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The latest on the Oregon school shooting. 10/2/15

Oct 2, 2015|

What do you think of the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College yesterday?

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Yeah I'm accolades that. I haven't you heard I don't think decent eleven how many are luckily we have our car to run a perfect opportunity maybe another party called iPad yeah. Yeah. And that is solid and I wanted to ignore it do you think your Detroit that's you know I think it happens. We do I'll let you know that in any kind of a delicate thing to get better. It's. The pinnacle I'm a little. I believe. Get everything out beautiful I didn't have all the I think that edit anything yeah Ellen and Kelly yeah you're on its. Arizona and it's still a very chaotic and active scene in the fact that they are still. Checking mobile building drop to give this to make sure that there weren't any other sort of device this. Or anything like yeah Oklahoma or anything like that they have not dead they're pretty bad that they're making sure that there are not any other security concerns here aren't. Focus your attention. On the victims and the families. And helping them get. Somebody somewhere. Obama politicize this issue. Well it's something we shouldn't politicize. It is relevant toolbar. My wife together to the. In southern Oregon in the count of Rosenberg. It's a very small town 22000 people. They black men aged 26. By the name of Chris harper Mercer. When Intel's own core community college. And according to multiple witnesses. Walked in to a classroom. Fired a shot through the window. The professor went down. He then walked up to one. Shot him dead. According. To own multiple witnesses including a guard young woman and it's Asia Borland. It was her fourth day at the college. She said the gunmen entered her class. After he shot the professor. He then pointed the gun not the other students. Told them to go down on the floor. He then told them to stand up. As they stood up. He asked them quote. Are you Christian. Those that answered yes. He told stand up over here. And one by one. He began to execute them. In fact according to amnesty Asia. She was shocked. The only way she survived where she played dead on the ground. A bullet is lodged in her spine. She was rushed to the hospital. Before she went into the operating room her father and her mother got the chance to speak to work according to her father. What she said was. Every one that answered their Christian. There shooter that killer or murderer. The animal. Said good. Because you're Christian. You're going to see god in just about 12. I'm staring at a picture of anesthesia. Boylan. Attractive young girl. Innocent young girl. She's got a beautiful. Crucifix. That cross around her neck. She's obviously a devout Christian. This was a rural community. In many ways a conservative community. They Christian community. The numbers have fluctuated they said fifteen dead yesterday than they said thirteen dead and they said I'm dead. Now they're saying nine dead I'm hearing nine dead or maybe ten dead. I'd amend a mom and are dead at least another seven to eight are severely injured and wounded. And what we saw yesterday. As the gunman stood there. Deliberately. Singling out the Christians. Asking them what their religion was. If they had insert Christian. Boone. They were either shot in the head. Or they were shot in the chest. To others who did not answer Christian. They were either not shot or they were shot in the leg. Let's be crystal clear my friends. If nobody else in the media has the guts to say. I will. This. Was an anti Christian hate crime. Yesterday. Had nothing to do with gun control. How does nothing to do with mental illness although he may be. Let's put it this way a few cards short of a fullback. He may be quite severely mentally deranged. But this has nothing to do with gun control. This has nothing to do with guns this has nothing to do with gun safety this has nothing to do with mental illness. My friends what we saw yesterday. In Rosenberg Oregon. I've owned caulk community college. Was the anti Christian bigotry. The anti Christian hatred. Very crystal phobia. Debt we are witnessing. All over the world. As I speak to you now. Christians are being exterminated. Across the Middle East. They are being crucified. They are being written literally crucified like Christ young children. As young as 456. Years of age. Are being crucified. Young girls sold into slavery by radical islamists. Here in America. The Catholic Church is under assault. Christianity. Is under assault. This radical anti Christian secular regime in Washington. Has declared war upon Christians. Whether they be Baker's whether they be photographers. Whether they be pastors whether they be Catholic Charities are squalls. Our fate is being systematically. Assaulted there is a war on christianity. And yesterday. Was the culmination of that war. It's now gone from ideological. Political. Cultural. They're physical. To murder. To killing. That's what we saw yesterday. The police are still searching for motives. But was this any way connected to a Muslim terrorism. They're looking into how many frenzy out apparently many of his friends. Were Muslim. Apparently one of the three. American heroes who stopped a terrorist attack in France if you remember one of those three actually attended that community college. Coincidence. Maybe. I don't think so. But what we do and all for definitive certainty. Is that he singled out Christians. Because of their faith. And he shot them. And many of them he killed them he murdered them. Because of their