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Are you shocked that Scott Walker took a shot at Donald Trump on his way out of race? 9-22

Sep 22, 2015|

Last night Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropped out of the race stating he wanted to narrow the field to let a real conservative take the lead and make Donald Trump real side be shown. Are you shocked that he went after Trump on the way out?

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The coup and a report presented by Kelly financial services. 105 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer 6172666868. And another one bites the dust. Yesterday. In Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker. Told his sharp supporters. He's how. He is suspending his campaign he's run out of money he's now less than 1%. In the poll. And now. Which support of operating. With the funding having dried up. Scott Walker took the opportunity yesterday and I gotta tell you. Fox News was playing very slight. You would think it's one of the most important things in American political history in the last fifteen years. And they'd jump all over Scott Walker leaving because of course. Walker didn't just say. I blew it I ran all horrible campaign. I wasn't who I truly was I ran away thought people wanted me to be. I was out of my league out of my depth I blew questions on foreign policy. I just kept coasting the whole time. I wasn't prepared for the debates. Every chance I needed to step up and really show what I can do I bombed. Instead. I had this I've never seen before. He made his dropping out of the race almost an act of incredible heroism and patriotism. Why. Because we've got to stop Donald Trump. So walker was there saying let me step aside. God knows what deal he cut with what candidate but let that go. The establishment. Must now rally. The establishment must now consolidate. Into an antique trump force. Because we need a quote positive conservative alternative. To the current front runner wink wink. Anyone but the Donald. Here was Scott Walker yesterday. Conceding defeat. But acting like he's one of the greatest patriots since George Washington. Rolled cut to Chris. Today and I believe that I being called to lead by helping to clear the field. In this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. Put this in mind I will suspend my campaign. I immediately. I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same. So the voters can focus final limited number of candidates. Who can offer a positive. Conservative alternative. To the current front runner. This is fundamentally important to the future of the parties. And more importantly to the future of our country. Incredible. I mean this thing is incredible. So what walker did and there's no question about it and I don't know if it was rubio didn't need the overture I think it was. Because he immediately some of pop that some of the pop walker people. Defected to rubio camp. But here is clearly what's going on. The establishment now in collusion with Fox News and the Wall Street Journal and national review. This sort of conservative establishment media. Have now come together Roger Ailes has openly said it he will do everything in his power to make sure that Donald Trump. Is not the Republican nominee and will never come close to being president of the United States. And of course she's taking his orders from Rupert Murdoch. Who's a big supporter of amnesty a big supporter of open borders and is in bed with the chamber of commerce. Or as my friend mark a village departed the chamber of crony capitalism. But let that go. And so what's now happening is this they're saying look guys we got to winnow the field. We've got to start clearing some people out of the way. And we've got to circle around two or three key candidates and the goal is destroyed Donald Trump. Because zap wall cannot be built. We will never allow that wall to be built. And amnesty must come hell or high water. Come hell or high water. We must have amnesty. Because that's what he all the courts demand. That's what the ruling class dominance. And sold Donald Trump must not be allowed to be president of the United States. They're already destroying Ben Carson over the Muslim comments. And I'm telling you once they take down trump and once they take down Carson Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will be finished off. And then they can get to the business are freely ruling and governing this country. Because at that point whether it's Hillary or Joseph although both form Biden. Or Jeb be tall or Chris Christie or John Kasich. And mark my words. I believe the man that will be standing for the establishment will be rubio. They they wanted jet. You can see fox wanted Jad the Wall Street Journal wanted jabbed the RNC wanted jab they wanna JB to. Why they wanted the bush firmly back in power. They want it Karl Rove back in power I imagine the sources in the access Fox News when. If the bushes and the Karl Rove to running the country again. But for whatever reason JB Paul is not taking off. And so now they're floundering they tried Christie I've noticed Fox News is propping up Chris Christie. A tough