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Hillary Clinton has trouble giving her accomplishments 9-18

Sep 18, 2015|

Hillary Clinton went on Wolf Blitzer last night and when she was asked about her accomplishments she had trouble giving him an answer. Jeff proved she was a fraud.

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Under attack. Freedom is being curtailed. Our founding principles are being destroyed. But in Boston deceived the American revolution. A new. It begins and Jeb schooner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bull. Am seeking our country that. This is America's voice of the resistance. Sooner report. Are you win. 1206 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozers. Cleaning up some liberal bull. Okay my friends a lot to talk about today a major break in the baby dole story. Local media here is now reporting that she's been identified as a Boston girl the girl's body five years of age. Who was. The young girl found dead. On deer island on June 25. We're gonna talk about that a little bit later in the show however. Hillary. I mean to speak honestly it's starting to become a fiasco. In Hillary land. Is now in big big big big trouble. She she can't even name her own top accomplishment. I mean this is how bad the campaign is getting this is how bad the wheels have just come off the campaign entirely. So as you know. With server gate now haunting her at every turn. With a more Herbert emails being discovered. With it now being revealed more and more by every day and every week. That she did receive and send classified information. On her private home brew server. With her poll numbers dropping like a stone. With now Bernie Sanders hammer and sickle Sanders feel the burn. Leading her in Iowa leading her in New Hampshire closing the gap nationally. Joseph Biden has even thrown his hat in the ring yet. And he's already starting to close the gap and gain on her with her poll numbers sinking. Hillary Clinton. Decided. I've got to start doing live interviews. And so she went on with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. I swear to you as god as my witness. And if you remember Carly Fiorina had a brilliant lying ended that. The Republican debate on CNN this week where she said on Wednesday. You really wanna stump a Democrat. I asked them to name one accomplishment. People spend a lot of time talking about their track records and mr. trump and I have every right to do the same and mrs. Clinton is going to have to defend her track record. Per track record of lying about banned us. Of lying about her emails. Of about lying about her servers she does not have a track record of accomplishment like mrs. Clinton I too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe but unlike mrs. Clinton I know that flying is an activity. It is not an accomplishment. Mrs. Clinton if you want to stop a Democrat. This place. And so that's how I mean that one really stung because it's true. I've been saying this now for months on this show I vast every move bat liberal Democrat in this entire state. Especially those you see my parking lot. Right here in the new balance building across the street. I'm ready for Hillary all those bumper stickers I'm ready for Hillary no problem. They're all long lunch break name me one accomplishment. Once I mean outside a flying racking up the air months name me one significant accomplishment that can't. So outsider ever plumbing. Outside of the fact that she happens barely to be a woman barely but she is a woman. Outside of being a woman and having ridden her husband's coattails. Why hasn't madame Hillary Hillary rotten time. She lies away hole she covers up well. She steals money she's very good at stealing money she's very good at laundering money she's very good at influence peddling. Yes lining her pockets and out of bill and Chelsea I gotta tell you when it comes to being a crook and a good Rourke. Hillary is right up there. But in terms of public policy government achievement. Our accomplishments. When he shouldn't. And so. Even a pro democratic. Hack like Wolf Blitzer. Think she's doing her favor saying what. A are carrying out Carly says bring it on let's bring it on so Walt thanks Ocalan to or really nice soft ball. And say naming your heating and say whether she had an accomplishment. Wolf asks her name me your top accomplishment. I mean what's your top accomplishment. You have four years of secretary of state means your top accomplishment. She can't she can answer. Don't take my word for it she cannot answer the question. Roll lipped Chris. Didn't get to see all of their debate but I saw enough of it to know that this is just that. Usual back and forth for that America act. Stop right there we want okay sorry about that OK I wanna set up the question we don't have a it's okay Chris I wanna read to you the question is is very important. Wolf Blitzer. I can't do it in a boring monotone tortured asleep way appease I can do all try but I I can't do it as good as he does. Carly Fiorina. Should shall and shall important Wolf Blitzer home free Saturday if you wanna stump but Democrats. She says ask them about Hillary Clinton's accomplishments as secretary of state benchmark. You don't go after Hillary like I would say sexism but Carly conference to be a warm welcome sign a couple was sort of if you were on that debate stage with her. What would you say was your number