faith. And according to anesthesia. And according to other witnesses. Many of those that were lined up for next secure should. Quickly realized after the first two or three were shot in the head. That if they simply deny Christ. If they simply denied their faith. If they simply denied there. Fundamental belief in christianity. They could've said Jewish. They could've said atheist. They could've said Muslim they could've said Buddhist they could have said handle they could've set agnostic. They may have lived. There's an old saying. And this is something that I believe in very deeply. My wife trust me this morning how come so many of those kids and I say it is very affectionately because in many ways they were kids. Anesthesia was barely eighteen. It was your fourth day fourth day in college for today. Why didn't they just lie about their religion. Knowing it was gonna get them murdered why not just slide. And I said to her. Because for many Christians. They would rather. Die on their feet. Then live on their knees. They're martyrs. Just like the Coptic Christians in Egypt and Libya. Just like the Assyrian Christians in Syria and any rock. Just like all of these pork Arab Christians that are being slaughtered right in front of our eyes. This is nothing new my friends this has gone on for 2000 years. And what we witnessed yesterday. Was heroism. And it's absolute finest. Because many of those students like anesthesia. Didn't deny their faith. They didn't deny Christ. They if needed be willing to die. Because of their faith. In the name of their faith. Even though a mad man held a gun right to their head. And what is Timmy shocking. And what does it mean frankly sickening. Is that the president of the United States. And I have to really aren't I have to control myself. The president of the United States. Less than four hours after the shooting. Literally. Not even as a figure of speech or expression literally. Dubbed bodies dead dead bodies are still warm. Dump bodies are literally not even COLT. This survivors. Were fighting for their very lives in the hospital like Imus Asia. I mean I'm not again not a finger speech what I mean is me me me me. During the surgery Rome. The doctor scalpel. Says there is. Desperately trying to save their lives. Their parents are outside in the hallway with family and friends weeping. Crying praying begging the lord begging please spare my daughter. Please spare my son please. And I'm choosing my words very carefully. But SOB in the White House. Without even knowing the name of the shorter. Without even knowing how we purchase the gun what kind of guns are used was this a legitimate purchase was it not was he really mentally ill was it mob was at linked to terrorism without even knowing any of the motivations circumstances. Facts of the case. Couldn't even wait. One piece for free Kim I source. To give the family some dignity. Some privacy. Out of sheer respect for the dead. Out of sheer respect for those fighting to survive. For the parents for the family members. And he's got to immediately turned this politicize this to advance his radical gun control agenda. And then he stands there at the podium. At the podium I I got to control myself. And he stands there. Like that tough phone that he used. Like that course vulgar. But peasant Boris to Californians and Italian or someone course of the no manners no class and that's what he is he's he's what the Italians call a cow phone. And now big cap phone may be the mother of all tap phones. And right away he stands there and he's he's glow it's. All of politicize it. Thought I would reporter is always a but Obama proposed closure and arm and Aaron and again. What he did and I said this to Britney on the way in. I said Brittany. Lord forgive me for saying this but I want you to understand what he did. It's like you're incredible caught a bit of a father of cockpit you're credible that was a call. Get shot dead. And Europe don't we might even at the week we have even gotten to the wake. He's he's been dead for four hours. You're hauling go body off to the funeral hulks. And a black hole lives matter protestor crashes the place what is stupid T shirt black lives matter any standing there with his placard up and down up and down. Cops are racist cops are races come and dance on your dad's grave. To make a political point. That's what the president did yesterday he was dancing on their bodies he Busch bumping on their bodies. Ranting and raving about gun control and they need for more gun safety laws and how he's gonna politicize this. When gun control had nothing to do with this when gun safety had nothing to know what this is. When he didn't even all the basic facts of the case he didn't even know that the name of the bloody shorter. This is not even gun control or anti gun control. Dealing with mental illness or not dealing with mental illness my friends this is something much more fundamental. This is about the basic civil rights decency. The basic moral respect. Very civilized country ME symbolize a leader is supposed to give to the dead. And to those poor dying or maybe about the guy. Nor do assists. This is the black lives matter pro pastor at a funeral or wake yelling and chanting and screaming and you're saying hey buddy. Sure out. Get that now I show up. And I'm looking at this are in astonishment. My my mouth is like my jaw dropped and I'm like how come not one single reporter not one. Had the nerve had the Gus you shot Mr. President shot up. If you don't know how to behave if if you don't know how to conduct yourself in a shooting just shut up. You know you couldn't just come out and say look. Another tragedy is taken place here's