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Is the Media waging a Right Wing Conspiracy against Hillary Clinton?

Sep 28, 2015|

Hillary Clinton was on Meet the Presswith Chuck Todd and when he pushed her more on her emails she asked if it was more conspiracy theories trying to bring her down.

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Though vast right wing conspiracy. Is backed. Hillary rotten. Madame Hillary. Seeing her polls dropping. Dramatically seeing her numbers dropping like a style home now went on the offensive taking to the Sunday talk shows. Ten now claimed it worked before under baba and in 1990s. She wants it to work again. She's Vick some of our right wing conspiracy. Out vast right wing conspiracy. Are courting their her when she was on meet the mess with chuck. He chuck thought were Chucky. The reason why there's been all of this furor over her emails Campbell's and email gate and her server and a private server on. It's all part of these jet packs by Republicans. And by the rightwing media going back twenty years she CNET. Binge binge there Don dot. It's nothing to see here. Every time Chuck Todd tried to Oscar any kind of a question. Regarding all of the discrepancies. All of the lies that she's gold. About her emails about her personal email account about her home brew server there always came back to the same thing. It's a conspiracy. It's just one giant conspiracy. Because for some reason. They hate us because we're Clinton's. Dad out of their right wing media hates us the Republicans say that's conservatives hate us. And this is all might shed duel up Bible. Ms. handling classified information. Emails lying about emails. Of which is good at what what's the big deal here. Listen to Hillary rotten. Now play the vast right wing conspiracy card Chris roll cut one. And on not work related can respond to an alternative explanation that has. Sort of another scary thing Larry yeah yeah. Perhaps the reason you wanted to have a private server and not a government survey is that Republicans have been coming after you for years gluten you might have. May have been running for president in the future and you wanted to make it a little more difficult. For congressional investigators of subpoena your government emails and a little more difficult for Freedom of Information Act request is that is that extra air theory and. It is steadily. And a ridiculous on that never crossed my mind no effect since more than 90% of my work related emails work on the system. They have arts object to Froyo or any other request that's how he. Ben Ghazi committee got the email even before we you know went through our exhaustive prop. Oh. And no hole. No all we didn't set up all home brew private server that by the way. I was handled by a democratic hack company but nobody heard of in Colorado. Where all this information went through my kid you not. A system that was six feet away from a toilet in a private bathroom. And all all mole. No it wasn't that keep it off the books. No pole and wasn't that keep all of this information. From potentially going public and all all all in the hole. Mole and then she goes on and gives another bald faced lie. They cheered been so cooperative and sold transparent. And soul open. Well with the bin gauzy committee. It was because of the Ben Ghazi committee that they found out she was running a secret email system. A private parallel email system off the books. So there could be no public scrutiny. We couldn't know exactly what's happening because it was all done on her private non government non work email account. I mean this shameless Smith's. The ease with which she lives and if you notice. Notice how her story now just keeps changing and changing and changing. First she said she had a hobby private email server system because she only she only use one device. Or is it that. Quote ma am. What was the black eyes are black or you're blueberry it's a black Berry. Yeah I you about a block practice don't know how to use best. Then you find out that was a long. She had iphones ipads Blackberry Shia all kinds of devices. Then she claimed. The bat well she never received percent classified information that was a lie. Then she said that she only destroyed. Private emails she deleted only private emails but normal every work related emails she she she handed over. Guess what they just found. Over 800 emails have been retrieved from her private server. That she thought she had quote wiped clean. Related to Libya and manga Ben gals playing what's bad guy is saying. She'll right after signing an affidavit. Claiming she had handed over all of her work related emails they just retrieved nearly over 800. Just on Libya along. Perjury. Obstruction of justice. Mishandling classified information. De crimes just keep piling up she's facing twenty years in prison if we had an honest independent. Illegal