one accomplishment by a shark retiree of respect. So wolf now thinks she's thrown her dumb mother of all soft balls I mean it's not forget sixty miles an hour fist. It's five markets to a miles an hour big shall cease soft ball. Here it is right at the waist level all get got a goal is just smack it. Listen now to Hillary's response. Rural lit crit. I didn't get to see all of their debate but I saw enough of it to know that this is just that. Usual back and forth political attacks. The kind said that things you say what you're at a debate stage you really don't have much else to say. I didn't hear anything from any of them about how they're gonna make college more affordable or get down student at or get equal pay for equal work for women. I'm what they're gonna do it make sure that we deal with different challenges of raising any cons for hard working people and so I don't really pay a lot of attention to this kind of rhetoric that that heats up the debate stakes are all trying to divine for more attention from obviously. The Republican Party I'm gonna let them decide how best to do it sovereign debt profit. So operator. So have you noticed she she doesn't answer the question. Two president's original artists. And watch much of the debate bear wolf I know it's the usual back and forth wolf when. And they looked are not talking about you know making college more affordable check when we should bring and buy off the youth vote. Get down student debt equal pay for equal work for women even the white only paid my own staff. Seven he says 7172. Cents on the dollar I wish I shaft and my own female staffers but let that go okay women's vote Chad. Let me she challenges of raising incomes for hard working people got to get the unions the working people when they're checked. Of course Obama's been in power for nearly seven years. You want equal pay for equal work Huckabee I haven't done. You wanna raising comes from working class people Huckabee haven't done it. I'm not pro amnesty you war I haven't led in all these illegal immigrants you and a dear leader did. You're the ones driving down wages you're shopping the working class you're the ones that have put this economy flat on his back. You're the ones there have been more interest in lining your pockets and getting yourself rich. And bribery and corruption influence peddling and even paying year old staff first. A hundred cents on the dollar compared to male staffers you're the one that's been shopping women who worked for you all those years except puma. Not all your girlfriend who monitor close. A peep hole mocked sheik she's done very well. So far she doesn't answer to thing. Now finally we get a non answer answer continue Kress. But. If anybody's interested you know there's a long list about what I have done and I'm very proud of it you can read my book hard choices read about. How I negotiated a cease fire between Israel and Hamas is about how I put together the coalition. Led international sanctions against Iraq. Think you can read about what I did when I was first thing. And health insurance program or a senator working across the I'm on issues like getting better healthcare for our veterans. You know this is just a silly season I am looking forward to. He's waiting on that stage. Whoever they finally nominee when you have me up. All right so it's this early season there. What's your number one your top accomplishment as secretary of state but what are you know what did you do to your most bro. That's the sad thing is just a silly silly season. And mentally disabled can name sir accomplishments a threat you know this is just the silly season. But in my book you know this is just a silly things and took Ching Cha Ching what does it 200 million wasn't enough. It worked so well I'm a book. Wolf I don't make more money won't let me cuddle my book put more money in my pocket. And then the only two accomplishments she names I swear I mean this this is rich. I cease fire between Hamas and Israel okay first of all if anybody knows anything on anything about the Middle East. There's a cease fire every six months. There's always the cease fire between Hamas and Israel Hamas rings rockets on Israel. Israel hammers Hamas Hamas gets really beaten back they get big if they get hit really good. And deceptive Nomar. No longer have Bob don't look at Omar we kill a five Jewish kids is enough for the day OK this is why it is quiet. So getting a cease fire. Is like I ordering an ice the firm when shares wanna get up offer for her her large rear end. Which is sending out emails to staffers and some really got me and I straying. There's I don't wanna. My I. My botanists and I don't wanna lift my big rear end god forbid I should rule get up and walk two steps are. Can somebody faxed this off for me even though the fax machine is. Really three feet beside me I don't know if my career and all all all mobile. Sanctions on Iran. Sanctions are going. What sanctions. Dirk wrong. That's what doctor Jerome president just did he just he's lifting the sanctions any smoking up the Islam or Nazis and giving them a 150 billion dollars. And then she starts work well when I was First Lady children's health program when I was a senator health care for veterans he mean the ones that are kind. The want to have to wait three months to see a doctor if they're lucky. The ones that are crow can because nobody wants to take care of them are