what I know. Ten dead whatever is 910 dead 78 wounded. Mark thoughts and prayers go to the family we're gonna have a lot of trying to discussed. What can have prevented it what can we do what we shouldn't do it. But right now we want the family members the parents to know America is mourning with them. Praying with them and thinking about them their and our thoughts and prayers. That's cal home. Couldn't even do that. My friends. I can't believe I'm saying this prime minister say. For me be the first time. In my life. I was ashamed. A shame. While the president. Of the United States. We are up next thanks for hold. And wealth. Hey good afternoon I feel like I'm good relief. I'd like dimension keybank the first so be aware of me the first one. On one talk about the pulpit DL I want to go back to yesterday when you're talking about the mideast they'll do this quickly. What you know which. Talking about it the president but how about the Paul Francis himself who after meeting with Kim Davis. Goes back and because of the publicity woody LB GT retract his statement and now the Vatican says that they regret the meeting. The way it turned out the way it happened. If the pulpit thing gonna stand up for christianity. Then who is going Q are right I think that's. One of the big things that people should be talking about right now is the Pope saying I'm sorry we have the meaning I regret it now. That's ridiculous that's who can Davis. The other thing about the mideast when we were talking about who's to wonder what their home and somebody said well you know what direction again and tight and let them get worn down. And that's not such a bad idea let the Russians it and let them get worn down let them spend their money and they obliged because they have a bad economy anyway. But the one turn things that we should be going to the one country. If Israel. They know exactly what's going on I would. Be a lot upon would threaten that Netanyahu everyday sang okay give us your update what do we goal that we do. Will let where's the data hotspots which will be going on. And we completely ignore him I mean different getting to be silly this is almost like The Three Stooges. On the old movies didn't know on the movies and TV what do you think I. You honestly let me be brutally honest with you I think it's worse. I think to three stooges is to me would be positive scenario right now. What we have and I'm choosing my words very carefully. We have a parole Islamic. Progressive. And keep Christian big get in the White House. I think there's no question about it. Christians are being slaughtered all over the Middle East he does nothing. Any time somebody criticizes Islam he rushes to his defense now we have American citizens on American soil. Being Borchardt being slaughtered. Simply because their Christian. Kind this book form in the White House. Stands there and lectures the country on gun control. And openly brags that admits that he's gonna politicize every shorting until he gets all the gun control laws that he wants. I remind the only one I don't I don't I don't know I'm me I'm not gonna be presumptuous here by norm one of the few voices if not the only one. Calling this for what it is. This was an anti Christian hate crime. He singled them out because they were Christian. He shot him in the head because they were Christian he murdered them and kill them because they were Christian. Where's the outcry. Because I'll tell you this. If he were some crazed wack O who singled out Muslims. And kill them because of their Islamic faith are you full are ya ya you. Are ya ya you there dear leader word garden a heart attack on the stage yesterday. The mainstream media wouldn't be stopped when talking about they would not stop talking about how Islam phobia is wrapping them out of control. My friends but enough is enough. They want and all the motors of the shooter no problem I'll play the motives. He's at typical. Anti Christian bigots. And there are now everywhere in the media in the popular culture right up straight. 1236 here on the great WRKO. OK we're gonna go back door blazing phone lines. Let me ask all of you this question corner country. Was Obama's speech yesterday appropriate. He openly admits she politicize did. He says it's a good thing you politicize it he says he's gonna continue to politicize every future shooting again and again and again. And is Obama right. Is the lack of gun safety laws or the alleged lack of gun control the reason why we keep having these shootings. Is our guns still blame. For the massacre in Oregon yesterday 61720666868. Joining us now very quickly. Is dawn on me Paul murder you know him he joined us on our. A rally a blue lives matter to protest the black lives matter phenomenon of supporting the killing of cops. Well Donny Palmer. Is a heavyweight boxer from the local area he's a Dorchester boy. And tomorrow he'll be celebrating the fiftieth birthday. Of Mickey ward. Who he's incredible story inspired the film the fighter it's gonna be the New England heavyweight championship. Fighting fights taking place in Rockingham park. In Salem New Hampshire. On Saturday that's tomorrow. Doors to the Rockingham park sports club opened at 6 PM the first fight starts at seven. Tickets are 35 dollars 45 dollars 75 dollars for ringside seating. Parking is free Donnie you're gonna train with the Klitschko Brothers apparently one of them got injured your fighting tomorrow. Are you gonna give us a good show Donnie and. You are great show you have really great so for equal work. Donnie so who are you fighting exactly. Well they're packed you know look. I had a New Jersey you go up or or little directors. Are the best