judiciary system. If the FBI didn't have his hands tied by Loretta lynch and the Obama Justice Department. And she's standing there a hypocrite I put the show is all much that this is all much ado about nothing in fact. You lol Hillary is in trouble. When they were roll out this separate chief Bob. And so here's Bubba. Now he's hitting the Saturday Sunday talkies saying. I'm balancing so much about so little about hole I had I did not have sex with warm in Monaco win steep. There's smoke there's mole would no Koran year not enough that. And I've never seen so much about so little. This is does it may have gotten portray us in trouble may cost him his job were the clintons Barnett. Or above all of land. Chris rolled Bill Clinton. Police clinging to incite things. Then that is his cabinet to the people who can get bored talking about what's your position on student loan relief for dealing with the shortages mental health care or what to do the epidemic of prescription drugs and her when I'm in America even small towns and rural America or. How are you gonna get jobs and Nicole country. Given how unless they've lost the last twenty years. So that's his happens it did it always happens and we're seeing history repeat itself out and I actually am amazed that she's bored out pondered as well. I have never seen so much. Extended owns a little. And you know that the difference is now. The only thing happened in before nobody knew anything about land in Arkansas so I don't know many defenders. There have been a shocking number of really reputable. Press people who have explained. Hallowed. You can't receiver transmit. Plus side information. How the government has no such an authority for classification that defense state. And they intelligence agencies have their own and have been a lot of really fun things is just that they don't think she'll be so proud of her eye and it just is crowned it is what it is. I'm not practice this guy could set you know. This guy could sell ice to eskimos. This guys up so now apparent. Arab League their original centralized system that Bob and linger sending classified information and that's a lie. Did she have classified information yes it she sang classified information yes if she received classified information yes. What are we talking about. She chose you trolls baba god your private email system you did. You chose to have home brew server. That went right with your Democrat Powell's and in Colorado you're connected Powell's that was six feet beside a toilet. That was your decision. Don't notice now Hillary is the victim. She can't believe how well she's he can't believe how well she's born under the whole thing. And then. The lying continues. And continues and continues solvent even Chucky chalked off. You can get warned that tank for the clintons have been tracked. On meet the mess even Cherokee and says. Well. I mean it breaks my heart to save this hour I don't know how to say this I am not going to be just our armed kind of I'm going to be bar. I'm just aren't going to be welcomed that these Massachusetts. Manhattan cocktail parties I like to go to you know what the vineyard a party a little bit better that I go up the Manhattan party a little bit there. I'm going to be a pariah at these cocktail parties but I've got asked this question Hillary rotten. You have been flip flopping all walked. I mean mentions same sex marriage the Iraq War keystone XL pipeline. You seemed to constantly change your position. When it's politically expedient and popular for you to do so. In other words are you flip flop over IE RU nothing more than a cynical opportunist. She just shrugs that off. Where's the coronation. I want my nomination the president sees ours were the clintons. Roll the cut Chris. I wanna play. We'll comp we put together of some of the positions where you resistant to change shall but take a look. So it is with conviction that I support this resolution as being in the best interests of our nation. I've made it very clear that I made a mistake plain and simple. I believe. Bad marriage and kids. Not just eight bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman this morning. Love triumphs. In the highest courts in our land. We've not yet signed off on it but. We are in inclined to do so we're either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the gulf we're dependent on dirty oil from Canada. I oppose it and I oppose it because I don't think. I don't think it's in the best interests. What we need to do to combat climate change. I do you respond to some critics say. You know your positions have changed out of political expedience sort of whatever the majority is at that time. That's the position bowl. Well I just don't think that reflects either my eight. Assessment of issues and I don't think it reflects how people. Who are thoughtful actually conduct their lives if we