dropping like flies you mean that's that's what you wanna site is one of your big accomplishments. Not a secretary of state. But one hour going back into the senate. She hasn't done. Besides hawking books you can read my book hard choices. I mean what is she how we. I mean it's obvious I mean I don't know how he's I love how we don't get me wrong. But I mean you know what does she now is just the thought is this the books sell books let's tell all book I mean you can read my book hard choices. This this is unbelievable. So you what's about 200000001 wasn't enough you really know what a New York Times best seller now find out what you did as secretary of state. She can give an answer because there isn't an answer she was an abysmal failure. You only one who may be worse than her is Shaw Francois tyranny. Happy. She did nothing on me wrong nothing on nicest nothing on Putin's nothing on China with. Literally nada nothing. Besides flying around on our nine. And enriching themselves to the tour of hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm having her girlfriend with her at all times as they party it up on planes. Finest cognac finest shrimp cocktails finest caviar. Besides partying it up on our dime she did absolutely. Zero. For her and bill and the clintons. She'd get a lot I mean all lost. 8200. Millen for years even Donald trample tell you that's pretty good. But in terms of an accomplishment there isn't any. If she can't mean even one serious accomplishment. She's finished. And everybody knows it but her 61720666868. What do you make of the interview with Hillary Clinton. Is she in deep trouble your calls next. You can read my book hard choices you know this is just the silly season. But if anybody's interested you know there's a long list about what I have done and I'm very proud of it you can read my book hard choice. Make me more Manning. I'm my book by my buck pleas for assault before rehearsal poor when we left the White House please we need more money. 6172666868. Russ you're up next go ahead Russ. You know Jeff Hillary is like a cat trying to scratch your way out of mole hole you know and every time this practice more dirt comes down. You know what base that you don't see occasionally seeks advice from Eleanor Roosevelt which is an opener at them. And it's for average Joe's concerns what to say that he's crazy but at least I don't question his patriotism. And if he goes ahead and he runs Obama will help Joseph looked presidential. Because let's face set. He doesn't like her anymore on the way to go he thinks she's a witch and subtle way. And I giver that Colorado's. Common Ed jedi cry you out of my friend. Just so I thought I was out they pull me back in house. Yes you know what she is she is a future couple. They're all fine. In order crop without let's say probably sat gotten what brush and eats. I'm Schaub what's the grandma bomb. Shells these Mike Bell on primarily the gold belt or don't vote on my accomplishments. Let's talk. She's a lot of Foley and she's been perpetrating this on the American public for all the thirty years and all these. All Hillary's so wonderful or she looked back country or should put up with so much from built. Look operate she is she's been a victim for so long. Chin. Jeff posted on accomplishments. It's a pity party for Hillary that's what it is. Jeff a pity party. Jerry I got to ask you this why do you think is it just because they want a woman as president that's why all these feminists. Are still pushing her. These are department Nazis. From the left a gonna push this as far as they can push it. With Hillary plus bill let's face it your goksel want Hillary but to beat token it's a win win situation. It is side of the coin UN. Except QB does a little bit of the floor rioted to help him whereas Hillary be dispute. Setup or are brought up in certain Rochester the last I would it would missed the trop. That was a really nice predicted to have. I was incredible the way they're trying to set him up to see that. She got. That nothing about the deal lead in nor did he say anything about Islam in the in the Indy the terrorist training camps. Debt. That that gentleman was referring to it I've been studying this be used outscored jamaat Al full court. It was positive Brooklyn New York is 45. Training camps in North America is one outside of Springfield a suitable I don't twice just. The heavily armed. Beat the train it would automatic weapons explosives. The date you Jeff the news. Financing to food stamp fraud wealth via fraud workman's comp construction. Identity theft. Motor vehicle that drugs and arms trapping. Trafficking kidnapping. You're responsible for the thirty Borman emerges in this country they produce the video in 2010. Called soldiers of a lot. Jeff did bad news its side it would Hamas and Hezbollah that has been going on. 1979. In our government has done nothing about it. And I screamed about it in they've done nothing about it. Jerry phenomenal call in fact you anticipated my next best story. After the break away take more calls on Hillary. She can't even name her own talk accomplishment all she can do is talk her book. But also we'll take calls on that but also. Trump yesterday. Is now coming under fire. Because the first question he got any town hall event stated that Obama is a Muslim. And the media are now saying why didn't he correct that person who asked the question. And now they're claiming