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Bill Hanney of the North Shore Music Theatre (9-29-15)

Sep 29, 2015|

Bill Hanney discusses some of the upcoming shows at the North Shore Music Theatre

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Live from the boston.com. Newsroom. It's the boston.com. Morning show on national television he directed. And obscene epithet at any person. Now he's welcome to insult him every. I don't intend to reciprocate with Jim Carrey again and John meter per well this eliminates. Very strongly and quickly. The marriage penalty area and fair panel on the oh boy so Boston. WOR KL. It's not O five here on WRKO boston.com morning show I'm in care along with John your morale and they've colony producer and it is time to talk. I enjoyed this so much because I loved the North Shore theater everybody who listens knows that I am a big fan. Try to get there to see as many shows in as many performances in the Keyon during the course of the year and this one that I certainly don't plan to miss Billy Elliot the musical. I've ever seen initially at least honest I've not some movie and in knots in the plan to wanted to exit stage right and then of course I always say this that you yeah it's terrific when he TV shows on stage but then when you have the opportunity to attic in the round. Where is not a bad seat in the house it really makes for a great experience and joining us to talk more about it is bill meaning of course bill Haney Norstrom music theater. Hi bill good to have you along. Good morning value I am terrific thank you when you must be great with Billy Elliot opening tonight. Well it's exciting this problem in the big shows that to date it's there and every large Arab incredibly talented people. And I publisher server use musical on Broadway and and I was so what was earlier on show it to be great program or is it's really got to go. Well this is a big show on the ten Tony Awards that's one. Including best musical it's one that you know a lot of people had a chance to see but maybe have not seen in the round which makes a big difference. Talk to me about the star of the show. This is listen okay real quick story we will renew the show Billy's it was kind of hard. Person to care even eat about twelve years old is it super super talented who are very concerned bill and we got the efficiency work. Really kind of market what is coming and all the citizens so he's certainly adjusted its Chicago. Too long ago he should look at this it was on a look at them I love American Idol Wednesday exit. I don't see a rarity even in Chicago so it's good to me and I hear it's a lot today about how a small monitor it's great we haven't flown in Chicago with his mom. The next morning at 10 o'clock in the studio in New York you did one show. He brought the room it's here aren't you the people that an election of the directors and our ability Elliott a million because this when asked Italy's F. So we are excited about this here. While that is an easy twelve ish is is that holding his name is Nicholas start date you know so so talented handsome stranger. Acting lies are they don't want the real it was a the national toward awesome. That's fantastic I'm always it just mesmerized by these individuals who have so much talent like that and I love these shows that include not just the music but the dancing. And this is remote shows that the it by Al chartered is pretty you'd better match. Right you don't get better they'll Jon and can't slide into a story like this just in just a powerful. Enjoyable. It is get a legal product you like turn armies it's walked out. Sure absolutely now I know this week and we were just talking about this Camille Little rain. Which kind of stinks although. All the more reason to go see Billy Elliot can be endorsed to watch the show. And I want to ask you about your outdoor facilities what's weird we stand in all of that because it's not gonna ring forever it's going to be in nice week next week what's going on there. Got it's it's so funny because we we get this thing we kept their eye opener what do you never know what you get knocked over September October that would feature figure to be deduct the Arctic but. We were looking forward to a great week of where you feel discouraged by opening night but it was it was so cute although we have here is up there all the golf what a lot of a couple of fables. That little bit lower house will be open and the rain will stop at some point motorists might sunny days and people would. Fantastic it sounds great to have people go about getting tickets. They have do I'd be easier ways and XM ER award. They wanna color accumulated 978 who treats you severed 200 it opens tonight crunch of two weeks and I really they don't miss it. And the defeated Hamachi sister act back on the state. Okay now sister acts coming and then we have of course a Christmas Carol don't whine that your. A vote so exciting here. Yeah I've been pushing this big yeah I just was telling our producer I asked him if he had ever seen it there tilt and he's gonna have to go this year ain't got to see David Coffey best group Jabber. I don't know it's survival. A you know what's so great about it bill. We do need him in person he couldn't be further from screwed she has got to be one of the most delightful people right. I guess I saw pictures of him you know what about Peter it's been done a million walker sup pictured cracked up in bed and acted really knows him. A Iowa you and your number about at a you'll screw job and guys should. Just let. It's true that a great actor. You have got what I wanna ask you one more thing here you guys got a big event coming up. And my producers about to have an attack that decision to cut to the chase are way out there are telling Richard looking for public average job all the send them on the website and all I see John in my head was gonna explode. I am in love with job I am the law project and so many. Oh and I. There's nothing better has nothing better on the Food Network there's nothing she's. Unbelievable what she does she's the best that the reality shows camp have you ever watch the reality shows that Bobby playing her she's awesome as tabloid recently. No I know millions of it maybe don't go build them and if that's your couple questions that she might not like to hear you know. Yeah Bobby I am all Bobby Fuller. I would just say to everybody that show was probably like Scott kick serve are to sleep and think if there aren't looking they are comic show yesterday and shelves yet to speak I didn't think that. It's kind of thing reducer in an of people but it's been a sellout. Well I'm sure it is so. You'll work it out so shall come on the show and talk with those rights of the David you know we'll learn about life you do not want me in the studio that day I just don't want me. After trying to figure out. Bill any thank you so much best of luck with the show it's Billy Elliot is we just vision. And it is a fantastic show you market went and visited opens that runs through October the eleventh. And if you like some ticket you can go to an SMT. Dot org talked to against him bill. It's down 912 years WRQ busted dark complexion come to town just for me. That's it's it's it's just such random events will look and check this out about her and he's. It's this thing that we we always did in musicals we talk about that they're that they have a lot of other shadows. That occur they're the theater in between him that the cute little do I'll show that's going on you know on a Sunday afternoon and that kind of thing. But she's coming November the ninth and they've already got level one is party sold out. So like if you're sitting close to the stage I guess that's already finished is that one would dispute in Iraq to a job yeah and then it. They've got the other levels there's two and three but again you're gonna need to get on this pretty quickly if you're interested and the name of the show is happy cooking tour. She says she's really come on Wednesday I think she's too. I think she's got a core question of bill can hook me up so I'm you know there's always liked the reach people on stage again I regularly writing that's got to be taste as you could be data. I'd love to get her on the show that Friday before so she can talk to us a little bit about. Mean I knew this results. That really the star of the Food Network is that this vixen image does she. I mean I'm not gonna like she might be a hall pass can. Yeah. He's he's definitely in the top. It's. I don't know what to do with him sometimes are right it's 913 year of the W or help boston.com. Morning show.