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Scot Lehigh of the Boston Globe on charter schools (10-8-15)

Oct 8, 2015|

Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh discusses his article on the Mass Teachers Association pulling out all the stops to discredit state public charter schools

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Live from the boston.com. Newsroom. It's the boston.com. Morning shelves this morning from the Oval Office President Obama spoke by telephone. With Doctors Without Borders international president doctor JoAnne Lou. To apologize and expressed his condolences for the MS that staff and patients. Who were killed and injured. When a US military airstrike mistakenly struck. And in this at a field hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan. With Kim Kerrigan and John meter for Ralph. I've not gone anyway you better believe he does he does stuff you know. The same mentality right we're not going anywhere. Bundled voice of Boston. WRK. He's confident there's no we very definitely a. Everybody's. You know and I know. A that. They don't forger the WRKO boston.com morning show however the couple of these tax that we've received about Hillary Clinton. 781 says Kim with all due respect. Hillary Clinton would run over her grandmother if she got that she thought that it would get her votes controls but now there. And on the scene here. She's been reduced to this says 978. He is pandering. And it looks like it's desperation. And 71 says we've seen true colors here unfortunately this ease desperate. Face these actually sound like these words Hillary Clinton supporters who are seen you know there are seeing something they don't like. And I I think a lot of people. Feel that exact same way that anyone says yeah the problem is Joseph Biden is a dope. So I'd rather take Hillary Clinton and her worst nightmares than to have Joseph Biden. Costly however Joseph Biden is Hillary's worst nightmare which is true that is true because. To Biden seems to be the one who. Is taking some of Hillary Clinton's support if he doesn't get into the race. Polls show that Hillary Clinton's support would increase at this point those who use either supporting him even though he's not in. We go to Hillary Clinton. It don't buy your WRKO boston.com morning shall I think it's alleged this earlier this. In the broadcast but this is anti charter school week at the Massachusetts teacher says that's according to our next guest Scott Lehigh from the Boston Globe joining us this morning. Scott thank you for being part of the show. It Scott as a separate from anti charter school year round engagement on this. Joseph Resnick with all the means yet this is sort of connection weak and charters where they're trying to. They've developed talking point for their members and graphs and charts were similar little map and and messages that they incentive papers and legislators and they're making it big push because this is an issue with state house. Under consideration most of the sentence in particular are starting to look at its members about whether we should lift the charter cap and I think that that. Governor of Baker's goes into but it being announced today or tomorrow so they're making it. They get a big question to me a little foolish so obviously immunity if there's State's large institutions to develop a sample letters which members to write and a lot of what they have to say about charters frankly. Not very well considered it it's. Most of the takes some some liberties with the truth of those situations so I wanted to write that poem just. Just appoint some I'm I'm. I think charters in general not all of them not everywhere but I think in generally do a pretty good job particularly where. Forking in description urban district where we're kids. Part no oxygen doing that well and the in the district schools what we should have more work as an option but of course is that these insurgents have against. Absolutely well there's a proposal on the table misses what. We're talking about about lifting the caps that they could possibly be more let's walk through some of the things that the union so vehemently against what what do they say is bad about charter schools. Well I think pummel what they have received is of course traders aren't. Automatically. In schools the district starts and school opens in school it's automatically. Has been bound by the but he. Union contract charters can be in as a particular interest that. But so far they haven't been really in. I was think that is the big thing at this drives that they want in the basic decision. This column nonunion competition and trucks will serve. Well by and large beer they're teachers and faculty are working. Longer hours for the same no longer here for the same per pupil callers. That or leakage would shorter year and a shorter today. In the commercials also its its competition that is and working harder added in delivering. Better results if you look at these the go supplant being cast as scores. And so I think it shows a little bit of a battle played in and there are resistant to that they would use their political power. To limit that competition's so. They're saying there were other constant looms as say that they're calling this if there seems that members repeat. If one of Obama's visit charters unfairly the charter sort of forced out underperforming its and they episode there's you'd hear a lot of anecdotal charges of that but. There really is no problem by the teacher Jeanne good there's no. There is no it evidence of that you know the department of elementary secondary education look at it several times. They don't see it that would charters reducing it to his knees keep. Keep kids back or they're so they've they have a quick ones but it is what it is they have eight. Lower for your graduation rate and it just look at that facility are pushing people up. But they have a higher secure graduation rate over five and six years so that suggests that they aren't pushing itself what they're doing is. Keeping them back for a year sometimes two years so this kids are ready and in the standard that you can say objective that I schools should be for years and kids could be. If you can't do what about doing and you're not doing the job as a as a school or you can say we're right which I say. Looking for it isn't ready. In four years in reading hit me I school's finished he should stay for five years or even six years and it takes because it's it's it's essentially do. Get their student now within with the skills little disrupting the work force but so they they leave at bay express an awful lot of bad stuff well. An awful lot of talk about how how charters cherry pick their members which frankly it was possible someone in the blind lottery through. You hear a lot of that in the so a lot of a lot of what I what I consider Fargo home. Well you. It's got to address the issue of the funding because I know that's something that they. You know I've actually had president of teachers union on in and talked about the funding of each one of these students and how they think that's. That's incorrect and that that's when they're big selling points against charters. Well what happens with the funding it essentially is that the fund falls students so. If you are a student anger in the traditional and a district school. And