phone Christie doesn't seem to be connecting then they went to John Kasich. On it doesn't seem to be connecting. Now they think they found their anti trump weapon. In Carly Fiorina. And so yesterday on Fox News. I mean you wanna talk about this. Even the old Soviet Union would into a propaganda news beast like I saw yesterday. On Fox News would read bear. On Carly Fiorina. As you know all the criticism of her. Is that she's cold. That she doesn't show emotion. That she stern that she stay if that she never smiles she's almost like a robot. And so they desperately needed to soften her up. They desperately needed to quote humanize. Sold their wish drawn in Roberts not to become McCarrick confused with Supreme Court justice John Roberts but Fox News is reporter John Roberts. There he is on the campaign trail in South Carolina with Carly Fiorina. And I mean it was incredible. It was one massive I had for Carly. I mean she couldn't have cut a better ad for herself if she wanted to. Listen to John Roberts. Desperately trying to humanize. And prop up Carly Fiorina you're watching this you think she's the second literally she's the second coming of Winston Churchill. Except a woman. OK let's that's just leave it at that she's very touchy if you make your comment about her appearance. Rolled the cut Christmas. On the way to the big heritage action to fit in Greenville, South Carolina Friday she told me that fight gave the courage to shoot for the highest office in the land. When you face. He life threatening war I tragic situation. You lose. Lose a lot of fear. And so the things that might have caused you to be afraid about something. I'm not afraid. I'm really not afraid presented if you're not really. Yeah. I don't operate there so operate their Chris rewind. So she's talking about her struggle with breast cancer. And she always talks about her struggle with breast cancer army is that she's been talking about this now for years. And you can see John Roberts is desperately trying to humanize her makers seem likable relatable. Warm and Fuzzy. And she's strong you can see it on her she's trying to have tears in her rights but I honestly I don't know fits in the ballparks. That's kind of impeding the she's trying to Crimea river is just not coming to river isn't coming. But you can almost tell it's almost like OK don't Carly stop stop okay. We're gonna talk now about your dead stepdaughter who died in 2009. And the 300 speeches you've given a butchered that step daughter hold on hold on. Remembered the breast cancer. And that you were battling about when you lost the Barbara Boxer and when he planned and that's why you lost the Barbara Boxer because you were having breast cancer okay. And you also made fun of her looks but let's scrubbed out out that's not good that's got to go down the memory you'll stay. Stalin would say that's without Stalin Lenin scrub down out of history describe that out. We need Judah defeat Donald Trump right now okay now hold on your hair perfect good. You addressed a modest not okay good make up perfect all the time a little bit more eye shadow a little bit more okay. Three. True one and remember trying to cry your side you're emotional you've taught you learn so much from this okay cry be human. Action. The way to the big heritage action Davidian Greenville, South Carolina Friday. She told me that fight gave the courage to shoot for the highest office in the land. When you face. A life threatening or tragic situation. You lose. Lose a lot of fear. And so the things that might have caused you to be afraid about something. I'm not afraid. I'm really not afraid of it is you're not railing. Let us now church Cheryl said he was afraid Churchill said England losing the war death scare him. Okay Reagan said losing the Cold War to Gorbachev and the Soviets scared him. I know green beret ex. Idol special forces I know Navy SEALs. Who told me at times they've been afraid in their life but not currently. Carly is not she's just not afraid. She's she's just she's not afraid. And sold their she is and then and then she talked about or step daughter dying in 2009. Do you have that Chris. So that she became very emotional telling me about a poll three step daughter Lori Ross or her act before she died in 2009. From drug and alcohol addiction. It sends. Basically. And it's a pain you know. Some. Realizing. People who loves. You're not. Just conservatives to these incredible. I almost threw up I was having supper my wife made me an incredible chicken breast. With some nice homemade macaroni and cheese it was phenomenal honestly but let that ago. And I'm watching this. And even might Levi could tell by him in my baby always sits with you wanna wash can use OK but let that go so my three year old Eva. Was even laughing at Carly Fiorina even chic it felt that was BS first of all. There's not even one year coming out of arise nevermind one tear coming down that bowl talks injected cheek or they might even want. The other thing I'm watching this would all do respect. If life is all about family. And grace. And appreciating the time we have on this earth. And fat and loved ones and step daughters and step sons and sons and