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Scott Goldberg of ABC News on DWB bombing apology (10-8-15)

Oct 8, 2015|

ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg discusses President Obama's apology over the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan

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What they do you know slalom portion of the postal ticketed checks though that's not sure. 636 here on the W marking a boston.com morning show yesterday President Obama. Making a personal apology. To the head of Doctors Without Borders after what was not horrible mistake according to. The president when their field hospital was bombed in Afghanistan many lives lost let's talk was Scott Goldberg from ABC news about yesterday. This is of what some would say a rare occasion when the president. It extends a personal apology. A few others would argue that he apologized to frequently sky. Well yes certainly Mitt Romney made that case in the last presidential campaign. Voters that he did it by it but it's been a distinct criticism. President Obama by his opponents. I don't know that it would be as fair one necessarily in 2004 George W. Bush also apologized for the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib military prison if you remember that. The time to time this sort of thing does happen. And in this case you know the US. Led an airstrike took responsibility for an airstrike that hit the Doctors Without Borders. Hospital. You know the initial reports said that the Afghans we let it help from the US and and there was this suggestion. That Taliban militants might have been firing from inside that hospital but you know that. That remain. Uncertain at this point at any rate bombing hospital and feeling well members of the Doctors Without Borders medical staff and and hate and you could argue that is the type of thing where an apology I know there. Well the head of Doctors Without Borders immediately came out and said that. They wanted this investigated as a war crime is anyone talking about that at this point still no they want it further investigation but the term war crime. East is pretty pretty stark. Yet it is well wolf there there obviously and justifiably. That about this but Doctors Without Borders. Want an independent investigation led by this. International humanitarian fact finding mission. It was created in 1991 it's based in Geneva. It's never been used before the US is investigating this. Through NATO and a joint US Afghan group is looking at it and the Defense Department they're re investigation going on all ready. But they concerned Doctors Without Borders is that. Those investigate it. Aren't going to be in and we it one other group will look at what is well it is not likely to US and Afghanistan would read that something. You for that international fact finding commission to begin its work but that remain demand Doctors Without Borders. Could argue that this was the fog of war. Well certainly but he would Doctors Without Borders also says that it gave the US military ordinance for that. Possible initiative known the hospital was there though and after the bombing started they they've they've they inform the military hospital. But getting bombed in the bombing continues. It. These to the fact. Or the C they claim that need to be investigated and and also. That question of whether there was reason to believe that Alabama had been operating around. Or near the hospital. It is it is right to the level war crimes that would suggest the US to deliberately bombed a hospital. Which which means is used to be unlikely. But you know I guess there's the possibility of a rogue pilot there's something that that's why investigation. Would happen if it does. A horrible mistake at this point but on one level or another it's going to be invested. At this hospital sits in the center of Kunduz in Afghanistan and of course the reason we were bombing there was because. A the Taliban come in and taken over that city where does that whole situation stand this morning. You know it is in law there is there have been claims that the Afghan. Government took back control of Kunduz after the Taliban took it over but the but the fighting certainly intensified. Or the end of last week and and over the weekend it is. I guess we describe this slippery at that is that fighting goes on. Scott Goldberg we thank you for the update. 641 here on the WRKO boston.com morning show this is an interesting story and it I'm gonna be very. I don't know if we'll ever know the full story it could be very interested to watch this as this unfolds over the will ever know the full story. But. You know that it's changed over the last week first it was that did you know this was a mistake that they are bombing at the locations in that it was that the Afghans actually. Contacted the American said that they needed this kind of need. They've they've said at the Pentagon has said that it never where they actually targeting that hospital but. You know they were targeting sites around it it's just all very you know is at the fog of war or work at. Was it was their mistake or was there something intentional here did we actually believe. That you know there was Taliban shooting from the hospital I don't know if we'll ever really know the answer. Any of this and I guess under any circumstances one can argue that. It's it is the fog of war no matter what because you know we we don't ever really know and it is always sort of murky. When it comes to these kinds of bombings but it is certainly disturbing. It's the only hospital that existed there in Kunduz so a lot of people as a result. Have been fleeing that area. Which is scary because that would in his we heard tackle berg says it's a slippery slope there and we. It's going back and forth back and forth and if people leave that's gonna ultimately means that the Taliban can have a better opportunity. To continue their stronghold there are so. That's a story of course we will keep in mind but again the president calling in personally apologizing to the head. Of Doctors Without Borders. It's exported during the W like Leo boston.com morning show we previewed this at the top of the hour when we come back full details. On what appears to be. Are raised in the Mickey when it comes to the Boston City Council.