don't learn if we don't. You know make decisions based on the best information we have available well. You know that's at regrettable and what I've always tried to do is to say OK what is the best decision that I can think about making now with those that you did. You know number one on the Iraq War vote I've written about it I've talked about it I said it was a mistake. It's certainly became very clear mistake when you saw the way the Bush Administration conducted that war and the decisions that they made. And so I have been very forthright saying you know as I looked at what was happening it was mistake. I'm same sex marriage like a lot of people including our president I did evolve and I was not race to even imagine this and I'm thrilled now that it is a lot the land and I have a lot of good friends who are now able to be married because of the changes we've made legally constitutionally. Now when it comes to. Keystone. You know I was at the beginning. The process of trying to evaluate what was the best outcome. I did feel that I shouldn't jump in before the president and secretary Kerry and make my views now because they're still in the middle of that process. But it was frankly uncomfortable to have so many people asking me and my saying you know I'm waiting and waiting and waiting. Just and it's still hasn't happened I don't know where it will happen it may have to happen when I'm president. I hope. So I said look I'm against it. On that total valuation when I made that statement. Two years ago. We did not have the kind of energy profile that we now have we did not have the full understanding of how. That particular. Oil that would have been extracted another tar and oil is up is different degree dirty and polluted the greenhouse gases so. You know I'm not gonna sit here and tell people that I make up my mind that's the Republicans they make up their mind certainly under my cat and Sanders is and on. Utter IRA of course Eagles obviously Bernie's been consistent on does know you see what she didn't have time to evaluate ways which way the wind was blowing. Is it put my finger up and yell at my tongue and I. I put it up in the Darren and OK held back. And it was for keystone. Now it's against keystone. Dan it was for the Iraq War now it's against the Iraq War I there is a four against same sex marriage now it's Florida same sex marriage. Listen that's that's how we Clinton survive. It's just lie lie lie she stands there and she's such a brazen liar. And Camilo it's incredible. When Mitt Romney changed his positions you notice everybody in the liberal media flip fly upper. Flipping flopping flop it can't trust them if its one position one another position the next. Wendell liberals flip flop. Payable. They're just so thoughtful. And you know it's it's easy to take a strong position and defended him hold it all I'm I'm above at all. Idea I look at it I consider it I think about it we pull it we focus group that we test bet. And Dan we say okay. A and that's the essence of leadership and lining her pockets. 61720666868. Is the number. Hillary now trying to resurrect. The vast right wing conspiracy. Will it to work. And coming up next. Baum show new book. Coming out in a couple of weeks. She didn't just lie about her server. Or about classified information. Or about Ben gals playing. But she has been lying and aiding and enabling Bill Clinton in numerous alleged rapes and sexual assaults. This book. If this doesn't prove conclusively that the clintons have been waging a war on women. Nothing will. Your calls that story next. We did not have the full understanding of how the particular. Oil that would have been extracted from those tar sand was of a different debris of dirty nest and polluting in terms of greenhouse gases so. A pimp game boy oh boy. Can that Clinton's line 6172666868. Kevin Europe next go ahead. Thanks Jeff Jeff welcome back you'll why don't why anyone in the public domain. In the media. This naught. Stand up we know George Stephanopoulos. Where he wanted to let the Clinton cashed out well they came out months ago. In what he did took that off I mean this just despicable Bob worse than Brian Williams. At what point. You've coveted you'll open up as I was on hold to talk about Bobby young proved they've rolled out BJ BJ Clinton and he says a lot of this has been going on since Watergate. I mean if he's just put that back when you look at these people so we're ready on prop up how they can do pay it. Comedians had just great page GAAP Japanese didn't do world Lawrence and I want to that you know we can't quit the uranium from Friday's show. I need treaties gap I would I came in late was that Friday Saturday night 1 o'clock in the morning twelve midnight down happen all optional. All of my god it almost ended up on my lap. Truly (%expletive) Which on Dana. Blake I was told was gonna go wild in this is