you decide to leave the district school and go to a charter. In the first year after your goal and these charter school or visit district schools it still gets 100%. Of the funding for the cost of your education according to what it. Where what was what was spent the previous sheer essentially so your ball already left. And the school in year one after departure could 200% of the funding. And then for the next five years against 25%. Of the funding for the that the cost of education so. It's quite a whipped out period now it is true it is true. Bed and kids migrate from district schools to charters schools. After oil that's funding disappears. But the contrary proposition would be. That we're going to continue. To pay the district schools in perpetuity. For kids that they no longer educate that's untenable proposition if if you lose in the bunch kitchen. Little ramp down and adjust of course the idea is that. As this as this happens. The district school will change what they're doing well and make them so compete and make themselves. More and more attractive to parents and students city board of the things they want as a longer day. Maybe they'll offer that and really truly happened that much but. That's the theory anyway that they don't check that this funding migrates but. If you're not educating actually the other again different way you could say. Well we're looking at school with a hundred kids they all laughed all the Lauren left it went to a charter. Are you better maintain in perpetuity a school to pretend that has a hundred kids when actually it's important to get through that. Now absolutely. Yeah I visited the union. Represented that was chatting with us was arguing that it is it's still costs in the same amount of money to run the school league it's child's not there. But I I understand what you're saying you know through the child's not there because it it was a lesser education so let's fix that so it doesn't happen. Yeah it does and it doesn't cross similarly when it someway. Kosovo morning I guess it's easy this whole group like you probably can close question of the you can consolidated in terms of in terms of teachers if you're losing if you lose and students. After awhile you can you don't mean uses this thing teaching or you can change the way you view about future resource so. I it was there's something to that argument but. I don't think it's I don't totally behind me there are always is sitting what was working there is quite evident. It hope believe it you know also under financial pressure there obviously at ways to change which you they don't want to change what they do they don't want adjusted to according revenues. But way not to do that. Is to make a product better start to try to. Stop your competition and we it would it would have. Where our strategy of the globe to compete was to stay OK they're campaigning or newspapers. It me or anywhere sources of information. It can't do that as an Indy yet they're trying to use their political power here they are politically powerful union. Tool to block any new charters well by flexing their muscles stay there. The problem for them as. That is ballot question coming up next year that would lift the cap if if the legislature doesn't do it. And I think about you never know it seems so people vote against it but if they're not willing to see it legislative. Here we have. Then they face a very real prospect for new voters will look assistance hey charters do pretty well here we want them as an option for its in this city. And lift themselves of the ballots about that that's the dilemma that is. Sure let me ask you one final question here's gotten that's related to special needs students. Others that they there's you know that the union. Holds that against charter schools as well saying that they don't educate special needs students ready to where do you see charter schools when it comes to this past. Well there's there're there are different number different levels of of those special needs kids. Is the lead the highest tickets for the highest needs are. It is very very good stroke it was termed called out of classroom place but I think with a big they have special programs for. Eight a group of kids. Who just are there any age is so great debate. They do not to wilt in a classroom where we're with a kitchen they need to sort of a special program for them. Bomb they're Minnesota not unit they're really good in the classroom in in the public schools or at least not for. Much of the day either in the it is true that chartered by by law don't have to do that. Most severely beaten PD group of kids say they do not have to do. Which is quick inspection. But the other categories they they do all the you know that's a question that you you can is that that's sort of way there's there's set up legally because they don't really have the this solution capabilities to to deal with any of these the other question is. You know the classroom public schools they have they have different remote part. Of them so you know if I guess but I. That is that is so legitimate so what would you live right I guess. I'm concerned but. The question then becomes is that the schools are doing well model and a bunch of other metrics do use today. Because legally visit with the legislation was setup is that they don't urged it'll all. Special education kids that you should close and that to me that this makes sense and they had. Enough value. What a bit of a lot of a lot of other a lot of other fronts. Bet com you use it looked at not every school cause everything these schools are. Are doing quite well though it's also true they don't have it as many would call English language learners at limited English proficient it's. Arm but there working on that in their ways the last church camp flip. Specifically targeted visit them or. Push them to targeted that wrong or those kids so. There are ways to address this if you really legitimately saying hey let's try to make charters better their wish to do that. So objections saying what percentage it's just keep them from being any war we would order a petition. You that Scott Lehigh Boston Globe thanks so much. You back 816 leader of the WRKO boston.com morning showed his support charter schools and do you wanna see that cap lifted. I do I support him I think it's terrific I am was not a 100% in that. You know what if you hit. If you're having trouble with your product meet your product better. Mean we get back to that matters charter schools are just that are and we tell we talked about this week a mother calling who is borderline emotional at the difference between us that charter school impact on her child in the public school impact and her child so. It well and you were if you remember that story she was forced to have to put her child back in public schools because there was a troubling issue current and she was heartbroken. And she said that the difference in her child and child's education was dramatic when she was forced to go back to the public school system. Six or 72666868. Is our number charter schools do you wanna see the cap lifted do you support charter schools if you don't call me tell me why you don't. You may be your member of the teacher's union and you don't support them I'd like to hear your legitimate reason why you believe the charter schools are not benefiting our kids.