part of show moral. I mean are you nervous so I mean apparently I spoke to your eye your manager yesterday's is a pretty good fighter. They're pretty good I get a little bit nervous which you know I'll. We got gold don't ever do you know Lucas would not go the from the back. I mean parents and what are you I'm gonna go straight out I'm Donny out what's your tactic. What what is what's sort of your strategy going into this fight you going in for a decisive knockout you gotta feel a model little bit. Oh look at Morocco but of course there are trying to build must see where the score Morocco. It'll. Now Donnie now obviously Micky ward is a legend here in the Greater Boston area I used to love watching him as a fighter. Will make key be there since everybody's celebrating his fiftieth birthday. Should be so people who come can actually seem make he meet Mickey Shea Mickey's end. Yeah wow okay tomorrow Don mean. OK so at Donnie apparently the main event features Al Lexus Santos he's from Lawrence mass. Thirteen and 113 K knows. And he's battling roar islands are third set Arab B key and whose point three and seven for their vacant New England heavyweight belt. Yeah so it's going to be it's a pretty impressive card on for tomorrow. Yeah sort of now dotted before eventually though I know you're also running for Boston City Council. You wanna be the first Bob Black Republican elected. And I've got to ask you this Don. Mayor Marty Walsh wants to bring in. All of these Muslim refugees from Syria speaking of anti Christian bigots he wants to bring a mall and the boss them. If you're elected to the City Council. It is Donnie gonna say yes than these immigrants coming and the Boston or is he gonna say a big yet know. No the first over not refugees their mayor and grown men commonly treat look at. And redeploy about what they do a little bit apples Greece would do that Germany. Didn't see their right in there there are war civilians you know. And then we'll refugee you know women and children. Remotely glare follows you know what exactly are saying this. You go the clothes they can help you know that the Red Cross. And other nonprofit organization's. Goal of these countries in Europe trying to bridge full. Still didn't take the full ability to fresh water left the military crushed or worked and who took relief help. So Donny you're saying if you win this election in November. You're gonna be a voice against illegal immigration. And against these refugees potentially being brought into Boston and Greater Boston area. Yeah categorically. We Democrats target you know. We've got almost willing kids that need help our. Okay my friends. A caller wants to know if this. Oh win tickets okay I'm sorry guy who got some callers who wanna talk to you but we got to let you go but listen. You can now apparently though Donnie you've been kind enough you wanna give tickets free tickets to the event tomorrow. And these are good tickets apparently Donnie correct. Yeah great so to everybody out there show up for the event tomorrow. It's at the Rockingham. Park sports club in Salem not mass Salem New Hampshire. It's tomorrow it opens at 6 PM the first fight starts at 7 PM Donnie was there for us let's be fair for Donnie. Donnie thank you so much my friend best though locked Angola not come up my friend markets at a low. 00. God bless you Donnie. No mercy my friend and that that that OK if you wanna win tickets are given away a couple of pair of free tickets. 6179311680. 6179311680. It's tomorrow. At Rockingham park park sports club you concede Donnie Palmer fight there's also. A New England heavyweight fight. It's the fiftieth birthday of Mickey ward. It should be a wonderful event I know britney's going her father is going a lot of people from Entercom will be there. It's gonna be a rocking event free tickets tomorrow 6179311680. The dear leader. Less than four hours after the shooting. Not knowing even the identity of the shooter. The circumstances. Of the shooting how we got his guns what kind of guns were used. What the motives were not thing. He pounced. Fannie immediately set. This is because of the lack of gun safety laws. Roll it course. We know most gun laws and have the fewest gun deaths. So the notion that gun laws don't work we're just. Who make good harder for law abiding citizens in criminal can also get their guns to not borne out by the evidence. We know the other countries in response to one man shoot. Have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours allies or our. Great Britain. Australia. Are countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it and of course what's also routine is that somebody somewhere will comment. And say. Obama politicize artists thought. Very fair and get there are in the second but. I was honestly. His speech yesterday his presser. Was like bad of a pure raw oil angry sixteen year old teenager. Almost like a college freshman. Mean old stories. We got a rousing gun control laws and Morgan sinking line and husband doesn't happen in other countries and and does things that I am gun control they don't have these diamond coatings and of them facts and things got a report of. It hasn't. I'm looking at this and I go really are you honestly are you such a moron. Are you really that dumb. Or you just a pathological liar. And one one blogger counted eighty referred to himself. 28. Kind skinny twelve minute speech. 