Cynthia. Bettany and needs to be put on suicide watch I'm wondering if people look delegation. Says juicy. Is doesn't walked away as we go for a walk. The metal detectors. I mean Ku Li detonate in the so when people. I'll walk Kevin look I got to come on talk about that later in the show but this was a big victory for Ted Cruz. Cruz has been leading the conservative insurgency. He managed to topple Boehner and now he and conservative forces are training their guns on Mitch to squish McConnell. Com and a jedi. Common the highlighted by a friend Jerry. Hope I can it get it right see what the Mormon and a long off. Leak. Jeff you know there are in trouble when they trot baba out. This setting the narrative now the narrative is the great white rightly states. It would Watergate. She got herself in trouble with Watergate. How to right wing collapsed at her she did it toward self and got fired and almost went to jail then. How it they're conspiracy did Jeb. Comrade he went thing. Do you think it's gonna work you think this resurrecting the vast right wing conspiracy in this is all. They imagination of my the feverish imaginations of my enemies you think this is gonna work comrade. With some of the people it might work with some of the you know upper middle class soccer moms that believed dead. Hillary is a victim all the people that believe that Hillary is a victim. You know that which she's been portrayed over the last thirty years as a victim. It'll work with those people but most people can see right through the greenhouse gas coming out of the operating in Hillary. I can't. Thank you heard it called comrade 6172666868. If you wanna call and get the show. Coming up next. Ball a shell new book. Finally exposes the truth about Hillary and bill. Not only did she know about his alleged rapes and sexual assaults. Sheet covered them up. That story next. 1236 here on the great WRKO. The voice of Boston Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up goal liberal bull. This may be the mother load my friends so. Hillary rotten. Or her her botanists. Has not just been lying. About her constant flip flopping. About her emails about her personal server. About her which is a crime by the way mishandling classified information but let that go. Now very easy stunning bombshell. New book coming out by Roger Stone. It is called the Clinton's war on women in fact it's by Rogers phone Robert morrow. Roger Stone is a brilliant. Pundit they conservative pundit. Quits it's published by sky horse on October 13 it's coming out and a couple of weeks. But some of the excerpts have already began to be leaked and it is devastating. Recently. Hillary Clinton out. That she was gonna crack down on this suppose it escalation and proliferation. Off campus rape. Be suppose it's stories of rape on campus now skyrocketing. And being out of control. And then she said any recent speech she gave these encouraging words to sexual assault survivors quote. Is it straight from Hillary Clinton. Don't let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard to be believed. And whirlwind few. Just as she lie need. To the mothers and fathers of those murdered in Ben Ghazi. Saying we're gonna get that guy. That one who did the anti Muslim deal knowing the whole time it was an al-Qaeda terrorist attack. Lying to their face. She lied to those very same women who had been victimized by rape or sexual assault because according to this book. I want you to listen to this. She has repeatedly. Not only is she engaged in a sham march and make cynical union political union with Bob buff for over 41 years. But she has repeatedly. Hired private detectives. One of them is an individual or real sleaze ball by the name of Ivan good up. Since 1982. The goal that according to Ivan do it. Is that he could get all the names and addresses of Bill Clinton's girlfriends of bubbles girlfriends. So that she could quote unquote. Get rid of all these. I can't say this word on the air. Let's just say witches. But substitute W for being. So she could get rid of all these which is he seen on quote. According to the book. Which now has even more corroboration. Than when the Wall Street Journal broke to story fifteen some years ago 1617 years ago. In 1978. When Bill Clinton was running for governor of Arkansas. He allegedly raped a campaign volunteer. By the name of Juanita Broderick. According to in the book according to former Clinton insider Larry Nichols. Who worked on that campaign and was close with the clintons. After bill raped Juanita Broderick allegedly raped Juanita Broderick. Killer wreak apparently came running into the Clinton headquarters. And said this to Larry Nichols quote. You won't believe what the mother after her meaning bill just did. He tried to rape some which can use the B word. According now to one meter Broderick and others were there. When Hillary began to try to