daughters and family. What are you doing campaigning twenty hours a day. Don't get me wrong one run for president god bless you. But don't stand there and tell me. It's all about family and I love firmly and there's not enough time for family and it's all about I love fuel when you love me and I wanna spend all his time with few oh my god. And they're campaigning. And you're on the campaign trail. And you're in front of the cameras. And you're giving speech judges be judges be judges speech after speech after speech when then there you are aren't Q when you need to safe. Army is everything in Iowa my family and it's like currently are Olympic com go mono lightbulb football Bardner d.s that I know it's it's often not much. The bulldogs. The nerves calmed down from mall and gloom and. I mean I'm sorry but what a phony and what a fraud. And Fox News is deliberately using her firm no. And hear what they're not telling you that whole puff piece they never mentioned her record. She was essentially. Fired from Hewlett-Packard. Fired. 30000 workers lost their job because of her. Bishop did that that the stock price fell in half. She practically destroyed the company. Workers got laid off employees got laid off the company got decimated. And she got a huge payout they don't mention that. She poured millions of dollars in her pocket but let bad goal. She's the perfect corporate Republican for Democrats did destroy importing sixteen. She couldn't be Barbara Boxer she got shall act. So my question is if she got fired from Hewlett-Packard. And essentially fired from the previous company Lucent. Why should we hire. She's been pro amnesty. Her almost her entire career. She's been pro open borders almost her entire career. She slam huge I Ted Cruz when he had the government shutdowns. And now she's attacking Ben Carson for saying you know what limits on a good idea I'm a devout Muslim in the White House. Me be that's not what we want as a country. She's that's phony and as fraudulent. As the bull talks and plastic surgery all over her face. Listen to remarkable event. Hit the nail on the head they are so desperate to go after Donald Trump. The establishment conservative media led by Fox News and the RNC. They'll go from anybody. They quoted jab and then Kristy and then Kasich and then Carly but. Anybody but trump roll it Chris. Carly Fiorina get it over and over again to the point were Chris Christy turner and said look stop interrupting me you've been an erupting everybody else pocket parrot a moment. Another said and national love fest going on it's not even a national labs that that's a national media love best. And all the talk shows are they're afraid to say aware I had a few words to sing in a moment. I believe the establishment media were poised to declare Carly Fiorina and Victor yes. A Victor over trump yes. They wanna take down trop yes if bush can't do it and they hope last week basically doing if Casey can't do that they want Fiorina added. But they wanna take down Tron they think it will take down trump doubled Gil let's let Dele. Ted Cruz or whomever else are right up front as the front leader is the front runner he's got to go out. An annual gala the others and remember before trump got in they are smearing a trashing Ted group yes all over TD. All over political all of that any ex wives and watched encompass. That's not just trump it's anybody who's not in the establishment. Or won't join the establishment should they win. Bingo. And now Scott Walker yesterday basically said it's open season on Donald Trump. Whether you're back Carly whether your back rubio whether you back Jim bit off whether you back Kasich that Aaron. 61720666868. Will it work is trump doomed to lose to the establishment. And Scott Walker drops out. Are you disappointed. Your calls next. 126 here on the great WRK no joy on Europe next thanks for holding and while. Are or can be purchased your. Illegal our our says but anyway and I know I'm John I'm doing such they'll stop and you know is out. Hello John yes I did they got me doing a lot of the sex bill's stuff now a law degree just lose John. 617. Yeah Arianna does that guys I yeah I just do the show I don't handle the the commercial side of things. 6172. But yeah they got me doing the sex pills now. 6172666868. Failure up next go ahead fail. The societal. Originally from top awesome. There have been a which in Belmont before the years in arming carpet match have been built this video out and stay one. My fabric and meat from Albania in 1918. Aren't afraid welcome so all he wanted was her job and cried brought them. Mr. Abbe that was the temblor. In what you thought. From the south and I went to prep. We're being told a dissident. 