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Linda Pizzuti-Henry on HUBweek (9-18-15)

Sep 18, 2015|

Linda Pizutti-Henry gives us a look at HUBweek in October

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This is the boston.com. Morning show on the voice of Boston happy M 680 WRK. It's 945 here in the W York city of boston.com morning show and again we're gonna keep an eye on that story that is breaking at this hour and that being. The identity of baby girl. She has been identified we anticipate that the district attorney will be releasing bad identity and more details associated with that story this afternoon but if we would know anything in the next fifteen minutes we'll certainly pass on to you. The big event that's gonna take place here in Boston's gonna start in October early October actually from October the third to attempt it's called. Hobbled week and the the chairman of pub week. A joining us this morning to talk a little bit more about it this is Linda does duty Henry inside to see you know it is so wonderful leader you know this is a pretty easy commute for me. We win. Fleiss didn't. If you're Smart to elevator. It's urgency we're so glad he can join us here on the show. On. What we're gonna reduce our other guest you're just a second -- let me let me ask you a couple of questions first if you don't mind. Talks about what hub weak keys. It is a weeklong gathering of events where we are highlighting. And celebrating. What the great work that we do here in this city so and ninety. Harvard University Massachusetts general loss on the Boston Globe have joined forces to collaborate create this week. Long and then that we have over. Eighty events happening over one we continue what what's really cool I think about this. More than many things. Is it it features ranges in subject matter because civic there's three main topic tears in his art science and technology is because the unity the the first wave of the digital revolution which is disrupted all of our allies recently of eat sleep communicate relayed to me it was technology base and just started her migrated over to the West Coast. The next week which is starting. Is is how art science and technology cove lighting come together that's really the next we've had disruption it's. It's designed it's scientist dynamics is all of that. Coming together. And so. We are exploring. And promoting their great work that's being done around that inviting people in fantastic. Let's energies are their cash only bring him into the conversation as well this is Brendan Ryan. And major print what is your exact title related to. Public on the X. Active directorate probably this year so I get to work with Linda and our partners at Harvard and MG HM IT did. Pulled these eighty events together glory days that's a lot of fun and it just two gay days to do it yeah. I you know this is started we started on this project two years ago and it was. Actually some venture capitalist and that's when we first got involved with the cloak. And they said there is an alarm bell going off. If we do not do something as a region we're going to lose the race and we're not going to get recovered. Start up companies are not are they're not starting here we're losing talent to other cities and regions we're not telling her story. We're not highlighting the great work being done here nearest is really unique confluence. Of of work being done here because of the amount of research. Man of hospitals and out of all of education here is high here is that yes it really initial institutionally it always incredible it manages as a region sure. Well let's talk about specifically some of the events and you're just telling me about one that your very excited about. It's gonna take place at Fenway Park to everybody let's do it it's called and reform and we have professor Michaels and now who is. I call him the LeBron James the philosophy because he's. You see these videos of look for on an Asian is getting mobbed and that these photos of him getting mauled by people elite sees these cars. It ended just critical and it. Around these this idea of civic discussion and and so we're doing is big open air civic discussion around. Howell. We as a culture are responding to advanced technology because the playing field this change in their new situations and we have a really cool panel and money entries. We have we have an eclectic group of artists and entertainers and people coming in did have these conversations that mr. Delhi Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post. We have Yo-Yo ma. Who's the world's greatest cellist and that we have to MIT professors. Andrew McAfee cherry Terkel Ruble. Studying talked a lot about the interactive digital technology life. And if you comedians actress Whitney Cummings who is hilarious and I think and they accuse the professor Wright for his money of parents into. Alexis Wilkinson whose young woman who graduated from Harvard last year as the head of the National Lampoon and is now are greater on the show feet. I'll fives are profiled on Boston I've found that great so there really she's very Smart and funny people from different walks of life and really interest that the different part. No kidding no ice time that I. Early hook a variety of supposed to but the logistics of this how you do that Fenway Park and let people participant. I'll Willits on Sunday to report which is the last day of the season in the teens away. So we have tickets on hope we don't Rory. And tickets are eighteen dollars. And it's infancy England do you put your do you put your your panel down on the on yeah I only where people walk up to Mike. That rounded first base Ayman Al got to the stage over by the bullpen on an apple when it that I am on the first baseman school. It's critical that the audience sitting in the stands they can weigh in on the conversation through text messages through Twitter. They