that all that that trump has gone again beyond the pale that he's implying Obama is a Muslim. The war on trump continues. And I wanna ask you should he have corrected that questioner. Your calls next. 1234. Here on the great WRK elbow voice of Boston Jeff cool air Boston's bulldozer cleaning up bone liberal bowl. Okay my friends. It now I if you're looking at a lot of the polls especially on charged the Drudge Report and others. They could knock out trump again the establishment tried. Jake Tapper tried CNN tried. Dana last I mean they'll try. Every single one of them tried. And so now they're desperate now there. They're third fiscal they're clutching at straws. They're grasping at straws sell out an event yesterday. The first question. And individual walks up and says essentially says. Obama is a Muslim. I don't think he was born in the United States. And then he goes on to say about Islamist training camps. He believes are being established here in the United States. And trump all kind of laughed it off a little bit he may actually very good joke. Is this the first question is just like ours is just gonna be the first question I have to deal with like imagine. With the mainstream establishment media's gonna do with this. And all of a sudden now. Fox News. CNN. MSNBC. You've got to mall you've got Joseph Scarborough now the support all the Republican establishment types moon. He should have corrected the college that the questioner. She should have it he should have definitively said that Obama is not a Muslim. He should have corrected the record on Obama being a Muslim how big area not correct the record moon. He's implying that Obama is a Muslim. All my god it's on presidential we can the government near the White House all like this is so insulting sold to demeaning Islam phobic. Listen to the listen to the question. Being asked to Donald Trump at an event yesterday. Roll it Crist. And okay yeah weight problem in his country is called Muslims we know our. Current president is on really no he's not even in America we need this question its brand. But anyway. We have training camps in rolling when they want to kill us mood. That's my question. When can we do it Greta we're gonna be looked at it a lot of different things and you know a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things happening out there wouldn't be looking at that and plenty of other things. Okay go ahead yes ma'am. Now I gotta ask. How how wish trump responsible now for the questions that its. I mean whatever you think what you think he's a Muslim Marreese not a Muslim or you think Obama was born in America are not born in America whatever. How was he was the guy asked a question about Islamic terrorist training camps that was Israel question. We know all that ice is is in all fifty states we know about. The Mexican government has confirmed that nine miles away from the Texas border. There is an a terrorist training camp by Hezbollah terrorist training camp. I know we did a special at The Washington Times that in parts of Virginia. There was a black Muslim terror training camp. That the FBI had found out and were now in the process of investigating that was years ago. So we know that there are possible training camps in the United States we know that we know ices has penetrated our borders our own FBI has admitted. So all he said was on the Islamic terrorist training camps for gonna look at it. Now I'm sure Obama being a Muslim. How was that his business to correct the record. Now let me. What I can tell you with. Absolute certainty is this this is 100%. Certain. Why the media is getting upset about this because they've been in the tank and covering up. For this radical socialist ideologue in the White House. He is culturally Muslim. He is pro Muslim this is indisputable by the record. By his own admission. Do these people might even read his autobiography. Dreams of my father. He talks about his father being a Muslim. He talks about a step father being a Muslim he talks about his great admiration for Islam. He talks is only works how he went to wake quote madrassa. He's his words but mine. How he was taught to read the Koran. How he was reciting prayers in Arabic. In an interview after he was elected and inaugurated with Nicholas Christophe of the New York Times he was asked specifically. What is the most beautiful sound who have ever heard. My answer. The star spangled banner. Or my children when I first adopted them. And I was lying beside them in bed and I could finally hear the breathing all of us my wife asleep. Mike gave up my Ashton the whole family that beautiful sound of them sleeping and all of a safe and together. What was his answer. The call of the has run. The Muslim call to prayer in the evening that he said was the most beautiful sound he ever hurt. Who backed the entire Arab Spring which brought one Islamist government the power after another the dear leader. Who has sold Israel down the river Obama. Who has nuke dump the Iranians Obama. Who has allowed ice is to spread like a cancer across the Middle East Obama. Who is the one when ever there's an incident paid that little putt fourteen year old boy in Texas are red mom over his clock. Boom he's in the White House. Every time there's an incident involving Islam he always takes the side of Islam now what's in his heart. I don't know. I can only judge him by his actions and his words. He's a cultural