91 thank you very pregnant when he went to pinpoint when they had the oh. All can not pick up plastic plastic there's progress being allow. He can about eighty stitches on the bed. That we have been solved plus an amendment that we'd be extra member. As phils are getting a little bit off tropic here. What do you think of Scott Walker fairly disappointed that he dropped out any call for everybody again you don't want Tron. I think this is Mickens trumps slot. Donald Trump's gonna win mark my words I've opened a live line him up to vote against and Donald slams this is make an Inspiron. Phil thank you for that call look I gotta tell you if they want morality. And galvanize even more of the insurgents in the party they're not helping with business because it's so obvious that they're ganging up on the bottle. I mean how much more obvious can you make it and then Fox News last night Bill O'Reilly Kelly made him. I mean they're almost acting like Donald Trump is lost like he's finished. I'm like how did it and Scott Walker addition these incredible. In July he was leading the field in Iowa. Were in mid September. And he's below 1%. And I want you to listen to Charles Krauthammer. Because that about that dubbed by that the bomb kisser another one late George to pay well okay bad bumped is that brown knows now look at him shill for Roger Ailes. Now dropping out of the race when you're a loser. When you have no money less than 1%. Now is the act of incredible patriotism. I mean you think this guy was Chris Kyle you think Scott walker bush Chris guy all the way our crime was talking yesterday ruled the cut Christmas. I mean it was a remark in view really hear that. Candidate who does that it was my collar and essentially are under the translation has to keep it out of the race could consolidating any trump courses and that's what B Hussein. That's easy refers to the front runner we all know who that is. But I managed to heated. Blame try out for him dropping out I think he kind of knows who I did alludes to what you said. He peaked early and it's not just a process of that. When he peaked early he was way out ahead from the of one great speech he made an Iowa he then played safe and when he got a kind of a difficult issue like I was subsidies for. The biofuels. In Iowa he fudged he was able not gonna talk about certain issues he was sitting on Italy which is a very early lead and one state and it all hinged on Iowa he knew and he said that defeated to win I always have to reconsider. Where he knew that he disappeared in Ireland was over but I think it's going to be in a way it's kind of patriotic he thought if I get out. He's dead broke anyway I'm like. That Clinton's after the you know their lives their time at the White House. But he realized if he gets out it may. The beginning of the winnowing of the field started early this can happen eventually do it now. The crowd up patriotic. Since when did losing. Running out of money having less than 1% in the polls when you were leaving just 21 half months ago. And now all of a sudden presence he wants everybody to go against Strom. Rally against trump. All of a sudden mouth to crawl Emerson oh what what what do patriot. Oh my god what a nationalist and this is it coming at George Washington. In my world. When you go from first to last. In under one half months and your flat broke. And you blown a big lead. There is a word for you loser. Seven here on the great WRK. Go. 6172666868. Is the number you can text us 68680. This is from 774. Jet. Unfortunate that walker didn't finish school. Which would have prepared a with the accounting and planning skills and that that that. This is from 50 aide Jeff hunt I wasn't aware it is. Jeff even that Cape Cod Times editorial page is dumping on trump boy it. He's got a lot of people worried. John Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Dep ordered an error on in my dreaming I haven't heard from you went a long time my friend where have you been higher all I got out. Right here they are. You work for a living like most of marked the most of my listeners Europe are not a taker. Up about some people would argue that Medicare part you know people would argue. That a lot like the mob here. Obama would call lock. You at Gordon College in India or. Really not my crap out and get it. You didn't know how bad shot and remember that you didn't build that the dear leader in chief spreading Boldin. I'm I'm gonna like how I did. That eat. I. Like. I did not feel they're. Like eight ought. Oh. Anyway I get it now I'm hearing now that I got there but you don't know. And I thought it ought oh I'm Carly at and a car. I don't art or early word I think Ali here. The late in its call opt out there and Ike and Scott Walker out I think it was hot week. You do all that party that like I beat up. The secretary of labor because the labor union well. We got back up in that. Bell or not I got caught on. Or you know Hillary or both aren't currently. Locked. Or. Not. You know (%expletive) out issue and get Al out. I think I don't I. Don't want that job by bomb maker you pick up a comment he made in court. Well out of black people saying. All that out there. Matt or eat up our caught. Up and we. Care about. He caught. Up with and he. Could be. Here are. She's not the current on my car. Like act out. Of money and yet people now but it got. Charitable work are not yet. Dollar bought opt out are. All going to be bought it at all or Eric. Up. It's gonna be so far and so true and I thought where prop up the art. Call it app are nearly out get out and art. You know from pilot the car here right now but. You know I think you're. Now Carly