also have. The piece that they can hold up to vote and you'll actually see. The press that that's the question is it to replace baseball umpires with robots right. Yes and now it's. Your neighbor voted the just a fun afternoon that would are. Listen I this is so awesome because then you're talking about technology seeking use technology to produce vague but you you can use paper yeah. He's. Or what kind of conversation do you hope to hear. I'm just a provocative discussion. What. Why don't I ask you man oh super I don't mean to get back on paper yeah it. Peso. With these incredible and this is that we had in an understanding genetics and and what were able to do. That is what is that comp crisper monkey project should EU should an individual when there. Having a child being able to pay ten specific features like for example eight field to have their Sunday six foot five. Body for I would city initially yes yes absolutely no big. Stretch for you say 65 and don't think I'd. He's going in the NBA. That's discussed here it is visitors logistic and here's the ethical issue that comes along with that so you say to yourself yeah I would have to be 65 as a rugby basketball player but then. He also. Can I make sure that he's really athletic and he's got a soft side. And thank you I'm any you start writes it our seniors going to be big get a handle the ball in a Meester and yeah always yeah. It is it just goes into you know UK EU it adults into society where people can pay for things. And and have physical and manages its violence right or can't pay for things I can get that part of it right. And then you know what about we have this there's a question around dating. You know now YouTube Netflix is able to predict tell you what movies you'll like these liberties and rights and now what if there's a computer that says this is the person you're going to love would you trust this computer. Or would you trust your. This that you that for years. Man and it's loaded question and I go my friends. Over the computer that they might know your quirks are I don't know but I don't know I don't trust a lot of my friends and I go with a computer speculate offer my best. Yeah. It is if it's coming mrs. Tuesday it is in prison or writer wrong answer but there's there are new situations opens that just sort of having a large as the discussion about it will make you feel. Thoughtful connected it's not answer it in the clouds to grant you it's it's our life and these are real situations aren't so. At Fenway Park and big opener settings and your really. Unique golf experience so that's on October 4 yes now I also talked to about globe docs with this film festival and also partners again. So many genres within this big tent. It so that's the thing it's this larger. Mission of defining who we are. And who we Armenia as a region and but we are cornerstone nationally for documentary film we have all of the well being greens here and what we've been trying to do is connect the dots and that the globe we started screening for free. Documentary films every month and we bring in the filmmaker we have a journalists there reaping in an expert on the topic and we have a phenomenal provocative conversation. At the end of he's really in depth. On fascinating films. And that's sort of been building it featured in this audience and culture and building up to this documentary film festival that's happening during hope week. Where the filmmakers are coming in Munich journalists or has really to questions about experts. And just really in depth exploration of these topics that's axle. It is really to your summer films and of I do there's a there's one that time there's there's our opening closing films are phenomenal one are company's most likely to succeed which explores our education system which is a local producer Ted did Christmas. And he's a genius and on our closing film is movie called fastball. And can which is. An and credible and ninety minute film that explores the pitch a fastball up in the history of it. How it does how does and they are at this incredible footage of before they had that a reader and now they're trying to measure how comfortable with mine and so there's this footage of this of these guys racing motorcycles. And pitches there to try to put it says it is it. End end as the that is going to be a really that's only been shown at one film festival and an accident are so it's really special them as a film. So that event is Wednesday October dissent and yet searched seven in the last. Showing news fastballs on the tenth and the most likely to succeed is on the seventh. OK so we of people I know who were listening you're saying how can I get involved with some of these activities and more importantly how the white see the list of all the things will be offered to honey do different. The best way to do is go to our website at how weak dot org and that has the full list of the eighty plus offense every event is individually ticketed and almost everyone is free they are all open to the public there's just a chance to find out so many cool things that are going on we've hold dating Kendall Square. We get a chance take go behind the curtain and see firsthand some of their really cool Smart work this happening in that neighborhood. Such as a chance to check out things across Boston and Cambridge that you don't get to see every day. It sounds like it terrific in our house yeah I've next year hoping to go from eighty to like maybe 200. We're not what you get on that you know I think. Not to relative to get started by July now. When you about the defense. A regular Ed and Linda is duty hindered you can't compete for additional things you. Have a great weekend and that's what keep us informed. All right terrific it's now dying 56 and WRKO boston.com morning so be sure to log on to boston.com and stay tuned. To WRKO have a super weekend everybody policy vacuum of the ethics.