Muslim and he's very pro Muslim and moreover this I also know. He is an anti Christian. Anti American. Anti Semitic. Anti western radical leftists. There is a red green alliance. Between the Communists. And the radical islamists. Now whether he goes and praised America five times a day I've got I don't know but I'll tell your wrists. On many of the same goals and aims and objectives. There's no difference between the radical left and radical Islam. So why the hell is Donald Trump have to correct the record. What is there to correct. But well the establishment. Is barreling down on him. So listen to Chris Christie. Can only Christy you wanna talk about tough phone. JU one and we talked about that word yesterday from my favorite words my wife is Italian you wanna talk about a guy who's tough phone. Course. Molder. Talks like a peasant no class. It's scoff long Christie. So look at that big frat telephone. Now go on television crew how would not permitted to that question. All want have to be politically correct normal I wouldn't have permitted but questioned all I wanna shout him down and may be shut the can only down his throat. Roll cut to Chris. As a candidate for president in this case the Republican front runner have a responsibility. To shut down a supporter when the supporter Iran obviously says that the president's not an American that he's Muslim and then goes on to say. We have a problem in this country it's called Muslims does mr. trump need to apologize to the president to Muslims. He's got at the thought we want to do for itself but I would display of out of somebody at what my town hall meetings says something like that Robert correct. That's another presence at Christian and and he was born in this country I mean if it. But that those two things are self evident do you think it would be right for mr. trump to apologize to Muslims this morning well this and I think it's just incredible sites you've seen cuts of assault law. He's got to decide how serious candidate he wants to be in. And and how he handles that for problems like this are gonna determine that the guys the American go have another panel wants to what I would do. And I wouldn't permit that if if someone brought that up but it probably in my. Which it now listen before we answer let's clear some things up for the rest of the audience I think we have an obligation as a leader to do that governor. It's a whole lot and so you know I honestly shove another colonel I can't be easy sharpest comic he can't have too many penalties now shut another can only down your throat. Some believable. First of all how do you know he's a Christian. I'm sure what you vice for I know you hugged him I know you love hug and I'm. But I mean when you guys were hugging what did you feel cross on them did you what is it you whispering your arrears something that he loves Jesus. That's that's point number one point number two. Look at this look at this political correctness. Shall I got to think with the liberal media is gonna say. And then silence one questioner at my town hall. Buddy you think Obama is a Muslim a seventh day Adventist our borders whatever. You're free to. Free whatever you wanna sit think and say. I'm here to the why are we here to defend Obama. But it's even worse than that. Why music when the president himself. Said he was a Muslim. In an interview with Steffi stephanopolous. How come about suddenly isn't accepted don't take my word for it here was the dear leader. Saying in an interview with Steffi. My religion. Islam. When it was suggested he Europe's Aurora that John McCain has not. Talked about moderate Muslims. And you're absolutely right because I heard something that market might Christians and played Chris commuter plane that again my friend. He you're absolutely right that John McCain has not. Talked about moderate Muslims there and you're absolutely right of those voters something that market might Christians there. Let me ask quality this. I mean I make mistakes in my life okay everybody makes mistake they're in recent slip of the tongue. You know I say a slow many now want me to say Slovakia. I say Republicans won I mean to say that you know it happens okay Democrats. You have you're you're thinking one werder one sentence ahead it just comes out the wrong way. I'll tell you something I've never done in my life. I've never said my wife Jane. Or my wife Elizabeth. Or my wife. Or or or or my wife Jenny. Or my wife Sarah. Ot it's grace. That's point number one. They're right or and to me actually it's doctor grace but but let that gul. I've never mistaken the names of my kids' passion is not Stephen he's not frank he's not pony. They've is the era it's not she's not I actually. Or Elizabeth. Or you name it our Carly or she's she's Ava and she's Ashton and I'll tell you something else. I've never mistaken my faith ever. Ever. I've never said my Jewish faith all respected the Jews it's nothing personal I just our momma Kath that's just the way I am. The way I was born the way I am in the way I'm gonna die. I've never said my Buddhist faith I've never said my Hindu faith I've never said I've never I've never into what might Protestant faith. It'll Christians or Catholics Protestants for believers in god said geez. I never say I never said my orthodox Christian faith which is even closer to catholicism. Protestantism. And I certainly never in my life said my Muslim faith. I don't