a little break I think she was sincere corporate. I don't want to art but I wanna act at 1 o'clock. In the truck. Now that we are a little bit. John let me ask you this then what do you make of the civil war within the Republican Party where you have walker yesterday openly saying. Anybody but trump and I have to out what positive conservative alternative to the front runner obviously meaning trump. That the establishment caught up pretty good. And you know chip corporation are John how are perched. No I don't know I can't walk back. In the chip course record. Though. Out and walked onto fox are upping the but. A lot. Weber. Toward a more and they repeat the people are right. Our relationship. Which they go in Apple's. Truck. And car art boxing. We are. So. Caught up problem for. Interest and as always strong dopey a stranger call back again my friend. Denny Europe next go ahead down. Jeff I don't aunt uncle and again. Go to party what that it did you know it probably I don't know are I think Christina is. Pretty upset. He's basically saying. They're predicting up all interviews. Oh. Aren't going to you know it is I was threatened or. I'd be glad I've been boy did. I mean they did and everything the proper. I mean you didn't do was write jokes war that's it. In but. Outlets in China are you you're caller I mean basically they're Billick educating. And. To the great they really aren't the callers I mean serious I've been told is by many people. The answer to people whom you know in inside a talk radio business. Desk callers in the business. It shocks the establishment it completely underestimating about try. Leverage and that it you know he bought and she has a very Smart and in this the end. People search. Order true it's not just for the truth but for older. Speaking into that. Eric he's defending people because you know. Yeah you know and I'd get a plate. Like that army when knocked away. I don't think there are. It'd be out Italian and they're worried but don't try and so eager she didn't rule been solved part. Of problems with this country. We don't at all attention we meet silence from the outside and you try and we talked about that only separate from the outside or. You know can't get rid of these politicians are all bums out opportunity and you know I can't cruise but I don't think the country ready for a politician I really don't. Well I. Well I gotta tell you I think I like Ted Cruz I would vote for Ted Cruz I like Donald Trump bought I like Ben Carson a lot. I like Rand Paul a lot I've I've always on the comic Tea Party guy and I saw what Rand Paul and pit crews did over the last 456 years. And trying to galvanize opposition. To the Democrats to Obama and to the Republican establishment. I think there's no question about it Danny. The country does not want a politician leading us they I think rightly perceive that most of the political class is corrupt. Most of the political class has sold us down the river very competent they're inept were losing our country. And if we don't put in somebody's. Who is a successful businessman. Horry somebody who is truly principled and a truly. Are real insurgent and a real fighter. Who's gonna do whatever it takes to get this country back and going again that we were going down. And so when trump yesterday came out and said look I'm don't pay me at all. I will not accept a salary to be president of the United States. Whatever his 20225000. Whatever it is I'm not doing it for the money I don't want a salary. I don't want any donations. I don't want donors he put up our hundred million dollars already he said I'm gonna run on this we'll see if I need more money. But I'm gonna raise my own cash he's not bought and paid for he's not for sale. And I can tell you this with 100%. Certainty Hillary is bought and paid for. Do you only difference I'm being serious. Between her and the mother of baby dole Rachel bond that heroin crack cocaine Johncke. Is that heroin as is that Hillary sells herself at a higher price. The Russians owner the saudis all her the Chinese own her that Wall Street owns her. This is the problem with our country Jeb is bought and paid for. Chris Christie can shoot his mouth off all he wants he's bought and paid for. I know John Kasich. John Kasich is bought and paid for. So everybody they're trying to ram down our throats he's bought and paid for so I don't know what they've promised Scott Walker. I don't know if they promise commercial 01 faux. I don't know if Jeb beat tall or rule be old or some I know rubio is dealing and taken away stop people. But I don't think promised him something in an administration. Or an ambassadorship. Or whatever. But what what's wrong with Donald Trump. I mean I'm not saying you have to support or her vote form but it's been now for how many months and I'm like so let me get this straight. Hungary is building a wall. Austria is now building a wall. Croatia. Where my parents come from because of this massive influx of refugees in Muslim migrants is building a wall. Germany now is re imposing border controls. So you're Slovakia is building a wall so everybody can build a wall except us. What were the only ones that can't control