking about a guy would have. Where if this was beckoning you into the war of 1812 you know a lot of these you know these young men and women on this young man actually at that point feel. You know going out Schilling out of Boston Harbor. Headed out into you know into harm's way. You know doing Canon drills. Mean you know you did you know you can be taken I mean you know to. Yet to get to deepen their history year but you know the brits if they if they captured constitution. You know I was surprised they could have taken there you know snowing there you know people to say I was sort of been you know conscripted into the British navy. You know all of the ship itself would have been you know commission of the British navy everyone in my I'm on each image scarier watershed in the prize. Mean there's. Yeah there's there's there's there was quite a bit in danger associated with. With you know fledgling American navy going up against the world's greatest navy. Probably the greatest meeting of the world never seen up until that point. I know it was only a couple years old film to see him speak about the British maybe. Denial while alone because he would call required. Alcohol would go beverages food guru the most of personal. They still you know you can't yes and keep. Consume alcohol and in US naval ship right now. You know but but the brits still have a tradition of I guess you know and civilians because of the almost like happy hour I was just sit there are different apple different definition of being schools tell you know it's funny Chilean desert storm you know we've we've talked to the French soldiers. You know people from. Yeah from foreign regional whatever in their memories they had wine. You know hunt this and I kinda like that tiller and which we've done a great depth. Now well on you know fortunately there on time for today a book really wanna think a commander of overture as a from the USS constitution. And of course on the co host Coleman and John jewelry. And as always all of us here on W a scale and succeed you like to say. To those if you were listening that are veterans and family members and for a great service to our country. I'm Kelso you promotion sound off. And Bjork I am succeed.