muzzle when need to people close to the Clinton camp. Bill Clinton has a long history of allegedly rape being and a sexually assaulting women. And Hillary has been there every step of the way enabling him. Empowering him covering up for him and trying to silence these women. For example. According to one authors cited in the book Candice Jackson in her book their lives of the women targeted by the Clinton machine. Bill Clinton didn't just rape one year Broderick. He bitch and nearly tore off for our upper lip. I she was raped in her. And then when she lay frozen on the bed. According now to this book by Candace Jackson and and other according to win your Broderick and others. She lay there frozen stunned that this man who wanted to be governor had just assaulted her and raped her practically tore offer proper lip. He then raped her a second time. His alleged words before he began again work quote. My god I can do it again on quotes. A few weeks after Bill Clinton had allegedly raped and beaten one meter Broderick. According now to Roger Stone. In the Clinton's war on women. Hillary then encountered one year Broderick at a campaign event. It was at a home of a form of a Clinton supporter. Hillary in full cover up malt. Walked up to win need to Broderick. And here is what Juanita Broderick describe the scene itself. Any 2000 open letter to Hillary's own 2000 short an open letter to Hillary saying look you should be ashamed of yourself. What you've been doing to meet to other victims of Bill Clinton covering up and she lays out the scene quote. This is now Hillary knowing that bill had allegedly raped Juanita Broderick. Telling people inside the Clinton camp you won't believe what ages did. He just rape date in which they show also refers to these women as whores and slots. Quote. I shall issue entered the room meaning Hillary. You came directly to me and grabbed my hand. Do you remember how you sank to me. Saying quote we wanna thank you for everything that you do for bill. Unquote. At that point I was pretty shaken and started to walk off. Remember how you kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me. And then you repeated your statement but this time. With the coldness and look that I have seen many times on television in the last eight years you said quote. Everything you'd do for bill uncorked. You then released your grip and I said nothing and left the gathering. In other words. Keep silent. Shot up. Or else. You know what's gonna happen T. We appreciate. Everything you do for bill. What does this Putin's Russia. I appreciate everything you've said. Any and everything you don't saying. I appreciate everything. Them. You could all firm are being here you'll understand my double teaming. Up says me. According to Gail Sheehy a liberal by the way who wrote a book. The fact in some ways quite a a complimentary book. Called him I Hillary's choice in 1992. Apparently Hillary Clinton and Betsy Wright member she was close with the clintons. Had a list of 26 women. That they were out civil only positive bill had adulterous affairs whip or he had sexually assaulted. Vein you. He there was sleeping women. Or Rihanna assault at a in their view of women the sorry in the view of Hillary. These women's how she described all of them were quote which is the young the B word or words slots. And if they were a threat or possibility that talk they work to be quote unquote destroy it. Years later this is trailer bright part now dot com when journalist Melanie Morgan. Was asking a private detective Jack Paladino. Who worked very closely with Hillary. About his role in the 1997. Terror campaign. Because then they went after Kathleen Willey. Because remember he assaulted Kathleen Willey in the White House she describes this blow by blow oh. Where there was a Palestinian delegation. Were right next door. She was will worried about her husband having lost his job and he then said well if you wanna job you know what you have to do. And then he grabbed their. Smacked her wrap up pushed her head slammed her head against the wall and then began to forcibly. Rape assault her. And she begged him to stop and she said what are you doing there were people next door and the fact that there were people next door only turned them on even more. So she guard Jack Hillary god Jack Paladino a sleazy private detective. Did then threatened Kathleen Willey. And that's what the threats came out of him a break your little knees. Dead cats were found hanging on. Hanging from her porch. They did this to numerous other women and sold Jack Paladino all admitted. To this journalist Steve then admitted quote the only regret that I had about the whole thing in other words. Intimidating Kathleen Willey was that Hillary did not paying me any timely fashion. I saved Hillary Clinton's got to clean it up here rear end you'd think she'd be more grateful to me. And