believe him. That that there are some things you don't slip up on I don't believe him. But whether you do or don't it doesn't matter how was this Trump's business. What are they take whatever have been telling you from the they are going to do everything possible. Take every word. Every wall every sentence and twisted and manipulated. By the time they're done this weekend you heard it here first. He called Obama a Muslim. He again reiterated that Obama wasn't born in America. That he believes Obama is a Muslim Kenyan. Who always are an apology to the entire Muslims of the United States that's another thing what is it what this obsession. With getting him to apologize. Carly Fiorina wants him to apologize over an off color comment. Jeb beat dole wants him to apologize because he says he's married to a Mexican and maybe that's why he's so soft on Mexico. He's the needs to apologize to Mexico why does apple apologized. Everybody wants him to apologize it's like they wanna break them. Meal down kiss our ring we are the ones who tell you what's permissible and what's not permissible. Donald Trump has no reason to apologize. To anybody over anything. You want what he stands for don't vote for him grow up. 61720666868. Winds are loaded Barbara Europe first thanks for holding and welcome. Hi Alyssa yes Spiezio words that golden goal that I'm telling you that everything that had our hearts. At number one we all know I'm speaking for myself that he has them. The only want to entertain the White House and the month. You forgot the marine that was in the Mexican jail didn't he got up prisoners there in Iran any given you run big dollars. What outfit she. Thank you very much for that call Barbara. Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. Kill the an original. Member of the cooler country Europe brigade. I have to say that you're. And I need to step. We are a little while Ohio. You know Barack Obama. We see your city congratulating. Street. Rigor Americans. Took outlet. There's Robert George from the tree branch that we will work. A lot of work and it purple heart. He spoke very eloquently what they're great Jewish action. In that gave them hope for the future because Asian American astronaut. Another thing here where we're actually. We have to Gloria level vote. The crucial. But so what people look. We'll I would say wary. You know there you know because look at these Internet stereotypical. Troll so Puerto. Mentality that we're aren't educated. We're redneck. Or ignorant. So I mean I W. Europe are accurate and that distinction. Of reputations. In a clash. So it would start I see your church applications a little extra credentials what you're a little bit. What actually decked out for the guys that are really ignorant. And an educated we are we are educated. We are. And Charlie. It would show us. What sorry at the sake of you know Columbia the other bench. Thank you I appreciated Mike look I always appreciate. Constructive criticism when it comes from the heart reference 617 to I I still think Chris he's like a phone but but let that go. 61720666868. More with your calls next. Leave Europe next thanks for holding and well. Why is there a bit aren't aren't they are trying to always provoked two weeks on it I wanted to keep what you could do. You check if you are in the people on this weekend. Yeah me. The art or clue why I eighty and I wanna talk to people about their. He talked about on each console boat immigration. Why not. Why aren't connect immigration. For the corporate tax corporate Jack now about 35%. If they consent to that carry. Anybody who's caught. Importing illegal alien ample war. They'll get an increase in the corporate tax what we do it from 35%. Out of fourteen. It to get caught want to go to Detroit Warren. If it got caught like about the cornea and so are now. Began and there are. It could help pay off debt that we got. And all the criticism he get about getting rid of people yelled because they are put it on trains and kind of backing from the back. You know in and train but it at all that this would be voluntary. Deportation. Different things that we're not we have Mitt Romney thought about predict would be more active. And what you're welcome do say they are there any state and our Sanctuary City. Sanctuary areas will not be granted any federal are now I'm like what. You know Donald Trump. We think about something like that. Can you contend I'll bet that got on top of that you get rid of these illegal aliens and on top of that we have a better economy what you think about that. Ilie I think it's a very I mean I think you have to sort of flesh out the specifics a little bit but in terms of a broad concept I think is brilliant. It's brilliant that'll tell you there's someone out trump on the air soon after the cruise on the air soon and I'm gonna suggested to them as well I like that. I think big business if they hire illegals. Should pay either a stiff penalty a very stiff penalty. Maybe have that particular businesses taxes raised or whatever. And they should be helping you for the pay to pay down the debt and to deportees illegal immigrants because they're part of the problem. Leo I like it I like it a lot 6172666868. Okay we're gonna continue this for one more segment. Donald Trump is now being asked to apologize. And to refute the question from someone at his event yesterday. Should he would you won't. 6172666868. Your calls next.