our own borders. In an age of terrorism of Islamic terrorism. And then when he comes out and openly says rightly. Hey look how is this my job to defend President Obama for questioner believes he's a Muslim. Or is not born in the United States you guys never asked Obama about the crazies in his crowd. He never asked Obama about his connections with Reverend Wright or Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dorn but suddenly now I have to now. I have to be held accountable for what I don't say. When Donald Trump says I'm gonna starve and smash crisis what's the problem. When he says the Iran deal is maybe the worst contract in human history how is she wouldn't. When he says run America like a business and not an empire how was he wrong. When he says unleashed a private sector how was he wrong. When he says marriage is between a man and a woman how is he will. Wearing he says now that he's pro life how is he. When he says you have to repeal and replace obamacare with a free market system how was in and in other words what is he saying and that is sole outrages. And out ambition and so extreme all its used to home. So let me. Constraint. That democratic media I want you to think about this okay. I would tell you guys a story that to set up this point. I met with summit trumps people as you know we're working on a town hall. By the way this show is sold red hawk Carly Fiorina is people have reached out to which they wanna get on into an interview with us next week. Right everybody wants to get on the show but let that go like I said before the path to the White House goes through corner country. But I digress. I had two people who worked for Mitt Romney's campaign who were now working for Donald Trump sort of custom. What's the difference between the Donald and met and he said honestly Jeff I go yeah. He said met was very soft spoken. And what was going with basically was I don't know if it's because he dealt with and meaning Mitt Romney's wife who has amassed. For many years. And she insists that you speak softly to her he was always very gentle curve very kind very considerate. But he didn't like it even if you raise your voice he didn't like if you swore he didn't like it if you showed any aggression whatsoever. And said so frequently when we would finish a speech or an event. Mitt would walk and if somebody was in his way every time Mitt stopped. And let the other person cut in front. He said and he goes he would never respond to criticisms never respond to attacks. He didn't drink. He didn't smoke. He never did drugs he doesn't even drink caffeine. OK this guy won't even drink coffee. That's how cleaned that Mormon boy once that's how nice he once. He goes would Donald Trump. He goes he wants she when his face. He asks you right away to criticize my performance immediately. He says he never lets anybody cut him off he cut everybody off when he's walking through place. He goes he believes if you hit him you hit about ten times as heart. Death. Very same media that called Mitt Romney a murderer. A murderer. They tax cheat. Big at the dog he was abusing dogs because they put the dog on the roof once I'm on a summer vacation without his blog ever. They were feeding the dogs fakes. Sticks. To Philly many homes. And there are certain just goes animal abuser because he put the dog on the roof of the car when they were traveling and the dog loved it. Nice guys finish last. So the media. Kenny in salt any Republican candidate they want and you're supposed to stand there and pick it up do you nowhere. But when one guy comes along a fighter honestly reminds me of me and that's why I like Ted Cruz is also reminds me of me. No Marshall I have to pick it. If you can dish it out that you should be able to patent. And that's the problem with the media they can dish it out but god forbid that they should take it will now we have somebody who's not gonna take it. And we the people are not gonna take. And that's why we're telling everybody whether it be the president did dear leader that Democrats or the Republican establishment. We're gonna take our country back. And neither your part of the problem or your part of the solution. And if your part of the problem. Get out of the way. Because nothing is gonna stop us. Sean you're up next thanks for holding and welcome. Hey you want I'm good how are you John. And Mitt Romney or would happen in rehab or my third coffee checkered noted we are. That tocchet jobs. A point here what is I don't know how anyone can compare. That there's this. Stature of Donald Trump and it entirely because Donald Trump's a billionaire. I mean that's right close any it would do commercials like how Ted Kennedy did the commercial is Mitt Romney. And Mitt Romney register that yes they just destroy. Mitt Romney. She has allowed. This battle but it's apples and oranges or we can just look at how much money to work. I mean he's worth ten billion he won the most successful businessman in the world. With instant name recognition a proven track record of success. John really if he can do for America what he's done for business for his own business. John as they used to say in the fifties happy days are here again.