28 times are are you mean are all right he's like up a pathological narcissistic. With no no sense of empathy to anybody around him. No sense of what's proper decorum. Honestly I thought it was gonna say they're sick little perched on public service Sophie with me. All currents along schedule more about it I was Sophie. First of all dear leader. In shut track goal. As you like to put it in shut our goal. Fifty. Fifteen shooting X fifteen people fifteen were shot over the weekend fifty. It's a bloodbath. In your own home CD in your own home state and get swept Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. And murder rate up. Crime rate up. It's a bloodbath in the south China Chicago day after day weekend after weekend so obviously the states which string gun control laws. I don't know how to tell you this crime is not down it's up so you're lying. You're obviously lying. Us for other countries around the world would it kill you to read a book or pick up a paper. Yes. In Britain they've imposed draconian gun control laws and what's happened to the crime and murder rate hasn't gone down. Net it's gone up. Because you see in the real world. More people are being killed in Britain now than before. Because the victims law abiding citizens don't have anything to defend themselves with. But murderers they managed to get guns illegally. And they'll kill you with a knife. They'll kill you with a crowbar. They'll burn you alive with a Molotov cocktail. But what they don't wanna tell you ways. Landing him at an anger and moved. Don't murder rate is up. Look I Umpqua community college. It was the ultimate in gun control. The ultimate. It banned guns completely completely banned. It was what they call a gun free zone no emotional it was allowed to carry a gun whether it be concealing Kerry or opening carry. There was one security guard one. Was that security guard allowed to be armed nets. So there he was defenseless. This students defenseless. So if some psychopath. An anti Christian big get. And you know them dear leader. Because their prevalent in your administration. And their prevalent among all your Muslim friends in the Muslim world. You'll be all bad better than anybody their leader. They get their hands on a gun. And it was a massacre. If the security guard had been armed I'll tell you this there may have been some deaths it wouldn't have been nine. And if no shortage were able to defend themselves is certainly would have been nine dead it may have been may be the teacher and that's it. Poor you. Court you. To disarm and take away our right to defend ourselves. It is a god given right to defend our family. Our children. Are home loose. And you'll Oregon by the way just passed strict gun control law it's good data help no. So gun control we've tried its failed it failed here it's failed in Europe it's failed everywhere so what do you propose more gun control. Because your goal ultimately is not to make our communities safer we can see that in Chicago we can see that in Illinois we can see that man everywhere you go. You just wanted to disarm us. That's your real goal here you wanna break the back of middle America that's what this is all about. And you don't even have vision decency. Very decency. To wait one piece for free came hours before you peddle your your gun control. Propaganda. Dirt gun control months cents. You can't even wait 24 are worse. This is the part honestly that I found most shocking. He admits he's politicizing it. Keys around to politicize it. He go old space politicizing it he even says will do it again and again and again. Don't take my word here is the dear leader in his own words roll that Chris. And say. Obama politicize this issue. Something we shouldn't politicize. It is relevant to our common life together to the body politic. I would ask news organizations because I won't put these facts forward. Have news organizations. Tally up the number of Americans who have been killed through terror acts over the last decade. And the number of Americans who've been killed. My gun violence and postal side by side on your news reports this won't be information coming from me will be coming from you. Operator stopper right there. I Wear the generals. Where's the military. Excuse me. Polo. Dear leader low. Mold. 3000 dead on 9/11. How many Americans 4000 killed by terrorists and Iraq. Thousands killed in Afghanistan by terrorists and have to our boys killed might the Taliban and terrorists and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. And you're telling me. You want and now we equates so called gun violence with terrorism. You're the one that pulled out our forces out of the rock. You're the one that is now quick the war in Afghanistan. You are in the one that won't stand up to radical Islam. You're the one that's put our boys in harm's way with no strategy for victory which rules of engagement that no army could win. And these terrorists had been killing our boys and girls by the thousands over the years and now you stand there. The pompous jerk that you are. Lecturing us. I got to ask you this dear leader. With all due respect. You're the one with the deck of cards picking who lives and who dies with your don't drone strikes. You warned the one. Who knowingly has a packed targets using drones were innocent people wedding parties have been slaughtered. Any Yemen in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You kill more innocent civilians in a week. Then these mash shootings that have taken place over the last couple of years. And you still stand there and lecture us. After everything you've done. My friends. He wants to turn all of America. In two way massive gun freeze home. And you know what's gonna happen. For Colorado. Gun free zone. Sandy hook gun free zone arm core community college gun free zone you know what they all have in common. Gun free zones. Who makes. Victims. Of us all 61720666868. You're just leading the lambs. To the slaughter.