it goes on and on and on. All of it in sixth inning meticulous. Shocking because. Now. My question to you was this. If it's not obvious by now it's never going to be obvious. You know why the clintons did business with Putin. You know why the Clinton sold uranium or how the US government sell uranium in exchange for millions of dollars. In slush money. Being sent off to the Clinton foundation. Because. You're Russian style political gangsters. Their bowl game style political gangsters. V looked to the tool of hundreds of millions of dollars. They have an out of control sexual maniac. In Bill Clinton. And Hillary Clinton will do whatever it takes to protect her husband and protect yourself protect their power protect their wealth. And protect their privilege. And if it means silencing women. If it means intimidating women if it means unleashing private detectives you do what you gotta do. Now I ask everybody out there. But in particular. The moon bats. The Democrats. Don't liberals. Don't feminists. Yes. This is a champion of women's rights. She aided and enabled our rapists. Sorry an alleged rapists. And alleged sexual predator. She covered up forum. Dozens of home. And refer to them as we choose the victims witches. With the B word slots. Horrors you name it. And this woman is supposed to be representing women everywhere by breaking the ultimate glass ceiling. She's the ultimate fog. The only difference honestly between her and Putin is at least Putin is a nationalist. At least you'll know for Wallace crimes love's mother Russia. These two don't even give a damn about the United States. That's that's the only difference. And that this woman. Feel she's entitled to be the demo. They can nominee and the next president of the United States Norman all my friends. I'll vote for Hillary. Is not a vote to advance the interest of women all vote for Hillary. Is the ultimate war on women 6172666868. Is the number. Shocking new details about Hillary Clinton let me ask you this. If she aided and abetted her husband in raping and assaulting women. Should this disqualify. Hillary Clinton or to the moon bats out there. Her plumbing is her plumbing is her plumbing and because she's a woman. We've got to make her president. At one point. Do we say enough is enough 61720666868. And I am the extremists. When Europe next thanks for holding and well. What's going on every corner to win all my friend. Good body to do. Eight got my only him but you want to trumpet and ample and I'm sixty mantra play. I you know weighing this is incredible merger is playing some of the clips. Are you bug or studio or suckers literally that's our next segment that's they're going to be a top of the hour. And now I don't know why this now I know you don't like no you love and you want felt like doubt pretty good. I was so I wanted to talk to a low low that really got much the headline Billy Elliot lake effect. Our Gary Wayne so look hang on. Because we're gonna get into Putin's the next hours and just hang on can hang on buddy. You just hang on Mike you're up next go ahead Mike. Outplayed them on today I'm very human. I you know what I was younger men I have editorial a lot of beautiful woman not a quote I was sitting up there at sea of sea into bag so white trash being. In Orange jumpsuits which jackal with a bullet this year Sherlock piles and. CD eagle on popular idea. And the only reason why that happened is 900 FDI biology can luckily they had twelve Purdue's go. Alarm o'clock gathering information needs its at least 5000 named the bottom all these spot start to spur of the people not your friend out. You don't like it's funny you should save. You know get me wrong I love my wife did that job and I only allies for my wife. But as I get older and what I'm fed decides about now. It is seeing Obama in a jumpsuit. Bill Clinton and orange jump suit Hillary and or orange jumpsuit or do you mind. Is it with the age you know better are at stake. I don't it was about a good steak. Or my political bodies in jumpsuits. Are both sides of the wild Leo there's just let's as long. Jeff you have a good day. Thank you so much Mike I appreciate it 6172666868. OK my friends coming up next. We've allowed the great Vladimir fuel in from other rush out. About rough or he thirty minutes ago. Finished a dramatic speech at the UN general assembly he's going to be needing to dear leader face to face. Q and is now sending in military forces into Syria to prop up Bashar Al Assad. Who can believe this. But now not America. But Russia. Is leading the fight against radical Islam and crisis in Syria. Putin now eclipses Obama as the leader of the world. We're gonna have that story. Don't touch that dial 6172666868. Is the American moment over. However Russia and China and now eclipsed the United States. Putin says yes. China says yes. And I hate to say this much of the world says yes.